The awareness of the spirit

John Muir School, Santa Monica (United States)

1981-10-14 The awareness of the spirit, Santa Monica, United States, DP-RAW, 90' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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1981-1014 Public Program, Day 3, John Muir School Santa Monica, California, USA

Today I want to talk to you about the Spirit which you have heard about for such a long time. You have known that you have to be the Spirit, you have to become the Spirit, the Spirit is going to give you rebirth and what is this Spirit supposed to be.

Actually so much has been said about it that Spirit is the Truth, it is the Truth and you have to receive the Truth. Now we must understand at the very outset there’s a big difference between something that is true and something that is Truth. Like if it’s a true statement, true is an adjective. It’s a true statement that you have to become the Spirit. It’s a true statement that you are to be born again. It’s a true statement that Spirit rules everything. But it is not the Truth in the sense that unless and until you become the Truth, a true statement is like an advertisement – like a place or a signboard that indicates.

For example, somebody says this is Saint Monica but that is not Saint Monica. It just puts a signboard. If you see the signboard and you see the arrow going towards it, unless and until you go into it you are still standing at the signboard. And this discrimination we should understand very clearly that the Truth is the thing that you become and true is the thing that indicates towards it. Many people believe that if you read about the Truth you become the Truth. Mostly ego-oriented people I have seen, when they start talking about Gita, they think they have become Vyasa or they have become Gita themselves. To become Truth is different from just talking about Truth, relating to it, saying something about it. To be the Truth is the main thing. If I tell you about the Truth you don’t become. You have to become.

I will try to describe because so many of you have felt the realization, you’ve got atma-bodha, the awareness of the Spirit and that’s why I wanted to speak about it today. It is said that Truth is the Spirit and Spirit is the Truth. The rest of it is just an illusion, or the Brahma, the all-pervading power is the Truth. Now what is the relationship between this all-pervading divine power that you feel and the Spirit within us. Spirit within you is the reflection of God Almighty who is a witness and a spectator of the play of the divine power which is His power.

We have three entities if you see it clearly. First of all is the God Almighty, then His power, the power of His love which has another entity, and the Spirit is the reflection of that God Almighty within us. We have another fourth entity you can say which is reflected in the Spirit is the essence of this all-pervading power. That essence and this Spirit is the same thing. Once you touch your Spirit you touch the collective being within you. Immediately you get collectively conscious. That should happen to you automatically. This is one of the powers you get when you get collectively conscious. And also you get connected to the all-pervading power because that is the power which emits collectivity.

It is such a concord that we cannot understand this concord between these three things, what we call the Father and the Holy Ghost and the Spirit. We call him Jesus Christ. So these three things are so much connected with each other that as soon as you touch one you touch all of them.

Because they come out of one thing and one thing gets divided into three things which are absolutely connected. We cannot understand such a concord in human relationship. I mean you won’t find husband and wife or a child so much one with each other that you touch one you touch everyone. You get connected with one you get connected with everyone.

The Spirit within us connects us on one side to this all-pervading power. As soon as you become realized, the seat of the Spirit is here. Immediately you become collectively conscious. You become. This is the first part of it.

Now how do you become collectively conscious. What happens to you is that in your central nervous system you start feeling this all-pervading power. First of all this one thing happens to you. Then secondly you start feeling the centres of another person on your fingers. Thirdly you start feeling the centres within you. This is all part of collective consciousness.

That happens because first of all you get to the Truth, you become the Truth and the Truth is that you are the part and parcel of the whole. You become that. You are the part and the parcel of the whole. You are the microcosm. You have to become the macrocosm. You have to become, again I say. It’s not just a brainwash or anything. You have to become. The becoming has to take place.

When the becoming takes place then you become that Truth.

That means I don’t have to tell you – you are brothers and sisters now. Let’s form you and something like that an organization. It just happens. You just start feeling another person on your fingertips. You start feeling yourself on your fingertips. And you start feeling that absolutely boundless love for another person and you feel like giving that person that relief out of love. It’s not a love which is biased, which ends up into sex and nonsense like that. It’s a love that just works, just works out the compassion and it is such a flowing thing. It emits free. As in Sanskrit it’s called Nirvajya which you cannot pay any interest on it. There is no return for it. It just flows. And that’s possible only when you become the Truth. You cannot help it. Even if you want not to help somebody you will help.

What happens when you become the Truth, your attention – sitting down here you are paying attention to me. If I tell you that you can pay attention to somebody else, sitting down here you can think of somebody else, your attention is mobile. This attention of yours becomes the Truth. It gets enlightened and the beauty of it is that when it becomes the Truth it has got the purification power. Your attention has got it. Not only that, but all the information you get through this attention is the Truth, is the Absolute.

If you place your hands like this you get your cool breeze coming in. And if you want to find out the vibrations of anyone, anyone of these people. Who is a realized soul among them? Let’s see. They are dead, they are no more. You want to find out who was the realized soul among these people. You just think of them. You need not even put your hands towards the photograph of them. Just put your hands like this and you will know who are realized and who are not. You get the absolute value of a person as soon as you start feeling the vibrations. Absolute value. Means you get the Truth that is absolute. It cannot be challenged. Even if you have ten people or a hundred people or a thousand people, if they are realized souls, if they are feeling this all- pervading power then you just have to put your hands to it and you can see, all of them will say the same thing.

When I gave realization to one English man in London he couldn’t believe that his attention has become collectively conscious, just couldn’t believe it because for these people who have too much of brain activity they cannot understand. They believe in God but I don’t know what sort

of belief they have. They think God is something in our pocket or some sort of a thing. But if it is God or if you really become realized souls, then you have to have certain powers of collectivity.

So he said, “I am worried about my father. I would like to know how he must be feeling now.”

I said, “Very easy. You just put your hands like this and think of your father.” And he started getting a terrible burning on this finger at this point.

He said, “What is this, Mother? What does this mean?”

I have come here to decode all these. I said, “This finger, this part is of your father and this finger denotes Vishuddhi chakra. This centre. Now if Vishuddhi chakra is caught that means he must be down with very bad bronchitis.”

He telephoned to his father who was in Scotland. He just telephoned there in my presence to his father that how are you feeling? Father didn’t come to the phone. The mother said that “Your father is down with very bad bronchitis.” This is the fact. Can you imagine? You could get the information all the way from the nerves. Nobody can believe it. Not only that but sitting there one can also cure that bronchitis. So the Truth is not only that you get the absolute answer but you can work it out with that purifying power that your attention has got.

If you take a television set to India where people in the villages have not seen it, they will say, “What is this? It’s just a box.” But if you put it to the mains they will see the fantasy of it, the fantastic way it is made. You are human beings who have made this box, a television, so how great you must be. The one who has created all these machines must be something great inside. But we have no self-esteem. And when it happens we just can’t believe it. We have no faith in ourselves. Leave alone faith in me but you don’t even have faith in yourself. And that’s the big problem that puts a barrier between you and the Truth. When you become the Truth then you start understanding what is good and what is bad, what is real and what is unreal.

Yesterday you saw one gentleman who was here who is running a big foundation. I don’t know how he runs a foundation in this place. I mean he has no brains at all. I don’t know how he is managing Americans so well. Somebody told me he is minting money. I mean the one who was here you saw that dressed in the Kashaya – orange dressed fellow who was here. He has got a big house in Beverly Hills. He is minting money. He said why do you talk of Truth and all that. Just start some sort of a foundation and you can make lots of money. He is minting money here and people go to such people very happily and he said all the rich people of Beverly Hills are visiting him and making him a big money and he calls himself as a foundation.

The thing is you have to know because you have no discrimination. You don’t know. You are taken easily by a person who is on the surface. I don’t know what impresses you so much.

Somebody is a person wearing those dresses. Why should it impress you? It’s such a superficial thing. You can get it coloured in India only for two rupees. It’s not difficult to get these coloured clothes. I don’t know what impresses you people, what makes you… He said, “I am charismatic.” He thinks he is a charismatic man the way he is minting money and he mints money here, no doubt. He has already got a house in Beverly Hills so you can imagine what sort of a thing it must be.

All these things happen because you have no discrimination. Discrimination should be logical to a point. Logically you can reach at a point but still it is indicative towards the Truth. You don’t become the Truth. But when you become the Truth even a child, when he becomes the Truth he can say this is so and this is so. Even a little child can say. He does not have to have too much of logical sense or anything. He can say that this is a thug. He can make it out from the vibrations that he is a thug. He’s good for nothing. He is a thief. But you cannot because you are ego-oriented. Anybody pampers your ego? Alright. Or somebody who mesmerizes? Very good, he is a very nice man.

Somebody told me yesterday that, “I went to this man and he just pushed my eyes inside and pained me a lot and whole thing worked and he said, ‘This is the knowledge, this is the knowledge, this is the knowledge.’ ”

What is the knowledge in it? The knowledge is that you become. Then I don’t have to tell you. You just have to feel it. You become the knowledge. Like this, the discrimination has to be a part and parcel of your awareness. It just becomes. You just can’t feel it. There are many people who can say that, “Oh, I didn’t like to go to that house.” “I didn’t like this person.” “I went to that person.” “I didn’t like all those things.” But this could be due to some conditionings, due to some ideas about it. It’s not absolute. And these absolute values have to be absolutely universal.

We’ll take a simple example. We have the painting by Leonardo da Vinci of this lady, you know, the smiling Mona Lisa. The mobile smile of Mona Lisa. Now she is appreciated all over the world. She cannot be compared with any cinema actress or anything. She is a very different type of person. Now if you see the vibrations of that picture you feel there are vibrations coming because it soothes your Spirit. That’s why she is universally liked.

Your ideas of beauty and all that may change but the Spirit doesn’t change. Anything that gives happiness to your Spirit is eternal. And that thing when you start feeling, then only you can say that my judgement is correct. Before that it is either ego-oriented or superego oriented. Means either it is you speaking because you are an American, you are used to this kind of a thing, that’s why you like it. Or maybe I am an Indian, I like a particular thing and that’s why it is happening. But absolute is universal. It’s a universal character. It could be anywhere. It’s just the same that a particular thing universally has that coefficient which emits vibrations.

When a person is realized the whole being changes. A complete change takes place in that person. And the whole body changes, everything is so made that you start feeling the vibrations from that person. First time a human being really enjoys another human being like how a flower is fragrant after realization. Before realization he cannot enjoy another person and then it becomes a beautiful work to give realizations to others. Because when you see a person becoming his realization you feel as if the person has blossomed into that beauty. You enjoy that person. There is no question then of hatred. You just start enjoying that person because the beauty of that person has manifested. So is the beauty. Truth is the beauty. For us, Truth in the normal sense mostly truth is extremely harsh, is very dry. It’s horrifying. At the time of Manu in the earlier days he said that you must speak the Truth and you must speak the thing that is ‘priya,’ means is dear to others.

So at the time of Krishna they raised a question how can you combine these two things: to speak the Truth as well as it should be dear. If you tell somebody that you are egoistical, as it is, he will blow you off. If you tell somebody the Truth about a person he will be very angry. Or if you say, “You are possessed,” he may hit you back. What to do with the person like that? How to tell him something that would be dear as well as it’s the Truth?

So he put another word in between. He said you speak the Truth, you speak the ‘hita,’ means for the well-being of the Spirit, and you speak the thing that is dear. Because if you speak something that is good for the Spirit that will be Truth no doubt. Today you may not like it. But in the long run you are going to like it.

Because if I tell you something today that supposing somebody is attached to some horrible guru and I tell him, “Oh, he is horrible. Don’t go to him.” He might not like it. It’s quite possible. He may not like it. But tomorrow he will discover that what she said is the Truth. Because he will go down everyday and everyday, and then he will find out that what she was saying was Truth. I should have listened to her at that time.

But supposing, just to pacify, I say, “Very good, you go to that guru and you do this.” For the time being he may like it but once he discovers later on he will say, “What a cheat. She didn’t tell me the Truth.” So the Truth is for the well-being of the Spirit. And this is how Krishna solved this problem of making the beautiful thing as the Truth. The beauty becomes the Truth because then only you become the beauty.

So this Spirit gives you the absolute. Before getting into it you live on relative values. Everything is relative and that is why there is a confusion. You don’t know who is a truthful person. You don’t know whether this is good or not. One person may say this is good and another person may say it is not good.

If you put one painting here, for example, this one or anyone, and you ask ten persons to come and mark which part is bad. The whole picture will be off. If you call them again and say now

tell us which part of it is good, the whole picture will be [UNCLEAR good]. You won’t understand why the same thing which was discarded as the bad is now regarded as good. Why there’s such a confusion. The confusion comes in because you have not reached your absolute. If you become the absolute knowledge then you don’t have this confusion. Then you know for definite it is so and not only you will say but everybody will say the same thing because Truth is only one. There cannot be two opinions about the Truth. Then it is not Truth. It is a relative thing. But the Truth has to be one.

For example, whenever we have problems here, anybody coming from a problem I don’t have to tell them. They all will show Me the same finger, “Mother, this is where he is catching.” Everybody gets the same finger burning. Same thing is said by everyone whether it’s a child, it’s a grown up person or a person who has come only yesterday. He can also feel the same thing.

For that you don’t need any brainwashing, any teachings, nothing. You just become. As everybody who has eyes can see what is the color of this thing, or you can see the colour of this wall. Everybody in your human awareness. Maybe for an animal this colour may not mean anything. To fishes it may be but not to some animals. But to you yellow means yellow. You all know its yellow colour or cream colour or whatever you may call, in your language, is this colour. Everybody will know that this is red or this is blue or green. If somebody says that it is blue and it is green, then you will say that this man is confused because ten people are saying the same thing and this person is saying something else. So as far as our sense organs are concerned we know about them. Whatever we know is the truth. Like if it is hot or it is cold, we know.

But after realization we go much deeper. Our sensitivity becomes much deeper and we start feeling the deeper side which we cannot feel with our sense organs. This is the point is that you don’t know these things before realization. After realization you start feeling them, the deeper part of your being. And that deeper part of your being and of other people is felt because you become aware of it.

So, Spirit gives you the Truth. You become the Truth because you become one with the Spirit. This is one quality of the Spirit. Your attention becomes affected, it becomes the Truth, it only picks up the Truth and it accepts the Truth as you grow. You would not like anything that doesn’t

give good vibrations. I don’t even tell people that you don’t do this and you don’t do that because if you tell them before realization they may not come to realization. But after realization you just discard automatically and you get finished with them.

The Truth gives you the power, the will power to stand on your own feet and to take a stand as well. Like Christ when He saw this lady Mary Magdalene who was a prostitute, and a saint has nothing to do with a prostitute. There is no relationship that exists in a way. When He saw she was stoned He stood up. He took a stand and He said, “Those who have not sinned can throw a stone at Me.” Such people when they have the Truth, the Truth has that strength that you take up the stand and that should happen to all the Sahaja yogis. As soon as they become realized souls they take up a stand.

But some people start confusing those who do not want to be Truth can confuse it with fanaticism. Then we see so clearly how fanaticism is different from a realized soul’s stand on the Truth.

Supposing you have eyes and you can see this whole thing looks like a cord. You know this is a cord. But a person who doesn’t have proper eyes, who is confused may think it’s a snake crawling in. So the person who sees can only see that it is a rope and he’ll go on saying that it is a rope, it’s not a snake. He will always say that whatever you may say, it’s a rope. You are just frightened. And he can prove it to you that it’s a rope.

So a person who is a realized soul will stand up, take a stand on his Truth, on his finding and not only that but he will prove it to you that it is the Truth. But which way can he prove it to you?

Not by mental activity by telling, “No, no, it is the thing,” then you may go even worse. Only by opening your eyes. He can open your eyes and make you see putting on the light and he can say, “Now see for yourself. Is it not a rope? Now can you not see?” Because you understand the other person hasn’t got the eyes to see. He hasn’t got the light to see. He must have the light. So he opens the eyes of the person and makes him understand that this is the rope and not the snake.

This is what happens to you when you become the Truth. You become extremely gentle with people, very compassionate. You understand that they are blind. You understand they are misled. You also understand that they may fumble, they may ruin themselves. They understand all this, and then you are extremely compassionate and kind and patient with them and you feel that they must be saved. You see that they are getting drowned. You see them in the water being drowned and finished and you want to save them and you go all out to save them.

We had some people in England who got their realization. They were Americans and I told them I am going to America and they all jumped in to it. “Mother, if you are going we are going ahead of you to work it out. Because this is the Truth. Let people find out.” They gave up everything, just came to work it out. They came on their own. They spent all their own money. Everything they settled it because they thought that people should be saved.

But when people do not have the Truth they have some sort of a bile. They will come here either for money or for something to do this work. Untruth is such a thing that it drags many people into it. You have a friend, you will take him down into it. Another friend you will drown. You think if my nose is cut why should others have their nose intact. It’s the other way round thing and so many people start getting drowned and drowned into ignorance and into darkness.

Whatever I am telling you about Truth has been said thousands of years back and is been said again and again. But it was a true saying and whatever I am saying is a true saying. But again I say that you have to become the Truth. Unless and until you become the Truth, this is also just a true saying.

When I was born my father told me one simple thing. He said, “I know you were born on the 10th story but nobody is going to believe you. They may crucify you, first of all. If they don’t crucify you, if you write something, when you die there will be another Bible created. You give realization to 2-3 people, they’ll think these people are gone crazy, they are mad, they are good for nothing. So you find out a method by which you give really en-masse realization. Let some people go at least to the 1st floor to see that there is something beyond and they take to it and they give it to others. Because no use giving realization to 1 or 2 people here and there.”

That’s what I worked for many days and I worked it out. I found out the permutations and combinations of human beings and that human realization, when they got it, I found out a method by which you can give realization anywhere.

The first country I came to was America because I knew, I was sure, because I felt the vibrations of the people here and I thought this is the time I should go and tell them about this great happening. But, as Americans were at that time very shifty people and I thought they have no value just now for reality. They’ll have to go through all this nonsense of all these gurus.

Otherwise they are not going to understand and that’s how I went back, for 9 years I wasn’t there.

Even now you can see how people are. They cannot take to reality easily. It’s very difficult. It is very easy to make plastic things. You can make thousands of plastic things. But if you have to convert a person into a flower that is very difficult. A reality, a real living flower and then to make it grow is even more difficult. People like something that is artificial and something that is convenient which you can manage, manipulate.

Some people said, “Mother, if you want we can give you money. But we cannot take realization because it is too much.” For them it is easy to be a member of some guru. They think this guru will be going to heaven and he will give them a pass and the Pope can give you a pass. “Alright, you can come along. You are here in the kingdom of heaven. Come along and settle down.” This is what they feel. They feel that this should happen to us and then he is sitting down there. He is giving us all these passports and we just go there and it is very easy to pay some money to a guru and this is a kind of a thing when it happens. Then people get more and more of these people and they start evading the Truth which one has to become.

But this Truth, the Spirit exists within you, it is there, all the time it exists. It is very watchful, alert, all the time alive and it’s an eternal thing within our heart. The seat of the Spirit is here on top of your head. In Houston I met a lady and she told me that, “God is sitting on my head!”

I said, “It’s a perfect thing, you know that. But, even if you know that, it’s just the true thing you know. But you have not yet become the Spirit.” It’s the true thing she knew that God is sitting on her head. But she had not become that and that becoming is very important and that should work out.

When that works out you will be amazed how it helps you to understand all the absolute things of the world. Everything, all kinds of absolute problems can be solved but people have to be really prepared to accept the Truth. Unless and until you are so, you cannot be forced into it. If you do not ask for it, it cannot be forced, because it is your free will which is respected. If you want to go to hell you can go very fast. But, if you want to become the Spirit you have to ask for it.

If you ask for it, it is there. You are made that way. That’s what you are finding. That’s how you will know the purpose of your life. Otherwise you have no purpose at all. Like this machine – unless and until it is put to the mains it cannot work. In the same way unless and until you are put to the mains you cannot work it out. That is the source. All this divine force is your Spirit which resides in your heart.

The second quality of the Truth is that it is the source of joy, all the joys of the world. Joy is not a double thing like happiness and unhappiness. Happiness comes through your ego. If your ego is pampered you feel happy. If your ego is hurt or your superego gets into problem then you feel unhappy. It is a double thing. But joy doesn’t have double. Joy is absolute. When you are in joy you become the witness of the play and you start seeing it like a silent witness. That state of joy is a permanent thing if you achieve it. And you dwell in that permanent state of joy and this joy comes to you in case you have that heart to express that joy. That special heart if it is within you, if it has to work out then it opens.

But in a place where people are thinking and using their attention too much and are busy with other things, it takes time. Their brains are more developed. The light goes more to the brain. And that’s how they first get the knowledge. The knowledge part of it they get. They understand all the chakras, they will know all about the Kundalini, they will know how to move it, they will

know how to give realization, they will like my lectures. They will have all these things. More on the mental enlightenment they will be. The brain is enlightened first.

But the people who are more on the left side, are the people who indulge into the bhakti, into the worship of God. Those who develop their heart more. They first feel the joy. They cannot get into too much into this acrobatics of mental activities and trying to analyze everything and find out. So these people just jump into joy and they are enjoying.

For example, you have read Gregoire’s book. Now so many people have got his book and it is a very well written book. Of course we have worked together and it has come out very well no doubt and you will enjoy it very much. But if you give to an Indian Sahaja yogi from a village or some place or even from Bombay they’ll say, “What is the need to go to all this? I mean you have got it. Now you enjoy.”

It’s like you cook something for someone, very excellent taste. You have done everything, cooking and all. A person who is analytical, whose brain is developed, he’ll come and ask, “From where did you buy it? How did you cook it?” He will eat but he will ask that. So the enjoyment will be first starting in his understanding the knowledge of it. Another person will eat it and just enjoy the taste of it.

So there are two types of people in this world. One type which enjoys first the knowledge of it and then goes to the joy part of it. And the other side is the one who just jumps into the joy and finished with it. Specially children are like that. They just feel the joy. They enjoy my company. They are here. They relax, enjoy the vibrations and they just go off to sleep. They relax and they feel very happy about it. And they are not bothered as to find out what Mataji is saying and what intellectual joy they are getting.

The left-sided people have other problems also because they are so emotionally bound. They are so emotional that they can get attached to things in a very wrong way. For example, here you find that people are not so much attached to their children in the West. In India you will find horrible people who are at the helm of affairs, who are so attached to their children that they can

even sell their country for their children. And we have such horrible experiences of these people that for their own children they will give up all that is collectivity.

The people who are on the right side have an advantage as far as the collectivity is concerned. While the left side people have an advantage as far as the joy is concerned. So the people who are fond of their own children, their own family, their own wife, they will come to me and they will say, “Mother,” left-sided people like in India, “please help my mother,” “Please help my great grand mother who died in a possession. She’s dead but you’d better help her.” “Mother, can you help my brother’s wife’s real something… It goes on like that. Still for about a month he gets his realization, he is bothered about all the relations that he had, all the connections he has and it’s a big headache for me. They will say, “Why don’t you come to the hospital to cure my sister who is very sick.”

All these things start working out with people who have emotional ties and the attention gets diverted. When you get diverted your growth is definitely hampered and can be very dangerous also because these people to whom you are attached may not be the type of people to whom you should be attached. You have to detach with them. So a kind of an attachment develops which drags you down. While the people who are attached more to knowledge and intellectual feats also develop an ego that, “Oh, we have come to know so much about Sahaja yoga.” “Oh, we are very clever.” “We know this and know that.” They, too are dragged down.

Both sides there is a problem. So one has to be in the central path of evolution in which Buddha has said that you should be in the center. Not to go too much to the left and too much to the right. Because if you go to the left side too much you jump into the collective subconscious and if you go to the right side you jump into the collective supraconscious.

The supraconscious people who are there, dead, those who are ambitious people are giving lots of information even about Sahaja yoga. There are people who are writing on the walls about me. They write poems about me, stories about me. That’s the truth. They are telling about the Truth, they are telling about true things but they are not the Truth. There are many people who have prophesized about me. But whats the use? I tell them, “Why don’t you take your realization?”

Like this lady—what was her name? Jean Dixon, she announced about me, my birth date. Everything she announced. And when I came to America I told her, “Why don’t you become realized?” She said, “I am not interested. I had told all about you and now I’m finished. I am not interested.” She didn’t want to get realization. Can you imagine? She wouldn’t get her realization because she was thinking that she will lose her powers to prophesize and that she didn’t want to give up. Because they are so identified with their ego and supraconscious activities they don’t want to give up.

Like this Bible of Levi is also one of the advantages of that. You see people can find out about me written very clearly in those Bibles and all that. But 10% of that is still missing. And that 10% if you get it you get the whole of it. If I go on talking to the writer of this he will never accept to get realization. It is absolutely true because he wants to see, talk about it. Like people there are psychosynthesis people, Jungians and all these people talk of the same thing I am talking about. They want to talk about it. They don’t want to become. They have made the stage completely ready for Sahaja yoga to happen. But if I go and tell them you become realized they will deny. They wouldn’t like it because that’s their profession. They want to have it.

I have seen people, in India specially, there are some people who are writing books about me. There’s one gentleman who saw in a photograph that was given to him by Sainath his father and Sainath had told him that Mother is going to come and you will see her picture on my robe. He is wearing a robe and my face is shown there on the folds. The folds are there.

This man wrote a big book which was published and he invited so many people. I didn’t go for that but so many people were there and he talked about me. He said that this is what happened there, that this is the photograph and this is the Mother who has come and all that. But when I asked him, “Why don’t you get your realization?” he would not. Because he thought he is making money out of telling these things. I mean even it can become a very subtle thing.

There are people who are really thugs and those who are really devils or anti-Christ. Forget them. Even there are people who are like this, who talk about the Truth, no doubt, but they don’t want

to be the Truth. It’s very surprising how people live with that. They want to live with it. They just want to continue. I will give you a very good example of a person like that.

In India somebody told me that somebody is writing about you on the wall. I said, “Who is this one?” And he said, “I would like Mother to come to my house,” and this and that and I went to his house. But he told me that I am getting all kinds of statues of gods and goddesses from somewhere, I don’t know. He showed me and they were wearing even diamonds. I said now what are you going to do about it. He said that this I am getting here. I don’t know what to do. I said, “Throw them in the sea. Just don’t have it. Some dead bodies or some dead souls are trying these tricks on you. These are temptation. You throw them away.”

He would not. He said, “But, Mother, I am writing such great things about you.”

“But what’s the use of that. You better get realization.”

“I am not interested.”

“Whatever I am let them find out. Who are you? What’s the use of it?”

He said, “Many will come to you.”

I said, “You don’t try to tell me all these stories. You’d better get realization.”

I think I have heard that he is very seriously ill. He is mad now. It’s not good to do that. You should become the Truth. That’s the main thing. My interest is that you should become the Truth. Even if you are only a few people it doesn’t matter. You become the Truth. I don’t want thousands to come here who are just living with the idea of the Truth. You become is the point.

Those who don’t want to become, I have no interest in them.

Some people would say that, “Mother, you are so good at curing. Why don’t you cure these people?”

I am not for curing at all. I did cure a very important man in India and they sent the secretary of health to talk to me about it. He said that, “Why don’t you cure this person and why don’t you cure that person. We can have the whole government help you.”

I said, “I have nothing to do with the government. I have nothing to do with the curing at all. Because it’s Truth which is to be assimilated. The byproduct of that is that you get well. That’s all, it’s a byproduct. But what’s the use of curing useless people who cannot oblige.

In the house if you have a light which will never give light to others, will you try to repair? I mean it’s common sense. You would not like to waste your energy. Let that thing go back into the process of remaking and come back. Unless and until you are a seeker what’s the use of giving you anything that is so material? What can anyone gain by this kind of artificial or outside happening?

You have to become the Truth. That is the main interest of God. God has no interest in people who do not want to accept the Truth. He has no interest at all. They are just the waste. They are useless. In the ultimate thing that is going to happen, when the sorting out will take place such people will be nothing but garbages. Good for nothing. Let them live with ego, superego, whatever they like. But God has no time to waste on these people. He is not interested.

Maybe as we can see that Sahaja yogis are very difficult to get into. In London I worked on 17 people for four years to crack their heads. Now we have thousands in London no doubt. English people have that innate scholarship with which that they have understood it so well. I am happy that they are establishing so well in England. In America if it establishes, well and good. It has established in Houston very well. If it does not in Los Angeles it’s alright. One is not bothered.

The only thing one can do is to work it out. If it doesn’t work out you are not bothered about it because what can you do?

You cannot make a person enjoy some food that you have given. The enjoyment must come from within from that person. You cannot just say now you enjoy. Unless and until you develop the sensitivity how can you? If you do not want to have the sensitivity of enjoyment you cannot force people about it. You can cook for them. You can put it into their mouth. Even if you want you can just little bit bite it for them but they have to enjoy with their own tongue. If they cannot enjoy that food your tongue has to be enlightened and if they do not want to be enlightened, what can you do about it? You just cannot force them. It is as simple as that. Because if they think that they are happy let them be happy. We cannot force things into them.

This is the fundamental truth about Sahaja yoga. Whether you like it or not. It is you who has to ask for it. It is you who has to get it. And it is you who has to enjoy it. It’s all your own. I have nothing to do with it. Only thing is it is placed within you. And I can just help you to enlighten it because I am enlightened. And you can enlighten other people also. But if you are not interested in enlightenment no use coming to my lectures.

I have seen many people who come to my lectures and say, “Oh, she speaks very well. We should go and listen to her. And this is a very good speech,” and all that. And then they walk off. They don’t want realization. At the time of realization they won’t even take out their shoes. They won’t even put their hands. So why are they here?

Such superficial people also come to me. But they come and in India I have seen many villagers have come. They just sit down for a while and they say, “We have taken the darshan of Mataji. Now we are very happy. We are going home.” They will come all the way from miles together in their bullock carts, settle down there in their villages, thousands. When I go there, “Mother, we have taken your darshan now.” But they won’t take their realization. They say we just want to touch your feet. My feet can be swollen like that, those thousands of people coming on my feet. If you tell them, “You are not to touch my feet, nothing of the kind. You get your realization.” They’ll say, “No, we are only interested in touching your feet, Mother.” They are brought up that way. They are conditioned that way. I said, “You are brought up in listening to lectures. You go to this lecture. You go to that lecture. Oh, very well, you want to assimilate all these things to your head and think, ‘Oh, we know all about Kundalini.’ You know but you are not.”

So in the first lecture I said you have to be honest, truthful to yourself. Do not cheat yourself. Know that you are that Spirit. You have to become that. No use just cheating yourself all the time and being away from the Truth for which you are born on this Earth at this time to get it. You are here for that. If you have no self esteem what can I do? I cannot pump it into you.

This is the problem I always face, whether here or in India, with many people. That their idea about God, the idea about getting to it is so superficial. Why they are deep? They are made so deep. They are being built up for thousands of years. They have just to become – its so simple. But they are not. They are not aware of their depth. They are so superficial. They live with superficiality. And they have managed their life with it and they think we are alright. This is the way people look at it.

I want you to be aware of that depth. But not mentally only listening to me, “Oh, yes, Mother said so.” You should get it. That’s my anxiety that you should get it. And you should get to it. If you don’t want to have it I will be the last person who will say that I can do it. I am sorry I cannot.

First time when I came to America there was a lady who came with me, travelled all the way and she called her son from Honolulu. She had only one son and he came to me and we tried to give him realization. He couldn’t get it. Just couldn’t get it. This lady said, “Mother, all the way I have called you from there. I came only for his sake.” These Indians are very attached to sons and things. “So you must give him, You must do it.”

I said, “But how? You give it. You are a realized soul. Why don’t you say that he’s realized?”

She said, “How can I say? He is not giving any vibrations. He is not a realized soul. How can I give a false certificate?”

So I said, “If he doesn’t get it, he doesn’t get it. He may be your son. He may be anything. What can I do about it? It has to work it out. The problem is of his seeking.”

She said, “He is a very good man, he’s a very dharmic person, he doesn’t do anything wrong.”

I said, “It makes no difference. You must have the seeking within you. Even a person may have done mistakes, may have done anything. But if he is a seeker, if he is a true seeker, he will get his realization. There are many people in India who never drink, never smoke, eat vegetarian food, they put their eyes on the ground. There are many like that. But if they do not seek God and they are just satisfied with these virtues, they are only at this point which is what you call is the Void, is the centre of it where dharma is there, balance. They are just balancing. Still they are balancing.

They have to rise. And how will they rise above? They will only rise if they are seeking. And once you seek you become your own master. You all have become. Only thing is you just have to desire it. But that desiring you cannot pump into anybody. You cannot force into anybody. It has to come from within, within yourself. If my saying that can create that desire, I think whatever I said has some meaning, at least some effect. And that would be the best that I could expect.”

I wanted to talk to you about the centres but today I don’t think I will be able to cover. But tomorrow at Panorama City I will again speak about all these centres that are within you and how you are built in. Gradually we are moving towards that and today they wanted me to talk about the Spirit. So I have talked to you and you also asked me question yesterday: What is the Spirit? So tomorrow and day after tomorrow these are only two days and now in this place, Los Angeles which means something great – Los Angeles – and let’s see now when the angels get awakened and get to it.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the chakras and day after tomorrow how to clean. Luckily we might get a place here somewhere. We are trying to find out a place for a centre. And if we can

really manage to get someplace for a centre, we would like to start a centre and we will inform you about it where you can, after getting realization, learn the divine technique by which you become the guru. You can give realization to others. And you can grow by giving to others.

You cannot grow if you keep it to yourself. It’s the question of collectivity. If you just sit at home

– “Mother, we do your puja, we worship you, we take vibrations from you” – nothing happens. You do not grow. You have to give. Otherwise you stagnate. People grow only when they give. Sahaja yoga today is for giving and not for preserving yourself. That time is finished. You have to become a complete capitalist in the sense that you know all your powers and you have to be a complete communist that you distribute it. You cannot enjoy, you cannot grow unless and until you give. So such a combination it is and artificially we are doing politically these things.

Artificially it is. But inside when you become that collective being all these artificial things find their meaning.

May God bless you all. You can ask Me some questions. And then we‘ll go for our realization.

Sahaja yogi: She would like to know a little more about supraconscious and the subconscious.

Shri Mataji- Collective subconscious is on the left hand side. You can see from the character of a person who is a left-sided person, who is emotional. He is not aggressive. He takes aggressions upon himself but he is sly. He can be mischievous. He can be very cunning. He will work it out in such a way that people will not know how he works out the things. That’s a left-sided person. And he might be sort of a….. (Shri Mataji speaks off mic to a Sahaja yogi)

The supraconscious is the other side of it. It is the right side of a person. It’s the right side where she or he aggresses the other person and he doesn’t feel any harm from it.

When you go to the collective subconscious on the left hand side the entities from the left side who are sly, who are busy bodies, who want to show off, can enter into you, can possess you.

They make your body pain – you get pain here, you get pain there. You get all kinds of things like accidents. Even cancer is caused by that. Epilepsy and all mental troubles like madness, lunacies, schizophrenia and all those confusions that you get out of these possessions, they take place from the collective subconscious.

Some of these horrible people who are working on you, these techniques of mesmerism of different types, most of them push you onto the left side. Some people put you on the right side. Some of them who just make you overactive for a while. You become very speedy and another personality comes on you. You start becoming extremely active and you start seeing things as if you are riding a very fast horse. You become very successful also for the time being. But then you are tired because one horse is carrying two personalities. It could be ten personalities. You get tired. By the time it is over 3 to 4 years you start shaking, rattling, you get troubles from the nervous system and it could be very serious for people.

Now the collective subconscious people as they enter into you – even alcohol can take you down there to collective subconscious and so many drugs also take you, but not LSD. LSD takes you to the right side. But so many drugs can take you to the left side and if you are driven too much into it then you get possessed and you get confused. Right side movement in the supraconscious gives you illusions, hallucinations like LSD does, and if you go further with it –

For example, there were a lot of supraconscious people in South America. I went to Colombia and they used to use, and even now you are getting them imported from Peru, this stuff they call ambrosia. It’s a kind of LSD of very fine quality. They used to take that and they had a special type of thing in which they used to grind it and take it. By doing that they went into their ego, projected their ego to such an extent that they could see things on the right hand side. They could see the gods.

The most amazing thing I saw was that they had the condor as the emblem of their navy – condor. So I asked them how do you have a condor as your emblem because navy has nothing to do with a condor, it’s a very big eagle?

They said, “Our old people tell us that an Indian god,” means from Bharat, from India, “an Indian god called Vishnu came on a condor.” Can you believe it? They get all this knowledge, dowsing business they get. They get knowledge about the moon, the stars and the galaxies. They knew about Cyrus and these things which are material things. Prophesies and all these things can happen to them which looks like Truth, which is Truth but the superficial level on the right hand side.

The left side people can work out in a very subtle way. I will give you another example how these left-sided people work out. It’s very surprising how they know things. They can read your mind and they are very much concerned with each other.

There was one gentleman who wanted to bring his friend for his treatment who was suffering from some sort of a possession. And he went to receive him at the station and he couldn’t get him there. So he went to the post office to telephone and the postmaster himself was sitting there and he said, “Why are you going to Mother? She is doing very important work. Why do you want to trouble her?”

He was shocked. “How did you know all this?”

He said, “This gentleman requires a lot of help. So I will tell you how to help him. There is a Ganesha’s temple at such and such place. You go there and just take one coconut and give it in that temple and this fellow will be alright.” So he went with one coconut. He gave the coconut there. This fellow felt little better because he had a possession by which he used to get drowsy. He used to sleep too much and he used to feel very funny. So when this was cured a second thing that happened to him is that he started drinking. And drinking like hell. So they went again to the temple. He said this time you’d better give sawa tola of gold to that temple. And the fellow got addicted to that and this Sahaja yogi also went down. When he came I said, “Where did you go?”

“Oh, I went to that temple, Mother, just a Shri Ganesha’s temple. I didn’t want to trouble You.”

Very subtle. I said, “Really?” It was a wrong thing to go and this fellow died of [UNCLEAR] heart. Can you imagine? They are so clever, so cunning. And they know so much. You go to these gurus. Beforehand, they will know who you are. The ESP business. All these things work out though left side. There I can write a book on this left side and right side.

Better thing is to read Gregoire’s book. He has written something about it. There’s no end to it. But best thing for this to know is to really experience them and see what sort of people they are and how they behave under the influence of these things and how they talk. They talk the same way, behave the same way. It’s very interesting.

Sahaja yogi: Any further questions?

Seeker: You mention not only about determining what a problem is with another person but also how to help correct that problem. Could you explain that?

Shri Mataji: That I will cover in the last lecture. Because that’s quite a big thing – how to correct others, how to give realization. We will keep it all in the workshop we can call it, the last day in Panorama City.

Seeker: Is your house in Mount Abu in India?

Shri Mataji: It’s true. She recognized. You can find the answer. Saptashringi. It’s correct. She knows. I have houses all over, my child.

See the vibrations.

Sahaja yogi- 24

Shri Mataji: Can you recognize the face?

Sahaja yogi- Most of us have been there.

Shri Mataji: And the fragrance also you get of gugul. That’s the beauty of Indians. They know quite a lot. Easy for them to recognize me. They know all these things. While here, people will like some charismatic person who comes and makes you just blunt. “Oh, he is charismatic.” I don’t know what appeals to people. I just can’t understand. There is a guru who is only 5 feet 4 inches I tell you. An ugly looking person, absolutely ugly from every angle. And I have at least seen 10 ladies who came and told me that they are in love with him. He is only 65 years of age. And young ladies just falling in love with him. I just can’t understand how can they be falling in love with him. “They are just in love with him, Mother.”

I said, “Alright, go and love him.” Stupid people, I tell you. With all this intelligence how can you be like that – stupid. To be mesmerized like this I mean imagine a guru falling in love with the disciples. Can there be greater absurdity than that? I just can’t understand. Like these nuns marrying Christ. I mean this is really blasphemous. What do you think of Christ? He is innocence, He is purity. What business have they got to marry? They better marry some human beings. All sorts of things are going on in the name of God, I tell you. I just can’t understand how can you judge God that way? You must have some sense of purity, of holiness, of auspiciousness. But we are so mixed up.

Seeker: Are you going to continue here? I heard you say tomorrow night…

Shri Mataji- I will be in Panorama City. You are all welcome there and for two days we are doing programs there. But I hope next year I will definitely come here. And we’ll have better organization and a better way of putting up things next year. But we are going to start 3 centres. At least two. One in this area or Beverly Hills area. There’s one gentleman who has offered a place for a centre. And we have some people who have come from England who would like to

start in Los Angeles. And one centre we can start in Cerritos because we have somebody, the son of one of our trustees, who is staying in Cerritos also. One day in a week we can have it there.

Just now we will start only two centres. And you people should look after it. There’s no question of money or anything but you have to go there, attend to it and grow. They will have my tapes and you have all the arrangements for you to receive all the information and knowledge. Also we have got a magazine from India. Have you got it? We have a magazine from India which is also circulated. One magazine from Australia which is also going along. That’s how we all get connected with each other.

The people from England would be visiting. They are very good. They are very well off now. They know such a lot about Sahaja yoga. There are about 300 – 350 tapes of my lectures in England which they would like to bring here. They have 21 here which we can copy. You can take the tapes with you. Also you can copy them or you can give the tape and tape it. Only whatever is needed for the tape you have to pay. In Sahaja yoga we don’t believe in exploiting anyone. Neither the Sahaja yogis should exploit the other people. Like you see the people will ask for free. They say that give us this thing. Even the tapes free and all that. Because we are not collecting any money. So if you want to have a tape just give a tape to them for taping or what you can do is to pay for the tape itself, see whatever is needed so that there is no pressure on the person who is running the centre here. I should be a mutual understanding between you people.

Somebody gave money yesterday. I was told that we don’t take money from anyone so that should be returned to that person.. Only the Sahaja yogis themselves can collect money.

Supposing this hall is to be done. Now it’s all partly my own money and partly from the Sahaja yogis in London. They have paid for it. But later on when I come, let Americans pay for a hall like this. And I can come here. You have to pay for the hall, not for me. That’s how it works out everywhere so that I do not have the headache of money. So you manage everything. Wherever you say, I will come and I will give lectures and I will give realization, but as far as money is concerned I am hopeless. I don’t understand.

Sahaja yogi: Any other questions?

Put your hands towards me. Take your shoes off, first of all. Please try to listen. If you don’t want to do these things you can go away because we don’t want to break our heads with people who are obstinate. You have to be more open-minded like a scientist.

Shri Mataji speaks to a seeker: You are going to Russia? I’ve given realization to many people in Russia. I can give you their addresses if you are going there. There’s no difference between Russians and Americans. They have the same Kundalini. You’ll find they are just the same, just like Americans. Why they are fighting I don’t know. Same about China. They have the same Kundalini, same everything except their faces are different. It’s most surprising, China –

I must tell you a good story about China and Russia. It’s very interesting that Sita had two twin sons called Luv and Kush. And Rama had sort of a centre in the wilderness because people criticized her staying with Ravana, whatever it is. So these two boys didn’t accept his kingdom – Ayodhya – and they went across India. One of them went to Caucasus, another went to China.

This Caucasus fellow went actually to Russia because he established his kingdom there and that’s why it is called ‘Slav’ from Luv. His name was Luv. And the other brother who went to China is Kushan. His name is Kushan. Now imagine these two brothers are fighting. What should I feel about them? There is nothing to fight. This fighting is all nonsense. And that all these problems can be solved if they get realization. That’s the only way. If you become universally conscious everybody is just the same. There’s no difference at all. Fighting for what? All this will end I am sure. It will happen. But you first become the proper foundation. You have to be a good foundation, a solid foundation. Then one can work it out.

Sahaja yogi: Before you go home tonight, we are going to pass around some notepaper. Please write your name, address and telephone number so that we can keep in touch with you and tell you what precisely is happening. We don’t yet have definite arrangements about the place where we will be meeting but we probably will be able to announce within the next couple of days. We dearly want to keep in touch with you so be so kind as to give us your contact information and the people who are staying here to develop Sahaja yoga and help you to grow will be able to at least contact you and advise you of the meetings and bring you together.

Shri Mataji: These two days at least you make it convenient to come. That is important because I am here only for two days and gradually you will learn how to grow yourself. That I will tell you day after tomorrow.

How are you feeling now? Better? Put your hands like this. Both the feet on the ground. In these three days only how many people feel so much better? So you can imagine how much you are going to grow. The problem lies with the people who are a very adamant type. I don’t know what to do with them. You can’t help them.

Please close your eyes. Don’t watch others. Just keep your eyes shut because you have been watching others all your life. Now you’d better have it yourself. When you close your eyes, you just leave your attention absolutely free. Do not focus it at any point and if you cannot help it, you can put your attention on top of your head but not anywhere else. The best thing is to leave it absolutely open.

Now put your right hand on your heart and ask the question, “Mother, am I the Spirit? Ask it three times. Do not pay attention there. Keep your attention here.

Put your right hand down below, on the stomach, on the left hand side. Ask the question, “Mother, am I my own Spirit?”

Put your left hand towards me and ask a question again, “Mother, are these vibrations from the Holy Spirit?”

The only thing I have to say is,”Mother, I am not guilty.” Please repeat that: “Mother, I am not guilty.”

Put both your hands towards me and say, “Mother, please give me my realization.” Both your hands towards me and you have to ask for it. Just like the Namaz, you pray to God. In the same way you should say, “Mother, please give me my realization.”

Do not concentrate it anywhere else.

You have to ask it from your heart. You have to have the desire. If you don’t have the desire it won’t work out.

Please put both your hands towards me and see if you are getting cool breeze in your hands.

Do not concentrate or exert yourself or put any pressures on the centre of your eyes, nothing of the kind.

Let the Sahaja yogis see if they have got the vibrations or not.