Public Program Day 1

John Muir School, Santa Monica (United States)

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1981-1012 Public Program Day 1, John Muir School, Santa Monica

He as already warned you a bit too much. Now we have people here who are, I believe, are seekers of truth. They’re really seeking the truth. And we are not to be identified or should have any expectations about anything whatsoever, even what I say you need not believe. But you must have an open mind. Because it’s not a philosophy, you’ve had enough of philosophy; sat chit anand, this is this, that is that, I mean you’ve heard all these names everything already, you people know so many names here that it is hard now for people to find out who speaks what. You must have realized from Gregoire’s speech that it is not what I say or what you understand mentally that is important, it’s not a mental acrobat but is actually, is happening which is to happen to all of you, it was to happen to you, you are built that way, that the whole instrument within you is created that way. And it has to happen.

Now we don’t understand the meaning of happening also. That’s our trouble; first, we should realize what should we expect to happen. I mean nobody says that but I would explain to you what would be expected to happen. What are we seeking is the first problem. We are seeking, first of all, because whatever we have as a human awareness we are not satisfied with. We don’t think we have reached our absolute point. In our unconscious, we feel that. That’s why you are seeking. You are aware of it but it’s not in your awareness and that’s why you are seeking. Now for people who are seeking they have to realize that whatever you are seeking is something that should happen in your awareness. Do you follow my point? For example, you have become a human being, all right, now what is greater than you than the animal. For example, you put an animal in dirty hay, he doesn’t feel the filth or anything, does he smell anything. A horse can walk too. But the man who is riding the horse would be in difficulty. Like that you can see so many things that are in our awareness which are not in the awareness of the animals.

Now if you have to become a higher personality something has to happen in our awareness. That is one thing we should very honestly admit and understand. Logically come to that point. Not through personality but logically. That whatever has to happen to us, has to happen in our awareness. This is the first point we should fix it. Now supposing if it is the breakthrough into our new awareness, or we can say if it is an evolutionary process it has to be a living process. Anything that is living does not require any effort. For example, see a flower has to become a fruit. What effort do we put in? We have become human beings from monkeys, what effort did we put in? Does any human being remember that he has put in an effort to cut his tail or anything? No effort was put in. I mean it’s difficult to accept that no effort is needed for living things. Whatever we do is a dead work. For example, a tree dies, all right, we make nice furniture, oh we’ve done a great job! But dead to the dead. We can’t convert one flower into a fruit. Face it, it’s a fact. Just face it as it is; with a Complete open mind. All right, so you cannot put in any effort.

Now there’s another ridiculous thing is that you cannot pay for it. I mean the most ridiculous thing is to pay for it. And I don’t know how to explain it. I mean how can you pay, how much do you pay to a seed which sprouts in the mother earth? Do you pay to the mother earth for that? I mean God doesn’t understand money, this is your joke. How can you pay for it?

Now, what should happen to your awareness? The awareness should become collectively conscious, is becoming actualization should become. It’s the becoming… That you should become collectively conscious. Now it is said that there is all-pervading power, there is a power of love. Everybody talks of love. I mean, God is love. Talking is all right; you are my brother, you are my sister, we are brothers and sisters. All talks are there, big organization. We hug each other, “Oh you are my brother!”. It’s not true. Just now there’s a barrier. You are still an eggshell. This has not yet happened to you. It’s a happening by which you become collectively conscious and once you become your spirit you should feel this all-pervading power around you.

If this cannot happen to you it’s not [socialization] it is not spiritual, it has nothing to do with spirit, it might be some sort of a spirit in you that is dead. You have to become your master. For example, you’re sitting in the chair, I’ve seen many people who come to my program they start just jumping in the chair. There was a fellow who was sitting on the ground, he put his feet towards me. And these boys went and told him you can’t put your feet towards Mother. He said, “No, I have to because if I sit cross-legged I start jumping like a frog.” He brought a book to show that his guru has written this book saying that once you get your awakening you start jumping like a frog. Now, are you going to become frogs or atmas. I mean come to the logical decision, do not cheat yourself, you are seekers. My concern is you are seekers not of today but of ancient times. I do not want to be identified with […] Which have been in your head, been brainwashed. Try to understand you are not going to become a frog or a jumping goat, people start jumping. You are out of your control, you are disturbing like mad. This is hypnosis, simple hypnosis. How much does it take for you to jump? Anybody can jump. Anybody can try. Whatever you can do is not divine, because that’s human, you know that. All right? So we come to the point that divine has to be something living, living and if it has to be living something has to happen within ourselves.

Now, as everybody, I’ve said you are to be born again. You are to be born again. All right. So there are people you’ll find they just say “we are born again”Its self-certification, there’s no honesty about it, ‘Oh we have found it!’. What did you find? ‘We are born again’. I sometimes, I don’t understand how can you live with dishonest to yourself. At least you should be honest with yourself, if not anybody else. Very little respect you can pay to yourself. To be honest that you’re not born again just by saying that I’m born again. That is wrong, absolutely wrong. It’s falsehood and then you become fanatic about it and you don’t want to believe in anything else. It’s not. It’s not.