The New Age Has Started (From Krishna To Christ)

Unity of Houston Church, Houston (United States)

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1981-10-06 The New Age Has Started (From Krishna To Christ), Houston, United States, DP-RAW, 62' Chapters: TalkDownload subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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“The New Age Has Started”, Public Program day 3, Houston (USA), 6 October 1981.

Today is a sad day because such a great man like Sadat is dead. He is not great to me because he was a great politician or he was president, but he was a saint, he was a realized-soul, I knew all about him. The attack of the negativity is on but no more they will crucify a saint this way and will not face the punishment. They will be punished now. All those who tried to do such things will be punished because the new age has started.

Today I wanted to tell you about the Agnya chakra, about Jesus Christ who adorns this centre of Agnya chakra, where you see the red mark. Behind that, inside, in the brain on the crossing of the optic chiasm is this subtle centre where this great Deity is placed. Through His crucifixion and through His Resurrection, he has created this space for us to enter into the Kingdom of God, which is placed within us. Is not in without, is the limbic area that surrounds your ego and superego. In the Puranas, in the ancient scriptures of India, Christ is described so very clearly. Actually, in the Bible, what they saw of Him when He was on this Earth was written down. But nothing what created Him, how He came on this Earth what is the spirit of Christ, what is the seat of Christ and how He came and what is His purpose and where does He stand within us. All these things are not described in the Bible as I told you, the people at that time were not at all aware of His greatness, of His special Incarnation.

But if you read some of these ancient books you’ll find that He was called as Mahavishnu in the Devi Purana, in the Goddess Purana, is the ancient scripture of the Goddess. Mahavishnu was created immaculately. Now when we say that Christ always pointed out this finger is very significant. Actually this, this means Vishuddhi chakra and means also America. But this also means Vishuddhi chakra stands for Shri Krishna as I told you and He is the Primordial Being, and He is the epitome of our evolution in the sense that He is the Primordial Being who is the Father, who is the preserver.

Now in the Puranas, He is described that His power was Radha, Radha. Sanskrit language is absolutely very scientific as far as the Divine Laws are concerned. Ra means the energy, dha means the one that sustains. She is the one who sustains the energy and She was His power. But in India Krishna is never taken as Krishna Radha but Radha Krishna. The energy is before the deity. The lady is before the gentleman, we can say. Radha Krishna.

Now this special happening took place long time back. This is at the stage of Vaikunta as we call it, at the stage where nothing existed as far as this world was concerned. At different stages it came up. We see the world in such a way that it was created in seven days, but actually these are seven stages in when this whole Universe was created and we are at the seventh stage, we can say. Now at the first Vaikunta stage where it was all decided, how to work it out the creation of this great personality, of the Son of God, the greatest of all, the Adhara, the support of the universe, this Mahavishnu. So Radha, She’s Mahalakshmi, She is the central path. First She created Him in the Vaikunta stage. And at that stage She decided that She’ll create It by Herself this great Incarnation and She created this Mahavishnu. I would like you to get the translation of the description of Mahavishnu and also the description of Ganesha who is the Spirit of Christ and who incarnated in this, on this earth as our Lord Jesus Christ.

So we have here an Incarnation, a very special one, which was conceived thousands and thousands of years back at this level where it’s only the activity of the God’s mind was there, Vaikunta stage, where it was decided that this power called Radha will conceive Him in Her heart. And She conceived Him in Her heart. And then He was made like an egg. See the symbolism of Easter, like an egg. Can you recognize it? People knew about it somehow. Why do we have Easter, eggs? We never think about it. He was created like an egg out of which the half of it was kept as the seed, as Shri Ganesha, as the Spirit, and a half of it was created as Jesus Christ. The whole egg was nothing but the egg of this Divine power, which has to manifest this Divine power on this Earth.

This story is very beautiful, how She created and then He asked: “Who is my Father?” Radha is nobody else but Mother Mary Herself. She is Mahalakshmi. People may say that they can’t believe in immaculate birth of Christ. They cannot believe in the conception of Christ. I mean you it’s easy for people to say:” We don’t believe.” What do they know about God? What do they know about His mysterious ways of doing it? Can you say how you convert or you transform a flower into a fruit? You don’t know anything about living miracles and you start doubting the Immaculate Conception. Here, when you got your Realization I conceived you in my heart and gave you Realization through my Sahasrara. How did you get your Realization? You never thought of it. Is an impossibility. Thousands of people are getting Realization. How is it possible? There must be something special about me and about the way it is done. In the same way She conceived and gave Him the birth through Her uterus.

You can move it anywhere on your central system. And this great Incarnation came on this Earth with such a special purpose that He was nothing but Pranava, is the, this integrated power, this great power which has all the powers in it: the Iccha Shakti, the Prana Shakti and the Dharma Shakti is the central path, all of these put together. He was nothing but energy, energy put into an egg because He had to do a very great job. So this Radha Herself, this Mahalakshmi, this Mother Mary conceived this child and to name Him after Krishna who was the Father. She called Him Christ. Christ come from the word … In Indian language is, we call Him Krist, Krishna. Krishna means the one who has sown the seed. He is the Father. He points out always to the Father. But in the Puranas it is described that Krishna said, “You are higher than me. I placed You higher than me”. He placed Him, you can imagine that Christ is at this point and Krishna is at this point. He placed higher Him than Him and He said, “In anywhere people worship me – Shri Krishna said – automatically You are worshipped. You will be the support, Adhara, of the whole world”.

Is wonderful to say that about I think 14000 years or 12000 years back, Markandeya, such a great saint was born in India. And he has written the complete Ganesha Stotram, means the complete praise of Ganesha. You can see the translation is so beautiful and that he said, “You’ll be so humble”. He is the one who is the ninth Incarnation, called as Buddha, among the ten Incarnations [of Vishnu]. That He will be so humble that He will wash the feet of His disciples. All the miracles of Christ are described in these books. But these books are not translated.

And that He will be the one, when enlightened within you with the Kundalini, He will take away all your karmas and all your conditionings because He will die for your sins, for your karmas. The world will not have to suffer anymore, if He is awaken within you. These are all the things already written, thousands of years back. Can you imagine? I wish the Christians who went from here to take, explain Christianity to Indians told them that Mahavishnu is already born and we are preaching about Him, the One who is going to suck your conditioning, the One who is going to suck all your problems of karmas. They never told. On the contrary, they were so stupid, I must tell you, that they would put a loaf in a well and say that: “You all have become Christians because we have put the meat of the beef, the beef inside the well”. Indians don’t eat beef, you see. “So you all have become Christians”. Villages after villages they converted into Christianity. They started branding them as Christians. This was absurd. And that’s why the people were waiting and waiting for the Advent of Christ.

His name Christ comes from the word Krishna, Krist, and the second one is Jesus. Krishna had a foster mother whom Radha loved very much. Her name was Yeshoda, we also call her as [Jesoda, Jeshoda]. Christ is called also as Yeshu in India. The short form of Yeshoda is Yeshu or Jeshu, we have both the things. From there the name Jesus has come. She wanted to name Her after the foster mother because she was a lady so she was called as [Jeshoda, Jesoda] but for a man She selected the name Yeshu and Jeshu. Moreover the word Jeshu or Yeshu is very important. “J” in Sanskrit language means, every word has a meaning in Sanskrit language, means to know, is to know, the knowledge, Gyana. The one who knows. But Jeshu: ‘shu’ means auspicious. ‘Shu’ means “that brings auspiciousness, that brings blessings”. Jeshu is the one who knows how to bring auspiciousness on this Earth. People never told this, they never knew who went from here with the message that Christ was born.

At the time when Christ came on this Earth with this big message that somebody has to pass through this special problem. Now let’s see why the problem was there. We have to understand the problem that faced human beings at that subtle level where they had to work out this special, a very extraordinary Incarnation. The problem was that human beings had raised their heads. By raising their heads their ego and superego grew up around their limbic area, making it a very hard shell, just like an egg. A man developed his I-ness and only way to transform him into a bird, like an egg breaks up into a bird, was to make the Kundalini rise.

But how to make that compact stuff where it is crossing, crossable, which can be crossed over, which can be passed through. So they had to create this special Incarnation, which is nothing but Pranava, the Aum, the Logos as you call it, the sound of the All Pervading Power. To be put at a place where nothing but the power itself can remain, because anybody else, all other Incarnations who came on this Earth had all the five elements within them. But He was just the power, the energy, the complete energy. He didn’t have, for example we all human beings are made of five elements on the right hand side as I told you, and when we die the part that is our body, means one of the five koshas, as they call the cocoons of the body which is the matter, falls off. Then the water cocoon also falls off and the soul remains with the Spirit on your head and the Kundalini also there. But He was the only One who had no earth element in it. And so it was a very special type of an energy engulfed, engulfed into a human being was placed.

Krishna has said about the eternal life and about the Spirit. In Sanskrit language is very beautiful because it’s a mantra: “Nainam chidanti shastrani, nainam dahati pavakah, na chainam kledayantya apo, na shosayati marutah.” means it cannot be killed by anyone, the Spirit cannot be killed. It is eternal. You cannot crush it. It cannot be flown out by any wind. And He had to prove it and to prove that they had to have somebody here, on this Earth, with that energy to come in, with a body, to act like a human being, live like a human being and go through that drama of death to show that He overcomes the death. The Resurrection is our message, that He resurrects Himself. He had to die and He had to be resurrected because He says that it is beyond death. Krishna has said that the Spirit is beyond death. And the Spirit had to come on this Earth.

So you understand when we talk of Christ how little we know as to how this worked out. Is the most difficult thing that he did. And His Mother was the Mahalakshmi, is the power, which is the central power of sustenance, pure sustenance, pure holiness, pure innocence. Such a powerful woman She was, very powerful. And Himself is endowed with, you won’t believe, with eleven powers of Rudra, means of destruction, eleven powers of Rudra. He’s Ekadasha Rudra. Is described, all that is described, I’m not telling it as my own. You can see for yourself. He was endowed with eleven powers of destruction. But He was to go through all this, with all the humility. When you have all these powers with you and when egoistical people behave like this, these donkeys, you see, who could not understand Him, these brainless people in those days, who could not believe Him, He could have destroyed all of them in one shot. Absolutely He has got eleven Rudras. You can imagine His destructive powers, with which He is going to come back. And He had to keep them in control.

But He didn’t say about His Mother much, because She was the power and if He had said so, then they would have directed, these negative forces would have directed all their attention towards Her and then He would have used all these eleven powers and the whole drama would have been failed. So He kept quiet on that.

My father, as I told you, was a learned man and a very great soul and [WE] used to discuss about these things and I said: “Martin Luther, who was a Realized soul, when he started his new movement of Protestants, why did he not enhance the glory of the Mother?” As the Catholics knew, because Catholics just followed after Christ so it linked about with them. my father told me that at that time Martin Luther faced three forces against him. First one was the Christians themselves, the Catholics, who believed in nunneries and all kinds of ritualism and all kinds of nonsense, which he wanted to flout, then he had another force, which was facing and that one was the one that came from the Jews because they would not accept Him. Even today they don’t accept Him. They are very adamant. And the third force that he had to face was the Islam, Islamic. And the Islam pleaded down the role of a woman though Fatima Herself was the Holy Ghost, is the Mahakali power, the daughter of Mohammad. But he pleaded down just because the Islam had pleaded down he thought gradually as Protestants will grow up, he will start introducing the greatness of His Mother. As it is Jews even today are after the Immaculate Conception.

In London, very recently, I think about two years back, as they have money they paid some of the newspapers and published something nonsensical about Christ. They said that it was predicted in the Bible that a child will be born to a girl, but it was not a virgin, the Hebrew word, as it is, is for the girl and not a virgin. I said: “In those days, we didn’t have girls of 18 80 years as we have today”. Even in India today if you say a girl, a kanya means a virgin – kanya. And virgin is the same, means the Virgo.

Modern times are funny. We can’t judge Christ style Christ’s time according to modern times. Even you find a woman who is married ten times they’ll call her a girl here. But one should logically understand this point. Is very logical. But if it was to be said that a prophecy means something special, that a child would be born to a girl, of course it is going to be born to a girl and not to a boy. And why was the girl word? It is going to be born to a woman. If it is to a woman it is nothing special. What is there to prophesize and say about it? Is so logical that when the word girl came in it meant the virgin. All kind of things they are talking, doesn’t matter.

First of all they say that our, we have to suffer till our Saviour comes because Christ didn’t suffer for them. So they are suffering. Now, we have to know that Christ has suffered for us absolutely to the brim. We don’t have to suffer anymore. Is a nonsensical idea coming from people who are sadistic, who have no joy in themselves. They cannot see you happy. And that’s why also they make Christ look like a TB patient, I should say. I went to the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo was a realized soul, a great person. He has done complete justice to the image of Christ. Huge big thing like a, we can say, a Texas fellow standing with a Lambodara, with a big stomach of this kind is described. Ganesha is Lambodara. Standing there throwing people right and left. Just see the words, how He has spoken. He was not a cabbage like person, He was extremely dynamic, He was full of vigour, He was absolutely fearless. He had nothing to fear. And He’s standing there and throwing people to the left and the right and the right ones is accepting them and putting them in the Kingdom of Heaven. Just imagine! It is Michelangelo is the only person who has really done justice to Him and I would say Rubens because of his habits of painting the muscles, he’s done a very beautiful painting, I saw, is in the place where he lives, of the ascent and descent of Christ. Beautiful, one of the best one could think.

Nowhere miseries written on His face. Such people do not feel the misery. They just watch the drama. They don’t suffer. Because of taking up your sufferings it took it upon Himself and He showed to the world that: “Now I ask forgiveness from my Father”. He stood as a representative of all the seekers of the world before His Father who is a wrathful Father. I told you Shri Krishna has a Samara Shakti and worse than that is the witness God whom we call as Sadashiva. He is only there when He has to destroy. And He asks as your representative: “O Father, please, forgive them”. He asks for forgiveness, facing His own Father as your representative that: “Please, forgive them”. This is the greatest weapon He has given us, to forgive. That’s one thing none of the Christian nations are doing, is to forgive. Perhaps people have not known the power of love. They do not. They talk. God is love. Just talk, talk, talk, talk. If God is love then love must be the most powerful thing.

When I first started my work I flouted all these fake gurus by names in India and I told them what devils they had been and I‘ve known them for ages. And people told me that: “They will shoot You this time”. I said: “Let them start shooting. I’ll see who can shoot me.” And all those always I have flouted them anywhere I get the chance. I’ve told that: “These are horrible people“. As Christ has said: “Hot or cold.” He doesn’t mind, because if it is cold they are realized, if they are hot then we’ll fight them. We can tell them how out. But if they are one lukewarm, you see, there are people: “O, we are in different awareness, they are in different awareness, we must accept this awareness also, we must accept…” Such people are the ones He said: “I’ll spout spit them out of my mouth”. So clearly.

He’s the One who whipped people who were selling things in the temple. He is the One who said: “Don’t throw pearls before the swine.” So far I’ve never used this word but He has. He was dynamic. He was not afraid of anyone. And He couldn’t bear the mediocrity and this kind of balance: “Oh, we have them also, we can have the devils and also the Gods”. People argue: “Why do You criticize them? They don’t criticize You”. He said: “The devil, the Satan is not going to speak against his own house”. This is exactly what is happening today. I’ve seen when I say that: “This man is a devil”, people say: “Mother, why do you call him a devil?” “Because he’s a devil, I have to call him a devil. I’m your Mother.” When I see a person suffering, he cannot get his Realization because he went to this devil, I have to say he’s a devil whether you like it or not. If you are a true seeker you stand up to that and see for yourself you are a true seeker. And if you are a true seeker you must find your Spirit and you must get to your Realization.

I’m not here for any elections or pampering. I’m here to give you your own, to have your own Spirit, to enjoy your being. Even if the whole world gets against me, I’m not bothered about it. I’m here of course to look after you, to tell you in a proper way. But if it comes to the devils I will be the One who will stand against them, every minute. Whatever may they come in, whatever garb, it’s very easy to make them out once you get your Realization. It’s very easy to find out. He Himself has said it all these things. He said: “Don’t judge anyone”. Before Realization you can’t judge anyone, from the appearances. They look very sweet, you know, or they talk very sweetly. They come to you in a band, you see, and they walk with such beautiful gait. They are great dramatist, some of them play flutes, jump like Krishna. Some say: “We are Incarnation of Christ.”

There was a gentleman who said: “I’m the Incarnation of Krishna”. I told him: “Why do you make the ladies nude and naked? What religion has taught you this, to make the ladies nude and naked, take out their clothes and make them dance? What is this?” “O, he said, I’m Shri Krishna!” I said: “Really? I never knew Shri Krishna did that.” He said: “No, He did.” Once Krishna was a small child of four years, you can imagine, a naughty little thing. What did He understand of nudity or that? Innocent. And the gopis, you see, were having their bath in the river Yamuna where Radha was putting Her feet, so the water was all vibrated. And He climbed up onto a tree and they had put their clothes on a tree and He hid them. So they were asking for His clothes: “Now what are you doing? Why have you hidden?” It’s a mischief. It’s the fun. But in that fun what He was doing? Was to give them Realization because He could see their Kundalini at the back. [AS, AND] a child of four years… What does a child of four years know about nudity, or dress or anything? Innocent. Modern children may be very precocious, but not in those days.

But when He was the king in Dwarika – I asked this nonsensical fellow who says he is the Bhagavan, and the Shri Krishna – I said when He was a grown up man and a king in Dwarika, which is at least two thousand miles away from Hastinapur Delhi, and a lady called Draupadi, who called Him as a brother, was troubled because she was pound porned?? and all that, a big story of Mahabharata, you might be knowing Draupadi, and a devil of a man called Dhuriodhana said that: ” I’ll make you nude”, tried to pull Her sari. It’s a beautiful description of the whole thing.  He was worried that she will lose her chastity by removing her…, this is called as ??. So she put it in her mouth like this and she was to call Krishna. She says: “Kri”, and she was holding because „shna” means it falls down. And as soon as she found that the sari is going, she said: ”shna”, and the description is so great: “‛Dwarika me shora, shor bhayo bhare, shankha chakra gadaa padma Garuda laysidhare” . When she did that “shna” it echoed in Dwarika where He was ruling. He was the king there.

And with shanka, chakra, gada, padma , these are his four weapons, one better that the other. One is sufficient, the chakra, I told you, all up of them together on the Garuda, on the condor He arrived there to save the chastity of His sister. If He was fond of removing the clothes of women, why did He all the way come and save that? And this fellow didn’t know how to answer me. I told him: “One day your clothes will be taken out like this”. Within eight days it happened. Somebody took out all his clothes and he was dancing on the street and nowadays he’s backing back in America with a paralysis. He couldn’t smell flowers. One better that the other. But his disciples, if you tell them: “O, don’t say, Mother. We love him.”

This kind of a funny mesmerism it’s stupidity. Awake yourself! This kind of emotional nonsensical attachment to one person is not going to give you Realization. You have to become your Spirit. You have to be actually reborn. There is no place for devilish people. If they are from hell they will go back to that, but many of their disciples are also walking through, while they are my children, I would say. They are the children of God, they are the men of God, as described as William Blake*. They have been born on this earth for seeking because they know this is the time they are going to achieve their Realization and these horrible people have mesmerized them.

At this time should I go and garland them and say: “You are very nice people”? If you expect me to do that, then you have not understood me at all. No use telling me: “O, their awareness is different.” I see that your Kundalini is ruined, you are up to get a blood cancer or some sort of a cancer or you are going to get into the lunatic asylum. Something horrible is going to happen to you and when I see that am I to say “Yes” the one who has done, go and fall at his feet? But if there’s a real guru I would go and meet him myself. There are many, but they are hiding. I sent one fellow to New York, he ran away within two days, within two days. He said: “O, these New York people are different”. He said: “I have to take a circus with me. They like a circus.” But Houston people are different.

Now, so this was the great Incarnation of Christ who came on this Earth, a very dynamic. Those who say that: “I’m the Christ”, there’s many, you see, self certified people: “I’m the Christ”. Now the kind of a Christ they do, He was never like that, He was a healthy man and He was not one of these people who’s these cheeks have gone inside, who looks like a miserable, hungry, pitiable man. Anyone of these who say that I’m the Christ – ask them to walk on the water. Immediately: one foot up and one foot down. Ask them to walk on the water, if they can walk, it’s alright.

Supposing I say that I am the Holy Ghost. If I say so there is a significance of that, that in the presence of Holy Ghost, the Kundalini rises. Is written down. There are thousand things written and every word has to be tallied with that person otherwise you just don’t believe. Let them go and walk on the water, is not far away from here, seventeen miles only, and see how far they go. Is the best way to judge these people. We have got a method to judge these people.

Thank God, we are born in modern times when we are not illiterate, ignorant, we have had Christ, we have had so many people, we can read and we can understand, we should logically reach the position to understand what do we have to expect from a Realized Soul. If he talks like a politician who wants to have votes, how can you believe that such a person could be an Incarnation? An Incarnation has not only to be a fearless person, but has to be a holy person. Not the one who is like a parasite living on other people. Like these lamas: they live like parasites in Nepal and also in Lhasa. Poor Tibetans were suffering – they had no food but these lamas were living and taking their special Ambrose, they call it, in golden cups. Today they are driven out so they are on our head in India. We have to support these nonsensical people sitting down there as lamas, these parasites of the worst type. And those who could not get a place there are now moving about and now they want to live on a marble flooring. They can’t live on a carpet flooring. They must have a marble flooring. And people have to starve themselves to create a marble flooring for these horrible parasites.

Why should a saint ask for anything? A saint is a king. He’s above all these comforts of life. He’s not bothered. I mean, if you ask, I can sleep on the street, I’ve no problem, no problem, because I’m above the want, I’m above greed. I don’t know what sort of a thing is temptation. If they call themselves as Godly people, look at their faces, worn out, biscuity, serious, nonsensical people. They have no sense of humour of any kind. Not only but I’ve seen some disciple who came to me, all their bone was broken, all their back bone was broken, every bone was broken by these people. They use to beat them these sadists. They take money from you and finish your Kundalini.

Their days have come now. Because they talk well don’t believe them. What have they given you? Somebody says: “They have given us the knowledge”. All right, what knowledge? What knowledge have they given you? Knowledge, is all mental. What have you got it in your awareness, where you have to evolve, when you rise. Christ has described it so clearly, I did need not say what a Realized soul should be. You become a witness, you become a witness of the whole drama, of the whole show. And this should happen to you. Not only, but you are empowered with the powers of your Spirit. At least your health should be all right. People are suffering from stresses and strain, having a headache all the time, jumping on their sits and they say: “We get very positive results”. What are positive results? These make believes if you carry on with them you will have no way of judging as to where you are.

First of all get your Realization. Get to your discretion power and realize that it is you who can judge them after Realization, not before. Christ has said “right discretion”. He has used the word: “right discretion”. How do you get “right discretion” unless and until you are realized? And this is not to be self-certified. As Christ has said: “You’ll be calling me Christ, Christ. I will not recognize you”. meaning what? Those who say: “We are Christians”, you see, going about with the label: “We are Christians, we go to church, sing our hymns and come back home and quarrel, going to wars, fight. We are the people who drink on a Christmas day. On a Christmas day, we drink!”

Now, when Christ said that, they said at the time of Christ, He went to a wedding and He blessed the wine. Is not true. That wine, at that time never meant, even in India today, wine never means an alcohol. But Moses has talked about it very clearly and Abraham has talked about it because they had to deal with this wine void which I told you, the Primordial Masters, they had to deal with the liver, so they talked about it, they called it the “strong drink” and “fermented drink”, so clearly.

But everything happens if somebody dies, you must have champagne to celebrate his death perhaps. If Christ is born we must have champagne. If Christ is born that is the day we should dedicate ourselves to our Spirit, not to get out of your awareness. Anyone of these fermented things take you away from your attention. Your attention is in a way empathized hypnotised. I don’t say: “You don’t drink!” at this stage but after Realization you will not. You will not, even if you want to. You will not drink, because you get drunk. Like me, if I go to a party, you see, they will always say: “Please, have something. O, You must have, please. You have not tested this. You better have”. I said: “No, sir, I’m sorry, I’m over drunk already. If I drink more, I don’t know what will happen to me”. I mean you can’t tell them: “You don’t drink”. You see, that would be absolutely unmannerly to tell them: “Please, don’t drink today”. But they’ll go on forcing you and if you say anything against it then absolutely you are no eliteness about you. You are absolutely unsophisticated.

This is the thing in this world. Virtue has no meaning. If you are virtuous, you better hide yourself. Not in Sahaja Yoga. You enjoy your virtues in Sahaja Yoga. You really enjoy yours and others virtues. Is a very different thing as in the unity church you call it, a New Age is coming, is absolutely true. I find, as I told you the principles of this church are very, very close to that which is the stage on to which you have to jump. And that’s why the right conclusion that is reached is absolutely the way to understand where you have to reach logically. But you must know, you have to take a stand. You cannot be a person who’s apologetic. There is no place for apologies. If you are a realized soul, you are a realized soul. You are not dominating it by that to anyone. You are not dominating. By that you accept your situation with glory and with pride.

But I’ve seen many Sahaja Yogis also feel shy to accept that they are realized. They understand what’s happening. They are giggling, they are laughing at the way people are, but they find it impossible to talk to them about their Realization, that other should get their Realization. You have to take a stand in your family, in your surroundings, with your friends and you have to tell them that: “You better all get realized”. The reason for that is that the Christ who crucified Himself, He is going to come back, with his eleven forces of destruction. And then He’s not going to tell you anything, not going to ask you to take any Realization, nor He is bothered whether you go to hell. He will just sort out.

But those who have got Realization will enter into the Kingdom of God. You have to enter into the Kingdom of God. Here, as I say, is the seventh chakra. I told you about the sixth chakra, which is adorned by Jesus Christ and the mantra of the (seventh chakra), sixth chakra is our Lord’s Prayer. That’s the way you can solve both the things. But the bija mantra is Ham Ksham. Ham Ksham. It means that when you are infested with negativity, with depression, with the attack of the superego, as shown here, then you have to say: “I am, I’m going to fight you”. If you go to a guru who makes you a negative person, who makes you feel very shy, who says: “You are all the ego and you are good for nothing, you must pay me more and pay me more”. And you all the time say that: “Oh, must be something wrong with me, nothing wrong with this man”. If there is self-pity and also there is guilt, then you have to say: “I am not guilty”. Then you have to say that: “I’m my own guru”, if you have left side problems. But if you have right side problems, then you have to say: “I forgive, Ham Ksham”. These are the bija mantras of this two, which you have got, your symbol is of these two wings, is actually the Agnya chakra.

It is just like that. Agnya chakra is just like that. But they call it the, what Egyptian, what… no, is not that. You see, this symbol has come to you from unconscious, is the Agnya chakra, is this centre. Egyptians didn’t know much about God, I must tell you. Of course pyramid is, pyramid is, pyramid is all vibrated. But the way they were so much worried about their dead is horrifying. Imagine these bones buried in the one box of gold, then one box of silver, then one box of this and all the ornaments kept with the dead. The dead is finished into bones, the ornaments are there. I’ve seen that in Egypt. Mad people, I must say. It’s Sadat who would have brought it round. But let’s see something new will happen there, in that country.

Traditional countries have wisdom, inbuilt wisdom and they go on improving because they have tried all these methods and they know where to go.. He didn’t talk of death. They know it from the people, pharaohs and all that who had all these kinds of a funny mummies going round and keeping the dead in a silver box and as if the dead knows where is the silver. Christ has said many things, which we do not pay attention to. One of them is about the dead. In every church, I was happy to know that in this church there is no cemetery. You walk into a cemetery if you want to go to a church. A lady who came from India, she said: “Everything seems to be upside down in England”. I said: “What?” She said: “I went to see a church. And all the dead were laid there under my feet. And I was holding my sari walking like this. I was thinking I was going to step. And the lady with me said: ‘What, you should walk straight‘. She said: ‘How can I, you see? These are dead here. It’s like a cemetery.” And she was walking carefully because they must be respected.

You take your children to those churches. I mean I don’t know, you don’t understand that God has talked about spirits in so clear ways. Of course, maybe it’s not so much in the Bible, maybe, but He showed that He took out the spirits, He talked of spirits of so many people, and put them in the pigs and put them in the sea. All this is so clearly given, still, just see the Christian nations. Today’s newspaper, was there one free newspaper, witchcraft, devils den, devils angels, this guru, that guru, psychic, ESP, all kinds of spirits. Imagine! I mean in Indian picture you won’t even find one advertisement like that. Maybe some of the gurus might try, but in India people know who is real and who is not. Most of them know.

While here I find all kinds of things, which are negative, which have something to do with the spirits we are doing. It is against Christ. Why should we bother ourselves about the spirits? Let them alone. Like somebody’s father is haunting, somebody’s mother is haunting. Now, there’ve been so much for you! Now forget them. Let them be born again to get their Realization. Then you call somebody’s spirit here, somebody’s spirit from dead there. Some spiritualist goes into a funny gesture and you start believing that and asking about your future and this and that. Is all very superfluous and absolutely silly against your Spirit. I’ve told you yesterday, those people who indulge into these, for seven generations they suffer, seven generations. I’m telling you from my experience. And those who go to them also suffer. Even the countries where this is practiced too much.

If a child is born there, I know of a lady whose child was born in a country like that, and he had this Agnya protruding just like this. And when he saw me, he started screaming and shouting, he couldn’t bear me. And today he’s a different child, I saw. He’s a French child, he’s a very different child. Absolutely. But he was so much and so many spirits in him, you can’t imagine. And she told me that she, she had a nurse who was form that country and perhaps she has done something to him.

So the source of this is already unlimited. You don’t have to pay for it. You stand outside and you can get anyone of them. It’s very easy to catch on them, very easy. For example, somebody asked me: “How do you catch a spirit?” I said: “Very simple. You put a light before you, of course you don’t try on that stick, and make a whole in a black paper, little hole. And through that hole you see the spirit. You see that light and you’ll get a spirit into you. You get any name, which is commonly used and go on and chanting that name, you’ll get into a spirit. You start saying any absurd thing in the presence of God, in the presence of the picture of God or of Christ, you insult or do anything you get into it. It is the easiest thing to get a spirit in you. You start jumping too much, you get it, you start saying: “Hooo”. You get it. You do any funny thing, you get them. They are all around. They are busy bodies. They want to use you for their purpose. They are very easy available. Why do you pay for them? Will you pay such a lot of amount just to get one of them on top of you? You have to be your master, I told you. You have to be in the way Christ was. It’s only He has the power to raise the Kundalini of people like that, as you do now.

He was created in that immaculate way in which you have been given Realization, in the same immaculate manner. So have your self-esteem. You are not going to become slave of these horrible useless sly aggressive people, who are hanging around just to trouble you because their ambitions are not fulfilled or they are sly or they are sadists, or they are masochists and all that kind of thing. You are seekers, of high quality. Rise up to your Self. This is the message of Christ to you, because He resurrected Himself. Did you He dance or did you He say Hu hu, haa? Even He was tempted by Satan. And Uninvited the Satan arrive there, and Uninvited. Nobody asked him to be there.

He has fasted for you, so you don’t fast. If you fast, you’ll get a fasting spirit in you. If you overdo your Hatha yoga you’ll get a spirit, which will do much more Hatha yoga till your ribs break out. Yeah. They take you to extremes, you see. You see those mad people running, jogging on the road. They will get it very soon. I am worried about them. You see, all these extra things, there is no need to do. Today we saw one of the circus or some sort of thing that was there, they were three people from somewhere, I think from Spain and [ALL THAT]. And the Vishuddhi was so badly catching in them. Poor things were putting all the pressure, going like this, going like that. And they said they are statues, whatever it is. I said, I had simple pity for them. I said: “What are they up to?” I mean, you can have real statues like that. But why make human beings behave so funny, so extra energy consumers? Why? Why? You are human beings, you are delicate things. Why do you want to stand on your heads? Why do you want to do something that you are not supposed to do? You have to stay in the central path, in a sensible way, in a very normal way, to get your Realization. We’ll Need not do anything that is extreme. Always avoid extremes.

But you tell something to someone. Is impossible. Human beings must start doing it. You give him a cycle, till he breaks his head, he will not give up his cycle. You give them the skates, till he completely is in an accident, he won’t give up his skates. It’s impossible to deal with them. To be in the centre is the easiest thing. Just to be in the centre, in the balance. Before going to the Sahasrara, I want to tell you about the balancing, because tomorrow I’m going to tell you how the diseases are caused. So the balance is… Because if you use anyone of these powers, for the first power is of superego, through which we run away from places, we avoid, we are frightened, we have fears. The another is of aggression, right hand side, is the ego.

Anyone of them if you use too much, the other one gets frozen. For example, a person who thinks too much and plans too much and thinks that he is responsible for the whole world of affairs, you see, and he is doing all the work, while he doesn’t do anything, God does everything. In the myth that he is, develops his ego to a great extent by which his left side suffers too much. And then, first thing he develops is all the problems of the left side in the organ. First of all, the poor Swadishthana cannot look after the liver so he develops a liver, then on the left hand side it is absolutely useless, so he develops diabetes. Diabetes is not caused by sugar by any chance, I can tell you. Of course, you should not take too much sugar, also. I mean, too much of everything is wrong. But you must take sugar. Is important for your liver to have your sugar diet. But it’s the idea in the head that if you take sugar you get diabetes. Not at all. It is caused by over thinking. Absolutely. Not by sugar. In an Indian village, a farmer takes at least every day half a kilo of sugar, for your information. And they do not know what diabetes is because he doesn’t think. He just does.

If you want to solve your problem of diabetes, you have to develop your thoughtless awareness, which you get when Christ is awakened within you. He thinks for you. You don’t have to think. You just be in that silence, that bliss. And then Swadishthana can look after the other side. Diabetes is absolutely curable through Sahaja Yoga. Then people who suffer from the troubles of the spleen, like anaemia and all those things. But the worst of all is the blood cancer. Blood cancer is the worst thing you suffer from spleen. Now, how it is caused? A person who’s very busy, you see, is big man, he has no time. So he gets out of his bed, puts on his trousers and he is there for the breakfast, standing he’s eating something. All right. Poor this spleen is trying to cooperate that emergency, is trying to give some blood. Suddenly he jumps into his car, he’s driving, he goes and meets other who are on the way, have jammed his way, so he’s cursing them, doing all kind of things. He is very speedy, you see. He must go and he can’t bear that jam. This speediness comes to you because this spleen becomes mad. It becomes crazy. It doesn’t know how to cope with the mad man like that. He has no time to sit down and eat.

Formerly, in India, the husband, of course our system is rather different, which the American women won’t like, but we have been very successful with our methods men, you see. It’s a trick I will tell you. The women must know cooking in India. They might be the richest of rich. They must know cooking. They know very good cooking, excellent. You know, you approach your man through his stomach, always is true. Hundred percent. And then they make the husband sit down comfortably. In India, we sit on, I mean we have a kind of a – what you call a chauranga, we can say a stool which is very low and the husband sits there and another stool in front of him. And she sits there with a fan, you see, she’s fanning him. The rhythm of the food is with the fan. And she serves him and she looks after him, and she talks to him very sweetly at that time when he eats his food. That’s the sign of a Gruha Lakshmi, of the, of the, what is, the Goddess of the family. She’s very kind to him, then he likes those relaxed moments. She feeds him.

Then he gets up and dresses up and goes to his work. This kind of peace we should give to our husbands, if you have to control them. You have not to compete with them always they are like children, I tell you. They are so sweet. Somebody told me: “Mother, you must go and describe your self esteem as the Mother of women”. I said: “What?” “Yes, there are many women who are expecting their Mother Goddess to come.” I said: “But I’m sorry, I’m Mother of men as well as of women. For me both of them are just the same, two chariots, the two wheels of a chariot. One is on the left, another in the right”.

Is great thing to be a woman, I must say. Like this Mother Earth, she bears us because she’s so powerful. If you are a powerful person you can bear it up. For example, husband has to get angry with you sometimes. If he gets angry with somebody in the office, he loses his job, he’ll be fired. But if he sometimes gets angry with you, it’s all right. Doesn’t matter. It’s just fun. But a woman has to be that playful, that cheerful and that understanding should be in a woman. What is there to compete with them? You are the power, the potential. You have to give that power of love to your husbands. In Sahaja Yoga we have changed the entire system of society, also. It’s such a beautiful relationship between husband and wife, such a beautiful one among children and parents and…. It’s so beautiful, you can’t imagine.

That age has to come. We are not to fight for any rights, we have every rights. A woman has every right within herself. She doesn’t know how to handle it. And they have gone crazy. They don’t know what to do with these men. It’s very easy to handle them. You have to learn the art of expressing your love. That’s the thing we lack. We (Which?) should come from your heart to understand that we can’t live without each other. This will stop many things that are going wrong in this country and the injustice we are doing to the children who are born to us.

Now this is I am saying because Christ has blessed marriage. Those who believe in nunneries and all that are really nonsensical. And the nuns getting married to this innocence? I mean, how can innocence marry? This is the worst thing you can do to Christ is to say that: “This nun is married to Christ”. I just can’t bear the idea. Is absurd, is an insult of innocence. And this is what it is, we should understand, that marriage is blessed by Him. Is a sacred thing. We should not make a mess out of it. Is so pure. Is very beautiful. You enjoy each other in company, also in separation you do enjoy. If you know how to be sweet to each other, is so beautiful. It’s very beautiful. These traditions will come back as soon as you become the Spirit. I’m sure of it.

Now, so we come, I told you about the imbalances to a great extent, but later on tomorrow also I‘m going to tell you because Sahaja Yogis have to look after their imbalances to keep their health all right and to look after the health of other people also.

Now about the tenth chakra, the last chakra as called the seventh chakra, seventh chakra, which is very important. This chakra has got all these seven centres in it. It is placed in the brain. The brain, if you have a transverse section of that, you can see it looks like a lotus leaves. It is said there are one thousand nerves, or one thousand centres or plexuses for this particular centre called as Sahasrara. Sahasrara means one thousand petals. And these petals are shown there. Of course they are not one thousand there, but they look like living flames of different colours. “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.” It’s said. Even the other centres look like tongues of flames, you see, the flames were enlighten. But the living flames are very silent. They are placed as a lotus and as the Kundalini comes up She pushes this lotus out and you touch the seat of the Spirit, which is on top of your head and you enter into the super consciousness.

Not into the collective subconscious or not into the collective supraconscious, but into the super consciousness, where you become the master, you become the Spirit. And you start feeling the All Pervading Power around you. And through your fontanel bone area you feel the cool breeze, you actually feel it. It’s an actualization. It is not just that I baptized you, you are being baptized, it is not possible. On the contrary, I’ve seen some people who touch the fontanel bone area of the children introduce spirits. Yes. It should be done only by a Realized soul and not by every Dick, Tom and Harry. Is a very dangerous thing.

Now, this Sahasrara has got all the seven centres, the seats of all the seven centres are there. Start from here is the Agnya chakra. Here is the Vishuddhi. Then here is the Heart. Now see, it’s so simple. Heart. If it is not heartfelt, if you have not felt it from your heart… Because some people come from other gurus, I’ve seen them. They sit here just to mock and laugh at it and make fun of it. They never get Realization. If your heart is caught up with your ego, also is difficult. If your heart is weak, maybe any problem with the heart, it can be anything, I mean, so the Realization here stops. Heart has to be strong, you have to have a heartfelt desire. That’s the centre here of the heart. So I told you this is the centre here of the Agnya chakra, Vishuddhi chakra. This is the centre is the, is the, we can say, a [SATELLITE, SUBTLE OF IT], of the Agnya chakra between the two, because here these two also come out a little bit, the Ha Tha, both of them come out here, down below. It’s Hamsa. But main chakra is this Agnya and then there is the centre of Vishuddhi, then here is the centre of Heart.

Now, behind here, is the centre of Mooladhara, here, just in the centre. For example today I met a lady who told me she’s losing her eyesight. It could be due to two things only. It could be due to diabetes or it could be due to some possession you can lose your eyesight. Now, if it is in the centre, it is a possession. But diabetes is caused by the Swadishthana chakra around it. So even if it is due to diabetes it can constrict the optic globe by which you can have problem on your eyesight. Your eyes will be open, but suddenly you can’t see anything. This is absolutely curable, absolutely curable. Spirits, they get to it/they can do it. How much we have to be careful about spirits that you will realize very soon, as soon as you will take to Sahaja Yoga.

So the centre here of the Agnya is caught up and when it is caught up it just makes the optic globe ineffective and you can’t see. Your eyes are open, you can’t see. And when this diabetes is setting, this centre around which is the Swadishthana chakra, gets affected. Vishuddhi chakra is here, is here. I mean Nabhi chakra, is here. This is Nabhi chakra, which has got left and right. So all these centres are in the brain, so the essence of Sahasrara is integration, unity, complete integration. You cannot integrate nonsensical things together. Integration is only possible of the people who are of the same style, or of the Deities who stand for God.

You cannot have satanic people and Godly people integrated, can you? You cannot unite these people. You try it and you’ll have problem. That’s the best way you see the destruction of every unity. So in Sanskrit is a very good, good word got for integration, Samagra, beautiful word which means, Agra is the, Agra is the hole in the needle, and when a thread passes through this needles, it passes through the Agra, so it is Samagra. And this integration has to take place as soon as you cross over. And because of this you get your Realization and you feel all the chakras are enlightened. Unless and until you pass through this fontanel area you cannot feel the All Pervading Power. With awakening only, with the awakening of the Kundalini, you can give Realization even to people, you may think, but it won’t stay there. But, of course, you can cure people, all right. But with Realization, if you establish yourself, which I’ll tell you how to do it tomorrow, then you can give Realizations to others, you can manifest all your powers, even you can control the element, for your information. Yes, after some time.

We have some people in India. There’s an ordinary fisherman, again a fisherman, he is educated, he’s a graduated, but he’s a fisherman. His name is Harish Chandra. He’s a Realized soul. He got his Realization. He said: “Mother, I never knew you have given me so many powers.” I said: “Really? What happened?” He said: “I was going to a village across to another island and the whole area was covered with clouds in such a way that a tempest was expected, absolutely a horrible one. And people said: ’Don’t go out’”. He said: “I was so much frustrated, I just stood up there and I said: ‘Now see, I’m going for God’s work. And will you, please, behave yourself till I come back?’”. And he said: “The clouds were removed. Went there and came back, when I reached my home in the night, that time it started raining” And there were 25 people other fishermen with him. In India the work is taking up a big form, among the villagers, among the people who are simple. You do not lack behind. Though they are simple people, they are good people. You are the leaders, you are great saints, you have been seeking for ages and now the time has come for you to get it. So do not miss it.

For anybody’s sake, do not plead for any gurus or anyone. You just plead for yourself. You have paid them, finish it off. Done your duty. It was a mistake. Forget it. Get your Realization. Get to your Spirit. The Sahasrara is opened out, is opened out because of this Sahaja Yoga has become a mass movement now. Thousands can get Realization. Thousands. They have been thousand people, six thousand people, as he says this, that’s true. It is true. It is true. It has happened. It’s so miraculous. But you are miraculous you are great. Just to find out yourself, what a great instrument you are. You’ll be amazed what things you can do.

I can write a chapter like a book on Sahasrara, because that’s my place. I know it so well. But today I think that is sufficient and later on I hope you might be able to get the books on this, maybe tomorrow, and then you might be able to read about it. But first get your Realization, because without Realization if you read you’ll again become a scholar good for nothing. That’s why we don’t sell our books to people who are not realized. We just don’t, because they become scholars, you see. They start writing another book. I mean people are so funny. What’s the use? Christ has said: “Now, if you want gold, all right, have it, but be zealous. I eat with those who enter into the Kingdom of God”. Take to the Kingdom of God and do not worry about your intellectual feeds. You’ve had enough of it. Take to it.

May God bless you all.

Now today, if you have some questions, you may ask but I think we should go in [UNCLEAR] the experience, but if you have questions and if you are not representing any guru, then please ask. I don’t want to talking, answering [IN CONTROVERSY, QUESTIONS ABOUT]…. I’ve already told you about them and I do not want to hear anything about these horrible people. You know, yesterday somebody argued about Yogananda. And this lady [UNCLEAR] this little boy went to him and said: “O God, it’s steaming hot.” The certificate is there.” All right, if you have to ask questions, do not be aggressive and just get your Realization. That’s the main thing you should have.

Question: I’d like to know if Mother is a vegetarian.

Shri Mataji: No, not at all. So, supposing I was Kali once upon a time, I had to drink the blood of these horrible devils. How could I be a vegetarian? Krishna was not a vegetarian, Rama was not a vegetarian. Don’t become vegetarians, I cannot save chickens and I cannot give them Realization. That doesn’t mean that you all the time eat meat, meat, meat. Also doesn’t mean all the time think of food. You see, I’m not bothered what I eat. If you ask me what I ate in the morning, I don’t know. There’s no fuss about food. I’m not a vegetarian. How could I be? Hindu Even Indians know that, that Mother can’t be a vegetarian. Krishna could not be because He had to kill so many people. And you should not be. By becoming vegetarian you won’t reach to God, I can tell you. On the contrary, you catch on the left Nabhi if you become these horrible vegetarians like the Jains we have in India. Jains, have you heard about them, Jains? They try to save even the mosquitoes and the bugs. Now, I can’t do save, I can’t do anything about mosquitoes and bugs. [I MEAN IT HAS GONE, AND WE CAN GO] to that absurd, you [KNOW, SAW]? I mean, it has gone to that absurd limit, you know.

Those who talked about it, you read in the book, where were Buddha and Mahavira, they couldn’t bear the way people were stupid. So they were born again as Hassan and Hussein, the grandchildren of Mohammad Saab and they fought in Karbala to show that when it comes to fighting you have to fight. So, onward Christian soldiers.

Question: Mother Mataji, when you give somebody a blessing or when you say I am light or I am love, what do you concentrate on?

Shri Mataji: I don’t say that, did I?


Question: Do you concentrate on anything when you give somebody a blessing? She is asking.

Shri Mataji: me, me? my machinery is too complicated. Don’t try to understand it. It’s absolutely complicated. Just forget it. Concentrate nowhere, just leave your attention like that, it works out. Do not concentrate, do not put in any effort, just leave it as it is. The Kundalini itself rises. If you concentrate you might develop a squint. [Audience laughs.] Yes!

Question: What about wives and mothers who work, but really don’t have to, outside their home?

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR] Your society is like this you see, the women…I don’t know. They need not. I mean your husbands earn sufficiently enough. Really. There’s no need. But the husband has a separate account, the woman has a separate account, she has to go to the hairdresser, for what? Doesn’t matter, if you don’t go to the hairdressers. Does it matter? I never go. I’ve never been. And all these things you have to take slimming diets and you have to become like Marilyn Monroe who committed suicide. Because of these norms you see we are too expensive people.

[Is all right?] you should be satisfied when you have small children especially. You can look after your children. That’s the greatest work you have to do. Then, when the children are grown up,… You’ll be amazed, I, who had such a great mission, got married my two daughters and then got out of it. Of course, if in my young age I’d have come as a Mother, nobody would have believed me. But still, that’s very important. Looking after children is the most important work. Absolutely, no doubt about it. But because in this countries who are developed, you do not understand the importance of that. The men also do not attach importance. They do not understand the importance of a wife and importance of a mother who is the [mothering her child??] and that’s why the women, they find their egos so much challenged.

In olden days, men used to go and cut the wood, and the women used to cook in the house. There was no system of earning money. But now the man earns the money and the wife spends it, that’s her job. And he can’t bear it. He thinks, I am earning, and she is spending! You give money to men to spend, within half of month it’s all over. They don’t know how to spend the money. No doubt, men don’t know anything. Whatever you may say, they really don’t know how to spend money, they don’t know where to go and buy proper things. I mean really, it’s true, you must accept that.

But the way we treat women in the way, I mean in India you’ll be amazed. I am very bad at banks, I mean I really I am hopeless, but you see, my husband tries to tell me how to sign a check, he says, I don’t know how your brain works. I mean, it’s a complicated one, you know. I don’t know how to sign a check, even today. And I don’t know where he, what bank he operates, but we are supposed to be…what do you call that? Both of us are the members of the bank. what do you call it?

Sahaja yogi: Joint account

Shri Mataji: Joint account. But I don’t know, I’m not bothered, you know. Whatever money I need, I ask him and I spend it. He never asks me accounts, nothing, he’s not bothered. He’s not bothered. He’s not bothered. He is very sweet that way. He lives very well, we live very well. We have everything that we want, we are very happy people. What is in money and what is this we fight for? For what? You must enjoy your married life. If you decide on this, then the woman need not look like this, you see, like you must have a certain type of a wig. all right. so a man falls in love with that wig and not with you. You change the wig, the love is finished. The romance is finished. If you live with artificial attractions, it finishes off. Live with natural, innate inner attraction – the security, the love, the attention. The children same way. I mean you know Indian children are extremely humble. my elder daughter is an architect, my younger one topped the list at university. She is MA and they are very obedient. my grandchildren are very obedient. They like to obey. They like it. Once my younger daughter she asked me, “Mother, my friends all wear sleeveless blouses, should I wear?” I said, “go ahead if you want to.” She asked me “Why don’t you wear?” I said, “I don’t want to expose my body.” [She] Said, “then why should I? You should have told me. It’s not a criteria, if I ask you should say yes to me. It’s no criteria, if you don’t want to expose your body, then I don’t want to expose mine too.” Your own behaviour and your own examples create that respect. You tell lies morning till evening – children cannot respect you.

It’s very simple. Actually to do all these wrong things you have to go all out. But to do right things you sit at home and do it. And the women are trying to change their husbands morning till evening, it’s simply absurd, absolutely absurd. I can’t, I will never change my husband. I mean, I don’t know. I have not met a better man than him. I don’t see anything better in another man. I cannot see. If you love you would not like to exchange your child, isn’t it? Is the same with your husband. You would not like to exchange. It’s absurd, I mean horrible. Somebody was telling me there’s a lady, she is 65 year old and you find her a husband. I said 65 year old? Oh, God. How will she adjust to that man now at … who is 70 years old and she’s 65 and they have never known each other. Better give up! Next life! [Audience laughs.] She should serve God. It’s better now that she is free.

Yes, my child? What did he say?

Sahaja yogi: What experiences can he expect to show that his self-realization has taken hold?

Shri Mataji: Are you, have you come for the first time?

Sahaja yogi: No, he’s the man who came from TM.

Shri Mataji: Oh, you’re…Now I told all this before. That you start feeling the all pervading power through your chakras which are manifested on your fingers. You become collectively conscious. You start feeling the chakras of another person. You start feeling your own chakras. You can raise the Kundalini of another person. You can give Realization to another person. There are so many more, but you become the master. You have the discretionary power, you find out the absolute. For example, you want to ask a question when you’re a realized soul, like a computer if you ask the question: “Mother, is there God?” you ask it thrice and you get a tremendous flow of vibrations. Now, you ask about a certain guru, who is no good, whom you have given lots of money, “is he a realized soul?” You might get even blisters on your hand. Yes. It’s true.

Sahaja yogi: He meant more in his everyday life. What effects can he expect in his everyday life?

Shri Mataji: First of all, your health improves. You become a healthy person. You become a better person. You start enjoying each other’s life. You become detached from jealousies, petty-mindedness. You do not become a recluse but you become aware of your social responsibilities to others. You become a person who is balanced. Who is wise. Who doesn’t have problems of stresses and strains and problems of feeling the worries of the future. You live in the present. You enjoy every moment of your life. You see a beautiful thing, like a beautiful scene or a beautiful sky, you become silent. You become thoughtlessly aware and the whole joy of that creation comes into you and you start feeling the pouring of that beautiful grace within you. Emotionally, you become very balanced. You do not get into frantic traumas and horrible tempers and sudden outbursts of anger.

One thing if I tell, you won’t believe, that Krishna has said [Yoga Kshema…..]. When you get your yoga, when you get realized, then I’ll look after your well-being. Because the Lakshmi chakra is the centre [which] gets awakened, even your material problems are solved. But you don’t become Mr. Ford? to have a headache, as I told you before. But your material problems get sorted out. All the angels and all the Ganas, that is the Saint Michael’s army looks after you. And you see it. If there is one realized soul travelling by a train, there will never be an accident and if an accident takes place – because they take place because of the negative forces – then everybody will be saved because of one soul being there. It’s tremendous. You become so fantastic that you can’t believe it. So your health improves, your tensions are removed, you become so knowledgeable, so knowledgeable that people think you are scholars. You become the knowledge. Tomorrow, I’m going to tell you about the Spirit before I tell you what is to be done. What is the Spirit and what are the blessings of the Spirit. And once you get that then the source of joy is your Spirit and you don’t have to go anywhere out to seek it. This is on a very grosser level I’ve talked to you. But on a subtler level, you enjoy your peace, enjoy your virtue and enjoy your Spirit and the whole life becomes the fun. It’s true.

Sahaja yogi: not too many more questions…

Shri Mataji: Then we haven’t got time? Is there something?

Sahaja yogi: Yes, let’s have a couple more. What is it?

Question: [inaudible]

Shri Mataji: Have you come today?

Sahaja yogi: Yes, the first time.

Shri Mataji: Then it’s not proper. All right, you can write down your question and I’ll answer. The thing is, those who have come for the first time are asking the questions which I have already answered. So it’s better that you write down the questions and I’ll answer them tomorrow, all right? You give it to me. What else?

Sahaja yogi: Anyone else who has been before?

Question: [INAUDIBLE]

Sahaja yogi: When he was here earlier your hand or our hand was placed over his head or his hand and he felt it, you said he’d got it. Does that mean he’s got it for good?

Shri Mataji: Not ne-ce-ssa-rily. [Audience laughs.] I must say. I told you there is transformation and transmutation. First the transformation takes place. No doubt. But even the transformation takes place, the transmutation has to take place and that’s how I said you have to understand the divine laws and you have to follow them up, which is very simple and it is for good. Some people have got it for good, no doubt. But this, about, I would say a month time is important. And if you can really look after it – which I’ll tell you tomorrow. For this one month you have to depend on certain things that I tell you. Work it out and establish it. But then it is permanently yours because it is really yours. As I said, the butterfly comes out of the cocoon, but some things sticks on you see. So it has to a little bit kick out these things, that’s all. Now, who else?

Question: [INAUDIBLE]

Sahaja yogi: In the case of possession, when the Spirit is to be take out who has the capability to of doing that?

Shri Mataji: Every one of you. When you get realized. You can all do it. They run away. I mean, if they know there is a realised soul, they just run away. We had three people whom I had given realisation and they told me, “Mother we go on a motorbike in the night at about say 11 o’clock form work. And these spirits used to come into these people and they used to talk. And they said, tell these three people not to go through that road because after 11 o’clock at least allow us to be there on the trees.” Imagine. It’s true. The spirits talk. Really they talk. Every one of you is capable of doing exorcism, but don’t get into it in the beginning, all right? First, learn it. First become all right yourself. Then it’s very easy to do it. Very easy. they are afraid of light. If there is light, the darkness goes away automatically. But you be fully enlightened first of all. That’s very important. All right?

I forgot to tell you that with realization you can do exorcism and also cure people. Even from the diseases like cancer. All right? What more do you want? Everything put together.

Sahaja yogi: Be careful you don’t get the spirits.

Shri Mataji: Ha, that’s important, not to get the spirit into yourself. [Shri Mataji laughs.] Should we have now the realization.

Sahaja yogi: Slip your shoes off if you still have them on and just undo anything that’s tight around you. Just rest your hands on your lap. Just be in a mood of wanting it. You’re asking for something, this is the purpose of your hands in this position. Humbly ask for it. Ask for your realization. Anybody who’s got a tight belt on, loosen it. Loosen it.

Shri Mataji: Little. I mean not very loose.

Sahaja yogi: Take your glasses off.

Shri Mataji: Good idea. Yes, yes, please take out your glasses. Be comfortable. You see you have to be comfortable. Sit very comfortably. It’s done already.

Sahaja yogi: Quite cool.

Shri Mataji: Most of you have got it I think. Just feel it. In your hands are you feeling the cool breeze. Today I have completed all the seven chakras. Hahaa, look at that! Just see, today I have completed all the seven chakras, it should work out. Close your eyes. Just close your eyes.

Sahaja yogi: Cool. It’s cool.

Shri Mataji: Don’t think. Please don’t think.

Your bodies should not shake, your eyes should not shake. If they are, then please open your eyes. There should be no shaking or flickering of the eyelids.

It’s all right.

Sahaja yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: Are you all right now? What’s happening? Better. All right? Good. Eyes are better now. It’s good.

Sahaja yogi: Left heart.

Shri Mataji: Now put your right hand on your heart. Please. And ask the question: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” In your heart, ask it thrice.

What is he doing, this fellow?


Sahaja yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: Those who have been to gurus, put the right hand on the left side of the stomach. Left side of the stomach. Right hand on the left side of the stomach. And put the left hand towards me. To gurus, or to anyone who is unauthorized. Like this. The hand should be like this. And ask the question: “Mother, am I my own guru?” You ask it ten times. Now please ask ten times.

Is better.

Now put both the hands towards me please and say, “Mother, please make me my own guru.” You have to ask for it. I cannot force it on you. It is within you, it is to be just awakened. The principle of guru is within you.

Now please say: “Mother, please give me my realization.” You have to ask again because it cannot be forced on you. Just ask. Say it at least three times. Put your neck straight. Not to push it back or..Just straight. Not to push it down or push it back. Just close your eyes and say: “Mother, please give me my realization.”

Should I use the blowing? The Prana … . [Shri Mataji blows in the microphone three times, each time for about 10 to 15 seconds.] Hm. [Shri Mataji makes 2 very short blows in the microphone.]

Aham sakshat Moksha Dayiny. Aham sakshat Moksha Dayiny. Aham sakshat Moksha Dayiny. Aham sakshat Moksha Dayiny. Aham sakshat Moksha Dayiny. Aham sakshat Moksha Dayiny. Aham sakshat Moksha Dayiny. Aham sakshat Moksha Dayiny. Aham sakshat Moksha Dayiny.

Aham sakshat Nirmala. Aham sakshat Nirmala. Aham sakshat Nirmala. Aham sakshat Nirmala. Aham sakshat Nirmala. Aham sakshat Nirmala. Aham sakshat Nirmala. Aham sakshat Nirmala. Aham sakshat Nirmala. Aham sakshat Nirmala. Aham sakshat Nirmala. Aham sakshat Nirmala.

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