Krishna, Christ

Heartwood Community Center, Santa Cruz (United States)

1981-10-18 Krishna, Christ, Santa Cruz, United States (evening), 104' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Q&A
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Public Program Day 2 (evening). Santa Cruz (USA), 18 October 1981.

I am very happy to see that so many of you did feel the realization and you felt the Spirit. And that’s why today I am going to tell you about the Spirit as well as about the two other chakras which we have left out.

The center that is called as Vishuddhi Chakra is placed at a point where your neck joins the thoracic body. You’ll be amazed that in the Universe, America represents this center. We developed this center within ourselves when the human beings in their evolution raised their head up. That time, these two powers that I showed you yesterday, the power of action and the power of desire, these two cross each other. And it started developing a kind of an institution, like a balloon we can say, as a by-product of using these two powers. By your action you developed your ego, by your conditioning you developed your super-ego. These two institutions met at the point here on top of your head, at the fontanel bone area, when you grew up to twelve years of age. Actually, that is the main time, a very important time in human development. It starts very early though, that the fontanel bone area which is very soft in a child, starts getting calcified. Now, by this as I told you, you became an egg or a separate entity, or we could say as one Mister X and Y and Z, and you developed your own independent existence. Now the importance of this center is that, because of this center, we have taken the responsibility upon ourselves. You know that America is known for taking responsibility of the whole world. At least they talk. They are responsible for the peace of the world, they are responsible for the fraternity of the world, for the collectivity of the world. Your presidents have even said that poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere. Of course some of them have been great people like Abraham Lincoln who was a realized soul and he gave those great ideas of responsibility to the whole.

This center is governed by the deity of Shri Krishna and His power is Radha. Ra means energy and Dha is the one who sustains it. She is the sustainer of the energy but the energy that is in the central channel, which is the energy called as Mahalaxmi. This power of evolution has made us human beings. We were amoeba, from there we started rising gradually till we became human beings. This evolutionary process was there because we had that sustenance just like a seed and the seed started sprouting. Ultimately you became a human being. Still there is one more stage where you have to go, which is to be connected to the mains. As soon as you are connected to the mains you change your position. The transformation takes place and then gradually transmutation for a short time. When the transmutation is complete then you feel that now you have become the Spirit.

On the left-hand side of the center lies the Left Vishuddhi center as we call it. The Left Vishuddhi Center represents our sisterly relationships with others. It’s a very sublime relationship of a sister. Krishna had shown that in His own lifetime that He had a sister who was lost very early in life and She became the lightning. The lightning when it appears in the sky you should know that the power of Vishnumaya (Her name is Vishnumaya) is now showing its wrath. She’s a virgin and Her power is tremendous – thunderbolt as they call it.

The right-hand side is another center which we call as the Right Vishuddhi. That was when Krishna was the king. First He was just a shepherd boy and then He became a king. When He became the king he opened that awareness within us from where he spoke about Gita. Krishna is the one who is the primordial king. From Vishnu state he evolved into the complete sixteen petals and becomes Shri Krishna which is the complete form of evolution. We call it as Sampurna. There are sixteen subplexes in this center which manifest outside sixteen subplexes of the gross plexus which medically we call it as cervical plexus. Cervical plexus looks after your ear, nose, throat, your appearance, your face, eyes, eyebrows and also your tongue. This is a very important center. You can see all these things are represented in this country. That’s why I say you belong to a very great country of responsibility, even in Spirituality. Even in Spirituality you become part and parcel of the primordial being. You have to become because it is He who is represented in this country.

Now the body of this center is made out of the Saturn. The Saturn rules this. Now you’ve been to Saturn and you’ve found out that there is a ring around Saturn which we know already there is a ring, but you did not know. It is said that Shri Krishna has a disc in His hand which surrounds Him. So this country has this ring around it. It’s a very powerful ring and that’s why you feel that certain portions of your country are going down because it can react against you. If you go too much against your righteousness, against your self respect, it may try to harm you, no doubt. But if you are awakened, if you get awakened, there cannot be any fear of any country invading this one. Nobody can invade because this ring is protecting you. Anybody who tries to invade this country will be harmed much worse. You know what happened. You had one bomb and the whole of Hiroshima was destroyed.

One has to understand that if the human beings here are not righteous, if they commit sins morning ‘till evening and invite all the anti-christs of the world to settle down here, you’ll have to face the calamities and the wrath of God. The same God, what we call the same deity, Shri Krishna, has the power called as the Saunhara Shakti by which He kills. He is the embodiment of the Saunhara Shakti also. Those who say I am Krishna and all that, ask them: Can they lift a mountain? They have to lift a mountain. Just put them down there. You’ve got lots of mountains. This is representative of how we have lifted our mountain up, is represented here. This is important to understand because every Dick, Tom and Harry will come here and tell you that I’m doing the same type of work, I’m awakening the Kundalini, I’m doing shakti path. All kinds of nonsense they will talk. Tell them to raise it. Let them show you. If you find it pulsating at the base and rising and coming out the cool breeze, then only believe it. But most probably they will be fake. In your presence if you are a realized soul they would be shaking. Even if you don’t tell me that you’ve been to a guru, I know where you’ve been because you can see it, the way these Spirits that they have put into you, the way they have completely mesmerized you, I can see that. You can’t even face me when this has happened. Some of you are aware of it, some of you are not. If you are aware of it then you feel how can you come to me.

You should know I am here. I’m your Mother. Whatever you have done, whatever has happened is all forgiven. You are My children and you all have to get your realization. I’ll work day in and day out, every drop of My blood, on you so that you’ll be cleansed and that you will achieve your realization. But don’t try to take liberties with Me. Don’t try to be very smart. I know there were two – three people who were sitting here this morning, who were some sort of spies. Be careful about them. Christ has said, “I don’t mind hot or cold.” Meaning if they are cold, they’re over; if they are hot, we can cure them. “But in between, I’ll pick them out of My mouth,” He said. Be careful about the speech because they are the murmuring souls and they will come round and tell you stories and things and stop your evolution, so be careful. Don’t miss this chance and achieve your realization, understand it fully and master it.

Whatever I tell you, you need not believe, but you should not deny and see for yourself that every word is true or not. But you should not deny and as a scientist you must try to understand it, try to grasp it and see for yourself. If there is God, if all the scriptures are true, if there is all-pervading power, you should try to feel the truth. I am here to prove all of them all these incarnations, their relationships, their positions, and their relationships with you as well. Shri Krishna is something one cannot describe it in one lecture leave alone in a short time and Gita also cannot be described in such a short time. But there are My lectures you can get where I’ve spoken about Gita, how He was the incarnation of diplomacy and how He has tried to convince you about peace. We have got some tapes which you can get from these people and understand what He was like.

Now we come to Christ. Christ is paced in the optic chiasma where the nerves cross each other. There’s the center where Christ resides. What we know of Christ through Bible is very little because He was not even allowed to live for three and a half years in that horrible place where people tried all sorts of things to kill Him and He was ultimately crucified. There are lots of controversies about Christ and lots of things are said about Him. The worst thing that has happened is that He was denied by the Jews at that time. They have denied Him because it always happens.

Supposing I was born in your community here, you would have denied me completely. I was born in a community in India which is a small minority I should say. Though my family was a royal family in that community and my father was a member of parliament, my brother was a very influential man in parliament and my husband is also very influential, still that particular community will never accept me. I’ve got disciples who are Muslim, Christians, every sort, but that particular community doesn’t want to accept me because, first of all, they have no faith in themselves. They think how can anybody of this eminence or this quality be born in our community. Secondly I think they are jealous. Perhaps? I don’t know what to say. We can say that at the time of Christ the same thing happened. For nothing at all they deny it. They accepted a thief but not Him.

Now they are saying that He was a saint. We accept it. Then can a saint tell you a lie? If you accept Him as a saint He can’t tell you lies. He Himself said that I am the Son of God. When He said that we cannot challenge Him there, but even if we challenge Him, on what points do we challenge Him? The first challenge [UNCLEAR] is all mental activity. Let us face it up, it’s absolutely mental. When Christ was born to a virgin, it was all decided a long time back that He was to be born to a virgin. It’s very simple. You can understand I gave you realization, your second birth, just like that. Yours is also immaculate birth isn’t it? In the same way Christ would be born to a virgin and it was prophesized that the Mataya [gift of God?], the one that was going to lead you to the right path was going to be born to a girl – to a girl. They say that it was written to a girl and not to a virgin. See how absurd it is. Nowadays even an 80-year-old woman who has had seven – eight marriages is called as a girl. I’ve seen many people say my girl is coming, an 80-year-old lady coming in, and this is my girl, meet my girl. This is all modern language. In those days, even today in India [kunya] means a virgin, that means a girl. Only one word for both the things. But apart from that we should logically understand this point that if it is said that a child is going to be born to a virgin it’s a prophecy. Prophecy is something important. After all a child is going to be born to a woman. It’s not going to be born to a man. So what is so great to prophesize? This is a logical point, that it is going to be born to a girl which means to a virgin which is something extraordinary.

On this point they want to reject Him, but it’s wrong because by rejecting Him they said we are the people who are the chosen ones first, and secondly they said we suffer. As Christ Himself was a Jew, it hurt Me, it really pains me, I really hurt. I weep to see how by one mistake, by accepting sufferings how the Jews have suffered. Now they should give it up. I say that Christ was born for us and He suffered for us. We don’t have to suffer any more. If they could accept this much and give up their ego, they will get rid of their sufferings completely. Nobody has to suffer. This idea of suffering I don’t know from where it has come. Even the Christians, nonsensical people, say that you must suffer. Do they mean to say that Christ spared some sufferings for you people? Has He not suffered sufficiently that you have to make up for that?

On the contrary He said that you should be born again. He said that you awaken Me within yourself. That was so simple to understand but none of these Christian institutions who tried to organize him understood the essence of His teachings. That meant that when the Kundalini rises and She touches that point of Christ, He is awakened. When the deity is awakened, the ego and superego are sucked in and when they are both sucked in, a space is created where you enter into and the Kundalini opens out.

But His crucifixion itself was another symbolic way of proving something that Krishna said before Him. He said, [first in Sanskrit language] “The Spirit cannot be killed, it cannot be destroyed. It’s an eternal thing.” Just to prove that Christ was born on this Earth and His crossing of these two nadis is such a difficult thing that to go through it Christ had to die and to be resurrected. To prove it also that the Spirit that was Christ cannot die and that’s why a very special type of an incarnation was created that was Christ.

Christ is described in Indian scriptures just as Mahavishnu. I wish you people could read the right type of things instead of reading these horrible gurus who tell you that you jump like mad or you take out your clothes and do all that kinds of nonsense. If you believe these people you can never reach to God. People have gone mad, they have come to me with madness. This is not the way. Let Christ be awakened within you through the Kundalini awakening. Taking out your [clothes] how much does it take? Wearing a colored cloth of any kind, how much does it take? With two rupees in India you can color your clothes.

There was a great Poet Nanaka who wrote that if by shaving your heads and coloring your clothes, if you can go to God then a sheep goes through that process twice a year… He has lashed these people. They have no righteousness, they have no sense of chastity and he said that these people will go to hell and the so-called disciples who are enticed by them will also go there, no doubt about it. Christ has said to this extent that thou shall not have adulterous eyes and here people are trying to put the sex onto Kundalini, your own Holy Mother. Those who have no sense of holiness and righteousness should not talk of God. God is righteousness and holiness, auspiciousness and purity and not this sex. If the sex becomes everything all the dogs and cats should go to heaven first of all. This is what one should understand. Do not mislead yourself. You have to have your innocence. Those people who are enticed by these ideas are no good for Sahaja Yoga. We find it impossible to give them realization. It’s so difficult. They may argue with me, they may not like me but I cannot help it. But they have to come to this point to understand that sex does not take you to God. You see the sex point is below the Kundalini. It’s the innocence that doesn’t feel it.

One of them was teaching like this in India. He made a woman nude and she was very frightened by that and he tried to touch her private parts. He cannot smell flowers but he doesn’t mind smelling the private parts. Filthy. He can smell the butter but he can’t smell the flowers. Actually 50% of the names of God in the Indian language, and if you see the Goddess, is nothing but that she is fond of flowers, she is fond of this flower, that flower. I can’t live without flowers and I don’t know from where he has come that he cannot bear to smell a flower. Use your brains. A person who goes to church or goes to see any holy person takes flowers to them. Do you take gutter water there? This man was misbehaving towards a woman and I was very angry and went and saw him. I said, “What do you mean behaving like this toward someone who was a chaste woman?”

He said, “I am Shri Krishna.”

I said, “Really?” What sort of a Shri Krishna with a bald head, I couldn’t understand that. I said, “All right, if you are Shri Krishna, how do you justify it?”

He said, “Because when Shri Krishna as a little child of four years…”

A four-years-old child, just think of it, the one who was guarding outside style. That kind of an innocent thing He was, when the gopis were taking their bath, they had taken out their clothes and had put them on the trees. He hid them and He was just playing with them like a child. He was just a child of four years. But when Krishna became the king of Dwarika, that time there’s a story of Draupadi, His sister, who was tortured by a man called Duryodhana who wanted to make Her nude and he wanted to take out the sari from her shoulder. When he pulled Her sari, She was holding on to it like this [Mataji puts her sari between her teeth]. It’s a very beautiful description. [Shri Mataji speaks in Sanskrit]. It is said that when She thought that the sari is pulled now, She said shna. There is a very beautiful poem on that. When that word went, then what happened [Shri Mataji speaks in Sanskrit]. It is said that when these things happened a great sound came in Dwarika and He came on His Garuda [speaks in Sanskrit] to save the chastity of His sister.

Chastity of a woman is her font, even of men. Men don’t believe, in these western countries, that their chastity is important. But that’s your font, that’s really your power. If you have no sense of chastity you are a powerless person. Anybody can attack you. You people are naîve. You do not know what are the ideas the people of India have about chastity. We are a poor country, we have problems, but only the chastity of women has saved that country so far. Even your country will be finished if you do not take to your chastities and understand the value of your chastity and of your innocence.

The main thing about Christ is that His name was Jesus Christ. Jesus comes from the word Jesu. There was the foster mother of Christ, the foster mother of Krishna who was born as Yeshoda. The name Jesu comes from that Jeshoda. In Indian languages, a short form of Yeshoda is Jeshu or Yeshu. We even call Christ Yesu. In many European countries they call Him Jesu. This Yeshoda was the foster mother and Christ itself comes from the word Krishna. Krishna means the one who has done the sowing of the seed. And Radha Herself is Mahalaxmi and She was born as the Mother of Christ.

So when Christ talked of the Father, Mahavishnu, He talked of Shri Krishna. In this book as I told you if you read it, Mahavishnu’s description, you’ll find that Christ was specially created and Krishna told Him that you will be the Adhara, You will be the support of the whole world, that you’ll be placed higher than Me. And those who will try to give even one offering, You will automatically get part of it. Like that He was placed at a very high position above all the others because He’s the one that, unless you cross that point, you cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Whenever Christ talked He put His hand like this [pointing upwards] and He said that He is My Father. This [index] finger stands, as you know, for Vishuddhi Chakra which is America. That’s why you see here Krishna consciousness. Of course there is nowhere near the Krishna consciousness, but they say of Krishna consciousness. I told them they have to become the Krishna consciousness. But they won’t listen to me. The trouble is nobody wants to listen. Whatever wrong they are doing they want to do it. So go ahead.

Once one of them asked me, “How do you go to hell?”

I said, “Take two running jumps and you will be there.” It’s easier to go to hell but to go to heaven you have to really get out of your fixations and your problems. So this Krishna consciousness is like this, that by saying Krishna’s name morning ‘till evening you just spoil this chakra. You may end up with throat trouble. You may even end up with throat cancer. I have treated someone with throat cancer who went deaf. You can get into violence and all kinds of problems with the throat if you go on just taking His name. You must know that we cannot take anybody’s name without any authority. Any mantra taken without authority is a dead mantra. It’s like putting something dead into your throat because, first of all, you are saying mantra by your throat and whatever center – say, you are taking Rama’s heart mantra, which is on the Right Heart as I’ve told – you’ll get asthma as well as a bad throat. It’s absolutely so.

You can see for yourself. You can see that it can be done and that whatever I am saying, you can make it out that this has happened to people and this works out. Those people who believe that this is the true path we are going into whatever way they are facing and progressing they can go ahead and end up there. But one should know that you have to get some power within yourself. Most of them have nothing but to take out their clothes or [UNCLEAR kill] somebody. Is that a power? Or some people have a power to jump. Is that a power by any chance? They paid 3,000 pounds for flying. Put their guru on this Leaning Tower of Pisa and throw him from there and see if he can fly. Why not try these things that your guru has done themselves. Make your guru naked first of all. Let him dance. This spoils your chakras this kind of a madness. It spoils your first chakra to begin with, and then the Nabhi Chakra when you start saying “whoo whoo” and all that. You will know that very well how it spoils you. Once you are enticed you just don’t want to think about it. Already, thank God, they are passing through a difficult phase. Most of them are sick, they cannot get out of their beds. Even people who are preaching Sikhism. Imagine, where was Nanaka? Think, the man who was nothing but purity, who was a Primordial Master on this Earth. They have brought sex to Him? Can you imagine such absurdities? Why don’t you all read what they have to say? Why do you read the books given by these gurus to you? Why don’t you go to original things?

Even Hatha Yoga, why don’t you read Pathangeli Yog Sastra. The way you are doing Hatha Yoga is another madness because Pathangeli Yog Sastra is eight angas, ashtangas [eight-limbed yoga]. It was done at the time a thousand years back when we had chatunga sastra, when we had four kinds of periods in our life, when the children went to the forest to study with a teacher, when the university was like a family and they were given the name as a gotra. The university was called as a gotra and one could not marry in the gotra. Even today, if my gotra is Shandilya, I cannot marry a man belonging to that, which means you are brothers and sisters till thousands of years. Thousands of years back. I have taken them, some of the sahaja yogis, to the place where Shandilya was there at the time of Pranadata he lived. Thousands of years have passed and even today, we cannot marry a man of the same university. Think of the universities we have today. Such a celibacy existed in those days where Hatha Yoga was practiced of Ashtanga. The first thing is Ishwara Pranita is to establish your God, is realization. Then these [UNCLEAR guyamas] that are pertaining to your different chakras. For example, if you are catching on a particular chakra, there is a kind of a particular type of one of the exercises that you have to do to put it right, if there is a physical problem of that. But not everything. It’s like taking the whole medicine box into your stomach without any discrimination. That’s not a good thing. If you do Hatha Yoga, you can get a catch on the Left Heart very badly. It’s a very wrong thing. Without understanding, without going through the science of mantras and without understanding the science of exercises can you imagine out of Ashtanga, one is yamini yamas, out of that, after yin yama, one is niyama which is, I don’t know how many parts of that is the exercise, and how much also that is so scientific which one has to understand.

You should not do anything because somebody tells you. Once your Kundalini rises you yourself will know. You will say, “Mother, it’s here, it is not moving further. Then there is an exercise for it. Do that exercise. It will rise. Now the mantras also, I would say that at the stage where we cross here [points to forehead], the Lord’s Prayer is the mantra. None of them know about Christ. Even if the Christians had known it would have saved lots of problems for Indians because they were expecting somebody who would be placed at Agnya Chakra (this was called as Baudha Vitara, not Budha Vitara) who would suck in our ego and superego. By Him only you’ll be forgiven for all of our sins and blasphemies. He has said it and that by His awakening only our ego will be sucked in. They knew about it, they were waiting for it. Why the missionaries who went from here did all the nonsensical things in the name of Christ. They would put a loaf in a well and say now this is the meat of the cow and you have all become Christians, finished. But this kind of a nonsense they did and they brought poor people of India to Christianity. This is the thing by which they created such a problem that even now… Sahaja Yoga is, of course, telling them that Mahavishnu is there, He has arrived. He was Christ. But otherwise they were thinking they have to still go through their karma yogas and karma bogas and they have to still suffer and still that savior has not been born because they could not believe a savior who comes to you in the form of a loaf. This is thanks to your terrible missionaries who went down there and did this kind of a nonsense to Indians.

Now I would say that to understand Christ, also, is not easy, but the only thing is to awaken Him within ourselves. People in the church will say that I’ll baptize you. One should say, so artificial. You bring your child, I’ll baptize her. How can you? No Kundalini rising, nothing, putting your hand there. You baptize anyone like that? You have to raise the Kundalini. When you raise the Kundalini, then only you baptize. Those who’ve got realization are baptized today in the real sense of the word. It’s a happening, it’s a living God Christ has talked. All the time He said there’s a living God and not these dead people who just bring the child and christen the child and the child becomes Christian. It’s a living thing that should happen to us and the living thing is that you feel the cool breeze coming out of your head. That’s the living thing you should ask for. That is what you are and that is how you become the Spirit.

I’ll tell you about the Seventh Chakra in short because the Seventh Chakra is the chakra which has 1000 petals. When you cut the brain in a transverse section you can see it’s like the petals of a lotus. It says in the bible “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.” Of course all the chakras look like tongues of flames – very silent, very beautiful, very soothing. But seeing is not the point. Being is the point. If you see them it’s no good. You have to become and becoming is that you feel the whole thing coming out of your head and these have the light but you need not see them. There’s no need to see the auras. Only when you are disintegrated you see the auras but when you are integrated you never see the auras. It’s being experimented. People who take drinks and all that, their auras go like that shape. But if you take a photograph of a realized soul, there will be no aura around it. But if you are disintegrated, for example, if you are taking LSD, you might see an aura around me, around everyone. That’s not good. That means you are not there, you are in the supraconscious area where you are seeing the elements that are surrounding.

Once you are integrated by your realization, all these seven chakras get integrated. In Sanskrit there is a very good word for integration is samadra. Adra means the hole in the needle. So all the needles have the hole and the thread goes through that. So all the chakras get integrated when you get your realization but actually this area has got all the chakras. Now I will show you where they are. This is the Agnya as I told you [points to dot on her forehead]. This is the window of the Agnya Chakra but inside the brain it is. Then you’ve got the Vishuddhi Chakra here [points to above Agnya near the hairline] which becomes as the primordial being, here at the Virat, Then is the Heart Chakra [fingers on top of head, either side of Sahasrara], then is the Nabhi Chakra [fingers behind Sahasrara]. If there is a bad Nabhi you can feel the pressure here. At the back, here is the whole of the Swadishthana and here, at this point is the Mooladhara Chakra [between Left and Right Swadishthana]. Now, you’ll be amazed when you get diabetes, why should you have your eyes weakened? What is the reason? The reason is when you get diabetes, your Swadishthana Chakra becomes weak. As I showed you there that you get diabetes down below by the Swadishthana’s exertion. It presses on the center of the Mooladhara which controls your eyes, eyes in the sense that the power to the eyes, the light to the eyes. Once it starts oppressing it you start losing your eyes, though the eyes are opened, even if you are possessed. If you are possessed the same thing will happen to you. You will have your eyes but there will be no light. You can’t see. All these things can be cured through Sahaja Yoga. The methods are very simple which you can learn yourself, you can cure others, you can become the masters.

Now about the Spirit. As I told you, the Spirit resides in your Heart. It is the reflection of the aspect of God which we call as God Almighty or Sadashiva because God is one. To one person I’m one. But I’m a wife, I’m a grandmother, I’m your mother. I’m doing so many things that are aspects of God and God has got, firstly, the aspect of Love by which He creates the powers of His Love called as the Primordial Mother or the Adishakti. It is the same aspect as represented in you as the Kundalini. You’ll be amazed that even the Greeks knew about it because they called this bone as Sacrum. It means they knew that it was a sacred power there. Even Athena, Atha in Sanskrit means primordial and if you see the photograph of Athena, (Her statue I’ve been to. I was so surprised, in Greece, that they all speak Sanskrit) and She had this snake in Her hand representing the energy. When we [say of the snake] it’s the energy, not the devil or anything but an energy that moves like this and She has a snake and all the chakras in Her hand and She is standing like that. That is Athena. It’s very interesting, that place, the Delphi and all that, so much revealing and the Delphi, they said is the Nabhi, is the navel of the whole universe which is true also. Lots of things I saw there which I have talked in a tape which you can see for yourself.

Now, this Spirit is the aspect of God which is a witness, the God that witnesses the play of His Love. The first of all is the state were we call as Parabrahma where everything is just silent and sleeping. When we are sleeping nothing exists for us. In the same way the whole thing like Parabrahma, the abstract, sleeps. Then it comes to its awakened state. Then it gets the desire to create out of Love. This power of His love spreads around Him, accumulates and forms another entity called as the Holy Ghost or you can say the Parashakti or you can call it also as the Primordial Mother. She is the Holy Ghost. Now, when the break takes place there is a sound and this sound is the logos as you call it, the Spirit that is that sound which is the divine integrated sound, not one sound, and that one is called as the Omkara which is the child, the child of this couple and that’s how you get the Son of God.

The Spirit in us is that Son of God within us which is a part of God Almighty’s reflection within us, which is the child in our heart, is the Spirit. It is the abstract form of that power which is all-pervading. Now, this is a combining thing. It has both the things. You can see that because it is from the combination of these a child is born. So on one side it is the reflection of the God Almighty; on the other side it is the connection with the all pervading power which is the power of His Love. So it is connected on both the sides. So this Spirit resides in your Heart, is alert all the time and knows all about you. In Gita He is called as KshetrAgnya – the knower of the field. He knows all about you and He knows what you are doing. It just is a witness, it doesn’t involve into the play of what you are doing. It’s just watching the whole drama as long as it wants to. Otherwise when it is now fed up or does not want to enjoy anymore it just disappears. When it disappears you do not exist anymore.

This Spirit has got the nature of Sat-Chit-Ananda. Sat means that when you become the Spirit you become the Truth. Now, what is the Truth? Truth is this all pervading power. You start feeling it. You start feeling the Truth. Now this Truth is absolute, you get connected with it. Your attention gets enlightened and whatever you know through your attention – by paying attention to it, means through your vibratory awareness – is the Truth. You put ten children together and asks them to feel one person who is facing Me. They will all put up the same finger (Shri Mataji holds up her index finger). That means something is wrong with his throat. Because you become the subject. It is not subjective, but you become the subject. You start feeling. Everybody feels the same. Now you have seen these people who have come to help Me from Australia and Switzerland and England and all these places. When you come to Me they say the same thing about a person. He is catching on this, he is catching on that, everybody catches on the same.

This all pervading power is a complete organization of delivering Truth to you. You ask any questions to it. Whether it is true or not you will know on your vibratory awareness. Of course, in the beginning, you have to develop the sensitivity. Once you are sensitive to it you can find out the Truth. So the ‘Sat’ part means the brain gets enlightened. Your central nervous system gets enlightened. That means the Spirit gives light into the central nervous system and you start feeling it flowing. First time it comes to your consciousness. Whatever people may tell you, that this is the way we give self-realization and all that, just don’t believe it. You must know that you should have the sensitivity of feeling that Spirit and that Truth which is common to all of you. It cannot be denied.

Truth is only one. It cannot be hundreds. Once you realize, all of them talk the same. There is no difference. But the problem is human beings know how to make a pickle out of everyone. That’s the speciality of human beings.
Anybody who came on this earth who was a realized soul said the same thing. There is no difference whatsoever. But everybody started fighting about it. Like the real flowers appear on the tree. When they are living they are beautiful, fragrant and they know each other. There is no difference between them. But somebody will take out one, another will take out another. They’ll say: ‘This is mine, this is mine,’ then they are dead, then they’ll say, “This is it.” When Christ lived nobody recognized Him. They crucified Him. Even His disciples, ‘till He got His Resurrection, then, “What’s the use?” Nobody recognized Him. All the great people when they came here, nobody recognized Him. Christ has said, “Whatever you have done to Me, it will be forgiven, but not to the Holy Ghost. Because the Holy Ghost has to give you your realization and when you get your realization you have to recognize it.” After realization you have to recognize. If you do not recognize He says it won’t be forgiven.

A very great understanding is needed to understand what is today such a precarious time. The last judgement has started. So many great people are taking birth. So many crooks are taking birth to harm you. Its happening. How will you judge yourself? How will you judge? Are you going to put on a balance? Your Kundalini is going to be awakened. You yourself will judge, not necessary for anybody to judge. Today only one of the Sahaja yoginis says, “Mother, I’m catching on the Right Heart.” Yesterday somebody was telling me, “Mother, take out these bhoots from my Agnya.” Agnya means ego. They can feel it, they can see it and they judge it, because they are out of it. The Spirit gives you the Truth and you like it because the vibrations flow. You feel so peaceful and so happy and so joyous and you can feel others. When the vibrations are not there, you feel, “What’s wrong with it?” You should put it right and when you know the method how to do it, you want to do it and you want to be that. The joy of the Spirit, though really felt in a big way, comes later on but it starts trickling in. People give up all kinds of habits automatically. I don’t tell them. They just give up. The will power is so great that whatever you want you can give up. There is no problem with it. So many people who used to take drugs and were “druggists” and “chemists,” I use to call them, when they came to me, some of them came in a coma. They just came up without any difficulty. Because if you discover your Spirit you just do it. A transformation has to take place within you. If that doesn’t happen, it is no religion, it is no God, it has nothing to do with your Kundalini. And when it takes, you become so empowered that nothing can dominate you. No habit can dominate you, no guru can dominate you, no ideas and fixations and all these smaller thing will dominate. But you become so powerful that you start emitting light to others and people can see that light in you, that confidence in you.

Now the chitta. Chitta means attention. Your attention becomes enlightened. You put your attention to anything and you can feel it. You can find out about anyone you want. Your president you can find out where he is catching. You can even correct him sitting down here quite a lot. But he has to ask for realization. All these people have to ask for realization, though you can little bit sort of mold them. But your attention becomes very different because your priorities change. You are not interested in your brothers and sisters only. You are interested in everyone. If you find your brothers and sisters are not interested in God in the real way you just give up. You don’t bother your heads. Then you find out people who are really interested, work on them and give them. So your attention itself becomes [enlightened]. This attention has got all telecommunication and everything. Now, somehow the great miracles people have seen by becoming realized are so great that again it is not proper at this time to tell them. But I would say that once you get realized you don’t get into accidents. If one person is realized in a car even if there is an accident due to other people you don’t get hurt at all.

There was one gentleman called Rajesh Shah who is the one who came to Berkeley University who met Gregoire and that’s how he started taking an interest in the eastern people. He had given up everything but he his friends one day told him that lets drive and why don’t you smoke. So he had taken a smoke in his hand and as he had taken it there was an accident. He was driving. It was a very bad accident and everybody was saved but only this finger was hurt (Shri Mataji shows the right index finger). This finger was hurt, that’s all. So many miracles happen. Once in India there was a drought. In Bombay there was not a single drop of water and Rajesh was so much worried and he telephoned to me, “Mother, there is no water. Why are you angry? What has happened? There is no water at all.”

I said‚ “All right, you will have water, doesn’t matter. You want to have rain, you will have it.” And that night it rained so heavily from where God alone knows. I mean everything can work out because all the angels are with you, all the Chiranjivis [great souls] are with you, all the elements are with you. Even you can find out from the candle. If you work on the candle you will find some of you it will get like a sort of pulsation in it. Sometimes you will find a lot of black soot will come out. So much soot that the whole wall may become black. That’s the black coming out of you. Don’t be afraid, let it come out. Sometimes it will be going to tension. You will see even this little candle can burn lots of negativity from you people. The water element helps you, every element helps you. The whole stage of this creation is made for you. But you should have your self-esteem and not your ego. Then it works out. Everything is for you and it has to work out.

Then is the joy which Gregoire has told you, that you get the last, because he thinks that first we start verifying it, which chakra is catching, we want to work for others, how to give realization, how to do all those things and then when you go deeper into it, the joy becomes established.

The first stage is that you become thoughtlessly aware, is nirvichara samadhi, and then beyond that you become doubtlessly aware. In that state you can do lots of things. You’ll have greater powers and in all these powers is the power of Love. That’s one power we have never used so far. All the countries have paid attention to the power of hatred only. This is the power of Love, of pure Love. Not that you embrace others too much and go mad. It’s something that emits, it just flows, it works out. It takes you to the proper side and it’s very energy giving, life giving. But the best of all that happens in the beginning is that your physical health improves immensely. It gets rid of most of your diseases except that a very few of them I’ve seen don‘t get cured. Sometimes I’ve seen so many miracles happening that I’m amazed at myself the way things work out. I went to Koala Lumpur and we had about a thousand people there. They all came and were sitting in the garden of Mr. Dulah who is the speaker of the assembly there. He is a Muslim and he said so many have come and at least 50% are sick people. I said, “All right, you sit on the ground,” I just asked the Mother Earth, She is my Mother, and I asked Her, “Please suck their problems, it’s too much.” One boy had polio. I used to think polio may not be cured it’s so much advanced. But this boy was brought and put on the ground and suddenly he got up and walked off and I started looking. Where has he gone? It has happened. If you like you write to him, you can send a letter to Mr. Dulah and find out from him. So many people like that have got it. But it’s not important because I’m not curing here, I’m not healing. It just happens automatically. It’s a byproduct of Kundalini awakening. I’m not interested either in healing people just for healings sake because you can understand that if this light does not work out you are not going to repair it. You are only going to repair those lights which are going to give light to others. So it’s important that you must decide that you will give light to others when you become light. That is very important for all of you, for your family, for your children. It’s for everyone to have. That’s why it works out more collectively. I hope you’ll start a good center here. I know all of you are going to come to it. Keep your minds open and your fixations must be given up.

I’ll tell you how things work out in the wrong way sometimes, how we are fixed into it. We had some ladies with us suddenly. They came from New York, some of them came from here with ideas that they have about women and we had some boys who were running up and down and I told them that they must cook food and give it to them. They should eat first and you can eat later, and they felt insulted about it. If you eat later it doesn’t mean in any way that you are inferior. On the contrary you are very matured, you are very motherly and may not be able to do that way, but anybody would do it. So simple to us that if the men have come, they are tired, let them have the food, look after them. That’s the job of a woman in the household. She’s in the house, she’s in charge of the house so let her do it. But they felt hurt about it. All these ideas come from a sense of insecurity. You should not have any sense of insecurity. There is nothing low in serving others. There is nothing low in being humble. Humility is a sign of enrichment. You see the trees when they’re laden with fruit, they come down to the Mother Earth to thank Her. The person who is humble is very near to God. To have these fixed ideas about things, just forget them. Just become your Spirit. It’s a new avenue into which you have to jump, which you have to accept as the transmutation must take place properly.

One thing I have to warn again is that the thinking will start. After this people will start discussing about it. It’s better to keep silent for some days and do not think too much because whatever ideas you’ve got are conditioned or egoistical. So the best thing is that it is not discussed so much as it is to be achieved. Seven days you should try hard to achieve that state. If you have achieved that state then it will be so easy for you to do all the things I have told you of giving realization, giving peace to people, giving them collective consciousness because you’ve become collectively conscious. I hope that in this short time I am with you I’ve been able to explain lots of things and we’ll send you all the tapes which we have got here and I’m sure you’ll avail the opportunity of listening to them. Also the technique which is called as the Shuddha Vidya, is the pure knowledge. We call it Nirmala Vidya. My name is that. It is to be told how to protect yourself, how to give realization, how to decode what is happening to you, how to get rid of the attacks, everything. It will be gradually also exposed to you how to go deeper and deeper.

But at the very outset, we don’t tell everything because I feel that every time people don’t accept Truth so easily. Gradually it will be told to you step by step. So take it easy, Just now get your realization. Get your Spirit flowing and then you will know more. It’s a mystery. After all, I’m a mystery isn’t it? I must be a mystery because this thing nobody has done so far. So many people haven’t got realization. Now I’ve definitely given realization to thousands of people, no doubt, so there must be something mysterious about me also. All these things is for you to discover. But first of all you must have eyes to bear it. You must have power to get it. Human beings can’t bear anything. They can’t bear money and they can’t bear power. So first of all you must bear it, balance it properly and slowly all these things will be coming to you. May God bless you.

Instead of understanding me you try to understand yourself also, first of all, and then me. Are there any questions?

Seeker: You talked of using lemons. What about the peppers?

Shri Mataji: Both of them are very good. You just try them. You’ll be amazed how the peppers work out. 7 for the left side, 7 for the right side.

Seeker: I get a pain in my left side after I’ve been doing Kundalini yoga and how do I get rid of that?

Shri Mataji: That is very difficult but we’ll work it out. You’ll have to give up that so-called Kundalini yoga. You just can’t do it. It’s a living thing, it has to happen. Kundalini awakening is spontaneous. If you have done that then you have to neutralize it. You have to take out of your mind that you can do it. Once you are connected then you can work it out but if you are not connected you cannot just do it.

Seeker: I have some confusion about and lack of control over spontaneity and controlling and manipulating situations.

Shri Mataji: You leave it to me. I can see that things have happened but it’s all right. It can be worked out. I heard that there was a lecture here: How to use drugs intelligently. First they told you to do it diligently. Means they did it. In the same way if you do Sahaja Yoga diligently, you won’t have to apply diligence any more, it just becomes diligence.

Dr. Warren: Please keep your questions to the lecture and not get involved in abstruse ideas. Just keep your attention pure because otherwise it will harm your vibrations.

Shri Mataji: Yes, very true. Also if you ask too many questions, this is not good because you are thinking.

Seeker: You talked about dropping ideas and beliefs and at the same time seem to replace that with some ideas and beliefs such as chastity and [UNCLEAR] of women and I wonder…

Shri Mataji: No, I don’t say that you serve me completely. I didn’t say that, but that you listen to me, that’s all. But when it happens to you, you are self realized, that you’ve entered into it. Because if you have no chastity, then you’ll catch on your Left Mooladhara. All the people I’ve met in the West have this problem. It doesn’t matter. It’s nothing to feel guilty about. It’s done. Doesn’t matter. But you’ll catch on the left Mooladhara. So I don’t have to tell you, but whatever I’m telling you, you’ll find out yourself. But not to feel guilty. There are mantras and there’s help for you. Whatever you have done, finished. Forget it.

Seeker: Why with the Divine Mother and God so beautiful, why is there so much false teaching and why is the path so tricky?

Shri Mataji: It’s a very good question and while there is beauty and all that, but there are human beings and in their freedom show no [responses]. You never kept your wisdom intact. It’s very simple to see. Whatever I’ve said is so simple, you accepted it when I said, “By dancing you cannot go to God,” you understood it. By changing your clothes you cannot go. There are still people who believe it. They would not change even the nonsensical thing they are carrying [around their neck]. This is the problem with human beings is that you have all the freedom and God cannot take away your freedom because in your freedom only you can enter into the Kingdom of God which is the final liberation. If you are possessed you cannot do it. To all these gurus you cannot ask these questions at all. They sit on the temple floor, you pay the money here and then you go and bow to them. But I’m happy you ask me questions because that shows you are free. You are happy to be free. You have to be free. It’s all right. It doesn’t matter. [UNCLEAR] with all this background, then you see the light and enjoy it more. Every cloud has a silver lining about it, so something good will happen.

Seeker: Is there a difference if one is left-handed or right-handed and the way that one does these things?

Dr. Warren: That question was asked today. She wants to know about a person who is left- handed and if there is a difference?

Shri Mataji: No, no. It’s a question of habit forming and it’s very superficial. Sahaja Yoga is a very deep thing. It acts on your Kundalini. All these superficial things like what clothes you wear is not important, but later on you start wearing a dress which is sensible, decent. You start but you don’t become a dandy and a show-off. You just wear a nice dress and that’s all.

Seeker: What is it when you feel a heat or a strong energy coming through your palms. Is that not good?

Shri Mataji: No, it’s not very good but it’s not bad either because it’s cleansing. But in the palm you should not because I’m in your palm. You can ask the question, “Mother, are you in my palm?” I am here in the seventh center [points to Sahasrara] and that’s the seventh center here [points to center of her palm]. [Shri Mataji points to all the other chakras in her hand]. Are you all right now? Ask the question, “Mother, are you in the seventh center?” This time I am because I am before you. This is the time that the seventh center is to be broken.

Dr. Warren: You may feel it as cool in the palm of your hand.

Shri Mataji: You just get realization with that. It’s very simple. The whole thing opens out. That’s the Truth. You can open your eyes and ask the question. Asking question is the best thing. Keep your eyes open. This gentleman who is wearing goggles can open his eyes. Just take out and open your eyes.

Seeker: I feel a lot of cold air in my palms. My fingers are getting cold though.

Shri Mataji: Now you ask the question: “Mother, are you in all the centers?”

Seeker: Mother, are you in all the centers?

Shri Mataji: Ask twice.

Seeker: Mother are you in all the centers?

Shri Mataji: Answer it………….You got it? …………Very simple. That’s why Christ has said that it’s very simple but the ego is the worst thing and [UNCLEAR] lifestyle is a barrier. You have been seeking someone, asking for it. There is nothing to feel egoistical. I don’t know many things really. Many things I don’t know. I don’t know how to drive. I don’t even know how to go to a bank. I don’t understand bank, I don’t understand money, I don’t understand many things. You know many more things than me. But I don’t feel bad, do I? I know one thing and that’s how to love you, That’s all. Why should you feel ego? Why do you worry worshipping God? So simple as that. All right?

We feel very sad leaving you. Tomorrow I will be going. I hope I will be back with you again and meet you all here. But you try to grow yourself. You have to grow properly to turn the tide, not to get angry. Whatever are the ideas I’ve told you, you yourself will feel on your chakras. You connect your chakras. Try to understand why chakras are catching, why is this happening. You’ve got it now.

Those of you who have not felt the cool breeze, how many there are? [Shri Mataji helps individuals with their vibrations. Those not feeling vibrations are told to ask the question, “Mother, are you the Holy Ghost?”]