Transformation and Awareness

Boston (United States)

1981-09-20 Transformation and Awareness, Boston, United States, DP-RAW, 91' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program Day 1. Boston, Massachusetts (USA), 20 September 1981.

It’s such a joyous moment to come to Boston. We had Steve at Bristol who was representative of that category of people who are very honest seekers. And he really impressed me. He got his realization and he was lost. I didn’t know where he had gone. And when I came back from Paris, I received a very nice telegram from him saying that Boston would like to have a program. I knew there were lots of universities here and many young seekers and many people who are thinking of the beyond.

It’s a new category of human beings that are born, absolutely a new category. Such a category never existed before, which is seeking. They are not satisfied with what they have. It’s not only the after effects of affluence. Some people feel because affluence came to America, as a result of that, people are sort of dissatisfied with all the material wealth, material things, and they are seeking. It is not the same.

This is the time, the special time where people are to be born, this has to be done. You are not seekers of today. You are seekers of many lives. And you’ve been seeking. It’s mentioned in one of the very old Puranas, called as Nalanda Ka Purana, that Kali Yuga is the time when thousands of seekers will be born and they will get their realization.

It has been announced by many, many poets also. In England we had one William Blake*. I was amazed the way He described Sahaja Yoga. He said, “Men of God will be born in these special times and they will become prophets and they will have the capacity to make others prophets.” Apart from that, he has mentioned precisely where the center will be located, where I will be living first. It’s amazing, how he has prophesied all these things.

We have to think very scientifically also about certain things, which cannot be answered otherwise. Why have we become human beings from the amoeba stage to this stage? Is there any purpose of our life?

When Warren was telling you about Sahaja Yoga, you might be thinking, “How can that be?” It sounds very fantastic, it’s very incredible. Everybody had this feeling that he might be the greatest crook or maybe something out of the blue. I could see your expressions, that how can it be so fantastic? And it sounds really fantastic in this mad world when you see all kinds of horrid things happening around. And when you find no hope you read books of shock and things that the whole world is going to collapse and people are waiting to have a kind of a catastrophe falling upon us to end up all our problems and at that time somebody comes and tells there’s a way and a method and so fantastic. But it is not. It is not fantastic. It’s nothing special.

For example, we have an equipment like a television and you tell a villager in India that this television can show you some films and can sing and can give some music. They’ll say, “How can that be? It’s just an ordinary box. There is no one inside it. You just see an ordinary glass and very ordinary bit of light outside. How can it sing? How can there be a film? How can there be a drama in it?”
They can’t believe it. And you put it to the mains and the whole fantastic thing becomes reality.

So firstly we have to have self-esteem and self-knowledge even rationally, that God has made us – or whatever you may call Him – has created us out of the small little amoeba. Must be some purpose. There cannot be a purposeless game that we became human beings.

This first logical conclusion we should come to. Then the second should be, “Why are we human beings? Are we here just to live like animals or to do something more? Why is it that we do not know that what is our purpose? Maybe we are in transition.”

Logically we need to find out that we know that we are in transition. Actually, you know in a way, in your unconscious. You have that feeling that you are not that what you should be. There is something beyond. That’s why there is seeking within us. That’s why we are seeking something beyond because you are not satisfied with our purpose. We think we haven’t got the full idea of our purpose.

On one side we have all these scriptures – “You have to be born again.” “You have to become the Spirit.” “You are the Spirit.” On the other side, we have science which says, “Oh, there is nothing like Spirit, that’s all nonsense.” And we get completely torn between these two ideas: one of complete negation and one of complete assertion. Those who talk of spiritual life as Spirit and those who talk that we are spiritual beings [who] behave in the most atrocious manner. We can’t believe it. If this is Spirit, it’s better to have a satan. It comes to that point that we really get frightened of it.

In Algeria the fundamentalists started asserting themselves too much. So the young people felt that this horrible [stuff] is going to happen here. Iran is going to come down here and they got such a fright with these fundamentalists that they said it is better to organize a communist organization so that at least we are saved from these horrible fundamentalists.

When they tried that, one of them came to London; it happened that he came to see me. He got his realization and he was amazed. By becoming communist they had negated the existence of God, the existence of Spirit, spirituality. But then he found there is God, neither in those fanatics nor in those denials He exists. He exists within us. The Spirit is within us. But it is very difficult to believe, and to believe blindly is not going to help you at all. No use believing blindly. Those people who have blind faiths are going mad. I mean they are crazy people. They are not normal at all. They behave in such a manner that you cannot explain why they are like that.

Now if evolution has to take place, if we have to find our absolute and if we have to become our purpose, we are going to be very normal people, not abnormal. We are going to be the people who will be master of our self, minimum of minimum, so that we are not enslaved by nonsense. We will become equipped with awareness which will tell us to discriminate from falsehood the Truth.

As human beings we can discriminate many things. If you put a horse through a dirty lane, he has no smell power. He cannot discriminate. He just goes through without any difficulty. We can’t even enter into such a lane. Our nose can discriminate, our eyes can discriminate the color, the beauty, the whole thing. Our ears can discriminate the music which animals may not be able to discriminate to that extent. Some of them maybe a little bit, but not to this extent.

So we have an awareness which can discriminate. We have achieved through our evolution an awareness and what we have to expect is that our awareness has to become something different. If the transformation has to take place it has to come in our awareness by which we find our absolute and that should help us to command ourselves.

As he has told you examples of people, say, that just start jumping. Now it’s very easy, anybody can do it. If human beings can do it, it’s nothing special. If Divine has to do it we cannot do that. Like we cannot transform a flower into a fruit. We see thousands and millions and billions of these, but we are not surprised, we take them for granted. See the seed how it sprouts by itself, spontaneously because it is a living process. The living process takes place spontaneously. If it’s a living process, evolution, if it’s a living God then the happening has to be living which you cannot achieve through your mental projections, neither through your efforts.

Some people stand on their heads for days together, especially in India. They cannot get to God. God has put you on your legs not to stand on your heads. We have to be more sensible about things. How can it be by standing on your heads you can go to God? They said that by standing on your heads the Kundalini will start going down due to gravity.

But Kundalini goes against the gravity. Always you find the living things can grow against the gravity like a tree can grow against the gravity. So if it’s a living thing how can it be such an absurd thing that you stand on your head and you get your realization. I’ve seen people standing on their legs, with one leg around their necks and with one leg somewhere. I don’t know how they are managing and some people are feeding them food and some people say they have been like this for three years. They can be like that for three hundred years but they cannot get realization.

So by putting any effort, we cannot get realization. It’s a very simple thing to understand but sometimes we do not catch the simple things as they are, because we are a bit complicated.

Say, a seed, if you have to sprout, what will you do with it? You put it in the Mother’s soil. A simple thing, you do it. It’s all built in. The primule has built in the capacity to germinate and also the food for that is built inside. You don’t have to do anything about it. You just put it in the Mother’s soil and the Mother’s soil does the job.

Do you stand on your heads or say some mantras or do all these nonsensical things? Never, so if it has to be a living thing then it has to be spontaneous. Within us, all these things are placed. I assure you it is there. They are all there, quite intact in all of them. There is nothing new. It’s absolutely there in the sacrum bone, is the Kundalini.

You will be amazed this bone is called as sacrum even in the English language. It comes from Greek and in Greek language sacrum means sacred. So the Greek people knew that it was a sacred bone and that there was something, something that was very sacred and when I went to Greece I was amazed that they knew about the Kundalini. Athena is a word that comes from Atha, means the primordial. And she has the snake in her hands and she has the chakra. And so much was known to them and when I asked them how all this knowledge came to you and they told me this knowledge has come to them from some Indo Aryan group coming down and they told them. Whatever it is, thousands of years back. It was not after Alexander, but much before him, this Acropolis was placed and this was established that this was the sacrum bone.

This knowledge was also known to English people, in a way. When I went to Stonehenge, I was amazed because it was all built in a way a Kundalini should be built. And it had tremendous vibrations, cool vibrations. You can’t make it out but once you are realized you will know. You will know which are the living places where the Mother Earth is giving you these vibrations.

For example in the Bible, there is a commandment, Thou shalt not reproduce anything that is created by the Mother Earth and the sky.” Now, what is being produced by the Mother Earth? These things… In India, for example, this knowledge was known to many, because I feel that life in India has been a very easy life. You’ll be amazed, though you think that they are poor people and all that. But life is much easier. Riches give you complications and tensions and nonsense.

They are simple people. It’s such a nice climate. We don’t have to wear a sweater to go out. You can live under a tree in a very simple way and you don’t need much. You can live in a forest, eat fruits and have some other things to eat and you can be really very happy there. And such people went into the search of finding out why we are on this Earth. The why of it is never answered by science. Science cannot say why there is gravity. They are honest because they don’t know. Whatever they don’t know they don’t want to say and that’s how they cannot answer the question, “Why?” These people went into themselves to find out the reason “Why are we here? What is the speciality? Why God has created us with such immense care, with such immense evolution? Why this evolution?”

For example, Darwin and all these people established there was evolution. But why? What are we to get? What is our future? In psychology, Jung is the one we can claim has done something really good. And he did say that you have to become the Spirit. You have to become your unconscious. The unconscious has to become the conscious. He also said you have to become collectively conscious. You have to become! Becoming is the point. It is not lecturing or brainwashing. You have to become. As you have become a human being, you have to become that Spirit. It’s the actualization, it’s not just talking about it.

I don’t know how many Jungians you have here, but for example, in England there are only twelve and they are one better than the other. The less are the better about them, because rationality can make anything out of you. You can justify any murder, anything– rationality after all.

But logic is different. Logic is based on wisdom and wisdom comes by balanced life. Those who lead a balanced life develop that wisdom and understand that we have to find out why are we here? But we cannot find out. It’s the biggest problem because a light which is not enlightened cannot enlighten itself. Only an enlightened light can enlighten another light. It’s a simple thing. Say a candle is here. If we say to the candle, “Will you please get enlightened?” It won’t. You stand on your head, do what you like, but the candle won’t be enlightened unless and until an enlightened light goes near that and enlightens it.

So one may think that I’m doing this, and actually I don’t do anything. You have got everything just here. I am enlightened and you get enlightenment, that’s all. There’s no obligation, nothing. Only thing, if there is anything, I am realized but I can’t enjoy it myself only. It’s like drinking alcohol at home. You can’t enjoy it, you want others to enjoy. That’s the main thing why I’m here and I know you are seekers. You are that category. You are that special thing and you have to have it. It’s a very simple relationship and we should establish ourselves.

If that is the case then this happening takes place within us and it rises. It’s described very clearly in many books that are in the Sanskrit language. For example, people if they have to read about Kundalini, they do read the book written by people who have no idea of Kundalini at all. Some say it is in the stomach, some say it is in the head, some say it is in the nose. They do not know where the Kundalini is and they are contradicting themselves. They confuse you because they themselves are confused.

Kundalini is in the sacrum bone which you can see clearly when it rises. It pulsates just like your heart. Not in every part. If you are a fine instrument, a fine aeroplane, then you take off just like that. In a split of a second the Kundalini rushes up. It happens, I was amazed.

I always used to say that I would know when it’s the right time. Let all these seekers collect their [UNCLEAR] then I’ll go. Then I was amazed yesterday everyone got it just like that. You are a special category; you are, no doubt. You have been damaged I know. People have exploited you. It doesn’t matter. It’s all intact there and by the grace of God, you are going to be realized. You are going to get it and you are going to find that this Kundalini rises, spontaneously passes through all these centres and pierces this and you feel you have become absolutely relaxed.

This centre is very important; this is the centre of Christ. It lies in the centre of the optic chiasma in the brain and controls our both sides, the pineal and pituitary. The pituitary controls the ego and pineal it controls the superego. We have these two channels within us which are subtle channels which actually give rise or manifest in the gross as our sympathetic nervous system – the left side sympathetic nervous system and the right side sympathetic nervous system.

This sympathetic left side acts for our emotions, for our past and leads us to our collective subconscious. This one is the power of desire. In Sanskrit it’s called Iccha Shakti. And this one is the power of our action. We do it through two things, one is our physical body and another is our mind. In English language mind can also mean somebody is mad – we will say he is a mental case. I mean God knows how to make minds. But we should understand minds in English.

One that uses too much of this rationality accumulates this ego here. The one who uses too much of this left side which is the psyche in the terminology of Freud. Though I think Freud was a half-baked soul, he was a big part of it. You cannot be with a subject only just taking one part. If you have to deal with a human being, you cannot hold up one hair and say this is it. That’s why I call him half-baked.

This psyche path gives you all your conditioning and results into a superego. So you have got the ego and the superego, both developing gradually. They close down when you are about twelve years of age. They completely close down. You develop the fontanel bone area into a calcified, thick area and you become Mr X, Mr Y or Mr Z. Your “I” ness develops. So you all become individuals. Separate individuals and all these separate individuals start working with these two powers that they have got. One is the left power and one is the right power, just like you use your brake and your accelerator.

Now you start learning how to drive. Sometimes you go too much on the emotional side, then you get some sort of shocks – emotional side, alright, forget it. Then they come to the right side then they start using rationality, your ambitions and all the activities of the right-hand side. All this – sometimes this side, sometimes that’s side.

Then you start balancing. When this balance is established within you, then you know that you can drive now. You know how to use these two. When that happens you become a driver. But still you are not the master. When you become the master you are a realized soul.

The master is in your heart, is the Spirit. He is the one who is the knower of what you do. He knows all about you, but you are not conscious of it. It doesn’t come into your consciousness, into your central nervous system. In the centre is the parasympathetic nervous system, or I would say this is called as Sushumna, the subtle channel which gives this rise to the parasympathetic if they are not controlled by the sympathetics at all.

Supposing you want to increase the rate of your heart. If you run fast you can, but you cannot reduce it, that is parasympathetic. And this parasympathetic nervous system in the centre is kept for controlling these two and giving you the balance. If you overdo something your heartbeat will go up, then parasympathetic will bring it down. This is the balancing, coordinating, supplying energy in the centre. It’s the central path.

Now what happens in a human being, you tell them anything – supposing you tell them that, “You have to wash the [UNCLEAR stoop].” Then a bucket full of water they’ll bring. They’ll wash it and wash it so much that the whole floor will be blown off, and still they won’t be satisfied, Their nature is to go to extremes. Because they think by going to extremes in their franticness they’ll achieve some measure. You cannot. If you go to the left, what happens and if you go to the right what happens, we can see.

I’m sorry today is the only day I’m here and whatever is possible I’ll try to cover but it’s a very large subject.

If you go to the left side, say, you are a romantic personality and you are absolutely emotional. What happens to you? You start using too much of your emotions and then you read, say, persons like Lord Byron or someone like that who takes out your eyes and washes them – that sort of a person. You become a poet and you become very emotional and all sorts of things happen to you. You start moving on this side. The movement on this side is very dangerous because you go to the collective subconscious.

First, you think of your subconscious, “Oh, how nice was my childhood, and how was this.” Then you also sometimes go to cemeteries to live with the dead. And you enjoy their company. All that is very dangerous to go near the dead. You have nothing to do with them. It’s a fact. But in England I don’t hear if you do the same thing. In the churches, all the dead are under [UNCLEAR ]. It’s a very dangerous place. You feel you are sitting in a cemetery and the children also go there. It’s a very dangerous thing.

The other day I saw a film on cancer, a very decent film. They have discovered that there are some entities who look like proteins, we call them protein 58 and 56, which attack you and when they attack you, your cancer is set in, is triggered. These entities they see, the doctors with all their honesty are there in the areas which are unknown to them, but which was built within us from the creation.

So this is collective subconscious. They admitted that this attack comes to you from the left side. Going too much onto the left side you get these problems. For example, you smoke. I don’t say you don’t smoke because I don’t want people to go away. But you won’t smoke after realization. You’ll just give up, just like that.

Steve did that. He used to smoke and he just gave it up next day. Because when you have found the real thing you never get bored. And why should you smoke? Only because you get bored you smoke or you are nervous. You are neither nervous nor you are bored of yourself. That’s how you give up your smoking. Anything you do like that, what happens is your attention starts flowing towards the left.

This chakra, this centre here, like this and the left and the right side. When you start pulling them too much, they start separating and this centre breaks and the deities there just leave. With this disconnection, you become a person whose chakras are not connected with the mains, by which you become on your own and the cells become malignant. There is no connection with the rest of the body. Then supposing with the smoking you develop this into your nose, for example as cancer. Your nose will start increasing with no proportion, with no relationship to your body or your face. It will overpower everything else as this malignancy can grow to any extent.

This is a simple thing how cancer takes place. When you move too much onto the lefthand side you get into trouble like cancer. Or else if you move too much on the left-hand side then you can become a person, I think an American [UNCLEAR person], the one who goes gaga. Is it alright if I say gaga? It means a person who becomes mad, who is schizophrenic, all these sorts of nonsense for which you have to have a psychologist all the time attached to you.

Actually, what happens, the nature tries to balance you. Now you need too much of your emotions, your heart. Actually you are using your heart and you should really get a heart attack with that. But no, your brain goes out. Your brain goes out when you use your heart.

Now when you use your right side too much – for example, you are a great planner and you are planning everything. Every plan goes out no doubt. It fails, otherwise you would have been much better off. You try to plan something and you find what you create is a big atom bomb.

There you would try to plan something and you create another devil for whom you seek and you are frightened. You plan and plan and plan and ultimately what happens, you find, “Oh, your brain has gone out.” Now you can’t stop thinking.

In Switzerland I met a doctor. He said, “Mother, [UNCLEAR slash] my throat, do what you like, but stop my thinking. I’m growing now horns from my thinking.” So this brain goes on churning – thoughts, thoughts all the time.

This too much of use of this gives you a problem which is very serious, which we are not aware of. First of all this centre, this one here, is converting the fat cells in the stomach for the use of the brain. Do you know the brain is nothing but fat? It’s a very microfine – or we should say, made into better cells of fat. And they are transferred here through this centre and this centre, the second centre, also looks after your liver, looks after your pancreas, your spleen, your kidneys and also your uterus.

So you neglect all of it and the first thing that happens is that the liver is out. Can you believe that because you think too much your liver is out? Now you develop two types of liver also. One could be a cold liver or a hot liver. With a hot liver, you are bilious all the time, horrible, your attention is terrible, you don’t like anything, you are very fussy, you are irritating. If there is one car that moves forward you must honk and you are all the
time an irritated and heated personality. This heat, terrible heat you can feel it in the presence of such a person and that is because Mr Liver is out.

Also, you can develop diabetes. I’m told that if I cure your diabetes, I will be arrested by your government. I think Christ would have been arrested. But automatically if I cure them, they won’t arrest me. I won’t touch you but you might get [UNCLEAR stroked] of your diabetes, quite possible automatically. Not that I would touch you because diabetes is caused because of imbalance. You are using too much of this side. This side is
frozen, you get diabetes. You get sleep troubles of anemia and that. Also, you get kidney trouble and you get uterus troubles.

But the worst thing that happens to us is when you pay too much attention to your body. For example, Americans especially are very conscious of their body. They have certain norms. Like you must have so much waistline and in everything they have norms. It’s madness. They try to become that. At any point, “We should be like that.” I don’t know if everybody is going to become a cinema actress in Hollywood or whatever it is. But every man and women are busy jogging, doing this, doing that. They think by doing this they are looking after their body.

But the body is not so important. The body has no meaning without Spirit. Body is the temple of God. If there is no God, this body has no meaning. Paying so much attention to the body, your Spirit gets angry and when you are using too much of this, what happens is a heart attack.

You have a big ego there that covers all your brain and that’s how there is a big blotch on the heart and you get a heart attack. It’s a fact. We have cured many people of heart trouble and of cancer. We have, no doubt. You can find out. If you want we can give you the names of the people. You can write to them and find out. But that’s not so important because otherwise the cancer cases will come down here and I want you to become doctors first of all. If you become doctors you can cure people also. First, you get cured yourself, then cure others.

So this imbalance is built within us. With that we become sick people physically on this side and mentally on that side. These days it is hard to find somebody who doesn’t have some sort of a sickness. If nothing else you have a cold or some sort of a thing will be there.

This Kundalini is the one who is the supplier of energy in the sense that She tries to [UNCLEAR connect] with the deities who are responsible for all these centers. These deities are not only for physical, mental, emotional, they are also for spiritual. For example, the one I was telling you here of the optic chiasma. Here is the deity of Jesus Christ. Now you may say, “How am I to believe?” It’s very simple. Once you have your realization you try to [UNCLEAR] and once you raise it to this height it’s just talking, at this point where you see the red mark. It has two, one this side and one that side. But actually the right side is in front and the left side is at the back. So all this comes in the front, the ego; all that comes in front, and the superego is at the back.

Now here, Christ – this is the gate to this area which is the Kingdom of God. Christ came on this. This was for the advent of Christ. Now see what a mistake they have committed. Christ is to be awakened by a living Kundalini awakening. Once He is awakened He sucks these two things – one stands for your conditioning or your socalled sins and this one for your karmas. And the whole thing is sucked up. By sucking that this opens out and the Kundalini rushes up.

This is a mechanism, a divine mechanism within us which was there to say that you should have your baptism, that you are to be born again. Now I have seen people who said, “We are born again.” They self-certify, absolutely. They are quite satisfied that they are born again. But how? I mean how can you say that you are certified born again? It would be like saying you are certified mad. Then how are you to make out? It can be anything. If you are born again then you have to be collectively conscious.

You ask such a person, “You tell me what’s wrong with these fingers. Where is her Kundalini? What are the chakras she is catching? Do you know anything?”

“No, no, that I don’t know, but I’m born again.”

If you want to live in such a paradise nobody can help you. But we have to be honest with ourselves and you have to know that on this Earth we have come to seek our Spirit and that we should have it. That is your right to have it. Like a person who has put lots of money in the bank, he has to cash it, that’s all. It’s already there. I am just here, a banker, you can call me a [UNCLEAR] banker I would say, just a person [UNCLEAR] standing there receiving your checks and I have to cash them. And this is what you have to get, is your Self-realization. It’s the Self that is within you. For that people say that we should really try to purify ourselves. That’s one of the theories. We must try to get rid of our karmas and we should try to purify. Especially they use Krishna for a thing like this.

Now this theory of Krishna in a simple sentence is that Krishna was the incarnation of diplomacy. He never says straight forward because He knew the stupidity of human beings and he only talked to one fellow and that was Mr Arjuna and Arjuna was a great warrior till the war started. And then when He said that you get yourself realized, you know your Self and then you go to war. This great Mr Arjuna says, “You are telling me that know myself and then you want me to go for war. I can’t understand. How can it be?”

Krishna said, “No, no, it’s very good, it’s very good.” Diplomacy is always that you give an absurd condition. So the person goes on working on the absurd condition and he reaches a point where he knows he is a stupid fool. That’s the best way diplomacy works out. I don’t know if you know this fact, but that is how a diplomacy works out.

So he said, “Very good. No, you do your work, you do all your karmas, everything, but put it at the lotus feet of your God, your Lord. Put it at my Lotus feet.” You cannot do it. It’s an absurd situation. As long as your Mr Ego is there you cannot do it. You may say, “Yes, yes, whatever I do, I offer to my Lord.” You cannot. It’s befooling yourself; it’s not being honest because you still have your ego intact. But after realization, you become a third person You say, “It’s going, it’s coming.”

For example, if my own daughter says you must give me realization, I’ll say, “I don’t know, I’ll try. If it works, well and good, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.” You become a third person. You say it flows, it goes. You don’t say I did it.

That is the theory Krishna tried to say, that you become akarma where you do not do it. It just works. You become just a medium of that power which you see. You become a hollow personality. That’s what he said but people do believe that we are working for our Lord. You cannot work for Him. This is one of the theories that one should know.

Another one is our bhakti. In a bhakti situation, people say that, “We are suffering. We are doing bhakti. We should not enjoy life, anything which we are doing is bhakti.”

Why are you suffering? Christ suffered for you. Did he leave anything for you to suffer? The Jews wanted to suffer, alright suffer. They suffered. Are they still satisfied with their sufferings or they want to have some more? Because they did not want to accept Christ, they said that we must suffer. Why must we suffer? And those who never suffered always say that we are suffering. Like French? They are lazy lumps, all of them. If you go there, they told me, “Mother, never say you are a happy person.”

I said, “I am. What can I do about it?”

They said, “No, you should be very serious. They will never like you, they will think this lady is absolutely a nerd. She doesn’t know anything.”

There is a shock coming. Already they are waiting for a calamity in ’82. They’re all talking about it. If you go there, all the ladies are sitting there drinking and having women around and they are the most miserable people making everyone miserable in their misery.

So that kind of a misery we want to take up on ourselves. “Oh, we are the most miserable people.” There is no need for you to be. He has done it. He has suffered for us. With all His powers He suffered. He played that drama. You don’t have to suffer. There is no need for you to suffer. He has done it.

So in bhakti yoga, “Oh, God, we are suffering. We should eat this food, we should not eat more proteins. We should not have all this.” This is all nonsense. It makes no difference to your brain whether you eat two shirts or one shirt today really.

Some people have a feeling that you should become primitive, so-called, outwardly. You’ll achieve God. They have a feeling. I must tell you all that is the truth. You shouldn’t mind. Now you cannot become primitive, is also a myth, your brain is too modern. You try, you cannot become primitive. By wearing dresses like primitive people you cannot. Primitive people don’t think. Your condition is like that. The whole ego has gone up and presses this thing down like that. A primitive man only thinks like an animal. His pituitary is not developed at all. His pineal is developed. And you cannot become, because your pituitary is overdeveloped. Your pituitary is pressing more, the ego is pressing more, so all the modern people who think they can become primitive, they cannot. One must accept this situation. You can become realized souls, but not primitive. You cannot become primitive and also the idea that by becoming primitive we’ll achieve God is also wrong.

He said that you do a bhakti to me and bhakti which is Ananya. Where He is not the other. See the trick of the trade? When it is this, it is not the other. Now you are a realized soul. Very clever, in the beginning only He said – He was not a businessman, so in the beginning only He said that you get into your dhyana; means into your awareness. You have to get into your awareness in the beginning only; He said so.

But when Mr. Arjuna came with another argument, He had to tell him, “Alright, do your karma and leave it at the lotus feet of your God,” which you cannot do, absurd. Then bhakti, you do Ananya bhakti which is not possible. It is wrong when people say, “We are doing bhakti.” I mean there is no connection; you are telephoning without any connection. You will be spoiling your throat if you go on saying, “Oh, Ram, Oh God.” You will be spoiling your throat completely; it’s madness. To go on like this chanting and going on saying things when you are not connected with God.

Actually, you do not know what you have to say when the Kundalini rises; you have to know where it stops. Now if it stops here, it’s alright. Shri Krishna is there. But if it stops here, they would say Shri Rama’s name. If it stops here, Christ is named. If it stops here, for example, at the Nabhi, it is Shri Vishnu’s name. Then where is your Mother, all these ten Primordial masters. But you must know where the Kundalini is.

Without starting the car what is the use of giving those tolls, your car is not moving. You are stationary there. To whom are you paying the toll, to the thugs? The thugs have taken full advantage of these naïve, beautiful, great seekers who are innocent. They are simple people. They believe all this and nobody has explained to them that it is within you lies the Spirit. You are the Spirit. You are your own guru. You don’t need any guru. Of course, you need a mother, no doubt, but not a guru. Gurus who are real gurus are terrific people and not like thieves who just come and take money and you are enrolled. It’s a society’s fault. The only thing is you have to pay some money. If you have a lot of money you might get a higher position as a minister or something. Depends on how much money you have got and that’s how you are enrolled. It’s not possible. You cannot get a certificate. It’s a falsehood. You have to get realized yourself, first of all. You have to feel the vibrations yourself and you have to master the art, everything by yourself. And you are to be convinced that you now know what is right and what is wrong. You have to become your own master. Supposing somebody is jumping in his seat and he thinks that he’s got realization. He is sadly mistaken. In simple words, he is possessed. Because you all start jumping is because somebody is making you jump. And what is for jumping and getting paid for jumping and hopping like frogs?

There is a guru who says he can teach you flying. Make him fall from this Pisa, this Leaning Tower of Pisa. Let him try, see all of them happen to be themselves, at least this much you must ask them. See their lives how they live. It has to be a holy person it has to be a real person. Can’t you see? You all are intelligent people. What has happened to your brains? How can you believe these people and why you want to fly I don’t understand. I really don’t understand. Already you are flying too much, a bit too much. All the birds are running away. Are you going to become a bird or a frog?

Now you are going to evolve into a superhuman being. So on this side is the collective subconscious. On this side is the collective supra-conscious. In this area you, for example, take something like LSD You start seeing auras, you start seeing all kinds of things. I’ve seen people who have taken LSD. When they come and see me, they just see lights and all those things. That means you have gone to the future side.

That’s not important; seeing is not important. To be is important. When you are inside this you don’t see the church, do you? When you are outside then only you see the church. When you become that, you don’t see things. You have to be is the point. And when you understand this, you will not say that these are these special experience of seeing. What is it? What have you got? Are you manifesting your powers by that? Now, say, Warren was saying the superlative something about me – forget it. What’s the use? Even I may be anything. If I have not given you any powers, why should you believe in me? You shouldn’t.

You are to be born, isn’t it? A simple thing. It should happen to you. What’s the use if I can make something from the air and give it to you? Say people are giving now Swiss watches. Imagine, even Americans like that kind of nonsense. All this spiritual jugglery.

You get out of it. You are seekers and you are seekers of Truth. You have to seek the Truth and the reality and not all these nonsensical circuses that are going on. I have plotted them – 1970, 1971, 1972, I came here in 1973. I didn’t come to Boston but I went to other places. And I’ve told openly about all of them, who they are, even their evil ways and what kind of an anti-Christ they are. They never arrested me, they never filed a suit against me, nothing. But now when you are hurt and damaged, I have to work for you and I feel at that point that these are the seekers of Truth and they’ve been misled, misused and exploited.

There is another thing which I saw yesterday – It’s very common with the western people – is: Why I should not criticize anyone. Why should I not? I hundred times criticize them. I’m not afraid of them because you are seekers of Truth. You are trying to find God. They are anti-Christ. They have ruined your Kundalini. One fellow, his Kundalini was frozen yesterday. I couldn’t get it raised; I tried my level best, I couldn’t. And I criticized the man he told he was connected who looks so horrible. The fellow, I said, “You don’t see his face.”

He said, “He is very beautiful.”

I said, “From which angle?” If a child sees him, the child might go into a tantrum. And this fellow was so attached to that one.

He said, “Mother, you should not criticize him. He is my guru.”

I said, “Alright, you go ahead. What did he give you?”

“Only thing, I have some problems and I get sometimes absentminded and I get epilepsy.”

“Then why not go to your guru? Why have you come to me?”

There are people who were rich people. There’s a girl who was the granddaughter of the Duke in England. She is lying on the street, her little child and her husband have nothing to do with her, who was of a diamond virtue. She’s epileptic; her daughter is epileptic, her little child is epileptic and her husband is epileptic. Do you mean to say I should garland these gurus who have taken all their money, put them on the street and they are treated like this? Now, by God’s grace, today she is cured, she is alright.

But this is what it is. You don’t know what you’re facing. There is an equal and opposite – negative and the God’s force – is working out. Please be careful, try to understand. It’s very subtle. It hits you. If you are genuine and if you are interested really in the Spirit, you should get it and you should give it to others.

I am sorry today, time was very different and I won’t be able to talk about it anymore. In this short time, whatever was possible I tried to tell you. But there are about five hundred lectures I’ve given in England. I am in England because my husband got elected to a position there. That’s how I went there. Normally I work in Indian villages – that’s the best place one can work it out, where, as he said, thousands get realization, no doubt. And in our own simple way we advertise. Actually we don’t do the American style of advertisement but whatever was possible and Steve said I must come, so I came here. I am happy to meet you and I am sure all of you should get your realization. If you have any questions, please ask.

Sahaja Yogi: Any questions?

Seeker: Yes, do we need to have any previous experiences in this type of yoga?

Shri Mataji: Not at all. Nothing needed, even if you have had no experience, nothing needed. It’s better because most of the experiences I’ve seen are on the other way around. You find when people try to put the Kundalini – I mean those who are not authorized – they try to excite the Kundalini from the wrong side. Like they put their fingers in the plug and say that the electricity shocked me. Many people did that. I told them that the foundation [UNCLEAR] how to get shocks out of Kundalini. You will get it when you don’t know how to handle it, you will get it. “There is no experience” is the best; such a person is the best. If you have had experiences, I’ve seen people had experiences of this Kundalini. They get a complete round-their-neck blisters. They get heat, they start jumping, they start screaming, they become like donkeys or sometimes like earthworms. They just crawl up, all sorts of things. That’s not Kundalini, that’s all possessions. So it’s very good if you have had no experiences. It’s the best thing, but even if you have had, it doesn’t matter. That’s okay, it can work out.

Yes, please…

Seeker: I was just curious about the fingers on the head that you’ll have mentioned earlier, I know you didn’t speak about that but does that correspond to the chakras, could you speak about that?

Shri Mataji: Yes, here you can see that shows the hands. This is the left side and this is the right side. In the hands there are one, two, three, four, five, six and seven chakras. Now, these are corresponding as you can see here clearly with the fingers. We have got books which show you, and in the books it’s all written down. We’ve got small books which you can read and all these corresponding things are given from which you can make out which chakra is catching, where it is catching.

Even if you have children who are born realized, ten children, if you put them and if you tie their eyes and ask them, “What’s wrong with this gentleman?” For example. So they may raise one finger, means this centre. Now, this is the right side, means the person must be suffering from a cold or some sort of a problem from the right-hand side, which of course we can understand from these books. We have given it elaborately. There are sixteen subplexuses here which are controlling ear, nose, throat and all these things. It’s all clearly given. Now, this is one of the small ones. I’ve given a lecture in the Indian medical institute about this. But we have got these books here which you can buy and…How much are you going to charge them for that?

Yogi: Oh, I’m not sure.

Shri Mataji: You are charging for something?

Yogi: Just the printing costs for the little booklets.

Shri Mataji: So, these are the books here, you all can have them, right. Now we have no problem. We have only one problem, “How to reach the seeker.” Yes?

Seeker: You talked about this sacrum bone in this center, injury… [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji: We can put it right. If it’s an injury also, we can put it right. For example, all these problems you call… What is this they call, this? Arthritis or also they have spondylosis, spondylitis. All these problems can be cured. You can cure also once you are enlightened. [UNCLEAR] She’s got it.

Any other questions? You can see the book yourself if there are any problems. Here may be the chakras are given clearly and these are all the details about the chakras. Now here, how they go out of order, what happens to them and also there are mantras, I’ve given. It’s here. It’s done, I think it’s alright. It’s done in India, I hope it works out. It gives you the basics. We have also a very big elaborate book, written by a SwissFrench called as “Advent.” But in Sahaja Yoga, we have a system in which first you should get your realization, the first stage, then you must establish your realization, second stage.

First, you get your thoughtless awareness when the Kundalini passes over your Agnya. You become absolutely thoughtless first of all. Then when She crosses there, you get this cool breeze coming out of your head and then we say that you have got your realization. But still, the establishment is the most important thing. You have to establish yourself. Once you have established it then only we sell this book to you because it is too much and people read and reading itself is a headache.

So, first of all, it is a simple thing like this, that if you have to know about this room and there are no lights and you are blind, so first of all, your eyes must be cured and [UNCLEAR]. Then you see this room, settle yourself down and then you can get it. No use telling you about all the electricity and everything about all the history, the invention of electricity and all the people who invented it. It’s very boring. So the best thing is, first of all, you get your realization, settle down. Once you have settled with it then only we
sell that book to you.

In the same way, my photographs have vibrations. These photographs also we normally give to people who have settled their realization. But it helps, even this photograph on the thing has got vibrations. This photograph has got it if you see. Have you got that photograph?

Yogi: Hmm, I don’t think we’ve got enough for all.

Shri Mataji: Printed?

Yogi: I don’t think we have enough. Have you got the printed ones here. Okay, let’s have a look.

Shri Mataji; Printed ones? Alright, okay you can take the printed ones, but the real photographs are also there which they will give you as soon as your vibrations have settled. It is between us that we should know that we have to become that.

Why we don’t give it? Because it’s a little complicated. Like in the first class you are there, we move onto the second class. It’s for your good that we slowly move, but it works out. With some people, it works out in no time and with some people it takes time. So it has to be worked out.

Come along, sit down. It’s written in the book, how to use the photograph also. This is just a [UNCLEAR], but we have real photographs which Steve can give you later. We’ll leave everything with him. Now Steve has a small room where he has arranged everything. He is here, come along, He is the one who has arranged all this and he is the one who has put this advertisement and all that and he is the one who has got me to Boston. Now he is the one who knows about it. And also some people can come from New York and you can come to New York, we are having some programs there. Can you leave that thing? If you want to know, he will know our programs and you can find out and he can give his telephone number, can you give them your telephone number.

Sahaja Yogi: We will put up a notice with all the programs in New York so that they can all see and come.

Shri Mataji: Oh but you tell the telephone number it’s the best.

Sahaja Yogi – Steve: I’ll give my telephone number [unclear]

Seeker: Are you ever going to California?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes we are going to California.

Shri Mataji: Yes I’m going to California, I’m going to Houston and to [unsure].

Seeker: I am here personally on business from California.

Shri Mataji: Is it? Alright we will meet then, I will be there for [unsure]

Seeker: Which City?

Shri Mataji: We’ll be in Los Angeles and maybe San Francisco

Seeker: I live in San Francisco

Shri Mataji: San Francisco, yes, maybe, just give him your phone number.

Sahaja Yogi: Would you make sure that, so that we can let you know when the meditation program will be each week. Give them to Steve your name and address and he will give you a ring or write a note to you as you go up.

Shri Mataji: You people can arrange the same hall yourself. Everybody, all of you together. As far as I’m concerned I don’t need any money at all. You cannot sell it, its love. It’s love, that’s something very simple. Just this hall you can have it. It’s simple love. You can’t think of somebody who just loves for love’s sake.

Sahaja Yogi: Any other questions?

Seeker: Would you know when Christ is going to come down?

Shri Mataji: Don’t ask for Him just now. Let’s all get well then let Him come. He is not going to tell anything, He is just going to solve it, alright? Let Him be postponed for a while, we have to save so many people. Many people are still in trouble. That time there won’t be any persuasion, no counseling, no advancing, nothing. That would be bad, just the last [UNCLEAR judgement], alright?

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