Being aware of vibrations

New York City (United States)

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Public Program 5, New York (USA), September 28th, 1981

Yesterday I gave you the history of the seeking of human beings, how in three different lines we have been seeking.

The first one as I told you on the right-hand side, where they were doing something about exciting or awakening the deities of the elements, more in Greece and all these places they did these things, much more than they did in India. Also in India we had the Vedas, in the Vedas whatever they did was just to excite or you can say awaken the deities of the five elements. I think you all know what these five elements are, I need not tell about them. So this side that we see here is the power of action which enacts through five elements.

This side is the power as I told you, is the power of desire, which is a power by which you are emotional. This emotional power is active as a desire power, and this power that is there which is the Kundalini, is the desire to be one with your Spirit, which is not yet manifested, that’s why it’s a sleeping power, and called as a residual power.

Because it has created the whole universe that is you, and still is residual.

In the center we have another power, by which we have evolved from our amoeba stage to this stage, whatever we have achieved is in our central nervous system.

So we have another system which is the achievement through our evolution, that is called as central nervous system.

Whatever is in our central nervous system, is the consciousness, is the present.

So the right-side one, as you see here and the left-hand side one, are also two sympathetic nervous systems: this is the left sympathetic nervous system, this is the right sympathetic nervous system.

But as you are seeing here, it is a subtle – subtle body, and in the gross we can say this is the left sympathetic nervous system, this is the right sympathetic nervous system, and this is the parasympathetic nervous system, and the central nervous system we have not shown here. Whatever you achieve as a human being is perhaps not properly understood also.

Now you see, if you put an animal in a dirty place, he doesn’t know what is dirty, he doesn’t smell anything awful, he doesn’t think it’s something wrong, it can walk into any place. While for a human being it is unbearable.

The achievement of our awareness as a human being is there, but is not complete. Is not full.

It has not reached its maximum, or optimum, or we can say it has not got yet its own purpose. It has not reached its absolute value. And that’s why we are in a confusion.

The another problem is that when the man raised his head here, these two powers started working within him, creating two big institutions called ego and superego.

And these institutions became like balloons and they met on top of the head here, near the fontanel bone area, say about twelve years of age the whole thing gets calcified. And when it is calcified, you become the egg, you become separated, you develop your I-ness.

Before that you are not.

Now, an animal doesn’t have a problem of ego. I mean, he doesn’t have many problems, for example he won’t be bothered if your dollar has a problem. He won’t understand about insurances. He won’t understand so many problems that we have created for ourselves. But he doesn’t have the possibility, he doesn’t have the possibility to get realization in the first place, and another possibility that once he gets realization to know his Spirit.

Many people have asked Me: “What about animals?”. I said: “Animals cannot get realization”. They cannot. Even, say, if there’s an animal if you vibrate that, he may carry the vibrations. Even this chair can carry the vibrations. Even these flowers can carry the vibrations. They can have vibrations, but they are not aware of them.

This difference we must understand very clearly, that they are not aware.

That’s why the people who have found out certain places as the places of worship, places of adoration, they are the people who are seers, who were realized souls, and they could feel the vibrations in that particular place, and that’s how they selected those places for worship and other things.

Now for example I went to Kashmir once, with My husband, and we were going in the car, and suddenly I felt tremendous vibrations in the air. Cool vibrations. And I told My driver, I said, “There must be some temple or something here”.

He said: “There’s no temple, it’s absolutely a place which is forlorn”. But I said: “Must be about 2-3 miles a-here there must be some place of worship of someone”.

“Oh – he said – there is one”, I said: “Which one?”. “It’s called as Hazratbal”, that is one hair of Mohammed Sahib is kept there. And people go to that place. Now, so many Muslims go to that place, they don’t know why they go. Some pir, some realized soul, must have told that this is a hair of Mohammed Sahib and that’s why there are vibrations, so that hair is kept there. They have fought over it, and done all kinds of things, but they don’t know what they are doing. So when I went there I saw lots of people were there, and they wouldn’t allow us to go in because we were not Muslims according to them (Shri Mataji laughs), but sitting down there I could feel the vibrations of Mohammed Sahib – only one hair of Mohammed Sahib. So you can imagine how powerful these vibrations are. Now, when we say that we should not worship – in the Bible it is written that you should not worship anything that is reproduced and created by the Mother Earth and the heavens. Now what is it, what is it created by the Mother Earth and by the heavens, which we should not reproduce? This nobody tries to find out, they think that you are not allowed to worship any form.

It’s all misinterpretation; it’s completely misinterpretation. I’ll tell you, there is in Paris a church called as – what is it called, Gavin? – [Gavin: “Notre Dame”] Notre Dame.

And the – and the statue of Mary and Christ is so vibrating, from outside you can see the vibrations are coming out. Now, this must have been made by some very great artist who was a realized soul. For example, the Sistine Chapel in Rome has got a very beautiful frescos of Christ and all that; and if you see that Christ, I mean, it’s absolutely vibrating.

But down below there is a big table on which they have put Christ just bones, miserable creature, which is nowhere near Christ, I mean, it’s impossible that Christ could be like that, so miserable, ugly-looking, thin, worn out, hopeless case. How can he be Christ, I can’t understand! He carried a complete huge big cross upon Himself – do you think these bones could have carried?

And this was placed just below where in Sistine Chapel you find the Christ standing as He was. How can it be?

You must understand! And all these miserable things have led to such problems, because people think that if you are seeking, you should look the most miserable person. If you are a realized soul you should be skeleton. It’s impossible to explain to them that how can it be?

A person who is a realized soul never suffers. He never suffers. The other day – I’m covering this subject before coming to the chakras, because in these few days, what I have gathered is that very absurd ideas are crawling upon here in America, where people start saying that Buddha said that you must suffer.

How can He say like that? It’s illogical. Impossible. How can He say that you should suffer? Because, when He saw suffering – you know the story: when He went out, He saw an old man, He saw a sick man, He saw a dead man. And the idea came into His head that “Why are they suffering?”. And then He said: “It is because they are ignorant, they should be enlightened, there should be enlightenment”.

And then He went round and searched and searched and ultimately He was tired. He was sitting down under a banyan tree, when He received His enlightenment, spontaneously.

How can He say that you must suffer?

The another myth among Christians is that you must suffer. Why should you suffer? Because Christ has suffered for you, isn’t it? Has He suffered or not? If He has suffered for you, then why should you suffer any more? Or has He left something for you to be done? Was He incomplete in His suffering? Did you want Him to suffer more?

Actually, this suffering business is the greatest nonsense that I have ever heard.

The another side of the Christ is the Jews. They said that if you accept Christ – I mean, they were in a way correct, that if you accept Christ then you will have to say that you have no suffering. So don’t accept Christ.

If you don’t accept Christ then “we must suffer”. Alright. So you suffer. And they suffered in Germany you know how they suffered. Now they have become ego-oriented, they are on the other side, now the shoe is on the other leg.

All these mythical ideas about God, His incarnations, His aspects, is so man-made that it has become plastic, absolutely plastic, and I don’t know how you are going to destroy this plastic from the human brain.

Is absolutely impossible to convince them that suffering has nothing to do with realized souls. Actually, suffering is there when you are lost in a tempest, in the water, you are worried about getting engulfed. But if you are put on the boat will you feel the suffering?

If you are a Christian, if you are a realized soul, you are – if you are really baptized – really, not by just putting your hand, and “I baptize you, so-and-so, in the name of this and that”: that has no meaning at all, it’s just a drama!

You dress up well, take the little baby there, she is dressed well and nobody knows anything what’s happening, and they just put the hand – and you just accept it!

This kind of baptism of course not. But the real baptism, when the Kundalini rises from here, She goes up – here She awakens Christ, where He sucks these two things, ego and superego, meaning your conditionings and your karmas, both the things, they are sucked in, and then the thing there’s an opening here (Shri Mataji touches Sahasrara).

Actually you feel the softness here on your head, just like a child. He said: “You have to be like little children to enter into the kingdom of God”. Means, what do the children have? They have a soft bone hole here.

That’s how it becomes, actually it should become physically, and you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your head. So I wanted to clear you on this point, that there is no need for human beings to suffer.

Only thing they are to be born again.

Now again this is another very, very funny situation creating word is “born again”.

When I came to America last time, everybody was trying to tape Me. I mean, we had much more groups than we have here now, I don’t know what has happened to them. They are all shifted, they are not here, God knows where they have gone in America, because all the time Americans are shifting, you see, they are not gruhasthas, they are not householders.

They are all the time shifting from places to places, is impossible to lay hands on anyone.

So somebody has gone to California, somebody has gone to Caracas, and… I mean, everybody has shifted and I don’t know where are they lost. Whatever it is. Now the main thing is that, when I came here, I told them that you are to be born again, you are to be realized souls, means actually, I didn’t mean that you go to some place and say that “I’m born again”, that sort of a thing I never said.

And the gentleman who had organized the program in Los Angeles, he was very anxious that he said: “Mother, don’t allow anybody to tape Your lectures”. But I said: “What’s the harm? I mean, after all, what’s the harm?”. He said: “No, no, but they’ll spread this”. I said: “Very good, what do I want out of them is spread the news, alright, now I’ve come and they should get their realization. This is a fact, this is the truth, and what is the harm, after all truth is truth!”.

But I didn’t realize that they were so stupid, so stupid, that they started many organization on that, you see, the vibration word came after that, and the “born again”.

Now, they are ‘born again’, self-certified born-agains. You find them anywhere, I met them in America (Shri Mataji corrects Herself)… in Australia, “We are born again”.

I said: “How?”. “We are born”.

I said: “But how? What is your authority?”.

“Bible is our authority”.

I said: “But how do you say that you are born again? You must be collectively conscious, isn’t it? Something must take place in you”.

They are fanatics! These born-agains are nothing but another prototype of Mr. Khomeini, nothing else. They are Khomeinis, all these fanatics are nothing but Khomeinis!

In different names, in different labels, but they are not born again, they are not realized souls, because a realized soul is collectively conscious. He is, I’m saying to be. If he becomes.

It is not just he says that “I am born again”. It’s foolish and stupid to say like that, that I am something.

Supposing tomorrow I start saying that I am the Governor of this place: they will arrest Me and put Me in the lunatic asylum!

That is how people have branded themselves “We are this and we are that, and we are that”.

And the another thing human beings have is to club. They always club together. You see, under any name they can club, like in England I met someone, he said: “Oh, they are, they belong to our group”. I said: “What is your group doing?”. He said: “You see, we, we, we have our fork and spoons put in a different way”. I said: “Eh?”. For that they have formed the another group.

I said: “Really?” “Yes, you see, our forks and spoons are not the way they put it in England, we have another group”.

I mean, any nonsense they will take up to form a club, or to form a group, or a cult, or a sect, or… and then bringing God in between, you know, it is in the, “God has given us this idea”. Now, how did you get connected to God? It’s such an absurd thing going on, I mean, these sects and all these things I just can’t understand. God has created no sects, nothing.

He has only created two types of human beings, one who are realized, one who are not.

There’s no third type. At the most you can say there are seekers and non-seekers, at that point where you can say those who are not realized. But I can’t think of any other thing, I mean, God has created different type of faces, for example somebody has, say, blond hair, somebody has black hair, somebody has white skin, black skin…

He had to do like that, otherwise we would all have looked like machines, like these chairs that are here, we would have had no beauty about us, isn’t it? There would have been no variety, such a boring thing to see, all these chairs morning till evening.

That’s why He created this beauty, He made us so beautiful, by giving us different permutations and combinations, and things, it’s such a, such a work He has put in, while we are trying to become machine-like bolts and nuts and we become sort of, as they call it the “work”, you see, the work we become of God. Which is absurd.

Say, in the nature if you see, even one leaf is not just the same like the other leaf. Even there. Variety creates the beauty. And all these points, also people are there, there might be leagues here for the red hair league, and the black hair league, or maybe any sort of a, any nonsensical thing they can use it, you can’t say what, to what extent they can go in forming a club

Any sort of thing. And here we are to see that we are universally like this (She points at Chakra Chart).

Whether you have a black skin or a white skin, whether you have a bald head or a red head, you all have this thing inside you. All of you have got this universal thing within you, except for the devils. If you are a human being you all have this thing within you. Now, when I say this to you, you need not accept Me also, because there’s all freedom in Sahaja Yoga.

If you don’t want to accept, is all right, but don’t deny. As a scientist, you must accept this hypothesis. Once you accept the hypothesis, you go ahead with it, see for yourself, if you get your realization, then see for yourself, go further and see about it. Now, as he said that people are saying here that we should get Shakti from anyone, everyone, is another Guru-shopping business, you see?

Is – I’ve seen people who sit down and see that how much money they can spend on their seeking. So they find out, “Now, if you have to go to X you have to pay two hundred and he is hundred… Now, how much money do I have in the bank, how will I balance it, now how many people I can go to?”.

The idea is, as many things you can buy in the market in that little money, is all – they sit down and plan it out. You see, this is not God.

But they will be lost with Me because you can’t just purchase Me. You cannot. Neither you can buy Him. Now, what to do now, where do I fit in? Then I don’t fit in, because there’s – according to their planning I don’t fit in, because I’m supposed to get some money out of it. And it’s such a funny sort of a clownish behavior towards religion that I was flabbergasted, when I started seeing people here, I mean, I came here no doubt, but I refused to come for nine years.

I said, ‘Now these people only think of dollars, dollars, dollars: when are they going to think of God?”.

How much money did Christ charge you? You sold Him for thirty rupees. You sold Him. Did He charge any money? He lived like a carpenter’s son. He had only two tunics to wear. He lived with that, but He was the king. Because such people do not care for anything, you see, nothing can make them tempted too. For such people it’s alright. If you make Me sleep on the ground it’s alright! If you make Me sleep in a palace is alright, for such people they are kings they are above all these things, you cannot lure them into anything.

And that’s what was before you, Christ.

Christ came on this earth before Me. Told you that what is important is your Spirit. Look after your Spirit.

And you raised your churches, and you raised all these buildings, and all these places – where is the Spirit? The Spirit is missing.

We have to pay attention to our Spirit.

He has said it in many, many words, “You are to be born again”. It is, He said it, “You put Me in your heart”, all that was possible in that language, to these fishermen, He told. Of course they have honestly quoted all that, but not all that what He said. Because He also lived only for three, four years there, and He was crucified. I mean, imagine the stupidity of people to crucify Christ. I can tell you, if He comes to America today you may crucify Him.

Why? Because anybody who cures in this country, he is prosecuted! Your legal side is so great, you don’t know the laws of God, you don’t know these Divine laws how they work.

So let us forget about this one, you are all seekers, you are special people, you are chosen people, you are men of God. You are not men of the world. Accept your position.

Have your self-esteem. You are not the people who are going to seek money, and are going to judge God through money, or through positions, or anything.

Like these people went to see the medias and they were only impressed by My husband’s position, imagine! But you are different.

You are the seekers, you are the seekers of truth, and truth you cannot purchase. I’m telling you this because I feel people need some cracking on this point. You cannot purchase, you cannot have a course, you cannot demand it. It has to work out, it’s a happening, it’s a living happening, it’s a living process, of a living God.

Christ has said how many times this word ‘living’? Which is living, is here, by going to anybody you can get any number of spirits.

By paying to them you can purchase nothing but spirit and your lunacy.

You can get epilepsy by paying money, you can get heart attacks, you can get your blood cancers and you can get also some horrible types of diseases, which I have seen people are getting, these horrible so-called Shakti-Pat people.

One has to know, once you become the Spirit you become marvelous. Your health must improve, everything must improve.

So today we are here, on the chakras I have given you the introduction because you will see why you improve in health. Why there has to be improvement in health when the Kundalini rises.

Now at the very outset I will tell you one thing very important, which should not really shock you, but you should know is a fact: that this one, is the first center, called as Muladhara chakra. Now, the word Muladhara means, Mula means the root. Adhara means the support. So this is the support of the root. The root is this, Kundalini, and this is the support of the Kundalini. And this is the chakra which is bestowed upon by a deity called Shri Ganesha, who is the embodiment of innocence. It is the same deity born at this time as Christ.

Now one should know that this chakra in the gross controls the pelvic plexus. I don’t know how many of you are doctors here. But pelvic plexus also has sub-plexuses which are four in number. And they control all our excretory functions, including sex.

Now, if you see it clearly, it is placed below the Kundalini. Because it’s the innocence.

In the mud of excretion is put the innocence, because He is innocent. A child doesn’t understand sex, does He? He is the eternal Child. Ganesha is the eternal Child.

Christ is an eternal Innocence. He doesn’t understand sex nor can He marry anyone – all these ideas of Christ marrying, I mean, how can you marry a little child?

He doesn’t develop ego and superego, like human beings do. And that’s why the head of the Child is that of an elephant, because elephant is a very, very wise animal and there is a story about it, but that I will tell you later on.

To show that, the person who is bestowing, or we can see [say?] the King who is enthroned here (points at Muladhara on the chakra chart), is the one who is a Child, His ego and superego do not meet. He does not have I-ness. This is what was the meaning of this. In this center He resides, but that shows one thing very clearly: that sex has nothing to do with your realization. Kundalini is above it.

Only this center informs that somebody is there before you who is authorized to do the job, or who is there who has got the authority which is emitting for that person, and that’s how the Kundalini rises.

Just like sprouting of the seed.

Just like sprouting of the seed. This is the primule you can say of the seed which rises, but the information comes through this in here, that there is somebody who is an authority, Divine authority.

Authority word is very, very aggressive, Divine authority is very loving, and such a person is there and the Kundalini rises immediately.

This is how the Kundalini awakening takes place. So the first and foremost thing we have to know that sex plays no part in Kundalini awakening.

People go and learn sex behavior from animals: now, are you going to become animals?

What is there to learning sex I just don’t, I don’t understand!

The knowledge is already there, in India nobody talks of sex the way you talk, we are producing much more children than you are producing! (Laughter)

Also there is another reason, as I told you yesterday that no children want to be born in Western countries, because they are killed, they are harmed, they are tortured; but in India even a person may have twelve children, he loves the children. That may be another reason we are facing that, but one of them is that they know about sex quite alright.

And they don’t have children which you can call as illegitimate children. Very few in India illegitimate children are! Very few people divorce. I mean, they live happily!

All desires you have developed of your marriage, what have you got are divorced people, children are suffering, they are in the orphanage, and the old people are also in the orphanage.

Ten husbands marry ten wives and they are planted in orphanages.

No family system, nothing.

So one has to understand that sex is placed here (Muladhara) and is to be respected as a function, and as a private function, specially to be sanctified by the public.

For example, excretion of any kind: if the public has not sanctioned. For example it has not been sanctioned that you go and do something on the street. You’ll be arrested, isn’t it?

So whatever is not sanctioned to you, if you do like that, because you think you have got your liberties to do it, you will be definitely arrested and will be troubled.

And we can see it in nature also that if you do all these things, you develop horrible diseases.

I was seeing the statistics of the American nude and I was amazed that 65% young people from 25 to 40 years have some sort of a disease which is a secret disease. Which is a ugly disease. What a charring thing it is, just think of it. If you go through the statistics you see, either they suffer from impotency, or they suffer from horrible diseases which are supposed to be incurable. Of the sex origin. If your liberation so-called means license, was a good thing, nature would have been kinder to you. But it is not!

Apart from anything else, we have got Christ before us. Let’s see, what Christ has to say? He said, “Thou shalt not have adultery is said. But I say: Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes”.

See what a powerful statement it is. Because He’s there, near the eyes. Not only the adultery part, but even the eyes.

And you see here people have their eyes roving all over, like – God knows what’s happening to them. They must see every woman who’s passing, every woman must every man who’s passing. I don’t know what are they doing, wasting their attention. He has said it so clearly. Even in the church when they are sitting, when they are trying to worship Christ, they are doing nothing but flirting!

Have we no respect for ourselves?! First purification point comes here (points at Mooladhara on chakra chart – ed). The first purification comes here. Let us face it.

Of course you’ll be purified when the Kundalini rises. But I must tell you, when this center is catching, the Kundalini is sucked back.

One has to raise it again and again, and again and again, and again and again, to establish realization.

You can become a very dry person, an over-sexy person, it can be any perversion, or you can be all sorts of perversions, I really don’t even understand, the man becomes a woman, and a woman becomes a man, and this and that possession – all sorts of nonsensical things – dog becomes a man, and – I mean, I just can’t understand how you are going mad with …

Hither and thither, all over the places, I mean, I don’t – I really don’t understand, I was so shocked, I never knew that such things exist in this world, that human beings have gone to that limit of nonsense.

Books have been written about it. I met two ladies in, in Basel, very near the German border. These two ladies who came to Me were horrid, absolutely horrid. And this one was there and she was shaking before Me, and all sorts of things happening to them.

And I asked her, “What do you do?”. “Oh, You see, we are very qualified”. I said, “How?” “We have done all the sophisticated methods of Freud”. I said: “Really? Now you have surpassed him or what?”. I could not give them realization! I mean, the way you have taken Freud seriously, Christ is absolutely blurred out of your family.

Christ is only for a cross to be worn, that’s all. But that far, nothing beyond. And cross is not the message of Christ, is the resurrection! You are to be resurrected, He got His resurrection to prove that you can be resurrected.

And how are we to resurrect when we have indulged so much into the nonsense of this?

But still I must tell you, I must confess that the grace of God has poured all its kindness now.

Really, I tell you, any type of thing is really forgiven. All sins and blasphemy and all that is forgiven and you really get your realization. I’ve seen people who are described as one of the worst and the worst and the worst of all: they get their realization and that’s how they get their transformation and transmutation.

It’s surprising how it’s working. It has to work! Because the creation is to be saved. It is He who is worried about His creation rather than we are worried.

So the first chakra I have told you about, has got four – four, we call them petals, in Sanskrit language, petals. And these petals have four sub-plexuses to look after.

Now, when we go to Kundalini, it has got three and a half coils. Kundalini is placed there in three and a half coil. Three and a half coil has a special meaning, and it is a mathematical calculation, three and a half is, is a mathematical calculation, and if you happen to read one of My – I think in the Advent I don’t know if is discussed it (or) not, but it’s a mathematical calculation which has got seven – actually if you see there it makes seven chakras, if you, if you push it one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, if you draw a straight vertical line.

And this is also principle is used in our automatic watches, the spring that we use is a spiral which has three and a half coils. It’s a mathematical coefficience that works out.

Now this Kundalini is placed in the sacrum bone, called as sacrum, that means Greek knew that it was a sacred bone. And it is said that when the body burns, this bone doesn’t burn.

It remains. Unless and until terrible acid and all these things fall on it, it does not burn.

And it is a sacred bone. Now. Then, I mean, on Kundalini if I have to speak, I can… I must have spoken at least for hours. But we are now going like an introduction to all these chakras, alright? And later on you’ll get My tapes from England and you can go through them and see for yourself how this Kundalini is a tape recorder within us. She tapes everything. And She has got all the information as to what you have done, where you have been. As soon as the Kundalini rises, you get the information on the fingers, the realized souls get the information on the fingers. She gives information – he is catching there, is catching here, this is the problem (She shows thumb of left hand), and this is to be corrected (She shows thumb of right hand).

I’ve seen people have got Kundalini – you’ll be amazed – so wounded, so many holes, it’s just trying to rise, you know, it’s absolutely desperate. It flexes at this side, that side, it cannot rise. And again it falls out, limp down, and it wants help. If this chakra (maybe the Muladhara) is catching, or this chakra is catching (She indicates the Muladhar, sacrum bone area – ed), then you find a big pulsation in that area, I mean you will see terrible pulsation. Just like a heart, you can see with your …

But this chakra (points at Swadishthana on chakra chart – ed) if it’s catching, specially on the left side, means – the left side – means that a person is possessed. Unauthorized person has put some possession into him.

Such a person gets specially this pulsation very strong in this area (sacrum bone – ed). You can see it very clearly this pulsation in people who have got a catch, in the way the Swadishthan chakra caught up on the left hand side, you get it – the nearer it is, the worse it is.

It starts pulsating because it is trying to push itself, it wants to get out of the barrier, and that’s why it makes a tremendous effort to come out. But it does not. And then it sets back again. And again it tries. And I have seen that unless and until you clear this chakra, it doesn’t come up.

Now, when you come to this chakra (Nabhi – ed), which is the second as we said, why we said – because this is connected with this like a, we can say a stock of a lotus.

Now, this chakra is the chakra of our seeking. Navel chakra. It’s called as Nabhi chakra. This center is responsible for our evolution, up till now. Like from amoeba to this stage we became because of the power of this center.

And this center is occupied by the Father figure, whom we call as Narayana. Lakshmi Narayana. Is the One, is the Father aspect of God. Now, one can say there is only one God. Yes, there is only one God. No doubt, there’s only one God. There are not many Gods. But God, who is One, has many aspects. Like you can be a doctor, you can be a husband, you can be a father, you could be a son. Now you can’t say there’s only one man.

I mean, then, God is not like Rock of Gibraltar, that He, He has no other aspects; but even Rock of Gibraltar, if you go and study, it has got different cells of which it is made.

So God has different aspects, and in those different aspects He acts differently.

There’s only one God who does this, but His aspects are different.

Now, the first aspect of God is the desire of God that He wants to create. This desire is represented by this power of His.

The another aspect of God is here, by which He wants – He creates, He acts. He acts and creates.

He is the Creator on this side.

Now, the central one is the aspect of God which is the Father, which is the One which tries to evolve, improves His image on the reflectors that He has created.

These are the three functions and three aspects of God. Now this aspect is the aspect of the Spirit here, we say, because it’s the One that the Spirit exists all the time, it is changeless, it is eternal, and it does not incarnate. In the sense that that aspect, which is the aspect of a witness, does not incarnate. That’s the God Almighty, we can say, is called as Sadashiva in Sanskrit language. This aspect of God does not incarnate. He never incarnates. But His power is the Adi Shakti, is the Primordial Mother, is the Primordial Power, the Primordial Shakti, is the One that creates this whole thing.

She first creates the left side, and then the right side, and then the central side. These are the three powers this Primordial Power has got. And then She puts this Kundalini down there, when you become a human being it rises, and makes you aware of that All-pervading Power which is this cool breath which you start feeling.

So the witness stays in the heart – the witness is the Spirit. He is Sat-Chit-Ananda, means He is the truth, He is the attention, and He is the joy. When you get your realization, your attention becomes enlightened. Your attention becomes enlightened. How?

That I can tell you there’s someone here who is one of the first sahaja yogis we had. When he got his realization he asked Me: “Mother, my father has not telephoned to me all these days… (unclear due to bad quality of audio)… how is he”.

I said, “You can feel him, just what is happening to him”. He just put his hands like this (inaudible due to bad quality of audio) and he got a burning here. (Shri Mataji points at the area in the right hand just below the fingers – ed) These are the centers of your father.

I said, “This one (right Vishuddhi finger – ed), that means something is wrong with him in the throat, maybe he is down with bronchitis, of a serious type”, because it was burning. He telephoned to Scotland and the person answered was his mother, and she told in the same language, same sentence, that he’s down with very bad bronchitis. You can even cure him sitting down. You can, because you are enlightened, your attention is enlightened. Enlightened is not just ordinary light.

Enlightenment means that when you are enlightened with the Divine light, in the real sense, not this artificial one, then your attention starts acting. It starts working out. It starts cooperating, coordinating, it’s a telecommunication and everything.

Apart from that, it loves. And this All-pervading power you have to become. Actually we do not know, we are not aware of this. We do not know that there is all-power around us, that this All-pervading power is surrounding us, you are not at all aware of this. Is like, I say there is all music going on here, and a drama going on here – you won’t believe Me, till I put the television:

“Oh – you say – yes, it is there”. In the same way, unless and until you are put to the mains, you cannot feel that All-pervading power. And that is the Truth. The rest is all just a falsehood. Is fake. That’s the only thing that is the Truth is the All-pervading power.

Whatever that All-pervading power relates to you is the truth. Like when you have that, you ask a question: “Is there God?”. You’ll get tremendous flow on your hand. But if you ask about a horrid person, who is not a Guru but is a fake person, immediately the vibrations will stop – not only that, sometimes it may burn, it may even give you blisters, if you just ask the question.

It is so surprising, it is so simple, that once you jump into it, the All-pervading power starts emitting through you and you become the vehicle of that power, and the master of it. Whatever way you want, you can maneuver it, you can know – now for example this gentleman has got the left side problem: how did I know? I could feel it within Myself.

Now, if you put your left hand towards a person, who is a realized soul or who has the power, and put your right hand outside, the whole thing will be cleared out – aren’t you better now? – you’ll be much more comfortable, it will go away.

It has to go away, because the connection is established, now the thing is flowing in, and it just – just like the electricity flowing out.

It’s so simple! It’s so simple; to you this electricity looks very simple because your forefathers have worked for it, and they have brought it down here. To you it is just switching on on the light. But how many lives have been lost for this.

How much mechanism is there, what an organization is there, everything is there. But to you it is just switch on, that’s all, finished. It’s so simple. So to look at it may look simple, but it’s a tremendous organization that works it out.

Imagine these centers are built within us with our evolution. This is the center of when we were just carbon, up to carbon point.

Carbon also is tetravalent. This is also tetravalent.

Till we were carbon – carbon is a very pivotal, pivotal element in all the elements, if you see the position of carbon; because when carbon started, then only life started coming.

And this is how we are here up to the carbon point (She points at Muladhara on the chakra chart). After that we become human beings (points at Nabhi on chakra chart – ed) we start… I mean, life, then we start growing here.

Now this grew into seven stages. We grew into, say, definitely we say ten stages, out of which eight stages brought us up to human level (Shri Mataji points at center heart chakra on chakra chart – ed).

Now as I told you, this is the center of creativity (starts by pointing at Swadishthana and then to the circumference of Void – ed), means it creates all the stars and everything within us, it creates all the galaxies and all those things within us, and is also responsible for looking after our left side psyche and the right side creativity.

Say if there is an artist with us, who comes to us, you’ll find his right side Swadishthana – this is the Swadishthana (right thumb – ed) is (this? Unclear) also you can see here (on chakra chart – ed) – immediately you’ll find that he is an artist. Immediately you’ll find that he is giving you hot vibrations on this part (right thumb – ed), means he is an artist, or maybe he has used it too much, a person who is a speaker, or a writer, and all that thing, who has used his creative power too much on the right hand side, gives you this feeling (right thumb).

The one who has used the left side psyche, like people who have been tampered with their psyche – you see, a psychologist, a person who is a psychologist, who is studying psychology – I mean, psychology cannot be studied by people who are not realized souls. They should not. They do not know how they are harmed by tampering with others’ psyche. They do not know how to protect themselves.

For a doctor may tie up something to save himself (She mimes a mask on Her mouth – ed) from infections. But a psychologist does not know how he is harmed.

Even if we live with a mad person, or if you go to a lunatic asylum, you catch from that people. That’s how your left side gets caught up and you find that left side starts working in such a manner that you develop all left side problems. Left side problems are depression, epilepsy – leading to all kinds of modern pressures as they call it, guilt, and diffidence, suicide, could be lunacy, all those things come from your left side – and last of all cancer. Cancer is caused by the left side problem and not by the right side problem.

Actually, as a reaction of the right side, if you are too active – you are too active, all the time you are thinking, because this center does another very important work. It changes, transforms your fat into the cells for the use of your brain which, which is using it for thinking.

So it goes into tremendous action when you start planning. I mean, here I have seen people plan too much. Till they say “All set”. You see, you start from the home: they start planning. There is no need to plan, I don’t understand, what is the need to plan to that extent.

I mean, you are going on the road, there’s no need to plan at all! You have to work it out at the present moment. For example supposing I have to book a ticket: then that is done, to be done today. Then what is the planning? “That on the eighth I will book…”. What is the need to say that beforehand, I mean, when it will come to eighth you book it. But they go on like this and ultimately all plans fail (She laughs), everything fails. You go to a place for example you don’t know. If you say, “Alright, we’ll go to the right”. But the maybe there is no road on the right, so are you going to fall into the ditch because you have planned it beforehand that “I will go to the right”? (Laughter, Shri Mataji laughs). See, you must leave it open! And the same about Kundalini, because the, when the Kundalini rises, it’s like a car that has started – it moves, it moves, it moves – supposing it has stopped here (She indicates Nabhi on chakra chart – ed). And somebody gives you a mantra for this one (She indicates Agnya on chakra chart – ed). You’ll spoil this one (Agnya) as well as this is already spoilt (Nabhi). So you’ll have a double problem, because you are saying mantra with this one (She touches Vishuddhi). Of course any mantra you say you spoil this (She touches Vishuddhi) in any case. Apart from that, you have no connection, nothing, you are not yet realized souls, and you are taking somebody’s name like that. For example Rama’s mantra, is Rama is here (She indicates right heart on chakra chart – ed). Many people say Rama’s mantra and they have a problem with this, they can get asthma – physically.

“Ah, I’m saying Rama’s mantra but I have got asthma” (Shri Mataji says this last sentence panting as an asthma patient, laughter – ed). What else, I mean, you must get it. If you, if you have asthma I’ll ask you, “Did you say Rama’s mantra in India?”.

Absolutely it goes hand in hand, because Rama is stationed here. Alright? Now, if you have to take His name, there should be some protocol. What is your authority? Why are you taking Rama’s name? Supposing I start taking the name of your President, in his house go there and start shouting “Oh President, President”, whatever his name is, I start shouting his name.

I’ll be arrested or not?

Or maybe, maybe at that time when you are shouting Rama’s name, maybe some servant with the name of Rama who has died, will think that “There’s a call for me”, may come and enter into your being. Mostly it happens, because you have no connection with Rama Himself.

With Shri Rama you have no connection.

So, some Rama who is working in your house and has died, or someone like that thing, or maybe around somewhere in the atmosphere these busybodies, anybody can enter into you and you can get possessed and you can get this asthma.

This right side problem is very common with people who are suffering from this trouble. And this trouble comes to you because you try to be very individualistic. Like, if you are married you don’t want to create good relationships…

Can you ask him to go down, he is distracting everyone. Alright? Can you ask him to come to the, to the – tomorrow, day-after-tomorrow to our place, where I will treat him. Alright? He can sit there also. Alright? I’ll cure him tomorrow. Or after the program I’ll try.

It’s moving, the thing is moving in him, you see, from places to places, and one has to take to it. There are so many here, I’ve seen so many, such strange people I’ve met on the street, such strange people.

There are so many, I mean, if you, I don’t know what is the percentage of lunatics in this country, but schizophrenic and all sorts of people, I mean you can’t say, I mean – just see, every third person I came across has some sort of a funny thing going on in his head.

I said, “Now what is it – this is the country which is invaded the most by these negative forces. And if you are going to be destroyed, you are going to be destroyed from inside, not from outside. You will not be destroyed from outside. Take it from Me. You’ll be destroyed from inside. And that you can see what’s happening, all kinds of destructive forces are working it out. And the worst of all, these horrible gurus who have come from India. You people had invasion on India. English had their political invasion, you had your monetary invasion on India.

So all these horrible people are having a mental invasion on you – you are not aware of it. It’s a mental invasion on you. Very subtle mental invasion which you cannot discern – you are enslaved, as we were enslaved by you for money.

You see, for wheat, if they send horrible wheat to India, Americans used to say “Eh, oh, we have been very gracious”. And the wheat was so horrible that we could not eat. We threw it on the grounds, imagine, we threw it on the grounds and horrible types of – what you call – acacia plants grew.

We cannot destroy them.

And then another type of grass which we called as Congress grass, you see – because it came from America we called it Congress grass – grew all over and it covered all over crops and everything.

And we, we didn’t know why were you so kind to us to send all these things.

Somehow it was destroyed then, this grass, but still this horrible acacia is covering all the villages in India, people are having a terrible time, they are poisonous; and if they hit you, you see, you are killed. And children play around – it’s a very dangerous thing.

I mean, if they wanted to send wheat, that should have been something more gracious than what they have been doing.

This is how you have been very, very unpopular all over the world. Whenever you try to help anyone, you think, “Oh, you are doing too much”. While India has helped you so many ways. First of all it has helped you when you had wars, we sent Indian troops and all that all over – we never tried to show anything like that.

You see, it is surprising how these developed nations are so ego-oriented. So ego-oriented, I mean, so many things they have done that I cannot understand how human beings are not afraid of God and His wrath that can come on us.

We have oppressed all the people who are already oppressed, we have tried to really crash them down. Now it is time for you people who are born in this country, who are special people born – you are very, very special, in America we have the maximum number of crazy, you would not know; it is for you to rise above all these nonsensical things and get over it. And join your hands in solving the problems of these worldly things which has really oppressed the whole universe.

And I really dependent very much on you people. I came nine years back, but I found that the aggression is still bubbling in, they cannot see things; and that’s how these gurus take advantage of it. They took advantage of it, they came here: “Alright, you have got money? Pamper your ego, you can purchase us”.

They pampered your ego, you thought you can pay for them, you paid for them: but what did you get out of it? Is nothing but all these horrible things out of which it is very difficult to get out. Apart from that, many might have lost their chances of Self-realization.

You are absolutely special people to be born – you have taken birth in this country with a very, very special purpose. Because I told you that you are born in this place (points at Vishuddhi on chakra chart – ed), this is America.

What a place it is. I mean, you had great people like Abraham Lincoln, great people like him, what a man he was, you had.

You have forgotten him completely, his ideals and things, I mean, what a man is Abraham Lincoln. I mean, if I read about anyone in the beginning was Abraham Lincoln, I said “Look at him”. He was a realized soul!

His ideals and all that are gone off.

Now it is for you to establish. For what you (have?) to, for what God has created this America, this chakra of Vishuddhi. And this is what is starting from here (points at Nabhi on chakra chart – ed) that you rise up to there.

The connection is that this seeking (points at Nabhi on chakra chart – ed) goes in developing (points at Void on chakra chart – ed) and there are ten principles which are described as the Ten Commandments, you can say, or we have got ten Sutras, in Sanskrit language they are called as ten Sutras. Gandhiji put one more, by saying that we should use only Indian, Indian things, not foreign things, because then they will dominate us. So he put ekadasha, he put one more. But there are ten, which are here, which are described as Ten Commandments in the Bible.

And these are the ten Primordial Masters (She touches the Void on the chart) who were born on this earth. Say we can start from Socrates, then we can think of other, in India was Dattatreya, is the – Dattatreya is the essence. And He is born as Socrates. He is born as Lao-Tse. He is born as Abraham. As Moses.

He is born as – up till now we can say Mohammed Sahib, Nanaka. Latest is the Sai Nath of Shirdi. He’s the One who represents, they all represent this Primordial Master’s principle of religion.

Religion means the one that sustains us. These ten are our sustenance, is we can say our valences, is our quality.

Like this gold has a quality that it is untarnishable, in the same way human beings have these ten qualities in them.

For a dog doesn’t know what is truth and what is untruth. Dog doesn’t know what is, what is violence and non-violence. Is the human being who knows these ten things. And these are the qualities, ten qualities which are sustained by the Primordial Master who is Dattatreya, who has incarnated on this earth basically ten times, but there are so many upa-gurus as they call, the subsequent gurus, also who are realized souls.

Now. At the time of Christ, John the Baptist. I mean, he was a real Baptist, he was not an untrue Baptist, he was a realized soul. Nowadays everybody’s a Baptist, without being the real Baptist. You have to be the real Baptist – when you are a realized soul, only then you are a real Baptist, not before that.

And this special thing (points at Void on the chart – ed) called as the Primordial Master, is also within you. You can become your own Guru. Your Guru Principle is to be awakened.

If the Kundalini awakens your Guru Principle, you become the Guru.

You have to become your own Guru. On the left side is the diffidence that you cannot be a Guru. On the right side is the arrogance.

And that’s how sometimes we, we subject ourselves to others, saying that “You are my guru”. And here we are arrogant – when we see a real Guru, we deny it.

So these two sides are to be seen, and once you work it out…

For example, this gentleman who was here has a left side. Is the diffidence in him.

(Please, come in. Eh? Alright. May God bless you. Alright.)

So left side is the one that gives you that diffidence and you subject yourself to other gurus. And you can see it on your left side Void, this is the Void (points at Void on left hand, ed).

You can feel it on the left side Void a burning sensation. And this is a sign that you have been to some guru who has been wrong – who is not a realized soul, who is a wrong type of man.

Immediately you can make out from the person whether he has been to a right type of a guru or a bad type.

If you have been to the right type, you get your realization just like that. You are just ready for it. He doesn’t spoil your chakras, nothing. He doesn’t give you false ideas. And you are just ready; but he has done very great work is to establish this part (Void – ed) in your stomach.

That’s why Moses, Abraham, all of them talked about alcoholism, about these things, because alcohol spoils the liver.

Christ did not.

He was born at that time (points at Agnya on the chart – ed), so He talked about the eyes.

He talked about the realization. He talked about the Gate, the Door. And that’s why He said you must get your resurrection. So the different aspects came at different time, and this aspect of the Primordial Master which was Moses, you can say, Abraham, and other people of the same type, they came to establish balance and dharma within us.

Here they have not shown two other subsidiary chakras. One is the chakra of the sun (indicates aspect of Nabhi on the right channel) and another is of the moon (indicates aspect of Nabhi on the left channel).

This is the moon line (left channel) and this is the sun line (right channel). Now this center they should have shown here (indicates aspect of Nabhi on the right channel) I think, which means that when you are on the sun line, you become right handed.

Right handed means you are more projecting towards the future, you are thinking too much, or you are putting too much attention to your physical being. And not to your Spirit. Not to your emotional self. Now, when you start getting to the asceticism, and all sorts of nonsense like that, become an ascetic, give up this, give up that, give up that – and you give up actually your brain, nothing else – you become a thin person, you start moving like this (She indicates movement from the central channel to the right side of Void) and develop a horrible liver. You see? this liver may extend up to this (indicates Void on right hand side up to its extreme limit).

Now, liver is one of the, one of the very, very special organs we have got within ourselves. I mean, you would not know if you have a bad liver till you get to cirrhosis. When they will say that: “Now, last time has come, you are in for your funeral”. That’s what it is.

Liver is like that, it goes on getting bad, bad, bad till you do not know. But in Sahaja Yoga immediately you will know you have a liver problem.

And you will also know how to cure it.

And liver is responsible for our attention, which is so important. If your liver is not alright, your attention will be horrid, all the time you’ll be feeling sick, frustrated, embittered, you won’t like this, you won’t like that – sort of a person, always annoyed, and you will not know “why I do like this, I don’t want to do it, but why am I doing like that”. So this is the one one has to look after.

But when you think too much, as I told you, this center of Swadishtana, which is bestowed upon by Brahmadeva, who is the Creator, works too hard, and it has no time to look after the other things like the liver, the pancreas, the spleen, the kidneys, and the uterus. So these things get completely neglected, and that’s how the people who think too much always get diabetes. In Sahaja Yoga diabetes is curable. Hemiplegia and all those things, and anemia and all these things are the cause of the same thing. Such people can become so very dry, really very dry because their left side goes absolutely out of order, it’s sleeping. They become emotionless. I’ve known people they came to tell Me, “Mother, I have no emotions now, I have become a great saint, I have no emotions.” Who has told you? I mean, a saint has such emotions you can’t imagine. It’s such a, such a feeling!

I mean, if somebody says that he is a saint and he has no emotions, you throw him in the sea. He is good for nothing. A person who has no emotions is not a human being, he is worse than an animal.

And if you see a saint, the difference is only this: that if you feel pained, then you start weeping and becoming emotional. But a saint is the other way round. When he sees others in pain, then the compassion fills him completely. When he sees others in trouble, when he sees others drowning, then the compassion starts flowing from his eyes, and you can see the compassion from those eyes, absolutely the same terrific eyes become so compassionate that you are surprised that how this love is flowing. And at the same time he can take a hunter in his hand and hit people; at the same time he can be very wrathful with people who try to destroy the saints, he can be extremely wrathful, and he can be very, very, very, very dynamic.

He can be anything; but he uses it for the purpose of one thing: is to save the saints and to make them the Spirit. His only concern is how to make them the Spirit, and for that how to save them.

For that, whatever has to do – sometimes it can act like a tigress, just jump on people who try to be injurious, or try to be sort of harmful to the children of the tigress.

Or it can become so mild, so mild: I don’t know if you have seen a crocodile giving bath to her children. Her eyes become absolutely so mild, imagine. It’s like that.

That love you start seeing in a person who is a saint and who becomes a realized soul, that he feels for others. Not for himself.

He is not bothered!

Comforts do not matter – where you sit, what you need, “I must have this food”: that all nonsense, never comes in the mind.

What matters is: “Oh God, what’s happening to these people, these are my children! They are seekers, they are saints, they have been seeking for thousands of years. How am I to save them?”. And such people who are dry they end up in heart attacks, and another is paralysis.

I mean, you should never have sympathies for people who have heart troubles.

Tell them to be more loving. Spend some time with your wife. Spend some time with your children. You see, mostly these busy people are those who are at the helm of affairs, who think that the whole world will be drowned without them.

Actually with them it may be drowned, I don’t know about that part. Such very busy people, you see, who have no time to waste in their family and who are holding the banner of some sort of a great thing so-called – they always get heart attacks and die. If they are not shot off, they are – they get their own heart attacks and die. They get – can get even epilepsy, but it’s not actually the epilepsy – it looks like epilepsy but it is a kind of a failure of the part of the head which is on this, the ego side.

And a person can get paralyzed or he may become absolutely without any sensation in his body.

These people, till they die they are very alert, their brain is very alert, despite the fact they have used their brain. Actually the nature is very balanced; they have used their brain, with their brain only they have achieved whatever they wanted to, but their brain is alert, but their heart goes out, the balance comes in.

But if you have used your heart too much, the left side as it is, too much of crying and weeping and this and that and all that, you become – on the contrary your heart going out, your brain goes out. The balance is established.

It’s surprising, that people said that in the mental hospital no use having a cardiogram. There’s no need because you don’t need it. Their heart is perfect. While they use their heart all the time, the brain goes out. And you become a brainless person or a gaga person, I don’t know all sorts of things that people get.

So one has to understand that a balance is brought about by this position (She indicates central path at the level of Void-Nabhi), and that’s why Buddha has said “Keep in the center. Do not go to extremes”. When you go into extremes, this moves in the periphery (She points at periphery of Void).

Supposing you are a thinker and you plan everything and you are meticulous, and this and that, you are thrown out of the way (She points finger from central Void-Nabhi towards Void periphery on right hand side).

Now, the extreme thing of this could create a very egoistical supra-conscious spirit in you. The one who we can cite was Mr. Hitler. Mr. Hitler was nothing else but a person who lived in the collective supra-conscious (Shri Mataji indicates an area parallel to the right side but further off the center). And he charmed people by his collective consciousness – (She corrects Herself) – collective supra-consciousness.

What he did is to talk so big and so nonsensical things, if you read his lectures you’ll be amazed, that he said that: “We are the Germans, we are the special race, we are this and we should kill all these people”, and people believed it!

It was just a possession, a collective possession. I mean, if you talk to those Germans now, I read some articles written by them, really they can’t understand, they said, “We were young people, we were studying, we were students, we were very good people, and suddenly all this came up to us and he built us up as some sort of a martyr and all that, and we took to it”.

He made it such a big religious stuff, I mean, a fanatic thing in their head, that they accepted it. This is the extreme case of fanaticism. All the fanatics are on this side. All of them are on this side. Any fanaticism I am facing.

Keep away from them. They are headaches, they are bores, numbering bores. You just can’t talk to them. All the fanatics of the world if they were bores it’s all right, but they go much beyond that. Like you see Khomeini’s there. He is a good example of fanaticism.

And what – I’m happy that Americans had a little experience of these fanatics. All fanatics catch all these people.

These so-called Lutherans, and the so-called Pentecostal, they are nothing but they are all possessed people – specially the Pentecostals are possessed, can’t you see them? They are recluses, they are useless people, they are wasting themselves. All the spiritualists and all these people – they could be right-sided or left-sided. LSD takes you to the right side, because you start seeing the lights and all those hallucinations which are of the supra-conscious.

Left-sided people who are there, they get into – they are all the time crying, weeping, diffident, sly type, intriguers, they are on the left hand side.

But if you move too much on this side then you can also get possessed. You can get very badly possessed and this one, this movement is very painful. Is painful to the person. Because they aggress on the person.

But if you have this kind, this type of movement on the right hand side, then you aggress others. Because this is done with the ego and this is done with the superego.

So the person who has a left side problem is better in the society because he troubles himself, and he needs his own cure, and he is not a problem.

But a person who is a egoist is such a problem that he doesn’t see, he doesn’t feel the pain of others and he gives pain to others. He talks in such a way that he hurts, and he has a very bad right Vishuddhi, and everything he does, all aggressiveness, all war and all these things are a right-sided man.

And such a man can become very successful like Hitler, but ultimately he meets his doom and nobody respects such a person ultimately. See, everything afterwards in history tells about the dirty things he was doing, the sly things he was doing, or the bad things he was doing, how many he has killed, what he did – everything comes out in history and he is just put into the light of history, and you start seeing that this man, who was supposed to be so successful, “Oh, God, we do not want to know him (Shri Mataji plugs Her ears) ”.

One of the sahaja yogis came to Me, he told Me – he’s a French – he said, “Mother, please tell me if I was Napoleon. If I was don’t tell me, because then I will die”. I said, “Why?”. He said, “I feel that I’m very egoistical, after Realization I find my ego is like this and I topple like that, and I can draw very well, and he used to draw.

So if I was Napoleon don’t tell me, if I was don’t tell me, I will really commit suicide”. And in French, in French people if you call somebody a Napoleon, it’s a, it’s an abuse, you can imagine, Napoleon the great is being used as an abuse.

So this is the thing that one has to understand, that ego-oriented person is over-disciplined, may be military-like, he may not drink, smoke, you see, he may walk straight like a stick. But he is old.

The other one might be indulging into all such things and he might be drinking too much, and all the drunkards you find are on the left hand side. Poor things they start with a small thing. When they start it with a small thing they are driven onto this extreme, then they get caught up. Alcoholics are really, not that they drink, there’s some spirit in them that drinks. I met last time a lady from Cuba, she was a petite woman, small, thin woman, and her husband came and told Me that she can take one whisky bottle neat! I said: “This little woman, how does she do it?!”. He said: “She does!”. And I asked her and she said: “Yes, Mother, I do”. I put her a bandhan and I found a horrible big personality in her. Horrible, tall, very hefty person. He said, “Mother, did you see that one?”.

I said: “Yes, I did”. She said, “It is he who drinks, and I’m blamed”. She could see him also.

Such people who are on the left side can see the spirits and the things walking in, and they get all kinds of ESP experiences, and “I get a hunch” and all sorts of things – is little movement that side.

And the right-sided people also can have such hunches as to what to do tomorrow, and how to do it, and what will happen, they get all kinds of hunches. There are people who are getting photographs of the people, such people – one gentleman showed Me some photographs which in an organization in (…). It’s a lady, she showed Me it’s taking out the photographs of all the horrible kings of England. As if they were dead, with their faces… it was surprising!

It was surprising. And now thank God that organization is not getting any information, but it was a horrible thing, and if you keep these photographs in your house you also get bad vibrations, you might get their spirits coming into you.

In BBC the other day we saw a film where a man was possessed by a spirit of Van Gogh. I hope you know him, Van Gogh is the painter who paints in one line many colors like that, you see? And this fellow was doing – actually I mean, we saw that with our own eyes – was painting just like Van Gogh. And he said that, “Van Gogh is doing this to me”.

So all such things happen when you are on the left side – could be on the right side, for some artist may be on the right side. But this you can only find out with vibrations, which side you are possessed.

Now I’ve told you why we have to have dharma, why we have to have Ten Commandments, why we should be in our sustenance, so that we keep to the middle path of Sushumna, this center path of our evolution, and not to deviate too much to this side (right side) and not to deviate too much to that side (left side).

That’s the reason we had to have religions. But all religions have become fanatics. They are fanatics. So they are good for nothing, useless people. Absolutely on the contrary they have created so many sects and so many fightings that one can’t understand.

Now, these great Incarnations have come on this earth, they all have come as one aspect.

Christ has said “Those who are not against Me – with Me”.

Who are those who are not against Him?

See, you didn’t even allow Him to talk! He had to fight for every-day life! Same thing you did to Mohammed Sahib, the same thing you did to all the saints who came on this earth. It’s not only Christ, you see the life of Socrates.

You see the life of everyone who was like this, we had Sai Nath in India, was only hundred years back he must have died, only hundred years back. But if you see His life was a struggle! Nobody would listen to Him.

At least there are some people here to listen to Me, but Sai Nath had about three or four disciples, that’s all.

That is the sign that I must be a true Teacher, because if you have too much that means you are all mesmerized, and thousands, fifty-thousand people are sitting there and somebody is throwing a red colour through a cannon and they are “ah!”, like mad.

Is this God’s Realization? Is this spirituality? You are not to be mad people.

You have to be aware, and specially alert.

You become really aware, which is enlightened, your awareness has to be enlightened, you have to become that.

Not to be like sheep, go there into any place, taken away anywhere – no, not that.

So we have to awaken ourselves.

We have to brighten ourselves and understand our responsibility. And we have to know that we are saints, we have come here to become our Spirits, and the responsibility is very much great on the people of America. American saints have the greatest responsibility, though Sahaja Yoga has prospered so much in Australia. Most surprising. You condemned them as criminals, they went down there, they had children, grand-children, and they have much less ego, much more wisdom, and that is the center of Mooladhara. That is the first center. Australia is the first center. And people are so wise, you won’t believe.

I mean, there was not even a single seat left when I went there, and thousands of people, the media was so sensible and so wise, and – I mean, there are seven cities and all the seven cities have got centers in Sahaja Yoga. Just like villagers in India; they are so wise.

As villagers in India are wise, they are that wise. And I don’t know what to say: the persons who are supposed to be the complete wisdom here (points at Vishuddhi on chakra chart – ed) at this point, to be the witness, to be the sixteens – can you see here [points at Vishuddhi on chakra chart – ed], sub-sixteen, and I’ll talk about it next time, because I’ve told you about this center of Rama and then I’ll tell you about all these centers tomorrow, and above also.

Thank you very much.

May God bless you.

Now, if you have any questions, you ask Me.

Warren: Do you have any questions?

Shri Mataji: Now. It’s alright. Now can I take out these fixations? (Microphone fixed on Her – ed). See now. Bugging, you see?

Warren: Yes. American special.

(Shri Mataji says laughing: “I’m learning some words! Now address the questions to Me”. Warren says to somebody: “Yes. Just stand up and speak up”. A seeker asks a question).

Seeker: Why do some people lean more to the left side and others to the right side?

Shri Mataji: What’s it?

Warren repeats: Why do some lean more to the left side and others lean more to the right side?

Seeker: And some even in the center?

Warren repeats: And some in the center?

Seeker: Is there a karmic patent or…?

Warren: Is there a karmic patent, he says?

Shri Mataji: There is, you see, we are made of three gunas. And the permutations and combinations are there of these three gunas. Alright? And those who are tamo gunis, more desires they have, the more sort of emotional they are, they are on the left side. Those who are ambitious, are on the right side. And those who are wiser are in the center. So it’s a temperament with which you are born. It has many reasons. It’s the background, it’s the things you have come out of it, and what was your education, how were your parents – I mean, so many things work it out, the personality. And these three gunas, tamo, rajo and sattwa gunas, these three qualities within us, work out permutations and combinations of all the people. And that’s how we have different type of people. And according to their style they move to one side or another.

Alright? I will be talking about that also maybe if I have time, about tamo guna, rajo guna and sattwa guna.

(Lady seeker asks a question …“by balancing out of the sides”…)

Shri Mataji: What’s she saying?

Warren repeats: Can you help people who are mentally sick, by balancing these two sides?

Shri Mataji: Of course! I have helped. And you have to help them.

Lady seeker: Yes. I’m schizophrenic, that’s why I’m asking.

Warren: Schizophrenia?

Shri Mataji: Of course. No doubt. But I hope the Americans won’t put Me in jail for saving these people! (Laughter) My husband told Me, “Don’t touch anyone otherwise you’ll be in jail”. Of course I can. No doubt.

Lady seeker: Could I learn it?

Shri Mataji: What’s it?

Warren: Can she learn?

Lady seeker: Could I learn?

Warren: Can she learn it?

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, why not? You can. But first of all you get well. You have to be much stronger. You must learn all the ways and methods. Then you can of course, why not? Even My photograph does that (She laughs).

See, you don’t have to worry, you can use My photograph. If they don’t arrest Me for the photograph, it’s alright (laughter). They told Me you have to be a lawyer in this country to exist, I don’t know what (is that? – Barely audible) (laughter).

Warren: Yes?

Shri Mataji: Yes?

Seeker: Did She have a teacher?

Warren repeats: Did You have a teacher? (Laughter. Shri Mataji smiles)

Shri Mataji: No.

Seeker: No?

[Shri Mataji shakes Her head.]

(Somebody is heard muttering something like: “You hadn’t any teacher…” and goes on muttering)

Warren: Any other questions?

Shri Mataji: I’m born like this. I’m ancient. Antique. (laughter, She laughs)

(The man from the public continues muttering)

Warren: Do you mind not disturbing please.

Shri Mataji: Loudly. Whatever you say, say it loudly.

Warren: Please, don’t disturb. If you’ve got a question specifically ask it, but don’t disturb.

Shri Mataji: What did he say?

Warren: He is just mumbling.

Shri Mataji: No, no, no. You say it loudly, what did you say?

(The person keeps talking lowly)

Warren: No, no, he’s…

Shri Mataji: What? Why?

Yogi: He is a drunk.

Warren: He is drunk, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Is he?

Warren: Hm. Any other questions? Yes.

A seeker: When everybody leaves, will we be able to continue in New York?

Warren repeats: When You leave, will they still be able to continue in New York and can learn how to grow?

Shri Mataji: Yes. You see, we have got somebody – Hermann has not come today, I don’t know – where is he gone, Hermann? (Warren: “He is working today”)

He is working today. And he has offered his place for working Sahaja Yoga. We – actually, you see, we have imported people from London, who do not have houses here, and also he is from Australia. But Hermann said that he can offer his residence for the use of Sahaja Yoga to begin with, you see, because we don’t take any money, and you have to organize it yourself. And we have got here Christine, who is a very old Sahaja Yogini, and she can work it out.

We have some other people also, who may be coming and going from Philadelphia, and you people could be here – I’ll also come back again if you call Me. Next year maybe. We all can go to India also.

We are going to go to India…when? (Warren: “In…” Shri Mataji: “Eh?” Warren: “… December”) December. If you people want to come to India, we can take you down to India also, in December; and we will have a program of about – how many days?

Warren: About forty-five – fifty days.

Shri Mataji: About of forty-five – fifty days, we’ll be passing through villages and all that, and that’s you mix up with other people, and learn about Sahaj Yog, is a very good way of learning about Sahaj Yog, you see, where you learn how to give Realization, and imbibe things, and it’s very good way.

If you want you can come along and it is going to be quite cheap for you, only you have to pay for your food and for your travelling, that’s all, and food will be very cheaply arranged; and very good food, we can arrange that.

And this time – last time they paid three pounds per day, this time they are going to pay four pounds per day. And everything can be done, we’ll go to different villages, and stay there and organize it. It’s not going to be any money-making proposition or anything, it’s a thing by which you go into simpler places and learn about Sahaj Yog.

It’s better, because here, you see, it’s very quiet in this place, I feel, but otherwise in New York you have such a horrible, this signaling business, you know? And all the sounds – and the atmosphere is so much filled with funny sounds all over, and it’s horrifying.

Warren: Mother, a lot of people have asked about the practices, how they learn the practices for Sahaja Yoga, the various things they can do, that they have to do. And I think they should all know that you just come along to the group, after Mother’s gone, and you’ll learn all these things. I too wanted to know how to do it, as soon as I got my realization. Sometimes you are a little too keen to know…

Shri Mataji: But you can tell them how to give first of all protection to your aura. This gentleman told Me that his aura was – did get disturbed, it’s true, your aura gets disturbed.

So you get first of all a method of first of all protecting your auras. And how to raise your Kundalini. This method I will teach you today. Alright? After realization. What else?

Warren: Yes.

(A seeker asks one question: “When She talked of saving the creation… (Indistinct) Does She mean that the creation is lost?”)

Warren: The creation? (Seeker: “She said of saving the creation”.) Yes, I heard the first part. Does She mean… (Seeker: “That the creation is lost, or…”- indistinct) (Warren repeats to Shri Mataji:) You spoke of saving the creation. He is asking, do You consider that the creation is lost?

Shri Mataji: May be, may be lost. It’s not yet lost but may be lost. You see, creation, the epitome of creation is you, is the human beings.

Alright? If you are not saved, the creation is lost. You are to be saved. And God has to save it, it is His own creation. You are His creation. And He has to save it.

(To Warren:) I mean, how did a drunkard come in?

Warren (to a seeker): Yes.

(A seeker asks a question)

Warren: Say again.

Seeker: Does She consider the creation something apart from God? Or is the creation also God or what is it?

(Warren repeats:) Do You consider the creation something apart from God? Or is it also God or what is it?

Shri Mataji (laughing): Accha, now, you see, this is a subject which I have to deal with, alright? What is creation, what is God, how He created you, how we became human beings, it’s a big subject. And it’s to be handled sometime and you are to be told all about it. And I cannot just answer it in five minutes. But I will, it’s a good question and should come to you.

But before knowing all these things and details about it, is better you get your light. Once you have your light, gradually you start understanding it. Alright?

Warren: Yes?

Seeker: What is the meaning of Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: Sahaja. Saha means with – ja means born. Is born with you, spontaneous. Sahaja means spontaneous. Whatever is living is spontaneous. You see, whatever happens spontaneously – we don’t understand the word of spontaneous also. Means a living, living expression, living manifestation is spontaneous, Sahaja. Is born with you. But today Sahaja has gone into the stage called as Maha-Yoga.

Means it has become a en-masse.

It works en-masse. Before it used to work in one person, two persons, you see – like one flower becoming a fruit in the beginning of the tree.

But today the situation is such that thousands can get realization. It’s Maha-Yoga.

Sahaja Yoga has matured into Maha-Yoga. Maha means the great.

(Aside to Warren): I hope he is back – I hope he doesn’t do something to Arneau.

Warren: No, the caretaker is outside.

Shri Mataji: Eh?

Warren: The caretaker is outside.

Shri Mataji: And where is Arneau? Is he back?

Warren: Arneau is back, yes.

Shri Mataji: Ah, but don’t deal with these people, you know. Drunkards I don’t know what sort of people they are.

Warren: Any other question?

Shri Mataji: Better ask the caretaker. You just don’t deal with them. How do you know he is a drunkard?

Warren: The way he was behaving (Shri Mataji says something which sounds like: “I see”). His muttering and (Shri Mataji says something which sounds like: “Oh, I see”) – you could smell him.

Shri Mataji: Even from here? (Laughter)

Warren: Yes. Tremendous. (Laughter) Any other questions?

Shri Mataji: Now, come along.

Warren: Now he is telling the caretaker.

Shri Mataji: Ah.

Warren: Yes. (Seeker asks: “How do salt and sugar fit in?”. Warren repeats:) Where do salt and sugar fit into (them? – Unclear)?

Shri Mataji: (She laughs) Into the stomach! (Laughter) Into the Void. Christ has said “you are the salt”, you see? You are the salt. Left side (Shri Mataji stands up, probably to go to the chakra chart).

(End of video recording)