Whatever you are seeking is something that should happen in your awareness

John Muir School, Santa Monica (United States)

1981-10-12 Whatever you are seeking is something that should happen in your awareness, DP-RAW, 89' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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1981-1012 Public Program Day 1, John Muir School, Santa Monica, CA

We have people here who, I believe, are seekers of truth. They’re really seeking the truth. And we are not to be identified or should have any fixations about anything whatsoever. Even what I say you need not believe. But you must have an open mind because it’s not a philosophy. You’ve had enough of philosophy – sat chit anand, this is this, that is that – I mean you’ve heard all these names, everything already. You people know so many names here that it is hard now for people to find out who speaks what. You must have realized from Gregoire’s speech that it is not what I say or of what you understand mentally that is important. It’s not a mental acrobat but it actually is a happening which is to happen to all of you, it was to happen to you, you are built that way, that the whole instrument within you is created that way. And it has to happen. It’s a happening.
We don’t understand the meaning of happening also. That’s our trouble. First, we should realize what we should expect to happen. Nobody says that, but I would explain to you what should we expect to happen to us. We are seeking because whatever we have as a human awareness we are not satisfied with. We don’t think we have reached our absolute point. In the unconscious we feel that. That’s why you are seeking. You are aware of it but it’s not in your awareness and that’s why you are seeking.
For people who are seeking they have to realize that whatever you are seeking is something that should happen in your awareness. For example, you have become a human being. Now what is greater than you that the animal is? For example, you put an animal in a dirty lane. He doesn’t feel the filth or anything. Does he smell anything? A horse can walk, too. But the man who is riding the horse would be in difficulty. Like that you can see so many things that are in our awareness which are not in the awareness of the animals.
If you have to become a higher personality, something has to happen in our awareness. That is one thing we should very honestly admit, understand and logically come to that point. Whatever happens to us has to happen in our awareness. This is the first point. We should feel it.
Supposing, if it is a breakthrough into our new awareness, or if it is an evolutionary process, it has to be a living process. Anything that is living does not require any effort. For example, see that a flower has to become a fruit. What effort do we put in? We have become human beings from monkeys. What effort did we put in? Does any human being remember that he has put in an effort to cut his tail or anything? No effort was put in. I mean it’s difficult to accept that no effort is needed for living things. Whatever we do is a dead work. For example, a tree dies, all right, we make a nice furniture. “Oh, we’ve done a great job!” But dead to the dead. We can’t convert one flower into a fruit. Face it, it’s a fact. Just face it as it is with a complete open mind.
So you cannot put in any effort. Now there’s another ridiculous thing is that you cannot pay for it. I mean the most ridiculous thing is to pay for it. And I don’t know how to explain it. I mean, how much do you pay to a seed which sprouts in the Mother Earth? Do you pay to the Mother Earth for that? God doesn’t understand money, this is your joke. How can you pay for it?
Now, what should happen to your awareness? The awareness should become collectively conscious. It’s becoming, it’s actualization – should become. It’s the becoming, that you should become collectively conscious.
It is said that there is an all-pervading power, that there is a power of Love. Everybody talks of Love, God is Love. Talking is all right: “You are my brother, you are my sister, we are brothers and sisters.” All talks are there. They have big organizations. We hug each other, “Oh, you are my brother!”. It’s not true. Just now there’s a barrier. You are still an eggshell. This has not yet happened to you. It’s a happening by which you become collectively conscious and once you become your Spirit you should feel this all-pervading power around you. If this cannot happen to you, it’s not self realization, it is not spiritual, it has nothing to do with Spirit. It might be some sort of a spirit in you that is dead. You have to become your master.
For example, you’re sitting in the chair. I’ve seen many people who come to my program and they start jumping in the chair. There was a fellow who was sitting on the ground with both the feet towards me and these boys went and told him you can’t put your feet towards Mother. He said, “No, I have to because if I sit cross-legged I start jumping like a frog.” He brought a book to show that his guru has written this book saying that once you get your awakening you start jumping like a frog. Now, are you going to become frogs or earthworms?
Come to the logical decision. Do not cheat yourself. You are seekers. My concern is you are seekers, not of today but of ancient times. I do not want to be identified and fixed with ideas which are being put into your head, been brainwashed. Try to understand you are not going to become a frog or a jumping goat. People start jumping. You are out of your control, you are just jumping like mad. This is hypnosis, simple hypnosis. How much does it take for you to jump? Anybody can jump. Anybody can try. Whatever you can do is not Divine, because that’s human, you know that.
So we come to the point that Divine has to be something living and if it has to be living, something has to happen within ourselves. As everybody has said, you are to be born again. So there are people you’ll find and they just say, “We are born again.” Its self-certification. There’s no honesty about it, “Oh we have found it.”
“What did you find?”
“We are born again.” I sometimes don’t understand how can you live with dishonesty to yourself. At least you should be honest with yourself, if not to anybody else. It’s a very little respect you can pay to yourself. To be honest that you’re not born again just by saying that I’m born again. This is wrong, absolutely wrong. It’s falsehood and then you become fanatic about it and you don’t want to believe into anything else. You think you are born again. It’s not true.
What others have to say, let’s see: great people like Kabira, great people like Adishankarachariya, great people like Kalil Gibran, Lao Tse, Zen, anyone, that your awareness gets transformed, you get a transformation. Transformation doesn’t mean that you are sitting like a normal person, then you start jumping like a mad man. It doesn’t mean that you become mad. That’s one thing you should know. You pay money to become mad?
The other day I was traveling by plane and I saw a gentleman who was sitting just in front of me. He was moving like this, like that, like that. He must have paid 3000 pounds to get to that. He couldn’t sit for one minute quietly. All of his body was going into different oh, ho, ho horrible… All his chakras were caught up. So one must know that when you get realization you become the master of the situation. You have to be the master of yourself. Real. You are seekers. You are not yet contractors of any organization or of any person whatsoever. You are seekers. Even if you don’t seek today you will seek tomorrow. But you may be doing much more tomorrow. In the name of God in these modern times, I don’t know how many things they are selling to you. There’s no end to it, one better than the other. It’s a happening that should take place.
Now what is the happening? The happening is that within you resides this power known as Kundalini. When I tell about Kundalini also I have to warn you because so many people I’ve seen have written some big books of Kundalini – all absurd, fake, false, useless – that you start getting heat, you start burning yourself. All nonsense, it’s not true. Kundalini is your Holy Mother. She’s there waiting for you. You have forgotten the meaning of the word holiness and the meaning of the word auspiciousness. I don’t know what has gripped you people. This is your Holy Mother and that is the desire, the holy desire, the power of desire within every human being to become one with the Divine. It’s that power within all of us that resides and that’s why you seek. That desire is not yet manifested and if it has not manifested it is sleeping, that’s all. Like we can say the power of germination in a seed is sleeping because it has not manifested. In the same way this power of desire to become one with reality, one with Divine power is still sleeping and it is to be awakened. I’ve seen in living things like a seed – you cannot pull out its primule and say that I have given it germination. You cannot. It has to be put in the Mother Earth. If you put it in the Mother Earth then only it sprouts by itself because it feels the Mother.

This power is so much confused by people. As a mother I would say they were stupid, that’s all. They might have seen the deity on the last center which looks after the sex. They must have confused Kundalini with sex. It’s absolute heat. With sex if you have to get your realization then animals will get it faster than you. Sex has nothing to do with God. It’s your own private thing. It’s all your sacred relationship. Of course, it has something to do because it is the first center there which is the center of innocence. It’s placed in that excretion power where you excrete everything. It’s the pelvic plexus it looks after and it’s the power of your innocence because innocence is so powerful. It’s so holy that it doesn’t catch anything from anything. So the power of your innocence is placed there. A child doesn’t understand sex. It’s a child god that’s placed there. The deity is a child god and that child god, all of us has got that innocence within us. And that innocence looks after the Mother that is your Kundalini. It worked. If you try to play any tricks with these nonsensical ideas of having sex with your Holy Mother… Imagine, to say that is also blasphemy, is also sinful. Even to say that I can tell you. But what do we in this West have to say because we are all reduced to a sex point? To you sex is so important I don’t understand. It’s not necessary to talk about it at all. There’s no need to have a teaching on it. In India people never talk of it and they are producing more children than anywhere else. It is to be done in a very spontaneous manner, in a proper way.

Now this has been taken up by many people. I don’t know what to say that, but what could I say? You had Christ. You can’t blame God. He never misled you. Christ came on this Earth. He rarely openly said that, “It is said that, ‘Thou shall not commit adultery.’ But I say, ‘Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.’ ” To that limit He has gone. Can you imagine and we have just forgotten all these guidances and these blessings that came to us and we have taken to these people who are giving us ideas, working on our weakness. By realization you don’t become a weak person. You become strength itself. You become a powerful personality. I’ve known people who have been to some gurus. They’re even afraid of garlic. You show them the garlic and they run off. This kind of nonsense is there. They become impotent. Horrible things are happening. You have no idea. All these horrible attacks of these anti-christs, especially in your Los Angeles. God save you people, I say. Really, God save you. You have money, [UNCLEAR].

I did come 9 years back. I told them, I warned them: be careful. You are seekers of Truth. Ask for Truth, get your realization. But I didn’t charge them any money, of course. I didn’t charge. That time I had even more money then than I have now. So there was no need to charge How can you charge money for Love. If you want to pay for the hall, all right, but not for me. And when I told them they just couldn’t understand. They had money, ego money. They thought they can buy God. They said, “Oh, how can you get to God without paying money?”

“How much money did you pay for Christ?” They sold Him for 30 rupees, I should say. Today you are going to do the same to sell yourself. Don’t sell God anymore. You have done it quite a lot. Please don’t sell Him. And they said, “Mother, you must put some dollars [UNCLEAR]. Then I said, “Let these people go mad. Let them do their guru shopping. They have so much money, too much for them to bear. They will spend this money on some gurus. They will do it. Forget it. I said let them go round. They’ll see about it. When I come back, I find out they’re so damaged. All they have identified with wrong things. Very difficult to give them realization. Very sad and that’s what’s happening today.

So with this I will tell you now what we are within ourselves. You don’t have to believe, but you should not deny it. As a scientist you must keep your mind open to see what I am saying and if you receive your realization, of course if you are fortunate enough, you can verify everything. You find out for yourself, you become the master. You can find out because your fingers get awakened. You start feeling the cool breeze from the top of your head, you can start feeling the cool breeze around it. You can maneuver, you can monitor, you can find out for your self. You can give realization to people.

For example you have people here who look just like you. Of course maybe they may have more light maybe on their faces. They have given realization to thousands of people. You can do it. You become your own guru.

Now here he have a picture. Today is just an introduction to Sahaja Yoga and tomorrow in the afternoon I will go into the details of our centers and how realization helps. What is the Spirit, where the Spirit resides? By Spirit I mean Atma, not the dead spirits or dead souls who possess you when you go into madness. The Spirit which is above everything else, which watches you, which watches the [UNCLEAR], the chaitanya, which is not in your central nervous system. It has to come into your central nervous system so that it becomes part and parcel of your awareness. Whatever is in your central nervous system, that’s what we have achieved in our evolution. This should happen to us, that we should become aware of our Spirit. This is what is the second birth, is the realization that should happen to you and not some stories that people tell you. If someone says that now you have become a great siddha [master] or something like that. If you want to believe in it you can, but that is artificial. Supposing somebody says that you are a multimillionaire. Would you believe in it? You can believe it. You will land in a lunatic asylum with that kind of belief. Somebody says you are the governor, you don’t become the governor. You have to become, actually it has to happen to you and that is what one has to see in Sahaja Yoga. The happening should take place. I would say that it is within you. You are beautiful, you are the Spirit, it is within you. You are the seekers of that place and you must just get that within yourself which is your own. It’s like one light which is enlightened can enlighten another light. As Gregoire has told you that I can do it and all that. It may upset some people. Some people told me, “Mother, why should you be the person doing it?”

I said, “You had better do it. It would be a very good idea. I’d be very happy to retire. It’s a thankless job.” If you can do it, nothing like it. But you do so many things which I don’t know. I don’t even know how to drive a car. I don’t know so many things. What can I do? I don’t know those things. I know only this. I’m doing this job. So why should you feel hurt that I am doing it? It has to be someone. Now supposing I am doing it, what is there you should feel so bad about it? But people do feel bad so I would like to tell you that you should not get upset with the idea that Mother is doing it. You will do it also. You are going to do it. In the beginning I may do but later on you can also.

[Shri Mataji moves to the chakra chart] So within us, you have here, first of all, two powers. The first power is the power of desire – iccha shakti, goes up to this point here. This power is the side by which Freud talks of, is the conditioning, the one by which you create your subconscious mind. Beyond this, the subconscious and beyond that is the collective subconscious. On the right-hand side is another power which is the power of action. The enactment of this desire takes place only through this power of action which is called also as the suda nadi meaning the sunlight, this is the moonlight. And this one comes into action when we use our physical and our mental being to enact our desire. This is the power of action, Kriya shakti. Some people call it also prana shakti.

Those who’ve said that you are conditioned and you must be cleared out are absolutely half-baked and misleading people. They don’t know there is another shakti inside and the balancing of this is very important. If you try just to get rid of this power, it creates your superego by your conditioned and if you just say that I must correct this, how do you do it? What is the instrument you will use? If you are depressed, give auto suggestions – “Oh, I am all right. Nothing wrong with me.” What will you use to correct them is your ego because you are no more your Spirit. If you are the Spirit then you don’t have to use any one of these. But you are your ego and you start telling yourself, auto suggestions you give, “Oh. I’m all right, it doesn’t matter,” you give all rational thinking and try to finish it off. There are some people who say that we are too much of conditioning and too much of karmas, show both the sides to clear it out. There’s another theory also that goes out like that. This is another absurdity. By getting in too much do you get clean? Supposing you have a little mud. What do you do? You wash it. Or do you get into mud again? The people who believe that they can clear out their conditionings through their power of thinking actually are building up their ego. Such people can become very ego oriented. Absolutely the ego becomes like a balloon. This is the great message of Freud who has really ruined the West that he told us that you should not worry, we should go ahead and these are all conditionings. We are not our ego. We are our Spirit which we have to become.

Those people who talk of karmas and that your karmas are there – most of the gurus do that, it’s most surprising. Then they told me that somebody said that my guru takes one sixteenth. I said, “What about the rest?” Then another one was suffering too much. I said, “Why are you suffering so much?” He said because of my karmas. I said, “Then what is he doing there? Why are you paying him? Why do have a retainer? Let us check him out.” So above that we have then a very big mistake. I wish people were alert enough to understand the incarnation of Christ. Christ is on this center. This is the center placed in the crossing of the optic chiasma. It’s a very subtle center which looks after the pituitary and pineal glands – the pituitary looks after the ego and the pineal looks after the superego – and this cross has been created. Why? Because you raised your head as a human being. It had to be, in your evolution you had to. Through this center you raised your head and once you raised your head the whole thing started moving like that. When the ego and superego developed, this thing gets covered and calcified and the fontanelle bone area thickens and you become mister X, Y, Zed. The “I”-ness develops within you. This is the egg that is formed. This egg has to become the bird. The development is going on within yourself but still you are an egg. Why I said this center is very important from that point of view because Christ is the embodiment of that innocence which I told you there. He is the embodiment of this all-pervading power. He is Omkara. And when He was born here and crucified as they say, actually He passed through this creating a space for you. Not only that but when the Kundalini rises from here and touches Him, when He is awakened within you [UNCLEAR when they said that] Christ should be born within you. Now where is Christ? Ask all these people who say about Christianity. Christ, Christ, Christ Christ, Christ. Ask them where is Christ placed within you. They don’t know. He is placed here. If this Kundalini in a living process, again, it’s not like artificial baptism, “You come, I’ll baptise you [UNCLEAR],” It’s not. When this Kundalini rises and actually awakens this – you can feel it when it awakens, you start feeling it, extremely relaxed – these two things are sucked in. Your karmas, your conditionings and ego are sucked in. It’s a happening and when that takes place this opens out and you feel this thing softened. Once it is softened, like Kabira has said [Hindi?] until the silent speak you start hearing the Anahat, sound of your heart – lub-dub-lub-dub – you can feel it, you can see the pulsation of the Kundalini here in some people who have obstructions. You can see the rising of the Kundalini, you can see the thinning down of this bone and then it pierces through, the sound stops and you start feeling the cool breeze. This you cannot do. You can jump, you can change your dresses, you can do all kinds of nonsense yourself because you are human. But the Divine thing of raising this Kundalini you cannot do it, you try anything. This is what is the Divine, and once it starts flowing from there, your karmas are sucked in. I wish these missionaries had gone into India and told them the truth. They never told. [UNCLEAR this is all written] Mahavishnu stotra. I think most of the books that are translated also in English are something misleading because all these great books like Devi Mahatmium, Devi Puranam and all these things are not translated. Especially the description of Mahavishnu who is described very well, who was to come to do this work, special function to suck your ego and superego Nobody knows about it in India that he has already come. It is He who is Christ. What they knew about Christ through these horrible missionaries, they went and put the loaf in the well and said you are all Christians now because we have put the meat of the beef or the meat of the cow inside and now you are all converted and all of them became {UNCLEAR]. That’s how Christianity spread in India. Because Hindus are very sort of susceptible to inauspiciousness, to unholiness. You touch any unholy person you are finished, you are no more there. If you have done anything wrong you are no more. If you lead a bad life, or if you carry on with a woman or a man, you are finished. So that’s how all of them them became Christians without realizing that Mahavishnu was born already and He has come on this Earth and He’s just there. He was called as Bodha in the sense incarnations of Vishnu is called as Bodha.

This important happening was missed, timed to the insensitivity of the people who took to Christ. They could not understand, so naîve. They made a mess of everyone as it is, but especially of Christ. And that is how this point was missed and now everybody is taking advantage of it – “Oh, you have done your bad karmas. You’d better suffer for it.” while He has said all your sins and your blasphemies will be forgiven. The time has come, it has to happen, so don’t feel guilty about whatever you have done. Forget it. Another idea is of suffering should be given up. I don’t know why people have carried on with it. Why should you suffer when He has suffered for you? Did He leave anything for you to suffer? If you want to suffer, you have it. He suffered for you once and for all, and He has really suffered. He has perfected it. The complete thing is perfection. Once He is awakened you’ll be amazed how relaxed you feel, absolutely and you become that which is promised to you, that you enter into the kingdom of God, that’s the limbic area.

All these centers denote our evolutionary progress and I’ll explain about them to you tomorrow in all detail – what do they represent, how they are within us and how it has to happen. The only thing is that we must know that we should not go too much to the collective subconscious and the collective supra consciousness of the future side. Both things are very dangerous. Whatever cancer patients have cured, without exception, all of them have been infected by the left side which means the collective subconscious.

I saw a very nice film shown by some doctors who were doing research about the cancer disease. And they said that there are some proteins – they called them protein 58 and protein 52. They’ve even photographed them which are living entities which attack us and trigger the disease of cancer and these entities come to us – Now they are saying (I said this ten years back in America itself) they come to us from areas built within us since our creation, means collective subconscious. Of course for them it was unknown, but this is what it is. If you can raise your Kundalini, you’ll be amazed. Cancer is only just a by product. It can be cured. Cancer can only be cured by Kundalini awakening and by no other means. I’ve said this ten years back, I’ve done it and I’m saying it today. But in your country I am been told that if I cure cancer in somebody I’ll be arrested. It’s a funny situation but automatically if I don’t touch you and you get rid of your cancer, nobody can arrest me, isn’t it? So that’s how it works out. You have got power to do it.

About this, how you get your diseases cured, how your mental side gets cured and all that, I think I should leave it for tomorrow and we’ll work it out. If you have any questions because from the first day, ask me some questions regarding… Just a minute, take it easy. If you ask too many questions, there’s somebody sitting next to you. He also asked questions and ultimately got realization. Before that don’t put your mental activity too much into action. Quiet it down quite a little. Now relating to what I told you, do not draw me into controversies; “What do you think of one doman ananda, another bogan ananda, I don’t want to answer about all these horrible people. For me they are all devils, they are satanic, they are rakshasas and they will all go to hell and all their disciples have to go with them, that’s all. I don’t want to come into any controversies about that. I’ve talked about that at length, described them and know them too well. I’ve known them for ages and I knew they were going to come back, and they’re back on the stage. And now it is for your wisdom and your understanding to see them. So if you are representing any guru, you’d better go to him and get it, whatever you want. It’s very easy to go to hell, two running jumps and go there. But if you are to get realization you be here. I have to tell you this because people waste my energies a bit too much on this point. I don’t like it and I don’t want to fall into any controversies. Thank you very much. So please ask me a question.

Seeker: What do you consider self realization to be and …

Shri Mataji: Now what did I tell you, my child? Or what did I tell you all that while in your awareness you have to become collectively conscious. You should be able to tell what’s wrong with your centers, what’s wrong with another’s centers. That’s the minimum of minimums, but it’s so much, so great. I’ll describe the whole thing also tomorrow that what is your Spirit and how you become that? That is what self realization is, not cutting your tongue, putting it back, doing kechari. All this is not self realization. It’s a happening. All these actions are nothing but moving the wheels and all these [UNCLEAR] with your hand before starting the car. You have to start the car. First of all, it starts by itself. You don’t have to stand on your head to start the car. It’s your Spirit, It’s just there. It just has to be started. Only I know the trick and I’ll teach you all.

Seeker: If I take a shakti put from another guru who has pretty powerful vibrations would that interfere with what you are about to do, too?

Shri Mataji: If it is not a real guru A little bit. It doesn’t matter. It makes not difference, I’ve seen all sorts of – I’ve done all sorts of permutations and combinations. At first we didn’t used to allow anybody who has been to any other guru. Absolutely you had to fill in the form. But now I’ve mastered it Don’t you worry. It makes no difference whatsoever. Kundalini awakening means that you must feel the cool breeze in your hands of the all-pervading power and you should be able to monitor it. You should be able to give realization. Supposing I say I am this and this. Why should you believe me? What have you got from me? Only this jumping? That you can do jogging? Everybody can do even here. What have you got? In Sanskrit the word for selfishness is [UNCLEAR] which is a very good word. The meaning of sva is Self. You must know the meaning of Self. That is the greatest selfishness. So you have to be Self-ish in that sense. You must know your meaning. You must know your absolute. You must become your own master. You must know what you are doing. If somebody says I am such and such, why do you believe? You are too simple people. Why do you believe anybody can come from the jail, direct here, sit down with a big face and you believe him? What did you get? More for your money? Got epilepsy? Feeling horrible, stresses, all the time permanent stresses out there? What’s the use? Don’t you worry. I know many of these type.

Seeker: What is it that prevents the spontaneous growth of self realization? We are all born with it. Why don’t we realize…

Shri Mataji: You have to recognize, you have to develop your awareness to that point that you recognize. You never recognized any incarnation. You taught yourself to never recognize. If you cannot recognize, like the leaves have to turn to the sun. They innately recognize, innately they are made like that. You put the leaves hiding from the sun they’ll come out, they innately know. But human beings have freedom and a big balloon of an ego and they cannot recognize. This is the point and recognition is the only way. You never recognized any one of these incarnations. Only [UNCLEAR] might. The people who mesmerize you, have a big circus. Unless you take to reality and recognize reality you cannot get your realization This is the point Gregoire was trying to make. This is what stops us because you have freedom. That what happens actually, the growth takes place but you have to recognize. For example, you get your realization, say, even otherwise, how would you know? I’ve met some people who are born realized. They don’t know anything. They have to be decoded, they have to be told. The Divine has to have a face and a mouth to tell you – this is this center, this is this center, that is that, because whatever you are seeing here are unconscious. It is so vague. Somebody has to tell you clearly. So anybody who tries to do that you kill that person, finished. You don’t want to listen to a person like that. That’s the trouble with human beings. They are very aggressive. Only a person who aggresses on you, you submit to that person. This is the truth that you submit to a person who is trying to aggress you.

I had a girl from Sweden. She stayed with me [UNCLEAR and she argued with me], everything. I didn’t know what sort of a realization she wanted. Actually, I told her that where did you go before? She said I went to a lama. I said which one? She said he was horrid. He came to us and he said that he can’t sleep on an ordinary floor. I want to have a marble floor. Imagine. A man who is a realized soul doesn’t bother about these things. They don’t want Chryslers and Mercedes and Rolls Royces, no. They can sleep anywhere, they are master of themselves. They are like kings. Nothing can dominate. But you will recognize a person who has 59 Rolls Royce going in front of him. This is the problem. Even I was surprised. This lady came, she was arguing with me and she said he asked for me and why did he do that? Oh, we had to go and bow to him 1008 times. And then we had to lock ourselves in a room and all of us had to dance and they all used to be exhausted, absolutely exhausted, good for nothing. When she came to me she was like this, absolutely thinned out. This is what the gurus, I mean the lamas, those who wanted to have a marble flooring, great people. They will have it in the hell very soon, very good marble flooring and all the Mercedes and all these cars on top of their heads.

Now it should happen to you as you said. We have to discern, or somebody has to come to offer you the grace. You have done lots of mistakes. Christ has to be there to ask for forgiveness for us. So that should happen to you spontaneously. It’s too much to ask. You cannot manage it. You cannot manage. On the contrary asking the people who are born realized they are not up to the job because they think no end of themselves. They don’t know anything about the Kundalini, they don’t know anything about the fingers. They are born realized, no doubt. Some are great I know. I’ve seen some children that are great, they are born with ideas about Kundalini. They know. Recently I’ve seen so many children. In India I’ve seen so many children, tremendous, great people who have taken birth on this Earth. If you don’t accept they are going to take over. This generation is a problem, not the next. The next time we’ll have the greatest crooks or the greatest souls coming out. I’m not bothered about them. I’m bothered about you because you are also satanic. Yes, my child?

Seeker: Once the Kundalini has risen, what is it that maintains it so that you don’t lose it.

Shri Mataji: That’s it. That’s just like a seeker. That I’m going to tell you, everything. Every thing I am going to tell you, not only the maintenance the but raising of others Kundalini, giving realization. That’s it. That’s the real question. That’s what is called as Pure Knowledge, the technique, the laws of the Divine, how to maintain it. It’s very simple, also very deep. You can manage it with your own fingers. It’s not difficult. That’s just like a seeker. Great.

Any other questions please?

When I give you realization then your brain should not come forward. “Oh, I didn’t ask this question.” So please lets clear it out. This brain and this intellect, also, can cheat yourself. It’s the biggest cheater. Be careful. That doesn’t mean that you should become brainless. Another extreme, also, I must tell you. When I tell them people say, “Oh, then you should become brainless.” No, your brain is intact. It is to be enlightened. Once it is enlightened it starts knowing the truth. You get that power, vibratory awareness we call it – not hot but cool vibratory awareness. Not cold, doesn’t mean absolutely freezing cold – by which you have discrimination. You discriminate. You immediately know who is a real person, who is a false person, what’s wrong with this person. Everything you will know, just know it.

What’s it now. You better have it. Doesn’t matter. Even if it doesn’t happen to your own happening, just somebody does it, then you do it for others. You see then there is a little obligation. If somebody has done for you, you’ll do it for others. Like big, big saints I have met who are real saints, they don’t want to come down to America. I sent one of them [UNCLEAR] came back form America in two days. He laughed and said, “I don’t like these people.” They don’t want circus of God. They want something so artificial that I just can’t manage. So I told him that you have to have patience. He said, “Why should I have patience with them? What have they done? I have done all these, I have done that. Mother, why are you giving them realization? Who are they?”

I said, “All right, it’s my wish. Forget it. That’s what it is. If one should get it, it’s like that: You don’t give it to others.

Any other questions:

Is it all right? Should we go in for that?

Take off your shoes. Very simple things are there because the Mother Earth takes away your problems.

A few things I will tell you which you have to do it. And then you’ll see the results. First of all is to put your feet straight so that the sole of your foot should touch the Mother Earth because the Mother Earth helps us, everything. Even the light helps us, quiet helps us, everybody helps us, all the nature helps us. You have to just put your hands towards me just like this, simple. Close your eyes, keep them comfortable. Be very comfortable, sit very comfortably. If there is anything tight, say your neck or anywhere, if you feel tight, it’s all right. Close your eyes. See, now, what your guru has done. Keep your eyes open. This is what happened (Shri Mataji talks to an seeker). Keep your eyes open and it won’t trouble you. Hands open in your lap. Be comfortable. Comfort is important for the body because your attention should be sucked in. Now close your eyes. If you get again that shaking, anybody who shakes, please open your eyes. If there is flickering in your eyes or too much heat in your hands then open your eyes. Just keep your eyes shut. Don’t fix your attention anywhere. Just let your attention be absolutely free. Don’t allow your attention to be fixed. Put your left towards me and right hand on your heart, on the left hand side, and ask a question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” In your heart you ask the question. [UNCLEAR] Don’t move your necks or don’t move your body. Keep it quiet. there should be no movement in the body. Let the Kundalini rise.

Put your right hand on the left side of your stomach. This is the guru’s position. Now close your eyes and ask a question, “Mother, am I my own guru?” “Am I my own master?” “Am I my own teacher?” The problems you have gathered from your false gurus or your false seeking or mistakes will be corrected. Just say, “Mother am I my own guru?” Now some mistakes have been committed you can say that please forgive me. You can ask for forgiveness, “If I have done any mistakes in my ignorance, please forgive me.” In my seeking if I have not paid attention to my Spirit or if I have done any mistakes going to wrong people without understanding. You have to ask for forgiveness. When I say that I should have told you beforehand that you should not feel guilty. Don’t feel guilty about it. You don’t have to sulk about it. You are seekers and you are the beloved of God. Whatever you have done it doesn’t matter. You are all to be forgiven and have no guilt about it, no guilt of any kind. Say that, “Mother I am not guilty.” Say that I am not guilty of any mistakes and you just have to understand the whole thing. Put both your hands towards me, keep your eyes shut and just say, “Mother, make me my own guru.” You have to ask the question because I cannot trespass your freedom. Ask the question ten times because this is the center of the gurus. Put the fingers towards me. If you want you can put it in your lap, be comfortable, but keep the fingers open. Just ask the question.. Last of all please say, “Mother, please give me my realization.” “Please give me my self realization.” You have to ask for it. As I said, I cannot force it on you. You have to ask for it to work out. It is very subtle. You feel it in your finger but first of all try to feel on top of your head. Put your right hand on top of your head. You might feel the heat on top of your head.

Dr. Warren: If there is heat coming out, don’t worry. Just let it come.

Shri Mataji: If there is heat, also, it doesn’t matter. You feel in your hands, those who are feeling… We have some people here who are realized people who can see if you have got it. If they tell you anything don’t get angry. Listen to what they say and then you try to do it. Don’t be insecure about anything. If you are wearing anything that is given to you by your guru, just remove it, without feeling bed about it, from your hands or your neck. Ha, now, better?

Shri Mataji works on the seekers individually as do all the yogis.