The basics of the left-sided problem

Heartwood Community Center, Santa Cruz (United States)

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1981-1018 Public Program Day 2, Morning, Santa Cruz, (USA) Day 2 (Morning)

Last night I was really very happy to meet you all and I was thinking how I could reach you so spontaneously. It was a great thing to cherish the moments of meeting you. I went into your beings, to your problems yesterday. Gregoire said that you all have got mostly the left-sided problem, not so much the right side. It means that ego is not so much there as your left-sided problem and the left-sided problem comes to you because of certain mistakes you have committed in your seeking. It doesn’t matter, it can be worked out.

The basics of the left-sided problem comes because I think you didn’t get the love of your parents also in your childhood. One of the biggest problems is that of the mother’s problem, that you didn’t feel that security when you were a child, to begin with. It’s a mother’s side. Left side is the mother’s side. Another thing could be that when you went into the society they tried to create diffidence in you by their own norms and ideas about life. Their idea of success is very different from the idea of a seeker. Because for a seeker the only success he can have is when he has found out the Truth. That’s what he is seeking. And if one child is born who is a seeker in a family who doesn’t know what seeking is – they are just seeking money or something else like that which is very superficial and nonsensical for a seeker – the diffidence grows in him gradually in the subconscious and he starts thinking that are we mad or is there something wrong with us or are we something strange people? What’s happening to us? How is it that we are so much different from the rest of the people who are madly doing other things and so much involved and we don’t find the fun in that?

So, the left side starts accumulating that diffidence within yourself. Then you find some friends who are with you or find people who talk the same language, that they are seekers and they have to seek something. But another diffidence starts afterwards when you become a group. This whole thing becomes known to people who are selling in the market, who are just trying to mobilize their money into new channels where they can make some money. So these people when they come to know about such a group, which is still uncertain, does not know where to go, what to do. It’s a very vulnerable society because there is nothing established. If they realize that these people are wasting their time, the other people who are doing other seeking like money and all those things, they understand that but they cannot also understand what they should do.

So, it’s a very risky type of a life they lead. And in that risk the first hit comes when they give up their parents. Because of the parent’s attitude towards them, they have to give up. And the parents in America, I was surprised, are really not at all kind to their children. They have only rights, they have no duties, I feel. I mean it’s just the other way round in India. Here they have no duties for their children. They are rich people, they don’t look after your needs, nothing.

The other day somebody told me a story that if the son is having a party or something and he is enjoying himself with his friends, then if he puts the music little loud, the mother in the other house would ring up the police and ask them to arrest this fellow. I can’t imagine in India. On the contrary if the mother knows that the boys are going to have a party she will go all out to prepare something nice for them and how to make them happy and she would disappear from there so that their age group should enjoy themselves. This is a very common practice in India.

So many such things have crawled up because of, I think, war. Because of war your parents got disturbed and they got upset. Let’s also give them some praise about it. So they were all very frantic and disturbed and their nerves were broken. Let’s take it like that. Then the material advancement, so called, through your industrial development came through. All right.

That also puts such a pressure on them. I mean if somebody has a TV, you must have TV. If you don’t have a TV, then you are a gone case. If he has some plastics, you must have some plastics. They have some nylons; you must have some nylons. You see, the competition was in accumulating these things all the time. And the machines they were trying to create more and more of this nonsense because they are hungry things, you know. So, they were consuming all of the Mother’s Earth and converting it into all these nonsensical things, which now is a big mountain. And it is a big problem for you, how to dispose them off. And the people in the households were trying to compete with others in this kind of a nonsensical pursuit. You see, the whole thing was a chaos for you.

Because you are born with a different, different awareness within you. Because you are awakened to a fact that material things are not going to give you joy. And this is what was difficult for you to convince your elders. And the elders also got into the funny ideas of Freud, I should say. And all the people started writing books about nonsensical things – how to treat your children and how to behave towards them. It’s something absurd! I can’t believe it’s shocking when I hear.
I mean there was a girl in Switzerland, she told me that, “My child” who was only one and a half month or something like that, “died in his bedroom”. I said, “In his bedroom? I can’t understand. What is that?”
They said, “We don’t make our children sleep with us.” I mean I can’t understand. Just I can’t understand, how can you leave them? You can’t sleep if your children are not with you. You just can’t sleep. You are so worried. And this is something, you see, from the very childhood. If you are left in another room, you feel, I mean you must be frightened. Anyway, I don’t know what must be happening to you. I mean when I give you Realization, I am even worried about you, “Now what is going to happen to these children who have got Realization?” I have to leave somebody here to look after you, to consolidate it, to manage it, to make you grow. Otherwise, you might be frightened. It’s really, it is so. With this, one feels very much disturbed and whom to blame? You see, you cannot blame anyone. The whole thing, we can say, was to be like this. So, accept it as it is. But it has harmed you on the left-hand side.

So, to begin with, in your psyche, I would say the problem started right from the time you were born. Now you took your birth with your choice. You decided to be born to these parents. You thought them to be sane people. Maybe you’re mistaken. And then, you took your birth in this great country, which has also some greatness about it, no doubt, which I will tell you now, what is the greatness of this country is, why you were born in this country.

And then thirdly, that you had to live with your own nature, you could not take to the nature of other people. And the difference between the two, the gap was so great that you just couldn’t manage it you see, and you have to get out of it. And once you are out of your home, you are absolutely vulnerable to these people who are attacking you. Because you are not yet matured enough to face them. You are quite young and you are suddenly attacked, your innocence is attacked.

Then now, you should not do this to your children. That is very important. But now the children are going to be very powerful people. Now look at the matured ones sitting here, just like great grand old mothers, you see. They are watching the things. When I went back, these two boys, one without a shirt and one with a shirt were standing there. I said, “What you are doing here?” They said, “We are looking after all the crooks who are trying to go inside [Shri Mataji is laughing] and we are protecting you from them.”
These two little things, one was only so big [showing the size]. Still, they have put all their toys there to fight. All the crooks that are going in and they are all standing there, both of them.

So it’s like that. These great children are to be born, no doubt, but in between is your generation which is a very important generation for me because you are the foundation of that great kingdom, the Kingdom of God. So you are also very important. The first thing you have to do is to say, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Do not take anything upon yourselves. You don’t blame yourself for anything, first thing.

Secondly is that the left side gives you a kind of a diffidence which is such a vicious circle. Or maybe because of diffidence you do not get your realization. Even if you get your realization, you go a little bit coming, a little bit going all the time and you get more diffident. Then the vicious circle starts. The diffidence again stops you from feeling the vibrations. You start blaming yourself and hating yourself and again it goes in a very bad vicious circle.

So the first and the foremost thing for all of you is to have complete confidence into your faith, that you have to seek something beyond. This is the first faith you should have, that you should have to seek something beyond and whatever you were doing in this may be mistaken. Doesn’t matter. But your aims were perfect and your aims were correct.

The second thing you have to know in yourself is that you are not all these things, like the worldly things you see, but you are the Spirit. Believe that you are. Do not have diffidence because you have failed so far. It doesn’t matter. Whatever has happened, ultimately if you find it, you find it. So second thing you have to know is that you are the Spirit.

Yesterday I was gradually strengthening your left side of which you are not aware. Perhaps you think that you are very egoistical. Some people think like that and that this is the ego. But mostly whatever ego you had is also finished because of the way they were bumping at it, it is hurting and it may become a guilt within you. “Oh, I should not have done this, I should not have done that, I should not have…” No use worrying about these things. No use going back onto it. Because of the left side, which is a very important side in Sahaja Yoga, is affected and it starts right from the Swadishthana [Mooladhara?] Chakra. As I told you that I am going to tell you about your Chakras but more relating to the left side. Left side, as Gregoire has written a book entitled “Advent” in which he describes it as the sin against the Mother and the right side, he says, the sin against the Father. Not the mother who has given you the birth, but the Shakti, the primordial Mother. the power of God’s Love. Sin against Her is the left side and the sin against the Father is the right side.

Countries which are developing now like India are trying to develop into your style. They are going to have plastics and nylons and everything. Then they will take to drugs, then they will become hippies and then this will happen and then I’ll have to give them realization. Before going all this circle they are not going to listen to me. They don’t want to short circuit it. So let them go ahead with it. They are now developing. All these countries that are developing should come and see you and meet you and know what development has given you. This kind of material… you are understanding it so well, but they will not. If you tell them they can’t believe.

You will be surprised when I go to India I have to take nylon saris for them. Though we get very beautiful silks in India, they don’t think there’s much about it. They think why don’t you bring some nylons for them? But they don’t understand and this is the thing I told you, that Kundalini is in India but they are not awakened. You people have realized the value of matter. You people have realized that matter doesn’t give you the joy. You have to go beyond it, specially nylons and plastics. At least this much you understand. But you go to any sophisticated Indian family they will give food in stainless steel. Though they may have brass they think that stainless steel is great. All the rich people will take out their stainless steel even if they have silver.

So, this is the state in which they are, while you have reached that state where you do realize the aesthetics of the matter. So you have, on the right side, achieved quite a lot and you should be confident on that style at least that you understand the worthlessness of all these man-made things. That’s something so great to achieve that you want to have something that is God made. Once you come to that point you should also know that if you have to have realization it cannot be man-made, it has to be God-made.

Now the left side is important here so I will talk about left side. But you should not feel hurt about it because I have to point out to you to understand the mistakes and the things which should not be repeated. But the right side mistakes are committed as I told you in the people who are developing. So I will mention you to do that part what happens to the right side when we commit mistakes on the right side.

What we do is we don’t believe that there is God who is your Father. You forget that there is a Father above you and He is the one who is going to look after you. So you don’t have to worry so much about earning money by any crooked method or by any means without any values to earn money. To be worried about money, to be worried about your well being is absurd. Krishna has said, “Yogakshema vahamyaham.” He said if you get to your yoga then you get your kshema, which means your well being. The other day somebody asked me, “What is the way to Lakshmi?” Is first is to get to your yoga. Why didn’t he say kshema yoga? He said, “Yoga-kshema vahamyaham.” First you get united with your Divine force and then your wellbeing is looked after. Even if I tell you the stories of that you won’t believe to what extent it looks after your kshema also. You don’t become Mr. Ford because that’s madness. You become a person who is provided for, who is looked after and who never feels the dearth that there is no money with you. That’s what kshema is in which your health improves, material things improve, everything improves once you have got yoga which is promised by Shri Krishna six thousand years back. I’m not saying something new. It was said about six thousand years back.

So you become a realized soul. By becoming a realized soul you realize that your Father, God Almighty, is the richest man in the whole world. He has everything. From where does it come? It comes from Him. Riches that we think are riches are not really riches. The one He gives you, the one He provides you are miraculous.

I will give you one example for this: In London we didn’t have any place for the boys to live in and girls to live in. They wanted to form an ashram. There was a lady who bought a place because she had sold her place. She bought a dilapidated place in Lambeth Vale (Chelsham Road). You will be surprised that William Blake* has said, because I laid the foundations there, and he said, “The foundations will be laid in Lambeth Vale.” He said that England is going to become Jerusalem. Imagine, this William Blake and his prophecies. I stayed first in Surrey Hills. He has written that the first beacons will be lit in Surrey Hills. Can you believe this man, how good he was in prophesying? Whatever it is, this ashram could only provide rooms for very few boys and girls and a big problem for them. So they said, “Mother, we have to have some more places to live in and what are we to do?”

I said, “You pray for it. Just ask.”

And a boy came with an idea that we should form a co-op. They were not willing to form a co-op. They said, “Mother, it takes 10 years to get a nice place in co-op. It’s useless.”

I said, “If you say so. Just go ahead.” So they formed a co-op. Can you believe within one month’s time they got a huge building, a hotel with 15 large bedrooms and big halls and all that for them to stay, paying only 70 pounds per week for the whole building. There were beds and linen and cutlery and crockery and everything that you could think of, where about 25 people can easily live. We had 16 marriages on the Krishna Ashtami day. And all these newly married couples stayed in that hotel very nicely, paying nothing, because you don’t have to pay there. But these boys, what they paid, I don’t know what they did among themselves. But this is the kshema. And such a beautiful atmosphere in that place. Everybody enjoying the pure knowledge and the pure love.

Now we are on the left-hand side and when I will discuss about the chakras I’ll be dealing, pertaining more to the left side and not to the right side, which is the side of material wellbeing and also how you get your physical wellbeing through this.

As you see here, the first chakra is very important. Because you see the connection is established in the left-hand side and it is a very important center, is the center of your innocence. The first thing God created on this earth was innocence and this innocence is embodied in a deity whom we call as Shri Ganesha. This deity was created a long time back, much before anything started on this earth, the alpha and the omega you can call it, and He incarnated on this earth as Lord Jesus Christ. I was told that I have to be careful because there are many people who just don’t believe in Jesus Christ. This is a very big conditioning of people because they are born in families who don’t want to believe in Christ. Whether you like it or not He exists. He not only exists but He is the only one who can really give us the path from here.

So the first one is the center of our innocence. And this center of innocence was kept there at a position where it manifests in the gross, our pelvic plexus, which looks after the excretion of the body. As there are four, we can say, petals of this subtle center, in the same way there are four sub-plexuses for the pelvic plexus. I don’t know how many have done medicine here. But the pelvic plexus has got four excretory sub-plexuses. One of them is responsible for sex.

The idea of sex that has come to us is from people like Mr. Freud. Now look at his life, what sort of a life he led. He had bad relations with his own mother. He is a perverted fellow. Secondly, look at his sense. In his own life you should see the light of a person. Then secondly that he had cancer for years together and he died with cancer. So, physically he was nonsensical, mentally he was a pervert. You must see the person whom you try to follow. It’s so logical. Now you see his life as it is. He taught you, “If you try to condition yourself about sex and if you marry someone and you’re married to one person and then you are attached, it’s a conditioning of the society.” But he was half baked. Because you are not only your left side. If you say, “What’s wrong if I do this? What’s wrong if I do that?” if you go on like this, then you forget the other side which is the ego side. Then the ego side develops, and then you can become a mad person. Then your sex can be a problem.

Today the sex of modern people is such a problem. We should face it. Perhaps you do not know that what a percentage of American young people are impotent today. The more you become impotent a viscous circle is created and to you sex becomes so important that you think you have to become just a sex point. No more a human being but a sex point. All the time you talk of sex, sex, sex, sex. What is the need? It is such a simple thing. Every animal knows, everyone knows. Nobody is given education about it. In India we never talk about it and we are producing much more children than you are producing here.

There’s also another reason why we produce more children. The load has to be on us because children don’t want to be born here. The conditions are so bad, in England two children are killed. Can you believe it? It’s allowed. Two children are killed every week by parents. I can’t think of one parent in India who will do that and we have poverty and we have everything. But no mother can kill her own child. Even if she has 12 children, she wouldn’t mind. Mind is not the thing, she loves them. She can’t afford to lose even one child out of them. It is another extreme we have. Like we can even sell our country for our children’s sake. We are to that limit. But I must say that children would like to be born in India, not here. So we are carrying the load upon ourselves.

But, the main thing is our sex ideas are really being conditioned by this so-called deconditioner. When they say do not condition yourself, actually they de-condition you, they think, but they are conditioning you much more by saying, “Do this, do that.” Sex, you don’t have to run away from that. You don’t have to get out from that. Not at all. But sane ideas must be developed about sex and you have to lead a very good married life. Married life is the blessing of the Goddess on you. It is Gruhalaxmi. The way you treat your women, the women treat you… It’s a reaction. The men treated them so shabbily and now the women are becoming mad here. How can you live without men? It’s impossible. If you think you can live without men, you are sadly mistaken. It’s a wrong idea, you cannot. And men can’t live without women. Now you might say there are people – I was amazed also, another amazing thing that I heard was that 65% people in California are homosexuals. It’s something shocking because it’s perversion. Now why it happens?

I had a boy in New York who came to me who was like a boy, he had mustaches and everything, but was talking like a woman. I said, “What’s wrong with this fellow?”

At first I didn’t understand and then they told me, “Mother, he is something like that, it is this, that and that.”

But actually he was possessed by a woman. I removed that possession and he said, “Now I look and feel like a man,” and he started walking in a different way altogether. He changed his gait and everything. It was just a possession of a woman on him.

So he was behaving like a woman and he was seeking the company of a man instead of a woman, which he should seek. That’s the normal thing to do and he became abnormal. Now when they became abnormal nobody is there to protect it, nobody is going to tell them that this is abnormal. This is nothing that you should say, “This is sin, this is illegal.” Nobody is going to listen to that. If you tell human beings this is wrong they will sit on your head. They will never do it. Never tell them this is wrong. Tell them, “This is right, go ahead with it,” and they’ll suffer and they’ll come back. This is the way our modern society is working towards. “You want homosexuality? permitted. You want killing? permitted. Whatever you want you do it.” They have a feeling behind them that once you allow them to do what they like, either they’ll be finished completely, once and for all, headache is gone, or once they realize, they will come back to normalcy. I think this must be the basics for everybody not going into it and finding out that 65% of people are suffering from such an absurd thing which is not at all joy giving. It’s never joy giving. It’s just ego pampering. Because some women told me, “Mother, these men are so dominating and they are so horrid and that’s why we should not have anything to do with them. And they try to push us here and there and they try to harass us so we have nothing to do with them. We’ll have ladies together.”

I said, “That’s not the way. You should know how to handle them.” They are very sweet, extremely sweet. They are like children. But you have to be a real mother to understand them. They are so sweet you can’t imagine. They are extremely sweet and good people.

Same about men, I would say, that the way they see the women are sort of dominating them and all that. There are ways of handling the women of that kind also. You can manage that. You have forgotten the sweet methods of romance.

The romance depends on the wig you wear. If a woman is wearing a particular type of a wig that man falls in love. She changes the wig the love is finished. These kind of artificial ideas if you have about your relationship with each other – if it is the hair you like, if it is the eyes you like and all that – it will not last.

But the feeling that we belong to each other and we have to love each other, then you don’t see these defects in each other. You don’t find these problems. Not at all. You need not be with your husband all the time but you enjoy the separation and then you enjoy also the meeting. It’s not that if you are away from him then you are both… Not at all. It’s really a sweet thing that happens to you and can happen to all of you when you are realized. Once you are realized, you come to such a normal position that the whole thing normalizes because that’s an absolute point. That’s the thing that takes away all your imbalances, all your problems and you really know what is love, what is enjoyment.

This Gregoire is the one who came here, did all kinds of nonsensical things here. Today he was telling me the other day that, “Mother, you are the master of fitting all the pieces together into a very nice integrated manner.” And it’s true but it is the Spirit in you that does that. It just brings back everything that’s all looking so ugly and so disintegrated into one beautiful form. And all the romances that you have heard of, now he has such a romance for his wife. He is so romantic that nobody can believe that he’s a modern man. A modern man is not supposed to be romantic about his wife. He can be romantic about anybody else’s wife, but not his own.

This is the absurdity of our ideas about love. Why not enjoy your own things instead of enjoying somebody else’s things. In India, supposing you get an Indian, he may be a thug. He may come to your house and run away with your things. But if you get a western man in the house, he will run away with your wife only. You don’t know what he will do. He will talk very sweetly and run away with your wife and he will think, “Oh, I have done such a great thing. She loves me.”And he is not bothered as to the whole system of the family is finished.

We had one boy, a journalist who was 26 years old and his friend was 24 years old and he invited the friend to his house. His mother was 48 years old and she ran away with the friend. And four children were left behind and the father didn’t know what to do. She had a divorce and she got the house divided. The children are thrown to places. I mean this is absurd. How can you do it? And she came to me, “Oh, I’m in love with him, Mother.”

I said, “This little boy, who is younger to your son. How can you be in love? You must be mad to believe in such a thing.” And the fellow was interested in her money, perhaps, maybe. I don’t know what he was interested. But they were in love, supposed to be in love. I don’t know what sort of a love is this one. See how can you be in love with your great grand children. This is so absurd these eighty-year-old people trying to copy with you. Going in a pub and dancing like you with their shaking hands and everything shaking and collapsing next moment. What is there to compete with these young children? You are grown up, you are matured, you are sensible, you are sane. Enjoy that. It’s a funny thing. In this modernity we have gone very much away from reality. That’s why we are away from joy and enjoyment.

Sex is to be used for its right purpose and to be used at its right point, which means at the Mooladhara. Christ said one thing. He said, it is written, “Thou shall not commit adultery. I say, Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” Because He knew this would happen and He is placed at that point where He controls the eyes. Nowadays we have started doing sex with our eyes, this flirting business. What do you get out of it? Looking at this girl. Looking at that girl. What are you getting? Your eyes are ruined. Your attention is ruined. You’re finished and fagged out. And by the time you have seen 20 girls you will sit down and say, “Haah. This is the best way to age.” And then you go to beauty clinics and try to look younger. What is the need to look at these girls like this? They are all your sisters. Have purity in your heart. There is no need to waste your attention so much. For an Indian we would be looking at the things and you will be looking at the women or the men. You finish your choice at a point. You finish it and enjoy it.

Even in guru shopping you do the same thing. You have come to me now, I have told you the truth. But tomorrow another guru comes in and “Let’s go and have a look.” If you have that kind of a frivolous idea about yourself, Sahaja Yoga is not going to work out in you. You have to settle down with it. You have to work it out. Your Spirit is to be completely uncovered and is to be brought into complete consciousness of yours. You should really become the master. Unless and until you are the master you should not give in and don’t go to these people just to look at them because you spoil your attention.

So doing sex with your thinking leads you to impotency. If you have to eat food with your mouth and you start eating with your nose, the mouth will be finished because it is frozen and the nose will be finished too and you won’t be eating either. Whatever things have to do, whatever ways you should allow that organ to work out that thing. So that’s why the spontaneity in sex is lost. You think about it, plan about it. How can you plan? I just can’t understand. You plan about everything that is so spontaneous and that’s why there is such a problem. And people talk here as if sex is something out of the blue. It is just there, it exists and you don’t have to learn about it. It is all there. And to talk about it also is not necessary. It is your own private and sacred thing between you and your wife. That’s all. Nothing beyond, nothing before. It’s a very sacred thing. The more sacred it is the more you enjoy it. I have known people in India who are 90 years of age and still very potent.

One gentleman came to tell me that “Mother, my wife has died and I am still … I don’t know.”

I said, “It’s all right.” I told him, “How do you manage?”

He said, “In her separation I live.” That’s how they live. And they manage themselves. While here the people at a very young age just become exhausted and finished.

So we have to understand that in Sahaja Yoga, you try. It will work out. Also gradually your attention will be stationed. You will be very much in the center and you will develop your innocence in such a beautiful manner. You will get back your innocence itself. Can you believe? Completely you become so innocent and so simple that you are amazed at yourself. Your innocence is there as far as money is concerned, no doubt. Still you are intact on that point.

On that point Indians are not. You are innocent as far as material things are concerned. For example you don’t mind giving all the money to these horrible gurus as long you get your realization. But there I think innocence is not stupidity. How can you give money for your realization? It’s a simple thing. You must understand that you cannot pay money for your realization. Anybody who says, “Now I have got vibrations.” Some people go to someone and feel heated up. Then they want to feel heated up more and more and more. This heat is coming from that man and is going to increase your heat all the time and it is going to increase and increase and your chakras are going to be ruined completely by this man. It has to be reduced. It has to come to the cooling point and you must feel the cooling point. If you cannot feel the cooling point then you must know that this man is absolutely wrong. Heat is not the sign of cleansing. When you are feeling heat here, for example, it is because the cleansing is taking place. Once the cleansing is over the cool breeze must flow in and you must feel the cool breeze.

Some people might feel absolutely cold, just like frozen. That’s also not a good sign. That means you are left-sided. Some of you may feel that kind of a thing. Feeling the cold is not the point. It is the feeling of the cool breeze, is a breeze-like feeling that you get. From my photograph also you will get. That’s the way you have to judge yourself. You judge yourself, establish yourself, keep your chakras clean and you will be amazed how you become a master of the whole art. You will be able to give realization, each one of you, to thousands of people.

So now in the second chakra when we come is the chakra of your seeking. And we call that as the second chakra, because the third chakra comes out of it. It is the chakra in which you seek. It starts from the very beginning when you were a human being you did not realize that you came to this stage in thousands and thousands of years. First of all, as any animal, what you do is to seek God in food. The whole thing is at Nabhi level where you are just seeking the food, how to nourish yourselves, how to look after yourselves. The second seeking starts later on. Some of the animals start becoming more alert by understanding that you have to be more intelligent. So they start seeking in power. They want to have power over other animals and try to overcome them so that they can eat them, so they seek in power. Then the seeking goes even subtler and subtler, that they started seeking in money, as human beings starts seeking in money, in possessions and things. Animals don’t have possessions, thank God, because possessions means headache. You have to have insurance, you have to have this, you have to have that. So the human beings start getting the possessions and all these things and they start going into this seeking. But the last and the foremost seeking is of the very evolved, is the seeking of the Spirit, the seeking of God. This is the real thing that should happen to us. When you are at that point of maturity then this happening takes place.

Now the other center that comes out of that one… Actually it’s not shown here but it comes out of that, is the center that is called as Swadishthana, is the center by which you think. You organize for the future. You work out your action through it. What we do is nothing but think, think, think. Planning is such a curse that we don’t do anything about it. We just plan and keep it in the book. We think we have planned it, it’s done already. It’s not so. Now this thinking gives a realm of future into which we enter in. When we start thinking, we do not know how we imbalance ourselves.

In this area (Void) resides the principle of the Primordial Masters, as Gregoire has told you. Now, when you start thinking, this center – the yellow-colored center – transforms the fat from your stomach for the use of your brain. Now people are so much against fat these days that it would be really dangerous to talk for it. From where are you to get the replacement of your brain cells, tell me, if you are not going to consume any fat? As it is your livers are out so whatever fat you take, you can take any amount of fat, you will not have any weight, try, because that fat is the reserve for your brain which thinks all the time. Do you know that this brain is made of fat cells? In Sanskrit it’s called as the medh. And the whole thing is called medhi, even the brain. Even your nerves are made of the fat cells. Now when you don’t take it, any form of fat whatsoever – I’m told that lots of butter is lying here wasted. I don’t say that you eat the mountain of it. What I’m saying is if you don’t take at all any form of fat, then what you do is to make your body starve for the fat that is needed for the brain and for your nerves. If you don’t take fat in the body you will be a nervous person. What is the supplement for your nerves? What are you going to supply?

That’s why you find, mostly, to make it out a westerner or an Indian is very easy. You make them stand before any calamity. The Indian will be silently watching. The other will be acting very disturbed. The reason is your nerves do not have any sustenance in them. That’s lost because you just don’t take any fat. Take a little bit. I’m not saying the mountains. If I say something, you may jump into the mountain of fat. That’s not the point. But just to avoid fat completely is a wrong idea. It creates an imbalance. This poor center has to do double job. Not only it has to supply the fat to the brain, it also has to look after your liver on the right-hand side. When it moves to the left-hand side your pancreas, your spleen, your kidneys and uterus. All these things this poor thing has to do.

Now if you are thinking, thinking, thinking all the time then it is trying to find out how it can get all those fat globules from everywhere to supply them to the brain and if it does not get that then it is a dangerous thing. But even if it gets it, then it is creating a problem for the other organs which it has to look after. That’s how people get diabetes. You don’t get diabetes because you eat sugar. It’s a wrong idea altogether. I don’t know why the doctors have started this kind of a thing. For example, in India people take sugar at least half a kilo of sugar per day, in the villages. They eat more sugar than they eat rice. Take it from me. But nobody has diabetes. Why? Because they don’t think.

Whatever sugar they take is used for their liver. If you do not give your liver any sugar, now ask anyone, how the liver acts. Liver is the one that takes out all your poison. Now this poison is to be taken out of the liver by water. Now if you take the water and drink on top of that, what happens that the hydrogen becomes heavier. I mean there’s H3 added to it and the whole system of H2O which has to be neutral becomes like this and you can’t receive any heat into it. So the whole heat which is the poison, accumulates in the liver, you get all kinds of liver problems. Practically most of the western people have liver problems. But they don’t know it, till they discover it. Till they are absolutely on the verge of something very fatal, they do not discover about liver. Now this hydrogen which pulls it down, becomes like an arrow, doesn’t receive anything from the liver, the heat and such a person never gets any temperature. Even cancer acts the same way. In cancer also, the H goes down very much though it’s a left sided problem, which I’ll tell you. But same thing happens that the heat of the body cannot be taken out by water. So the water becomes a heavy water, you can say. But after realization, the hydrogen goes up like that and you receive all the heat and people who have bad liver feel terrible heat on the right hand side.

Now you have to take carbohydrates to neutralize that heat. If you don’t like sugar, eat rice – I mean if there is some sort of a thing on your head. This also is an enterprise, I must tell you. These food stores are also another enterprise which is very subtle. As you had other enterprises of gurus, then you had of holidays. Some idea must have come. Then these singers, musicians, the four of them? Beatles. You know the one who created them, his uncle has told me the story, how he did it. It was all maneuvering which makes people mad and that madness is still on. You see people go on into that. It’s all auto-suggestion and all those things they work it out, they’re psychologists. And they know how to maneuver people and how to dominate. They work it out on your weaknesses, like you do not know about food.

Some of the health foods I ate, it was not for human beings, it was for buffalos, I felt. Really. Some of the foods were so hard and so harsh. I got such a pain in my stomach. I said, “This is not for human beings, this is for buffalos.” You are not buffalos, you are human beings. You have to eat food which is digestible to your stomach. Of course that doesn’t mean you should use this white bread which makes your intestine sluggish. But you should not eat all the fodder, of such hard things like everything you cut because you want to preserve the vitamins. You will cut everything and eat everything like that. Japanese are the worst on this. There is nothing that they don’t eat. I mean you can’t eat the food the way they eat. First thing they served me on a very special banquet, where the princess was there and all that, was a shell with all these moss around it. For us Indians as it is, a little fussy about these things and my daughter said, “What is in there?”

They said, “live thing.” We were all frightened. What is “live”. They said oyster or something which is live inside. And they poked it and it started doing like that and, oh, God, how do you eat it? And the Japanese just twisted it out and ate it off. And they eat everything wrong.

There was a boy who was eating peanuts. We asked him, “What are you eating?

He said. “I am eating these frogs.” He was just peeling them up and eating them nicely. Can you imagine? This is the way they eat their food which is not meant for the human body. You have to cook, but your women are so busy with liberation, they don’t cook. You should learn to cook, to handle your husbands. If you know how to cook, it’s very simple.

In our Sahaja Yoga center, we teach them how to cook, because if you know cooking you are the master. You see, men are really so simple. I cook very well. I’m an excellent cook I should say. But a gentleman came to see me, he was a German and he told me that there was one chairman of a car company, and he told me, “If you want to eat the best chicken, ask Mrs. Srivastava to cook” – that’s my another name – “and she is an excellent cook.” I was surprised to have this reputation all over that I cook so well chicken. And he came all the way and he brought the chicken with him. And he came all the way to cook with me and to eat it and he was a very big man also himself and I was amazed that he came just to learn how to cook the chicken. He said, “My wife doesn’t know how to cook.” Just imagine how helpless he was.

All men are helpless as far as food is concerned. If you give them good food… but they may say, “Oh, we can eat whatever we like.” But it’s not so. If you know their taste and things and if you know how to handle them, it’s very easy to handle them.

Somebody told me Indian men are very great cowards. I said, “Why?”

“Because they don’t know how to cook. That’s why they don’t divorce.” It’s not that. They are very wise. What’s the use of changing every day a wife. One wife knows all about your habits, she knows how to cook for you. she knows everything. It’s a good idea we carry on very well as companions. Every time if you change, God knows, she may come as a shrew, she may come as anything. You may lose your head with somebody, another may break your hand and another may break your leg. It’s better to know one and handle her for this lifetime. Next time at least you don’t face that type. It’s a very simple and wise way of living together, to understand that in one lifetime only, if you live with one person you develop that love, that attention, that understanding because human beings basically are very good. If you live with somebody for two days, you will just see the superficial things of that person. That may not be good. So to get to the depth of a person, it’s necessary you live with that person with a loving care, you see that person and you will discover how beautiful that person is. He is so beautiful sometimes that you are surprised at it.

The other day I had to go for something to a hospital. I never go to a hospital, but something happened and the doctor said after my life, “You must do this, you must do that,” and my husband couldn’t see that, he was so upset. He had never seen me like that. So he went back to his office, he put his head like this and he was sitting there, didn’t do any work or anything. When he came back, I was angry with him. I said, “What do you mean by not being here? I was here and there were other people and…” But actually I knew what he was doing. So I told him, “I know you ran away, you coward. You couldn’t stand here.”

He said, “It’s true. You know, I couldn’t see it.”

And then his secretary told me. “He was horrid. He wouldn’t talk to me, he wouldn’t allow me to do anything.” That’s what happened. So, to understand a man… It’s such a great thing to love. I don’t know if you realize that. It’s such a great thing to love, to give. It’s much greater than to have. Giving, I don’t know if you’ve tried or not. All my life, I have done nothing but giving and I think I feel so happy about it. The real source of happiness lies in giving only, not in taking from anywhere. It’s such a great thing to give and you’ll be amazed that you’ll have no dearth of anything. That is what one has to understand. But to think about what things I should preserve, what things I should give. What is there to think? If somebody likes, have it. Doesn’t matter. It works out.

Now, the second center, is also of the Lakshmi center, because, you asked me how to get the Lakshmi. Now this is the center of Lakshmi, because Lakshmi is the deity of this center and the deity who is the male side of it, is the one who is the kinetic side. The power is the potential side and the kinetic side is the male side. Laskhmi is the power of Narayana. Narayana is the deity whom you call as Vishnu. That’s why Vishnu only incarnates because He comes for our seeking and to give us our higher awareness. Always the aspects of Vishnu incarnates and that’s how we have been evolving one after another. For example, when Noah’s ark was built, it was Vishnu who came in the form of a dolphin fish and saved that Noah’s ark. And that’s how we were saved. Then it came in a tortoise form to make the fishes come to the shore and start crawling on the Mother Earth. Like that, a leader is always born and that leader is the aspect of God, is the incarnation.

Now, many will say, “We don’t believe in it.” So many are like that. “We don’t believe it. We believe in this and we believe in this.” How can you say that? First of all know that you say this because you are conditioned for something. You have a fixation. When you say, “I believe in it” or you say, “I don’t believe in it,” you have not reached your absolute awareness, have you? How can we judge? You cannot judge. You have to become that. Once you become that, just your put hands and ask the question, “Was Vishnu an incarnation? Was it the aspect of incarnation that gives us our realization?” You’ll start getting more breeze and more breeze and then you’ll know that it is so. But this fact about Vishnu, that He exists, you will only know after your realization. When you raise the Kundalini and if the Kundalini stops at this point of Nabhi, then you have to take His name. If you don’t take His name, it won’t rise.

That’s why the mantra is a very big science. To know first of all how the Kundalini is moving. You can say the mantra is like… To give it a very gross example, it’s like a toll that you pay at every point. So, when you go up to a gate, now you have to pass through that. Then you pay a toll. But somebody gives you a mantra. Before realization, it has no meaning. Because you have not started moving ahead. If your car has not started moving as yet, how can you pay the toll? To whom are you paying the toll? You’re just paying the toll to the guru, who is nonsensical .You have to go to that point where your Kundalini has stopped which you can see yourself and feel it. And then at that point, you have to raise the Kundalini higher by saying that particular mantra. Then at a higher level and at higher level. How the mantra is to be said there is a science. This all can become yours in no time at all. Within one month’s time you all will be experts of Sahaja Yoga.

When I went to Australia, I was hardly there for a month I think, and within 15 days, these people from television and all that came to see me and they said, “Are your disciples all scholars?”

I said, “Not at all. Who told you that?”

“Oh, they know so much.”

I said, “Because they have become knowledge now.” You start learning from others when you start giving Kundalini awakening and all that. You start learning what’s happening, where is it going, how is it working out, how to maneuver. Unless and until you start driving the car, how will you become the master of the car? In the same way, you have to know everything, working it out and not thinking about it. Then people start analyzing, “How can this be? How can that be?” It’s not analysis. It’s actual working. The thing flows from your hands and you’re amazed, “Oh, God, the Kundalini is rising.” Yes. you can see it’s come up. You can give realization. Those who got realization yesterday, today they can give realization. What do you say to that? You are that fantastic. But know that you should not be shifty people. They say that Americans are very shifty people. Be careful of this character. So everybody has a sign. Like that, you have a sign that you are shifty. While English are hard nuts. So, be careful. Do not be shifty. Settle down on your own Spirit. Work it out. Learn about it and fix it up.

I’m happy to see Michael has come all the way from Los Angeles. I was sorry I couldn’t ring you. The other day I was feeling very sorry. And to see you here I was so heartened and so happy that you have come here to work it out. This is how it should be.

There is so much to be said about every center. And you know that I’ve given at least 500 lectures in London alone. And there are tapes of my lectures. These are available. We don’t make any profits as usual, but you must also not exploit us by taking the free tapes. You should pay for the tape itself. Buy some tapes from these people. We’ll send you, you can copy it and give it to others the way you want to spread it. You can do it. There is no restriction on anything, but one thing is definite that you should not sell it at a profit. As I do not sell it for profit, you also don’t sell it for profit. There is no exploitation of the disciple and no exploitation of the poor Guru who is standing before you.

So we go up to another center which is very important within us. Is the center… I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it today, the whole thing, but at this point I’ll stop and tonight I’ll talk about these two other centers and the Spirit.

So, this center is the center of Heart. Here the Jagadamba, the Mother of the Universe resides, the one who is alone. She is alone. She does not have any male deity with her. She is the Mother. And She looks after the people who are struggling in this ocean of illusion. She is the one who is the protector. She incarnates. It’s said that She has incarnated 1000 times but she has incarnated many a time. This Jagadamba is the one who resides there at that point. When you were a child, say about 12 years of age, She creates the antibodies in the sternum bone. And these antibodies spread into the whole body and protect you from the outer problems. Now, those people who have the problem of this, especially in ladies, comes from insecurities in life. If you’re insecure, then you get the palpitation and such women at the extreme can develop breast cancer. If you can re-establish this, breast cancer can be cured in no time.

Now the other centers which are important, this is of the Father and the Mother on both the sides. Now the Father, is on the right-hand side, is the one by Shri Rama. Shri Rama and Sita who came on this earth. They are not standing in the center, so you can see very clearly that they are not worried about the evolution part of it. But they came on this earth to establish the right conduct of a person especially in the political and the economic field of life. How to be an ideal, a philosopher or you can say a benevolent king? He tried to establish the symbol of that, Shri Rama, and those people who suffer from father’s problem – supposing the father has died very early – they have this problem. And the symptoms of that is you get asthma. If you have any problem of the father – if your father has died early or if your father is torturing you or if you have no respect for your father or if you are a bad father – the fatherhood itself, when it is challenged, you get these breathing problems and asthma develops. It could be with the combination of that right side heart and also Vishuddhi, but mostly it is the right side heart.

Now, the left-hand side is the Mother’s thing is the Parvati, is the wife of Sadashiva, who resides there in Her form as the Mother, Annapoorna, or She is the one who is the giver of food. When She is in you, you find that if you cook for two people it will last for as many as who want to eat that. It’s like that. This is the deity that comes when it is awakened. It works out.

This Swadishthan Chakra is governed by Bhramadeva and Saraswati. Those who are students, for them it is essential to get this, because they are the Gods and Goddesses of your arts like music, dancing and all those things. Also, they give you the power of truth, in the sense that, if you have a good Swadishthana, then if you say something it comes out true. Your vani, your tongue, your voice, your tongues that you speak becomes the truth, is the power of this one. With the Lakshmi tattwa as I told you, you get your affluence. Wherever you go, you bring affluence. You go to any house people get affluence. You touch anything people become better off. All the problems go out and if you have problems on this, whatever you may try, you’ll never get rich. It will always be a problem and you’ll have losses and things like that.

Now the left-side Nabhi is the center which you catch very often because of drugs. I must warn you that left-side Nabhi gives you also a problem with money, always with money. Because if you have got left side problem, the Lakshmi just disappears. If you go more on to the left-hand side it is even worse. So alcoholism and all these things take you to a state where you start losing money and you can become very much poor with that. The right-side Nabhi is the one that gives you liver problems and gives you a very dominating nature, maybe, or a temperament by which you get very much angry. Left-side Nabhi has another very serious problem where your spleen gets affected. For example, people who are a very jerky type, they are having their food and then they are running to work. This can happen to the people who are right-sided also, because they are very speedy people. They are working and then they want to eat the food and at the same time think about something. They will attend to many things at the same time and this spleen has to look after all the emergencies and has to supply the blood cells.

Because of this kind of a frantic temperament of a person, what happens is the spleen becomes frantic and then the serious disease like blood cancer comes in. Moreover this is nothing, because there is an anti-Christ who has come in this country and settled down here. He is a regular 666 who gives you also blood cancer. So, it’s a very serious thing and all these things only take place when you are not aware of it. It can be cured by your Kundalini awakening. That’s the only way you can cure, Sahaja Yoga. There is no other way out. But you have to first of all know how to manage your Kundalini, how to raise it. But the first thing you have to do is to give up some of the fixations you have. Because it’s a new venue you are entering into. And like any scientist you should keep yourself absolutely open and see for yourself and know for yourself that you have to understand everything in such a way that it should be logical. It should be logical and through your vibratory awareness, not by your thinking. First you have to understand it and logically you’ll see it is true. So, it is you who judge yourself. It is you who understand everything. It is you who grow. And it is you the one who grows sees also things.

So I give it to you, all these things to happen to you, within your own wisdom and in your own freedom. All these things should be done. But just now I won’t say, “Don’t do this and don’t do that.” You’ll just give up just like that. Because once you find your Spirit you are never bored. You have no time. You are enjoying yourself so much. You have no time for anything. Even for smoking you forget. That’s how I am a very tricky person. I said no use telling them,”Don’t do.” Otherwise they will never come to my programs. Let them come and then I’ll manage. Then you’ll start really saving money on these nonsensical things, nonsensical habits that you’ve got. You want to get rid of them. It just works out.

So for the time being I think today it’s alright. But in the evening time, I’ll tell you all the rest of it. We are lucky to have here two persons who are here to stay –she was in London and Michael was with me – who are deciding to stay in Santa Cruz. It is she who brought me here. It is she who gave all these ideas. I mean it is now her responsibility to see that you all are put onto the right path and that without challenging your ego, she should do it, because it can be dangerous also. Because she is one of you and so you may not like it – her telling you something. So don’t mind. You’ll become like her also. Don’t feel that there is something aggressive about her. That is very important. Because with me it’s alright, because first of all I am a Mother and also I am something different. But for her you will think she is just like you. So doesn’t matter. You’ll become like her. And you can also give Realization to many. Thank you very much. May God bless you.

So, any questions? I’ll answer them.

Seeker: When you were talking about the second chakra, the one that is green there?

Shri Mataji: No. The one that is yellow color, which gives us the path of ascent. That it goes round. It’s like a lotus. Have you seen a lotus stem which has got a stalk? The stalk is in the third chakra. It comes out of there. And it goes round all over, supplies everywhere. It can bend down. So this is the Chakra which is a flexible one, Swadishthan. Which is actually the Star, Star of David. It’s the one which Moses and all these things they have built it up. This crossing of this represents the crossing of Moses, the sea that He crossed. All that is represented here because it’s the Sea of Illusion you cross. It’s the work of Moses Himself.

Seeker: Will You explain the difference between self-consciousness and self-realization?

Shri Mataji: I don’t know what is self-consciousness. But self-realization and self-knowledge is the same. But self-consciousness, what I learnt with my own Indian English, I would say is that you are very conscious of yourself. That you are very particular about your body and you are… There is another word for that in English language. Is that vanity? Something. That’s different. Self knowledge – atma boddha – knowledge of the Self.

Seeker: Last night I went home – I was here last night– [UNCLEAR] and I went to bed to go to sleep. It was terrifying.

Shri Mataji: Why? What happened?

Seeker: Well, I was having nightmares.

Shri Mataji: The first day you may have. Because there are spirits around. They will try to dissuade you.

Seeker: What came was an image of my mother and she was killing herself.

Shri Mataji: Your mother?

Seeker: Yeah.

Shri Mataji: It can be anything. Sometimes when you sleep… you must have had first of all a very deep sleep. That’s one thing that happens. But when you come out of that sleep sometimes you pass through your subconscious area in the beginning. And the impression that you have awakening in your sushupti, that means in your deeper sleep, are not there. But you just remember what you’ve seen in your present subconscious mind and you touch that. But afterwards you get rid of it. No problem. It happens.

Seeker: Also you said last night about drinking and when people become alcoholic, are they possessed by negative forces?

Shri Mataji: They could be very much because they go to the left side. If you drink, you go to the left side. You are in a vulnerable state, then, because you enter into an area which is unknown to you, which is the collective subconscious. And people can attack you, It is possible. Like Michael himself could tell you after realization, he started seeing them, the way they were there. He could see them. And then he could fight them better because if you become something else then you can fight them better. Otherwise they are in you till you become mad. You don’t know they are there.

Seeker: Also, is that passed down from mother to child?

Shri Mataji: Very much, no doubt. You share them even from your friends sometimes. That’s what people don’t know when they deal with other psyches and things like that, they don’t know that there is a way of protecting yourself from this. You have to protect. It’s very subtle. They are just like diseases. They spread and they can attack you. They can get into you. It’s very simple. It happens. Like I said, he and his wife, they just announced their marriage. And she had been to some clairvoyances and all that. They were all in her. She didn’t know. She got her realization alright. The day the marriage was announced, they couldn’t bear it. That happiness of his wife, so they all came back on her. She got so possessed; she started looking like a mad, talking like a mad. It was a big problem. They had to come to London to get it all right. …

Yes, they are there. You can fight it out. It’s not difficult. We know the method of doing it. So just don’t worry. It will be all right.

Shri Mataji: Now this gentleman, what have you to say?

Seeker: Yesterday you talked about how your body is a temple of God and I’m noticing that you are drinking Coca Cola. What is that you like about it?

Shri Mataji: It’s perfectly all right with me. I can even take poison, no problem. You don’t compare yourself with me, all right? I have to take poison also. I have to do all these things. So don’t compare yourself with me. But this Coca Cola is not so bad as people talk. I can tell you. It used to be very bad. Before what they were making about 2 years back, I couldn’t take that. But there is nothing wrong with it. Also I feel that maybe there is some sort of an enmity that is very popular. Maybe people are trying to say something. But nothing goes wrong with me when I take it. If it was poison, I would know it’s poison. But there’s nothing so wrong with it. Because I don’t know whatever they give me, I drink, I don’t mind. But of course not the alcohol. Even if I take alcohol, nothing will happen to me. But I would not take it because I don’t need it at all. I’m already in the Spirits. I don’t need it. But now, I would take it. I don’t think there is wrong in this Coca Cola. It used to be bad once upon a time. I never liked it. But now I don’t mind because, it’s something they added in it has been removed.

Dr. Warren: Too expensive to put cocaine in it now.

Shri Mataji: Now I don’t think they put cocaine. Oh, they must be putting cocaine…”

Dr. Warren: They used to.

Shri Mataji: Haan… now this is it . Alright. So there’s nothing wrong with it… That’s it. Now how many questions?

Seeker: How is it best to cook the seeds of delusion or will the Kundalini take care of it on its own?

Shri Mataji: Of course. First the light comes in, then the darkness goes out. You’ll be amazed.

Now what is it, Michael, you were asking so many questions before. You can come home and ask me now. What is it?

Seeker: Do you manifest yourself in dreams?

Shri Mataji: I don’t know what I should be saying. So many things I cannot confess them to you. I’m sorry. It has to be done. What to do? There’s some way of communicating. Your television wouldn’t take me on.

Seeker: This is the first time I’ve been introduced to Kundalini, chakras, this vocabulary. Is there any…

Shri Mataji: Yes, we have books. You can see that…

Seeker: Not only that but is there another in Christians or [UNCLEAR] ?

Shri Mataji: In the Bible? Yes it is. The Bible is a very concise form of conveying the information. I believe mysterious. It was kept mysterious because whatever Christ said you crucified Him for that even. He was not even given any chance to talk. So He has said it. But as He said, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.” Some people say that Christ has said that you’ll see that in your ascent, you’ll find, it’s all there. Now you’ll find that everything that He said is helpful. Even His Mataji used, the Lord’s prayer is used for opening this center.

Seeker: Coming out of place of isolation and wanting to participate more in this society, to learn from people and spread my energy and give, I’m becoming caught up in the desire and need to work and make money and do whatever people are doing and it’s pulling me further and further away from myself. I can see this happen and at the same time I feel really oppressed and yet caught in the need to do this because this is what is done on this planet…

Shri Mataji: Of course, I’m saying the same thing. Why should you isolate? You are the part and parcel of the whole. There is no need to isolate from the society. Only the communists would isolate. You have to fight in the society itself. You know I’m a married woman, I’ve got my grandchildren, I’ve got my husband. On the other side I’m very busy, extremely busy. This time I went from New York because my husband was having a very big reception and I shook hands with 680 people standing in the doorway. Then I was back again in New York doing my work. So I am hugging my babies by shaking hands.

Seeker: I find it to be exhausting to…

Shri Mataji: Before realization it is, not after. Because before realization you are not [UNCLEAR]. After realization your Spirit is the one that puts all your needs, of your vitality, and everything. We’ll tell you how to feed that. You’ll never be exhausted. It’s an inexhaustible force that is done in you.

Seeker: In your path, how does realization happen? Are you a shaktipat? Do you transmit energy?

Shri Mataji: If you ask these questions, I’ll have to tell you something. I do not know if I should tell you. Because you can. One has to learn that whatever people try to tell they were murdered and killed and also crucified. But I am doing something great, must be. Must be something about me also. Better you discover yourself because if I tell you then you may shun me and it could be quite different. But let me appear before you as you are. It’s better that we are congenial with each other and understand each other at the same level.

Seeker: Do you do it at the end of the program?

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, but don’t call it by any name otherwise it could be compared to other things. Like people have started doing Shaktipat. Any Dick, Tom and Harry is doing that.

Seeker: My energy has changed completely since last night. I just got really light and weightless and it’s almost as if my body has disappeared entirely, almost the ability to be invisible and when I was being attacked I couldn’t feel it into my body the way I would feel it before.

Dr. Warren: She has been describing her experience since realization last night, that she feels very light and she feels that any attack she could be shunning off…

Shri Mataji: We will tell you how to avoid any more problems. How to get out of your house completely protected and how to put your attention on your Spirit because that will give you dynamic powers. You don’t have to become reclusive. We are not going to become frightened of anyone.

Seeker: I’ve been hitch-hiking around the country since 1969 being a self-made sadhu. I feel like I don’t belong to the nations and I feel like a prisoner here. I would like to know if there is anywhere on the face of this Earth that people can live in freedom from the nations. We do not choose to live the way that society lives.

Shri Mataji: My child, I believe you, that you feel that way because of certain things which are innate within you, no doubt. I understand that point very well. But you’ll be amazed when you will see that in this society only they are going to create a new society. How can you leave your brothers and sisters? If I tell you, all right, you come along. We’ll have some place in India for all of you to come down and stay there. But who is going to look after the people here?

In London we have good Sahaja Yogis and Tracy would have been very happy to be there. But I told her, “What about the people in Santa Cruz?” You’ll be amazed, They’ll be all saints. The same people you’ll find them doing it. You’ll just discover it. Tonight I’ll tell you about America, how great is. If I was not aware of its greatness I would not have come to this country. Why should I come?

Seeker: How best to continue with your teachings if we can’t come tonight?

Shri Mataji: Better to be here if possible. This is something which has to be practiced in everyday life with your friends and things. It’s something which grows within us. It’s not any teaching as such. It is the growth that takes place.

Seeker: Right now in this country we have very powerful men who have in their hands the ability to destroy the whole planet through nuclear warfare. It’s as if they are deluded by demons. I would like to know what is the role of yogi teacher in representing the yoga of light to these people.

Shri Mataji: As I told you yesterday, leave that to me. I have dealt with all of them. I know how to deal with them.

Seeker: I have heard that great yogis from the past have incarnated in America.

Shri Mataji: Yes, it’s true, young children. One is guarding outside. Your daughter again, the one who was sitting on your lap. Tremendous, isn’t she? Like a grown up lady looking at everyone. Yesterday those two girls who walked in, there’s one coming in now. Very great people are born now. You should become a father of one of them if you want to.

Seeker: I will.

Shri Mataji: Good idea. We have to have a good married life, first of all. They won’t be married to people who don’t have a good married life. So the second stage would be to marry you all.

Seeker: The man in my life and I would like for us to be able to dream together, to find each other in our dreams and have our dream together. How can we do this?

Shri Mataji: Why are you not together in reality? That’s it, the dream itself. Reality looks like a dream, you know? It’s so beautiful. Best thing is to be in reality, everything in reality, in present, everyone. Every moment of life is dynamic. We don’t live in the present. We live in the past or in the future. Just enjoy what you have. But I cannot just say that. It’s a happening. I cannot just say that you be in the present. It won’t work out. It’s a brainwashing thing. No, it has to happen.

Seeker: What is the best way to work with parents who are concerned about us and are interfering into our lives – how to handle them?

Shri Mataji: I’ll tell you how to spread the magic of love. There is a way of putting a magic band of love. It’s very simple. We can work it out. If they are devils they will forget it but if they are human beings they’ll come around.

Seeker: How can we tell if they are demons or not?

Shri Mataji: When you get the discrimination power in your hands, you start feeling the vibrations and demonic people give you blisters on your hands, not only heat but actual blisters. If you see their eyes, the pupils of a demon’s eyes just disappear like a cat’s eyes. They look very powerful in their eyes, sort of hypnotic, but if you look at them their eyes will disappear. Sometimes if you touch them they will faint.

Seeker: I want to continue hearing about the second coming of Jesus and bible prophecy and how accurate that is because you mentioned the antichrist. I have this definite feeling that something very heavy is going to happen and a lot of people feel that it is going to be like heaven on Earth but there will be massive destruction first and maybe Jesus will be only a mental halucination and will not really return but I have this sense that something…

Shri Mataji: It’s correct. It’s going to happen. But don’t ask for it just now. Let us work it out. Let’s save as many as we can. It’s going to happen, has to happen, the last working out. Then nobody‘s going to tell you, comfort you, redeem, nothing. We are just going to enter the Kingdom of God and we will lock our doors and be happy. So don’t worry about the destruction. The rest of it, whatever is to be destroyed will be destroyed. But that’s not you by any chance.

Seeker: I’ve been taught that in my spiritual life there is a difference in your handedness, left or right, and how we think. In your teachings does that have any bearing.

Shri Mataji: No, not at all. But the left-handed, right-handed and central path things are there but human beings are made up of permutations and combinations of these three gunas. But this left-handedness of the physical side has nothing to do with that.

Seeker: When you talk of left and right side I assume you talk of the opposite brain hemispheres.

Shri Mataji: Yes, you see the ego and super egos. Absolutely, nobody is left-handed or right-handed, but by our habits and methods we go more to the left or to the right. Our style is that we go to these extremes and that’s how we are.

Seeker: When you say to the left side you are talking about the right brain?

Shri Mataji: Yes, of course, the right brain. But it is actually placed more on the back side. From here it starts [right side of head], more on the back side. The right-sided one, though it is placed here it is placed like that [front to left].

Seeker: Several places in the bible Jesus referred to a return and I don’t know if the scriptures are explicit in calling it the second coming but on the Mount of Olives He told the disciples that many shall come in His name, claim to be Him and many will be deceived. Brother will turn against brother and nation against nation. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, there will be famines, pestilence and earthquakes in diverse places. Seeing that you are not troubled by these but they must need to be. [He goes on with quotes from the New Testament about something cataclysmic and the return of the Son of Man who will come with great powers].

Shri Mataji: They are called as the Eleven Rudras, the eleven powers of destruction which I will tell you tomorrow, where they are placed within us.

Seeker: How do you distinguish between that which may be a true prophet and that which is false prophecy that comes from things which look good but inheritently are not good.? I want to refer to and, I hope, nonjudgementally, what I’ve been told by the disciples of Sun Myung Moon, disciples of guru Maharaji and by followers of Love Israel. I’ve been told that their master is the return of Christ and the bible tells me that if a man comes to you and says go into the desert for Christ is there or out of the mountains then don’t believe it because it is not true…

Shri Mataji: Can I tell you now that what you are telling me I understand, that it is true, that they all are saying the same thing? They have to say the same thing. The false people have to be exactly like the person who is a real person. The problem is how to make it out who is true and who is not. You were not here yesterday? No, that’s the reason. I have to repeat it now. I told at the very outset how to make it out.

First of all, you go to anyone for any God’s work, you must know that you cannot pay for it. Because such a person will talk of righteousness, of holiness, of sacredness. [UNCLEAR and he has to have wisdom.] First is the money [UNCLEAR] But have you got problems. Say, for example, he said about this guru Maharaji person. Horrible. I wouldn’t call him that. I call him Raktabija (a demon). Now this fellow, if his disciple is there, you see from this disciple. For example, if he says that he’s got something then you tell him, “Can you say what’s the matter with my chakras?” Ask him, “Can you say what’s the matter with your own chakras?” Now these people know. They will tell you where it is. They can raise the Kundalini, they can show you the raising of the Kundalini. With the naked eyes you can see the raising of the Kundalini. Not in all, of course. If you are [UNCLEAR] it doesn’t happen. But if there is an obstruction they can see. You can feel here on top of your head the proof. Actually. You don’t just jump or do anything, but you see the cool breeze coming out. It’s the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost you are to feel after getting that. You cannot be forced, it is you who have to find it out. You have to do it.

Then when it has happened to you, ask the question. Everything can be found out by asking the question, “Is there God?” You’ll get a cool breeze in your hand, quite a lot of it if you are a realized soul. But if you say, “Is this gentleman a realized soul?” You will get heat, or your vibrations will [UNCLEAR be cut] or amazingly you might even get blisters. Your awareness becomes empowered with that discrimination because of this cool breeze of the Holy Ghost flowing through you. You start feeling the all-pervading power all around you which you do not feel before. So when these people start talking to you, you should know what you have got yourself. This is the main thing: What have you got?

Now as she said, we will teach her how to give realization. Today you’ll be giving realization to people. Those who have felt the cool breeze yesterday can give realization today. Can you believe it?

Seeker: I hear a lot of people talking about self realization and about spiritual terminology and I still see a lot of fear and I am wondering if you could talk about how people can confront their fears and maybe let go of them.

Shri Mataji: First of all, I’m not talking. I’m going to make you get it. That is the point. It’s not talking. Lets do it now. If you want me to talk all the time by asking questions…

Seeker: Is there a specific way I can protect my daughter when we are around…

Shri Mataji: Yeah, we’ll teach you all that.

Can we make it short? Better have it.

Seeker: Talking makes people think.

Shri Mataji: Ha ha ha ha. He has said it. You’d better not talk. Thinking, thinking, you won’t get it. You’ve been thinking, talking, arguing – everything you have done so far. Now better get to it and get over your fears and everything.

[Shri Mataji starts giving self realization]

It is the direct experience that’s innate, not the thinking. What he said is true. Thinking makes you even worse. Thinking is not the thing. Now, put your hands towards me, just like this. Sit in a way where you are comfortable. (As it is I will say it again. Take it out please. Little bit that heavy thing.)

Dr. Warren: Any heavy necklaces or anything.

Shri Mataji: And these rudrakshas [type of beads often used for treatment of various diseases] are meant for people who have got high blood pressure, not for people who have got low blood pressure. Everything has it own place. 

Now, close your eyes please, and put both the hands towards me.

Close your eyes, just close your eyes and don’t shake your body. Keep it steady. You have to keep it steady.

Steady, steadiness is the main point.  Now your attention is just loosened, loosen your attention. Do not fix it on any point whatsoever. But if you can’t help it, then you can put your attention on the top of your head but not anywhere else. Do not fix it anywhere. Keep it loose. It will just work out.

Put your right hand on your heart, and ask the question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Just ask the question.

Now put your right hand at the base of your stomach on the left hand side.  Is the Swadishthana Chakra on the left hand side.  Just on the left hand side, it is very important. Now ask the question, “Mother, am I the pure knowledge?” Or, “Make me the pure knowledge.” Just say, “Mother, make me the pure knowledge.” You are. First of all have confidence that you are that. You just awaken into that.

Now go a little higher on the stomach above the portion of the spleen. Do you know that? Higher, nearer, the ribs, more on the ribs. Not absolutely, a little lower than the ribs. Press hard. Left hand towards me and right hand. Just here, here. Now close your eyes, close your eyes. Close your eyes, and here, “Mother, make me my own guru.” Your own guru. Your own master. “Make me my own guru.” Press your right hand, a little deep, but don’t stop your breathing. Breathe normally as much as… This you have to say 10 times. From your heart. “Make me my own guru.” That really gives you the discrimination.

Now raise it higher. Put it at your heart level. Left hand should be towards me as if you are asking for something. Just like this. Now at the heart point just say, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Please, ask me, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Just ask.  Most of you will get cool breeze at this point. 10 times again.  (So many are getting it.)

Dr Warren:  It’s very cool, very cool.

Shri Mataji: Good.  Just ask, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” 10 times.  (Good?) 

Without feeling guilty, again.  I should say, first of all, say, “I am not guilty.” It’s better. Put your right hand, higher, on the neck, on the left hand side. On the neck. This is the left Vishuddhi.  Now just say, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Say it again 16 times because you people have really a very bad Vishuddhi. I was clearing yesterday till 2 o’clock in the night, your left Vishuddhi. What is there to feel guilty, my children? What have you done? Have you killed somebody?  Why are you so guilty?  Go on saying it, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” Your confidence is not there.  Unnecessarily you are getting a… (Left side, left side) Just you’re not to feel guilty at all. If you’re feeling guilty you are punishing yourself for nothing at all. Why are you punishing yourself?  Just say, “Mother, I’m not guilty.” Put your right hand here. Close your eyes properly. Put it down here. See there must be a kind of a lump of your so-called guilt.  It’s all mythical.  It’s a very, very big myth you are carrying on and feeling sorry and suffering. What is there to suffer? You just say, “Mother, I do not suffer and I have no guilt of any kind. I am very confident, I’m a seeker and I am going to enter into the Kingdom of God.” (Better?)  [UNCLEAR] I don’t know how many years you have been doing that. Don’t be guilty about anything. Whatever you have done, it is nothing. I am talking about the ocean of love, the ocean of forgiveness, the ocean of compassion.  And what is your guilt? Not even a speck. Ahh.  Better now.  

Now, you can put both the hands towards me. And now say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.”  Actually, Lord’s Prayer is the best for this. If you all know the Lord’s Prayer you can say it inside and it will work out faster.  Will you say that? Let’s see.

Seekers: Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Shri Mataji: Again. [Lord’s Prayer is recited twice more.]

Now, ask for your realization. You have to ask. I cannot just give you without your asking. As I said, freedom is the most important. You have to ask. Put your both hands towards me and say, “Mother, please give us our realization.” Or, “Could you give me my realization?”  You have to ask for it.  Seven times for seven chakras.  Just ask for your realization. It is your right to have it. It is your right to ask………

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