Diwali Puja: Powers of the Gruha Lakshmi

Chelsham Road Ashram, London (England)

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Diwali Puja. Chelsham Road Ashram, London (UK) – November 1, 1981.

Today I told you about the importance of Lakshmi principle within us and the three processes through which we pass. First is the Gruhalakshmi. Actually, this is celebrated mostly on the thirteenth day of the moon, where they say that the housewife has to be given some present. And the best thing she can have is a some sort of an utensil. So people give her some utensils, actually it’s a very mutual thing, because if you give an utensil, she is supposed to cook for you. It’s a very sweet way of suggesting that you cook something for us.

Then the fourteenth day is very important, because that is the day the Goddess as a power, as a power, because it was Kartikeya who killed Narakasura, the devil. And he was one of the worst of all, could not be killed. So, Shiva and Parvati were married for this special purpose to produce this powerful Shaktiputra, means the son of the Shakti, known as Kartikeya. And He was just born to kill this horrible devil, called as Narakasura. And He killed. That is the day, fourteenth day. It is something like Halloween, that day. Because that is the day they opened the gates of hell and put all the devils into hell. And that’s why that day one has to rest in the morning time as long as possible. So, that let all the devils be put in nicely because some of them might be hanging around still. It’s better to allow them to get out. I mean in the realm that you are you do not feel much their existence. But if you were in the realm of subconscious area or collective subconscious, people see even some of the spirits and also can feel their existence, they see the black spots and all that. So, that day is very dangerous.

But because Narakasura was killed, people celebrated; that celebration is expressed next day, which that day is the day of Diwali, they say. That is the day they also worship Lakshmi, because they think that, that’s the day Lakshmi was born on this earth from the sea as I told you last time.

Then the day of the New Year comes in afterwards, because in India in the north, that’s the time people finish their crops and they found that day was very good to celebrate the New Year. And, that is actually more, sort of, we can say is a social thing in India, we need not use that, what ever suits us. You can have your own New Year. Because in the south, say in Maharastra they have another New Year, as I told you where Shalivahana in his dynasty started another calendar and they celebrate that.

So, all these things are nothing is rigid about anything, one must know. Nothing is rigid. Rigidity comes from ignorance. It’s all for you, for your joy and happiness. The whole festival system is for your happiness and not for the happiness of the time or date. It’s for you, so it should be adjustable according to your needs and understanding. And also according to your national way you live. They should be no addiction to any particular type of culture, a particular type of ideas. It’s all for you. All these festivals are for you, not for gods. They don’t have these festivals. It’s only for you people these festivals are there. And when you celebrate them, that’s only for your joy and your happiness. And that’s how you should celebrate in a way that gives you the greatest amount of happiness. And the festivals, all the festivals of the world must be celebrated. The more you are festive, the happier it is. Why miss the chance, you see. So as Sahaja Yogis you can celebrate, you can’t put yourselves in [UNCLEAR: sounds like John “yawn” or “lawn”].

So, as a Sahaja Yogi, you don’t belong to any particular caste or community anymore now, you belong to universal caste. Once you start belonging to the universal thing, then you can celebrate all the festivals of all the religions. And have the best of it. All the year out, you can celebrate all the festivals. Know about them, the more you know, the better it is. And have all kinds of sweets, whatever you use, whatever type you use, in whatever areas and countries and cultures. And that’s how we have to be more festive.

Now the last day is very important, is a very universal day I should say, called as Bhaiya Duja [Hindi; Bhau bij in Marathi], this day, or they call it also in Marathi Vao Dijum, different names. The brothers and sisters day. Now the brothers’ and sisters’ relationship has to be very, very strong. And the purity of that relationship is to be maintained. It is not necessary that you should be born as brothers and sisters, not necessary. But you are born, because if you are realized souls you are born as brothers and sisters. So that purity must be maintained in the society of Sahaja Yoga. Very important, that we should try to develop this situation that brothers and sisters are something very pure. Their relationships are very pure. And they should not be at all challenged. It is so much so that even if you call somebody your brother, he is your brother and the more you develop this relationship, the better your left Vishuddhi will be. Because left Vishuddhi is the relationship with God as a brother or with a Goddess as a sister.

So, Shri Krishna’s sister, as you know was born to Nand and Shri Krishna himself was born in a prison. So there was an exchange that took place. They had to replace Her in His place. And then when Kamsa, the uncle of Krishna, tried to kill that girl, She went into the sky and like a lightning She said that “Your killer is still living in Gokul, is still there.” So this lightning that we see, is representative of that power, which we call as Vishnumaya, is the sister’s. If your sisterly feelings towards women are good and strong, your left Vishuddhi will be very good.

It has many other qualities. For example, a person who has a very good Left Vishuddhi, is a very confident person. Not only that, but whatever he says comes out true. Even by mistake, he says something, it comes true. It’s a very powerful center Left Vishuddhi is. Such a person, whenever he speaks to, say, criticize something or to cut down something or to be against something, then it has the power to crash all that he doesn’t want. See like, you can say Christ, His Left Vishuddhi is expressed through His relationship with Mary Magdalene. When He stood up and said that “Those who have not committed any sin can stone her,” so this is His power. The sin of the people just crashed them completely; they were finished, because the sin was there. And the sin was of Left Vishuddhi. There was no purity. And when there is no purity, the person who is so pure says such a thing, all these people lost their powers; they couldn’t even stone.

Now this sister of His was born later on as Draupadi and that to very near the place we have been to, Vani, you know, where we saw. Gavin do you remember when we were going to Nagpur? Near Vani she was born, that place and there’s a very big temple of that. She was called as Draupadi and you know how Shri Krishna tried to save Her chastity. Now people, I have heard, are trying also to say things against Mary Magdalene and against Christ and all kinds of things. This is the sign of the decadence of our brains and of our morality that we cannot see purity in any relationship. We cannot see any purity in any relationship.

So, we as Sahaja Yogis, have to develop more of that. Instead of that what I find that people, specially in the West, try to think whom we are going to marry whom. These relationships are established, is wrong. There is no need to go on organizing marriages and playing these games of romance and all that. If marriage has to take place, it will take place. But don’t spoil the atmosphere. There are some people who are just like barbers, who try to organize marriages you see and take a great pride in arranging marriages with this one to that one and that one to that one. Is not a desirable thing; one should not do it. There’s no virtue in these things, is to organize marriages all the time. When the marriage time comes, it takes place.

Now at the time of Mohammed Sahib a big question arose, because there were very few men and many, many ladies of all age groups. And they didn’t know what to do, how to save these girls because so many men died in the war. So then they asked, “What to do now at this juncture in a position, when such a catastrophe is there and so many women are there, and very, very few men?”

Then He said, “All right, you can marry four or five wives and you can marry in any age group.” Because if you have to live with dharma, means marriage, means collective sanction, not without marriage. So, He said, “All right, you can even marry five times, but you must marry, without marriage you cannot live.”

And that is why He was particular that every person should be married and should have no relationship without marriage, was sin. Instead of that now Muslims think that it is there right to marry five persons. I mean, when the men are more and women are less. Is a wrong thing. You have to find out the solution. And at that time the relationship between even the sisters and brothers had to delimit, because there was a big problem.

So He said, “All right, the children born of the same parents cannot marry, but cousins could marry,” that time.

Now that time is changed, all right, it’s not that time. We are not on war, there is nothing happening like that. There is no such problem. So, let us develop now our pure relationship of brothers and sisters. Actually, first time when we had this Diwali function, I asked people to find one sister for yourself. Every gentleman must have one sister, to find out one. And then that is the day, I said, let us start this way that next time when we meet on another day called as Rakhi Purnima, that you tie the rakhi in the hand, the same brothers and sisters.

In India also we did like that and it worked very well. But there the relationships are so strong. Once Dhumal, you see, I think tied it to Raulbai. And now even if I say something to Raulbai, he doesn’t like. It exceeded to that extent. It’s so sweet you know. And even Dhumal’s wife respects Raulbai as an elder sister. It’s very sweet. Like that many relationships are established. And next year I think Raulbai became the sister of one of our trustees, who was no more there. And she always carried on all that relationship, and they also, I mean imagine. The whole thing is that, that relationship is so special, so close and so pure.

And such a relationship one should develop with a lady, any woman or any friend you want to have. One should remember that it cannot cross a certain limit, there has to have a maryada. Otherwise they will become brothers and sisters and then they marry, it’s not possible. So we have to have the boundaries; that is very important. In Sahaja Yoga we have to have maryadas and boundaries. And one of them is this: that once you call somebody a brother or a sister, is absolutely pure relationship. Little further we’ll go with that and that the relationship with a, as I have told you before, that with your, say, husband’s younger brothers is just like that they are like your younger brothers, all of them, husband’s younger brothers or younger Sahaja yogis than your husbands, are. The other way round is for all the ladies, we can say, all the men, their wives, elder ladies, elder to your wives, are like sisters, elder sisters.

I mean this relationship is so sweet and gives you a certain amount of understanding how much distance is kept with whom, with whom to be free and with whom to have the distance. And this must be maintained with such a beautiful way that this purity is not corrupted. You keep to pure standards.

This is the nourishment of Sahaja Yoga, is the nourishment of your growth, purity. Purity is the most important thing for us, purity in every way. If you are pure, you will not do anything that is fake, that is, we can say, that is not pure.
So first of all, you’ll be pure yourself and you’ll accept purity, you’ll appreciate purity, you will be sustained by purity. Any impurity will not collaborate with you or try to compromise with you. That’s why purity is your Mother’s name. You know that my name is ‘purity’. And this purity is such that it pures everything, it just purifies. The purity should be such that it should purify, otherwise that purity has no meaning. For example, a soap purifies, all right? But you don’t purify the soap. Do you clean the soap? I mean some crazy people might be. I know some people, who even wash the tap and also the water. And that’s why, that’s why this water, which is the purifier, water is the purifier, water purifies us physically. And also our poisons are driven out of our liver also by water. Water is a very great element in removing all problems. You use water for so many things; you know how it works it out. So, this Lakshmi, which is purification, was born out of water. That’s why She was called as Mary, as I told you. And I’m also called as Nira, meaning born out of water.
So one has to understand that today’s message is that we inculcate purity. We should not cheat ourselves. It is easy to cheat, but we should inculcate purity within ourselves as a matter of our own achievement, as our own decoration, as our own beauty and not just because it’s a laborious thing or it is a very hard thing, not like that. It should be achieved with great pleasure and happiness. How do we like to have a bath or to be clean and to be presentable? In the same way we should try to clean our thoughts. Just by paying attention to them, we can clean them. Thoughts must be made clean. First of all why have thoughts at all? But even if you have, have clean and pure thoughts. Even if you have to have, don’t have thoughts full of arrogance, aggression or of fear.
Some people think that if you have thoughts of fear it’s a very good thing; “Oh I’m frightened, I am afraid.” It’s impurity. Why should you be afraid? That means your left Vishuddhi is catching. There’s no need to have any fear of any kind; no need to have any fear of any kind. If you have to have fear that means there’s something wrong with you. If you believe that God is above all, you are a realized soul and that God is going to look after you, that He is your father, that He’s open His gates to you, what is there to be afraid of? Many people think that way that if you have the fears, you are humble. Humility is different from a frightened person. It’s absolutely a different thing, it has nothing to do with humility. So to be humble is different and to be frightened is different. For Sahaja Yogis it is very easy to find out through their vibratory awareness what is fear and what is humility. As humility will give you vibrations and fear will catch all your left side.
So our purification of our mind comes through certain methods of understanding ourselves. First of the understandings one has to have is that we are born in a family, born in a society, born in a so-called religious sect or what. So all these fixations have put into us certain amount of impurities which may give us ego, superego, anything it might give us. So to keep it pure and simple is: take to water element as much as you can. It helps both ways, it helps ego, it helps superego. Take to water element. And that is what Lakshmi is. Lakshmi is the one that gives you the Mahalakshmi Tattwa. From the Lakshmi only the Mahalakshmi’s principle comes in. And this is after the purification through the Lakshmi process.

Christ has said, “If you want I can give you gold, gold parts, you can live with it. But those who love Me will only enter into the Kingdom of God. And I will eat with them,” means those who are pure only I will eat with them. I will not eat with people, who are impure. He was so, I mean, every, all the incarnations are aware of it, that they have to be with the pure people and they have to help the pure people. But He so clearly said it that if you want Lakshmi, you can have it, that’s money. But that’s not Mahalakshmi, so from Lakshmi to Mahalakshmi state. You’ve already got your realization, you do not know how much you have got it already. You are already having the Mahalakshmi principle within you. And what is the Mahalakshmi principle? That’s the point.
Can I ask this question?

What is the Mahalakshmi principle within you?
A Sahaja Yogi: It’s all for the Spirit.
Shri Mataji: Hum?
A Sahaja Yogi: It’s all for the Spirit, Mother.
Shri Mataji: No, no. But you have a power. You have got Mahalakshmi’s powers within you, do you know that?
A Sahaja Yogi: Mother? The pleasure it gives you.
Shri Mataji: I beg your pardon?
A Sahaja Yogi: The pleasure it gives you.
Shri Mataji: The pleasure?
A Sahaja Yogi: Yes, the pleasure
Shri Mataji: No, no, no.
A Sahaja Yogi: The pleasure of giving Realization.
Shri Mataji: Go ahead still, a little more, move.
Pleasure is not a power. Pleasure is what you are enjoying. That is, you have a power of Mahalakshmi.
A Sahaja Yogi: Sustaining power?
Shri Mataji: What’s it?
A Sahaja Yogi: Sustaining power.
Shri Mataji: That’s no power. I mean, power means, you have that power to do something.

Sahaja Yogi: Potential?
One Yogi: The power to spread Sahaja Yoga, Mother.
Shri Mataji: That’s rather vague, particular one.
A Sahaja Yogi: Power to give Realization.
Sahaja Yogini: To give Realization to others.
A Sahaja Yogi: To evolve, Mother.
Shri Mataji: But to evolve is your own. Power is what you do to others.

The whole thing I told you just now, is to purify. You have the power to purify. How do you cure people? By purifying them. All right?
Now just think how you purify others, by talking to others you can purify them. By touching others, you can purify them. By looking at them, you can purify them. One person who is a Realized soul, purifies the whole atmosphere. The atmosphere is purified. Since I’ve come, it has been warm enough. You purify everything. You purify this light, do you notice that? You awaken the light.
Now what other powers you have?
A Sahaja Yogi: To raise Kundalini.
Shri Mataji: Hum?
A Sahaja Yogi: Raise Kundalini.
Shri Mataji: That’s awakening. See Kundalini is many powers, is many-folded. You purify yourselves, others and yourselves. Some more powers are there.
Now come along, let’s have it. You all have those powers and you are not aware of them, this is the best part of it! I can’t [inaudible] it now. Now let’s have it.
A Sahaja Yogi: The power to arrange time to suit you, Mother.
Shri Mataji: What’s this?
A Sahaja Yogi: Power over time. Arranging time to suit yourself.
Shri Mataji: But, that’s not the power of Mahalakshmi. That’s another one, I’ll tell you, who does that.
A Sahaja Yogi: Balance. [Inaudible]
Shri Mataji: What do you say?
It gives balance between ego and superego.
Shri Mataji: That’s true. That is one of them. But that is guru power. That is the guru’s power. Balance comes from guru. See Mahalakshmi is water, so now you tell Me.
A Sahaja Yogi: To cleanse
Shri Mataji: That’s all done now, one cleansing is done. What else water does?
A Sahaja Yogi: It quenches the thirst.
Shri Mataji: Ha?
Sahaja Yogini: Quenches.
A Sahaja Yogi: Satisfy.
Sahaja Yogini: Satisfaction.
Shri Mataji: Now coming to the heart. [Laughter]

It quenches the thirst, the spiritual thirst. You can quench the spiritual thirst of people, tremendous power it is, because even you doing Realization, done! The seeking is over. All right?
Then another one. Now come along. What other power?
Think of the water. Nourishment.
You nourish. You give spiritual nourishment to people through your power; even if you are standing there, you are nourishing others.
Then it’s a solvent, you dissolve their ego, you dissolve their super ego. All these powers are your own now, after Realization. Just think of it. What else?
A Sahaja Yogi: Divinity.
Shri Mataji: That’s very vague because divinity is how to relate it with water, people won’t understand. So, let us put it the other way round. What is it?
A Sahaja Yogi: To cool down emotions.
Shri Mataji: What?
A Sahaja Yogi: To cool down emotions and conscience.
Shri Mataji: You become a cool down person. Very good! [Laughter]
Very good. You become cool, a cool personality. You have a cooling effect. Very good. What else?
A Sahaja Yogi: You can carry others.
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Sahaja Yogi: You can carry others.
Shri Mataji: With you, you can, very gently and also drown some of them.

Drown into the love, into the ocean of love, all right? But you can also push them with two running jumps, all right? That also can be done.
It has another very great quality that water permeates into the smallest particle. It goes to the roots, and it sucks through the roots. So, Mahalakshmi power, you just see the roots of a person. You just know where the problem comes from. You jump. Actually, it is the awareness, it is the intelligence, which sucks the truth part of it, which gets enlightened. And you understand that now where is the problem, and you just go near the root when you suck through it, you can be easily sucked through, you permeate.

You see, when you are sitting near a person and you tell Me, “Mother, this is catching at the back, the person doesn’t know.” You have permeated. Your personality has permeated into that person. He doesn’t know. You have permeated into that person and you are feeling the roots, you see where is the problem. The water is flowing into that being. The divine water is flowing into that being and the obstruction is felt through that divine water. And you can say that, “This is catching, that is catching.” So, the permeating.
And then another one, is the glistening of the water. So, your skin starts glistening your skin becomes very radiant. And the last of all is the reflection. A person, who sees you, sees his own reflection. He gets frightened. With me, it happens sometimes. And I don’t mean anything bad to anyone but people are unnecessarily frightened of Me because they see their reflection. So, when they meet you, they see their reflection, they can be very aggressive because they see their reflection. They can be very hard on you because they see their reflection. And if it is clear-cut water, then you see the depth of the person.

If you are clear-cut sahaja yogi, they feel the depth clean, and they can see through the Spirit shining. These are the qualities of water within us.
The more of that, I would say, especially in my body, the water I have as buffer because it protect the charkas. If I don’t have water in the body, then I may have problems. So, it acts as a buffer. Also, it soothes your epidermal cells, you can say. It soothes your linings, you see? If there is no moisture, it will all give dryness and all that. It soothes everyone. And there are other types of powers of water, which we know of that when it comes out of your eyes, it expresses your compassion, your love, your emotions. That is the only thing out of all the elements which expresses emotions, water power, I mean.
Water has other qualities also which many people know as hydrostatics, it has the pressure. It was a pressure and a person who exists like a Sahaja Yogi will definitely put a pressure on others. He will not, he will not aggress but there will be a pressure and pressure. And another person if he receives it, then he gets the advantage of it. But if he does not receive it, then he feel pressurized and he feels a little bit dominated. Your neighbors, your family people, at the beginning will feel, “Oh, there’s a pressure” because the body achieves a kind of a weight. And that’s how the Guru tattva is formed out of water. And if there is salt in Guru Principle then the weight is even more.

So, today for water, you should really know that water is a very holy thing. And in our pujas also, we use; especially this signifies the Kundalini that means the Kundalini is the water jar the carrier of Aquarius. And this is the age of the Aquarius. So, how important is water! And the water is the carrier of divine love, is the best carrier. And this is the time of Aquarius means the Kundalini is made of divine water.
So, the whole idea of celebrating, today is the Lakshmi’s day is to understand that, in us, She has become a Mahalakshmi. And by that we have so many powers of which we are not aware, I mean we do not know also that we are Realized souls. Some of us do not know. And that we have those powers within us that we can permeate into others. We can project our personalities onto others. We can find out what’s wrong with them. We can find out about ourselves. We can go into ourselves, we can go into – our permeation is like water, it’s going, it’s flowing all the time. And this is a very important thing that we should be aware of our powers that we have achieved.

Then we start respecting ourselves then the Rajalakshmi comes in and then the Gruhalakshmi comes in and everything comes with it when we become aware of what we have achieved of our self-esteem, of our dignity. So, this gives us dignity, Mahalakshmi gives us dignity. And that’s how we start understanding the value of human dignity.

We should have also then the idea of human dignity that we cannot insult human dignity. Like people who are nagging others all the time. It’s against human dignity. Or all the time asserting themselves about something making everybody’s life miserable. It’s against human dignity. You have to decorate another’s life, you have to make it beautiful, you have to make it enjoyable and happy, make everyone happy, not to nag all the time. And then if you nag that’s not a Gruhalakshmi; that is not a Gruhalakshmi. You should not nag, “Do this, do that, stand up, what are you doing, stand this side, go that side.” It’s all a nonsense. You leave the person to do it; the human dignity is the most important thing. Now respect the human dignity. And that’s possible because now you have the Mahalakshmi power. Those who do not have the dignity also will get it from you because you are dignified now.
If you have sense of dignity, you will never insult other’s dignity. For small, small things we insult like: “Why did you put the soap here? Why did you do this, why did you do that?” And then, another side could be that others have no dignity so they go on doing things just like animals. Both things are wrong. But one must respect and respect brings the best results I have seen. That’s the best results, once you respect and love, then the trust is growing and one should keep the trust. That’s how the human dignity grows everywhere. We have to respect every Sahaja Yogi because we are all saints to respect each other, absolutely respect, you are all saints. I don’t know if you realize what I am saying. Each one of you is capable of giving Realization to the whole world, each one of you. And if we realize that we must respect ourselves and respect others, you’ll not talk frivolously about others, make fun. And specially your Mother, you can’t take liberties with Her. That is something one has to know in the West, it’s important. It is very important that one has to know about it.
The other day I was correcting somebody. So Hugh said that “You are a very lucky person that Mother is correcting you; you are very lucky that She is correcting you, telling you something, because you are naïve you see, that is why you start taking liberties.” First of all you must respect the divinity of your Mother. That’s very important. And that gives you the greatest dignity. I am telling you this because unless and until you do that, your growth cannot come up. So that is a very important point and like in India supposing somebody is going to a temple or they come to – now for example, today She has come or somebody has come they will better, they will wear a nice dress. You see, you are going to a temple and all the ornaments they will wear, everything they will wear. That is the day they have to present all their dignity.
So one should not come with disheveled hair or things like that. That is not a good thing because all these things are important, how you respect. You have to be dressed and you have to be presentable because these things – some people say that: “oh I will live on Spirit” you see. “We don’t need to be tidy because we live on Spirit. Spirit is the most tidy thing. It tidies everything, you see. It tidies everything. It goes into proper synthesis, proper concord, complete, beautiful music is created. How can a chaotic person be called spiritual man? You cannot, anybody who is chaotic, their house is chaotic, their things chaotic, you must know there is something bhootish in them, absolutely. But you should not be other way round, that you are so particular that you eat others’ heads. That’s another side. So both things should not be done. And I go on insisting on this point because it is very important for ego-oriented people because they can become anything.
The other day I was going on King’s Road and I was surprised what sort of dresses people are wearing and they think that “whatever we wear, we are.” That means you must be monkeys, if you wear such dresses and go about. If you believe in that then you should be decent people, there should be decorum about it.
So today we have learnt about Lakshmi grows in to Mahalakshmi but it is not that when you grow into something the rest of it is finished, is not so, that some people think that they become spiritual personality now Lakshmi Tattwa is not there, it’s not true. You have to be decent person, properly dressed according to your status in life, the way you live. There should be no, what you call, hypocrisy about it, no hypocrisy. By doing any nonsensical thing, like some people think becoming a primitive or anything, you will impress others. You will never impress, you see. It’s beggar’s thing. You see, by doing beggary you will get some beggars bhoot into you. So we are not to be beggars, neither we have to be a sort of dandies, but we are sahaja yogis, dignified people.
We have our own self-esteem and we live with our own dignity, and that’s how we should be pure, transparent, honest, within ourselves we should be honest, absolutely honest. Water is so honest with itself. We put anything to the water it will show. Put any color into it, it will show. Put any mud it will show. You have to be so honest, honest to yourself. And the whole thing should work out to be a personality which is very congenial, beautiful, permeating, no doubt but very beautifully enlightened because Mahalakshmi Tattwa itself is enlightenment in our awareness. Such a person cannot be an idiot. If there is an idiot he is not a Sahaja yogi, definitely he is not. An idiotic person cannot be a Sahaja yogi – nitwits, absent-minded, all that has to go away. If you have to be Sahaja yogis you cannot be, “Oh, I know, I know, I know.” All that all nonsense is not there, should not be there. The lakshanas [indication, symptom] or what do you call the symptoms or you can say the- [aside] what you can say for lakshanas – it’s the way you can make out a Sahaja Yogi, should be like a Lakshmi putra, the signs of Lakshmi, like a king he lives. That doesn’t mean that he has every thing to himself, no. That doesn’t mean that. King gives with generosity, known by his generosity. King is not known by how much he grabs, does he? He’s a king means he gives- giving. Then he should be cool personality, he should not be frozen, he should be cool personality, not hot- tempered. Those who are hot-tempered, I have seen people, you see, they first take to violence. I mean violence is something out of question for Sahaja Yogis, no question. If somebody beat you also you are not to beat him back. We have ways of beating them, but you are not to beat them back. You are not to resist them, but if you are a Sahaja yogi you have no business to be violent to anyone, even with your tongue. Some people are more with the tongue provocating them. You must know that you must correct all these points. It is important because tomorrow, you are going to show to the world what Sahaja Yoga is, not to Me.

So we have to dedicate ourselves to our purification, to our glorification because water glorifies, gives you glory. You are all looking so nice and glistening on the face and I can see the Ganti Rupena Samasthita. He said that “Ya Devi Sarva Butheshu Ganti Rupena,” the glistening, the light and that’s there I can see you in you all, it has already come. But it should be inside also. And that person who is a realized soul one doesn’t have to [vow/bow?] for it. You can just give realization. You don’t have to tell anyone people just know the way it is.
So many points we have covered today. I hope you will again listen to them because, see, Mataji’s lecture goes from one ear and comes out from the other. And God has way of localizing it. I hope you people will take these tapes and listen to them everyday one by one and also act, not planning in the paper or in the ear. But it should go in the heart. That’s how we are all going to mature beautiful children. I’m just counting now again C.P. will be elected for four years. Then I have to go then hardly three years it will pass away and I won’t be able to go so much in the U.K. The responsibility, such a lot on new people. I hope we’ll celebrate some more Diwalis together.
May God bless you!

Yogi: Mother, may I ask you a question?

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, please, please.

Yogi: We are often told not to resist violence, and that’s all right when someone’s being violent to you. What happens when someone’s being violent to someone else, what do you do then?

Shri Mataji: What’s it?

Yogi: If someone’s being violent to someone else, what does one do then? Does one stand by and allow it, or what does one do?

Shri Mataji: Give them a bandhan. We have our ways of combating these things. Give them a bandhan, give them a bandhan like this (ark), raise their Kundalini.

Yogi: Thank you. Though it is no worry for me, it’s all right for me (…) but what about a child…

Shri Mataji: Watch the joke.

Yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: Alright?

Yogi: Yes, thank you.

Shri Mataji: Let them fight: what can you do? Let them decide among themselves, see?

Other yogi: What about military service in the developed countries, Mother?

Shri Mataji: What (in un tono ironico. Tutti ridono e anche Lei ride). What did he say?

Yogi: He’s asking about military service.

Shri Mataji: That stupid thing you have to do (laughs). Because you are born in a stupid country like that (laughs). It was your own stupid decision (general laughter) that you took birth. Such a stupidities you have to do according to your country. In India we also have to do certain stupidities. But is not this kind, but another type. So, if you are born in a stupid country like France, you better do it. Another is Switzerland, has got this… nobody has attacked this Switzerland so far, you see, but still they are having this military thing, because they are robbing people of their money and having those banks, so they have to show they have a military to protect the money.

Yogi: We have an alternative, we can write to the government, and for….

Shri Mataji: No, no, better give them a bandhan, no use writing. Again mental. Beat them with shoes. Your government is changing now.

Yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: Much changed.

Yogi: Well…

Shri Mataji: Much better now.

Yogi: Maybe yes.

Shri Mataji: Much more sensible, alright?

Yogi: Alright.

Shri Mataji: Now, pray for other governments. It’s all working out. All these stupid things are around, what to do? Have you to go now for military service?

Yogi: Yes, maybe, Mother (…) (Another yogi suggests civil service).

Shri Mataji: I would suggest one thing. See, when, if you have to do military service or anything, it doesn’t matter. You are not killing anyone there, is just a mockery. Is like a drama! So no harm. Do your meditation, do everything. There’s no seriousness about it, it’s all mockery going on. Take some holidays (laughter)! You people take it so seriously: you are not going for war! There will be no war, anymore. Let them do all the mockery.

Any other questions? (Pause)

It has steadied down quite a lot. The water power is rising behind your back.

(Long pause). Now. So now should we have the puja. Now today’s puja, you must inculcate your Mahalakshmi Tantra. All those powers must be substantiated, that’s why this puja is done. Right? I have already explained to you what is Mahalakshmi Principle is, and all these powers must be arisen in you. Good.

Is this permanent? (maybe the camera)


There must be Mahalakshmi Stotra somewhere. I can’t understand English. (Yogi starts reading) Correct! Then who’ll wash today? How many are new people today who have not done the puja? Let’s see how many, must be many. Susan, you have not done? You have not done. All right, then come along. I think you all have to come forward. Kumkum (…) with the kumkum. Ram, you keep somebody there, handy, who does all the kumkum.

Ram, I think you can handle the things, you know all that? Keep that handy here, so the one who has to read is different from one who has to do. Now who can do it? (hindi) (…) and Chaya can manage, I think. Yes, I’m sorry.

(Recitation of names)

Shri Mataji: You won’t translate?

Gavin: I don’t have the translation of these, Mother. This is the obeisance to Mahaganapati and we are taking the names of all the Devas…

Shri Mataji: And then you can read what in English they are (?).

Gavin: Yes, also.

(recitation of names in Sanskrit continues. Shri Mataji tells people to rub Her feet hard).

Gavin: So we make the dedication. On 1st November, in the winter season, in the 20th night of the moon, when the sun is in Scorpio, and the moon is also in Scorpio, we do this puja on behalf of all the sahaja yogis, in this ashram, the first centre of our Mother in London…

Shri Mataji: In the whole world!

Yogi:…The first temple of the living Deity in the whole world.

Shri Mataji: First time.

Yogi: By the Thames river and the Vale of London.

(to a person doing the washing)

Your hands are required, not Mine, alright? Your hands are to be washed now. Now see your vibrations. See, are they better? Better now? Alright. Now you see (…). Better idea.

Gavin: According to all religious scriptures, all of us with all our families pray for well-being, for spiritual well-being, for victory, fearlessness, longevity, health, wealth, for nullification of all baddhas of the sahaja yogis, to be the master of eight siddhis…

Shri Mataji: See, see the master of eight siddhis. Now that I must tell you some time, some other time. Hm.

Gavin: ….to get peace to all on two legs and on four legs. We pray for help, satisfaction, and for all auspiciousness. For all those who are handicapped. For the emancipation of all people, to get them the highest knowledge. And whatever is our power, whatever is our knowledge, whatever offerings we could get through meditation or by whatever means, of 16 types, we surrender in the puja. Also to the seat of the Mother, to the Aquarius, the conch and the bell, we do puja to all of them.

Shri Mataji: Now see your vibrations. Better.

Gavin: We request all the rivers to cleanse our body. And above all we worship Mahaganapati and request Him to continue this Puja without any hindrance.

(Washing of Feet continues)

Shri Mataji: Take out this water (…) Good, wash it hard.

Yogi: Now we make the invitation. O Goddess, who has all the Sahaj (?) and Purushas in her, who has a thousand eyes, who has a thousand powers, we request You, we invite You very humbly to be present for this occasion of Puja.

Shri Mataji: Good. Now see your vibrations. Alright. So. (…)

(Shri Mataji keeps people coming to wash Her feet, blesses them, works on them and gives advice on their caught up chakras etc.)

Alright? (Laughs) Answer is there. Alright? May God bless you. I was saying that that’s how you solve your problems. Ah. Done. Good (laughs) May God bless you. Ah. Come along. Now, are you alright? Put your right hand like this. Right. It’s all right. (…) What’s the matter with you? They have a problem in the, say, see, it’s too much use of their power. We have to make her eyes… we have to know when to say, what to say as well. Alright. May God bless you. Better? Alright.

Shri Mataji: (Her hands are lifted up and open with the palm upwards) And for that both the hands should be out for Mahalakshmi. So that you come in the centre. That’s how you ascend also. Is the evolutionary.

(Elements are offered. Butter is put on Her hands)

I hope you are all taking little butter, all of you. After all, see, brain is made out of fat. If you don’t have any fat, what will happen to your brain and to your nerves? You see, those who are not eating butter at all is a wrong thing. You need not eat with colour and all that, but you must have butter.

(She shows Her hands smothered with butter) Look at that. (…) heat. Can you believe it? Butter is melting still (…). Can put some water.

(Honey, milk, sugar are offered on Her hands)

Still the striking of the depth is not there. I sometimes say is like somebody has teeth but they don’t have channa to eat. And some people have channa to eat they have no teeth. It’s very complicated (laughs). You have the depth, you are seekers, you are just there, but you don’t have the faith, you see, you do not have the background of the faith. The kind of faith you have is only if you are mesmerised, they… it’s a sensationalisation. If somebody makes you jump where you are sitting, you’ll be very happy (laughter) All upsetting things.

Lakshan, there must be a word for lakshan. Lakshan…

Yogi: Distinguishing marks.

Shri Mataji: No, lakshan is the one which is symptom of a disease. But a good thing what is it? It’s a sign.

Yogi: Yes, distinguishing sign.

Shri Mataji: Distinguishing sign. Yes, we can say….(yogini says something) The word lakshan means spontaneity, the word lakshan is spontaneity. Is spontaneously you can see that, so the sensitivity has to be there. I went to an Indian shop in New York (?). It’s quite some time. And everybody was calling “Mataji, Mataji”, the shopkeeper came and touched My feet. So he said: “I can see it from Your face, the light is there. I know You are the Mataji”. Just like that he called his brother and he was about to call all the shopkeepers… (laughter). Very easy.

May God bless you.

(Offering of elements continues)

Shri Mataji: Ah, better.

(Bangles are offered. Then a ring is offered): yogi says: “… this is Your crown jewel. This is the symbol of London also.)

Hold the, so that…Open it, open the sari. Hold it that side. Hold the border, that’s all. Hold both sides, the border. Just hold it, all of you.

Now will you please read the Mahalakshmi Stotra. Hold it. Bit further. Hold it, hold it properly. Come along, come along, where are the women, come along.

(Sahasrara’s mantras are recited as follows:)

Om Twameva Sakshat, Shri Mahalakshmi. Mahasaraswati, Mahakali, Trigunatmika, Kundalini Sakshat, Shri Adi Shakti Sakshat, Shri Bhagavati Sakshat, Shri Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namaha.

Om Twameva Sakshat, Shri Kalki Sakshat, Shri Adishakti Sakshat, Shri Bhagavati Sakshat, Shri Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namaha.

Om Twameva Sakshat, Shri Kalki Sakshat, Shri Sahasrara Swamini Moksha Dayini Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namaha.

(Pink sari is put on Mother.) I never had a pink one, see? It was time, because Lakshmi wears a pink. Try.

(…) Shri Mataji: All the Devis you have sent to America. That’s very kind. All of them are there. Really.

Yogi & yogini: They are declaring independence from us (laughter), from their mother country.

Shri Mataji: Yeah….

Yogi: How can the Vishuddhi be on its own?

Shri Mataji: No, the worst part of it is, you see, they are helping these Ireland people, that’s the worst part. Just imagine. These Ireland people are off their heads, they don’t know what they want. And killing people, and violence, everything like that. There should be no violence if they are Catholics. So many innocent people are killed every day. Under any, any name, violence has no place in God’s style, you see. Cannot be violent for anything.

(To a yogi) You’ll have to make the list of the people who are coming to India.

Gavin: Some people from Houston want to come, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Really? (Yogini decorates Mother’s hair with flowers) Now you see how difficult is the task of ladies, you see? You realise.

Gavin: Yes, Mother…

(Later in the puja, to men)

Shri Mataji: Now this will create romantic feelings for your wives, alright? For all of you. The Gruha Lakshmi today, you are worshipping the Gruha Lakshmi. (…)

Two of you can do… two of you can try, and two of you can try. Come along (…). Let’s call anyone of the Swiss people (…). Andre, yes, Andre, come along.

Gavin reads: “Mother, You are the comforter who kills everything that is dead in us. Mother, You are the counsellor who gives us our own knowledge. Mother, You are the redeemer who has given us the second birth. Mother, You are the fulfilment of every prophecy and every prayer. Mother, You are the wholesomeness which cleanses every wrong. Mother, You are right discrimination by which we have become enlightened. Mother, You are the integration, by You God’s creation has been threaded together. We bow to You who are auspiciousness, we praise You who are love. We give thanks to You who are compassion. We prostrate before You who are all-seeing, all-knowing and all-doing. We are Your children. Let us never be separated from You, whether it be by Your illusions or by our own limitations.”

(Mother smiles)

Take off My Feet everything.

(…) it improves also. (…)

Can you take it without flash?

You better be careful there (…).

Come along. So many photographers, see. We have to have an exhibition of photographs.

May God bless you.

(Some yogis go to Mother)

Yogi: Mother, I’m from Scotland.

Yogi: Mother, I’m from Australia. Please destroy the race of Ockers, nasty people in Australia who ignore…, they drink beer and go to the races and elsewhere…

Shri Mataji: Well, what else? Also racialism.

Yogi: Racialism.

Shri Mataji: And also the curse of gurus …

Yogi: Mother, please, remove the curse of gurus and racialism from my country, Australia. And give this country the blessings of Mahalakshmi.

Shri Mataji: (Does Namaste) May God bless you. (Takes a bandhan) So now for the whole world you can ask that “Remove the curse of the negativity and bless them with the principle of Mahalakshmi”.

Yogi: All of us?

Shri Mataji: All of you.

(Sahaja yogis repeat)

Shri Mataji: May God bless you.

So we have to do a lot, all of us have to do it. You are My hands, you are My eyes, you are My ears. You have to do. Whatever you are asking for, you have to do yourself. I can just give you power, but you have to move your hands, you have to move your tongue, you have to do everything.

If you don’t move your tongue and if you do not talk to people about it, how can I help it? So this is what you have to do, is to know that whatever you ask for, not only to pray, but also to use your instrument.

May God bless you all.

Now what’s all that? (…) (A Mahalakshmi picture is offered)

The Vahana is the elephant. The elephant is vahana, is Her conveyance, is the elephant. Because it is the sign of dignity, of Her majesty. And also is the wisest animal, very wise animal, and very forgiving, extremely generous. That signifies Gaja Lakshmi day. Raja Lakshmi is a belonging, you can say, of the Goddess. Gaja is this.

(Puja continues with Aarti).