Diwali Puja, Lakshmi Principle Bramham Gardens, London (England)

Diwali Talk, Lakshmi Principle

(Shri Mataji holds a baby in Her lap) You are very happy (Mother laughs) What’s that? What is happening to you? You are very happy. All the joy. Really. All are catching here, all they (baby is sucking left Vishuddhi finger). Left Vishuddhi. Ah, all right, take him. Have they come?

(Asks about some people if they have come) and we have to wait for Gavin also. (…)

Come along. Hallo. How is Magda? […]

Diwali Letter London (England)

Diwali Letter
London (UK), October 27th, 1981

Dear Sahaja Yogis, My Dear Children,
May this Diwali light the lamp of love within all of you. You yourselves are like those lamps whose glow spreads far and wide, and this glow cannot be diminished by trying to cover it up.
In fact, trying to conceal them makes these lamps even more powerful. This is the inherent wealth of these lamps. But sometimes negativity causes these lamps to shake and waver. […]