Becoming the Truth

Unity of Houston Church, Houston (United States)

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1981-10-04 yogi intro, Becoming the truth, Houston, Texas, USA, 20'
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Public program Day 1. Houston (USA), 4 October 1981.

It is really very kind of you to have invited Me to this beautiful meeting of such seekers who look so truthful. When I read about Unity Church and what they were doing, I felt this is the place where it is going to trigger first, because here founder himself was a realized soul. He was a realized soul. But perhaps he did not realize that others were not realized up to his level and whatever he talked was the truth, nothing but the truth. But you cannot imagine about truth, you have to become, becoming is the main point. Unless and until you become the truth, whatever you talk about it becomes talk, talk, talk. And we have had talks after talks, after talks.

Now the time has come for us to become. What do we become? What do we have to expect after Self-Realization. As he has told you, I would like to tell you this way that we have heard that God’s love is all-pervading. The divine love is all pervading energy. We’ve heard about it, we’ve read about it. Now what happens to us, that we are awakened in such a manner that we started feeling that power. Our sensitivity or our awareness becomes so enlightened that we start feeling that divine power around us. It exists. For example if I say there is big music going on here, and big plays and dramas going on here, you won’t believe till I put a television here and say, “Now see for yourself.” In the same this all-pervading power is still imaginary for us, or we can say is not our own experience.

Still people believed it because it was told by great people, great incarnations like Christ. But what it means, what it is, we have not felt it, and that’s the first thing that should happen to you, is to feel that. That means that our feeling is not so much yet developed, or is not enlightened, or is not evolved to that extent that we can feel. In our evolution, say from animals to this stage, how many feelings we have developed, which the animals don’t have. For example if you want to take an animal through a dirty lane, he doesn’t feel any dirt, or filth, or doesn’t smell anything. He just walks through. Take any horse or any dog they have no problems. But for human beings to go through that will be an impossibility. Our feelings, experiencing power is so much developed that we can feel the beauty, we can feel the colors, we can see the beauty of this place. They cannot feel.

But now the feeling that has to come to us is the feeling of that all pervading power, the divine power which in Sanskrit is called as Brahma. That divine power is the desire of God. God desired because He loved us. He is complete. He need not have created us at all. What was the need for Him to create us? But He’s love, and He’s compassion. And He wanted to give His compassion, to express His compassion, and that’s why He created us with what care and with what delicacy. That one has to just see. We take ourselves for granted, our evolution for granted, everything for granted.

As he said that you did not pay anything to become human beings, you did not pay for anything. For example everyday, you see the flowers becoming fruits. How much do you pay to the tree for it? You see a seed sprouting, how much do you pay to the seed for getting sprouted? It’s all so spontaneous, it’s living. And we are talking here about the living God, who lives, who does all the living things. What do we do? We do nothing. We do just dead work. Like something is dead, supposing a tree is dead, we make a chair, we can go, “We have made a chair.” It’s a dead from the dead. We have not done something living so far. Have we been able to convert even one flower into a fruit? And these thousands and thousands, and billions and billions of things are happening around us. That’s the work of the living God.

And also this evolution that has to go to its epitome now, to its last stage that is your Self-Realization. Supposing I start collecting some nuts and bolts and start collecting some sort of a machinery. You will say, “What this machinery is meant for? Why are you making it, why this evolution? Why did we evolve to this stage of a human being? What was the need? What was the purpose? Anybody would ask, “Why? Why there should be a machine made like this?” And that question is not asked by scientists so far because they have no answer for it. They are very honest. Because they have no answer, for the ‘why’ they don’t ask that question. Whatever is presented to them they see it and say this is it, this is so, so.

Now to get to God you don’t have to go to Saturn or don’t have to go to Moon, is within. He’s within you, expressed within you, in your heart as spirit. Is all written in the Bible. I mean I am not telling something new.

Christ has said, “You are to be born again.”

When I came nine years back in America, I gave speeches where I said, “You have to be born again.” And it’s a happening, it’s a becoming, it should happen, it’s actualization, is a real baptism that you should feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head. It’s actually should happen to you.

So they took over and they said, “All right, we are born again,”

Again self-certification. Is all certifying yourself ‘we are born again, we are this, we are that.’You are nothing but your spirit, and you have to become the spirit. Unless and until you have become it all this certificate is not going to help you nor you are going to feel satisfied because you are seekers. You are a special category of people born on this earth at this special time. This is a very special time, is an extremely special, because this is the blossom time, and this is the last judgment.

Only through Kundalini awakening you can judge yourself otherwise there is no way of finding out. Because when the Kundalini awakens, which is settled down here in the triangular bone then your centers get awakened. When they get awakened you get this special sensitivity even on your fingertips. Now these five fingers, six and seven all of them get enlightened. Once they get enlightened, you can feel not only the all pervading power but you become, as he said, the collective conscious being. You become again I say you become. Is not that I say, “We are all brothers and sisters. We must love each other.” It’s not that way. But you just become. Means you start feeling the another person within yourself.

So much so I was coming to Houston. And there is an Indian Sahaja Yogini who has come from India.

And she told Me, “Mother, why the heart is catching so much in Houston?”

I said, “Do you know there are heart specialists here who transplant heart who have got… Also there is Dr. Kuri who is doing operations on the heart patients, and there must be many heart patients in this place. And that’s why you are catching on the heart.”

And she said, “It has become stiff my finger is.”

I said, “All right. There are mantras by which you can put it right.”

But it affects everyone, and everyone can feel it within themselves. You become the other person.

Like people say, “Mother, you take money or what?”

I said, “This is something one should understand, you are part and parcel of My being. I can feel you within Myself. Now supposing My finger, is something wrong with My finger. If I try to help it, am I helping anybody other? Who is the other? Who is the other person?”

That’s the thing. Is a real unity, is the complete integration of being when you feel everyone within yourself. You start feeling them on your fingers. You start feeling yourself also within yourself, trying to know what’s wrong with you. But in that case you don’t feel bad. You don’t feel bad at all that you have this problem or that problem because you are no more involved. “

Today I’m just introducing this method which I called as Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja, Saha means “with,” ja means “born,” spontaneous yoga. Means it is a in-born right of every seeker to get this union. Now today it has reached the stage of Maha Yoga, means thousands can get realization. It’s a fact, it’s a truth, people can get it. But it’s nothing so difficult. You see, when the blossom time comes how many flowers become fruits. In the beginning may be only one flower or two flowers, but when the blossom time comes people have to see that. And in the same way you have to face that a time has to come where thousands must get realization, millions must get it; billions must get it. As soon as possible, it is for you. Please try to spread this message that you are to become the spirit. This is a very important time which we miss. For example say our machine is not yet connected. Say a television is not connected what’s the use of moving the knobs? You won’t get anything. On the contrary, you may spoil the television. Or say a telephone, when we pray to God also we telephone without connection.

We have to have the connection. That’s very important. And that’s what it was when Christ said that you are to be born again. As it is, you know, Christ was not allowed to live more than three and half years in that horrible country. He was crucified for saying what? He told the truth. He just told the truth that you have to become the spirit, which is a fact; you have to become the spirit. I mean it is such a simple thing to understand that we have not yet found out our absolute. We do not know why are we here, what is our absolute sense. Unless and until you find your absolute, you will live in relativity. You don’t know whether this person is right or that person is right; whether he is a saint, or he is a satanic force, or what sort of a vibrations he has got. Even to such an extent that I was surprised, in Spain that some people told us that for us vibrations means heat.

I said, “Any machine which it goes out, creates heat, friction, it creates heat. How did you believe that it is heat?”

They said, “You feel very heated up.”

To understand one thing mentally is different than to understand it spiritually. Spiritually means you become the spirit, the absolute. There is no other opinion about it. For example, there is a gentleman sitting here, and you get ten children who are realized souls. There are many realized souls these days born in America; I must tell you. Many children are born realized. And those children if you put them together and ask them what’s wrong with this person, they will all raise this finger, saying this is the finger, that’s burning. It’s objective, just they say this is the finger that’s burning. Even if you close their eyes, they’ll say the same thing. There cannot be two opinions about that person, and that means he’s suffering from the trouble that is in this center called as cervical plexus. You see this one in Sanskrit is called as ‘Vishuddhi Charka’. But in the gross it manifests as cervical plexus. Now in the universe, America is placed at this point. is a very important point because it has sixteen sub plexuses. And you’ll be amazed that the Saturn, the Saturn is the body of this plexus, Saturn. And now they have discovered that it has got sixteen planets, and one that was caught up by them, even the ring and all that is already told about this. So all these things they’re finding out was found out long time back and was described from a subtler level.

Now this is a very, very important thing one has to know that America itself God has created with a special purpose. Abraham Lincoln and all these people, great people who talked about the fraternity, and the collectivity, and all that. Because this is the center of collectivity, this is the center where people feel the collectivity. Even your Unity Church is the outcome of that unconscious guiding that you have to become the collective beings.

And this collective being is placed here at the Vishuddhi Chakra which is important because it has got sixteen sub plexuses and that controls all our lymphatic systems, and our ears, eyes, nose, and all these important thing, and neck also. Also from here arises the ego and the superego which is shown from there. But actually they start coming up from here. When man raised his head from animal stage like this, this center started developing in a very peculiar way. And in that condition this ego and superego started evolving and forming a cup like this. About this I’m going to tell you tomorrow, all about these centers, and about the chakras, and all that.

But today I want to tell you about the truth. The truth as it is that God loved us, in His divine love He created us. And first thing that He has produced, or first thing that He created for us is His divine love, this all pervading power. And that divine power also resided within us as this Kundalini. Now this power within us is the power of desire to be one with God, which is not yet manifested. It is called as a sleeping desire, or we can say a sleeping energy because it has not yet manifested. Supposing I create a machinery and do not put to the mains, it doesn’t work. So though I’ve put all my effort and everything to create the machinery, unless and until I put it to the mains it is still in a sleeping state. So it is also called as a residual energy, meaning it has created the whole universe of the human beings but it has not been yet manifested. That’s why it is called as a residual energy. This energy is within us.

Now I would say that when I say something to you or if I tell you something, you should not also take Me for granted because I may be telling you lies, gossip But that doesn’t mean that you should deny Me. Like a scientist, you should have an open mind when you come here. It’s an hypothesis for you. And once the hypothesis is proved then you have to accept it. And that’s what one should come with that attitude. I would not say that people have ego or rationality too much, but it should be logical. Logically you must reach a point to understand that there are very many things we do not understand. For example, medical science cannot explain that the law is, the health of a person or a human being as he is always reacts to any foreign thing that enters into the body, anything that enters into the body. And when a lady conceives the fetus is not thrown out. Not only but it is nurtured and thrown out at the right time when it is [mature?], when it is perfectly matured enough to get out from the mother’s womb. How it happens they cannot explain. Even they say that acetylcholine and adrenalin, these are two chemicals, ordinary chemicals as you know as all chemicals are. But in the human body they cannot say why they augment and why they relax. They cannot explain the mode of action of these two. They cannot explain.

Psychology, now take psychology. I mean science has created the stage for Sahaja Yoga. It has created because they cannot jump on to it, so they have definitely created a state from where somebody has to tell them how to jump. Psychology now for example Jung, a person of his caliber, went all out to find out what was universal unconscious. And he studied so many dreams and so many patients and found out that there is an universal unconscious which sends dreams which gives us universal symbols. Whether you are in India or here or anywhere else you get the same symbols. For example, he said that if you see a particular type of triangle which is downward facing, the apex is downward then it means that you’ll be murdered. If you see, the same triangle upward that means you will murder someone. So the unconscious is giving you a guidance. He also said very clearly how he treated some patients with this understanding that there was a lady who came to see him, and the daughter was with her.

And she said that, “I always dream,” the daughter said, “that my mother is a witch while my mother is very kind to me, I don’t know how to understand this dream that says that my mother is a witch, and she is just [draining?] me?”

So he studied her and he asked the mother, “Do you spoil your daughter very much?”

She said, “Yes, I give her lots of money, and I give her everything, and I give her all the freedom, and I say, ‘Do what you like with yourself’, I’m not bothered about her.”

And the daughter was very young about 15 years of age. So the unconscious was giving the warning to the daughter say that, “Do not take to these things, be careful. If she’s spoiling you, be careful.”

Then another dream, just to match with it, he said, “There was a gentleman who always saw in his dream that he’s bowing to his son, all the time bowing to his son.” And like a king the son was sitting, and he was just going and bowing to him.”

So he came to him and told him, “I don’t know why I get such a dream.”

He said, “What is your relation with your son?”

He said, “The son is just, I would say because he was born to my first wife, and my second wife is against him, and that’s not good relationship, and you see I cannot afford to be very friendly with him.,” and all sorts of things he, the relationship was not so good.

So then he said, “That’s the thing that your son is very much liked by God. He is a saint. He is a good person. And why you are troubling him? So the unconscious giving you all the time the information that you just don’t do that.”

And that’s how he calculated what kind of a symbol expresses what. And it was amazing, though he got his realization very late in life, the way he discovered that there is universal unconscious.

This universal unconscious is nothing but this all-pervading power. Now it is unconscious, means it is not in our central nervous system. We are not conscious of it. So we have to be conscious of it. How do we get conscious of it is that, first we have to get connected to our Spirit because spirit is the expression of that universal unconscious within us or you can say the link. Unless and until you get your Self-Realization you cannot be linked, you cannot be linked with this universal power which is within us as Kundalini and which is without all over.

It is most surprising to understand that God who has created us with such care with such love, especially as a human being which is the most beautiful thing God has created. We may or may not think so. We may not. We may have self-pity; we may have guilt, all these nonsensical ideas. But you don’t know. You’re special thing that God has created. And on top of that the highest human being are not these politicians, or these great successes, and geniuses, and all that but who? These are the seekers because they have to enter into the kingdom of God. It is their right first to enter into the kingdom of God. They are a very, very special category. And this is very well described by a great poet William Blake*, who says that these are men of God. And he described the modern times and Sahaja Yoga very well.

He says, “These men of God will be born in those days, and they will become prophets, and they will have powers to make others prophets.” And that’s the thing he said.

Then when you go to any seeking or any one you must know, “Have you become your own master?” You must have the mastery. Supposing you want to learn a car driving, a simple thing like that, you should know how to drive the car. Supposing you go to somebody for any seeking, you must know, “Have you been able to drive yourself all right towards seeking?” For example, I’ve seen people who just start jumping. When I went to India, there was gentleman who was sitting, and he put his feet forward like that.

So people said, “You can’t put your feet towards Mother. That’s not proper.”

He said, “Oh, God. If I put my feet backwards, I will start jumping like a frog.”

I said, “How? Why? What has happened to you?”

He said, “My Kundalini is awakened by my guru, and he says after Kundalini is awakened you start jumping like a frog.”

And he showed Me in the book this fellow had written that you start jumping like a frog. Can you imagine? It was written in the book.

I said, “Are you going become now frogs or earthworms? Are you going to jump like that, like a monkey or a frog? Are you going to bark like a dog?” You are going to become a super human being. You are not going to be driven by these forces, these are all negative forces, which control you and make you mad like this.

You have to understand everything when you get your realization, every word of it. It’s so logical; it’s so practical as he says. It is so practical, and it is so wonderful.

Gavin Brown who came here first, was one of the first Sahaja Yogis I had in London. And you know English people are rather difficult to crack, I mean, rather difficult people. But they are first class. I mean that’s the good thing because they do not get exposed to so many nonsenses that some people who are open can get you. And once they get realization they’re really top class people.

Now this gentleman when he got realization, he said, “Mother, you said we can be collectively conscious. I can’t believe it. How can I become?”

I said, “If I tell you about the television, you won’t believe Me till I put it to the mains. You see anybody will think it’s just a box. But you are a great instrument, and you have started working.”

He said, “All right! I am rather worried about my father. He didn’t telephone to me all these days.”

I said, “All right. You just telephone to him and find out.” I said, “First of all see your vibrations.”

He said, “Mother, I’m getting a burning here, a terrible burning.”

Now these are the centers for your father, right hand side, these are the centers.

So, I said “All right. That means, this center that means he must be down with a very bad bronchitis.”

He telephoned, and the mother came in, and she said, “I am sorry your father is down with very bad bronchitis.”

This telecommunication, this divine power knows everything. It understands everything. It knows you very well because it has created you. It organizes everything, it cooperates everything, it puts everything into integration, it works out everything. It works out so many things, even material things it works out; even getting a ticket, it will work out. It’s so helpful; all the angels are there. Just to see all that, to witness it itself is so great. From lowest to the highest, it works out everything for you. And the whole, the sum total, the unity of it is that it is love. So it is so kind, it is so compassionate, it looks after you. It, you see, hobnobs with you little bit, you see, gives you little lesson here and there, but it never allows you to be ruined. It gives you little lessons if you do wrong; it teaches you little bit then again it brings you back. It is so loving, so kind. Specially for people who are just realized, are like small little children like seedlings. It looks after. It guides you very much, it helps you so much. It’s such a wonderful thing to be with it, and the whole thing looks like a fun, like a drama.

I went to see a gentleman called Harban in New York, and he had three children born realized. One was about seven, another was about five, and the little one was about three years. And all one better than the other with sparkling eyes just waiting for Me.

And when I reached there they said, “Mother, aren’t there three eyes we have got?”

I said, “Yes, where?”

“One here, one here, and one there. And daddy doesn’t believe me.”

And this one of these gurus has told him wrong that there is only one eye. No there are three, three are centers here actually. And they argue with their father.

And they said, “Mother, aren’t you tired?”

I said, “Why?”

“We are tired now because we are watching the story bit too much. We should finish now.”

Just imagine. Small children of seven years and five years are talking like this. My own grandchildren are realized souls, and they are so wonderful that the one who was three years of age went to school, and everywhere these days they are selling God. So in the school they gave some papers they are saying that, in the paper was saying so, that if you come to a particular hotel and pay about 100 rupees, you can get your transformation.

So she looked at Me, she said, “Transformation is not possible till you get your Kundalini up there, up here.”

I said, “It’s true. It has to happen but they are saying like this.”

But the elder one says, “It is not possible. They are saying, ‘You can give a course.’ How can you give you course? My father has done fourteen courses. His Kundalini has not risen as yet. If by courses if you can raise the Kundalini then my father’s Kundalini should have been there.”

You see they understand these things so clearly, so clearly. If you talk to them, you’ll be amazed. The another granddaughter of Mine, she was five years of age, and she went to Ladhak with her father. And there she saw one Lama sitting like this with a [unclear] dress he was wearing. And she told me he was wearing a maxi. She couldn’t understand the dress was the dress of saint so called. So she went there, and she looked at him, and she couldn’t bear when… You see when everybody was touching his feet. And the father went and touched his feet, and when mother went and touched his feet she just went and stood before him.

And she said, “You are not even a realized soul, in Hindi [unknown Hindi word], you are not even a realized soul. What do you mean by getting everybody’s salutes? You are not even a realized soul, and you have no business to do that.”

She stood up like that. And these two, my daughter and son in law were so embarrassed.

She said, “You get down from there, you are not a realized soul, you should not allow anybody to touch your feet.”

Can you imagine a five-year-old child saying that? It happens. These children are coming up within ten years you’ll see. They are the edifice, they are the complete structure, but you are the foundations of these great work, you are the foundations.

So you must get your realization, that’s the main thing. You must get your realization. Once you get realization, all other things which I’ve described that, what, I solve your alcoholism, and other problems like mental stress, and all that goes without saying. You see once you get your realization everything will work out. So first of all you must get your realization. And as you get realized all these problems get mostly solved by themselves because, why do we take to alcoholism or to drugs? Either for seeking or for escaping. Because you are so bored with yourself and with others that you take to these things, absolutely it is the expression of boredom. You don’t know what to do with yourself, you don’t know why are you here, why you are existing, and why these boring people are around you. You just get fed up with it. And you are bored with the matter. You don’t understand. Now you’ve bought your Hoover, you bought you fridge, you bought your house now, what to do now? What to buy? So that’s how you start taking to these things, and you develop these habits then because everything forms a habit. Anything material forms a habit, even a car. Even a chair can give you a habit that you can’t sit on the ground. So these things form a habit, and you are becoming habituated, and that’s how you get into it.

But as soon as you find your spirit, you know you are beauty, you are so enjoyable, whole thing is such a fun, such a fun, because you become a witness. And then these things drop out, just forget about it. You just forget about, you don’t have to remember that you have to take any drugs.

And some people told us that, “Mother, we just forgot. And the drug was lying with us, and we forgot that we were druggists and chemists.”

They were just relieved of that problem. And how we cure the cancer, how we cure other diseases, and how imbalances work out within us. All these things I will tell you tomorrow and explain to you in all details. But just now is a day, is a very great day of Lalita Panchami. In India we say that this is first day of the Holy Ghost permeating this power all over, and is very great day. And when I came to Houston the vibrations were so great.

I said, “Oh God. This is the place where something has to happen.”

And I’m very anxious that you first get your realization, and then we’ll talk about it. Because if you come in this room there’s darkness and you are blind, you can’t see anything. What’s the use of explaining any color or anything? First let us have the eyes, let us have the light, and then we’ll talk about it. It’s much easier to talk about that.

But in any case I would like you to ask Me some questions about this part of the lecture.

May God bless you all.

[Shri Mataji and audience laughing]

Shri Mataji: They are real seekers.

Seeker says, she is feeling it, she thinks.

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes I know you are great people over here. You must feel it, very, very good. I know you are feeling it. Tremendous, it’s tremendous, I am just one with you. It should happen to all of you. It will take hardly any time, but don’t be adamant like small children are: “I won’t eat.” You see. If you are hungry, you’ll just have it. I’ve done the cooking. You just have it and enjoy it. You don’t have to bother as to how I have done it. I’ve really done it, no doubt.

Shri Mataji: Yes, please.

Question: “When the Holy Spirit comes down,” he says in fact, “does that just happen one time?”

Shri Mataji: All right. You see the whole working of this is the other way round. First, this Kundalini rises, you see, above, because you see, when you put your hands towards Me or anybody who is realized soul who knows the job, you see – She knows, because She understands everything. So the information goes through your fingers because these fingers are actually sleeping centers, the manifestation, the gross manifestation of these centers. So the information goes down to Her there, and then She rises just like a primule or the sprouting in a seed. She rises as you put a seed in the Mother Earth the seed knows, and the seed starts sprouting. In the same way She sprouts and this germinating power, first time. Now this one, as I am going to tell you all about it tomorrow very much clearly, but may be one thread out of it might be able to pierce through because if there is problem in the centers, if there’s physical, emotional, mental, any problem then the centers are constricted, then She just goes gradually and awakens one center after another, expands it, and She makes this bone become soft, just like a child.

As Christ has said you have to become children to enter in to the Kingdom of God. This bone becomes, this really becomes softer, and this becomes softer, and through that She pierces, and you can start feeling the cool breeze in the first shot. You start feeling the cool breeze in the first shot. Then what happens when She pierces this, all pervading power starts pouring down through that, and it goes on falling on both the systems here, which I will explain tomorrow, by which these centers also expand. So the system is built in this way that first this has to open. When it opens then this all-pervading power falls on these two channels which manifest actually left and right sympathetic nervous system which I’ll explain to you tomorrow. And then by relaxation, by relaxing that, you will feel relaxed after that very much, these centers open out much more. They are thronged. together. They open out and then more threads of Kundalini can rise.

So in the beginning is the sprouting, it takes place, and then some people it is a very great experience. I’ve seen some people get it in such a big way. But then the Kundalini goes to attend to the problems of a person, but you know She is attending because you can feel it on your finger. You can feel the throbbing. Supposing you have a liver problem She’ll go and throb there, and you can see the throbbing. You can actually with naked eye see the throbbing there also in some people. If there is an obstruction in the second center or in the third center then you can see the actual throbbing just like a heart. ‘Lub, dub, lub, dub,’ it goes on. You can feel it with the stethoscope also. The rising throbbing and here also you can feel the throbbing when it comes. With your hands you can, with your fingers, you can feel the throbbing and then that throbbing stops when She pierces through. But She can come down to look after other centers and She… Then we have to learn. Then the divine technique has to be learnt how to keep it raised, how to increase it, how to do. Before realization there is no technique, there is no technique. Once you have got the seedling then you have the technique how to make it grow. Before that there’s no technique, is a living process, is all built-in, you are just pushed through.

For example in machine, as I said, is very good example, you put it through. But supposing there is something wrong with the plank or something wrong then the little bit you have to correct it. Then you take a screw and screw it up. But you know everything there then how to screw it up, how to screw, which bolt is missing, whatever is done, it’s very simple. And that technique one has to learn which is not at all difficult. Anybody knows it because you just know. Wherever the Kundalini is stops, immediately you say, “It is stopped.”

Like people will come and say, “Mother my Agnya is caught.”

So I will say, “All right. It means that I’ve got ego.” If Agnya is caught that means you have got ego. But that person won’t say that, “My, I have caught up with my ego. Such a big ego is on my head.” But they will say that Mother my Agnya is caught. Now this is the center of Christ which is a very important center, about which I will be telling tomorrow, which is very important, which we have missed the point that He is to be awakened within us. He is to be awakened. Unless and until He is awakened we cannot enter in to the limbic area, our attention cannot enter into it. And that awakening takes place through the Kundalini’s awakening, She enlightens that. So the whole mechanism I’ll explain to you tomorrow, and you will see the whole thing working it out. All right?

Seeker: Yes. Thank you. [unclear]

A Seeker just going to tell everybody an experience and you [not clear].

Mother: All right.

Seeker: All right. Thanks a lot. The seeker is describing his experience but it is not very clear.

Mother: Ya, that’s it. You know what happens. You become thoughtlessly aware because Christ is awakened. If Christ is awakened within you, here you see the point, is very important, He sucks your ego and superego. He sucks your conditionings. He sucks your karmas on which these gurus are making money now a days. See, they tell you, “These are your karmas, you have to suffer.” Then why are they there? You see, this saying if people had told Indians, it would have been a very different history but the Christians who went to India – I mean they were very funny people. You see they never told this fact that Christ is to be awakened at Agnya Chakra because they were just waiting for Him.. They knew that this has to happen. When this happens what happens? You become thoughtlessly aware – peace. That’s the first thing that happens, that’s in Sanskrit called as nirvichara samadhi. They say is the most difficult thing but I don’t think it’s most difficult. I mean if you don’t put seed in the mother’s land, naturally to pull out the seed is very difficult, isn’t it? But otherwise it’s so naturally built-in. So it happens. That is not another mind. Is the thoughtless awareness where you are beyond the mind. The English language doesn’t have a proper concept of a mind. I don’t know whether they mean it the intellect or they mean as the emotions because mental patience and all these words they use. But if you mean minds by intelligence or by what you call awareness it goes beyond this awareness, human awareness and takes you to another awareness called ‘thoughtless awareness’ that is ‘enlightened awareness.’ Even with this you can cure people, even with this. But once it jets out and once it is stationed that’s the second stage in which you can give awakening to others just like this. Under your finger it will move. You’ll see it move. You can do it from tomorrow, today if you get realization, yes. You can do it. You just feel it here. It’s there. Ya, most of you have got it, just see.

Shri Mataji: Put your right hand towards Me perhaps.

Seeker: …heat…

Shri Mataji: Heat? Yes some heat has to come out because lots of frictions are inside. Like this, you put another hand towards Me, like this. Heat has to come, you see, because there is lot of frictions. But heat is jetting out. Now there is a chimney created. That’s all right.. You should accept that part. It’s still on. It will work. You put your left hand towards Me and right hand there, left hand. But you can put both the hands towards Me. Now, we’ll, it’s very simple. By asking few questions, you can achieve. Close your eyes. Just close your eyes, and put your left hand towards Me and right hand on your heart because the spirit resides in the heart. And now ask a question, “Mother, am I the spirit?” Just ask the question. “Mother, am I the spirit?” Ask that, put the hand like this as if you are asking for something. Like this, not that but like this. Say, “Mother, am I the spirit?” Keep your eyes closed. Ask the question in your heart, “Am I the spirit?” Then you can ask another question: “Mother, am I my own guru?” Ask three times. You will feel a little cool. Now put another hand towards Me closing your eyes and just say, “Mother I forgive everyone.” That is very important. We must forgive. Just say that. Saying is very easy. Actually what do we do? We do nothing. It’s a myth. When we say “we forgive” we just do nothing. When we say “we don’t forgive” we torture ourselves for others. Why should we torture ourselves? We should say, “We forgive everyone,” so we have no loads on ourselves. This is a self-torture system. Now say, “Mother, we forgive him.” Say it again and again, will be good idea to relieve you of the problems. Now, again put your right hand on your heart and ask the question, “Mother, am I my own guru? Am I my own master? Am I my own teacher?” Because you become, you become your own teacher. Once you become that discretion power, you don’t have to ask anyone. You know it yourself.

Now another problem, which Western people have, is to feel guilty. I don’t know from where it has come. Why should you feel guilty or why should you suffer? Christ has suffered for you, isn’t it? Or there is something left for you to suffer? Why should you suffer? Why should you feel guilty? He’s there to look after you. He has already promised that all your sins, blasphemy, everything will be forgiven. So just say, “Mother I am not guilty.” Really, say it twice. That’s very important. Just say, “Mother, I am not guilty.” This is self-torture again to say that, “I’m guilty.” What’s the use of feeling that you are guilty? The whole system is wrong to torture yourself all the time saying that you are guilty. You are not guilty. Christ has suffered for you, you don’t have to suffer. If you ask for suffering, you will have that. So you have to say that, “Mother I’m not guilty.” Now last of all, you have to say, “Mother, please give me my realization,” you have to ask for it. Nobody can force it on you. It’s your freedom. If you want it, you can have it. If you don’t want to have it, you can, just don’t have it. For example, somebody asked Me very mischievously, “How do we go to hell?” I said, “Take two running jumps and you can go there.” [Audience laughing] Very simple.

So if you want to have realization, just say, “Mother, I want to have realization. Please give me my Self-Realization.” You have to humble about it, you’re asking for the ultimate and it will just work out. Now don’t think about it. Just, it will go beyond thinking. You just become thoughtlessly aware. It will work out. Now feel your, on the right hand, with the right hand you can feel your cool. Ask for it, “Mother, please give me my realization.” I cannot challenge your freedom that’s given to you. In your glory of freedom, you should ask for a greater freedom, for a greater liberation, for real liberating. See. There? You start first feeling on the head, then you start feeling on the hands also. Just keep it like this for a while. Close your eyes. It will work out. It will work out. And also to say that, “If we have done any mistakes in our seeking, please forgive.” without feeling guilty, of course, without feeling guilty. Don’t feel guilty. That’s a big problem. And also know that God is responsible for you. He has to be responsible about creation, and He has to come in a very special way to give you realization. He has to save His creation, He has to save you. You are His creation, all right? Got it? [Mother laughs] All of you?

Those who didn’t get also will get, slowly. See, like one fruit becomes then another becomes, like that, yes,. you can feel each other also, you can feel each other, vibrations. It works out. Close your eyes and enjoy. Closing of the eyes is important because when the Kundalini rises, see, the pupils of the, they dilate, of the eyes. It’s better to keep the eyes closed. Otherwise the Kundalini may not rise. It’s just the opposite of mesmerism. Hm. Good. You have found it. Now to believe that you have found it is very difficult because guru shopping is on in America, I think. You see they are all busy shopping, and this is a temple you enter into. And then you can’t believe this is a temple, there’s still the guru shopping is on. So now you have to stop this rat race for one minute, and see for yourself. You’ve got it. Otherwise, you will not grow. You have to become your own guru. You don’t have to go to anybody else. It’s you who knows everything now. You’ll know gradually now. You’ll be amazed how much you know.

Like in America they said, “Mother, are your disciples all scholars?”

I said, “No.”

They said, “They are such scholars. They know about so many things.”

I said, “You become the knowledge. Truth is the knowledge.” You become the knowledge, just become.”.

Those who haven’t got can raise their hands. Some of the Sahaja Yogis can go and help them also. Because they can talk to you, it’s better to talk to you.

Shri Mataji: Not to think bad. Because some people don’t get it if they have physical problem.

Shri Mataji: Or mental problem, doesn’t matter. Those who have not felt, it’s better to be honest about it because you must get it. It is your right to have it all right? Now let’s see, can you go and help them? Can they come on the stage I can help them, those who haven’t got? How many are there?

Shri Mataji: If they could come here on the stage and be seated all here in the front line then we can work it out. You must get it. You must get it, all of you.

Shri Mataji: On the stairs will be all right. They will work it out. On the stairs

Shri Mataji: Just sit down anywhere, they can come round and see for yourself.

Shri Mataji: Anywhere. I would like to see all of them because those who are realized are really great, I feel that. And also those who have to get realization. Now can we remove this?

Shri Mataji: [unclear] Can you get the light. I’ll work out with the light maybe. St. Michael’s method this one is. You will also learn very soon. [unclear] Too many…

[Now follows an ongoing conversation of Mother with single different seekers who came on the stage not always clearly audible. Also Mother speaks to the total audience through the microphone.]

Shri Mataji: Just watch it. Watch my hand, without thinking. Just watch My hand without thinking. Can you get [unclear] please? You can sit on the chair. Put your hand [straight?]. You got it. [unclear]. You may not feel today but if [Siddhi?] can feel it then tomorrow you can feel it yourself. Because of the sensitivity in the hand, you know, may not be so good. You got it too. You got it, yes, I know. You sit down. Those who have got it should sit down, sit back. Because we’ll have to get one by one. Got it, see yourself. [unclear] Just see. Higher. Good. Al right. You got it. Just put both your hands towards Me. Like this, like this, ya. See. All right? Got it now. All right. You have got it also. Can you feel him? Yes him. Hmm? [unclear] Are you feeling? Not on the head? Just see here. You got it also now. You got it now. Watch your hands, watch your head also. You got it. Just see yourself.

Shri Mataji: Is it? [unclear] I would like to be closer to you also. Who is this? Most of you’ve got it. I think in the Nabhi. Hmm. Those who haven’t really got it. [Mother laughs]. Let’s see this gentleman behind the [unclear] got it. You, you only. Just see him. No, no, no. This one with the [unclear]. He’s got it. He too has, the one…

Shri Mataji: Yes. You can feel it, just feel it. You see, it’s a very small thread, it’s very subtle. Some people get it in a big way but it’s very subtle. Ha. Now. All right? Now this gentleman? What about you? Just put your hands like this, let’s see. Watch Me, watch Me here. Got it now. All right? [Mother laughs]. It’s very simple, just go on feeling [unclear] it. Start’s now, what about you? Feeling it or not? In the Nabhi; You have been to some gurus or someone? No one? You have got. You have got. You got it. All right. [Mother laughs]. You didn’t go to any spiritualist? Did you?

[Seeker says something but unclear]

Shri Mataji: Ah, they can be very dangerous also, these spiritualists, I’ll tell about all of these people tomorrow. You got it, there, with the red? All right? Good. [Mother laughs]. One by one, how you get it, you see now. Everybody has to get it, everybody’s going to get it. All of you all are going to get it, so don’t be worried. Just don’t be worried, that’s the main point. He should get it, [unclear]. Most of you have got it. Hmm. Now? Got it?

Seeker: Warm…

Shri Mataji: Warm, warmth will go away, will become cool. It has opened out, you see never warm coming out from here. [unclear] Now. Better? Hmm. You got it too. Now just feel it. You all got it. All right? Feels great. Look at that. How it’s happening. Just like… [Mother laughs]. What about you? Did you feel? There. No. Just see him. It will work out. Just watch My hand. Don’t think about it, all right? It is the beyond, it triggers into the state.. All right. We work it out. Somebody here, this side. Hmm, should be cool. It will cool down, it will cool down, little bit. You put your left hand on your liver, left hand, this side. Now put your right hand towards Me. Cool? All right? Hmm, That. Right. You have a little liver problem. Liver. Little liver. You see.

[Seeker says something, not clear]

Shri Mataji: What is happened?

[Seeker says something, not clear]

Shri Mataji: Is it? That’s the heart. Now put your right hand and go on saying with your left hand towards Me that, without feeling guilty, “Mother please forgive me if I have done any mistakes,” and say that, “I’m the spirit.” If you just say that, it will work out. All right?

Seeker: All right.

Shri Mataji: Just say. Go on saying. She has got it at the end there. All right?

[Seeker says something, not clear]

Shri Mataji: Now he’ll feel it, he’ll feel it. It takes time because our fingers are not used to this. We have not felt it before.

[Seeker says something, not clear]

Shri Mataji: Hmm. I told you, you had liver, that’s why, that’s why the heat is there. Doesn’t matter, the heat is going out. It’s good, it’s clearing out, it’s so clear. You don’t have to tell Me about you suffer from. I just know, all right? And you will know too. Are you feeling?

[Seeker says something, not clear]

Shri Mataji: You have pain? You have pain in the back.

[Seeker says something, not clear]

Shri Mataji: All right! Not now, all right. Good. Most of the, you’ve got it now. What about you? I tell you. [unclear]. The lady behind. Hah. You got it? Did you feel? Yes, try to feel it. It’s there. It’s again very subtle. You have got it. What about you have got it now. don’t worry now. Tell me [unclear] put your hands like this, got it. Fine. Got it now. It’s cooler, very much cooler, see. It was hepatitis, it was hepatitis. I could see that, you see, and the hepatitis is cured as well, it’s that. The heat had to go away. You see so much accumulation of heat in the liver. You see liver is the one which sorts out your all poisons, you see. But that shows. Tomorrow I’ll be telling you all about diseases and things like that, and if there are any doctors it will be good idea for them to come and see. [unclear] my child.

[Seeker says something, not clear]

Shri Mataji: Now can you put your left hand on your navel, left hand, yes. You got it.

Sahaja Yogi: He’s got very bad damage here and here, from a guru I think.
Shri Mataji: Which guru you went to?
Seeker: Maharishi.
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Sahaja Yogi: Maharishi.
Shri Mataji: Ah!
‘Sakshat Narakasura Mardini’ ‘Om Sakhsat, Narakasura Mardini’ ‘Om Sakhsat Narakasura Mardini’. You must understand even, my child. It’s very simple to find out these things, isn’t it? He is going to teach you to fly. Are we going to become birds now? Why not make you fly himself? Put him on that leaning Tower of Pisa. That’s the best way. If he can fly even one inch, you can go to him. Horrible people they tell you all stories!
Sahaja Yogi: It’s blocking here and here.
Shri Mataji: All right, just ‘Sakhat Narakasura Mardini’ ‘Om Sakshat, Narakasura Mardini’ ‘Om Sakshat’. Keep your eyes open my child. Just say, put your right hand on your heart and say, “Mother I am sorry for being” You see, after all you are a seeker – you have made mistakes, it’s all right. All right?
Sahaja Yogi: [to the seeker] Feeling it cool? The hand? Put your right hand [inaudible]
Shri Mataji: He’s horrible I tell you. He has given epilepsy to people, you won’t believe, epilepsy to people. The head of their academy in Scotland came to Me with epilepsy. His daughter, his wife, all of them got epilepsy. Horrid person. If you want to read about him, this lady went to some broker ‘News of the World’, and she’s published all about it. Horrible people!
Now sit comfortably. Such a seeker, you’ll get it. Don’t you worry.
Sahaja Yogi: He’s got it now. He’s felt it.
Shri Mataji: Ah! You are going to get it. Whatever, let them try! I know all their tricks and the trades, all right? Ha, you got it, now, all right. Now close your eyes. Enjoy yourself.

Yes please?

[Seeker says something, not clear]
Seeker:”What is this sensation on the whole of the hand?”

Shri Mataji: You get a cool breeze and [NOT CLEAR]

Seeker: Cool breeze coming up from top of…

Shri Mataji: Like a jet.

[Seeker says something, not clear]

Shri Mataji: Yes, heat would be there in the beginning. You see the heat of the body has to come out. He’s all right now, this gentleman. We just see this gentleman. Are you better?

[Seeker says something, not clear]

Shri Mataji: Hmm. You better forgive him. Better forgive him. All right? Just forgive. Just forgive. Ha. Keep your eyes open, you better [NOT CLEAR] watch [NOT CLEAR]. Ha! All right? She got it? This one. Now who have not got it? This gentleman, look after you. It’s very good. Are you a science stud? Are you a science stud?

[Seeker says something, not clear]

Shri Mataji: Then what? What have you studied?

[Seeker says something, not clear]

Shri Mataji: Let him ask Me, builder of the builder, you see,. All right. Good.

[People taking, unclear]

Shri Mataji: Smoke. All right? All right. Keep it down, keep it out. That’s all. You won’t smoke now any more. All right! Got it, all right. [Mother laughs loudly]. With a package it was hiding there. He’s found it. As soon as he took out the packet, you see, he’s all right. [Mother laughs]. Otherwise, he was breathing heavily, see. Great. Great. Smoking, you’ll give up. Just put in little will-power. Think of Me that time. It will go out, all right? You too, you have a liver problem? Hmm. You put your left hand on the liver. I’ll tell you tomorrow about liver, everything. How to get it all right, on that. Higher. I will tell why you get livers also, everything, tomorrow. I hope you’ll bring up paper and a pencil also to note down few points, and also I think they can give you My tapes later on if you want to have the tapes. Hah. Good. All right? Throw away this in the sea. Just throw away. It will go away. It will go. Are you all right? Did you feel, this gentleman. Did you feel? Not yet, all right!

Those who have not yet felt again raise your hands. Just raise your hands.

Dr. Warren: If you have not felt it, raise your hands.

Shri Mataji: It must be. Still at the back.

Dr. Warren: [UNCLEAR The others] just move back and let any others come.

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, those who have not. Let others come in.

Dr. Warren: Everybody should feel it, it’s your own.

Shri Mataji: It’s your own. Those who have not felt, come along. Come along.

She-seeker: [UNCLAER].

Shri Mataji: Yes, he’s great. Yes.

Dr Warren: If you can’t feel it, [UNCLEAR].

Shri Mataji: Again, again you got it. Now come along.

Dr. Warren: It’s coming up and down.

Shri Mataji: Please come down. Come here, I will tell you what. You turn round. Turn round. Hmm. Now you put your hands.

Dr. Warren: You put your hands up.

Shri Mataji: Ha. Now your eyesight has to be improved also. Now you feel it?

Dr. Warren: Don’t think about it, [UNCLEAR ma’am/now]. Just a …

Shri Mataji: Nabhi. (Short pause, Shri Mataji is working.) Now you are feeling? [UNCLEAR Fasten/Fastent it] again. Ha, sit down. We’ll see what is catching. Sit down facing me.

Dr. Warren: Turn around.

Shri Mataji: Hmm. Come here. [UNCLEAR] now. Close your eyes. (Short pause, Shri Mataji is working.) Do you feel?

Dr. Warren: [UNCLEAR Mother] can I ask him to forgive it, [UNCLEAR came up Mother].

Shri Mataji: You have to forgive. With whom are you angry since childhood?

She-seeker: [UNCLEAR].

Shri Mataji: Ha? Alright. Now you just your hand down there and you say “Mother, I forgive everyone”. Just forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Now you got it. Are you angry? Still?

She-seeker: No, I can feel it now.

Shri Mataji: Now feel it. Now don’t be angry with anyone, alright? You have to forgive. Now feel it, now that’s it. When you start …, see now you got it again.

She-seeker: [UNCLEAR I know, I …]

Shri Mataji: Not yet yet, now see. (Laughing.) Children are so good. It’s alright, it will work out. You must forgive, alright? Fully forgive. It will work out. Alright? Good.

Dr. Warren: Feeling it now?

She-seeker: No.

Shri Mataji: (Laughing.) Again you remembered something. What are you remembering about? You have to forgive, you have to forgive. With whom are you angry? Are you alright? Just see, just put your hands towards me.
You are good. You got it. Haa, now.

She-seeker: Mhh, now. [UNCLEAR].

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