An ocean of illusion

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ, Los Angeles (United States)

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1981-10-15 Public Program Day 1, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ, Los Angeles (United States)

Yesterday I told you that we have within us two very important powers. The first power is the one by which we desire, called as “iccha shakti” in Sanskrit language and another power which is called as the “kriya shakti,” the power of action. These two are really gross powers which are expressed outside as Left and Right sympathetic nervous system. The central path is called the “Sushumna Nadi,” the channel of our ascent. This channel represents our evolution through the ages. We can say that this channel is responsible for giving us our evolution from amoeba to this stage as a human being, and all the centers that you see there – one, two, three, four, five, six and seven – all of them are the milestones in our evolution. These subtle centers are placed there and we are made up of this beautiful instrument. We are not aware of it of course and we are not aware also that we can’t see them because they are subtle centers and we cannot see with our naked eyes. We can only see the manifestation of these centers outside as gross plexuses. Today, as I told you yesterday, I will be dealing with each center one by one and I will tell you what these centers represent within us.

The very first center is the center of our innocence. Before creating us, before creating this universe, innocence was created. Innocence is the most powerful power on this earth. Innocence is Love, innocence is God and innocence is the only thing that really keeps us going in this horrible world in which we are born. This innocence we find in the matter. Matter is innocent. If you hit the matter it will hit you. If you don’t hit it, it is all right. You can change the form of the matter. Say, for example, this hall won’t trouble you. If you are here it will give you shade. If you want you can use it for disturbing others or for destroying others. The way you want to use it you can use it because it doesn’t say anything to us.

At this center is the carbon element which started doing within us. We can say the carbon is in the center of the whole system of elements because it is a tetravalent element. As you know it has got four valencies and when carbon came in this existence, then only life would be produced and this center is thus the center where we became really tetravalent – means we became an element by which we could become human beings. We could become the living things. The living things started when carbon came into existence. So this center is very important because this center represents that stage of human evolution where we became living human beings. Before this we were dead people, we were just like these stones and things that you see around.

After that you have the second center of our seeking. When an animal came into being he started seeking. First he started seeking the food. For example the unicellular animals like amoeba just seek food. They do not seek anything else but food and that is the beginning of our seeking. So the first, grossest seeking was food, where we started seeking something for our growth, for our nutrition. The second seeking started when some of the animals felt that they were too big for their sizes. They couldn’t move around and they found it impossible to do something about it. Even before these animals were made, the fishes themselves were surrounded by land and one of the fishes had to come up, the future that was going to happen. In these chaotic conditions and confusions, we started seeking more and more, and the real seeking is that of beyond. Of course we must say that the play of the seeking is not only human. There is also God’s play. It is God who wants you to seek. It is God who wants you to get your realization. You are the epitome of his creation. Human beings are the height that he has created. Do you see how beautifully He has created in thousands of years from amoeba or, say, from a hydrogen atom you have become like this? There must be some purpose, some reason why God has made you like this. It’s not just a wasteful, purposeless activity of God. But what is the purpose of God? Why did he do it? Nobody thinks about it. Scientists, of course, they being honest, say we cannot find out so forget about it. Whatever they cannot find out and reason out they just don’t discuss. So one has to see whether there is some reason or not, or is there any purpose in our life, or are we to come on this Earth just to die like any other animal and have no gains in our human awareness?

This question has been arising into the minds of thousands of people and at this time as you know the market was full with the idea that we have to seek. So the market got flooded with all kinds of people who wanted to market it. There are marketeers for everything. You want something? You will find marketeers just coming around and that’s how it happened and they took advantage of the simplicity and of the naîvity of the people and they misused them and misled them. They could not understand how God can be organized by these people, whether they were the contractors of God or how could they talk of God, what was the sign and symptom of a person who comes to you and says that I am God and you should receive these things from me. What we believe in was the superficial appearances. Like a person has 58 Rolls Royces. He must be a great man, not a saint. The saint doesn’t have any Rolls Royces. We could not see that. For us it was very much great that he lives in a big mansion. Not the saint. The Saint doesn’t want mansions. He can live on the street. For him it does not matter whether it’s a mansion or a street, makes no difference to him. This is the simple thing that they did not know about a saint and they got impressed by all these things, by media and the way they put up the show and circus that they can. This is the saddest part of the whole story and that’s how our seeking was misled.

Today I would like to say about this chakra especially that is what we call the “Nabhi Chakra,” is the central path of our evolution where you start your seeking and you crossover to the other side. Now surrounding this you will find there is the ocean of illusion and this ocean of illusion was governed by a deity, by a special powerful personality whom we call as “Dattatreya,” is the Primordial Master and he incarnated on this Earth many a times. At the time of Christ, and even before that, he incarnated as, say, Abraham, Moses, Socrates, Lao Tze. Later on he incarnated as Mohammad Sahab, then the same great principle incarnated as Nanaka, then the same principle at the last incarnated as Sainath of Shirdi. So the same great principle of this Primordial Master has incarnated because without a master, how will you be taken away from this illusion? How are you going to be exposed to that reality which you do not feel? What has to happen to you is that you have to become more sensitive, more open, awakened and enlightened to feel that all-pervading power around you.

These masters came again and again and I told you that you must look after your “Dharma.” Dharma doesn’t mean any religion that is being established in the names of these people because human beings know how to make a pickle out of everyone. They are great experts. All of them in essence are one and the same. But like flowers on the same tree can be taken away from time to time and when they become ugly and they become completely spoilt then people can claim this is my flower, this is my flower. Everybody has become a contractor of this thing. Actually these people belong to the whole universe, they are universal beings and they came on this earth to give us a sustenance within us. Dharma means a sustenance, this quality that is human. For example, gold has a quality that it is untarnishable. Carbon has a quality that it is tetravalent. In the same way, human beings have ten valencies or, we can say, they have a quality of having these ten specialities in them so that they can be called as human beings. All these ten specialities are represented by the ten incarnations of this Primordial Spirit on this Earth. There are many other Spirits who came who are followers or, we can say, incarnations of this great power which we call as the Primordial Master. Such a Primordial Master is needed no doubt but such a Primordial Master has to have certain qualities. If they are missing, how is he going to be our master? A guru means a person who has got that weight in him, weight of virtues, of qualities, of righteousness, of holiness. A person who is not righteous, who is a parasite, who leads a bad life cannot be your guru. Not only that but what is a guru’s speciality is that he makes you meet God, he connects you to God. He doesn’t connect you to all kinds of funny things that these gurus are doing nowadays.

On this point I have to tell you how the false people work it out and how the reality works out. Now if you see on the right hand side of this lies the power of your kriya shakti, as your “action power.” Now what they do is they tell you that you start doing some sort of a jumping, standing on your head or they may say that take out your tongue. This is the worst. There was a guru here – now he doesn’t do that, he is dead – but he asked people to cut the tongue at the base and put the tongue back and do some sort of a trick, I don’t know what he called it, a… “khechari.” All these nonsensical things people started doing, to push your eyes down like that, to stand on your head, stand on one leg and do all kinds of these tricks. You cannot go to God. This is not the way you can get to God. It’s sahaja, It’s spontaneous. It’s a process that is living. It cannot work out by these tricks that people tell you. Remember it will only work out if there is a spontaneous happening of Kundalini awakening which is the Holy Mother you have got. She is the auspicious Mother, She is the Holy Mother. She is not unholy and you cannot use it for any unholy purpose.

We have lost the meaning of the word holy. We have lost the meaning of the word auspiciousness. We do not know what righteousness is in these modern times. These words sound so hollow and so funny. But you will be amazed that this exists within us whether you like it or not. If we do not get the blessings of holiness, you cannot raise the Kundalini. Kundalini is a spontaneous thing, is just like a seed that sprouts in the Mother Earth. In the same way when the warmth of holiness and auspiciousness is faced by a person, then only the Kundalini is going to rise.

So any guru who comes and tells you that I give you a realization, you stand on your head. You tell him, “You better go on standing till you get your realization.” Then there are many other things they’ll tell you. They say that you will start flying. Now we have to understand all these nonsensical things. Why do we want to fly in the air? You are already flying a bit too much. Just now I was coming in the sky, I saw so many aeroplanes that I thought a day may come when you have to find some sort of a method of arranging the crossing of these aeroplanes and how the traffic has to be arranged even there. Now all such ideas that we are going to fly or somebody says that we become a person who leaves the body and goes up and sees from there, or somebody who sees the colors or who sees the auras.

All these things seeing you can do otherwise. It is not a seeing that is important. Saying that this is the Truth – there are many who say this is the Truth. You have to become the Truth. The second thing you have to know today is that by seeing something you do not become. If you see something – suppose if you are coming by this road. We saw this church. But when we came in we don’t see it now. When we crossed the mountain we never saw it. When we were away from it then we saw it. So seeing something is not receiving that, is not to be. To be means in your awareness, in your central nervous system you must feel that you have become the Spirit.

Yesterday I told you about the Spirit and what are the blessings of the Spirit and how you get it. But if your dharma is not all right – Supposing you have moved too much to the right side. Even a person who is a very busy man, he is running the rat race, he has no time for God, he has no time for his Spirit, he is running very fast. You run fast and jump into the place where you have to go. You have to be in the center. Not taking extreme action can take you to your real path. If you take a car for example – In your practical life you always try to keep everything in the center in the sense your car cannot run on one-sided wheels. It has to have both the wheels. On a chair you cannot sit if it has only two legs on one side. Our center of gravity acts in the center. In our normal life we keep to the center. We cannot walk with one side like this. We have to put both the legs on the ground and walk on both the legs. In the same way if you try to act on one side, you can create a terrible imbalance.

Especially in dharma it happens and that’s why I am telling you today that any extreme behavior on dharma is not needed. There is no need to go on madly calling, “God, oh God, come along.“ People are saying mantras now. Any sort of mantra they take. There is one guru who charges three hundred pounds and the mantra he gives is a Hindi word called as “thinga.” When you show like this [Shri Mataji shows her right-hand thumb] that is it. So many people are doing it, paying 300 pounds. You tell any Indian and he will just laugh. How can it be? “Inga” in Marathi language means the tail of a scorpion. Now the mantra cannot be given like that. It’s a wrong idea that you give some mantra to somebody. Every center has a different mantra. Every center has got a problem and when the Kundalini rises you know. When you come, for example, to the center of Shri Krishna, you have to take the name of Shri Krishna. If you come to the center of the gurus, of the Adiguru, of the sat guru, then you have to take the names of satgurus. Satguru means the one who is the real guru, the one who is the real master. Then you have to take their names.

But if you are taking the name of some one person… for example, we can take the name of Rama. Where is the center of Rama? You can see there that the center of Rama is on the right side of the Heart center. Now if you take the name of Rama and you have no problems, you will get into problems. It’s easier to get into the problems because Shri Rama is a deity. You cannot just take his name without any protocol. There is no rhyme and reason… for example, if I take the name of, say, the Governor of this place and just go before his house and start shouting his name, they will arrest me. In the same way if you take the name of Rama without having any protocol, without having any understanding, first of all, this center will be ruined [pointing towards her throat] because you will be taking the names, means you are using your voice unnecessarily and also the right side Heart Center will be caught and all such people will suffer physically from asthma absolutely. If you have asthma trouble then you can find out that you are suffering from this Rama center. Maybe there is something wrong with your father, or maybe something wrong with your fatherhood, or maybe that you are missing your father, or that your father has died, or something is wrong with that. Asthma can be cured only by taking Rama’s name. But if you have asthma then the name has to be taken by a realized soul, by a person who is empowered, who has the protocol, who can talk to Shri Rama in the sense who is connected. Any Dick, Tom and Harry cannot take his name. There is a protocol about it.

In the same way gurus names we cannot take without protocol. We must have the protocol. Anybody who is all the time saying guru, guru, guru, guru is not paying full attention to it, neither is he respecting. I have seen people who go against the teachings of a guru. For example, we can say that all the gurus have taught one thing that you have to look after your awareness. Awareness is in that area, awareness is nourished by liver. Whatever they have taught they have tried to see that your liver should be all right and all the gurus have been against alcoholism. You take Moses, you take Abraham, you take Nanaka, you take Mohammad Sahab, all of them are more worried about the liver than for anything else. Somebody asked me, “Why didn’t Christ decry wine?” He did not support it either, but he had some other job to be done so he didn’t talk about it. But he never drank wine. The wine in those days didn’t mean fermented wine as you have. People never used to smoke also in those days. At the time of, say, Mohammad Sahab there was no smoking, so he never prohibited any smoking. But he said no narcotics, no anything that goes against awareness should be taken. So they said, “Oh, then there is nothing wrong with smoking.” Then he took his birth. The same principle took his birth as Guru Nanaka and Guru Nanaka then said no smoking and no drinking. Why? Because they were worried about the awareness of a person. If your awareness is not all right what’s the use of giving you your realization? You are already not aware of it. Now drugs, same thing. If you take to drugs or anything like that, you go down in your awareness. If you take some drugs you may go to the right side and you might see colors and things. But that’s hallucination. You go to the other side you may feel, oh, you are dying and you may go into the subconscious and the collective subconscious or you may go on to the collective supra conscious on the right-hand side. But to go up you have to keep in the center. You have to be alert and your awareness should be normal.

To keep it normal, to keep it in balance, these people prescribe that you should not try to do anything that is too much. Extremes should be avoided. But the result of that was just the opposite. All the fanatics were born out of these teachings which were meant not to have any fanaticism. Actually if somebody is a fanatic he develops diseases of the stomach. The other day we had a gentleman from Iran. He is a doctor there and he had cancer. He came to know about me and he came to see me in London. I asked him, “Do you believe that Mohammad Sahab is the only one who can save the world?” He said yes. “Then I think He should have saved it.” No but I think He is the only one who can say He was the last one. I said, “Maybe He might have thought I am the last, but He must have been, the way you are behaving, he must have taken his birth again.” He could not keep it at that stage perhaps. I said, “Can you believe that he came back as Guru Nanak?” He said, “I can’t believe it.” I said, “He was the same principle.” “I can’t believe it.” I said, “Then I can’t help you. If you are a fanatic, I can’t help you. It cannot be cured.” He went home and he had terrible times and his wife was wise enough. She said, “Islam has not helped you so far. You have been such a big Muslim, you have been doing Namaz and all that. Still your cancer cannot be cured. So why not listen to Mother. If she says so give up.” So he came down to me and he said, “All right, I agree that it was Nanaka who came on this earth,” and you will be amazed that he is cured. He is cured of that trouble.

All these fundamentalist and fanatics. We are aware of it now. Americans had a good look at them recently, They had a nice shock from a man called Mr. Khomeini. But if you go and ask him he’ll say, “Oh, I am just from God. I am connected with God. And it is He who gave me these orders and it is through His orders I worked out.” Because they are so blind with the fanaticism that they don’t want to see and this kind of fanaticism, if it crawls into you, you will also not see. For example even Christian fundamentalists are the same or the Hindu fundamentalist are the same. I don’t find anything different in them. If you want to ask, say, a Christian about a Jew, you will know about the Jews, but if you go to the Jews, they’ll say Christians are the worst of all and if you go to the Muslims, they will say the Jews they are the worst, they are the cursed people. All of them think they are the best, the chosen ones and the rest of them are going to be doomed. I must tell you that all fanatics are going to be doomed. One and all and I think in that domain of hell they may agree with each other but it may be too late for them to understand that God has not created as any fanatics. He has not. You are part and parcel of one being. Supposing this finger says I am all right or this finger says I am all right, it is going to trouble the whole body. It’s such a nonsense that it is better to cut it out than to keep it there. Malignancy that works in us is the same that you are your own. “What’s wrong? I am on my own.” Any cell that become like that is really malignant because it has no relationship with the whole. It has no relationship with the coordination and the cooperation of the whole thing. It is on its own. “What’s wrong?” The wrong is that you are getting out of circulation and very soon you will land up in a place which is called as hell. And then you will ask, “Oh, I never knew you are all connected with each other. You are all part and parcel of one collective being which you have to just feel it and understand that you become that. Till this [microphone] is connected to the mains this doesn’t work out. Once it is connected to the mains it works out. In the same way unless and until you are connected to the mains you cannot know that you are a collective being. Before [UNCLEAR that, when they formed these] big organizations, you are all brothers and sisters and just after a month of that formation you find that people are cutting each other’s throats. Why? Because they are not really brothers and sisters. They have not felt it. When you become then you just can’t help it. Like people may say that, Mother, you help so many people, you do so much for them. Why do you cure them? I said, “Whom do I cure? Who is the other? If this finger is paining I have to rub it and get it all right. It is part and parcel of me. If there is not the other then you just help the other person because he is part and parcel of you. If somebody is getting drowned and you are trying to save that person, you are doing it because something in you is right. You are not doing it because you are trying to help the person because there is something in you is dying and you want to save that person. This collectivity you can only feel if you are first of all in balance. The people who go off their balances are very difficult to get their realization. This is one side of the movement in dharma also when they seek God, when they seek their realization, they go to the other side of it.

Now people can’t believe that for this you cannot put in any effort. No action is needed. Now look at the trees. Look at the flowers. How spontaneously they become fruits. Look at the trees, how they turn the leaves towards the sun, how they get their chlorophyll established in them, how it happens so spontaneously, how they understand. That we think by doing some sort of an effort we are going to become something higher is an absolutely absurd idea. As it is you did nothing to become human beings. You did nothing whatsoever. You became a human being effortlessly and if you have to go further it has to be effortless. Everything vital is always effortless. If you have to breathe and for breathing if you have to go to libraries and go to some guru and pay him some money, how many will survive? It is so vital that it has to happen. The only difference in this evolution and the evolutions so far we have had is this, that you being free, you are going to feel it in your awareness. Before this you never felt it in your awareness. Only at this time you are going to feel it in your awareness, that you have become the other person, that a cocoon has become the butterfly, that an egg has become a bird. You can feel it within yourself this happening, you can absolutely monitor it within yourself and you are aware of it that this has happened to me. This is a blessing placed within you since long and that’s why it is sahaja, means born with you.

But today this Sahaja Yoga has become a maha yoga, it has become a great yoga because one can work it out en mass for many people can get realization. Just like a blossom time, many, many flowers can become fruits. At this time when it is such an important time, this is the time of judgement that has started. How will you judge yourself? How will God judge you? Is He going to put you on, say, some sort of a weight lifting or to one of the human tricks that we play to judge a person’s abilities? No, the Kundalini is going to rise, first of all. When the Kundalini rises you start getting that awareness on your fingers, you start feeling the all pervading power on your fingers because these are the centers of your subtle being which get awakened. You start feeling it, and by that feeling you get that vibratory awareness by which you get the discrimination and you know what’s wrong with you and you know what’s wrong with others. So you judge yourself, you improve yourself, you know the method how to improve yourself, you feel better and better and then once you are all right you judge yourself. There is no need for God to judge but God within you, your own Spirit, judges you. When the Kundalini rises She touches the fontanel bone area where She pierces through you. You can feel first sometimes the throbbing and then the cool breeze starts coming in. There is the Spirit. The seat of the Spirit, though he resides in the Heart of the human beings, the seat of the Spirit is on top of your head and when it touches that you start getting this discrimination and you start understanding. Now if I tell you don’t do this, that’s why these ten commandments are that don’t do this, don’t do that. But human beings are such if you tell them don’t do it, they’ll do it, a hundred times. There’s something wrong with them. The brain is sometimes upside down, I think. If you tell them please don’t do it, even to a child, if you tell him don’t put your hand in the candle, still he will burn it. He is so ego oriented that he must learn by burning his hand. He must learn everything through experience. Till he is nicely bashed he won’t listen.

So the best thing I thought was to give the realization. Once you have the realization, once your car has started, you will know where is the problem. If you tell somebody this is the problem he may hit you back. If you tell somebody,”You have too much ego,” he will come and box you completely. You can be crucified which is what happened to Christ. It is not easy to deal with human beings. They are so much just like a big snake sitting down there. You tell them something and it just comes on you. If you mesmerize them, if you pamper their ego, “Oh you are great people, only pass on your money to me and you will be yogis, you will be siddhas, so you don’t mind, its all right, very simple. You give some money to Mataji Nirmala Devi.” “All right. she has all the money. Doesn’t matter. We have the siddhas, we are the siddhas.” “My name is Fallana Anand, Thikana Anand, Dhonga Anand.” All these names you will wear. Then the clothes you will wear and walk with a great pride, “Oh, we are the yogis.” Absolutely stupid. You are not but you believe in it, because there is nothing involved, you don’t have to grow, very simple.

It is not so. You are seekers and you will be seekers till you have found it. Its better that you find it and accept it. Because I said don’t do it, don’t go there, you are doing it. All right, so the Mother’s style is different. All right, so first of all, awaken everybody. We had one doctor, Rustom Veera and he is a very good doctor who got his realization. After that I told him that now you won’t drink and he really forgot about drinking completely. I never told him before. “You drink? All right, come along, doesn’t matter. Whatever you do, come along.” He said, “Mother, I never felt like drinking.” But once after some time he went to Germany and he told me that he used to like some sort of a wine and he said that now let us see what happens. Because he was very fond of it, he went to drink that and he got a terrible pain in the stomach and he vomited out and the whole thing was smelling like a rotten cork and he said, “as if a cork was coming out of my mouth, I felt so horrible and after that I said I’ve had it.” And his health improved and his money improved because he was not wasting any more money on these nonsensical things. He had nice musical gadgets in his house and he started improving his life in every way. He started looking so beautiful and so nice.

Now the thing is if I tell you don’t drink, all the pub people will come and hit me hard. But I don’t say that. It just works out because once you have found out the nectar of the beauty of yourself you do not it. You drink because you are bored, you smoke because you are bored of yourself. You just get bored. If you are imprisoned, why should you be so unhappy? You are just facing yourself. It’s the best thing that can happen to the person is to be imprisoned because you are just watching yourself and Self is the most beautiful thing. But people are unhappy because they cannot face themselves. They want to run away. For five minutes also people won’t sit down together and talk to each other. They must call you for a cocktail or there should be a television going on or there should be some book two people must be reading. They cannot talk for five minutes. There’s no rapport.

But after realization you feel so relaxed and so happy with yourself. You enjoy yourself so much that you forget about these things. Now we have people here, some of them have been druggists and chemists completely, alcoholics and all sorts of things and just it has worked out so well that they have now become people who are so beautiful. They have got this nectar of their Spirit and they are giving it.

The imbalances on the left-hand side, on the religious side, because yesterday I told you about the physical side and the emotional side, but today I am telling you about the religious side, what we do, that we believe in going to spirits, of all the spirits, to the planchettes and this and that. You have got witchcraft, you have all types of nonsensical things going. For what do you do it? They said that you see my father died and I loved him very much and wanted to meet him now. “Let him die. Poor thing has died now, spared of you. Let him have his freedom. Why are you torturing his soul?” “Oh, I wanted to talk to him,” and then what you get is asthma. As a result of that your father suffers because he must die now, he has to be in another world and you have to face it because now you are living. You are in the present. Why do you want to call people who have now gone and finished? But once you start doing all these things then mesmerism starts, the ESP starts, all this nonsense starts and you become slaves to this and these things can be so dangerous. English language is such a funny language that you have got for spirit even if you have to say the alcohol is spirit even the spirit that is dead is a spirit and your Spirit that is in your Heart which is the Atma is also Spirit and the Holy Ghost is also a Spirit. So I don’t know which spirit you are worshipping, I am talking of the Spirit that is the Atma, the Spirit within your Heart. And we go to all kinds of these spirits morning till evening, going towards the left side.

Now you will be amazed the result of this physically is – physically, leave alone other things – multiple sclerosis is one of them. Recently I cured a patient of multiple sclerosis. He has been to one of these gurus who is very popular in this country. He has got multiple sclerosis now. Another thing that you get is blood cancer. Most of the cancers come from that side and all these things can happen to you if you indulge into the left side. Now it has been proved by doctors also that there are some sort of proteins which attack us from the area which is unknown, which is built within us since our creation, means our left side, the collective conscious side. It has been accepted but, of course, they call it unknown because they are not seers, they are not the people who have reached that stage to see that these spirits are coming from the left side. I actually see them do it and attacking them and getting out of them and they are there within us. Any time they can erupt and trigger anything like cancer on the physical level, then you can develop epilepsy, you can develop schizophrenia, you can develop all kinds of these mental problems, lunacy. All these problems comes to you from the left side.

From the right side movement you can become extremely arrogant. You can become absolutely useless for any talking or discussion. You lack all the sense of proportion and you can become even Hitler. Hitler is one of the symbols of this development of the right side. Those who push you into your egos and pamper you too much, be very careful about them because they are pushing you into the right, in your dharma also, in your ascent, in your seeking, and the ones which are giving you on the left-hand side are also doing the same.

Now the simple thing is that people who are money-minded themselves have a problem. Always money-minded people are – I don’t know what to call them – they are absolutely stuck up people because money-mindedness comes to us because we value money more than anything else. Money is not the source of joy by any chance. Even those who have lots of money, if you go and see them, they are the most miserable people. On the contrary, a man who hasn’t got so much money, who has no problems, he is happy. For example, supposing I own this machine. What happens to me – I am worried about it, about cleansing it, about its insurance, I don’t know what is the income tax, all these things come with it. If I don’t own it, it is owned by, say, Mr.Hugo, the headache is gone. To possess something means a headache.

Today I wanted to have some money cashed. It was such an experience of such a developed country like yours and in Los Angeles I was amazed. We couldn’t get money anywhere. We only needed two thousand dollars. I had to pay cash money to people and they said we don’t have so much money. They told us to go to the main bank and it was as if we went to the mint. From 9:30 till about one o’clock we couldn’t get the money. They made me sign this, sign that, sign this. I said, “What’s happening? You people are supposed to be affluent people. There is no trust, there are people standing with a pistol somewhere. What is happening I don’t understand when you have so much money. How could you have so much?” But in India no problem. I was in a place called Nilambar. I told Warren, “I am not going. You take my passport and give them this thing that I have signed.” Not only that, they sent money, they heard I was here, they came from the bank to take my darshan and to get their realization. People trust in poor countries, they just trust. Here you come, you have to have visa and this thing. In India if you come nobody will be bothered. You have to trust. If riches means mistrust… ?

In London people won’t open their houses. Even a rat does not enter their house. Morning till evening, the wives do not, but the husbands, poor things, are cleaning. I’ve seen them cleaning all the knobs, cleaning the garden, all these things. I have not seen anybody enter their house. Only the husband and wife come, all frightened, looking at each other, holding their purses like this. It’s most surprising. You are people belonging to a free country. From where did you get these people around? In India there’s no question. We walk with all our ornaments. Nobody does that to us. One lady was killed when she was wearing lots of ornaments. Early in the morning, she was going by a train all alone in first class. She was going for a wedding and some man killed her and took all the ornaments. It was too much of a temptation. And the place was that and the time was that. Oh, God, there was the whole of the university went into strike for that. Such a commotion had risen. I said in London every third day there is a mugging going on. This is nothing. In London it’s so common and now I am told that here I can’t get money even in the bank. I have to go for three hours just to get an ordinary two thousand dollars. Can you believe it? And is that the sign of freedom? Is that the sign of affluence?

What is happening is that people are insecure because of this money mounting. They live with their money. If there is no money what is the matter? It doesn’t matter. It is not so important. But the way people are after money all the time counting every pie, they lose this chance. Their Vishuddhis go out but worst of all their Nabhi Chakra goes out. You get a Left Nabhi problem. Such people may get also blood cancers and such people have such a terrific speediness and such franticness. If they see money somewhere they go absolutely mad as if money is like a some sort of a spirit or ghost they have seen. Any talk of money they just jump onto it. It’s too much. I just can’t understand such personalities. They are most abnormal, absurd people. How are they human beings if money can rule you? Then you are slaves of money. You talk of independence and freedom. Where is your freedom? The money is ruling you here. That’s what happens in your seeking.

When you come to a money-minded person, he will say, “You can pay money to me and you can purchase God.” You feel very happy. “Ah, very good idea. We can purchase God also.” Can you purchase God? That’s how these people take advantage of that ego. You think that we have money and we can purchase God. Christ has said that a rich man cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. Even a camel can pass through the hole of a needle, but a rich man cannot enter into the Kingdom of God because he is stuck up. He is completely entranced with this money thing. Now when they start that this is all junk and this is all nonsense, we should get out of it.

So what do you do? You say give up these things, let us start another counter culture. But you are not out of it. Just it is a make believe. You are not out of it. You think that you have done it but you have not done it. How you will get out of it is only through your awakening of this center where there is a deity who is the Father, who is the preserver aspect of God, who exists in that area. Unless and until you believe that there is a preserver who looks after us, the God Almighty looks after us, you are not going to get out of it.

After realization, supposing you are a poor person. If you have problems of money you will be surprised your material side improves, it improves so much. But how? Krishna has said, “Yoga kshema vahamyaham.” When you get the yoga you get the well being. When you get the union with God – that this is the center of Lakshmi, the center of the Goddess of wealth, of well being – if She is awakened in you, you get your money. But the money is not the way Mr. Ford has got, no, not that money. It is the Lakshmi. Lakshmi is a very beautiful symbol of a balanced, moneyed man. In Her one hand, first of all, She is a lady. She is a lady standing on a lotus. Can you imagine how light She must be. Here if a rich man walks you see he must have a special honking thing. If he sits here he must show that he is a very rich man. He walks with a big gait and he must have a big car to show off that he is a very big man. But here She just stands on a lotus. She is so simple and She has four hands. On two hands She has got the lotus. Lotus means She has warmth, She has Love, the pink color, and inside the lotus is such a soft bed and the bed is used by a very thorny insect whom we call as a beetle. It’s a very thorny black thing that is used for sleeping. So the person who has money has to be warm like a lotus and anybody who comes to his house he must be welcomed the way the lotus welcomes and puts him on this beautiful soft couch. Even a person like a gnat, if he comes, She must offer. This as a sign.

Here if a guest comes in, had it. A guest, as soon as he sees the face of a person when he enters, he just runs away. He can’t bear it because to them it means expense. Any guest coming in is an expense. But the amount of joy one can get in giving something to another is not there. So generosity is the only way to overcome your greed for money. If you earn money better give it. If you earn two, give three. If you buy something, buy it for giving. If you start doing like that you will get over this money-mindedness which is such a mire into which so many people have embedded. Actually the poor are better, If you go to a poor man’s house he will offer you a lot of milk, he will be happy that you have come to his house. Whatever things he has he will offer you. But if you go to a rich man’s house he will be really frightened that one guest has come in his house when he can afford to look after thousands. He cannot bear it. So generosity is the only solution for people who are money-minded.

On the contrary your generosity will flow to people who do not deserve it like these horrible gurus. You see that they have got keeps, they have got big cars, they have built big mansions. They are parasites and you are flowing money on to them because your ego is there. We have cults in India where they have competitions. They take out the god’s photograph outside. The one who is going to give 500 pounds, say for example, sits on the horse. The one who gives 1000 pounds will sit on the elephant. Like that they go on with the god and that’s how they go on in that community. I have seen they also auction it. “Now the one on the horse, how much, how much, how much, 500 pounds.” It’s like that, they are selling God and it’s a very regular thing. You have to go and we call it calling, calling for that, how much money you are going to pay. Is this the way to receive God and to understand him? This is all right for money-minded people. They will go into the mire of money and finish there. God is Love. He is not money. He doesn’t understand money and godly people don’t. I am absolutely hopeless, I don’t understand this, I don’t know how to sign a check, I don’t know anything. I only know Kundalini, but if you ask me about the money part I am so hopelessly bad that you will be amazed. I am just like a rustic person who has never known ABCs of anything as far as money is concerned because I don’t understand why to worry about it so much. What is the great need to count every time, to measure every time, to find out every time? There’s no need. Such a headache, such a worry, such a problem. Use whatever you get, you just live with it. Why to worry about all these small things and to go about wasting your life for this nonsensical thing like material things. These we can create. Just if you hit it in them it will all be created. Human beings have already created. What is so great about them?

Now you have to take to the living course, the living power within you by which you create living work. After realization you will be amazed. If you give vibrations to the wheat or to any such things, to flowers, you get such big flowers. We have tried this in an agricultural university and they have found out when you give vibrations to the wheat it can increase five times more in its growth. They have seen an Indian cow, if she is given vibrated water to drink, she can give quite a lot of milk. Not so much as we can say an Australian cow, but Australian cows milk is not a good thing. It’s too much on the right hand side. But she will give so much more than what she normally gives. You do not become too much. You become a Lakshmipati which means you get so much money that you can receive people, you can invite them, you are cosy and you live in a house which is beautiful.

She has another hand which is just giving. If you earn you must give. Otherwise the whole thing stagnates. I have known people who have gathered newspapers since 50 years. They have got tubes of toothpaste gathered since they have been born. All sorts of things we gather here thinking that you see all kinds of mad people who go on collecting things and you have to actually get the municipal people to take it away after paying them big money to clear out this nonsense of the garbage these people have created in the house. So this is how you should allow things to flow from your house. Let it go, give it, give it and give it. When you give then new things come in. I have been giving only in my lifetime. You will be amazed, I go on giving and giving and giving, but still my house and my everything is so filled I don’t know what to do. Every time I get a chance I give so that I do not hurt anybody and I give them. But I find the whole house is filling up. You give somebody one flower, they’ll send 10 flowers. What to do? I can’t understand the people who preserve they’ll decay and become so old sitting down counting everything while I have seen this is the most healthy way of living in this world. Just give, just give. Do not worry. Anybody ask anything, likes to order? Have it. It’s such a beautiful thing, such a great thing, such a joy.

Suddenly you meet somebody. The other day I met a lady in a party. She said, “Do you remember? You gave me this?” I said, “Which one?” She said, “This one. I am wearing a pearl. I had come to your house when I was married. You gave me this pearl.” I said, “Really? I don’t remember.” “Oh, I wore it today just to show you.” I felt so happy. Just what a little thing like pearl necklace I had given her. But what a thing to remember all her life. She met me after 20 years. That time she was pregnant and today she had a son. I was so amazed to see this beautiful thing happening. She wore it all the time, and she wore it the day she was to meet me. She knew I was coming to the party. What a great feeling. You cannot purchase it with thousands of these pearl necklaces can be thrown on this little beautiful event in my life that I felt this lady how she had cared for a little thing like that. All these things are for expressing your love and if you understand the value of love, you can get rid of it.

Now the other hand of the Goddess is like this [Shri Mataji shows her right hand palm]. This means a person who has money must give ashraya. Ashraya means he must give a protection to people. He must have some people who are in their protection. Like in India people say that you have a servant system, but of course I do not say that in India servants are treated, I mean, my servant has a better bedroom than I have because my husband has one bedroom and naturally I have a small one because I share his bedroom and he has a bigger one and he lives better than me in many ways but he is a person who can do all this work. Now I have to do Kundalini work. If I start sweeping and swabbing in the house, if my husband has to sweep and swab, whose going to look after his office? Here the thing is, even the president must go on and sweep and swab otherwise he is not all right. I don’t understand. If you have people who are dependent upon you, I mean, your children should work for you. In the same way there are servants. If they work for you, what is wrong? In England I have seen old people die. There is nobody to look after them. One month they are lying in the rooms, there’s nobody to pick their bodies because they cannot have somebody to help and the young people are sitting outside and taking ganjas. A shameful thing it is. There are old children who might be taking ganja somewhere and their father is dying here. Why can’t these people go and work and help their parents and look after them. If they are old they are suppose to clean, sweep and swab. Even the eighty year old people must drive their cars, they must take them to the thing. It’s not good. You are not just to them.

So you must have people in ashraya if you have money. You should have people to do some work for you. But everybody wants to do every work by themselves. For example now, the stitching of a blouse. We have a tailor. We have had him for about 20-30 years. Since my daughters were married he is tailoring my blouses. Now he is a poor man. How much does he take? At the most, say, about 2 dollars or 1 dollar for this thing. Let him have it. He can only do that much work? Let him do that work. He is an expert in it now. I have no time to do my sewing so you will say, “Why should you waste your time on that? Why should you waste your money on that?” But I can’t stitch the way he does it. Let him do it. What’s wrong? Here we have killed all our art, all our aesthetics by doing everything yourself. You cannot do everything yourself. Now paper, if you have to apply paper you must do yourself. Why don’t you share your money with somebody else? Why do you want to do everything yourself?

The same thing has happened to our cooking. People eat nothing but fodder here sometimes the way they cut everything, just eat all that. It’s a good excuse to say that we are eating all the vitamins but that’s too hard for human digestion. It’s not good. You never cook in the house because the wife must work, the husband must work, they all must go to the office, they all should work, the wife has no time, the husband has no time, no time for the children. The wife has to cook in the house. If she has spare time, all right, she should work also, she has to look after the children. There is nothing wrong in that work, that’s a very noble work. The idea I sometimes say those people who have done good work in their previous lives are the mothers today. They are having a nice time. I look at my husband, I say how much he works hard. Now as a mother, I do work for my Sahaja Yoga but otherwise I have a comfortable life. So why must you all do all the work? You must have some people for your ashraya, you must give them some money, share your money with others, protect them. This is one of the things that we have to understand about this deity which is called as a Lakshmi and She resides in our stomach. This is very important to understand that if you want to have the blessings of the Divine you should be a balanced person You have to awaken the Lakshmi principle within you and that Lakshmi resides in this kind of balancing where you understand that Love is the determining factor of all our monetary behavior, monetary exchanges and rapport. There is no other way we can judge it and that’s the main basic thing which we are missing today in the modern times.

Now the Kundalini’s awakening takes place and awakens this center. When this is awakened then you go higher into the center which is higher we can say called as the center of the Heart. But between these two is a center that is moving round and round, is a center of our activity which is the center of Swadishthana. I had told you about this yesterday that how by activating the Swadishthana Chakra too much we develop imbalances with in us. We develop diseases like diabetes, like kidney and spleen and also uterus trouble in women because there are imbalances.

After this center, which is the center of our activity, when we have gone beyond this center then we go to this center which is called as the Center of Heart. This is a very important center in human beings, is governed by the deity of Jagadamba, meaning the Mother of the universe. This center is acting on our sternum in our childhood. We develop our antibodies in our sternum when this center starts acting and these antibodies later on spread in the whole body and start defending us against all kinds of diseases, against all kinds of attacks on us and these doctors know about it, they know there are antibodies, but they cannot say how they are created and how they are within us. When we are attacked from outside by anything, what happens is that you start getting a palpitation because these people are informed through the sternum bone that the attack is coming and this palpitation suggest that there is an emergency and antibodies must fight it. Now the women who are insecure like that develop breast cancer and all these diseases can be very dangerous in people who have insecurities and who hide themselves and who do not tell about insecurities. They can develop these diseases and ultimately they can be in terrible trouble.

Today I am sorry I won’t be able to cover all the centers because its already quite late and we have this hall only till 10:30. So we have to do the actualization of the experience of getting the realization and we have to work it out. So that is the main thing and whatever was possible I have told you the theory behind the awakening of the Kundalini up to these centers and if possible tomorrow I will try to do the other two centers.

Now should we have the experience? I think it would be better if everyone moves forward. You just put your both the hands towards me. Better thing would be to take out your shoes because the Mother Earth has to take the problem inside it, it would be a good idea. Now I have to request you that you might get your realization today but the Kundalini is just made out of many threads and one of the threads comes up to open your Sahasrara in this point [Shri Mataji pointing towards fontanel bone area] and then this is raised [UNCLEAR] now but that’s not the end of it. You have to make more space for greater threads to go in to establish yourself in Sahaja Yoga. Now to do that you have to come to a center where this collective happening can take place. Of course tomorrow we are going to have this program here but after that I am going away and he has agreed to stay here and it is going to work it out from [UNCLEAR]. They want to establish some sort of a center here in Los Angeles where you people can go every week say in a weekend or something and develop your powers, your own powers, and master it so that you start giving realization to others. You all can do it. In the beginning what happens is that, like anything, any light which you enlightened is rather difficult. You have to look after any seed that has sprouted. The seedling is a sensitive, gentle thing you have to look after. But then when it grows, it becomes like a tree and you can give realization to many. Now we have been here, as he himself has been with me only for 18 months, and imagine how many people he has given realization to, you can’t count it, in Australia. Each person who is here, who is in your [UNCLEAR] there is no need to get any sanction or anything. You can start off. It’s very simple as long as you are settled down. You can start out in your own house, isn’t it? Anywhere has started off a Sahaja Yoga center so one has to first of all grow and settle into it. So it’s not that today you are going to get it. In the last moment you may lose it tomorrow for the time being but once it is established, you will never lose it. It is always there.

[Shri Mataji conducts the self realization exercise]