Kundalini and Mooladhara

John Muir School, Santa Monica (United States)

1981-10-13 Kundalini and Muladhara, Santa Monica, United States, DP-RAW, 91' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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1981-1013 Public Program Day 2, John Muir School, Santa Monica, CA

Yesterday I told you a general idea about the chakras and about the powers we have within ourselves. My main concern yesterday was to instill in you the sincerity with which you must seek, that you have to be honest to yourself to get to the truth. This is the only payment you have to make for Sahaja Yoga, that you have to be really honest to yourself. I’m not here to gain anything from you. That’s one point that should be absolutely clear. You cannot give me anything, I cannot take anything from you.

When we come to that point, the second point, is we have to be honest about it. Many people believe that whatever way you go, you go to God, is not true. Also some people believe that if you do wrongs and harm to others, still you will go to God. It’s true, no doubt but not because you have done anything wrong. You will go to God because you have decided to be good people, to be people who are seeking God in the true sense of the word. So when you are seeking the truth, you must, first of all, ask a question within yourself:“Are we really seeking the truth?’

So many fixations we have within us have to be dropped. Gradually you will see for yourself as you grow in your self realization, these fixations drop automatically. Like a flower becomes a fruit and the calyx of the flower drops out. So many parts of the flower drop out. There has to be transformation and transmutation. But the part of the transformation does take place, but the transmutation you have to work it out.

For that the transformation is a true living – I don’t know if people understand the meaning of the word living – living happening in us, taking place out of the living force within us, and is manifested by the living God within us. Perhaps we have never been able to judge the working of the living. It is so spontaneous. It’s a mystery for you. We just take it for granted, whatever is mysterious the human nature is to take it for granted.

Within you is this Kundalini, the desire to become one with the Divine, which is placed within the triangular bone called as sacrum. You don’t have to go anywhere to find it, it is there in all of you. If it is placed there then one must know that it has to be something very special, for a special work. Otherwise what is the need for God to place an energy down there? When the right person, in the sense that the Mother Earth, who has the power to germinate a seed, the Mother Earth has the power to do the living work. We do not have. We cannot germinate a seed. So if such a person who has that warmth, that love of the Mother Earth – again, love doesn’t mean sex. Sex has nothing to do… Sex is nonsense. Do not confuse it with God. Those who confuse it are people from hell and they take you down to it. Whether you like it or not, I have to tell you the truth.

So this holy energy, this auspicious thing, this Divine desire within us to be one with the Divine vision resides within us. Do not cheat yourself on this point. Sex you can do. The animals do it, everybody can do it. Even the people of every primitive state can do it. You don’t need any knowledge for that, it is just there [UNCLEAR]. Whatever you can do is not Divine. This is the point I’m trying to make with you. If you are making money out of it then I have nothing to say. If you want to sell God you can sell it. But you will be put into hell, you can take it from me for that kind of a nonsense. You cannot make money out of God. You cannot put sex on the Kundalini. It’s like having sex with your Mother. It’s your Mother, the holy Mother. It’s absurd, it’s wrong. I don’t know how people can think like that and they accept the situation.

An Indian understands this better. These days Indians also have gurus who are preaching this in India – horrible people. So one has to, first of all, understand that this energy which is within us has nothing to do with sex. I’m not here to contest any lectures or any [UNCLEAR]. Even if there is one person I tell the truth, if there are hundred I tell the truth. Even if you stone me I tell the truth. I’m not here for any gain whatsoever. I’m not afraid of anyone because I know what I have to do with you people. You are seekers of ages.

William Blake* has mentioned about you in his book, Milton. He said, “In those days, the men of God –” That means seekers, you are seekers. First of all, accept this position within you. You are not here for a fashion. There is no place in Sahaja Yoga for a person who is not a seeker. We do not want people here who are not true seekers. So you are men of God. You are seeking God within yourself. If you are seeking God within yourself, he has said that, – “They will become prophets and they will have a special capacity to make others prophets.” This has been prophesied only about a hundred years back. So when you go to some guru, if you are honest – if you are a [UNCLEAR desert mask] then I have nothing to say. You’d better go about your business in the name of God. We have many like this. But if you are honest and if you want to do good to yourself and to others, then you must judge it on this point that if you become the prophet in the modern times, then the prophets have the capacity to make others prophets. That means you must have the capacity to become the Spirit, not only that but also to make others prophets.

This is indicated already. I don’t know how many people read William Blake but he is one of the greatest poets of the modern times. Of course we have people like Kabira, Nanaka, all of them. Kabira was such a tremendous man that he ousted all these horrible people – these kriya yogis, these kecharis and everything. But even if you are not ready and [UNCLEAR] you’ve got Milton, the book written by such a great poet like William Blake. Of course Wordsworth and all these people are realized souls, but I would say that William Blake was a man with that kind of a tremendous power to explain what should happen to you, and that is what exactly should happen to you: that you should become a prophet and you should be able to make others prophets. Not prof-it but proph-et.

This power is kept there already. You are made like that. God has made you so beautifully you can see. With the colors and everything within you. He has given you such a beautiful inner being while we, in our freedom, have gone wrong. We’ve forgotten what, we are not afraid of Him. We do not know what He can do to us. In our freedom we have become so ego oriented that our freedom has misled us. It doesn’t matter. As long as you are seekers and truthful it will work out.

Now the first center… Yesterday I told you about the left-side power and the-right side power. The left side is the power of your desire, the iccha shakti or the Manas shakti, called as manas. Those people who are teaching you yoga are teaching you how to control your prana shakti, the right side. But what about the manas shakti? Such people can become very dry-hearted. They can be so hot-tempered. We have many people like that – Vishwa Mitra and all these people, Guru Mata – really hot-tempered. There’s no love, there’s no balance in them. And such people can only sort of mesmerize other people or can just kill other people and do all kinds of such acts of violence that you cannot explain to any spiritual man, all this violence all the time. And if you see the fanatics, all the fundamentalists are with them. All the fundamentalists are dry people. They are driven to the right side. They think they are the right people, all the rest are wrong. and the example of that is already Mr. Khomeni before you and so many like that – Catholicism, Presbyterian, 7th day Adventist and Christianity.

In Hinduism also we have lots of such people. There is one Shankaracharia who is trying to make, nowadays in India, a big umbrella of gold studded with diamonds. I think he’s trying to compete with your Pope and that umbrella will fall on his head one day. All these things show that these people have nothing to do with God. Christ has said that these are the people who are standing at the gate of God, that others should not enter inside because they cannot enter themselves. Very clearly He said. He has said it, “He will be calling Me Christ, Christ. I will not recognize him.” These are the people who so far are fundamentalist. It’s not only the Islam, it’s not only the Hindus, it’s not only the Buddhists. It’s also the people who claim themselves to be very great protectors of religion. As Warren has told you just now that you have to be a realized soul. Without realization you have no right on God, you have no connection of God, you have nothing to say about God, you have no authority to describe Him. Minimum of minimums is that you should be connected.

It’s like I’m not connected to a president, I have not known him, I start talking about him, I’ll be arrested. And that’s why one has to know that to get to God, one has to become the Spirit. Everyone has said that. I was today seeing one [UNCLEAR mad dream] and I was surprised. I said, “Shopping of God that is going on in this Los Angeles.” I was really amazed. I said, “Where is my temple to be placed?”

All kinds of things and the same way, your freedom, your liberation. Even today somebody has said that there’s a tank in which you relax and get your liberation. How can a tank give liberation? I don’t have many brains to understand these things, I must say. But I was amazed, how can people be befooled by such ideas that you get your liberation by getting into a tank? Or by jumping in the air, by taking out your clothes, by coloring your clothes or anything like that? Of course Kabira has blasted very much and he has said about it. That’s why Indians are a wiser people. We have had very great people in our country. It’s really a great blessing to be born in that great country of ours, though the greatest thugs and crooks are also born there, no doubt about it. But we have such great people that are born in that country of ours that it’s not easy for an Indian to accept nonsense without feeling bad about it. He cannot outright accept it. He may do it but he is aware of it.

So, as it is, this Kundalini is placed within us. Now, about Kundalini, a long time back the search for Kundalini started, thousands of years back. The history is that in the beginning there were three types of people who started searching in different areas. The first ones were the ones who started searching in the nature – what is the secret of the nature. The Vedas are written on that. Vedas are the right-side movement of people where they tried to discover what are the different deities ruling the elements. You can see the great manifestation of that knowledge. In Greece, even now, you can go and see their history and when I asked them from where did they get these ideas, they told me that there was an Indo-Arian rapport at that time – not at the time of Alexander but much earlier when they came on this Earth. It must have been thousands of years back the way the whole thing is described and they came on this part of the Earth, meaning Greece, and told them that there are these three powers and that there are three deities and the three mothers who worked it out. Imagine at that time. And they have one goddess called as Athena.

Atha means the primordial and She is the primordial Kundalini. She has a snake in Her hand and She has all these chakras. This movement is on the right-hand side. Right-hand side was the Vedas where they tried to discover the deities who are ruling the sun, ruling the moon, ruling the sea. The sea is ruled by Neptune. It is called as Poseidon in the Greek way and also they knew about Parashurama who came before Rama and one of the persons who is an eternal being who moves in every way. He is the one who is respected as [a] Seer, but people are quite confused because the Greeks brought all the gods down to their level. The work of Vedas helped us to overcome the nature.

You must have heard that at the time of Rama they had aeroplanes. I’ve seen books written in India where they say that there were 685 rajas in the aeroplane in those days. And they had ways and methods of having pilotless bombs. Some people say that the Germans got these ideas only from Indian old ventures. But these they achieved by the right side movement is to go to the essence of the elements and try to master them.

But they knew. Even the first words of the Vedas is that if, by reading Vedas, you do not get the vida… vida is the knowledge. Veda comes from the word to know, Vida. If you do not become vidyama, if you do not get your realization, if you do not get the knowledge, it’s okay. It’s clearly written there. The essence of Vedas is also that by doing all these things, ultimately you should become realized, you should become The Knowledge. Wherever Adishankaracharya has used the word The Knowledge, it is meaning the knowledge of the all-pervading power, to become self realized, knowledge of the self. Wherever Nanaka has used it or wherever Gyaneshwara has used it, it means the knowledge of the Self, Atma Bodha.

If you read Shankaracharya, his book Atma Bodha, very important it is, and you will know that he has described that when you get the Knowledge, is the Self Knowledge, then only you will know about God, so clearly he said it that you can’t dispute it. He says that when Kabira says [in Hindi?], “By reading too much even the wise have become stupid.” I can see the result of that because when we read, we read every nonsense. We have no discrimination power. We read every kind of a book and it becomes like that.

Why did they do it? Why did the wise people try to find out the deities or the essences of all these elements? You should ask this question very clearly and that is what is to be understood, that they understood that if you could go to the essence of the matter that surrounds us, the elements, if you can somehow or other capture them, then at a time when you have reached a stage, a time when you have become right enough, as for modern times we can say, you will get more time to do your meditation.

See, we are selling our time. You’ve got a watch, we must save time, save time. For what? To waste in a pub? Every time you are saving your time for what? To make some kind of a crooked stuff here and there? Where are we saving? The important thing was they wanted to save time because in the olden days even to cook your food it was so difficult. [UNCLEAR These days] if you want to cook something you’ll just do it in five minutes, Otherwise it would take hours together. So they thought that if you had the matter available to you, first point was to make you so efficient that you can save your time for meditation, for your ascent, for your realization. That was one of the reasons.

Secondly, Why? Because they know that matter cannot give you happiness, matter cannot give you joy. Then why did they go into the secrets of the matter? Why did they try to find out the matter? What it is like. Why science developed? Why did the knowledge of science come to human beings from the unconscious? We can ask the question because what human beings have done is another point. They have made atom bomb. Even the atom bomb is very useful because see these atom bombs are sitting there, the people are [UNCLEAR]… The nitrogen bomb has put heads together. All these hydrogen bombs in a way is good because all these expansions are linear and they curl back. So even this movement was very good.

But apart from that the matter was developed in those days. It was a very great idea and a simple thing was that when these collective happenings take place, when people will get, errant in a very collective way, their realization, how should it happen in the whole world? What is the method that should be used? Christ came only in that little part. After Christ what is to be done? How to explain it to all the people? It was all thought up, so they created camera, TV, all those things. On a TV I can give realization, you will be amazed, but they would never allow me to be there. That’s the trouble with the TV people. You have to pay them lots of money. On the TV I have seen that in Hong Kong, on the TV you can give realization to so many people.

But they would not allow me, that’s a different point. That may also work out later. We must have patience. But this was the reason to use all these things. The television has got everything in it. For example it has got that collective manifestation, it has got all the art, colors, everything in it and you can work it out and this collective happening can be spread out so fast into the whole world. At the time of Christ this was not possible. Many people say, “Then why didn’t Christ do it?” I mean you cannot command Him. It was in the proper growth of things that today you have reached that state and it has to just click. That’s why science has developed to these things, but it also has many other advantages.

For example – there are by-products of this advancements – by developing plastic you got tired of it, by developing nylon you got fed up about it, by having affluence, sitting here – In India, they are still developing while you are developed, over-developed. You are fed up with that over-development. You want to run back. I have heard that they’ve said big movement to become like tics because you are fed up of this advancement. So you are going backwards now. With eyes shut you are fed up with all this that you have done. These junks that you have created, these big mountains of plastics you have created and you do not know what to do with it. So affluence has its own advantage. By getting the affluence through your industrial revolution you have reached the point that you say, “Oh, God, I’ve had enough of it. Let’s get out of this wasteland.” It’s a joke behind the whole thing. It has happened to you and that has given you the greatest thing is the desire to find out something beyond. This frustration, this realization, this understanding of the fact that matter cannot give you joy, has given you this special temperament.

In India I saw some boys who were hippies. I asked them, “Why are you hippies?” They said, “No, Americans are hippies so we should be hippies also.” But here the hippies are seeking beyond. They want to get rid of that nonsense and that’s why they are getting into it. It’s not a thing they are just doing it because somebody else is doing it. But in India people are doing it because Americans are doing it, so it’s a fashion. There’s no genuineness about it. But India is such a great country that even you just once decide that you want to have realization you can get it. In India it’s very easy to work out because it’s a country of yoga. The Indians may not be that good, especially the city people are enamoured by the way you have plastics. You’ll be surprised when I go to India I have to take some nylon saris for the ladies there. Though we have silk they like that.

So the people who are developed are the people who are realizing and understanding that we have to have the blessings of the Divine. They are just fed up with their affluence, fed up with this thing and have sorted out everything. You tell anybody and, “Oh, we know that.” Now this end of it has come that they are also fed up of guru shopping. When they’ve paid off all their money that they had, they have done all kinds of pilgrimages, they have nurtured all kinds of nonsensical people, so they know everything. Like if you ask Mr. Warren – they say this ananda is my guru, that bogananda is my guru – he knows all of them. He said, “Mother, I’ve been to all these things.” So they are also fed up with it. This [UNCLEAR fedding up] really helps you to face many misidentifications and fixations that you have. And these fixations are the things that are still sticking on to you despite the fact you are aspiring for your self realization.

Amid this chaos Mataji Nirmala Devi has to come and has to tell you that you’d better seek your Spirit which is spotless, which cannot be spoiled, which is eternal, which is within your heart. You don’t have to go anywhere to seek it. It’s within your Heart. It’s such a beautiful thing that is subtle. Whatever age you may be born, whatever chaos you may be, whatever trouble you may be, it exists within your heart as your Spirit. You have to just become that is a simple thing and in this chaos only Sahaja Yoga has to become Maha Yoga which is the Great Yoga today.

Unless and until human beings have reached that stage of frustration it would not have been possible. Can you imagine at the time of Christ so many thousands of sahaja yogis I have now all over the world to help them, so much dedicated and understanding the powers of the Spirit, to those twelve fishermen it was impossible even to talk about Kundalini. It was an impossible task and even till He was crucified, they were half way whether He was Christ. They had seen Him walking on the water, they had seen all those miracles, but still they were not believing Him.

That’s typical of human beings never to believe the reality. But if there is a falsehood, if somebody puts up a big show then everybody is down at the feet. When Christ came on this Earth that time was such one of the worst times one could think of and the way he rode the donkey to prove how stupid people would be who would try to follow Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ. These are the Christian nations who say they worship Christ. They have dominated the whole world today. In this country how many Indians are killed, think of that. What have we done? We are Christians, the ones… Christ who said that forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. Forgive them is the power of Christ and what have we done to the whole world? Think of it.

But that consciousness is also coming today. I’m very happy to know that we are getting even that understanding of the dominating nature of our ego that how, in our ignorance, He came to kill your ego. He came against the ego. He came to show that human beings should control their ego, should get over it. It was He who was crucified because of the ego of the people also. Why was He crucified? What did He say? He just said that I am the Son of God. He is and He is and He will be and He is that. Whether you like it or not, whether you crucify Him, He is. Only for saying that you crucified Him.

Now I am very tactful. I know the ego is so much. It’s a donkey. People say that ego is like a monkey. I would say it’s more a donkey than a monkey. The monkey evolves into the stupid donkey stage and all kinds of stupidity we are doing in the name of ego. This is the right-side movement. With all these advancements the byproduct of that we got is the ego which thinks, thinks, thinks, thinks, rationalizes everything and the behavior of egoistical man is such that others can see that what he cannot see.

The extreme of ego, the idea of ego or the epitome of ego was Hitler. He never knew that he was egoistical, never. Anybody who comes into contact with an egoistical man also gets so much enveloped to the ego part of it that they all join hands with him. And then they built it, a kind of a guilt within themselves which is even more dangerous. You have seen the fundamentalists, how egoistical they are. Nobody can put any sense into their heads. They believe it. “I believe.” Who is this I who is believing into it? Is it this Mr. yellow-colored bile in your head called as ego and this ego is one of the biggest barriers between you and your Self. You are not your ego, you are not. It’s a myth, it’s a balloon. It’s just a balloon in your head. It has misled you. You are your Spirit which is beautiful, which is a collective being, which is, not just to believe in but it is. You just become collectively conscious. You just actualize it in your awareness.

The existence of the Spirit you feel it in the central nervous system. This ego, the more you see it, the more you just laugh at it. How idiotic it makes you, how stupid it makes you, and the ego expresses a man in such a way that he is not connected to the whole at all. He has no collectivity of anything. He is on his own. “What’s wrong?” “What’s wrong in this?” “What’s wrong in everything?” But only when the Kundalini rises then he says, “Oh, God, now this fellow has been doing this nonsense.” You can see it yourself. You get separated from yourself. You start seeing yourself as a cloth upon you, your body. You start seeing yourself as your car which is away from you. You are not your car. Then you start seeing what’s wrong with it. After realization only you say, “Oh, God.” I know of so many who come and tell me, “Mother, my Agnya’s catching.” That means there is a lot of heat going, and they see it so clearly. Collectively we are seeing it, but not individually. But individuals only make up the collectivity, don’t we?

But once we start seeing it individually, collectively we can cure it. So this is the barrier and those people who are ego oriented get the ego enveloped on their heart because ego could just like that move this way, goes to the right side. It comes up to the left, it spreads to the right side and the superego from here to the left side. But when you get more and more egoistical it starts spreading right. The problem with ego is that it doesn’t harm yourself; you don’t get any pain with it, you don’t get any trouble, but others are harmed so it’s rather difficult to cure.

With the superego you are harmed, you feel the pain. You feel pain here, pain there, you feel funny, you feel lost, all those things happen. But the ego, if it is pure ego, it can go to any limit of destruction of others. That’s why all these fundamentalists, those people who say, “ I believe, I believe, I believe,” they are so aggressive and they are responsible for the destruction of economies of economies. They have no love, they have no compassion.

This movement in the West is much more than anywhere else because suddenly with this machine age they thought that we are going to rule the whole world. That’s how they are responsible in a way that they do not see the danger of ego [UNCLEAR]. But I personally think that there is an awareness because of the way they have taken to alcoholism. It’s a reaction today. They can’t bear the ego too much so they take to alcoholism. Though with all this advancement one good thing has come out that they have started seeing it that we are going too far with the mind.

Now the effects of this physically what happens let us see. It’s very important to see what is the effect of ego development within us. If your right side is overdeveloped the first thing happens that [UNCLEAR] and your heart becomes smaller and smaller and such a person can become like Hitler without any heart, Divorces can take place, no forgiveness, no compassion, no love.

I have known people in India who are doing a lot of social work. If you see them in person you can’t stand near them, they are heat. They think, “We are doing this great work of social work and this and that.” How do you want to do social work? It’s part and parcel of your being. If you have one finger that is out of order or there is something wrong you try to treat it. I’m not treating anyone I’m treating myself only. There is no obligation when I’m treating myself. If there is something wrong with you, you are me. Who is the other? When you think there is other, this is ego. “Treat others and I am the one who is healthy.” Who is to help? Just you are helping yourself. But this ego develops and such social workers and such great redeemers come out with such ego characters.

I know of one lady who is supposed to be a great social worker in India. They respect her everywhere and I happened to see her on a plane. She brought out some sort of a funny thing with her and she wanted to sit in the front with this thing. A gentleman was saying that I’m sorry, I have to sit here, I am sick and my wife is sick and we have specially reserved the seats and you cannot sit there. She said, “Do you know who I am?” She said, “Whatever you may be but I am sick. You are not sick so let me sit there.” “No, I have to sit here and I have to do it.” She quarreled with everyone and the way she was dancing from places to places, nobody could say that there is anything of love or decency in that woman. But she is supposed to be a great social worker. All her face is wrinkled all over. Nobody would like to look at her face. Such people, such hard-hearted matrons.

They are doing God’s work. You have to help them, you have to have understanding, you have to have patience. But they have no knowledge. Knowledge is the knowledge of Divine Love, how God loves. How He forgives you. How He is compassion. This is missing from the ego-oriented people. This heart gets completely enveloped by it.

So in the beginning when you are too much on the right-hand side, first thing you will develop is the freezing of the left side. Emotionally you become absurd. It’s like if a man who is ego-oriented falls in love. It’s like a military man moving like a machine. It’s a big joke. Falling in love of an ego-oriented man, I can’t understand such a man how he must be behaving. Such a man, first of all, becomes an emotionless personality. He cannot enjoy his emotions.

Secondly, physically he gets all the troubles of the left side, means he might get diabetes, he might get a franticness and speediness, he might get blood cancer, he might get his liver, too, because he is thinking too much. Because of his thinking process his liver also goes out. If he wants to compensate his ego with alcoholism then he gets even cirrhosis of his liver. Anything can happen. This is the sun line – is the line of the sun. Such a person can get skin troubles and skin diseases and he can have tremendous heat all the time in the body and very agitated and he cannot talk to anyone for five minutes without getting into franticness. Such a person cannot have a good married life. His children would be worried about him. He would become after some time a heart patient. That’s the end of it – he dies of heart.

But even I’ve seen people, those who get their heart trouble and are about to die, still they are discussing money. They don’t know they are about to die but they are discussing. They are very alert. They are very alert in vain. Just imagine the balancing part is that the heart goes out, not the brain though they use their brain a bit too much, This is the right side which is called as the surya nadi which is the prana shakti which we use too much and for using that we have to suffer because we do not have the left side, the balancing part of it.

The left side is the emotional side of a man. The emotional side is chandra nadi. Chandra means the moon but we use the word luna. You know that luna means that and lunatic means the man who is affected by the left side. The people who use too much of the left side become mad – schizophrenic – their emotions are disturbed from childhood. It’s a natural reaction. A child is born in a family with a father who is right-sided, a mother who is right-sided, they are fighting with each other all the time and the child feels that the emotion side is neglected.

I was surprised once when I discovered in Switzerland that you don’t allow your little children to sleep with you and I was amazed. We can’t think of such a thing. You do nothing. In America, I’ve lived there, do you know that they don’t allow the little children to sleep with the mother? We cannot think of any mother cannot sleep when the little baby is asleep in another room. For us it is impossible to conceive an idea that a little baby is left in another room.

I discovered it because one girl told me she lost her child when he was sleeping in the other room. I said. “Only one month old child is sleeping in another room? How can that be?” But it’s all due to some sort of a black magic, I think, that the whole thing happened. But then I discovered many people whose children died in their sleep and they didn’t know. Can you imagine little children left in another room and why? For what? It’s so absurd which is [UNCLEAR]. There’s no love for your child. An Indian woman can’t live without her children.

When I was coming to America somebody told me that if you are going give this to my son, give this to my child and I said, “Now am I going to be beholden for dollars to customs, he will eat me off.” “ Oh, no, he is very fond of this kind of ladoos, this kind of food. Please tell the [UNCLEAR]. My son he doesn’t eat much but if you take him, you can’t get this kind of a vegetable, I said, “ Now you take the whole vegetable there.” So much concern but when I came here last time there was a boy who had a heart attack in Los Angeles. I said, “Where’s your mother?” – he was a frightened little boy, I would say about 25 years of age – and he said, “She’s in New York.” “She’s not coming here? You’ve got a heart attack?” He said, “You know, she’s remarried and she’s enjoying her romance.” I don’t understand these women. At the age of fifty years what romance are they enjoying with another man then. It’s absurd these people are really absurd. I can’t understand these women. They have no motherhood in them. How can you be like that? I just can’t think. To me, every sahaja yogi is so dear. It’s all right. Forget about me. But even an average mother here what if mothers have no feeling for their children. This generation specially is suffering so much. When I see them so many sahaja yogis, “Oh, my mother doesn’t care for me. Only she says that you don’t care for me,” this, that. But I have a feeling that even a son may not be good to the mother, but the mother cannot give up her house. How can she give up? How can [UNCLEAR]? I just cannot think of a mother. Those Indians who are sitting there, let them tell me this. They have got their mothers. They cannot give up their love for their children. But it has happened because of this Mr. ego coming in.

It has created this problem here in these people that the mothers have become so cruel to their children. All these things will happen to you. A father can become absolutely cruel. I have seen so many sahaja yogis, their father becoming cruel on a simple point and she would not look at his children. They are starving. In India people are donating money to give to the children, but here it’s nothing like that. Even old Johnny of 80 years is having a romance and the poor child or baby on the street and he is not bothered? How can it be? I just can’t understand the whole fatherhood is missing, the whole love is missing, that sense of security that the children should have is absolutely missing.

One of the things that has happened by this, the greatest thing that your children have lost is that sense of security, that love, that wisdom that you have to give them. You didn’t have wisdom so the children didn’t get it and now these thugs have come from India to grab them at this point. Your young people are lost because of the mistakes. Even the born babies are responsible, the born might have done this, the born might have finished your idealism, your values, your love and affection. Maybe that, but it can be affected so badly that even the ordinary love – so many sahaja yogis come to me and tell me that my mother never loved me, my father never loved me and I’m amazed. How can it be that a father and a mother cannot love? This has happened because of this ego development in this country.

But the Indians have much worse defects in us also which I will tell you tomorrow what sort of nonsense we can do also, how we do sins against the father while you do sins against the mother. Because of ego orientation, morality was finished, morality has no value. Such a danger you don’t know [UNCLEAR]. You allow somebody to come into your house. Supposing you have an Indian in your house as a guest. He may run away because you have things. They are thieves of things, possessions, they will take your money, all that. But they will not run away with your wife or with your daughter. But if you allow another westerner to come in you don’t know how far he stands with your wife or daughter. He may run away with them. When I have which one to choose I don’t know. Indians have their attention on the material things, what to get out of this person. As long as you give them money and feed them they are very happy. But you people want one woman in this house, go to another house want another woman. Now we have one problem is that in London we had one sahaja yogi carrying on with five sahaja yoginis. What sort of a sahaja yogi you have and what sort of poor sahaja yoginis you have I just can’t imagine. There is something so funny for the people who are seeking God to behave like that.

One gentleman wanted to have 59 Rolls Royces, one thug. He calls himself god or whatever he may call himself. He was a thug. So people starved themselves and gave him the 59 Rolls Royces and this thug is going to go to hell, no doubt. But when the people approached them and asked why did you give him the Rolls Royces they said, “We gave him just the material, he is giving us the Spirit.” They think you can exchange the metal for the Spirit. Just look at the stupidity. That’s why I say he invented stupidity. How can you pay for your realization? It’s love of God. But one thing should be there that you’re very intelligent and you are sharply intelligent. Try to understand one point that you can’t pay for your love. Love is something you cannot purchase in the market and as God is love you cannot purchase Him.

So this is what I want to tell you about the right side. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the left side as well but before that I would like to tell about the different centers which are within us.

The first center within us is the center called as Mooladhara. This is a very important center one has to understand. It’s the root. It’s the support of the root. The root is the Kundalini and this center is the support of the Kundalini. It is the center of innocence and this center is the one that records everything that conditions you. The whole conditioning from the left side passes into the first center and Kundalini records it just like a tape recorder. I’ve seen people with Kundalini they’ve got holes bleeding. Some of them have Kundalini that just tosses their head. They can’t help it and once you come up, She cannot… We have harmed Her so much by our wrong ideas.

This Kundalini rests there and is recording all the information she gets from the conditioning of the person. A thought rises in the mind and falls off, another rises in the mind and falls off. Whatever falls off goes to the past. The whole is sucked in by the information about you. It’s sucked in by this center and it’s conveyed to the Kundalini who keeps in you. When She rises, She tells it. On your fingers you can feel it where is the problem on the left-hand side. On the left-hand side you can feel the persons chakras which is catching through the Kundalini awakening which advises Her. When She rises, She tells you what mistake they have committed.

This center on the left-hand side, if it catches, is a very dangerous sign and is one of the worst type. When a person uses sex for God, or a perverted sex or all kinds of sex activities you people do. There is no end to it and I don’t want to describe it but horrid dogs and everything put together, all that nonsense and all kinds of fixations about sex. That shows on this part [points to palm]. If it burns there you get this problem and there if you can, somehow, awaken your innocence, through Sahaja Yoga you can get back your innocence. To one that has lost, is not lost. You can awaken it. Then this center here can be awakened and nourished.

The result of this is when this center is spoiled you get all these dirty diseases that you get from perverted sex. Impotency is one of them. Those people who talk that do sex… There was a lady who came to see me and she said, “I got rid of sex by going to a person who said that sex is the way to God.” There was another man who came to me. They were both impotent, absolutely impotent people. Impotency in this county is so high if you see the magnitude of that. That’s why [UNCLEAR] sex, the act itself becomes something great. Itself if you think that to do a sex act is something great which is so natural. It’s because of these people coming down and putting these ideas. This Mr. Freud is one of them. He is the beginning of the half-baked horrible people who accepted him as the leader. I was telling a few of some people in India and nobody bothered. We are like an elephant and we don’t take any notice of such people. But it has influenced and that has ruined the chances of realization in many people because their left Mooladhara chakra has caught up. We don’t tell when we give realization. We give energy there – energy of love, of forgiveness – and try to nourish it. But as soon as you get realized your ideas about sex also become very much better.

The greatest problem you have in Los Angeles, as they told me, is that 65% of people in Los Angeles are homosexual. This is something I can’t believe. What sort of a thing is this?” Actually for an Indian lady to talk, this is so shameful. I don’t know how to talk about it. But I have seen that this has happened not only by spoiling this center but by getting a possession onto you. A man get’s a possession of a woman. He gets possessed by an entity who is a woman. Then he starts behaving like a woman. In New York we had one boy who came to us and he was talking like a lady. I couldn’t understand why he was and even these people are good at finding out, I’m not so good. They told me, “Mother, he is like that.” His possession was removed and he was perfectly a man. It’s only when a woman is possessed by a man or a man is possessed by a woman these things happen. I have cured now thousands of Western people of this disease. Now they have become absolutely normal people because when you start doing too much of that nonsense there, perversions, experimented sex then they become absolutely impotent. Or if you move too much to the left-hand side you go into collective subconscious you get possessed and you get things like this. It’s something absurd. It was never shown [UNCLEAR].

Now today it is a problem because you do not know from where it comes. It comes because you get possessed. If the possession is removed you become absolutely normal. So this is one of the dangers of getting into the problem of the left Mooladhara chakra by which you can get all kinds of diseases which are sanctum sanctorium.

One of our servants who came from India – we have around three servants – I had a very old servant of mine who was 75 years of age. He was a good cook and [UNCLEAR] a nice man. He came to England. Can you imagine at that age, there was an old lady who met him, about 72 years of age? She called him to his house and she contacted a very bad disease. Imagine, at that age, how could he, I don’t know what they must have done. He went to the doctor and the doctor sent him to a hospital. It’s all a secret, they never told us what this hospital was for. He used to go there and what sort of disease this servant has got? There was an Indian doctor in that hospital who was a friend of another Indian doctor we knew. So we asked this doctor, “What is he going there for? Every Thursday he is going there and what is he doing there? We don’t know what is the disease the servant has got.”

Oh, God, and then we found out. He told us this hospital is a sanctum sanctorium. You are not supposed to know about it. And then this doctor told us that this is such a disease and it is contagious. Immediately we sent him to India. He had all these pornographic pictures given by this lady to him, she was writing love letters to him and just think of it. Indians can’t even understand this nonsense because we are not so developed. A 75-year-old man, can you imagine? This had happen to him. I used to catch on his left Mooladhara and I said, “At his age what is he catching about?” That’s all I knew. But I could not imagine he had gone so far.

This is what exactly is happening, that we do not know that we have to respect our chastity. Men or women, our whole power is in our chastity. We should have self esteem and we should respect ourselves. It happens after realization. I have seen all the sahaja yogis have become different people. They have become so innocent, so simple, so loving and so pure. It happens because Kundalini is the one that cleanses you, She clears you and She puts you in that state where you are absolutely washed clean and neat.

The other problems from this center are even much more serious. I don’t know how far I can go with it. It’s all medical terms and I don’t want to confuse you. But I would say that the best thing is for people to get realization, to see for themselves that in transmutation they work it out religiously to cleanse their ideas about morality. You have to lead a life of a very sane married person. We have to have very good married life. You would be amazed our sahaja yogis are married. Yesterday Gregoire who spoke to you has married a girl from Switzerland. They are very happy. They have a very sweet child who is a born realized. Here the deity is Shri Ganesha who is the deity who looks after the birth of a child, who retains the fetus, who nourishes the fetus and at the right moment, expels it. And this is only possible with a child who knows that he is born to parents who are realized souls and that they are going to love him and care for him.

Such love flows among sahaja yogis, such understanding, such beautiful things. There is no [UNCLEAR] because they become so pure. It’s such a beautiful thing to see. It is not a forced thing, It is not brainwashed. But they just become that and understanding is so great that even people where the marriage system is built up from the childhood I’m not seeing such understanding as I have seen in people who get their realization. This is the blessing of Shri Ganesha at this stage and He is the beginning, He is the omega and He is the one who incarnates on this Earth as Lord Jesus Christ. He is the alpha and the omega. He is the Om, He is that word about which you have heard. He is that Omkara, that pranava. He is that one who comes on this Earth to tell us that thou shall not have adulterous eyes. How you get adulterous eyes I think I’ll tell you about that tomorrow about it. May God bless you.

It has been a little heavy lecture today and sometimes we have to go into little heaviness to get rid of some of our heaviness and tomorrow I hope you’ll enjoy the left side much better. May God bless you and if you have any questions please ask me. Thank you.

Just to clear out your right side we have to go into details of it. Thank you. May God bless you.

Seeker: I was wondering about the nectar technique, is it advisable?

Dr, Warren: Which technique?

Seeker: Kechari

Shri Mataji: What is he asking?

Dr. Warren: He is asking about Khechari.

Shri Mataji: Ah, not at all. Kabira has written about the khechari business. Any technique is not active before realization. After realization you have to learn the Divine technique. For example, supposing this is the instrument (points to the microphone) or you see there is any instrument which is not yet connected to the mains. By turning this, by talking on it, pushing this, dismantling this or adding to it, will it work? On the contrary I’ll spoil it. Like a car which is not yet started. Just by moving the wheels, by moving the small little parts of it, will it work? No technique is there before realization. Realization is a mystery, you can say. Like dropping of a seed is a mystery. You cannot say how it works. It works, doesn’t it? In the same way the awakening of your Kundalini works. Then you get connected. How it works? Can you say the electricity is inside the plug and gets connected and it works. How? You can’t explain, Why is there gravity in the Mother Earth? Can you say that? You cannot. Then once it is connected then you should know the plugs and things and you should know which you have. No technique is needed before that. This nectar business, I don’t know from where this idea has come.

The fourth area which Krishna has described in Gita is of kriya yoga in that He says that when the bandaji takes place, when the Kundalini rises it goes into a bhandan. Of course it does because when the Kundalini has to rise then it has to be supported. But you don’t do it. It is done by the system itself it works out. But if it is not yet awakened then what bhandans are you doing? What nonsense are you doing? Like if you are going through a road and then you have to pay a toll when you get to a bridge, according to the bridge. But if you are sitting down here do you pay the toll? When the Kundalini moves then you should know what centers you have to cross, what you have to do. That’s a different thing, but first the Kundalini must move. Do you follow the point?

Seeker: I need further clarification.

Shri Mataji: I’ll tell you how.
Supposing we have to go from here to another place. On the way you have to pay the toll. Sitting down here you don’t pay the toll. When you are moving, at a particular gate you know what is to be paid, you pay there and go ahead then, like that you move. The Kundalini must move, you must know what center is catching, you must know where you have to go. All these things are so artificial. Nothing has been done and you are just playing with it and spoiling it? It’s just artificial. Do you understand my point now?

Seeker: No. Rather than go and try to figure out, that you let go and let it happen…

Shri Mataji: That’s it. Let it go, let it happen and then you figure it out with the knowledge that you have on your fingers. You know which one is catching. Supposing this center is catching, it’s the Nabhi on the left-hand side. You must know why it’s catching. You must know what deities are there and how to awaken it and you must know how to cure it. Then the Kundalini moves and you see the movement. Of course, at the first shot. a part of the Kundalini pierces through, no doubt, and you start feeling the cool breeze and all that. But then you start understanding where is the problem, on what center it is and then you can start relieving those centers by understanding the technique which is a Divine technique.

Seeker: What is it that you experience on your hands?

Shri Mataji: First of all you feel the cool breeze which is the all-pervading power, the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. Then you start feeling. If you want to think about what’s wrong with me, you just put your hands like this. And then you start feeling. In the first shot you may not. The first shot you might feel the breeze blowing. But gradually you’ll develop that sensitivity and then you’ll know what’s happening here. Some people who do not have sensitivity on the fingers they can feel it within themselves. that it’s going there, it’s here then. You also can also feel on other people. When you move the Kundalini you can see. it’s stopped here.

Like yesterday a doctor, he’s come. he’s got his realization only 2 days back, and he was moving and he said, “No, it’s stopped here, Mother. It’s not going further.” They can feel it. If it has stopped at the Christ point, then you have to say Lord’s Prayer. If it’s stopped at Vishuddhi Chakra then you have to say Allahu Akbar. You have to say Krishna’s mantra. All these things you must understand. And then it works out and you will be amazed how it works out.

Seeker: The way you are using the word realized soul is that someone who is aware of how the energy is moving through the chakras and at what point it is blocked and a way a particular chakra is unblocked and they felt the way the energy is moving through the chakras. Is that how you are using that word, realized soul?

Dr. Warren: Do you define a realized soul as a person who knows where the Kundalini is…?

Shri Mataji: Of course, of course, that’s the minimum. You feel all the chakras, your own, you feel the chakras of another person, you know how to cure them, you know how to give realization. That’s the minimum of minimum. Those who say we are self realized, some say we are born again, ask them, “What are the centers catching in me?” “Where is the Kundalini?” Ask them. That’s it. You will know. That’s the minimum. That’s nothing. You are the great instrument like a big television as I told you. As soon as you put it to the mains it will manifest. You are made like that. It’s hard to believe but you are. You are that. You are fantastically made. After all, thousands of years have been spent on you to make a human being. It is but we don’t believe it. It is too much. But it happens, really. Just believe it. It happens.

So, now, what’s another question? Some people got it yesterday, just like that.

Seeker: I was wondering about eating meat as opposed to vegetarian?

Shri Mataji: You see this also another idea. All these brahmins, is another nonsense – vegetarianism and all this. Am I going to give realization to chickens? It’s nothing important, but you should not eat animals that are bigger than you in size – then you’ll become funny. But animals smaller than you, it’s all right. What is this vegetarianism nonsense? Kabira used to eat, Nanaka used to eat, Rama used to eat, Krishna used to eat. All of them used to eat. And what about the goddess? She had not only to eat but drink the blood of these nonsensical devils which are back on this Earth. How can She be vegetarian? This is all nonsensical ideas. Those people – I’ve seen most of these thugs do that because if you become vegetarian you become weak and then hit them. This is the trick. I don’t say that you should go and eat [UNCLEAR cheese] but what I am saying is nothing important. Not much importance should be given to food. Nowadays there is another thing – health food. Some of these things they sell in the health food (stores) is only meant for buffalos, not human beings – horrible. They have these wheat, not even [UNCLEAR].

Once I ate that bread and I had such a pain in the stomach. I said, “Who eats this?” Why are you becoming martyrs for nothing at all? [UNCLEAR] starving yourselves. You are God’s own people. You are going to get realization. You are so beautiful. Why should you bother yourselves so much about these things? There’s no need. You have done everything except for hanging yourselves at the nearest tree. If you don’t want to eat then don’t eat. But if you are eating then you can eat it. You are not going to give realization to bugs and mosquitos.

In India we have vegetarianism of this extreme that there is one cult or a sect which gets a brahmin into a hut. Lots of bugs the whole village has collected and that poor brahmin has to feed these bugs and he’s paid money for that. Then the bugs are more important than the human being. Imagine how many bugs have to be sacrificed to make a human being normally. But we have sects like that–vegetarianism. They catch on left Nabhi as we have seen. It’s all right if you are not eating but if someone forces you to not eat, tell them this is not good. Nothing important. You are the Spirit. You have nothing to do. You do not go and kill the animals. It is a logical thing one should understand.

In a country like Greenland, not even a leaf grows. Do you mean to say that God is going to make them suffer because there is no leaf of any vegetables growing there? How can you live there? Even in the middle east it is difficult to get vegetables in certain places. In Holland I saw, during the wintertime it’s impossible. I mean not now but ten years back. Do you mean to say all these people are going to be cut out of the plan of God? Vegetarian is all right for India. It is a very hot country. I mean not “-ism,” but we eat more vegetables. Meat is all right and also those who can afford it and can afford even physically because it is a hot country. In a hot country people normally take more to vegetables and in those countries vegetables also grow more. You see how God looks after you. There is no mental, rational way of sorting out these things.

Seeker: Can you define Spirit?

Shri Mataji: That I can do tomorrow, a complete lecture. If you come tomorrow I will tell you all about it. But Spirit doesn’t mean these dead spirits. Somebody gets possessed and says I’ve become Spirit. It’s Penticostal. They start jumping like mad people. It’s not possession. It is Spirit that is within you, Atma. There is no word in English language. You look at the alcoholic spirit, the dead spirit is a spirit and your Atma is a Spirit. You see what the confusion is. But tomorrow I’ll tell you. Sat chit ananda. Truth, Attention – enlightened attention – and the Joy. Tomorrow I’ll tell you.

Dr. Warren: Shall we have it now? If you haven’t slipped your shoes off, do so.

Shri Mataji: Yes, please. That helps. Also I‘ll tell you why I say because the Mother Earth helps us.

Dr. Warren: Be humble. Ask for it. If you’ve got doubts in your mind, be open-minded enough to say okay, I’ll give it a try.

Shri Mataji: He’s saying all this because he’s suffered because of that . I’ll tell you sometime about the stories about the people who came to him. It’s interesting to see them, like little children.

Just put both the feet just straight like this and put both the hands like that and please close your eyes. You can remove your glasses, it helps. If there is anything tight on your body you can just loosen it. And if you have anything of your guru or anything you are wearing around your neck, please remove it, that doesn’t help. Put your hands straight like this. Most of them have got it.

Dr. Warren: Yes, it’s very cool.

Shri Mataji: You feel the cool breeze in your hands. Most of you have got it. Just put it straight. Don’t think about it. Just it will work out. It’s a living thing within in you. You feel it around.

Seeker: It feels more warm than cool.

Shri Mataji: All right, There is something. It will work out. Keep your eyes open. [talks in Hindi or Marathi] Better? It will cool down. Put your left hand on this side. If it has been hot. Is it hot?

Don’t think about it. Just it will work. It’s a living thing which works within you. Put your hands straight. You feel it around? Got it?

Seeker: It feels more warm than cool.

Shri Mataji: Then there is something… it will work out. Keep your eyes open.

Better? It will cool down. Put your left hand on this side. Is it hot? On this side – on the liver.

Shri Mataji continues to work on seekers individually.

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