Seekers are the Highest Creation

Heartwood Community Center, Santa Cruz (United States)

1981-10-17 Seekers are the Highest Creation, Santa Cruz, United States, DP-RAW, 113' Download subtitles: ENView subtitles:
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1981-1017 Public Program Day One, Seekers are the Highest Creation, Santa Cruz, CA (USA)

(Introduction by Gregoire)

I am very fortunate and I am very happy that I could come to Santa Cruz. I can see what I am facing is the ocean of Love, the seekers of Love, the people who are seeking the Truth.

Gregoire has told you all these things because he is very earnest, he is very concerned, he knows you are seekers and that’s why he has told you in these words, so don’t be frightened. There is nothing to be frightened about anything. You are seekers and you are a special category. In the eyes of God, seekers are the highest creation that He has created. You are the highest of all. To Him it does not matter who are rich, who are in power, who are leading a life of so-called success. It does not matter to Him at all, He does not understand that, He does not know that.

Christ has said that these people if they want gold, let them have. They’ll have bars of gold and live with it. But “if they seek Me, if they love Me,” then these people who are seekers today are going to enter into the Kingdom of God and He will eat with them. They will sit at the same table.

You are respected because you are seekers. You are loved because you are seekers. And you have survived despite all the attacks on you. These are all attacks. You are naîve, you are simple, you were innocent at that time when attacks came in.
Now gradually you are discovering that it was an attack. Everything that you did was just to put you down. And one person who was negative of that kind would come forward and assert and use all the negative forces to push you down.

To me you are my children. To me I don’t think what you have done because you didn’t meet me that time. I take the load upon myself. I did come to San Jose last time. They said that there are lots of seekers settling down in Santa Cruz. I wanted to come and see you here that time only, but the experience I had of the people who were there, I thought, “They are not just now seeking God, but they are sort of seeking ego or superego, they are seeking into a new style of life and a new style of understanding, because they have found out that material life is of no value, it’s not going to give them joy.”

At that time, when I said that, and you are thinking of these things, how can you pay for it? Nobody could understand these things. It was very difficult to talk to them – that it is spontaneous, it is your own right, that you have to get it. You have been seeking for ages now, not only in this life time. You have been saints in many lives and now you are born here to seek it. It’s so simple as that. It has to happen, that’s your nature, that’s what you are. You try anything else, you won’t be satisfied ‘till you have found out the Truth.

But that time nobody would listen to me. It was a very funny situation and I ultimately decided that let them find out for themselves to begin with. When they will find it out, they have to reach the right conclusion. Because there is one problem in the seeking, that you have to seek in your own freedom, in your own glory of your own choice. Because if you are to be liberated, it has to be a free choice. If a person is not free, say, he is enticed or he is hypnotised or he is overpowered by others, he has no freedom at all of any kind. Such a person is useless to enter into the Kingdom of God. If you have to become the King, then you have to have that basic freedom in yourself intact.

But freedom doesn’t mean ego by any chance. If you think: “I like it, I love it, I do it,” that’s not the Spirit. You are not seekers of ego, I must tell you very frankly, you are not. You are seekers of Truth, of Love, of Joy. For ages you’ve been seeking that. Joy is the result when you get to that position where you become your Spirit, your Atma. You should be in Joy, not talking about it, but enjoying it. And that has to happen to you. It’s a happening for which you have built in for ages.

Today, in general, I will tell you what you are really and what you have to expect. Nobody has told you about it. They said, “All right, you’ll come to us into a new age.” “All right,” people said. “Let’s go and join!” Somebody says that you’ll get this. You joined.

William Blake is one of the greatest prophets of the modern times. For you Western people, he said that “The men of God,” that means you people. You are people of God. You are not of this gross level. If people don’t understand you that does not mean that I don’t understand. I know you, what you are. I know what it is, I can feel it. He said, “Men of God will become prophets, and these prophets will have powers to make others prophets.” This is what we have to expect within ourselves.

So you have to become the prophet and you have to make others prophet. Now this is the point you should judge: Have you become the prophet? What is a prophet? Prophet is a person who can feel the all-pervading power around.

Now I said there is all-pervading power of Love. Oh you also sing the song, they say, “Yes, there is all-pervading power.” Many people also feel that they are feeling it, but it’s not true. We have to be honest to ourselves because we are seekers, we should not cheat ourselves because this is ego that makes you cheat. This intelligence is the worst thing. Gregoire himself told me one day, “I find my intelligence is trying to cheat me.” Very intelligently.

So one has to be very careful to understand that you have to become that. If you play around with your ego, your superego, your conditionings or mesmerism or hypnosis, and your ideas about having a kind of life, you are the loser. All that could be a great barrier to be the Spirit, which is a different thing altogether, is beyond this.

So when you become the Spirit, what happens to you, what should you expect? Of course it’s true that this all-pervading power is there. If I say there are lots of plays going on here, there is a music going on here, you won’t believe. If I bring the television and say, “Now, this is the one which is going to show you.” You will say, “Oh.” I mean, you know it. But in India, if I take it to a village who has never seen a television, they’ll say, “This box? How can it do it?” But you put it to the mains and fantastic things can happen. It catches all that.

In the same way, when you become that, when you get a little breakthrough, it’s just the plugging to the mains. You are all ready for that. And the fantastic thing happens. First you start feeling it all around. Now don’t jump into ego. That’s not the end of it. You first start feeling it. Then you start understanding that your centres are on your fingertips. It means that you are the master of that. Then I’m here just to decode it, to tell you, that this is what this finger means. You verify it. It is so much surprising when people verify it.

There was a gentleman in London. I had seven hippies in London and I worked on them for four years, English people are a little difficult to crack. But after four years they really got their realization in a proper way and after that now we have thousands of people who are realized in England. Because once they find something, then they get to it. They’re not the people who are shifty. Somehow they have that much wisdom, that balance in them. They understand that if you have found a little water in a place, then go on digging there alone to have the well. They don’t leave that and go to another place and dig well and dig well and dig well. They can know where to stop. So these people were very skeptical in the beginning. One of them got Realization and he said, “Mother, it is all pervading, it has got telecommunication and everything. What about my Father who has not telephoned to me and who always writes to me and has not written to me? He’s in Scotland.”

I said, “You trunk call him just now.” I said, “You feel it. Just put your hands like that.”

And he said,”I am getting a burning here.”

I said:”That means he must be down with very bad bronchitis. These are the centers of your father and this is the finger which denotes this center. You telephone to him and find out.” He telephoned to him and the mother said exactly the same centers, that he’s down with very bad bronchitis.

This could be a cock and bull story. The way Gregoire was telling you, he was trying to establish my credibility to you, because it is such an apologetic condition in which I have come. It‘s a very funny situation, I know that. The other day I went to see a very influential Indian man. Of course, he knows me, because of my husband maybe. He knows that a person of that status may not come to this level of cheating others, whatever it is. But still he told me that he can’t understand how people are taking to these horrible gurus and how these gurus came and cheated me also and I helped them.

In Sahaja Yoga, it’s a spontaneous happening, a living happening. You are a living being and the force of God is also living. Just like a fruit comes out of a flower, just like this living process takes place, you become your Spirit. We never think this thing is around us, every day we see. This is worked out by this all pervading Power. We can’t do even with one flower. We cannot transform even one flower into a fruit. We take it for granted. We never know that all such living things are done.

Now look at it. There is a little bird, which lays the egg. For what? The eggs are kept in the nest. The all pervading Power works it out in such a way that the eggs grow and the bird hatches them and from these eggs comes out a bird. We have seen caterpillars turning into butterflies. We never think how it happens. We just take it for granted. We enjoy their colors. We never see how this transformation has taken place and this transmutation has taken place. In Sanskrit language a realized soul is called as dwijaha, is the one who is born twice. Of course, this is also another problem. Last time I said you are to be born actually again. It is a living process. The Kundalini has to move throughout the centers and you have to feel the actualization of your Realization, meaning that you must feel the cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Realization you have to feel. It’s an actualization, not a vague belief, I told them hundred times. And they were taping me. Some people told me, ”Mother, don’t allow them to tape.”

I said, “Let them tape! What’s the matter? I am not running any enterprise.”

They said, “No, they will use it for some purpose.”

I said, “Let them use it. For what purpose they are going to use I don’t understand.” I don’t understand these human laws. I am very bad at it. And human beings I am also worse. These people met me the other day in Sydney after so many years. They have branded themselves as born again. And they just self-certificated that we are born again. I said, ”But how?”

“But we are born again.”

“But what is the proof that you are born again, my children? How do you believe you are born again? There must be some proof of it.

“Oh, we are born again. Finished.” Now, you cannot self-certify yourself. If you do that, it is Ego. Understand that. If you are born again, you should be able to feel the centers of other people, you should be able to feel your own centers, you should be able to judge yourself and cure yourself and you could cure others. Not only that, but you can raise their Kundalini and give them Realization. This is the minimum of minimums to them. I mean an egg, if it is chanting, “I am a bird,” does it become? It’s an egg and an egg is an egg. If it says, “Oh, I am a bird.” It can’t fly. It has to really fly.

Some of the nursery rhymes are Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. That’s what they are. They believe that they are great people. They sat on the wall and when they fell down, all the King’s horses and all the King’s men could not put them together again. This is a make believe, that we are born again. But it’s of no use to you. You are Seekers. You are nothing but Seekers of Spirit. Accept that situation, first of all. Accept your Self. These false certificates are not going to help you, by any chance. Again I go away, you find another Guru, get after him, get after another, get after another one. Some of them just end up into a lunatic Asylum. I don’t know what to do with them.

When this happens to you, physically you feel all right. I mean cancers can only be cured through your Kundalini awakening. I’ve been saying this for the last ten years. I’ve also cured cancer automatically of people as a by product. All diseases get cured.-That is the minimum of minimum that should happen to you. After all, Realization is not some sort of a cheap thing you can buy in the market like a take away food. It is your Spirit, which is an eternal Being, which you achieve. You achieve your absolute value. You become that though it happens so spontaneously, so easily that you can’t believe. Now you have no self esteem. You can’t believe it that you have really got it in the beginning. People just don’t believe it. It is impossible. And when they don’t believe it, they don’t want to practice it any further. It’s so surprising. First you have to get the sprouting of Kundalini and then you have to allow it to grow and once you grow into it, then you are like a tree.

As Gregoire says it’s true. He was here in Santa Cruz, went to Berkeley, there he met a very good Sahaja Yogi from India and just came down to London. That time I saw him and I said, “Look at this Seeker coming down.” I went to receive him at the station and I was surprised – he was so frantic, he was so upset and I was surprised that the centers… I know what he was. He is a Seeker, I know that. That had such love, and such feeling. I said, “ Look at this my child. Where is he lost? What has happened to you?”

Now, we have to know what we are, what we have to achieve and where we are to go. That’s an important thing. As I have told you, you must know what you have to achieve, what you get. In a very gross way I’ve told you. Actually, it’s so dynamic, it is so fantastic that if I tell you any more stories of it, you’d say it’s really a cock and bull story. But there is God. He’s there, no doubt and He is dynamic and He is all powerful and that He is all Love and that He loves you so much that he wants you to enjoy His Kingdom. It’s true, no doubt about it. I am here to prove everything to you, not to talk and give sermons and all that, but to prove it to you. And his Powers are so fantastic, at every level how they work out is amazing. You have to just become. Becoming is the main thing.

Now, as far as I am concerned, I am Your Mother. You have every right on me. I shouldn’t say I am your guru because I am only here to connect you to your Self and you become your own guru. Once you are connected to the mains you become your own guru.

You know this Warren Reeves, Dr. Warren Reeves. He came to me and I had to stick on to him because he was all the time running away. He has been to so many gurus who pampered his ego –-”Oh, you are a great seeker,” “You are already a realized soul.” All these things are sticking onto his head and it was very difficult to get him together. And also I do not work in the city. I actually work in the villages of India where really thousands of people have got realization. We have seen six thousand people get their Self realization at a time. But Indians are wise people and they are the people who do not indulge into extremes. In their seeking also they are wise and they know what to expect. So, it’s easy for me to work out. They are innocent people still not exposed to the material things that you have. Though you’ve denied it, but you can’t help it. Your brain is modern. You may try to look like primitive people. The brain is modern. What can you do? Think, think, think, think, think. Just by changing your brain, you do not become that. This is the point we should know.

So, it’s easy there to work it out and in the Indian villages you don’t even get sometimes a car to move out. You have to go in a bullock cart and there is no bathroom, you have to go to the river. It’s all right for a change or holiday, but when you have to be with me three months like that, it was too much for him. But still he managed and now you will be amazed, he has established seven centers in seven cities in Australia. If you ask him how many people he has given realization, he will say, “I don’t remember.”

So, one light which has been enlightened, can enlighten another light. But the first light has to be an enlightened light. Once you say that you are enlightened, everybody’s ego starts coming up. It’s very common with the Western people. Every time I went to some place they said, “Why you of all the things, Mother?”

I said, “It’s all right. You come along, It’s a good idea. I would like to retire.” I said, “My husband would pay a man who can do my job. It’s a thankless job to work for days and nights together and he will be very happy to do that for you.”

This problem of becoming is not yours, is mine for the time being. When you become that, then it is yours. Once I know how to swim I can save you. If I do not know how to swim how can I make you swim? When you learn how to swim you can also save other people. It’s very simple. But even if you say it is saving, people get frightened. No, it’s becoming. It’s what you are. To get to that is the point.

I would like to tell you what we are and what is going to happen to us when we become realized souls. It’s a gross manifestation of the powers I told you. When you became human beings you got your awareness in a different way than the animals have, because for the animals, for example, they do not understand the beauty of this room. They won’t. They don’t understand anything that is filthy or dirty, they have no smell power. Somehow they’ve managed. They can live under any circumstances without smelling anything.

We don’t have to learn anything from animals. We are on top of all the creation and we have to assume our position. Once you have assumed your position, you become that and once you become that, then you will be surprised to see how fantastic you are. That is the discovery you have to have. Within ourselves I think all of you got this unique discovery so it’s easy for you to see what I’m about to say. You will be amazed this lecture which I gave about ten years back in India to begin with after there have been many lectures. But if you have this is a good idea. You can go home and see for yourself. But you also have a little pamphlet. On the back side is the complete picture of the Kundalini.

Now, this is the God, the Primordial Being, who has made you in His own image. But still there’s the reflector, the human being, which is not complete. Within us lies this subtle mechanism, which is called the tantra. This is the real tantra, holy tantra, is an auspicious thing, which gives us righteousness. You see, when we think of the tantrikas, they are the worst of all. They do all kinds of violence, they teach all kinds of nonsensical things. I mean they indulge into any kind of sex. They use your women, they use your money, they do all kinds of things.

This is the holy mechanism, this is the pure mechanism, is the purity, is completely pure Love, is not biased. This mechanism exists within you and expresses itself outside in the gross also to a great extent. It expresses itself, on the left-hand side, as the power of your Desire (iccha shakti). This expresses itself within us as our emotions, as our psyche. Gregoire has rightly said that Freud was quite half-baked because he knew only one part of the human being and that, too, was very little of the psyche. Because all the scientists see things from outside in. If you see a tree from outside, if there is something wrong with the leaf, you try to treat the leaf. But how to treat the whole tree is through the roots.

So you go to the roots of your being and these are the roots. One side of it is the Power of Desire and it works out after the first center. I’ll be telling you tomorrow morning about these centers. The another power is the power of action, this yellow color. It enacts your Desire. This gives you your future. You enter into your future by your planning, by your thinking, for working out. The left side gives you your past. It goes on accumulating on the left-hand side and the deeper you move on the left-hand side there is the collective subconscious. First the subconscious and then the collective subconscious. Now this is very important to know that when we indulge too much into the left subconscious, that is a very dangerous situation, as well as if you move into your right-hand side is the supra conscious and then to the collective supraconscious, is also a very dangerous situation.

Moving into the left and the right is the easy thing for human beings to do because if you want to do something, if you try to do something about it and if you are not spontaneous, what happens? Your sympathetic nervous system, which is governed by this subtle energy, goes into action and you either move into the left side or into the right side. For example, if you want to run, as these days many people are just running, (You can run once in a while, but all the time running – what is the need? Human beings are delicate things. The way we go headlong into everything like a bull in a china shop is not necessary. The way you ruin yourself also, because you think this body is your own, do what you like. You must respect your body. This is the Temple of God.) So, when you start overdoing something on the left or the right side, say some people are crying, weeping, singing praise of death and all that, so have it. Some people say we must suffer. Alright, then you suffer, have Hitler on top of your head. If you want more, you can have them, any number. There are already so many coming to make you suffer. There is no need for you to suffer. Somebody has suffered for you, once and for all. You are just ready to enter into the Kingdom of God. If you try to go too much on the left-hand side or too much on the right-hand side, you feel that you have gone into a new world. You have not. For example, take a simple thing like LSD. When you take LSD, you move to the right side. You start seeing the eyes and all that. Actually, you put your Ego to the right-hand side and you start seeing that and once you see that you do not become anything, you just see it. Seeing it is not becoming, you have to become. And once you start seeing it, you think you have become a higher personality. It’s absolutely wrong. You are under the control of something else. You are not yourself.

The last word on the collective supraconscious was Hitler. He got lost completely. He was using tantrikas, these horrible people, and he was using all that knowledge, so called, how to use these forces. The forces come to you through dead spirits who are very powerful in their lifetime, and those who are not, give up that idea of domination and they are on this earth still all around. The left-sided people are the people who indulge into other kind of things like-alcohols and ganjas and all these things, by which you become sort of all the time crying, weeping, this, that. In that you see your past. Is a good idea in a way, but a bad idea also in a way, because you are in the present, not in your past. Past does not exist any more, it’s finished now. What exists is the present. Either you are in the future or in the past and when you go too much into it you get identified and you think this is what is the Truth, which is not. I have to tell you that it is not.

What is the Truth is your Spirit. Your evolutionary process has to trigger it and that’s how you become. By becoming that what happens to you? You don’t start jumping like mad. No, it’s not. Anybody can jump. Is it difficult to jump? Some people who said that we went for a flying course. They paid 3000 Pounds to fly. What is the need? You don’t want to become birds or frogs, do you? And they were nothing but frogs jumping. In my presence they were jumping like that. I didn’t know how to control. And they paid 3000 pounds for this. The other day in a plane I had somebody from that kind of a thing was sitting and he was all the time doing like this because I was sitting behind him. I said, ”I think I better get out from there and go out the back.”

You are not in your own control. You have to be your own master. Now you must know this, that you should be able to control yourself is the main point. Like in a car, there are these two powers. One is the brake and the other is the accelerator. First, you don’t know how to drive. You are sitting and first you are going into a ditch, then sometimes you are getting out trying to balance it, then you know how to drive. When do you know? When you know. If you ask me, “Mother, when do we know how to drive?” When we know. It is an amazingly simple thing. So, now you have managed both these. First, you’ve made accident and have done all mistakes, doesn’t matter. As long as you learn how to drive, finished. First you have a driving license, then you start arranging these two things to keep yourself into balance. You come into balance, still you are not the master of the car, but you are master as far as the mechanism is concerned.

So, there is a master who is sitting, of the car and of you. In the beginning you should be master of your body, master of everything. Then, what happens, that you become the master of the car as well. First you balance yourself in such a way that you know how to master your body, your mind and everything. And then you become that by which you can master other people also.

But mastery does not mean domination. It’s Love. It’s a wrong idea that a master is a person who dominates. It comes from where I don’t know. Master is the one who loves, who really does. He may just sometimes tell you don’t do this because it’s wrong, the whole bad things happening, he may tell you. But he is a comforter. Comforter, because you have felt no Love in your life. The real Love you have not felt. You want some place where you can get that Love. He is a comforter, is the left side. In our Sahaja Yoga language we call the Comforter as Mahakali. She is the Holy Ghost. From that Comforter other aspects come up. The second aspect is what you call the Councelor, The one who tells you what is what, decodes everything, tells you how to manage, how to go ahead. Like an instructor and you verify that. The second one in our Sahaja Yoga is called Mahasaraswati and the third one is the Redeemer, the one who who gives you moksha, through the Sushumna nadi, is called as Mahalaxmi. These are the three powers which exist within us. The first manifests the left sympathetic, the second one manifests the right sympathetic and the third one gives you the parasympathetic which controls these two centers, which coordinates, cooperates and refills. But it is still a limited amount of energy.

Some people tell me that they went to a person and felt the energy. What sort of an energy were you feeling? Very much like shaking and all that. No, that’s not good. If you are not possessed you should not shake before a person. On the contrary you start feeling the cool breeze in the hands.You feel completely relaxed. How do you know? What happens through Sahaja Yoga is the way, is very good. You should see for yourself. Get three people – one from a lunatic asylum, certified mad; get another one who is not realized; get the third one who is realized. They sit down. Now you ask them to put their hands towards you. Now the person who is lunatic will be doing like this. Now if there a cancer patient, he will be emitting tremendous heat, so much so that you don’t need a heater, even in London in December or January. But supposing that person is just a normal, balanced person, is in the center. He starts feeling the cool breeze and the realized soul starts feeling the whole thing coming on.

This is what you have to judge with people when they come. You should know what happens to them. If you are seeking reality, you must know that you have to face yourself as you are today. You need not try to hide anything, because there is nothing to be hidden from your mother. I don’t care whatever you have done. I just don’t bother. It’s not necessary. The first mantra in Sahaja Yoga to be said is that Mother, I am not guilty. You have to say that 16 times in your heart. This is the first mantra of Sahaja Yoga, because in yourself whole things have crawled up into a diffidence in life. Even the Ego sometimes gets hurt. When you do mistakes or anything, it gets hurt and when it gets hurt you get diffident, and it gets built up within you. When you say, “Mother, I am not guilty,” your self-esteem is established. First day you’d better establish your self-esteem. Within you lies this power of Kundalini. I was very happy to know that people have reached the conclusion that it is the Kundalini awakening which is going to do the job. It is a very good conclusion you have reached. But any Dick, Tom and Harry cannot do it, one should know that. Saying it is a sprouting, it’s a living process. Now, logically you should approach the subject. You are all very intelligent people, I can see that. Living things, like sprouting the seed. If you want to sprout a seed, can you pull it out? Or if you stand on your head, will it happen?

They are such sweet things. “Hello. Alright now, sit down for a while.”

They are realized souls. They are born realized. So many children are born realized and if you are not realized [UNCLEAR parents] you are going to harm them. You have to know what are they. They know me better than you people do and they are going to come up. Wait for ten years before. They are going to create that great, beautiful mansion of Love for you.

So, this Kundalini is the power within us. What power is this? This is the power of Primordial Desire within us to be one with the Divine, to be united with the Divine and this is the Yoga. All the rest of it is not. As you are, you are to be connected with the Divine, is the Yoga. If that is so, this desire is not yet manifested. So, it is called as a sleeping Kundalini and only the person who has that warmth of the Mother Earth can do it, as simple as that. Everyone who thinks that Kundalini is to be awakened must know it is a spontaneous, living happening, just like a sprouting of a seed. You cannot just pull it out. It cannot be done by any effort. It’s spontaneous. If it is evolutionary, logically we can find out that we did nothing to become human beings from amoeba stage. We didn’t cut our tails to become human beings, did we? We didn’t do anything. It has happened so spontaneously. But where is the change in us, let’s see again logically. Not rationally, but logically. Rationality could be quite mad. Logically you should understand, what is the difference we have got is in our awareness. Something has to happen in awareness, not in a way that you just start jumping or taking out your clothes and doing nonsensical things. It’s very easy. In the bathroom everybody does it. What’s so great? But just understand. You can see with your naked eye the pulsation of the Kundalini. If you are a first class instrument, it just happens. Like a jet it goes. It’s a jet Kundalini in the jet age. It has to happen to all of you.

Why some people said you have to do so much and you have to do like this and you have to do that and you have to cleanse yourself and then only you’ll get realization. Why is it so simple today? The reason is the time has come. In the beginning of a tree’s life one or two flowers come in, but now the blossom time has come, so many seekers I see before me, just like flowers about to become the fruits. There were never so much seekers before. Whatever you can say against the modern times this is the outcome of that. Without this chaos there would have been not so many. This is the time that he predicted that many saints will be born at this time. [UNCLEAR] imagine thousands of years back it was written. When this Kali Yuga, this modern time, the one who created the Kali, he was caught up by somebody and he said, “Nala, what do mean by torturing me and my wife like this. I am going to kill you.

The Kali said, “Alright, you can kill me, but you have to find out one thing about me. You must know what I am and what I represent.”

“What are you? Just tell me.”

He said: “When the modern times will come,” we call it as Kali Yuga, “at this time, these saints who are seeking God in the hills and dales and in the Himalayas will be born as ordinary householders and they are going to receive the blessings. It’s already promised.” If so, that happening has to take place. But as soon as people came to know that people are seeking, the market got jammed. and you got into the trap. It’s a very subtle method of making money out of you. Now, I think, most of them are getting a little worried, because all their advertising and all that is a little bit fading and they don’t know how to find out new methods of advertising to get ‘round you. These people are not interested in Indian villages. They are interested in Los Angeles or in Santa Cruz where they can extract money. It is an enterprise. You cannot sell God, can you? You cannot organize it. Some lady paid $4000 very recently and I heard somebody told me that she went there, she danced, she took out her clothes, became mad and came back. You pay to go to lunatic asylum or what?

But it helps you to go there because there’s a fashion on. Everybody is going, “Oh, I’ve been there to that Guru.” It’s so maddening. You must understand, you are the new forms of the old ways. In olden days, people who could donate for a church were regarded as very religious. Even now, I think, some of the Jews, they have a diamond-jeweled bible and if they can tithe there they show it nicely that they have got one. All these false ideas of God you’d better give up, because you are not followers, you are seekers. Let them go on with that nonsense. But you are seekers, so you take to the Truth and you become that.

I think today, it’s quite a lot for you. I would like you to ask me some questions, but sensible questions and don’t be aggressive with me. I am very clever. As they told him, “She’s a masterpiece of camouflage.” It’s true, I am, so be careful. If you have any real questions ask me. If you are not a true seeker and you are just trying to show off, you are cheating yourself. Don’t try to show off. “I read this book.” “I read that book.” “This happened.” ”What do you think of this Guru?” Don’t bring me to controversies. It’s unnecessary. If they were of any value, you would have been a realized soul. I can make out from you who was your Guru the way they have ruined your Kundalini. Some of the Kundalinis are so ruined. I see them just like wounded snakes, tossing their heads like this. It is so bleedy. You don’t know how much they’ve corrupted you.

Don’t ask me about these cruel people. If I start blasting them, you’ll be amazed how they are. I love you very much, but I don’t love them. I am wrathful, very angry with them, because they are devils, satanic. If they wanted money, they could have smuggled. They could have done something like that, but they should not have ruined your Kundalini. They had no business to do it. They will go to hell, no doubt, but they’ll be carrying so many with them, they know that. They are trying to overpower. They are Anti-Christ. They think they can win over God. Let them know that God’s Powers are so powerful that they can all be destroyed like this in one stroke. The only thing why they are not destroyed is because today they are in your brains. Krishna has said,”Whenever there is the fall of Dharma, fall of your values, your virtues, whenever the saints suffer, I come on this Earth to save the Saints and kill the devils.” But the devils have gone into the Saints now. It’s a problem, a dilemma for me. What to do. These devils have come into your brains. They are to be taken out, first of all.

Just wait for me to finish. Do not stick on to one question. If you stick on, you’ll miss the whole point. By questioning, you will not get Realization. It’s not a mental activity. It’s triggering beyond the mental activity. This lecture is useless if you do not get your Realization. In the beginning of the Vedas it was written that if you do not get the knowledge… Knowledge doesn’t mean going mad. It doesn’t mean hypnosis. But if you do not feel the all pervading Power, then these Vedas are useless. In the same way my lecture and all mental activities are useless if you do not get your Realization. That’s the main thing you must have. May God bless you.

Now, ask me a question.

Seeker: What is the best approach we can take to go to Laxmi?

Shri Mataji: I will tell you tomorrow about Laxmi, where she is settled down. That’s what we are going to do, all the Goddess, not one. All in one bundle. Now what do you say to that? Alright, good idea.

Seeker: Asks about how to deal with her worries.

Alright, doesn’t matter. We are going to work it out. Don’t worry about your personal things. It’s all going to work out en masse.

Dr. Warren: She is asking whether you said to say, “Mother, I am not guilty”.

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, please, within yourself. Very important.

What is it?

Dr. Warren:She is liking it!

Shri Mataji: Good, good. May God bless you. Don’t feel guilty at all. Otherwise I would not come here. The ones who have harmed you are guilty.

Seeker: What is your capacity and our capacity to hate the devils. Most religions preached that we should not be angry.

Shri Mataji: You should not be angry, but with Devils? You run away from them. Let me handle them. You just don’t worry about them. It’s my job.

First of all you love yourself, have self-esteem, know that you are the temple of God, Then you love by becoming realized, you become collectively conscious. Again the word becoming. Then you start feeling the other within yourself. Who is the other? I am not helping you, you are part and parcel of my being. If I am helping my finger, am I helping you? Then we see about the rest of the thing. You don’t worry about them.

Seeker: Many of the people who come to my clinic have activated their Kundalini too early and I’m wondering how to help them.

Shri Mataji: They do not activate their Kundalini, they do not. All these things are just to activate the sympathetic and it’s very dangerous. You can get blisters, you can get all kinds of problems. You can get cancer also. I get so many people like that. I’ll make you the masters. It’s Love. It cannot harm. It’s your Mother. That’s the only Mother you have and you are the only child. How can your Kundalini trouble you? She is just waiting for the moment to give you realization. She loves you the most of all. And you cannot activate it, it just spontaneously rises. I was myself amazed to read some books on Kundalini. I said these people don’t know what Kundalini is. They’re liars. They are cheats writing such big books about Kundalini without knowing a word, without having any authority. You have to have Divine Authority, isn’t it? You cannot get it in a Theological college or any place you go to. Its a Divine Authority you must have.

Seeker: Should we love our enemies as well?

Shri Mataji: First of all you love yourself and your friends. Then we can talk of enemies. You have to know who are your enemies. Actually, you don’t know who are your enemies. First, we have to develop that discretion power. By your vibrations you will know who is who, because once you are connected with the mains, you start feeling it. You can ask any question whichever is an absolute question. You can ask is there God? You will start feeling a cool breeze coming in. Like a computer, you become connected with the mains and you answer all these questions. You develop your discretion and you will know who are yours and who are not yours. Before that you don’t know, you are so mixed up.

Actually there are very few enemies that you have, very few.

Should we now have it? You’ve got that door open there. Just get one of the doors open for some of the enemies to fly out.

Dr. Warren: If anyone has their shoes on, take them off and simply put your hands out towards Mataji as if asking for it. Be humble about it. Be open-minded. If you’ve got a lot of questions…

Shri Mataji: Sit comfortably. There is nothing to put yourself to stay. Your neck should be bending neither forward nor backward. There is no effort to be put in. Just sit comfortably. Kundalini will rise by itself and you’ll get your Realization. You don’t have to do anything. Just don’t put your concentration onto one point. Some people have a habit of concentrating here, concentrating there. All those people who have done this concentration business or, what is that the another one, putting the tongue back? (kechari mudra). Whatever you have done, all such people should put their attention here (top of head). There is the door, not here. That’s all. But rest of the people just keep your attention absolutely loose.

Now, close your eyes. Keep your eyes closed, because Kundalini has to pass through Agnya chakra and if your eyes are not closed, she won’t rise. Put your hands towards me just like this. All of you, please put your hands, because in the hands you have those centers. I would request you to take out if there is anything heavy in your necks. Please, take off. It is better. Also, if there is anything heavy or tight on your waist. You can loosen your belt a little bit.

Just put your hands towards me. Close your eyes.

Please, put your right hand on your heart, because Spirit resides in our heart. Sit very comfortably without any strain on your back. That is very important.

First of all, you have to ask in your heart, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Not dead spirit but Atma.

I am requesting you to say I am not guilty. “Mother, I am not guilty.” Say before saying anything else. Say at least 8 times.”Mother, I am not guilty”. That is very important, because of [UNCLEAR] you have commited many mistakes and all you can do is to feel guilty. But it is no use feeling guilty at all.

[Shri Mataji continues with the Self realization exercise.]