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New York City (United States)



I was saying that I really tried to give realization to all those [inaudible] me, in fact, [inaudible] Americans can’t say.

I can do my level best. [inaudible] with the proof. All right. [inaudible] [inaudible] too much money, don’t know what to do with yourself, now when they say, “I’m suffering”. Otherwise you can’t enjoy. [inaudible] You are really making me self conscious now [inaudible] I like the Rockefella center, its really [inaudible]. What is this one? This is also a building? this has very bad [vibrations? inaudible].

Why everyone is not having a family? nothing? They have [inaudible] They have go on to have no culture they murder people. [inaudible] I think they have a right to do what they [want? inaudible] [inaudible] can’t stay here longer. [inaudible] will run away. He never comes to Manhattan. [inaudible] story is about the advent of the primordial one, that, the deity of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha, you know who they are. Their wife, their power fell jealous of a lady who was very pure, Anushuiya. She is the power of the primordial, I mean she was the mother.

She’s the mother of all the Gurus. And they said that she, this lady is such a chaste lady and too much [inaudible] and make her fall from her chastity [inaudible] her. She was actually the primordial mother Anusiya. So they went into her house, she was a wife of a very big Saint and he was out. And they said, “we want ..” See, a guest who comes to your house can demand anything, according to Indian dharma. So they came in and then said that “We want you to serve our food naked. Take out all your clothes and [serve us?]” Now you can’t say no to your guests because that is your dharma. “It’s all right, I will do it. “,she said [inaudible] but as soon as she started, [both of them?]

became little children. [inaudible] Little little babies. [inaudible] And the little baby doesn’t understand anything and she nursed them together. All right. And then she said, “Now.” She combined them together, and that’s how Dattatrieya, has three faces. Innocence of these people. She brought them to their innocence. The innocence was created, and this is the innocence of these three deities [Christ is the innocence? inaudible].

These three form this innocence part to balance and this state they come, here as [inaudible], innocence has latent power [inaudible] ekadesha rudra. I mean there are [inaudible] way but others are also powers of [inaudible]. That’s how they establish [inaudible]. All that is in the void and come here at [this side?] See this hand, and left, this is Ganesha, the innocence part. That, all right? I mean I don’t know how, how one should have [reached this sthiti?] and Jains are the [inaudible] in India. These Jains, you see, are strict people, very strict vegetarianism they have, they don’t even eat garlic. [inaudible] Garlic is very important for the heart, they don’t eat garlic, they don’t eat onion.

The whole thing revolves around [food ? ], they are strict vegetarian but [inaudible] got realization [inaudible] he was a jain and his wife was a pure jain and he hated all that non sense. So, he told me “I was Jain.” [inaudible] Because they are told not to eat meat or anything, what they do when they come to America? They go to all the youth clubs, they drink a lot, the only thing that they don’t eat is [inaudible?]. They are rich people, they are very rich and [inaudible]. And same with the Jews, you can find. The religion is limited to a little part, the rest is [inaudible]. I mean [inaudible] not with any commandments. What can you do about it?

I mean, [they have become more sensible now? [inaudible], fanaticism is a very very collective ego, I think, its a very big collective ego, the collective ego is [inaudible] and when collective become [inaudible], you start loving you know, like English people, they [inaudible] by using spoons and forks. According to them, those who cannot use spoons and forks are [not English?]. That’s how they feel about it. I have landed in America. [inaudible] of some house property. How does she remember all that, I am surprised, its a good memory.