Public Program Day 1

Boston (United States)

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Public Program. Boston, Massachusetts (USA), 20 September 1981.

Draft Transcript

“It’s such a joyous moment to come to Boston. We had Steve [Kirby] in Bristol who was representative of that category of people who are very honest seekers. And he really impressed me. He got his realization and he was lost. I didn’t know where he had gone. And when I came back from Paris, I received a very nice telegram from him saying that Boston would like to have a program. I knew there were lots of universities and many young seekers and many people who are thinking of the beyond.

It’s a new category of human beings that are born, absolutely a new category. Such a category never existed before, which is seeking. They are not satisfied with what they have. Is not only the aftereffects of affluence. Some people feel because affluence came to America, as a result of that people are sort of dissatisfied with all material value, material things, and they are seeking. It is not today. This is the time, the special time, where people are to be born, this has to be done. You are not seekers of today, you are seekers of many lives. And you’re been seeking. Is mentioned in one of the very old Puranas, called [UNCLEAR SANSKRIT NAME] Purana, that Kali Yuga is the time when thousands of seekers will be born and they will get their realization.

It has been announced by many, many poets also. In England we had one William Blake, I was amazed the way He described Sahaja Yoga. He says, men of God will be born in these special times and they will become Prophets and they will have a capacity to make others Prophets. Apart from that, He has mentioned precisely where the center will be located, where I will be living first. It’s amazing, how He has prophesized all these things.

We have to think very scientifically also about certain things, which can not be answered otherwise. Why have we become human beings from amoeba stage to this stage? Is there any purpose of our life?”

29:00: The unconscious have to become the conscious. He also said you have to become collectively conscious. You have to become! Becoming is the point. It is not lecturing or brainwashing. You have to become! As you have become human being, you have to become that spirit! Is the actualization, is not just talking about. I don’t know how many […] you have here, but for example in India there are may twelve and they are one better than the other. The less are the better about them, because being rational. Rationality can make anything out of you. I mean you can justify any murder, anything. Rationality after all. But logic is the way. Logic is based on wisdom and wisdom comes by balanced life. Those who lead a balanced life develop that wisdom and understand that we have to find out why are we here. But we cannot find out. It’s the biggest problem. Because a light which is not enlightened cannot enlighten itself. Only an enlightened light can enlighten another light! […]
43:25: Can you believe that your liver is out, because you think too much? Now you develop two types of liver troubles. One could be a cold liver and a hot liver. With a hot liver you are […] you are horrible, your attention is terrible. You don’t like anything, you are very fussy, you are agitated. If there is one car forward you, you must … can you are all the time agitating and you are a heating personality. There is heat. Terrible heat. You can feel it in the presence of such a person now. A tremendous heat. And that is because of Mr. liver is out. Also you can develop diabetes. I’m told, that if I cure your diabetes of people I’ll be arrested by your government. I mean I feel Christ would have been arrested? I don’t know […]. Automatically if I cure, then they would arrest Me there. I mean I wont touch you but it might be cured. It is quite possible, automatically. Nor that I touch you. Because diabetes is caused because of imbalance. You are using too much of this side and this side is frozen and you get diabetes, you get skin trouble, and also you get kidney troubles and you get uterus troubles. But the worst thing that happens to us, when you pay too much attention to you body. For example America special is very conscious of their body, you see, they have certain laws. Like you must have so much waist line and so much… I mean, in every thing they have laws, is madness I tell you. And they try to become that, you see, in any […] we should be like that. I don’t know if everybody is becoming a cinema … in Hollywood or whatever it is. But every man and woman is busy jogging doing this doing that. They think by doing this they are looking after their body. But the body is not so important. Body has no meaning without spirit. Body is the temple of God. If there is no God this body has no – paying so much attention to body your spirit gets angry and when you are using too much of this what happens is a heart attack. (47:05)
56:00: Some people have the feeling, that they should become primitive, so called, outwardly. You achieve what? They have a feeling. I must tell you all that is truth. You shouldn’t mind. Now you cannot become primitive. Is also a myth. Your brain it too modern. You try, you cannot become primitive. By wearing dresses like primitive people you cannot. Primitive people don’t think. Your condition is that, that the whole ego has gone up and press this thing down (Superego) and a primitive man has only like this like animal (?). His pituitary is not developed at all, his pineal is developed. And you cannot become, because your pituitary is overdeveloped. You see your pituitary is pressing more, the ego is pressing more, so all modern people who think they can become primitive, they cannot. One must accept this. You can become realized souls, but not primitive. You cannot become primitive. So also the idea that by becoming primitive we’ll achieve God is also a […] (56:55)

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi