Vishuddhi & Agnya

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ, Los Angeles (United States)

1981-10-16 Vishuddhi & Agnya, Los Angeles, United States, DP-RAW, 87' Chapters: Q&A, Self-Realization
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1981-1016 Public Program Day 2, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ

Yesterday we talked about the center which is called as the Nabhi Chakra, the one that manifests the solar plexus in a gross way, and how the incarnations of the primordial masters, the principle of the primordial masters, the Adi Guru, are guiding it.

Also one has to know that if somebody is your guru then that guru cannot live like a parasite on your money. That’s one simple principle one has to know. You cannot pay for the knowledge, for the realization, or for the maintenance of your guru. You can’t do it, no guru will accept it, even you won’t. If I tell you that you can stay in my house free, of course you won’t. Any person who has self respect won’t accept such a situation. This parasitic living comes because such people are extremely sly and of a very low level, not to be called as gurus.

We are enamored more by their outward show of the worldly possessions they have, the worldly things they try to show off. Anyone, even the Pope, is like that. Even our Shankaracharyas (heads of monasteries) in India are like that. There are many gurus who are like that. They all do all these things, collect the money, collect all this wealth and try to show off. I feel quite surprised that while Christ wore the crown of thorns, these people are wearing thorns of diamonds upon their heads. How can they do it? It is something one can’t understand. They should really feel hurt to do such a thing, but they think they are the contractors of God, of Christ and everyone and they can do what they like.

This system started long ago and for us it becomes sort of a practice that we take it for granted if somebody says that you have to pay for your realization, you have to pay for your spiritual practices. We think it’s absolutely normal. You may pay, at the most, for this hall, you may pay for the petrol, but you can’t pay for God’s Love, you cannot pay for the knowledge of God.

So this is what one has to realize that these days, especially in Los Angeles as the name is like the Lost Angels are residing here and they are so much lost, more because of the invasion from these fake people in this country. If I criticise them they don’t like it and they say why do you want to criticize? I said should I garland them for spoiling everyone’s Kundalini and spoiling all their chances for their realization? I will always criticise them very openly even by name if it comes to that. I have to point it out to you people because you are seekers of Truth and they have no business to mislead you. If they want to make money, there are other ways, they can become smugglers, they can do all kinds of things. They have no business to spoil the Kundalini of the people or to ruin them.

But I think they have a deeper intention and that is they want to create the anti-Christ regime here. They want to create the regime of Satan. That’s why they are trying to destroy the saints because if the saints are destroyed then they’ll be much better off. They are only after the saints and not after the people who are not interested in God. Those who are not interested in God are never hampered by them or never troubled by them.

Such a double-wedged attack, and one has to be very careful with these people, and should understand that you all can become your own guru. Actually there is the Spirit of the Primordial Master within you and that Spirit resides in the region that was shown to you yesterday. We call it as the Void, or you can say, the gap or the Ocean of Illusion and this is to be maintained, as I told you yesterday, by the Ten Commandments which were told to us.

Now we go to another center which is the center of Heart. The Heart Center is actually behind the sternum bone and I tried to tell you yesterday that till the age of twelve years the sternum bone creates antibodies and spreads them in the whole body to fight and combat any foreign invasion, even of the dead spirits, of the invasion of the false and fake people. Now the deity behind it, as I told you, is the Mother of the universe.

Now we go to the higher center here which is called as the center of Vishuddhi. You must know that in the image of this world, America is placed at this center. Canada and America, North America and South America are all this center and this is the center where man became a human being in the sense that a man from the animal stage who was living like an ordinary animal, man became a human being in the sense that he raised his head and started walking straight.

Then this center started going. This is the center of responsibility. When he took the responsibility upon himself, like America itself always takes the responsibility of doing good to everyone. At least they talk that we all have to have liberty, facility and all these ideas are coming from this great country of yours. They have to proclaim these big ideas and they feel that they are responsible to permeate these ideas into the whole world and they have to take a stand to keep this going.

It is true that you have to do it, but they must first discover their own nature. Unless and until they have discovered their own nature they are going to be always in a great confusion and not only that but in a sense of insecurity because they don’t know whether they are strong enough or not, whether they have any powers or not.

Now this Vishuddhi Chakra, this center which is the center of responsibility, is very important from many points of view, the greatest of all is that it is governed by the Saturn. You have been to the Saturn and you have seen that there is a big ring around it, and because of this ring it is protected. The same way Saturn is represented here on this Earth in America and it has a tremendous ring around it which is to be discovered. Unless and until we discover that ring and enlighten it we will be always insecure. Actually if the Americans get their enlightenment this ring can come to their help. Already I think that ring is already active, we are feeling the effects of that and already on the problems of the land sliding down and all that is nothing but this ring is acting around and it is trying to warn people to be on the righteous path.

We have lost the sense of righteousness completely. One cannot talk about righteousness in these modern times. Righteous means you must pay your tax at the most, or slightly it could be you can’t kill your mother. Maybe that? I don’t know. What righteousness people understand in modern times is not righteousness. Righteousness is a thing in which we rise towards God in our purity and in our holiness, in our morality, we have self esteem, we respect ourselves and all these things are already taught to us.

Specially Christ has said that “You say thou shall not commit adultery. I say thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” To that extent He went and we are the Christian nation, we who are told not to have adulterous eyes, but we cannot keep our eyes steady even for one minute. This is what we have done to ourselves, to our morality. We are not conscious of it and when we do not have our morality, if we do not have our chastity, what do you have to defend? You cannot defend yourself with nitrogen bomb and hydrogen bomb, with anything you cannot defend. You can only defend if you have your own personality, own self respect, own idea of saving your private life in a sacred manner. There is no idea of sacredness, there is no idea of holiness, there is no idea of cleansing. This has to work out.
This is the time when a human being raised his neck and a new system started growing in him which is not in animals – the ego and superego which are the byproduct of these two powers, which is the left side, the power of desire and the right side, the power of action – the two systems started growing within us and when these two systems went and met at the top of our head it became calcified and we developed our “I”-ness. We became Mr. X, Mr. Y and Mr. Z.

Once this happens you get the idea that you are independent, you are free. Thus you got your independence. But independence and freedom doesn’t mean license, it doesn’t mean also that you are on your own. If you think you are on your own you are absolutely lost, to yourself and others. You are malignant. If you think you can live all alone, you are a malignant cell in the whole and it’s a very dangerous sign when we accept the situation that we say that we are on our own – “What’s wrong in this?” and “What’s wrong with that?””

All our behavior has to relate to the whole. Even Roosevelt, such a president you had, said, “Poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere.” He could see this point at least at the level of poverty. Of course you’ve had great people like Abraham Lincoln who gave you such great ideas. He was a realized soul who talked of great things. I don’t know even now if Americans can understand him, but after realization you’ll understand that he was the man who gave you a very great foundation and you should not try to dig them out.

For the sense of responsibility grows in the human being, He starts growing as an egg, as a closed cocoon. The cocoon is formed by the ego and superego and you become Mr. X, Mr. Y and Mr. Z. This freedom was given to human beings to develop, to grow like in the egg, the bird grows into that state, into that maturity like a bird.

But in human beings it is a different thing. Imagine a human egg can just crawl into anything, it can go into any problems it wants, it can go into any extremes. You tell them that you’d better do some exercise, then they’ll go so mad that three hours in the morning and three hours at night they’ll be just running. If you tell them anything, even in Sahaja Yoga I’ve seen, they cannot understand that there is no need to be extremists and this extreme character within us comes to us because your attention is outside and not inside and it has happened to us because of this new phenomena that came into being when you raised your head.

Through the parallelogram of forces [UNCLEAR] the power that came into us got reflected and the attention went outside and not inside. That’s how our attention is outside and whatever we know we know through the outside. Inside we cannot take our attention. If I say please pay attention to yourself, you cannot. If you want to make believe you can say, “Yes, my attention is inside,” that’s not the point. There are people who can even to that extent they go that they believe that yes, yes, we are inside, we are one with God, we are connected with God, we are twice born. All sorts of certificates they will have but their attention is outside, not inside.

So you live on the left or the right, which means you live in the past or the future, you cannot be in the center that is in the present. To get that attention inside this happening of Kundalini awakening takes place and the Kundalini raises. Supposing something happens at the back there. What will happen? Your attention will be attracted. So that’s why this happening of the Kundalini awakening takes place. The Kundalini rises and you get that attention attracted inside by which your attention gets enlightened and when that attention gets pushed through you reach that state where the seat of your Spirit, the Atma, is there and you get your enlightenment. Of course the Spirit sits in your Heart, but the seat of the Spirit, the capital of your Spirit is on top of your head.

Now to get over Vishuddhi we have done every sort of extreme things and surprisingly we always do things which are just against our basic nature. For example, England is the Heart of the universe. So it is lethargic. To make an Englishman to get up in the morning, even at 10:00, means moving an elephant. The greatest sin for you is to wake up an Englishman at 10:00 in the morning according to the lethargic England. Of course they were overactive, they have now been vanishing, but they were overactive and as a result of that now we have absolutely lethargic English people. They eat a lot like gluttons. They sleep a lot. Even in my programs some sahaja yogis who have come they just want to sleep. It’s most surprising. They are so lethargic you can’t imagine what sort of people they have become. I have now thousands of them as sahaja yogis, but it happens like that.

We can say that Europe is the liver of the universe. When you say that, it’s drinking. Europeans drink morning till evening. If you ask for a glass of water they will give you a little bit of distilled water. But for them only beer you can drink. Imagine that the liver is drunk. You can’t talk to them after 1:00, they are not there. They are in the pub or they are lost somewhere.
America is the Vishuddhi Chakra. Or I would say India. India is the Kundalini, the power which has to be awakened, and they are sleeping. Indians are not bothered about getting awakened, they are not bothered about God. What they are bothered about is how to get more money. They are developed, they are not bothered about getting awakened, there is no seeking. If you tell somebody in India that you have to seek God they’ll say, “What? Are we primitive?” They cannot understand that you have to seek beyond. For them it is primitive behavior to seek God. They are modern, they like plastics, they like nylons. The early thirties of America could be: if you go to somebody’s house they will show you a very great thing that they have and you will discover that it is nothing but one of the plastic [UNCLEAR sofa tea sets which are blown into]. This is the temperament of Indians who are living in the saintly land of India, which is the yoga bhoomi, which is the country where the yoga resides in every particle of that country, where people are more than aware. If you talk to anybody and he is westernized, then God save you. If they are westernized they are absolutely finished people, you just can’t talk to them, they are neither here nor there. They don’t understand God, they have no seeking, nothing. They live only to earn money, earn more, earn more, earn more.

Now we have this great country America. As I said, it’s the Vishuddhi. America smokes the best. The amount of smoking that goes on here, God must have seen the chimney being placed here. The whole country is smoking morning till evening like mad. First of all, they have an idea that you should be very thin. I don’t know from where they got this idea, but you should be so thin that they’ll take coffee, coffee, coffee morning till evening. Just now I discovered this also. All of them will take nothing but coffee warning that, “You will put on weight. You will put on weight.” They will not take sugar. Sugar is very important for attention. Then they will become thin, then they’ll become really terrible, hot-tempered, volcanic. You can’t talk to them. Then they’ll have a cigarette with them. They have to overcome that temperament. You can’t talk to an American unless and until you smoke with him. Even if you don’t smoke you have to smoke. Since I have come here I have a cold in my throat. They just can’t understand any of the power of the person. If they have to talk to someone, they can’t say good morning, they will offer a cigarette. It’s so surprising that the way people have taken to smoking so madly that one can’t understand. How can they? In India is a place where they produce so much of tobacco but they don’t smoke. On top of that, they are [UNCLEAR to crown it]. They have other special smoking stuff which I have never seen them, they are grown in India. I have seen some president’s wife was smoking that, somebody great, some governor’s son was smoking. Nobody has any consciousness about it and to them these things are like ganja and whatever they call them. I’ve never seen what sort of things they have. In India only the servants class do it and that, too, of very low types and they are treated just like lepers, they are kept outside. Nobody has anything to do, nobody marries them, of course. The live like lepers. They must get into it by mistake or bad company sometime. But it’s not at all a common practice for any educated or enlightened person or anyone who has any brains in the head to do it. But even the villagers don’t do it. Only some people who are, I don’t know how, but I don’t know of any Indian who smokes ganja so far. I have servants, my husbands family has got servants, my daughter’s family have got so many servants. I don’t know of one person who smokes ganja in India and here you find every person…

An American lady came to see me, a wife of a very big man and she said, “Oh, I really love England.” I said, “What is there to love in England?” “Oh, there are beautiful pubs. We don’t get such beautiful pubs in America, and there is a pub where a man died and all the cob webs are there and I went and you could actually feel the cob webs.” Imagine, such a filth, and the man died and was there for four months nobody discovered it and they carried the body out and still you feel the haunting. Just think of it. And that’s how she liked and she enjoyed it very much and she said, “Oh, it’s nice, the place is filled with smoke and you feel very happy there. Now these are the people who belong to this great country which is the Vishuddhi of the world, which is responsible for the whole world and smoking and I am also at the end of this program, I’ve got a bad throat because so much of smoking everywhere. You go to a shop you, better have a smoke. Otherwise, I don’t know. I have a very sensitive throat, maybe.

Now what happens that when we start understanding our responsibility, we start doing things, going into it and trying to look after it. We think we are doing it, we think this is our job, we are doing it. We have made this big hall, we think we have done a big thing, we have made this chair, we have done a big thing. But look at it. It’s all dead. From dead to dead, what have we done? Once you get used to a chair you can’t sit on the ground. Once you go on changing the matter it sits on your head. Gradually you become a slave of the matter. I am happy you are realizing that all these things have given us enslavement. But when you say that this is all junk and this is enslavement and we are not for material growth and then where you are denying that also, you go to another extreme and that extreme is even worse. Like people when they see their ego is too much they go to alcoholism. If they feel depressed then they have these autosuggestions, they go to these therapies, they say, “Oh, you must not think like that. You treat yourself with autosuggestions.” One extreme to another extreme, you wobble just like a pendulum from here to there. There is no movement upward. We just go to the collective subconscious on the left-hand side and to the collective supraconscious on the right hand side. That’s what we are doing and we are all getting possessed by that. We are nowhere there. We are lost. If you have read too much, you have read it. There is such a confusion in this world. Whatever is printed is not sense, is not scripture. Whatever is printed in the books cannot be scripture so you must understand it. But how are we to know? There is no discrimination. “I like it.” Which is this I? “I love it. I want it.”

This I is nothing but Mr. Ego, is not your Spirit. When the Spirit starts asserting itself, when the Spirit starts manifesting itself through your central nervous system you start feeling it as cool vibrations, as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, you start felling it around you, it exists. You start feeling it for things which are good and which are bad. They may even give you blisters. You should awaken a little bit instead of going into these plunges headlong, breaking your necks, breaking all your backbones. When I see people they are all finished, already possessed. Doesn’t matter. Whatever has happened has happened because everything has to be forgiven, it’s all in naîve seeking in the earnest desire to seek. If these mistakes are made they are to be forgiven and you have to have your self realization, no doubt about it.

So this is the Vishuddhi Chakra and Krishna at this time came and so Lord Krishna is the king or the deity on this center. It is He who taught us that why are you getting involved into things? It’s a leela, it’s a fun. The whole thing is a fun. Why do you take it seriously? But even if I tell you, you are not going to believe it and it is not going to happen to you. Some people believe that Krishna said that do whatever you like, do your karmas and put all these karmas at the lotus feet of the God. Then everything is all right. But you cannot do it. He was a diplomat, He was an incarnation of divine diplomacy and He played this thing and told you that you do your karmas and put it at the lotus feet of God. Many people believe in that. It doesn’t happen. It’s an absurd condition. That’s how the diplomacy works out always, put out an absurd condition. I wonder if your diplomats know this trick. Give them absurd conditions and they go round and round and then come back and say, “Oh, we are silly.” It’s like that.
You cannot do it. As long as there is ego in you, you cannot do it. You feel that you have done it but cannot do it. You have to become that. When you become that, means when you become the Spirit, what you say, “It is going.” “It is coming.” “It is.” You’ve become a third person. Like the sun, the sun gives you the light. It doesn’t know it is giving the light. It is just flowing, it is just its nature, it’s akarma, it goes into non-action. But when we start saying, “I am doing this, I am doing that, but I am putting at the lotus feet of God.” We must know we are cheating ourselves. It’s not possible. You cannot do it.

So it has to happen to you. At the very outset, Krishna said that you become the knowledge, means you become such a personality that you can feel the all-pervading power around you. This is the Knowledge all of them have talked about. Not like some people say that I am the knowledge, I’ve got the knowledge. If you ask them what knowledge you have got, they just say, “I’ve got the knowledge.” Now what is the knowledge? They can’t say what knowledge they’ve got. They’ve all become knowledge without saying what is the knowledge. The knowledge is to feel the all-pervading power, is the Ruh, is the power that is surrounding us, to know through that power the absolute Truth. This has to happen to you. You cannot just have a false certificate saying that I am a Christian, I am a Muslim, or I am a Hindu. Unless and until you become realized, unless and until you become really actualized, your second birth…

Even in the Islamic, they said you have to become the peace. Mohammed Sahab, who is nowhere away from the Truth, he [UNCLEAR] because He was an incarnation of the Primordial Master. Everybody has used everyone of these people for their own nonsensical purpose and created all these problems. You all have to come back to your Spirit, the Ruh, and when we understand that we have to become, we start self-certifying. That’s a very wrong idea. Become means to your awareness something has to happen. In your human awareness you know so many things. Like you know this is yellow color. An animal doesn’t know. You know it is clean or dirty. An animal does not know. In the same way in your awareness something has to happen, your awareness has to become more sensitive by which you can feel the all-pervading power, the Ruh, is what these people were trying to tell you, to keep a balance and don’t go to extremes. But you have gone to extremes and this will happen only when human beings realize that it’s a happening, it’s an actualization, it is not brainwashing, it is not just talking about it.
Now we come to Krishna’s, this thing, I cannot tell you about Gita, the whole thing, whatever He said, that He said that when you do worship of God it should be ananya. Now this word is very tricky, ananya. I don’t know how many Sanskrit scholars know the word. Ananya means when there is not the other, when you have become one with God. Then you are connected with Him. But this word very few people really know. They write books after books, criticism after criticism and they don’t know what they are talking about. He clearly said that you cannot worship God unless and until you have become one with God. Even Mohammed Sahab, when He taught you how to do namaz [ritual prayer], He was teaching you how to raise your Kundalini. But it all failed because He couldn’t talk to these people. They were after His life, they were about to murder Him, horrible ways, horrible, haunting. Human beings never recognized the reality, never recognized any person who came real. Now supposing if I was a fake person the hall would be filled and also the outside would have been filled, because a fake person takes all the care how to appeal to your superficial things. But to a real person you will always deny, but no more now. Once you get your realization, you cannot deny it any more. That’s why Christ has said that anything against Me I tolerate, but nothing against the Holy Ghost, because then you will know what the Holy Ghost is and you will be able to judge it.

Now we come to Raja Yoga which was very much here and has ruined so many people here. Raja Yoga is also a spontaneous thing that happens within yourself. Krishna has described that when the Kundalini rises the bandhas take place, means that all these chakras have got in between are these granthis [knots] and they go into a situation in which they hold the Kundalini not to fall off. How it happens is described in the Gita. If there’s a car which is not running, which has not started, no use in twisting and turning its wheels or its machine parts. It’s like that you are doing. Next the car starts and the whole thing starts working automatically. You don’t have to do it. But here they cut their tongue, push it back. They say the kechari must be done. When the Kundalini rises the tongue is really pulled inside automatically. You don’t have to do it. But people will cut their tongues, put it back and say this is it. Some people will put their tongue upwards towards their palate. All sorts of techniques. You stand with your stomach going in, your back coming out, breaking all your back bones, standing on your head. What is all this? It’s like making your car move by moving a few knobs here and there. You actually break the car but you think you are moving because the car is going into a gorge or something. By the movement you might think that you are progressing but you’re not. By the time you discover that, you’re absolutely ruined, it is too late.

So this is a spontaneous happening that should take place and when it happens then you realize that you do [not?] know anything. The responsibility is not yours. It’s a leela [Divine play], it’s a fun. You just start feel it flowing from you and you say that it is going. Like a flute. You see the flute being played and you watch the one who is playing the flute and you just enjoy. People say it’s a flute being played but actually there is an artist behind it who is playing the flute and you are just enjoying that. It becomes that beautiful witness state which you start seeing the whole thing as a drama, as a play and the play is over and you are no more Napoleon or somebody like that, the character, but you just start laughing, “Oh, it’s just a play.” So the whole thing becomes a fun.

One of the most important centers is Agnya Chakra, is the center where Christ resides. As I told you before that Christ is the embodiment of innocence. He is innocent. He never had a body which had Earth element in it and that’s why His body could be resurrected. But He came on this Earth to prove what Krishna had said, that this eternal life cannot be killed, it cannot be broken, it cannot be destroyed. That’s why Christ came on this Earth with a special message that it cannot be killed. Resurrection is His message.

This crossing you see here of the optic chiasma is spaced like this and it is on top of each other that they pass and it’s so close that when your ego and superego develop as human beings to become realized, the Kundalini has to pass through that cross which is absolutely tight. They had to create a special deity which could go through it and that is why He came on this Earth and He died and He went through it to create that passage for us. So He said that I am the gate, and the Kingdom of God is beyond that, is the limbic area within us. This was His message and that’s how He came on this Earth. When He passes through that, through His power of forgiveness, He sucks in the ego and superego. Thus He makes us completely relaxed, we become thoughtlessly aware and the whole thing comes down like that and there’s an opening created by His awakening. So it was said that He is to be born again. That means the Kundalini must be awakened, that He should be awakened there so that He sucks in. He’s the actualization, it’s a happening, it’s a living happening of a living God, so that it is sucked in. Once it is sucked in then the Kundalini rises above this and you get your realization.

In the Bible there is a quotation about it that “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.” Ask a priest what does that mean? You see the tongues of flames [pointing to chart], you can see them. All these things are mentioned, even in Koran, there are many words they do not understand. If they are realized, if they become peace, then they will realize.

Now this actualization has to take place. Instead of that they went to India, they never gave this information that Christ has come. It is already described in Korana thousands of years back and Mahavishnu is to come, this great incarnation is going to come and He is going to forgive all our sins. This information was never given. So people are still carrying on washing their sins now, still cleansing them. Their karmas are there, they have karma boghas and these gurus have taken full advantage of that and they are telling you that you have got your karma boghas, you have to pay for it, after all how are you going to get rid of it? If you pay them money you should say, “Why should we retain you? You have to go through all the karma boghas and suffer. Then why are you there?”

That time the problem came that people did not want to accept him. He belonged to them, he was a Jew Himself. People did not want to accept Him. They have so many ideas which I can’t understand: how could they deny Him? But it’s very good for them to deny because that’s the way people always live. They always deny a person if he is born in that particular community. There is a saying in Hindi language that the man who is outside is the great incarnation and in the house, if he’s an incarnation, he’s just an ordinary person. But for these the Jews had to pay through the nose. They would not accept because Christ has suffered for you so why should you suffer? These Christians are also suffering, I don’t know why. There is no need for you to suffer, He has done all the suffering for you. You have to just awaken Him and you get the blessings of that. But here they are suffering, everybody is suffering on account of that. All the Christians who believe that they are suffering they should know that you have made so many people suffer that it is better that you stop thinking like that and accept Christ in the true sense of the word. There is nothing to suffer. For the Jews also started suffering, they are suffering and they had a nice licking now. If they want to suffer more they can go ahead. We can get another Hitler to do that job. Because they wanted to deny Christ they wanted to suffer and this is what we should understand that it is not a mental activity by which you get your realization, but by accepting what these people have said. Christ said that He came to open the door and that He came on this Earth to suffer for us and to ask for forgiveness for our stupidity, our mistakes and we have to accept that in toto. Absolutely and completely we have to accept Him. If we accept that then you don’t suffer. Just wait for that moment when this happening takes place and then you are there. What is there to suffer? All the time people want to suffer. They have some method or another to suffer. They make some demonstration of their suffering. This is how we deny God, God Almighty, who has created this beautiful Earth for us, who has made it so beautifully like this, who is just about to invite us to His Kingdom. This is the way you are treating Him? This is the way we are behaving towards Him? This is our gratitude for Him with our all unrighteous life? We want to believe that we are suffering, we are guilty people. What are you guilty about? Like in France I went. They said, “Oh, Mother, don’t tell them that you are a happy person, they won’t like it. They think you are ignorant if you say you are a happy person.” I said, “Who are suffering, these French? Are they suffering, Les Miserable?” I said, “Look at these, drunkards, prostitutes on the street.” All the women have become prostitutes, all their culture is becoming prostitution. They are saying they are suffering? This is how you deny God and then we cannot blame Him if He has to come as a wrathful God to destroy us. It is high time you realize that God has made you in His complete glory and in complete image. He has made you so beautiful. Accept your beauty. This body is the temple of God. It is to be looked after, not to be starved, not to be tortured. This mind is the flower of God which is to be prepared to receive His blessings and your Heart is the one where His great Spirit resides which you have to touch through your Kundalini awakening and you have to become the universal being, that has to happen to you. It’s all promised and why are you making your progress towards hell? You have to just wait. This all has to happen to you and you are going to get this realization. Just now we’ll try that.

Now the last chakra is… In this short time, sorry, it’s such a big subject. I can’t handle the whole subject. But what I’m saying is that the last chakra is very important because in that center we have all the seven centers. We start from here. For example, this is the Agnya Chakra. Haan, by the way, Agnya Chakra, in the map of the world, is nowhere else but in Israel and also in Russia. Russia because they are anti-God, China because they are anti-God. Russia and China are two sides of the Agnya Chakra. They are anti-God. It is there, imagine, that they who are the ones who have to represent the essence of God are against God. So you can imagine what is the situation of the world when I come and see this. I’m really surprised that how people are really getting against their very nature into which they are born.

The last of all is this center of your integration where everything is integrated. If you see the auras of a person, there are five auras around us. On the right-hand side, of course, you get auras because of the five elements which are on the right-hand side. One of these auras is of the emotions. You get those auras around us, the five forms that we are, are pushed one on to another. When you are disintegrated you get those auras shown, but when you are integrated, when you are realized, then you do not see any aura. Even in the photograph, you will never see an aura. If you are disintegrated, then only you see those auras around you. If you are drunk you can see the auras disturbed. You may find all kinds of things in the aura. But if you are integrated, if you are a realized soul, you’ll see how you are, you don’t see any auras. For example if you have taken LSD, you may not see me, you might just see light out of me. Supposing you have taken some other stuff which is absolutely left-sided. You may see my past. [UNCLEAR your power is] useless. You must see me as I am. You have to be in the present.

Now the first center of Agnya which is here (pointing to her bindi), then the Vishuddhi which is of the collectivity. This is the center of the collectivity of the witness, this one, the Vishuddhi Chakra is of the American continent (points at her hairline), and then is the Heart Chakra here (puts hand on Sahasrara, the seat of the Heart), then is the Nabhi (touches further back), then here at the back (moving hand around) is the Swadishthana and in the center is the Mooladhara. This is how we can cure people because everything comes within us from these centers. Our diseases, our troubles, our emotional problems, all our physical problems, our material problems, all of them come from these centers and when these centers are out of order we get all these problems. If you can put the Kundalini through She awakens all these deities by which we get filled up and the power of the all pervading power, that Love of God, goes on flowing all the time and we are no more in wanting and that is the time we are not vulnerable to any of these attacks that are around us. Not only that, once we get it, we get the power of giving realization to another person.

Today is the last day in Los Angeles. I must say that the response was not bad at all. I was very happy because in the beginning what’s the use of having big crowds? You have to have real special people who are in the foundation, is a very good idea because you can prepare them. We have an idea that one of the persons who has come all the way from Australia and his wife, is Dr. Reeves. You must thank him, to come all the way from Australia to help me establish this in this country. That an Australian should come all the way is very remarkable. While Australia is the Mooladhara, is the first center. So they have to come here as they are the first center there. Now they have come all the way here to help us out. He is going to stay here I hope for about 8 – 10 days and here with Dr. Worlikar. He’ll give you the address. You all should go to him and get yourself corrected, get a full idea about Sahaja Yoga and establish yourselves. You all can start a center of your own but at least you should meet every week in one place. Sunday evening Doctor has agreed to have a program in his house. You can listen to my tapes and you can understand about meditation, how to give realization to others and how to make them their own gurus because you become a guru now. Of course I need not say that you cannot charge money for this. So we all can do it, you can all become very powerful people like Warren himself came to India. He was there with me for about two months and after that he became such a big guru, that he has now got seven centers established in seven cities of Australia. So you can imagine what one can do if you get your realization and settle with it. All of you are capable of it. Each one of you is capable. You only have to work it out within these 7 – 8 days when we start it.

As we are now going to San Francisco, he’ll be back here by the 20th and I hope you arrange it with Dr. Worlikar, find out his place and once it is done, then we can start having these centers in other places. There he will tell you how to protect yourself, how to raise your Kundalini, how to cleanse yourself, what are the things to be done as far as you are concerned. He will also tell you how to work out the collectivity, how to give realization to others. Even today, supposing you do not get your realization, it doesn’t matter. It can be managed later on, maybe that you might get it afterwards. But how to do it, how to establish it, all these things he will tell you and gradually so many secrets that we normally don’t tell to people when they first come in. This is how one light which is enlightened is going to enlighten another light and Sahaja Yoga is going to work out. I hope next time when I come we will have a much bigger exposure when you people will be ready to help me. You will be the people who will know how to do it. Treat it as something important. It’s not one of the guru shopping things of come here… If you have come here please excuse me. You do not waste my time, but if you get your realization you must work it out. If you cannot work it out, it’s no use working it further. By doing this you will get rid of your problems, of course, no doubt. Physical, emotional, mental – everything you will get rid of. But your attention should be on the collective working. If you start working collectively the power is your own because God doesn’t want to give you power. Nobody wants to have a light which doesn’t give light. Why to repair a light which doesn’t give light? So you have to decide that you will be giving light to others. Once you decide that, it will work very fast and all your problems will be solved which looks so simple and superficial.

I would request you that you go into it, talk to him and get your addresses and all that. After realization you work it out. I hope you’ll make it convenient.

Thank you very much. May God bless.

Have you any questions because I am going away now?

Seeker: Why was evil and suffering created?

Shri Mataji: Evil was created by human beings. God did not create it. When you started growing you had freedom. In your freedom you’ve created evil forces. You wanted to have evil. You are always attracted towards even an evil tongue. You wanted evil in you much more than you wanted me because you have to become. There is a place somebody who would be very happy as long as you give some money to the person as long as you take. And the person says, all right, I’ll take you to heaven. You will believe such a man because very easy, convenient just pay the money in the slot and you are there, very good idea. Because of ignorance of human beings they created you, but you can get rid of it. Then the this evil starts controlling other people who are trying to rise above. Yes, it does. It tries to attack and that’s the evil force. If you are not strong it can attack you. It attacks and you take to it. I don’t know why human beings take to evil. I can’t understand. Even if I tell them after realization I think people go to it. They are so much enamored by evil they can’t see what it is. You have come from this matter and matter attracts you, the deadening quality attracts you. I was told that there are some bhoots here that are working out your evolution downward. You want to learn from animals, you want to learn from fishes, you want to become like animals. What can help you because you are free. God cannot get over your freedom. He has granted it to you. You have to respect it. But you must respect also. Freedom doesn’t mean license, and if you do not respect your freedom, you can go ahead with it. What can you do? He has given you freedom. Once granted you cannot take it back.

Seeker: Does Kundalini combat the evil or what affect does it have on evil.

Shri Mataji: Eventually it becomes light and darkness over. When you are enlightened darkness doesn’t come, it’s not there. You develop your discretion. Evil runs away. If evil comes to know that there is an enlightened person going, it won’t come into you, absolutely.

There were three people who got realization in a village and they had such a work that they had to return home at about twelve o’clock in the night, every night through a forest on a motorbike and the people who got possessed in that area, they started talking about it. They said that tell these people that, at least, don’t come to the forest, as it is, we are there, we are [UNCLEAR] people, we are settled down there. Why do they want to come to the forest? You’d be surprised, they started talking about it. They are frightened of it and they disappear, they do nothing when there is light. But we have to accept the light and not the darkness.

Seeker: In meditation, I know it’s important to still the mind, but how…

Shri Mataji: You cannot do it. It happens. This is the basic thing I am telling you that you cannot meditate, you get into meditation. It just happens. When the Kundalini rises, when She pierces thru this center of Agnya, She sucks in your ego and superego and you jump into the awareness which is called as thoughtless awareness, called as nirvichar samadhi which is enlightened thoughtless awareness. Enlightened. Even if that, you can cure people. You may not be able to give realization, but you can cure people.

But that’s not important. What you have to do is just get out. So you have to be in meditation. You cannot do it. It’s a living process. Those people who say that you meditate, they can only cure by going to the left or the right by which you might get possessed. You might start jumping in your feet, you might get some troubles. That’s what will happen. Actually you feel it on top of your head. Just it is a happening, it’s a cool breeze coming out of your head. Even the pulsation of the Kundalini in some people you can feel. You can see the pulsation and the rising. If you have a stethoscope you can feel the rising of the Kundalini. There’s a cool breeze starts coming out from here because Kundalini is part and parcel of the whole. Of that whole you can feel the pulsating power and you start feeling that Ruh on top of your head and you start feeling it around your fingers. This you cannot do. You can jump, you can dress up, you can change your dresses and move about, you can shave your heads, you can cut your tongues, cut your nose and do what you like, but you cannot make your Kundalini rise. That’s the living process, like a seed sprouting. You cannot take out the primule from the seed, just pull it out, “Come along, come along. Now I am meditating standing on my head.” As soon as you put it to the Mother Earth it works. It’s built in. It’s there. It’s all done. Only thing is at the time when all these great incarnations came they could not talk about it. I was surprised to read the Bible of Levi that somebody was going to come and tell you all the multiple things about [UNCLEAR everything I do for you]. It’s very clearly said by him. It’s prophesied.

Seeker: When you get your realization what is the effect on your own religion?

Shri Mataji: Your own religion is a myth. Because you are born in a Christian family you think you are a Christian. If you are born in a Muslim family you are a Muslim. What happens after you get your realization you really become. Say you are a Muslim. You become a real Muslim. Then only you start feeling the namaz, then you feel that the vibrations have come in. Before that it’s all acrobatics. You try all these things, nothing happens. You pray, pray to God, you even break your knees. Nothing will happen.

There was a gentleman who was a Muslim in India. He said, “I was seeking God. First I was bending to God, praying to Him. All my [UNCLEAR] went off. Then I went to these places and I said, ‘Now, God I cannot find.’” So he went to another religion and they were singing songs of God, Hare Rama, Hare Krishna to one temple we have got there. He said, “I got so sick with that. Nothing happened.” Then he went to Christianity where he went and he did all the sorts of things that Christians do. He said, “I never felt [UNCLEAR].” But when he found God he has the meaning because religion without the light of your Spirit is no religion, it’s blindness, it’s fanaticism. That’s what they’re finding. It’s like a dead flower. All these flowers are living flowers on the Tree of Life. Mohammed Sahab is a Living Flower. He is not anybody’s property. Neither is Moses anybody’s property. They’re universal beings. These people are taking a contract out of them. What right have they got to take contracts. On the contrary Mohammed Sahab is [UNCLEAR who is angry]. It is Moses who is angry, it is Christ who is angry with these people. What they have to do is to become the Spirit and then they will know where Mohammed resides, where Moses resides, where Christ resides. They are integration and everything is to be seen. So stupid they are.

The other day somebody said that they don’t believe in the immaculate conception of Christ because it is not possible. What is not possible for God? He can do anything He likes. Then why in the old testament it is written that a girl will give birth, a girl, will give birth to the Messiah. Now if it is prophesied a girl so they said that it is written a girl, not a virgin. Now in those days they didn’t have 80-year-old virgins or girls. I think they didn’t have girls. Nowadays they will call anybody “She’s my girl.

In those days girl meant a virgin. Think logically. If you say that a girl is going to give a birth to the Messiah, that means one thing is definite that a man is not going to give birth, is he? When they are saying that a girl is going to give birth, a woman is always going to give, so girl means something specific, something unusual and that means that a virgin is going to give. But they would not accept.

They want to judge God by their mental activity. Unless and until you are a realized soul you cannot judge them. You have nothing to say to them at all. Will He like any God which is the embodiment of Compassion and Love, will He like the way people are killing in the name of God. Is the God who is the ocean of Love, will He like the way people are behaving towards each other? It’s so contradictory. It’s contracting with God. If you want to ask about a Jew, ask a Muslim. If you want to know about the Muslims go and ask a Jew. They both think they are the wisest going around. Then if you want to ask about the Christians go and ask a Hindu and if you want to ask about the Hindus ask another sect, the Jains. If you want to know about the Jains there are Buddhists to tell about them. How is it if it is the Truth they should be all one? And the result of it is that the young people are giving up God now. People are selling churches in England. The fundamentalists are going to ruin completely the existence of religion.

There was a boy from Algeria who came to us and he told that we are all becoming communists now, young people. The boys who have studied very well, who are graduates and who are architects and doctors and all that, they are all becoming communists. I said, “Why?” He said that because these are all fundamentalists coming in and the way they behave they are stupid. You don’t want to believe in them. So we have become communists. They want to deny God. I said, “No, there is God.” And when he wants realization he said all of them, 500 of them, changed. And they said what is there in communism? That’s all another mental activity. It’s not the Truth. God exists but you must prove. Unless and until you prove God, your religion has no meaning. Nobody’s going to believe it. After some time you find it’s all finished, or they will finish themselves by fighting, quarreling and arguing. It’s not a mental activity. Religion is something within yourself which is to be enlightened. You really become that when you get enlightenment.

Seeker: When the Kundalini begins to rise do you ever feel it as a pain on top of the head as if somebody is pressing with their thumb hard?

Shri Mataji: Not that way. You may not. But actually with some people it could be the Kundalini pressing it out, to come out. But normally She doesn’t rise like that. She rises when you are absolutely ready for it. She comes up and goes down if you are not ready. She doesn’t stay there. This is not the way it would happen. Actually you would be surprised that those who are getting the experience of Kundalini don’t feel so much pain than the people who are helping them. It’s like a person who is getting drowned doesn’t feel so much of pain as the people who are saving them.

Because you are not connecting your conscious before realization now the other side so they can feel that the Kundalini, poor thing, it’s stuck up there. They can feel it, not you. You don’t feel anything. Actually the person who was giving you realization suffered more than you. It’s a fact. You are perfectly all right. Nothing happened to you. It’s like a person all dirty and filthy. He’s used to it. He doesn’t feel the filth. The others feel it.

Supposing there is a cancer patient he comes to you and you start helping him out with raising his Kundalini. Such heat will come out that you may have to run away outside with the door open and the whole room will get heated up but the fellow wont feel anything. It’s like a person, all dirty and filthy – used to it. He doesn’t feel the filth, the others feel it.

A seeker asks about getting the experience of self realization and it is agreed to go ahead with it at that time.