Within us lies the Spirit in our Heart which is collectively conscious

Lille (France)

1981-09-12 Public Program, Lille, France, Opt, 34'
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Public Program, Lille, France, 12/09/1981

I’m sorry I do not know how to speak French. But I have got my children all over the world and I do not know how many languages I have to learn to talk to them in their own language. But love knows no language, there is no mental activity in the working of the Divine. Like a flower becomes a fruit or a butterfly comes out of the cocoon, a bird comes out of an egg, spontaneously, by a living process of evolution. In the same way, the time has come for human beings to get their metamorphoses.

This transformation, followed by transmutation has been prophesised by many ancient seers that it will take place in a-mass level in the modern times. Also, many modern poets have described about it. We have a great poet- prophet in England called William Blake*. He prophesised as such during this time, the men of God, means the seekers, will be born. This special category of people will become prophets and they will have the capacity to transform others into prophets. This is one of the signs one has to know.

The second sign is given to us through psychology. It says that if anything has to happen to us in evolution, it will happen in our awareness. And it has happened before in our awareness, when we became from animal to human beings. So something has to happen, within us, in our awareness, that we become collectively conscious. We just don’t listen to some lecture or read some books, believing to some sort of a myth, but we become ourselves ‘collectively conscious’.

Within us lies the Spirit in our heart which is collectively conscious so we have to become, it has to be actualized, we do not have to believe in  the things what others tell us. Also it’s an absurd idea that you start jumping by yourselves. Anybody who gets possessed can jump like that. But when you become Self-realized, when you become the Spirit, you are fully aware and you are fully in charge of yourself. Actually, you become master of yourself. So the ‘becoming’ is the most important thing. If this has to happen a-mass, even children must get Realization, even uneducated must get their Realization, everyone has to get Realization, and not only few who think they are intellectuals. The intellectuals are actually rather difficult people to get Realization because they are imbalanced, one sided people. They use their brains just like a car which moves in the traffic but doesn’t know the way. And like one way traffic, it may be twice in the same place again, it can get lost and may miss the destination completely.

Within us, there is a power that does this happening. That’s why it is called as “Sahaja.”
“Sahaj” means “with” and “ja” means “born”. It is born with you. It is placed in the triangular bone, in every human being, which is called as sacrum – sacrum means sacred- that means people knew about it in Greece, that there were something sacred lying in this bone. You can see with your naked eyes the pulsation at this bone, which rises on your spine, and you can feel the [inaudible] coming on to your head, also on your head at the fontanel bone area, where it stops, piercing this area, giving you cool breeze like energy in the hand. It has to be cool breeze. If you feel hot, that means there is some sort a physical mental or emotional problem within you which is causing friction. But it is bearable, not much. It happens so smoothly sometimes, that you just feel the cool breeze flowing from your hands, in a split of a second. If you are a complicated person then it takes some time; if there is any problem also it takes some time. But for simple people, who lead a life of simplicity and not of extreme, it is very easy to get Realization. It’s Realization [unsure] of your attention one with our Spirit, means the Spirit, which is in our heart, which has not yet been in our consciousness, comes into our consciousness and you start feeling it on you central nervous system. This is how it is.

This has to happen to us, to thousands and millions, and this has to work out. You cannot pay for it, you cannot put in any effort, you cannot read about it, but it is a happening which is a living happening of a ‘living force’ within us. This ‘living force’ has made us human beings from amoeba stage. And now today, we are standing at a point where we have to become superhuman beings, where you become completely in charge of yourself. You do not get any experience of seeing something but ‘becoming.’
For example, if you are outside this building you can see it, but if you are inside this building, then you see the inside. In the same way, you start feeling your “within”. This Kundalini rises through the passage of our evolutionary channel, passes through the six chakras, six centres. And the seventh centre resides below the Kundalini and informs the Kundalini about everything.

Now, the problem is, the whole happening is spontaneous and you cannot force it on anyone. Your freedom is absolutely respected. If you ask for it you can have it, because this is what is to happen to you. This is the most vital thing that should happen. You are only seeking this.

But, when I find the seekers, I’m amazed the way they are misled. They think they can pay for God and they like to do it, from one guru to another guru, like guru shopping. You cannot do guru shopping about your Spirit, it is too sublime and innate. It cannot be purchased, it cannot be destroyed. It is eternal.

Human beings don’t understand anything that is not saleable, because we live on a materialistic level. We cannot understand that God’s love cannot be sold, that it is all-pervading. It is the most dynamic thing and you cannot organize it. You cannot put up an organisation and try to create this happening. It is the Grace of God that works out. But as one enlightened light can enlighten another light, then only you can get your enlightenment. The light which is not enlightened cannot enlighten another light. A blind person cannot lead another blind. A person who does not know how to swim cannot save another person. But such an enlightened person doesn’t take any money, leads a life of great love of giving, has to lead a holy life, honest life, and not like a parasite living on other people’s money. If he’s poor, he lives like a poor. If he’s rich, he lives like a rich. He’s not attached. And such a person only can raise the Kundalini.

But some people try to do this kind of nonsense, that they think they can do everything even in the realm of God. But they cannot. On the contrary, they create a problem and a very bad problem for the seekers. They are unauthorised. And then they start writing about the Kundalini, that she is the most harmful thing. Those who do not know how to put the lights on, can put it in the plug and say that the plug gives them a shock. That’s how they frighten people. The Kundalini is your mother, is your mother all these years.She has been waiting in the sacrum bone, for ages now. You have been a seeker for ages. And if you do not get your Realization now, all you seeking will be wasted. So this holy mother of yours who is your mother, individually, how can she give you trouble? This is one thing very simple we should understand.

I was amazed in Spain, that some young people have started organisation of money making and they are saying that we should go and seeking ourselves. And they are taking young people, from places to places, and they act as agent. You cannot put up an enterprise in the name of God. Those people who try such tricks will go to Hell. It’s a very dangerous thing to do that. One should be afraid of Divine Laws. God is very kind. He’s ocean of compassion. He’s ocean of love. But He is also a wrathful God. So one has to be careful.

[Shri Mataji speaks aside about the young child playing with a mirror. ]

Shri Mataji: Now, have you any questions, you can ask Me because we are here only for one day and we have to go to Paris tonight.

If there are no questions, it’s a very good sign that everybody wants the Realization. That is the sign of true seekers. Those who are hungry, just go for it. But in Sahaja Yoga, you are completely free. You are not mesmerized or bound by money, you are absolutely free. Without freedom you cannot get Realization, because you have to be fully liberated. So let us have the Self Realization.

Can you all put your hands towards Me, like this? If you are a little tight in your waist you can [inaudible]. It would be better to loosen yourself a little bit. Even if you could take out your socks, [inaudible] Because they bind you a little bit, as they are nylons and things.
Let us have. Put both the legs on the ground or sit on the ground. Because the Mother Earth takes away many of our thoughts.

Put your hands towards Me and close your eyes. Both the hands towards Me with your stretched hands, as if you’re asking for Realization. Keep the hands open. All these five fingers are our five centres. And the base of the hand is the sixth centre and in the centre is the seventh. So, when you stretch your hand, actually, the energy flows through the centres to inform the Kundalini. Keep your eyes shut until I tell you to open that. It is important to close your eyes. When the Kundalini crosses over Agnya chakra, which is the so-called third eye, you become thoughtlessly aware. And if your eyes are open, it won’t rise because the eyes get dilated pupils. And when the Kundalini pierces your head, giving you the real baptism, then actually you feel the cool breeze coming out of your head. That is how you know you have got your Realization. Also, you may feel cool breeze in your hands. But you always feel first in the head.
[A baby is crying.]
Shri Mataj: Let her bring, this child knows Me.
[Shri Mataji coddles the baby]

Shri Mataji, [to the baby]: I have to give Realization to people.

There should be no shaking in the hand or in the body. Keep it quiet. It just works spontaneously.

[People keep on meditating]

Shri Mataji: Alright.
End of audio.

*(about William Blake)