The Heart of the Universe

Caxton Hall, London (England)

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The Heart of the Universe, Public Programme. Caxton Hall, London (UK), 14 September 1981.

It is so heartening to see so many of Sahaj yogis seated before my eyes which are really covered with tears of joy and tremendous happiness.

You have been blessed by the grace of God to become the real baptised, the real Muslim, the real Jew, the real Christian, the real Hindu.

It was to be that, in England, you had to establish Jerusalem. I need not tell you again and again how important is England in the play of Divine. Those who are Realised and have experienced know it that, this is the place, this is the country, which has to circulate the spiritual powers all over the world.

Even when I have travelled in Europe and other places and I’ve seen so many seekers all over – in India we have thousandfold more – despite that,  [a] very special category of people are born in England, the Heart of Universe; where the heart has to love, has to radiate, has to circulate, carry all the dirt and filth to be cleared out again.

It’s nice to see how you all love me, and how you have accepted my love, but I would like you to see that you have to love yourself, you have to respect yourself, you have to have self-esteem and not to be driven into crazy ideas of self-pity and guilt.

The lethargy, what we call the ‘left-sidedness’, has to be thrown away, just like a shell is thrown away by a bird when it comes out of its shell of an egg. The transformation has taken place, no doubt, but transmutation is the problem today. We have to change dramatically. All our misidentifications have to be dropped. We have to become what we have been aspiring for, which we have become. We have to assume. The assumption has to be not only mental but is from the heart.

The day it will be, in England, accepted from the heart – the assumption which they have achieved, assumption of the powers, assumption of the state which they have achieved – that is the day I would say is the real beginning of a new era for the whole humanity. The responsibility is so great, so very great that, to realise it you have to start loving yourself, having your self-esteem, understanding yourself.

Now the basic problem that the Sahaj yogis face in England is this: they blame everything to their ego that, “This is my ego which makes me do this. This is my ego which makes me think like that. This is my ego that does this wrong.” This is just the opposite [of what should be done]. Because you want to blame your ego for everything, and that’s how you do not want to go further with your progress. You think that you have been very much in the centre. It’s not true. To be in the centre means you must understand whether you have ego or superego, which is giving you this lethargy, this dullness, this kind of vague approach to things. The whole country is suffering from that, you can see it clearly.

I was surprised, when I went to Portugal, that it’s like a dead, desolate place. As if people have left that place. They are not willing to rise. They are not going to come up. And this kind of desolate place which is just decaying and dying, in the huge, big buildings that were built there, is a reaction to the ego of the Portuguese. So there should be no reaction at all. There should be no reaction to what your forefathers have done or the way they have been very ego-oriented. On the contrary, to be on the centre is to have self-esteem, to understand that you have got your Realisation now, that you have been blessed specially; to accept it with love towards yourself. If you are bent upon harming yourself, nobody can stop it. You have every right to do that, you have all freedom; but freedom and license are two things. Freedom has to be based on wisdom and license is nonsense as you understand.

So [to] all the Sahaj yogis who are here, I have to just say one thing: that you have to change dramatically. Everything you change. We have certain habits we have developed. Some of the things are the blessings of the enterprises that have been floating which are against a proper society. These enterprises have brought in funny ideas which have ruined people, basically. You know those things very well. So, no more to play into these people who just want to make money out of you. First of all the so-called ‘spiritual’ people, who are coming in this country to exploit you, to float some enterprises.

You have to understand that God has no enterprise. The whole world is His own enterprise and His own thing. All such people who are indulging into enterprises and are harming your brothers and sisters, you have to be specially careful about them, and dynamic so that you save them before they fall too low and it’s impossible to get them out of the clutches of these horrible people who have come.

You invaded the East in a aggressive, open manner, once upon a time. Now the East is invading you in a very subtle manner. It’s not [as] if they are invading you in your marketing or in your jobs; they are invading you in your brains. This has to be understood that when these gurus and these fake people come here they are just like the people who went from here to invade India and they have better weapons than these people had. They are enslaving you. And they’ll enslave you in such a way that you can never rise from your slavery. India could rise but you cannot rise out of that negativity which they’ll be pouring on you. So be careful as to believe into anybody who says, that “I am your guide and I am your guru and you better give me so much money.” Actually a man who lives on your money is a parasite, in simple English language.

Nowadays I have to warn you there are many lamas who have been driven out of Tibet. Some of them were lamas some of them have become lamas, it has become a big craze. And they have come in this country also and have started very big enterprises by giving you courses in spiritual life. Ask them how much spiritual life they have! This is very impressive to people, to understand, because it pampers your ego very much. Buddhism was spread by Buddha, not the ‘ism’, but Buddha’s way of life and he is the one who is the killer of your ego. The people who go to Buddha must know that your ego should not be pampered. On the contrary he is all the time laughing, the way people are ego-oriented.

Now these people who are coming in the disguise of taking out your ego, are putting horrible spirits into you – I have to tell you very, very frankly – and making you feel very low as if spiritually you are much lower than them, which you are not. You should not accept their dictates! None of you. Neither you should allow anybody to accept. Go around the whole place, the whole country and tell them the message that these thugs have come from Tibet, where they were parasites on Tibetans, made that country a very, very poor country and now they have come in this country to bring all kinds of curses upon you. So be careful. They call themselves lama and all those things, I don’t understand what sort of spiritual life they lead, what sort of nonsense they teach.

First is Self-realisation. Anything that happens to you, which is beyond your control – like any vision, like anything happening to you which is your beyond your control – is not your own. Supposing a person is driving a car and he just… car goes into a slide and falls into a ghat (deep mountain valley) And he said, “I had an experience!” What will you say to such a thing: that the car is not in his control. But the person believes that he had a big experience because he had a big hit on his head.

The things that are beyond your control are not your own. Self-realisation is your own. Everything has to be in your own control. Like somebody starts jumping on the chair, he starts thinking, “I’m flying.” Do you fly that way? Do the birds fly that way? They know when to start and when to stop. Those who fall into these traps just start doing it by some force and what is that force is the negative force, one must understand.

You should be completely in control of yourself. Whatever happens to you, is it completely under your control or not? Of course if you are driving your car and you go to a particular beautiful place, it’s a beautiful experience because you have gone there. But not the way people are thinking that if you start jumping or if you start shouting or screaming and making noises it’s something very great.

Ninety-nine percent of things that are happening in this country – you might called them occults, spiritualists, pentecostalist and all sorts of nonsense they call it by – is nothing but the spirits. You are not there. And then the reaction of it starts and one of the first reactions, I must tell you and warn you, is cancer. Be careful of these people! Don’t go near them! Tomorrow you’ll develop cancer and come to me, “Mother, cure me.” I will not! Today you stop it. I am warning you because I’m your Mother. And I know these things look very charming and very interesting and something sensational. Whatever is the experience outside is not all God’s experience. God’s experience is only one – of Self-realisation. Where you become completely in control of yourself and you feel the energy of God flowing through you.

Now the energy of God also some people say has to be hot. “You have to feel hot.” Some people feel that if you go to someone and you feel very hot energy coming from that person, is vibrations. Now any machine, which goes out of order gives hot vibrations. Any friction gives hot vibrations. But to judge it, best is for you to see what happens in Sahaj Yoga. Supposing there’s a cancer patient sitting and there’s a mad person sitting, and a one Sahaj yogi sitting or a born-realised is sitting. The person who has a cancer will give such heat that you’ll have to put off your heaters. The mad person also may give such heat that you will be amazed at the way the heat is coming or maybe sometimes such frozen hands it will have. He’ll have such weaknesses. His hands will be shaking. He’ll become absolutely frozen. He will go into a trance. His eyes will become transfixed. But a realised soul, if he’s a born realised, he’ll get a cool breeze in a Sahaj Yoga thing.

And you should find out what sort of sources they have come. That’s how, relatively, you can find out the absolute. The one who is suffering from cancer has got hot. The one who has been to a spiritualist and who is suffering from possession has got hot.

So, the one who has got the cool breeze is the one who is really realised.

On this point, many people have very funny ideas and I want to tell you clearly today that realisation means cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. It is nothing else but that. Now to maintain this, as our habits are, that we think mental activity can maintain it. It cannot.

Now this lady is wonderful! She came late and now she’s going away. Why don’t you sit down? Why do you want to disturb everyone? This is not the way, you see.

No, you must have civic sense, this is not proper. Either you don’t come, sit at the back. You must sit in front and disturb anybody, this is no sense of civility. You sit at the back and you can go away. You see, this is not proper. You must have some civic sense. That is just showing off I think, to come in front in the end and then to walk off.

Lady: I am not doing that!!

Shri Mataji: Yes, please will you go out? I am sorry; this is not the way to behave. Is not the way to behave. You have no respect for anyone. Please go out.

So I have to tell you one thing that ,when you come to Sahaj Yog, you have to know that you have to find the reality. You have come here to find reality and not falsehood and whatever is falsehood whether you like it or not I’m going to say it. I have to say it, because I’m here for truth and not for getting your votes, or for any money or anything. And whatever is the true, is to be for your good. The truth is going to adorn you, the truth is going to give you joy, it is going to make you grow, it is going to make you something different, it is going to make you absolute, it is going to give you your purpose. And in this respect, if you understand Sahaj Yog, then you will know that Sahaj Yoga is not a mental activity by any chance, it is not through mental activity we can do it.

For example somebody might say that, “How are we to do it, Mother?” “I’m now possessed, I don’t know how to get rid of it.” By thinking, “I’m possessed, I must get rid of it,” you cannot. It is beyond your mind. If you think by saying that, “I’m possessed, I should not be possessed,” you’ll be cleared out, you will not. For that you have to learn the technique of Sahaj Yog – after realisation, not before. For example this is the machine and you put it to the mains. You must know how to handle it after putting it to the mains, the technique, the technique that is Divine. Unless and until you master the technique that is Divine, you will not be able to keep yourself in balance and you will not grow. So that technique one has to learn. That’s why I say that transformation is very easy. To put this (microphone) into the mains is very easy, anybody can do it. But to make it work and make it work well and to utilise it fully, you have to know the technique.

First part of it is very simple I think, can happen to thousands very easily. But the second part you have to love yourself. You have to understand your value. You must know you are not here only for your sake. Not for your sake alone, not at all. You are a cell which has to be connected to the whole so that the whole should be substantiated, that the whole is to be helped, the whole of humanity is to be helped. You have a very, very important role to be played. So you better have your self-esteem and responsibility and understand what you have to do.

After getting realisation many people who get realisation just disappear because they feel very happy. That’s not good. That means you have not paid full attention to yourself. You have not loved yourself; you have not understood yourself. If you have understood yourself then you should try to go deeper into it and grow because every seed can grow into a great tree.

We have to establish proper values of family life where the family life gives that nourishment to the children to grow into spirituality. No forbidden things are there but through vibrations you can control. When people have these cool vibrations they feel so happy about it; they don’t want to lose it. And for that sake they work it out and the family systems improve.

You are going to give the model to the whole world, specially the Western world. You have to give them a new model of life which gives them a proper, happy society and an enlightened society which knows so much more, so much more, which has eyes, which is no more blind, blinded by false ideas. All this science and all these things will drop out just like that once you know Sahaj Yoga because all this knowledge is just a wee part of it.

In Australia many people asked me, who came to interview me that, “Are your disciples all scholars?” I said, “No, they come from very ordinary lives. None of them are scholars.” Specially in Australia people are not also so well educated [as] they are here because they don’t have Cambridge and Oxford I believe. And despite that, they can beat any Cambridge and Oxford fellow here in their knowledge. The knowledge is there because of the Light. Say I describe this room or England to anyone who is not here, who cannot see it. How much his knowledge would be? But the one who has lived here, who knows it, who knows each and every part of it, knows it much more than a person who might have done his MA in India about England. It’s only bookish knowledge but here the real knowledge comes into you.

The third thing is of experiencing which is very important. What have you to experience? Many people say, “Mother what should we experience?” To begin with: the thoughtless awareness that you get when the Kundalini rises about cross, about this point called as Agnya Chakra. As I have told you that Agnya Chakra is one of the most important chakras we have got where resides our Lord Jesus Christ. And why it is so important is this: because he is put there, or we can say the grace had adorned this chakra with His being that when the Kundalini rises he’s awakened and when he’s awakened he can suck your ego and superego, all your conditionings, all your past karmas and all your future problems he sucks.

But that is not possible if you just ask somebody who is from a theological college to baptise, that’s all artificial, that’s not real. [With] real baptism you see the Kundalini rising in you. It’s a living process of a living God. Just like a seed sprouts your Kundalini sprouts and you feel it on your head. Actually feel it on your head, the cool breeze coming out. And this should happen to you otherwise it is not a realisation.

Now the experience, the second one you get is the cool breeze coming out here and cool breeze in the hands. Those people [who] have a weak centre here, do not get this cool breeze. Some people got it after two months, three months, makes no difference. But you get the cool breeze here and after that, when your hands are sensitive enough you start feeling them in the hand also. And also you can feel your centres. But those who do not feel in the hand are amazingly, are also very developed people because they can feel all these centres of other people and their own within themselves. This is the physical experience: means in your central nervous system.

This you feel in your conscious mind. This is the first experience. No other experience like seeing a aura around me, or a light around me or something else, like Buddha, Christ or anything, this is no experience. This is going either to the left or to the right. In the centre you feel the cool breeze and a cool breeze from your head. This is the physical experience you get.

Now what happens to the eyes? Eyes become sparkling. They sparkle. A Sahaja yogi has a sparkling eyes. This is a physical expression of that. It cannot be anything else. If somebody you find his eyes are very dull then you should know that his realisation has gone down or he’s not yet realised. Eyes are sparkling and joyous. This is only on the physical level, I would say.

But in the beginning, the first experience that one starts getting is so physical and so innate, so built-in, that you are amazed at it. Then you start working on other people. Say you start working on a particular person and you say, “Oh, it’s moving, it’s coming, it’s done, it’s there.” Then you start seeing how the person is imbalanced, how his one side is more, one side is less, how he has problems on his centres, the knowledge about the people, knowledge about everything. Like say this flower arrangement – is it alright or not? Is this alright or not? If it is alright, you’ll start getting vibrations from that person. Anything that you think is beautiful may not be, might be very ugly. Through vibrations you will know that it is beautiful. Like, say, Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa is a thing…I mean she’s not one of these modern beauties or anything. But why she’s appreciated so much – if you see the vibrations of Mona Lisa’s paintings are very great.

So your knowledge about things starts, means discrimination increases and you start understanding things. And this is the first experience for your brain. You start understanding people, you start understanding problems, you start understanding the problems of the whole world in a way as a spectator, as a witness. You start seeing the whole thing as a witness and then, when you start seeing that – I mean you become, again you become; it’s actualisation – then you start enjoying the joke, understanding the whole thing. You sometimes are amused, “Oh, I was the same and now they are the same!” This rat race, this madness and these emotional plays and these ego trips and everything you start seeing it so clearly because you have been through it and you start seeing and it amuses you. It’s full of amusement and mirth and joy.

Then you start seeing it also as a tragedy that’s on people is. The compassion starts flowing. You start feeling what are they doing, where are they going to crash themselves? Sometimes I am very happy when people try to tell me about others, that, “Mother, have compassion for him because he is doing it in ignorance.” You see, I know that. I am compassion, no doubt. But when somebody says, it makes me very happy.

You become generous, absolutely generous. You do not bother about counting your pennies but you think, “What can I give? What can I give to this person? What should I give?” You are sitting down, you see a person thirsty, immediately you’ll rush for a water and bring it. Or else, otherwise normally people shout and scream and abuse. No, you become very kind, gentle and you feel the another person’s needs. Immediately you run to it, you work on it.

This starts working on your emotional level then, gradually, when you start working on others. You start feeling for the whole world, “Oh God! What’s going to happen? Thousands are getting lost. How are we to save them?” You start thinking about them and how to work it out. Then you start praying to God that, “Oh God! Save them. Make them also enlightened so that they enter into the Kingdom of God.”

And a new type of emotional flowering comes in and the fragrance of your virtues which become so much vibrant when you are realised. Your virtues you see, you enjoy them. You enjoy to be truthful, you enjoy to be moral; you enjoy to respect others. You enjoy it. When virtue becomes the enjoyment then the joy is complete. Then everything is such a joy. The whole thing is such a joy. The whole meeting is such a joy and you become collectively joyous.

Then you do not have very individualistic idea “my house, my room, my holiday,” “my”. Then it becomes ours. You start talking,  ‘Ours’. You don’t mind any inconveniences. You see, I travel in India into villages, you know that and we have to live in all conditions there – and you people are used to so many comforts [but] you just forget because this love, this compassion and this joy is too great to be sacrificed for any comfort of the world. And that joy, once it dawns upon you, you become so generous that you want to enjoy with others. This is the dream of Jerusalem that I see in this England and I hope that the people who are wise, who are understanding, will come down to Sahaj Yoga and see for themselves how they can transform this country into a new world.

Now I am on my way to America. I am again amused at it because the people in America have different ideas. I mean English are difficult to crack, no doubt, that’s true, but they are a bit too steady people. They have very fixed ideas. They are people of fixed attention. For example, a person is not wearing a proper tie, for them it upsets them. They are very formal people and that’s how they are different type of people: they won’t accept anything readily. That’s a good thing in a way, not to accept any, because mostly you accept all nonsense very readily. But Americans are the different type. They accept everything readily and give up readily. They have a guru shopping on. All the time they are shopping for guru from one to another and just like, as I told you, they are fixing-up their screws and even when the machine stops they are fixing-up their screws (reference to Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’ which Mother liked). They are that type of people. So it’s a very shifty sand that  I am going into and you have to use your solidarity, your fixations that you have in the faith, true faith, enlightened faith, that this world is going to change, that we are achieving it for the whole world. This will substantiate my work there very much, I know. And then their changing and their transformation will be very great. Because wherever you go, whatever you do, your attention should be fixed onto your Absolute, that is your Spirit: which is unchangeable, which cannot be destroyed, which is eternal. And that’s why the English have to do something about it, to fix their attentions properly onto their Spirit. To say that, “I am the Spirit,” “I am the Spirit” and “I am the Spirit.” This will help a lot. You know you are the channels for this work for which I am going to America. And I am sure we’ll be able to fix them in their proper places. They know how to fix everything. You see they talk like this, “I’ll fix your breakfast, I’ll fix your lunch…” They fix you up everywhere and it’s like a machine they are fixing you up. Like, you are going to the airport they’ll say, “Now, all set?” “Now, you said me ‘all set’, what more?” “Have you given the keys?” “Yes, all done. Everything done.” “All set? All set?” You start wondering where are they setting you to? To moon or what? So they are like that. But they are simple people in some ways because they have not yet learnt lots of cunning things because they never invaded any country – I think you picked up lots of things from other countries also when you invaded them – and they are simpler people. But simple people can be simpleton also and that’s why you have to see that wisdom must be brought to them. They are all the children of God, every one different, differently made, but so beautiful. All of them have this possibility and the Spirit resides in them, the star shines, and I am going with very great hope. I am sure we’ll be able to do something there and with all your good wishes and love, I am sure, definitely, you will get very good news from American people.

May God bless you.

Today is a day I am leaving, and I am very grateful to you, all of you, for taking it up so seriously and working it out. And arise and awake to your responsibilities. And try to love others and also love yourself and be drenched in the Divine Love.

May God bless you.

Now, if you have any questions, you may ask me about it and I’ll try to answer them. But the whole Kundalini and all that you know is a very big subject on which, I don’t know, I must have, by now, given about five hundred and one lectures – because if you include today’s – and there are all the tapes with you. In any case, it’s better to get the book ‘Advent’ to understand for new people and also some of the tapes to see about the details of Sahaj Yoga.

May God bless you.

May I have some questions?

A few things for the new, new people I would like to say. Few things.

Sahaj Yoga is a method, which is born with you, is within you, the Kundalini is within you, is placed in the triangular bone and is your Holy Mother, who is anxious to give you the second birth. And She rises because there must be something about me that She rises and She gives you realisation. Now, that is a mystery in the beginning, so forget it, doesn’t matter. Once you get your realisation, then you discover the mystery – is much better. I must be something definitely, otherwise how can it be that thousands of people get realisation in my presence? That’s the only conclusion you can come to. But nothing to be afraid of: I am just like you to look at and there’s nothing to be worried about. But that’s a mystery. So, for that, you have to rise little higher. When you establish yourself first, it is only thoughtless awareness you receive. We call it as Nirvichar Samadhi; when you have got thoughtless, enlightened consciousness. By that you can raise the Kundalini of others, give them realisation, cure people, do lots of things.

But then, another state of being comes up, which is called as doubtless awareness, which is called in Sanskrit language as Nirvikalpa Samadhi. When that matures. I mean, you can’t say when. It’s not timing. It’s the way you mature. You see, when does the fruit come in? When it matures. So, when you mature up to that then you are given the clues to the mysteries of Sahaja Yoga which are to be given only after doubtless awareness.

So, first you have to rise from thoughtless awareness to doubtless awareness, which is a state of your being, which is a state, which is not your mind or anything. It is a state by which you start expressing dynamic powers and when that happens only the higher knowledge of Sahaja Yoga, which is a mystery, is to be given to you. Then you become a guru, yourself. You become the guru. You become the master and then you start doing it.

You may say that before you start driving a car and understanding it you play with the brake and the accelerator. Gradually you work it out these two powers. Then you become little bit balanced. Then you are appointed as a learning driver. Then you have given [to you] a certificate that, “Alright, now you are a driver.” But you are still a driver. But then when the Master sees that you are such a good driver, he is such a loving Father, that he gives you the mastery and that’s how you become a guru.

All of you can become guru and there are many gurus sitting behind which are very great and that’s how you all can become gurus. You don’t have to grow any horns for that and no funny dresses, you have to be absolutely normal people, but inside you are the guru.

‘Guru’ means the one who has the magnet. And the magnet is that where the iron, the ordinary one, is touched with the spark of the magnet, and that spark is the Spirit. Once you become that, then you become the guru.

Now the questions please.

Seeker: (unclear)

Shri Mataji: What did she say? Can you…? Somebody come and tell me.

Seeker: May I ask, how do I address You, Your name?

Shri Mataji: Dress?

Seeker: Yes, address.

Shri Mataji: You are beautifully dressed. (laughter)

Seeker: No, anyway. I was wondering first, are You going to New York?

Shri Mataji: Yes, please.

Seeker: Yes, because in New York is a very lovely ‘yogini’, a lady yogi, very highly evolved. And she’s working at Carnegie Hall, for many years, I wondered if she knows that you coming?

Shri Mataji: Will be good idea. You wanted my address, I heard only “dress,” No, no, you can take my address from these people. But you see the…

Seeker: Can she have your address. Can I send you her address?

Shri Mataji: Yes, please.

Seeker: Because she’s very highly evolved. She’s very perfect. She’s been for twenty five years and-

Shri Mataji: It’s not the years that matter

Seeker: No, I know, I know.

Shri Mataji: You see, but tell her that… you see…

Seeker: And she could help I think.

Shri Mataji: Yes, if she is truthful, she’s honest, she will, definitely, I am sure she will. Because there are so many saints in India, even in Rangoon, who know about me and they are very much helpful to me. But one has to be really a saint and not just a so-called saint, you see, that’s the point is. So I would like to meet her. You can take my address from them. I thought you were saying, “How should I dress for the program?” (laughing)

Alright. What else? You can get it from Mr. Gavin Brown and we are also putting there.

Any other question please? Are you feeling the cool breeze in the hand? Good! Just see, sitting down. Please put your hands like this. Why waste time? Just have it. If you take out your shoes it will help a little more to get it faster because the Mother Earth takes your problems much more. It’s started already, it’s started. It will work out in no time. Just take out your shoes it will help you. You must help yourself you see. Just take out your shoes, will be good.

Put your hands like this and put both the feet on the ground. That’s very important. It helps faster, I have seen it.

Close your eyes please.

(Seeker asks question)

Now, just now we have started the meditation, alright? You can later on ask me, alright? Please close your eyes. Put your hands like this.

You see, the questioning is alright but I would say that it’s not a mental activity, alright? So even if I answer all your questions you may not get realisation. Best is to get realisation once for all. Then we’ll answer all your questions. Please put your hands like that. Let’s see. Let it work out. It’s better to work it out first. It’s very simple. It cannot do it with mental activity. It has to work out. It is within you. It jumps like a spring and works out. Now see this gentleman he’s sitting here, he just got it like that. He didn’t ask any questions or anything. Just like that. You see it’s alright, because I know the mind is such a funny thing it goes on asking questions, but just have it. Ask him to keep quiet for a while your mind, say that, “For the time being can you keep quiet?” Better have the experience first of all, then we’ll talk about it. By talking it won’t work out, alright? So be kind to yourself. Please put your hands like this and tell your mind to be kind to you, because it thinks all the time.

Close your eyes now please. Let it work out. It will work out in no time. I’m sure it will. Just allow. Tell your mind that, “For the time being, can you keep quiet for the time being?” You have to help yourself. You have to tell your mind.

There is nothing to doubt because I have nothing to take from you. If I was to take anything from you, then you can doubt, there’s nothing selling here so we should give up the attitude of a shopper, but you have come to receive here something.

Now, put your right hand on your heart and ask the question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” in your heart.

Close your eyes and ask the question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?”

Believe me you are. But you ask the question for your verification – whether you are the Spirit or not.  Just say, “Am I the Spirit?”


One thing is there is not to feel guilty at all because that is how we don’t love ourselves. Just say, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Thrice you have to say, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Don’t worry.

I am here to do all the jobs so you shouldn’t worry about these things. Just leave it. Say that, “Mother, I am not guilty, not at all. I’m not at all guilty.”

Now ask the question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?”

You have to forgive, forgive others. Just say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” “I forgive” – it’s a big load. “I forgive everyone.” It’s a very big load on the Spirit. “I forgive everyone.” You have to forgive, forgive everyone. Forgive yourself, first of all.  Do not get angry with yourself, say, “I forgive myself and I forgive everyone,” because you are the Spirit. Spirit is not guilty and Spirit is forgiveness. Spirit is ocean of love. Spirit is ocean of compassion. You have to become that. Once you become that, then all these minor things, trivial things will drop out.

Now you put your right hand on your head and see if there’s a cool breeze coming out. Left hand towards me and right hand little above your fontanel bone area. Just see if there’s a cool breeze coming in.

Just put it like this. I’m giving you all a balance, that’s how.

Just see, is there a cool breeze coming in?

Move your hand a little bit and see [if] there’s a cool breeze coming in. Further and backwards.

Coming? Good. See now, is it there? Some people might get a little heat, doesn’t matter, the heat has to go out. See for yourself. Getting it? Good. Good. One by one all of you will get it.

If there is heat you take it out like that – if there is heat, may be heat, some people might have some heat coming out. If there’s a heat you just take it out. Heat is due to friction in life, tensions in life, problems – physical, mental, emotional. Is it coming out? Ha, she’s got it.

Those who have got it can put down their hands. Those who have got it can put down their hands. Good! In both the hands? Good. Now see, is it there? It’s there. It’s there.

How many are new people today? Please raise your hands so the Sahaja yogis can come and look after you. Raise your hands those who are absolutely new, who have come today. Absolutely new who have come first [time]. Please raise your hands who have come for the first time today.

She’s got it. She’s got it.

Seeker: But not, not new to yoga, not new to yoga, I’m new to this.

Shri Mataji: What is it?

Seeker: I’m new to you, but I have been in twenty five years with yoga.

Shri Mataji: Hatha Yoga you mean?

Seeker: I… to your experience. I’m new. This is the first time I’ve been but I have studied yoga for twenty-five years.

Shri Mataji: The Hatha Yoga that we study here is very physical.

Seeker: It’s not Hatha Yoga

Shri Mataji: Which one? Ah?

Seeker: I have studied all of the spiritual gurus’ books.

Shri Mataji: Which book have you read?

Seeker: I mean I’ve only got my hand up as a novice to Sahaja Yoga.

Shri Mataji: Alright. No, but I just wanted to see if you have got the realisation, you see? For that sake. They all will have to see whether you have got realisation or not. They are just like you to look at but they have got their vibrations and they are in it deft, so they are seeing just. Imagine, these 75% people sitting here are realised souls, can you believe it? Maybe 80% people.

Seeker: Oh I see.

Shri Mataji: Oh, you are all here? Happy to know. Hello! Roxana has come? Roxana has she come? Where is she?

Spain was great I must say. We did a good job in Spain!

You give them an understanding of the thing. What is the problem, what they are facing and all that. So talk to them and let them know.

How are you? Alright? How is Roxana?

Lady: Very well.

Shri Mataji: Where is she?

Lady: She’s down there.

Shri Mataji: I’m very happy.

Lady: I wanted to thank you.

Shri Mataji: For what?

The lady: because I have no arthritis in my knees.

Shri Mataji: No Arthritis?

Lady: Thank You. Thank You very much.

Shri Mataji: Oh, not… So you are alright now. Perfectly alright?

Lady: Yes. I’m very, very happy.

Shri Mataji: I am very happy. May God bless! Arthritis is nothing, simple. It’s a very simple disease. Can be cured very easily, you know that.

Lady: It has, and I have nothing you have done that!

Shri Mataji: Yes.

Lady: Thank You very much. I didn’t want to take your time.

Shri Mataji: May God bless you!

She had arthritis you see, she’s cured of that. Is nothing.

Roxana come here. Come. How do you find them? Are they good? Ha. Aah…Good. Alright?

Roxana, you see, I went down to Spain. You’ve done a good job there and Dom is there. I would like some of you to go down if you can. Can you? To Spain for two weeks? One of your brothers can they go down to help him? Because he has a problem with the language.


I wish you had come with us.

We can pay for the traveling or something. Who would like to go?

Lady: I can go Mother.

Shri Mataji: Who else?

Lady: ??

Shri Mataji: You go alone? Ah?

Lady: I was on my way to (??).

Shri Mataji: I have to give you a good news also, that he would like to marry you.

Lady: (??)

Shri Mataji: Donny would like to marry you.


Lady: He’s bringing Audrey to me.

Shri Mataji: May God bless you! What’s your name?

Boy: Jeet Singh.

Shri Mataji: Jeet Sing? Haa! Very good.

Lady, softly: Somebody’s happy, Mother. Somebody’s happy, Mother.

Shri Mataji: And that’s why I wanted to see you.

Lady: Very lucky, Mother…

Shri Mataji: May God bless you! He’s very happy to do that.

Lady: Thank you, Mother.

Shri Mataji: I’m so very happy. Alright? May God bless you!