At Gregoire’s Flat

Rome (Italy)

1981-11-24 Informal Talk, Gregoire's Home, Rome, Italy, 47' Download subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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1981-11-24 At Gregoire’s Flat

Yogi: Mother, [UNCLEAR] with the Italians.

What are your [UNCLEAR]? Even before realization, I have a feeling that during this whole programme there was certain attitude of respect. Maybe two or three are useless but the group. There was a kind of respect and they say, “Madre” and you know. this kind of right attitude right away.
Yogi: Well, this is the place where the Virgin Mary is most respected in the whole of Christian [UNCLEAR] This is the place where [UNCLEAR] and [UNCLEAR] were.
Shri Mataji They may not [UNCLEAR] the church. Right? There were [UNCLEAR]
Yogi: That was the illusion of the church, much better than the Swiss. They, they have lost their illusions of the church much better than the Swiss.

Shri Mataji: They are [UNCLEAR] better. And nobody objected. Nobody objected.
Yogi: And I was so amazed, they were so enamored by raising the kundalini Mother. Mother, they were so happy to raise the kundalini, it was amazing.
Shri Mataji I would say it was a very good achievement. In India, [UNCLEAR] they know how to respect the Goddess. In India, [UNCLEAR] no once can [UNCLEAR] Mother. [UNCLEAR] to say even. very remarkable.

They [UNCLEAR] that to say something will not [UNCLEAR] In India, [UNCLEAR] listen [UNCLEAR] where [UNCLEAR] No Mother, [UNCLEAR] because their sense of protocol is very clean.
Yogi: Therefore Mother, it is so important for us to go to India because we learn so much from them.
Yogi: Mother, if some people want to come to India, what do I tell them?
Yogi: If some people want to come to India, what do I tell them? What about organization? How
Shri Mataji There have to be [UNCLEAR] three weeks.
Shri Mataji From, we start from Bombay we go to [Vaitarna?] From there we are going to [UNCLEAR] and all those places. So now will be one week. An soon it will be [UNCLEAR]
Yogi: Who should I contact Modi?

Who has information? [UNCLEAR] I am going to [write?UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji Bombay to Pune only this time we are going to organize. We are not going to [UNCLEAR], only
Shri Mataji 18th, they are all [UNCLEAR] there.
Shri Mataji We are having weekly programs you see.
Yogi: Why will they stay in Bombay?
Shri Mataji Not in Bombay.
Shri Mataji This time they are going to stay near Bombay, there is a place called Vaitarna.
Shri Mataji Its [UNCLEAR] There are some guest houses, [UNCLEAR], so we will privately go there.
Yogi: I think the heart is more opening this [timeframe?] It’s more open than in Switzerland, than in UK also.

Shri Mataji: They are simpler people. In UK, people think that they are very clever. I think the ego is not overdeveloped here.
Yogi: It is Mother but something Spiritual, I mean, [UNCLEAR] Portuguese, Spanish are not also not so bad. Ego is not so over developed.
Yogi: I have explained a bit to Ruth [UNCLEAR] came back from the meeting how it was in this Swiss German part of Switzerland. And you came for the third time. Unbelievable.
Shri Mataji So did you [UNCLEAR] word I said?
Yogi: These girls call you Goodbye Mother.

I love you, I mean, nobody [like I know UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji [UNCLEAR] are the [UNCLEAR]
Yogi: Remember Mr. [UNCLEAR]? I give him my poster like this one to him. [UNCLEAR] the [UNCLEAR] of program down. But meditate [Christian UNCLEAR] fellow.
Shri Mataji All the souls are there, very [UNCLEAR]
Yogi: Mother, it’s my prayer that my sister and brother will bring some of Mediterranean Italian art. Let’s hope. Sahaja yoga is very good. [UNCLEAR] this is the problem. They don’t talk. Just keep quiet, that’s all.

But, now the protocol [is going to change UNCLEAR] For me, [UNCLEAR] was such a problem.
Yogi: In India too, Mother, I know, in India. Matai: But in America, to come all the way, to there, to see [UNCLEAR] it was very [bad? UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji She said, as soon as you start your lecture they go out, you see.
Shri Mataji You sit here like a Sahaja yogini [UNCLEAR]
Yogi: I remember It was in Pune. Big all. And the newcomers were in the middle and sahaja yogis were around. And so we were facing each other during the meeting. And suddenly, I was just in front of Pamela and [UNCLEAR]
Yogi: I don’t know but the wedding at some point I spoke very loud, so that you should not shout. Remember, when there was the sixteen petalled wedding?

And [UNCLEAR] was sitting near her and she started speaking about me. Saying, for who does he think look how he shout?
Yogi: What did she say?
Yogi: That I was gross to shout like this. and things like that, I don’t know why she mind.
Shri Mataji She must have been disturbed [UNCLEAR]
Yogi: Sometimes your answers are so sharp Mother. Chile people, really Mother?
Shri Mataji They are from Chile, yes. [UNCLEAR] things started operating. Some Chilean family was there.

And from there, they shifted to [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji Today they were telling me about [UNCLEAR] Chile people [UNCLEAR] I know them. [UNCLEAR] They are very innocent people. [UNCLEAR] so many people from Chile. [UNCLEAR] So nobody knows [as to UNCLEAR] how many people were [killed?] [UNCLEAR] people. [UNCLEAR] Actually, [UNCLEAR] wife was to be [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] ladies also came at the [UNCLEAR] China, [UNCLEAR] Bandernaike [UNCLEAR] in Israel. I mean the funny characters.
Yogi: He was quite funny. Even I think. Czechoslovakia [UNCLEAR] .

You know Czechoslavakia. [UNCLEAR] ‘s wife
Shri Mataji Kennedy’s wife. [UNCLEAR] ‘s wife?
Shri Mataji I sent this [UNCLEAR] such a nice big thing. of Shiva and Parvati. You have seen that. in my house. Statue of Shiva and Parvati. of [UNCLEAR] That’s what C.P wanted me to give him. I sent it over.

[UNCLEAR] is [coming?] to America next [UNCLEAR] ? But Russian people are very good for realization. [UNCLEAR] Russian people. Very good. Very nice. [UNCLEAR] I went there. With my husband. [UNCLEAR]
Yogi: It is very sad that in the West we identify the Russians with the Government. so [UNCLEAR] Good people, very good people.

[UNCLEAR] simple [UNCLEAR] They have something [UNCLEAR] make in the church. The kind of the freedom you have also [UNCLEAR] Even in this freedom, there is so much of [UNCLEAR] In our freedom, now, in Switzerland, Such a lot of hierarchy is there. Hierarchy. Isn’t it? So much of Hierarchy. some five six families are controlling [the whole show UNCLEAR] you see. Money, this, that. So, actually, man is not to be to understand evil. And most things are [UNCLEAR] The wait has gone just [asking UNCLEAR] for God. You know, worst, was, when I reached there that day A man was crossing at the road.

Another was going [UNCLEAR] And the man was crossing the road as he was a little late or whatever it was. The man in the car said something [UNCLEAR] him Immediately he turned back some words. The man in the car took out his pistol and [UNCLEAR]
Yogi: When? Where? Very violently.
Yogi: You saw that Mother? No, no it was there in the newspaper. Just about two streets away from where I was.
Yogi: And Mother, I tell you, we went to Miami. with Maria and now they cannot go out during the night because they are so many crimes.

And it went up with all of these refugees from South America, you know, now. All the refugees of South America have settled down in this part of the United States. And criminality is so horrible.
Shri Mataji They are very hot-tempered people. The trouble is so. Nobody is safe today. Anybody can [UNCLEAR] this boy Michael who came to us, [UNCLEAR] so fed up. with life. If you have had not met me I would have just committed suicide. I said, What happened?

He said, His first cousin killed his own mother. in the [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR]
Yogi: With 18?
Shri Mataji Eighteen, 1 8.
Shri Mataji So what is the [use UNCLEAR] of having so much freedom? to become like this? abandoned [UNCLEAR], you see, it’s going too far. Russians, are you see, they are underdeveloped even. [UNCLEAR] Both views are not good, but to give freedom also, this happens. If you don’t give freedom that happens. which [UNCLEAR] to [UNCLEAR] ?

Yogi: But, the Russian will have to come to the stage of America, in order to get the [UNCLEAR] of the seeker.
Shri Mataji They are seeking all right. I talked to [UNCLEAR] They sad, they have got everything. But it’s not satisfying. There must be something in [New York?]. There is a direct [UNCLEAR] ? Very surprising, isn’t it? In Russia, as she told me. Of course America should come much faster. But the idea we got about Russia, which is not so horrid.

They cannot get realization? I have [UNCLEAR] intimacy from
Yogi: About the things to Florence. Thomas, because he felt so good with us, he want to go Germany today. So tomorrow, there is a … Thomas could come to Florance but [UNCLEAR] too, so there are too many people and I asked if it would be possible to take 2 cars or is it expensive to hire cars for one day?
Shri Mataji Or what about the, we can go by train? We can go by train and meet at a certain point. [Discussion about cars renting]
Yogi: Ok, I don’t want to be negative Mother, but to hire a car on time, because it’s a three hour and a half drive. So we have to start early tomorrow morning.
Shri Mataji We can just go by train.
Yogi: So we have to come back tomorrow evening, so all together.

[trains discussion]
Yogi: Yes, but to see Florence with you Mother, it is to see Florence for the first time.
Shri Mataji We can get a bus or something.
Shri Mataji It’s a small place or big place?
Yogi: Well, Florence, I think the [UNCLEAR] one can walk really No no, it’s a bit too much.
Yogi: There is another solution, it is that we take 2 cars from here.
Yogi: No because someone is [UNCLEAR] that car. [Discussions about cars]
Yogi: It is such a small country but [UNCLEAR] on your attention Mother. But once you should come and see our big mountains Mother.
Shri Mataji Yes I’m sure sometime I will have to come and see.
Shri Mataji That’s what I said, if I don’t do Florence now I will never do it.

Because, three times I have been here
Yogi: It’s such a beautiful place mother.
Yogi: So, let’s just do it. So, tomorrow in my car there will be [UNCLEAR], you and then
Yogi: I can take 3 people.
Yogi: You decide Mother because it’s a headache.
Shri Mataji How many are coming?
Yogi: Someone will have to go by train and we can meet at some place.
Yogi: Do you know where exactly?
Yogi: Where and When.
Shri Mataji We can meet at the station. [Discussion about where to meet]
Shri Mataji She is saying that here the [Cathedral] ?

UNCLEAR] is easier. Station is rather complicated.
Shri Mataji What time we will meet there [UNCLEAR]? We meet at the earliest. [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji Oh, I can go very early. [UNCLEAR]
Shri Mataji It’s just the [UNCLEAR]
Yogi: You are going to say the time Mother.
Shri Mataji 4 o’clock?
Yogi: I mean there can be an accident, can’t it?
Shri Mataji What accident?
Yogi: Well, the driver falling asleep.

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR] from 4 o’clock on wards [UNCLEAR]