I am the Holy Ghost

New York City (United States)

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Public Program Day 7 (Declaration: “I am the Holy Ghost”). New York (USA), 30 September 1981.

Shri Mataji [to Warren]: … the attachments (microphone).
Warren: The attachments, it’s all right.
Shri Mataji: It’s all right?
Warren: It’s good in here because it is very silent, then we don’t need any.
Shri Mataji: Good. It’s beautiful.
Warren: Is it Your first time in a church?
Shri Mataji: No, many-a-times.
Warren: Many-a-times.
Shri Mataji: But to talk about Agnya in a church, is the first time.
Warren: Very good. [Shri Mataji laughs]

Yesterday, I told you about this chakra [Shri Mataji points at centre heart on chakra chart] which is a very fiery chakra, because this chakra is occupied by a very fiery deity called as Jagadamba, is the Mother of the Universe. She has to protect Her children who are trying to swim across the ocean of illusion and who are being always hampered by the people who are against God, who are anti-Christ, who are anti-God, who are devils, who are called as rakshasas. And so She has to protect them, and that’s why She is such a fiery Goddess, like a tigress. Actually, one of Her conveyances is a tiger, another is a lion.

After that, now today we want to know about this chakra, which is the Vishuddhi chakra, Vishuddhi. America, in the map of the world, is this centre, is Vishuddhi chakra.

That’s why it is important to understand what do we stand for, Americans. Now, this centre has got 16 sub-plexuses, and it manifests in the gross the cervical plexus, which looks after all the ears, nose, throat, the eyeballs, and the neck, all the problems of this area. The facial construction depends on this chakra: whatever is the condition of this centre you have the expression on your face.

As I told you, it has got 16 sub-plexuses, and all the vowels are created in this centre. Of course, English language has got the vowels which are not scientifically all right. But the Devanagari script has got all the vowels, are 16 in number, and that’s why they are all produced here, in this area. This is the gross side of this centre. The subtle side of this centre is that this is the centre of collectivity.

When man raises his head, he sees around himself his fellowmen. And he starts seeking that there must be something very, very common between us – that we are part and parcel of one universal Being, of the great primordial Personality. The central path of Sushumna – of ascendance – creates this primordial Being ultimately, is the final, is the complete form of this ascendance, of the evolution, ends up here. So, this is the primordial Being, if we say this is the primordial Being, and this is the primordial Vishuddhi. Then this Vishuddhi is the one that represents what Muslims say as the Akbar, Akbar aspect of God, the Primordial Great Being. In Sanskrit language it is called as Virata.

Now, this primordial Being incarnated on this earth – as I told you that all this aspect incarnates, the central aspect – on this earth as Shri Krishna. And His power was Radha. Ra means energy, dha means the one who sustains. Ra-dha: means the one who sustains the energy is Radha. So on this centre is Shri Krishna and Radha.

On the right side is His image as a king: when He went away from Gokul and Mathura after killing a devil called Kamsa who was His uncle actually, He went down to Gujarat and settled down there and ruled that country, there He was called as Vitthala. Vitthala and Rukmini – I’m telling you these names because when you are raising the Kundalini, if the chakra stops there or the Kundalini stops there, you have to take His name.

On the left-hand side is His sister, who was just born and was killed again, and She appeared to us as a lightning in the sky. She is called as Vishnumaya. All these three centres are very, very important. When you are collective, then you are ascending through this centre: the power is passing through this.

Actually, the root of this (ego and superego) starts from here (Vishuddhi), the root starts from here and grows into this (superego), and then into this (ego) crossing over. The crossing over takes (place) there (Agnya), but the root of the ego and superego starts at this point.

Shri Krishna as we know appeared to Arjuna as a Virata, as the Great primordial Being. He saw Him as a very huge, big personality, and he saw in Him all the human beings and all the creations moving about. And he couldn’t bear it anymore, he said, “I don’t want to see it again.” Shri Krishna told the Gita, spoke the Gita, only to Arjuna, only to one person. He didn’t tell it to even a second person, because He was born six thousand years back. That time the maturity of people was so low that He did not, He did not tell about this to anybody else but Arjuna. And it was heard by another person who wrote it down, and Vyasa is the poet who wrote about it.

The Gita is the Vedanta, means the end of Vedas. Vedas have got two sides: the first side is where the mantras are there to excite the right side or we can say the elements, and the end of it is the philosophy. And he used that philosophy of Gita, he used that Vedanta philosophy in Gita to explain what is knowledge, what is God, what is Spirit, how to achieve it and what happens.

Now Krishna’s basic character of His advent was that: so far for Rama He was the One who lived like a human being and established a special place, or say, established a special character of a benevolent king for other kings to follow.

But this one when He came, He found that the whole place was filled with ritualism, with all kinds of dead supra-conscious activities, and subconscious activities, and people were indulging into materialistic things and were very unhappy – so He established Himself as the incarnation of the play, Leela.

That the whole world is just a drama, is just a drama, and you are a witness to it. Actually, what happens when you watch a drama, you feel that you are in it – supposing there is Napoleon or somebody who is in the drama: you start feeling you are Napoleon, and even when you go home, you’ll talk like Napoleon for a while, you carry on the joke with you. But it’s a drama, it’s outside you, it is not you.

Sometimes, when there is, say, a cinema or something we see, we identify ourselves with the scenes so much that we cry, weep, sometimes feeling very excited. But when the drama is over, then we’ll suddenly realise, “Oh God, it was a drama.” [Laughter]

In the same way, this whole life, the human life, is a drama. And the life… whole drama, is only seen when you get your realisation: you become a witness. Now those who have got Realisation should understand that you have become now a witness. Start seeing everything and you’ll be amazed. You’ll feel, “Oh, I’m so much away, I am just witnessing.”

There’s a Sahaja Yogini who comes from, who came from India. And she had never travelled before anywhere, even by plane she had never travelled before. And comes from a very traditional family, she has never been out without somebody going with her. Such a person. She got her realisation and she came to America.

She told me that “I never felt that I was going to America, that I was going by plane anywhere, that I should be frightened, nothing of the kind. And they were all telling me, ‘Be careful’, I was wondering, what are they worried about? I was least bothered, the whole thing looked like a drama, I got into the plane, I came here and there was a sea of human beings, I couldn’t see my brother, and I think I got lost! I said, “All right, if I am lost, doesn’t matter. I am never lost because I’m with myself.” So I was going to the taxi fellow, I was going to tell him, “Take me down to my brother’s place”, then suddenly the brother got her, got to her and found her.

But otherwise she was saying, “I was so relaxed, I was least bothered, most surprising, I was witnessing the whole drama without any, without any consideration about it, or any awareness about it, I was just doing it automatically.”

That’s what happens to you. You see the death, and you see the life, and you see the drama. And you do not get involved into it. When you are not involved into it, then you are completely at ease and at peace. As I gave you the example that if you are in the water, then you are worried about the waves. But supposing you get into the boat, then you see the waves as fun. Or if you know how to swim, also you can see it as a fun. So, when you get Realised, when you get your Realisation, then the whole thing becomes like a drama and you start developing your detachment. So, He is the Yogeshwara: He’s the one who is fully detachment. He’s the full detachment. Though He was a king, though He was having a very luxurious life, He was a detached personality.

Now He on this earth when He came, He had to have His powers with Him and He didn’t know how to bring those powers in human beings, because He knew He won’t be able to give realisation to people at that time, 6000 years back. So He created a method by which He got 16.000 wives. And all these wives were nothing but His powers-carrying people and there is a big story about it which I think every Indian knows, and you can also find out.

He had five – I mean, He became the king, He did all this. And He had five elements as His wives. So His own queens, five of them, were five elements, and 16.000 wives were actually His own powers manifested as human beings. And He came on this earth as Krishna, krishi: krishi means agriculture. Means actually sowing. He sowed the seed, He sowed the seed of spirituality. He said, “Nainam chindanti shastrani nainam dahati pavakah. Nachainam kledayam tyapo na shosayati maruta.” Means this Spirit cannot be killed, it cannot be sucked in, it cannot be destroyed, neither it can be transformed. Is eternal. And to prove that, Christ came on this earth, at this point. And He by His resurrection proved it, that it cannot be killed.

Now I will tell you about Shri Krishna’s life as a diplomat, He was a diplomat. He was the incarnation of diplomacy. And the best diplomacy is such that you give such conditions which are absurd. If you give absurd conditions, then a person gets toppled down over it, and then he succumbs.

Because if you approach directly someone, then the people are very half-baked, and they start intellectualising everything and rationalising. So, better thing is put a proposition before them which is absurd, and let them find out for themselves, and then they come to you with surrendered mind. Now I’ll explain to you how.

Arjuna was His disciple, and Arjuna, when he went to war with Kauravas, who were the satanic forces in those days, got into a mood of despondence, and he said that “These are – in these are my relations, these are, there’s my one of my gurus who taught me how to use the arrow – and how am I to fight these people?”

So then He told the Gita, that time He spoke the Gita to him. And He said that – the first thing He said that you should find your Self, you must have Self-knowledge, you should get realisation, you should have the knowledge. Knowledge doesn’t mean the idea about this architecture and all that, but knowledge is the awareness of your Spirit.

So Arjuna being that time a mediocre, I should say, an intellectual [Shri Mataji laughs] – he asked Him a question, as usual intellectuals are good at asking questions, never giving answers [Shri Mataji laughs, laughter].

So the intellectual asked Him that “You are telling us to go to war, and here You are telling me to find my Spirit. How do these two things meet?”, because according to many people who are talking today also, that a man who is realised should not fight, he should sit down and bear all the brunts of the things upon himself, he should suffer.

So he said that “How do You say that I become the Spirit and then I have to fight these evil forces? Why should I fight these evil forces then?”

So He said that “All right, he is a person who is a mediocre, it’s very difficult to tell him how to do it.” Actually, it is very simple. When you are a witness, you can fight better.

You have to fight the evil forces, why are you enlightened if you cannot fight the darkness? You have been made a light to fight the darkness, and not to be happy with yourself: “Oh, I’m the light, I’m the light, I’m the light.” But you have to fight the darkness, and this they would not accept, that “Why should we fight the darkness?”

So He said, “All right. What you do is to do what you want to do and put the fruit of your doing at the Lotus Feet of the Lord.”

Now this is absurd, this is an absurd condition. Like you do your karmas, but put the fruit of that at the Lotus Feet of the Lord. It is an absurd condition, you just can’t do it. Why? Because you have got Mr. Ego sitting down there. Whenever you do something, you always say you are doing it. And even if you say, “Oh, I have married Christ and this is God’s work I’m doing”, you may say it, but in your heart of hearts it is not so.

Because you have not got that hollow personality where there is no ego. You must get rid of this ego, otherwise you are doing the work and you are conscious – it’s a myth, actually human beings don’t do anything whatsoever. It’s a myth.

For example, we have built this beautiful church. Now what have you got? Whatever was created by God, you just changed the forms of that and put it this way. Dead from the dead. What living work have you done? You cannot transform one flower into a fruit, can you?

So, it’s a myth we believe in that we do this, we do that, we do this. Actually, you don’t do anything. You only change forms of the dead from this to that. And this myth that you have got, that you do, accumulates here [Shri Mataji laughs], as this bile-coloured stuff on your head [Shri Mataji points at ego on chakra chart].

It can be quite big, here it is shown it can be so big as that [laughter], even bigger than your body, bigger than this big dome. The one who must have made this must have been – may be having a bigger thing than that, can be possible you see, and then he walked like this on the road, you don’t know how to balance yourself with all this big thing on your head, all the time this ego telling you, “Oh, you are the great.”

And you meet such a person, better be careful. Keep away from people who have done great works. Otherwise they will use you for something else. So keep away from all such people. That’s what is the best. So this Mr. Ego develops into a big thing. And when it develops, it just gives you ideas that, first of all it makes you think, “Oh, you are great, you are very great.”

And then sometimes you get punches on it, because people don’t accept you as that great as you think yourself to be, then with the punch it grows even bigger – with one more punch it’s like a rubber balloon, you see, you punch it, it goes up, again you punch it, it… – both ways it’s horrible: it can be pumped in or it can be punched in.

And once it is punched in, then it can be very, very big, and then you don’t know what to do, so you recoil down into your left Vishuddhi here. Then you say, “Oh, I should not have done it”, because you think by doing that, your ego is hurt. You just go there to feel guilty, because you think by doing that, your ego is hurt. Your image is spoilt, your so-called image of this big balloon is spoilt so you feel hurt.

Now this happening of giving it or to surrendering it at the Lotus Feet of Lord can only happen when your realisation takes place. Now those people who have got realisation, what do you do? You say, “Mother, it is going, it is coming. It’s not going, it’s not working.”

You become a third person. You raise the Kundalini – say you have a friend, you bring the friend along. Now, the friend doesn’t get realisation. You don’t say, “I have given realisation”, you don’t say, “I raised the Kundalini”, but what you do is to say that “Mother, it’s not yet working, it’s little hot this side, there’s a, this finger burning, this chakra is catching.” But you say everything in the third person, you never say “I do”.

Even if your son is not realised, or if your father is not realised, you will tell him, “I’m sorry, you can’t get realisation, it is not working.” It. You become the third person. And that is what it is, when it flows you say, “It’s flowing, it’s working, it’s there.” This is the theory that He tried to propound, that the whole thing should become, the karma should become akarma.

Like the sun: the sun shines, but the sun doesn’t – is not conscious that it is shining, it’s just emitting. It’s not bothered. It’s not conscious of it. It comes, it changes so many leaves into – gives them colour, gives oxygen – does all kinds of things and it goes back. Least bothered. It is just emitting. It does not require any kind of a self-satisfaction that “I have done it, I am doing it.”

That kind of a thing should happen to you when you just become an akarma. That is what He was saying. This is the karma theory of Shri Krishna. But He said that a day will come when you will get your realisation and then this karma will be sucked in. Christ is the embodiment of all that Krishna prophesized or said, He came on this earth to prove it.

The second thing that He talked about is about the Bhakti Yoga, that you must – you worship by your, this side – that you must worship God, that you must surrender yourself to God. Now, when we say that we pray to God, we ask for [from] Him – I mean, we ask everything, I mean, the way we ask God all the time really is something so horrible. Like we’ll say that, “Now I want to have a divorce, get cancer for my wife, or do this for…” I mean, all sorts of things we ask for.

We say that “We are in the war, we should win, the enemy should be lost”, and all sorts of things we ask for [from] God. I mean, God must be fed up the way we ask things [laughter, Shri Mataji laughs].

But whatever it is, to surrender at the Lotus Feet of God, through your worship, Krishna has been diplomatic again. He said that, “If you have to do “bhakti”, worship, it should be ananya, ananya.” Now, this word is the most diplomatic, and He used it again and again with all these scholars and all these people have missed it. “Ananya” means when there is not the other, when you are connected. You must do the surrendering when you are connected, which is very true. Without connection, if you start doing any bhakti, whom are you doing the bhakti? If there is no connection – supposing I’m sitting in London, you are here. You are writing letters after letters, letters after letters, I never receive them, I never read them, I’ve nothing to do with it. So what’s the use? You must have some connection with God Almighty: then whatever bhakti you do it has a meaning.

So, before Realisation, the bhakti has no meaning. Like these mad people “Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Hare Rama Hare Krishna” – by saying these things if you can achieve anything – then it is the easiest, but the one thing that you spoil is this centre. You spoil the worst of all, and they always get throat cancer. The reason is, the first of all, you spoil the centre; you spoil the centre because you go on saying, “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” too many times. What is there to take God’s name like that? It’s very, very cheap thing. If you are realised, you don’t have to take God’s name like that.

There’s a protocol of God: if you are to take His name, you have to take it properly, with a protocol, even after realisation. But if you just go on saying, “Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ”, all the way – Christ will be so angry with you. What is it? Is He such a cheap thing?

First of all you’ll spoil, the name, here, by taking – I mean, mechanically, I mean, physically you will spoil this throat. I mean, when I also speak too much I have to get some sort of a soothing thing for my throat. So you can imagine a person who is not realised, who has no idea as to what name to be taken, he takes that name all the time, the “mantras” so-called that are given to you. You get spoiled this [Central Vishuddhi], plus you spoil your – this mantra [left Vishuddhi], because this left side, because you have taken the unauthorised name of Shri Krishna. So you are in for a throat cancer. If you want to get it, you better join this “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” cult. And they think they are very near Krishna. How will they recognise Shri Krishna? But this chakra is the best among others for one reason: if this chakra is spoilt, say – smoking spoils it a little bit. In the beginning if it is too much smoking it spoils very badly.

Then the, from the cervical plexus, the nerves go down on both the sides. And the sensitivity in the hands is so little, that when you start feeling the vibrations, you may feel a jet of air coming out of your head, a great jet, but in the hands you may not feel anything at all. At all, there are many who just don’t feel anything in the hands. In the beginning they just don’t feel, because their hands are not sensitive. They have done greatest harm to their cervical plexus. And that’s why this chakra is stopped. It doesn’t give you the sensitivity, though the Kundalini has crossed through.

But gradually then Kundalini spreads on the sides and gives energy to this centre, which passes through the system, and then you start feeling in the hands the all-pervading Power which is the knowledge. Otherwise people don’t feel it, they may feel it in the head but not in the hands.

I was really shocked when I came here nine years back, that this country was nothing but a chimney. That time, everyone – whether it was a woman, or a man, or a child – everyone used to smoke, and so much of smoking that, really, I didn’t know how this Vishuddhi, the America, is going to live.

[Now, please pay attention here, all right? Don’t turn round your heads. Now.]

Now, this centre should be used in such a manner that you keep your collectivity. A person who is an individualist, who keeps away from collective beings, who does not give vibrations, sits at home before my photograph, wants to take vibrations and all that – such a person will not be able to progress much in Sahaja Yoga. This has an inlet and an outlet. Unless and until you give, there is an outlet, there will not be the inlet of vibrations. With your hands you give to others.

Now, the fourth thing Krishna has said is the Raja Yoga, in which you get Kundalini awakening and you get all these chakras acting. He has given actually the action into which they move. Like the bandhas take place, how these chakras go and sort of catch hold of that part of the Kundalini and hold it up. And how these bandhas take place, all He has described; is the thing that happens when Kundalini starts.

Like one can describe that when the car starts, the car starts moving and the, all the other small bolts and nuts, and all of them are there, they also start then moving one after another. The whole mechanism, the works, you can say, starts manifesting itself. In the same way, within us it starts working, this is what He said.

But people are using it for Kriya Yoga which is nonsense. Like you sit down, hold your stomach. But the Kundalini has not started: why are you holding your stomach, and hold your nose, then you hold these ears? What is the use? The Kundalini has not yet started: why are you doing all this nonsense? You see, there is this here your Yogananda, who has taught this nonsense to you of Kriya Yoga.

I mean, horrible it is. The amount of diseases one can get from this… I mean, unnecessarily you shave your head. Why to shave your head? By shaving your head are you going to go to God? Then why has He given you hair? They shave their head – nonsense it is, absolutely, to shave your head. The sheep is shaved every week – every year twice: and by shaving your head, you are not going to go to God. These all nonsensical ideas to shave your head, to wear a funny dress, walk seriously like this, and you’ll go to God?

One must understand that the happening has to take place of Kundalini awakening has to take place itself, is a spontaneous, is a living thing. By doing all these artificial things you are spoiling yourself completely. It automatically happens. But all this mechanism, you don’t have to worry, because once the Kundalini rises, it happens. What is actually, I now feel that Krishna never knew that human beings will be so mad.

For example supposing, if your car has not started, do you start moving its machinery by hand? And believe that the car has started moving? It’s the most absurd thing to do to spoil the car. And that’s what exactly you do, when you try to do this Kriya Yoga. There is a-kriya, you don’t have to do any action. The action takes place by itself, it is built-in. It is within you.

I will give you another example, supposing there’s a seed, and you want to sprout it. Will you try to pull the primule out of it? (Laughter) Will it sprout? It’s that senseless, I tell you, the way people try to do all these tricks, standing on their head and… God has given us legs to stand, not the head to stand. I don’t know from where this idea has come that you stand on your head. By that Kundalini is never awakened. It is for a certain disease, that that head standing is good, but not for everyone. It’s for a cure of a disease, that’s all. All sorts of funny ideas, even people drink urine! I mean, all sorts of things they do, nonsensical things, you know, to get to Realisation.

There was one lady of Neem Karoli Baba, he’s another horrible fellow. And she came to me and she was like this, like this, like this. I told her, “What did you do there? What did you do with this man?” “Oooh Mother, he blessed me specially.” I said, “What?” “He gave me his water.” I said, “His water? What is his water is this?” [Laughter] And this is the water she drank, for days together, for years together, and now she says, “I can’t forget him!” Imagine, to bring God to that level! I mean, can there be a greater blasphemy and ridiculous way of treating God Almighty who has created you?

There’s no respect! No respect! You don’t respect yourself, you don’t respect your chastity, you don’t respect your private parts. How can you respect God? This is what it is, and they teach you not to respect. And this is what happens when you start reading Gita – you see, they are all blind people, blind people can’t read Gita. Blind people cannot read Bible: they’ll never understand, they will never understand the inner meaning of it and they’ll just twist it for their own purpose.

Now the left-hand side is the one that gives you, what you call, the guilt feeling. I don’t know whom to blame now. For example, say, the churches, the Catholic churches. I mean, when did Christ say that you are guilty? From where did they pick up this? I cannot say from where they picked it up. Christ could never have said that you are guilty, that you should feel guilty, that you should suffer. I mean, from childhood if you tell somebody that “You are guilty”, he’ll become automatically, it’s a conditioning on the person. He will devise methods to find out that what guilt he has.

After all, you are a human being, and you can make mistakes. And you are blind, God knows that! And He also knows that all your mistakes are to be forgiven. They are to be forgiven, and you are to be given realisation.

He is worried about His own creation, isn’t He? Is He going to waste you only because you have committed some mistakes here and there? And what mistakes can you commit? That also let’s see. He is the ocean of love. He is the ocean of compassion. He is the ocean of forgiveness. He is ocean, and you are a drop in the ocean. And how much a drop can carry a dirt that He cannot cleanse? Think of it. Think of it when you say you are guilty.

This is a fashion that is developed here, and sometimes I find this guilt is nothing but this Mr. Ego coils up into it and says, “All right, I’m guilty, finished.” It is not facing the fact.

Supposing you have done the mistake, what’s the use of saying, “I have done the mistake, I have done the mistake, I have done the mistake”? Do you correct it? Do you correct it by that, saying that “I have done the mistake, now I’ve done the mistake”?

It would be something, say, we got lost in the car, and we went into another road. Now we sit down there crying, “Oh, we have made the mistake, better sit down.” Here people are waiting for me, all right, for the programme, and I am sitting down there crying, “We have done the mistake, we have come to the wrong line, we should not have been here.”

If I have done the mistake, correct it and come back to the right position! Go on correcting it! Instead of that, this is the best way of sitting down saying, “We have done the mistake, I should not have done this, I should not have done this.” Putting down yourself, “I can’t do it” – to be diffident all the time – “Oh, I just can’t do it.” This could be very dangerous, very dangerous.

For example, supposing in an accident you have harmed somebody. Now you sit down there, “Oh I have done the mistake, I’ve committed the mistake.” Oh please, get hold up of that person whom you have harmed, take him to the hospital, get him treated!

This is the way we do not face by feeling guilty. It’s a very good way of Mr. Ego to coil up into the left Vishuddhi and say, “Oh, you are guilty.”

Who are you to judge yourself? Why do you judge yourself? How do you judge yourself? You have no method of judging yourself. All the time you find out ways and methods of feeling diffident in life. And such diffident people, what are they going to do? You have to take swords in your hand of honesty and of dedication to God’s work. There they are standing with the sword like this [shaking]. They can’t even handle a little stick in their hand, what are they going to do? Because they are all very guilty people, all the time shaking. Why to feel guilty, by making yourself so diffident and useless warrior of God’s work? This guilt is the worst thing, and in Sahaja Yoga, the first mantra always I ask to say, “I am not guilty.”

You don’t judge yourself like that. You have no business to condemn yourself. God has created you with such difficulties, now understand it. You are above everything that is [Indistinct], much above these things, much above all these flowers, much above all the stars, all the sky that is created. And here you are, like fools you are feeling guilty and sitting down at home and spoiling the work of God!

You have to get to your Realisation, you have to get to your absolute, you have to get to your own being! And become what you are, and not to waste all the work that He has done here [Shri Mataji points at chakra chart].

How He must be feeling! How much He has done for you, to become this! And here you are, on a small thing you just slip out, and spoil the complete work. Is this the way to behave towards your Father? And towards your Mother? And towards Christ, their son? Is this the way to treat?

We have to stand up with courage, with fearlessness. This gives you fear, unnecessary botheration, and worries, and you start thinking about things which do not exist, all imaginary. Left Vishuddhi is a curse of modern times. And I would request you all to come out of it. Every morning you tell yourself that “I’m not guilty!” You must say it thrice in the morning and thrice in the evening. [Laughter]

What is there to feel guilty about? I wish Christ had included this in the prayer. But you have to forgive yourself, first of all. I mean, He could never have imagined that humans – human beings – would be so stupid as to all the time say that “I am guilty, I can’t forgive myself.” Human beings have escapes for everything. Now this is a new modern method they have devised of running away from reality. Reality is to be faced, and to be enjoyed. It is called as veeraja, is the one that has to permeate into, joy. You come and sit on the throne and enjoy.

[Shri Mataji coughs] Today my Vishuddhi is out – now see. [Shri Mataji goes to drink]

Now, I have been able to tell you in short about Vishuddhi chakra. Let’s go to the another chakra here which is called as the Agnya chakra. Agnya chakra resides in the centre of optic chiasma. Optic chiasma is the one which crosses each other, and in the centre of it is the special centre called as Agnya chakra. Is a very subtle centre, and this centre is adorned by our Lord Jesus Christ.

He is the son of Mahalakshmi. Is the son of the entire Power that resides here [Shri Mataji points all along central channel on chakra chart]. Is the Mahalakshmi, the Viratangana, the wife of Virata, the power of the Primordial.

He is the son created by Her and is very well described in the Devi Purana and other books, which are not yet translated, I think, in English, as Mahavishnu. He is called as Mahavishnu, so the Vishnu’s greater form; but He is the son of Vishnu [Shri Mataji points at Agnya chakra on chakra chart], He is the son of Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna had described Him as somebody who is the Adhara, is the support of the whole universe.

He has given him a higher position than Himself, see [Shri Mataji shows on chakra chart that Agnya is placed higher than Vishuddhi]. And He said, “This One, when He will be coming on this earth, He will prove all that I have said. He’ll prove because He will be the essence, He will be the Omkara, He will be the all-pervading power, He’ll walk on the water. Not only, but He’ll be resurrected, His body will be resurrected.”

He has described Him fully there, and He has given Him the highest position that He is the Adhar, He is the support, because He lives there at the Mooladhara also, at the support of the root.

And He resides – actually, He is the vice-chancellor of this university, we can say, that at every point [Shri Mataji points at the various chakras on chakra chart] we have to have Him to certify. If He is not there, you cannot, you cannot awaken the Kundalini, if you don’t believe in Him you cannot retain your realisation.

Yesterday, a lady asked me, “Can we not do it without Christ?” I said, “I’m sorry.” Without Christ – because He is all-pervading, He is the Omkara, He is the One who is the power, He is the One who is flowing in us, He is the Spirit. Now, if you are seeking the Spirit, how can you do it without it? It’s an absurd question. It is He came on this point [Agnya], and this being a narrow path, He had to pass through it to prove what Krishna had said, that it cannot be killed, He got Himself crucified. It was a drama played by Him.

His Mother was the Holy Ghost, was the part that is the Mahalakshmi, but He didn’t say a word about Her. He didn’t say, because if He had said it, people would have put their attention to Her, and He is bestowed with eleven powers of destruction. He is such a powerful person.

You may show Him as a lanky-panky fellow because that satisfies your sadism, you want to see Christ like that – He was not like that. He was, He is only painted by, I think, Rubens very well, but the best is that in the Sistine Chapel, where Michelangelo has really boldly painted Him the way He was.

He was a tall – not very tall, quite tall – and a very healthy and a hefty person with a big stomach. He is known as Lambodara, with a big stomach. And He could carry such a huge, big cross on His back.

So people when they showed Him, I mean, then I was amazed at it, how could they show Christ in such a miserable state, how could they do it, I mean, horrible it is!

This is just their own expression, that’s how they wanted Him to be, these are the people who must have definitely crucified Christ. Because they liked to see Him so miserable and unhappy. How can a person who is a realised soul be that way? He has to be a cheerful person, fiery, dynamic! It has to be a healthy person!

A miserable person supposing before you stands and talks like this – are you going to believe that person? But this is the way they have treated Christ throughout – they have maligned Him, and they have treated Him, they have – He has been crucified so many times. I find it impossible to believe that how these people are reborn who crucified Him again! And again and again they are crucifying Him.

The crucifixion is not the message of Christ. That’s why I also don’t like people to wear the cross, I can’t see the cross. It’s not! Cross, of course, is very helpful, because if the bad spirits see the cross they run away. But it is a reminder of something which was unbearable. Because the Mother had all the power, She was Mahalakshmi. He had eleven powers, eleven powers to destroy. You can imagine, He has still those powers. And He had to go through all that without destruction. He saw through it.

Now, people may say, “How was He resurrected?” First of all, they have an objection to Immaculate Conception. I mean, they have objection for everything. He was not a human being. He was the Divine Power!

I conceive you in my heart. Do you know that? And I put my Kundalini and I put you on my – from my heart into it and I take you out from here [Shri Mataji probably shows Sahasrara on the chakra chart].

The way you have got your second birth, in the same way, Christ got His immaculate birth. She put Him in the heart and into the uterus down below and She created Him. It’s very easy to doubt Him and say things against Him because He is no more. And the Jews must learn a lesson now. They denied Him once and they have suffered. Now, don’t deny Him again. You cannot deny the person, the embodiment of this Divine Power.

Christians may be blown off, if Christians have tortured you, forget them, they are just the same as you are – fanatics, fanatics, fanatics. Whether they are Christians or they are Muslims – Khomeini is the same as any other person. I do not find any difference whatsoever. Dogmatic, ignorant, fanatic. Forget these people, they do not stand for Christ. Christ Himself has said in second chapter of Matthews, II verse, “You’ll be calling Me, ‘Christ, Christ, I won’t recognise you.’ Who are these?” The people who say, “Christ – we are the solicitors of Christ. We are the people who are in charge of Christ.” All of these people will be charged, and they will be thrown away in the hell the way they have managed things about Christ.

Some of them are genuine – they don’t know that this is artificial, they are genuinely in it, but they must get their realisation. They must ask for their real realisation and they must know what is Christ within themselves, they have to awaken this Christ here. Now, as I was telling you that Christ said that “You are to be born again”, that “I’m to be born in your heart.”

Now, the heart centre is here as well as here because the heart is controlled by this centre at the fontanel bone area. And that’s what He said that “You should get your realisation”, when He said, “You should be put in the heart.”

Now, the people of various countries, even your country, went down to India. And they never told that Christ was born who was the Mahavishnu. Because He is already described in the Puranas that He is the Adhara – He is the One who will be – once awakened in the Kundalini, [Shri Mataji corrects Herself] by the Kundalini – will suck your karmas. They never went and told, so the Indians went on with their karma-theory, and these gurus have come here to teach you karma.

It is amazing how you accept all these theories of nonsense. Like they’ll say that “You have to suffer, because you have done bad karmas.” Then they may say that “Yes, you can give you a balance, but you go this way or that way and you just keep into balance”.

If that is so – that you have to go to one extreme and to another extreme – then what are they doing here? Why are they talking? They too should shut up, because they cannot do anything. They cannot give you realisation. They cannot save you from this situation. So, it’s better that you suffer.

But why do they say you should suffer? Why should they say? Because they want to enjoy your sufferings. They want you to suffer because they enjoy it.

So many of these disciples who came from these horrible gurus, who said, “You must have your karmas and you must suffer”, told me that they saw their gurus giggling at them and mocking at them. And they showed me some of the photographs they had taken of these gurus, which show complete mockery of these stupid disciples who were suffering in their body and suffering in their mind, in the presence of these gurus. So, they have a double enjoyment – one the money, another is the sadism, and third, the greatest of all, that their purpose is to kill you all and to destroy you all, because you are God’s men. That they achieve by their falsehood, because you are impressed by their falsehood.

Now, see, if there was any false guru here this hall would be filled, the whole thing would be filled, on the road there would be a jam. But the real guru – I have seen not only here – everywhere it starts very slowly. Of course, in a place where people are very simple and who are very sensitive it’s a different point. But the people in a city specially, they are so insensitive to reality and so sensitive to devils that it is surprising, they feel very much at home with the devils and very much lost with the reality. Because you are in falsehood! So, you must know that you have to become the real. You have to become that which is the Spirit, which is not so far, is shining in your central nervous system, in your awareness. And this is the Spirit, is the One, is Christ.

I’ve spoken before also in the churches, but today for the first time I am speaking about Christ in a church. And that’s why I was very happy that at least in this church I would say something that could establish Him, and that when people will come here, I hope they get their realisation and that something works out here, they get at least the awakening, because so many saints are sitting in front of me. Maybe that one day will come in this church, maybe, it may work out that people will get their realisation.

Christ’s life was only for three, four years. Nobody allowed Him to live longer than that. Whatever was possible was done, but such stupid people, such stupid people, you could not talk to them. And that’s how they killed Him. He could not speak to them anymore and that’s how His life was finished. But in that small life of His – what a spark it was! What a spark it was! The way people have behaved towards Him is atrocious, I must say. I must say the apostles themselves, because this Matthews and this – he was such an intellectual, such an intellectual – he would not accept the idea of Immaculate Conception. Very difficult man – he would argue it out.

He said, “If a virgin is going to give the child, then everybody is going to say that it’s a very, very blasphemous thing, it’s a very, very illegitimate thing and it should not be spoken of.” Horrible fellow and one better than the other. And when they took up about the spreading of Christianity, they took it in such a funny way, because they became supra-conscious before that. They started speaking the languages of so many people.

That part of Bible is wrong where they became not realised. The wind part is all right, but so many people I’ve seen who come to my program, when they come for realisation, they feel the wind for a while and immediately they shunt off and become supra-conscious. Now, we’ll see what is supra-conscious entry and the subconscious entry.

Now you see here there are two buds. These are the two petals. One controls, of course, the pituitary, that controls the ego, and the pineal, that controls the superego. But this also has a capacity to bloat this out this way, and bloat this out this way.

Supposing you become supra-conscious: for start, you start thinking too much, about – something about the future, what must be the galaxy, we should find out about it and you must find out about the stars and about all these things and about future, about – say – prophecies, what else is that is, astrology, and all these, you see, futuristic. You people are mostly futuristic, you try to plan, you try to do – and every plan fails, of course. But this thinking of planning of too much can push this up this side, too much. Actually, as shown here is this side, but actually, when it is placed, it is placed like this. The ego is placed like this and the superego is like this. Here we could not show the three dimensions.

So, from the back to this side is the superego, and from here to here is the ego. Now, this ego bloats out this way – into this side. And when it bloats out this side it goes into the supra-conscious area. So it comes up this side. Now, the supra-conscious area gives you visions, hallucinations. LSD does that, LSD does that. Then you start seeing some eye of a person, who is a dead person, but a very ambitious person, for example you might get the vision of Hitler.

You might get the vision of, say, all these horrible kings who ruled here. You might get, you see, colours. You may see auras. And one has to understand here that these auras start coming to us, because we shift, we disintegrate from our being. That’s how we start seeing something else separated from us. To see auras is not a good sign in Sahaja Yoga. If you are seeing auras, we have to bring you back to the same position, because you have to be in the present and not in the future. You get disintegrated.

For example, if there’s a machine, say, which takes the auras – auras, I was talking to someone, who has done that work of aura-picturing. Now, before – after realisation you don’t get any auras in a person, cannot get any auras in a person, because he is integrated, completely integrated.

But when he is in a mess, you start getting the auras. Like if he has cancer you’ll get auras, if he is an alcoholic you’ll get auras, the kind with crazy auras, a normal person may have auras not so much crazy. But auras you cannot feel when the whole thing is integrated. You can see in a, say, light; if there is no aberration that means it’s a good light. If there is aberration, then it’s a bad light. All the seven colours of a light has to be concentrated and has to be integrated. If they are prismatic and if they are giving you separately, then it is not one integration. And when it is one integration, then you cannot see seven lights.

So, the person is not integrated. Now, all these auras come to us, because we are made of seven type of cocoons within us. But the people who are on the right side only believe in the five cocoons, they call them “koshas”. I don’t think if I have time for that, but these are the koshas have been created by – one is created by the first centre, by the second centre, by the third centre – this is how the physical goes – thing. By the fourth one, then the fifth one.

And the sixth and the seventh are the things that they do not create auras outside – they create inside near the heart. And these are created near the heart, but as soon as you get your realisation, they all become one. They all merge into one and that is the Spirit. So, as if you can say when the Spirit exists in a prismatic state, then you get the auras of seven, but when it becomes integrated that you become one, all the auras become one.

So, integration is the aim of Sahaja Yoga and now, I think, I have told you how you can also go to the sub-conscious area, the same way. The sub-conscious area is on the left-hand side. If you move into collective sub-conscious area, say for example, you can be triggered into cancer. By this triggering you might get heart attacks and things like that, diabetes. Now, many people believe sugar gives you diabetes – is nonsense. Sugar doesn’t give you diabetes. What gives the diabetes is too much thinking. Those who do not think too much never get. Indian farmers never get diabetes – they don’t know what disease this is.

Because you think too much, you work too much, this centre works too much. It has to create food for the brain, it has to replace the brain centres. And these brain centres are to be replaced. For that it creates out of fat the new centres, the evolved cells, like I said here. And because of that work, if it is too much, it neglects the other things which it has to work out throughout, one of them is the spleen, another is pancreas. And when it neglects the pancreas you get diabetes. Not by sugar. Of course, sugar because it has to convert it into fat. But if you do not have sugar then it’s a double work. If you have sugar, it converts it into fat and makes it useful for your brain. But if you think too much, then – and you don’t take sugar – it’s a double action. But if you just take sugar and do not think also can be problem, I think, because he has to convert too much of – into fat, you see. So, too much work is given, there is no balance.

So, one has to understand that too much sugar is not good, but you must take sugar, because the sugar is needed – and stop your thinking. How do you stop your thinking? Only by rising above the Agnya chakra. This is a very, very important point at Agnya that you must know that the thinking stops. Now, the thinking comes to you like this – like a wave. It rises the thought and falls off. Another thought rises and falls off. In between there is a place called as “Vilamba”. Now, when the thought rises it automatically falls round; you can see the rising of the thought, but not falling off. Now, this space is the place of present. This rises either from the ego or superego and goes into the past. The in-between space is the present. One is the future, one is the past. Now, this place has to increase.

When it increases, then what happens is that Agnya chakra opens more, and you become thoughtlessly aware. You become thoughtlessly aware, you come in the present. There’s no thought. And thought is the barrier between the creation and ourselves.

For example, you look at this – say, a beautiful stone that is placed there or anything. You watch it. Now, if you want to think, “Oh, it looks like a man, it looks like a devil or it looks like a God”, or whatever it is, there’s a thought you are putting into. So, what you do when you are realised, you just watch – you watch. And whatever the joy is put there of the creator, of an artist, completely is within you, because there is no thought. There is no wave, there is no disturbance in a completely silent lake. All that is around it, all that creation comes into it, absolutely reflected and you enjoy it in thoughtless awareness – called as Nirvichara Samadhi. There’s complete Nirvichara, where you have no thought, and you start enjoying that creation completely, the joy of that is there, nothing is lost. So, the thoughtless awareness comes in when the Kundalini crosses this Agnya chakra.

It does double work. First it makes you thoughtlessly aware. Secondly, because the Kundalini, if it has pierced through, it pushes these, and She fills these with the grace. The Grace falls on these. When the grace comes in, you start relaxing, these centres also relax. These centres are in a tension. But when the grace comes in, they go back into normal. So, there is more sort of expansion and the thoughtless awareness starts establishing itself at the Agnya chakra.

Now, the mantra of Agnya chakra is the Lord’s Prayer. It has got two sides, Ham and Ksham. Ham means “I am” and Ksham means “I forgive”. So, if supposing this is catching, you have to say, “I forgive”. If there is ego within us you should say, “I forgive”. If there is superego within us you should say, “I am! I am!” So, it is Ham and Ksham, is the Bija, is the seed. Is a seed of the prayer – Lord’s Prayer.

Now, there are people who are talking the Lord’s Prayer is not all right. I mean, who are you, what do you know about it? Everybody is challenging everyone. What do you know? What is your authority? The trouble is everybody is entitled to do what they like with religion and with God. Though they do not know anything about it, they are absolutely ignorant, but they think they have a right. Because there is no political control over it. Even Hitler can talk about Christ, anybody can talk about Him.

And about the Prayer that He taught you, who are you to challenge it? Who are you to challenge Him? I can’t understand how do you challenge a person without knowing your own position in relation to Him. But this is a very, very common thing that people do and is due to ego. Ego makes you high-handed. And this is the worst type of high-handedness that you challenge God, you challenge Christ, you challenge everything which you don’t understand.

Your mind is limited. It’s a very limited vehicle. You cannot do anything with this mind of yours. You have to go beyond it.

Somebody has to trigger you into the space, you have to go into there. You have to become the Spirit. Only by realising your Spirit you can get connected with God, which before that you are not connected. That’s why you have to become the Spirit. And the Spirit is the connection, is the link with God. There is no other way you can be linked with God. If you want to keep yourself in delusion, you go ahead with it. But this is the real thing I’m telling you, it’s the true thing I’m telling you, for which you should know you cannot pay, you cannot purchase it, you cannot demand it, and you cannot work it out.

The grace of God has to come, fall upon you to do it, or a person who is enlightened can only enlighten you. Now, about Christ if I have to speak – I’ve spoken once on Christ for seven days, one after another. There’s no end to it. He was such a great incarnation that I just do not know how to say that He’s the – I’ve spoken all about Him there. As it is we have many tapes in London, you can send for it.

We are now going to have a centre here. Herman has offered his place. And we’ll be sending those tapes there, at least 300 tapes we have got in London, which you can listen to, and see for yourself. And all of these tapes are very good, because they are actually mantras, they work out the mantras and you also get – listening to them – opening of your centres and all that.

Now the last of all, which is embarrassing, because, you see, already he has told you that I’m supposed to have been here at this [Shri Mataji points at Sahasrara on chakra chart]. It is the integration. The end of it is the integration of all these seven centres.

All these seven centres are placed around this area called as the limbic, here, this is the limbic area. Now, if you cut it – the brain – like this transverse section of the brain you’ll find it, it’s like a lotus. You can find it that there in the marking it’s like a lotus, opened out. And it’s 1000 petals as called, are like this. But the colouring is not all right, you people are so fond of these pastel colours, so they have used it. But we can say that this kind of 1000 petals is there. Now it is said in the Bible that, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.” And these are, they appear, they all appear. But these are very large ones and they appear as living, living flames in different colours, starting from one to another and they are 1000 in number.

Now, the doctors argue that, “They cannot be thousand, there have to be 192.” I mean, just imagine these foolish people to argue on that. But they do not know they’re 1000 in number, and they are placed here. But in the limbic area, all the seven centres are surrounded here.

Like we have got now- you see, from here, this is the Agnya chakra. Here. Behind it here at the back, just exactly at the back, is the Mooladhara. Surrounding it, is this Swadishthana. Surrounding the Mooladhara is the Swadishthan. If you are catching on Swadishthana, you can feel it within yourself, the heaviness here.

If you are catching, say you have diabetes, give an example. Diabetes people get blind after some time. They lose the power of the eyes, because this thing oppresses the optic lobe which is controlled by the Mooladhara chakra, we call it as Back Agnya, this portion at the back. So, this is the Swadishthana chakra. Here at the back, in the centre here, you find a bone, that’s the Mooladhara and around it is the Swadishthana chakra.

Then here is the Vishuddhi chakra, is the Virata. Is the Vishuddhi chakra here. When you catch cold, you’ll find you’ll have a problem here. But if you apply something here, you’ll feel better. And this is the Vishuddhi chakra which is related to your throat, this one. Now, if you have problems with collectivity also you might find a big block here.
Now, at the back of it is the Nabhi here, at the back. This Nabhi has a left and a right side. As we have shown here, the left Nabhi and the right Nabhi, there are two, left and right Nabhi – I don’t know if I have told about that, left and right Nabhi. But, I mean, you can find out from the book that there’s left and right Nabhi. So, you have got a left and a right Nabhi.
And also, you sometimes feel the Nabhi in here [close to the heart]. Some people do feel who have problems with their gurus and things like that, you see. Then you feel it. But the whole Void is here [Shri Mataji shows a circumference]. And this Void is called as Ekadesha Rudra. This Void, the whole of it. It goes like a ring around it. And this ring is very important, because this you get it from the Void. If you go to a bad guru or someone you get this.
And this is the one [on the forehead] that is of the Rider – the Rider, the one who has eleven powers of destruction, the one who’s going to come to slash out. Then He’s not going to give you any counsel. He is not going to redeem you, no Realization. He’ll slash out those who are not Realised and He will emancipate the one who are Realized. He does the last that you don’t ask just now, give some time more to save some more people. Because He is not going to question anyone, He is not going to allow you any more time. And that will be the time of complete destruction of all the satanic forces. So that is the Ekadesha here. That collects, because all these horrible gurus are here [in the Void]. These are the Ekadeshas. And this is one thing is to be understood that one should get rid of this very easily.

Now, these two children of Rama who were born here, and they are endowed on the Sun and the Moon. The Sun and the Moon both are here [Shri Mataji touches Agnya on chakra chart]. And the sun became – as I told you – Buddha ultimately here, and he became the – not ultimately – the Mahavira, they are here. But when they were on this earth, Buddha talked about non-violence, and people thought non-violence to chickens, to bugs.

These Mahavira people, these Jains, we have got horrible community called Jains in India. And they believe in vegetarianism to this extent that they get a Brahmin, pay him money and put him in a hut and bring all the bugs of the village, put those in the hut and the bugs live on that Brahmin. Is a fact, even today they do it. And then they pay some money to the Brahmin, because the bugs are fed. Now, you just tell me this kind of a nonsensical vegetarianism. Am I going to give realisation to chickens? Just think of it. Or to the bugs or to the earthworms?

You are human beings, you should eat a flesh which is not of a bigger animal than yourself, because that’s horrid. But you can eat the flesh of the animals which are smaller than you. There’s no harm in eating that – and this kind of a nonsensical vegetarianism, “Don’t do any harm to the animals”, but they don’t mind doing this.

Jains are the greatest, they are, you see, such – just like suckers. And they don’t mind killing people for their money. They don’t mind going for – what you call – shikars, in hunting and killing anything; but they will not eat a chicken or even the garlic.

Now, garlic, as you know, is very good for the heart. But they don’t eat garlic. It’s very good for the heart, it’s very good for people who have got a tendency towards hardening of the arteries, when the circulation is a problem, it’s very good to eat that, and for cold.

Those people who suffer from cold, if they regularly eat a fresh garlic thing in the night, brush their teeth, they’ll be much better off. So, while talking about it I would say.

Now, these seven centres are here. Now, at the fontanel bone is the centre of the heart. Now, just imagine, it is at the centre. So, where do I exist? I mean, all of them are seven centres, so I am just like a bubble. But if I am in your heart, I’m there [Shri Mataji touches Her Sahasrara].

So, the key of Sahaja Yoga that you have to recognise me. If you cannot recognise me you cannot progress in Sahaja Yoga, I have to frankly admit it. Because he’s already exposed me, I don’t tell this in my first lectures, but I have to say that “Please, now recognise me.” As your Mother I would request you to recognise me. And you don’t have to give me anything, just take things from me. Just have it yourself. But recognise me. If you deny me then this [Shri Mataji touches Her Sahasrara] won’t open, this will be always covered.

That’s why at the end when you say, “Mother, give me my Realisation.” Because I have come on this earth to give you Realisation. That’s my job. It’s one of the worst jobs that one can have. [Laughter, Shri Mataji laughs]

Because it is so difficult with people: to talk to them, to tell them about it, and they are all the time up in arms, they are so aggressive, and they start fighting.

It’s a Mother’s job, which is a thankless job, absolute thankless job. I have to do it. And also only Mother can do it. Because if you had Christ, He would have taken those eleven things and finished off everyone. If you had asked Christ – [Shri Mataji corrects Herself] Krishna – He had also Samhara Shakti, He would have killed. But to use the whole thing with integrated idea and with balancing, with understanding human beings you have to have a Mother. And that’s why sometimes people try to become very familiar and start taking advantage or taking liberties, which is a wrong thing. Whatever I am I am and I’m Love – I can’t help it. I really can’t help it. I’m compassion.

One day I did feel very disgusted, really. Once I did feel very disgusted with people the way they were, and I was just saying that “Forget it!” And then suddenly, I saw my photograph and I saw my eyes, and I said, “Nirmala, you are compassion, you are compassion, you can’t help it. You just can’t help it.” I have to work it out. I know it means, it means sometimes too much, too much, but I have to work it out.

Now, some people come out with a question, “Why You, Mother?” I said, “Why not you, it’s a good idea! Come along and do it!” [Laughter] I’ll be the best – it will be the best for me to retire, and my husband might give you a pension for it, he’ll so happy that I’ve found out somebody who will replace me. But I have not yet found out somebody who will replace me, I wish you could, will be a good idea.

Now, the name Nirmala itself is, means Immaculate. Means, the one who is the cleansing power. Is a name of the Goddess also. My, actually sign name is Lalita, is the name of the Primordial Mother – that is the name of the Primordial Mother.

But to be a human being with all these centres around you working, for example for the last three days you don’t know how much I am vibrating, you can ask Warren and other people, I asked them to take the vibrations, and they were doing like this, where they couldn’t touch me. They tried to put the hand on the head, and they were just – and they didn’t know how to touch me, even it is so much vibrating.

So, it’s not easy to carry this, all this load on this human body, appear like a human being, to act like a human being, to behave like a human being, so that there is a rapport. Why an Incarnation is needed?

There has to be a rapport, because the Unconscious cannot talk to you, whatever you see in the dream comes back to you afterwards from the subconscious area – all the ideas will be such a mess, such a confusion and you cannot decide anything.

So, it has to come on this earth as a human being and tell you with a language. I never knew English all my life. So, first time I learnt English, but still I don’t know American English.

I hope I’ll be able to learn something more when I travel around and it’s a thing that – it’s God’s desire that you are to be realised. It’s all written in the Bible; it’s all written in all the books of the scriptures. It is very largely written in the books of Adi Shankaracharya, who had described me fully, in a very full way.

And it’s easy for Indians to get to me. I mean, though I have not much disciples in the cities, but they are aware of my Advent and they know that I am there. Most of them know about it. But they can’t understand why I have come to America. They say that “Why do you come here? The people here won’t accept You.”

But I don’t think so, because I think you are great seekers, very great seekers, born in this country – you are a special type, and I have to work for you.

I must say the transformation that has taken place in the western sahaja yogis has not been achieved by Indians so much. Though they have an advantage because they are born in a country which has basics, which keeps the attention intact. The attention is very much intact. So, it is easy to work it out there – here it is difficult, it doesn’t appeal to people, but still, you are all great people, so many of you are lost, but they can be all saved.

But those who are here should know that you have the greatest opportunity in your lives today to be realised and to give realisation to others. First of all, you have to become all right. Then you can give light to others.

Now, the greatest thing that is needed for Sahaja Yoga is wisdom. And logically you will reach at a conclusion and understand that Sahaja Yoga is the end of all the problems of the world. Of all the problems of the world. For example take the capitalism and communism. Now, I am a capitalist, because I have all the powers, and I am the communist, because I cannot enjoy it without giving it to you. But it’s spontaneous, I have not to do it because I think about it, it just works. It is like that.

All the problems: political problems, economic problems – everything can be solved. Krishna has said, “Yoga Kshema Vahamyaham.” “When you get your Yoga, you get your well-being.” He has promised it. He could have said it, “Kshema Yoga Vahamyaham.” He did not, he said, “Yoga Kshema Vahamyaham.” First your yoga, first unite. Unite with the Spirit, then you are blessed by all these things.

This is the centre of even material wealth, of Lakshmi, which works out. And all the Sahaja Yogis who have been to me, are blessed by material wealth also, but not too much like Mister Ford – that’s an extreme case, that’s a headache, but they get well-being from every angle, in a balanced way and integrated way.

So, the last method is of integration – that you get completely integrated. Whatever you do, your heart supports it, your mind supports it, and your body supports it. You are completely integrated in one being – that is your Spirit.

May God bless you all.

So, now this is the last lecture and I’m going to Philadelphia, and you pray that Philadelphia people get realisation more, and we get more people into Sahaj Yog, and that they become enlightened. Then I’ll be going to Houston, then to Los Angeles and Vancouver for a day. If you have any friends or relatives there you can write to them, take the address, so that they contact and they come down to the program.

May God bless you all.

Normally, I don’t tell about myself, but today he exposed me as soon as I came, I had to tell, because it’s not tactful. It’s not tactful to say anything. It’s better that you discover me than I tell you, because Christ was crucified, everybody was tortured.

I do not want to hamper my work, because it makes no difference by telling you anything before realisation. It’s better to tell you after realisation that I am the Holy Ghost, no doubt. I am the one about which Christ has talked. I had told them, I had never said this on – from a… [Yogini: “Platform”] platform, and I told, they have been telling me, “Mother, You must say that once.” I said, “In America I’ll declare it.”

So, today I declare that I am the Holy Ghost, I am the Holy Spirit, who has incarnated on this earth for your realisation.

May God bless you.

[Second video]

Now, any questions?

Man: Mother, I’d just like to say, “I love You!”

Shri Mataji: What’s it?

Man: And I would like to sometime tonight take the rest of the pictures because I’m not sure the others still have. And this is my important question: how can I still my thoughts?

Shri Mataji: What did he say?

Man: How can I still my thoughts?

Warren: He wants to know how can he still his thoughts.

Shri Mataji: Eh?

Warren: How can he still his thoughts.

Shri Mataji: How can he? What?

Warren: Make himself thoughtless.

Shri Mataji (laughing): You just say Lord’s Prayer. Now, before my photograph. All right? It will work out. Lord’s Prayer is the entry, it’s the entry, no doubt.

Warren: There’s a little announcement concerning all of you – there is a photograph of Mataji which is available from Tracy, who is sitting over there, which you can buy, it’s a very good quality black and white photograph, and she has a few tonight.

Christine will have a stock of those photographs. There is also a book called “The Advent”, which a few people already received, about Mataji’s advent and about Sahaja Yoga, which you’ll be able to buy once you settle into Sahaja Yoga.

Don’t forget that Christine is here, Herman is here, with his home which he has offered as a meeting place for Sahaja Yoga.

You should all get together after Mother’s gone, form a nucleus, get yourselves strong, and then begin to give realisation to others. Then you yourself will be able to establish centres in your own district, maybe even go out of New York.

This is how it’s going to grow. As Mother said, “If there’s one candle which becomes enlightened, it can enlighten another.” You’ve got a tremendous responsibility. Christine is here to assist you, Tracy is going to the West Coast, and this is how it’s going to spread through America. Take it in your both hands.

Shri Mataji: And Steve is in Boston. Steve and Christine are in Boston. Stand up so they can see.

Warren: Steve and Christine are in Boston. Christine? Let everybody see you, so that you can get the names and addresses and any contacts, and Tracy will be in the West Coast if you know anybody over there.

Shri Mataji: And at Herman’s place. Herman, can you stand up? I’m going to see his place tomorrow.

Warren: Where is he?

Shri Mataji: Where is he gone?

Warren: He couldn’t get here tonight, Mother. He had to work tonight.

Shri Mataji: Ah, he had to work tonight, yes.

He came here a few times.

Lady seeker: You mentioned on the right side is the superego, on the right side of the brain.

Warren: You mentioned that the superego is on the right side, instead…

Shri Mataji: No, I mean in the sense that it moves like this, you see? And like this. Now, this way. But more super goes on the right side, it presses more on the right side. But the movement is like, you see, the thing is, the division is like this, all right?

Question: What type of thinking would increase the activity on this side – would increase the superego?

Warren: What sort of thinking would increase the activity of the superego?

Shri Mataji: No no no no no no.

Warren: What sort of thinking, she is asking.

Shri Mataji: What sort of thinking.

Question: Is that too much thinking…?

Shri Mataji: No, you don’t think now. You see, don’t think. You have to become thoughtlessly aware, first of all, don’t think. But once you are realised, once you are realised, whatever you think happens. Whatever you want happens, because your attention is enlightened. Your attention is enlightened.

Like I went to Orléans. There was a lady who was suffering from breast-cancer. And I cured her, she was all right. And I was then in Switzerland, recently, about after a year, and somebody came from Orléans – Robert – and he told me that “Mother, she is all right and she is a Sahaja Yogini. But now she has got a terrible trouble in her kidney and she’s got terrible pain and she is in the hospital”. And as soon as he told me, the pain stopped, and the stone came out. And since that day she is all right. So, it just works that moment.

Whatever you ask for, will work, whatever you want for, it will work, because you become collectively conscious and the collective Being helps you.

Apart from that all the angels – like Saint Michael, who resides on this side. His birthday was yesterday, day before yesterday, they celebrated Saint Michael’s birthday. Is left side here. And Saint Gabriel is on the right-hand side. And all their armies are with you, they all look after you.

For example, a realised soul, established realised soul, is travelling by a train, there will not be an accident. If there is an accident all will be saved. They are saved in such miraculous manners. I mean, there are thousand and one things you will see that you’ll be amazed how you are helped. So, you don’t think, leave it to God! He thinks for you.

Question: Yes. How does one know that which someone who is realised? I read a lot about Rajneesh and I met Swami Vishnudevananda and I’m very impressed by both of them. And how do I know that You…? I was impressed by them as I am impressed by You.

Shri Mataji: What he’s saying?

Warren (repeats): How do you know whether somebody is a realised soul, is a true teacher?

Shri Mataji: You see, unless and until you are your Spirit, you cannot. You have to become your Spirit. Then you get your vibratory awareness. You get the cool breeze coming into you. Now, this cool breeze is nothing but is the all-pervading power, which you start feeling on your – you have come for the first time?

That’s why. This question is justified, but I’ve told about this. Then you start feeling the all-pervading power, all right? Then you can also feel whether a person is realised or not.

But if you are not the Spirit, you can know even logically, for a person who is a realised soul, never can take anything from you.

He cannot be a parasite. He doesn’t live by your earnings. Such a person – it’s all right, you can pay for this hall, all right. You can pay for the travelling of the person, it’s all right. But you cannot live on the money of other people. Because you want supposing somebody to come, you can pay for the taxi to come, that’s a different point.

Now, such a person will have a temperament which will be very detached, not bothered, is not a money-minded person, is not a worldly person sort of a thing, and is not bothered by mundane things of life. Such a person leads a holy life. Has to be a chaste person. Cannot have married his own secretary or something like that and carry… become a yunky or something and behave like a stupid person.

You see, cannot do. All such people cannot be realised souls, one should who – cannot ask for Rolls Royces. I mean, to such a person Rolls Royce is the same as a bullock cart, what is the difference?

I mean, you can sleep on the road, you can sleep in the palace, anywhere, makes no difference to such a person. This person can be rich by birth, could be poor, makes no difference.

He has that kind of a body that he can adjust himself to any kind of life that is there. So many things can be seen; and he cannot take any effort, he should not make you do any effort, it is he who works.

I have to work, you don’t have to work. The person who knows swimming, has to work hard to save the person. Or the person who is to be saved has to work hard? I mean, it’s a simple logic. Simple logic. If they tell you to stand on your head, you tell them that “Are you going to save us or we are going to save ourselves?” Those who have to save have to work hard, very hard.

Warren: Yes.

Shri Mataji: They have come for the first time. And I know that you’ll ask some questions which was…

Seeker: No question.

Shri Mataji: All right.

Seeker: I have no question; I want to just say something.

Shri Mataji: All right. Now tell me.

Seeker: I have no questions because I realise that questions very often create resistance. I must tell You that during Your general lecture I felt as if You were speaking to me.

Shri Mataji: Correct. I know you are a very great seeker; I could see that.

Seeker: And I want to let it sink in, that’s all I want to say, it was beautiful.

Shri Mataji: What he’s saying?

Warren: He is just speaking, saying how much, when he was listening to You…

Shri Mataji: I know, I know, I saw you, I saw you, I could make it out, I was very happy to see you there. Very much happy to see you there. I know, I know, and there are so many like you in this country, which you have to seek and find them out. There are so many, they are just – I don’t know why they are not here, I was expecting them, like you, today. I was expecting you earlier. All right, what is the…

Lady seeker: I read this article in a newspaper one week ago, about biological warfare which is taking place in Cambodia. Do You know what that means, biological warfare?

Warren (repeats): She read an article in the newspaper about biological warfare which is taking place in Cambodia. Biological warfare.

Lady seeker: It means like, You know, they have organisms that, they use organisms which emit a toxin to kill people.

Warren (repeats): They use organisms which emit toxins which kill people.

Lady seeker: And I am wondering if this is the beginning of the end.

Warren (repeats): She says, ‘Is this the beginning of the end?’

Shri Mataji: You see, these things people do because they hate. They hate, they have never known the power of love. They have only known the power of hatred. Power of love is so powerful, so dynamic. You can win them over. It’s nice you brought it to my attention.

My attention is on Cambodia. It was on Vietnam, it was on Cambodia, my chitta, my attention. One has to work it out.

But now, first of all, you should know of this country, which is going to be destroyed from within. You don’t know how much these gurus have destroyed you. This is a very bad, very, very bad atmosphere.

Children can be killed just like that, without even your knowledge. People can be killed just like that, this black magic if it takes over, it can kill you just like that, you will not know.

The spirits can work out black magic and be very effective. They can make people commit suicide, thousands of them can commit suicide. I mean, this is a very much more dangerous thing than that biological stuff which you saw much in the open, but this is secret, and you have to be careful.

Anything can happen in this country.

Apart from that, all of these people you have allowed them to come here, these are anti-Christ. And they have brought all the bad vibrations there. Such bad vibrations that the whole country can go into a big turmoil, I mean, there could be a very big upheaval, earthquakes, can be anything.

Horrible things can happen to this country, I mean, you are perched on a very, very serious situation, which you should pay attention to.

Don’t pay attention to Cambodia. It’s not so difficult. It can be controlled. It’s more in this country it’s a problem.

Warren: Let’s not ask any more political questions.

Shri Mataji: One more, all right, let her ask, one more.

Warren: Just about the spiritual side.

Shri Mataji: All right.

Other lady seeker: I feel very confident about the spiritual side so…

Shri Mataji: About what?

Other lady seeker: So I don’t need to ask about that.

Shri Mataji (aside): About what?

Other lady seeker: But this I’ve never heard, You see, that which he says now, I don’t understand what he means by secret gurus.

Shri Mataji: You see, I’ll tell you what it means. There is a psychological attack, you see? On the psyche of the people, through the spirits.

And which is a very serious thing, of which you have no idea, you are very naïve people, absolutely naïve, you have no idea. Even you are playing with parapsychology, is a very dangerous thing.

Parapsychology – Russians are like that, extremely naïve. They are getting into this psychological trauma, complete psychological – of which you are not aware! You are not at all aware of it.

And that is the attack is going to come on you. Very seriously, it’s possible. Now only imagine, these people are having fifty thousand people, imagine. Madly in love with the anti-Christ – he is a born anti-Christ, he is the anti-Christ, who is here, stationed here.

Lady seeker: Who are You referring to?

Shri Mataji: To this guru Maharaji.

Lady seeker: Oh, guru Maharaji, ah yes.

Shri Mataji: So many of them. Rajneesh, you gave him place here. Rajneesh is an anti-Christ. He is horrible, you brought him here. He could not exist in India, he had to run away.

All sorts of people you have got here, Mahesh yogi. All of them.

Lady seeker: Mahesh yogi also?

Shri Mataji: Horrible! He is the worst of all!

Lady seeker: Why?

Shri Mataji: Why – because he’s destroyed so many people. He’s given epilepsy. His director of his flying squad that he had in [Shri Mataji laughs] – Lady: “In Switzerland” – in Scotland he had the real one in Scotland, and the director was with Mr. Peter Pierce.

He came down to me with his epilepsy and his wife and his daughter, and you must see what she has written now, about what he did to her. Before coming to me she gave this interview. I would not have allowed her to do that, but she did it before. And that’s how, he has done it.

You get into epilepsy and things like that. I mean, how will you get over your epilepsies, you cannot cure your epilepsy, you don’t know from where it is coming, or you don’t know the source, you don’t know how to cure yourself, you are so naïve!

And there are thousands and billions and billions who can’t even see what’s wrong with him. You don’t even understand anything about it. I mean, nothing, you have no idea.

Your psychology is like a child compared to the knowledge Indians have about it, I mean, they know all about it. I mean, you may think you are very developed. You might be developed as far as the bridges are concerned and this and that, but as far as the human beings are concerned, you have no idea, you are very simple people. Extremely simple.

Lady seeker: But Mother, I have been practising transcendental meditation for nine years…

Shri Mataji: That’s it, I know that! (Lady seeker and Shri Mataji laugh)

Lady seeker: And…

Shri Mataji: You get this catch (Shri Mataji touches Her Ekadasha Rudra area on the forehead). Now you will see, in your rising of the Kundalini you will see here.

Lady seeker: Good.

Shri Mataji: All right?

Lady seeker: I found it to be not a negative thing in my life.

Shri Mataji: You are a sweet person.

Lady seeker: Thank You.

Shri Mataji: You are a seeker. You be kind to yourself, kind to yourself, you are the temple of God.

Lady seeker: But I never liked Mahesh yogi.

Shri Mataji: (laughing) That’s it!

Lady seeker: I took his mantra, two of them. And I…

Shri Mataji: The mantra is, that’s what I said, the mantra, you see, is a big science, at every centre there’s a different mantra. He just gives you one mantra…

Lady seeker: He gave me two.

Shri Mataji: And two, you see, he gives you…

Lady seeker: He didn’t give it to me, I had to buy it.

Shri Mataji: Good. You see, his mantras are – if you tell in India, they’ll laugh at you. One mantra is tinga, which means this [Shri Mataji makes gesture of right thumb up], showing like this is tinga. Inga – inga means the…

Lady seeker: That’s right.

Shri Mataji: … the tail, the tail – Inga means the tail of a scorpion. Can you imagine?

Lady seeker: I used that one [laughter of yogis].

Shri Mataji: Now, look at that. It is no Sanskrit, nothing, it is horrible! It means horrible! You tell anybody that, “he gave me the mantra of inga”, Indians will laugh, if they know any Sanskrit. Even if they know Hindi language, ordinary Hindi.

Ainga: ainga means, a very bad Hindi when somebody has to say, “I come”.

Lady seeker: What does it mean?

Shri Mataji: It means “I come”. If you have to say, “I’m coming”, it’s a bad Hindi language when you are – you don’t know Hindi language then you say ainga. It’s a [Shri Mataji laughs] – it’s a joke.

Seeker: What do you do with your mantra?

My – I have one too, I can’t use it, it doesn’t work with me. But it’s still in my mind. It does nothing anyway.

Shri Mataji: You throw it away.

Seeker: You see, I’ll just forget it.

Shri Mataji: You forget it, that’s why the problems you were saying and the doubts. They put the doubts. These horrible ingas, pingas and tingas. There is no gerund like ‘ing’ in Sanskrit. No. It’s from England you must have picked up ‘ing’, I don’t know. I don’t know from where. Oh, he’s horrid.

Lady seeker: Good. Thank you.

Warren: Yes.

Other lady seeker: Mother, the seed words that you use when you like, meditate on the chakras. You start meditating from the lowest up to the top, and do you use the seed words, like lam, yam, sa. No, it’s lam…

Shri Mataji: I can’t hear her.

Lady seeker: Oh anyhow – if you meditate – is that all right, using the seed words?

Warren: If you meditate on the chakras using the seed, seed mantras…

Shri Mataji: Just now you don’t do all that, all right? Just now you don’t. [Lady seeker: Just now don’t do it]. Later on. [Lady seeker: Don’t do it?] Just now to establish yourself. You see now, if you use the seed mantras, you just don’t do it just now, because you don’t know where the Kundalini is. First of all, establish yourself. You should know yourself, what is the problem is. Then in Sahaja Yoga we teach everything, one by one: what chakra is catching, what mantra is to be used, what seed mantra is to be – there is no need now to use even seed mantras, because you have got the Kundalini in your hands, you see, so you use the Kundalini mantras. And that’s how.

We have got mantras for everything, which you have to learn gradually, do it. But don’t do anything on your own, because still you have to establish yourself fully, isn’t it?

Unless and until you are established, say, unless and until you are a fully-fledged engineer, nothing is given into your hands. So first of all, now the time of transition is very important. First you are transformed, but transmutation takes time. Like a caterpillar, you see, becomes a butterfly. But it has to get rid of all the nonsense that was with – bring with it. And that has to take place – one it has to become a butterfly, then it knows how to do the job. All right?

So the transition time you have to be very, very careful, grow very steadily and rise.

And Christine is here, and also we might send somebody from England for her to help you, and work it out gradually, steadily, steadily, till you achieve a position where you understand deeply.

Because all these things you forget. Forget about this so-called knowledge. Like Shankaracharya has said, Adi Shankaracharya, that once you get realised, even this science looks like a child’s play. It’s all this knowledge is non-knowledge.

Surdas has said, “O Lord, take away my avidya, take away my non-knowledge.” So just forget about the bija mantras just now, all such books on chakras you throw them away. You have your own book of your experience. You yourself learn it and you become the masters. Masters of Kundalini.

You have such powers as Shri Ganesha has. You can raise the Kundalini like this.

Even the great and great gurus I’ve met in India, they are jealous of you, take it from me.

They are real people, no doubt, but they can’t understand why I have given you realisation so fast. They can’t understand, with all your impurities, how are you raising the Kundalini when they cannot raise it.

It’s very interesting that you are made after the pattern of Shri Ganesh, immaculate. So first establish yourself. That is important.

All right, now, those who have come for the first time… yes, now?

Seeker: I’m just curious, perhaps I have missed what You said, but could You explain what is the Kundalini and how can we raise it?

Shri Mataji: Good idea, it’s very good! That’s what I will tell you, that how to raise it yourself.

But just now, you see, we’ll first of all give you realisation, then you can use my photograph for some time for raising the Kundalini of other people – you put them before the photograph, you don’t try yourself alone, in the beginning. What you do is to put them before the photograph, all right? And just put a light before the photograph, ask them to put the hands before the photograph. Now you start raising the Kundalini. After them. One hand you may keep with the photograph if you want to, raise with the another hand the Kundalini at the back, just like this.

You yourself will feel it rising, and the fellow can feel it also – one hand may not be feeling, another hand may not be feeling, all that, and then you will know which chakras is catching by your fingers, you see, it’s all in the book. Have you got the book?

All right, you’ll get the book, it’s there.

And then you will know yourself and then you will know what is the chakras that are catching, and, of course, we have a centre, where you will know how to correct the centres, how to establish their realisation. All right?

And also, those who want to come to India are welcome, we are having a tour for about – not so many days actually, if you see, it’s about forty days tour – in the villages of India, if you can have a little rough time, if you don’t mind, you can come along, and it will be a good idea.

So also that I will inform Christine about it, how we are going to organize it, and you can come there. Because he came with me, just came to me, first of all, and then I took him round, in the villages and then he got established well. Then he went back to Australia, now he has established in seven cities. I mean, not he but others with him, whom he got realised and all that, now in seven cities they have got centres and Sahaja Yoga is spreading very fast.

So, that’s how it is.

To establish it is not difficult, Christine is here, but you should be steady about it, steady. And forget all that you have read, forget about what you know, just for the time being just become one with your Spirit.

And then you start yourself learning what is wrong, what is good. As he asked me how to make out: first you become your Spirit, then you can make it out, then you get the discretion.

That power, you get the vibratory power of the cool breeze. All right?


Seeker: Mother, what about Sun Myung Moon?

[Laughter] Is he an anti-Christ?

Warren (repeats): What about Mr. Moon, the Moonie man?

Shri Mataji: Now! [Shri Mataji makes an upset expression] Ah!

Seeker: Is he an anti-Christ?

Warren: He said, “Is he an anti-Christ?”

Shri Mataji: You see, they are all the satans, I tell you. They were born many-a-times and they have been killed many-a-times. Sixteen of them are real satans. And six women. I think, seventy percent of them have settled down here. Six women and sixteen of them are real satanic forces. And this Moon business is, now he is going to Germany. Just imagine. He was driven out of London, so now he’s gone to Germany.

I mean, you should understand that when there is love your family system should improve, your relationships should improve; he was using them just for his own purpose, making a business out of them.

You cannot make business out of God, and Godly people! Business God does not know, He does not understand your money! He doesn’t understand.

I’m so hopelessly bad, you don’t know, ask them. I mean, I am absolutely hopeless, I mean, I don’t understand money at all, I try, I try, I try – but I’ve no brains, my intelligence goes off, I’ve no brains to understand money. You see, so many types of money you have, it’s horrible! [Laughter, Shri Mataji laughs]

I get so fed up with the whole stuff. [Shri Mataji laughs] It’s a big joke, I tell you.

See, I don’t know even today how to sign a cheque. I’ve to ask him, “You write down everything, I’ll sign.” I’m absolutely hopeless as far as worldly things are concerned.

I can’t even open one packet. But I can open your Kundalini. [Laughter] And give you realisation.

I’m very bad, at many things. So hopeless you can’t imagine.

I depend on you entirely.

With this country where everything is to be set, you see, you are set; for this you are set, and I am so unset [Shri Mataji laughs], I don’t know what to do [Shri Mataji laughs, laughter].

Warren: Shall we have it now?

Shri Mataji: All right. Put your hands like this, straight. You have to take out your shoes, I’m sorry, is it very cold now?

Warren: Take your shoes off.

Shri Mataji: [Indistinct] … but doesn’t matter. For a while, for a while, just for a while.

Warren: Keeps you, keeps you earthed. Just hold your hands up, press them on your lap is the best, don’t…

Shri Mataji: Just be comfortable, first is – and if you have ties and all that, you can little bit loosen your ties, will be better idea for Vishuddhi, is to be. Or if you are wearing anything in your neck better to take it out, it’s better, it will help you. It will help, definitely help. Any material thing around the neck stops, it’s a problem. Just take it out, it’s better [Warren: “Slip it off, just for five minutes”].

Now, if your mind is questioning, tell it to stop, otherwise it will just come in between like a monkey just comes in. Tell the monkey to stop for a while [Shri Mataji laughs]. She has been all the time bothering you.

You just … here (indistinct words).

Just put your hands straight. Now close your eyes. Better keep your eyes closed because of Agnya, you see, it doesn’t rise above Agnya [Shri Mataji massages some areas on Her head].

Can you get some more water for me?

Just let it go, don’t put your attention concentrated anywhere; I mean, if you find your attention is very wobbly, then at the most you can look at your fontanel bone on top of your head; but try not to control the attention, just let it be. Let it be, it will work spontaneously, automatically, you don’t have to do anything, all right? Just keep it loose.

Keep your hands straight, and keep your eyes shut. Straight towards me, straight towards me. With your fingers towards me. As if you are asking for your realisation. Keep your eyes shut, that is very important.

Don’t say any mantras and don’t push your head too much upward or downward, just keep it in the centre. Do not put any pressure on your Vishuddhi chakra. Just leave it alone.

And just sit with a comfortable position. And not with any strain on the body, anywhere – just be very comfortable and relaxed, and just put your hands. Do not strain yourself, at all; you don’t have to strain, you don’t have to work it out, it will just work out automatically.

Just keep it straight. Maybe some people might feel a little bit of heat in the hands – doesn’t matter. It will go away. If you have heat in the hands you can throw it away like this, as you throw away the water. And then again put the hands, if there’s heat. [After a gesture from Shri Mataji, Warren starts working on Her Back Agnya with a candle]

Open the door.

Little bit, little bit. [Shri Mataji puts Her fingers into Her ears, then only the left] (Aside) Right heart.

[After a pause during which She works through Her eyes, and Warren works on Her back Agnya and superego with the candle, She raises Her Kundalini] Better.

[Warren: “It’s better, it’s cleared. It’s very good”].

You put your right hand again on your heart. Keep your eyes shut. And say that, “Mother, I’m the Spirit.” [People repeat: “Mother, I’m the Spirit.”] Please say it again.

[People repeat: “Mother, I’m the Spirit.”] Please say it again. [People repeat: “Mother, I’m the Spirit.”]

“Mother, I’m not guilty.” [People repeat: “Mother, I’m not guilty.”] Again.

[People repeat: “Mother, I’m not guilty.”] Again. [People repeat: “Mother, I’m not guilty.”]

Now just say, “Mother, forgive me if I have done any mistakes.” Without feeling guilty.

[People repeat: “Mother, forgive me if I have done any mistakes.”] Again, please. [People repeat: “Mother, forgive me if I have done any mistakes.”] Again, please. [People repeat: “Mother, forgive me if I have done any mistakes.”]

Now put both the hands towards me without opening your eyes, and say, “Mother, please give me my realisation.” [People repeat: “Mother, please, give me my realisation.”] Again. [“Mother, please give me my realisation.”] Again. [“Mother, please give me my realisation.”]

“Make me my own guru. Please, make me – Mother, make me my own guru.”

[People repeat: “Please Mother, make me my own guru.” “Please Mother, make me my own guru.” “Please Mother, make me my own guru.”]

Ah! Feeling the cool breeze? Put both the hands towards me. There should be no sense of insecurity, some people do feel – because I’m going away. I’m not going away anywhere, I’m with you every moment, you’ll remember me, I’ll be with you.

[Warren continues working with the candle on the back Agnya of Shri Mataji]

Hm, good. Felt it? Those who have not felt the cool breeze, raise your hands. All right, keep them raised, all right? Little keep them raised.

You can go and see them. See all the new people in any case. She’s got it.

See the gentleman here. Put his left to the right. This lady you can see. Xavier? You can see that gentleman there, next to you. She is all right, she’s got it. The another one, second to her. Just see. Yes. Not this, the one next to you. Yes. He had it. See this gentleman here, somebody.

Yogi: He’s got it, Mother.

[End of video]