You are the Spirit

Hampstead Town Hall Centre, Hampstead (England)

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Public Program. Hampstead Town Hall, London (UK), 28 November 1981.

It is such a pleasure today – and great fortune that here, where William Blake * lived, and He sang those songs of the greatness of this country, the future that it has to be, the dreams He saw, have now come to shape, that we are here to celebrate His anniversary. Things go beyond words and you cannot express yourself. Many people do not understand Him because He wrote it, according to them, in abstract language or in the language that He understood. But I am happy that Sahaja Yogis understand Him so well, and the prophesies that He made about England. People used to ridicule, ridicule it. Even today they can’t believe that Jerusalem can be built in England.
They cannot believe that people who have been all their lives, for ages together, thought of nothing but materialism, can take to spirituality to this extent that it becomes Jerusalem, and that the whole world comes to pay homage to this Holy Land, that this becomes the Holy Land. Is a fact, He dreamt, He wished it, because He knew the value of this land. This land has been touched by Christ’s feet. Since long, people knew about Kundalini. Even if that is lost, for history it remains it and He knew about it, He spoke about it. In His lifetime, maybe, people never understood him – they must have thought that He’s really a madman, or something, a fantasy, or some sort of a poet who doesn’t understand.
But what He wrote, every word of it, is the truth. Such a great soul should live in Hampstead, itself, is such a blessing, great blessing. Such people, even if they write or not, they leave their mark, their ascent becomes the milestone for the people who live there: the aspirations become different, your priorities become different – the change is so subtle; is to be seen, to be felt, to be understood. And very sensitive people only can be born in such places. Of course, there could be very bad people also, who counteract him, but the sensitivity of the atmosphere attracts such souls to that place who are sensitive.
You can see from His poems that He was absolutely authoritative. He knew the authority, He had the authority. He talked like a man with complete authority. He had no doubt here, has no doubts. He just said, ‘This is going to happen,’ and, like a great warrior – that He knew that one has to fight the negativity, one has to fight only dark problems. The Spirit has to fight all the time the matter. And that’s how He talked, spoke, wrote as a warrior would do, because He started the fight when He was born, hundred years back.

And to Me, He’s very great, because He said all these things; He prepared the stage for Sahaja Yoga. Because He wrote all these things, we can say that this was all said. Because human beings are such, unless and until it is said before, they are not going to listen, they’ll ask, ‘what is the reference for what you are saying?’ You have to give reference for everything, you see – whatever is written, according to them, is scripture, it is the last word. Whether the book is published in any trash list, doesn’t matter, but it’s published already. It’s such a great thing He’s done, but He’s not done it for any material gain, or for any fame, or anything that is superfluous, but He’s done it for something that is very eternal. And that is the awakening of human beings.
That is their second birth, that is the knowledge of the Spirit. These words cannot come from a man who’s a weakling, who is a doubting fellow, who doesn’t know where he stands, who’s confused, who is a drunkard or who is an alcoholic, sort of a gone case or a madcap, cannot! And it cannot come from an egoistical man who thinks not end of himself, a man who dominates others, who believes in robbing other countries and going to other countries and rob them, and go to another house and rob them, not from such people. It comes from a person who knows the value, the soil on which he’s born, the spiritual value of that land, not the material value.
And He is so subtle, so subtle; every word is so subtle, that it’s like a chant, it’s like a chant. You are specially blessed because such a great poet was born in this country. And, wherever I go, in My series of lectures, at least in one lecture I always mention Him.
He has gone into great detail, just like Markandeya, another great poet in India, who was born thousands of years back. But to realize that this country is the heart of the universe, and here the Jerusalem is going to be, nobody could have thought hundred years back a thing like that, it’s fantastic actually. Even thirty years back, nobody could have understood it, even, I would say, ten years back. People would have thought this man is really mad, to call this as the Holy Land. It is the Holy Land, you can see that – because so many people have got Realization in this country. And you are the ones who circulate it. It is the heart. Whatever the English do, whether right or wrong, it all circulates, though they don’t understand their responsibility, because they don’t know it is the heart, heart of the universe! If you do wrong, all right: the whole world does that same. People think, that among all the western countries, you are the wisest, that’s what they think. I don’t know how far they come- [Laughs]. They believe : “it’s English, you see.” Even Arabs [Laughs]. You say “it is English”, they believe. How far it is [INAUDIBLE] and the values that He cherished, the dreams that He saw, and the aspirations He had were so great, that one has to know that there must be something in this land that He has grasped [?], He was not mad, in any way. Nowhere, no poet in any country has written like that.
It was given Him the chance, the authority to say it. That means you must circulate. Circulate with the heart, that circulates, scatters, looks after the whole body. And, once it collapses, the whole body collapses. It’s not so. The English heart has to become the heart of William Blake, and not the chicken-hearted one, or the aggressive one, or the hatred-filled pockets, or the hateful one. Because the blood flows through you. To realize this, to understand the responsibility of an Englishman is very, very great.

In the heart resides the Spirit. Sahaja Yogis know this, that, till a certain stage, it resides in the heart. So, it’s a very, very great position you occupy, so that you people become aware. It’s important also that you are the cells, the important cells of the heart. Heart doesn’t think, does it? It does not think, it loves. It loves.
When you think you must know you are not Englishmen as described by William Blake, but if you love, you are.
And love doesn’t mean personal love, or carnal love, or all kinds of ideas of love, its charity work. It means the love of the Spirit which is awakened within you which just emits love, which just emits. It doesn’t think, it just emits; it doesn’t think that whether it should give to the black or the white; whether it should give it to the rich or the poor. It just loves. It flows. And that is why one should get Realization in England. Very important. Without Realization, you cannot flow, you cannot give, you will never understand the value of giving, you will never enjoy giving. You will never know the beauty of generosity unless and until you become the cell of the heart. You are the cell of the heart. It’s the most important position, as I told you, it’s the most vital particle of that heart.
And the one who is the heart has to be like a lion. He roared, actually roars, if you read these things, like a lion He roars. He has to be like a lion. And not to be frightened, like English language is, ‘I’m afraid’. It starts with ‘I’m afraid’, and ends with ‘I’m afraid’. What are you afraid of? Every person is afraid of you. What are you afraid of? You have to change your language. You have to speak like Him, Sahaja Yogis have to speak like William Blake. The way He spoke about His great country, about the soil in which He was born, about the people who will be born here, who will be Sahaja Yogis, He has described them so well: that men of God will be born on this soil – men of God, special people, the chosen ones, not those who have branded themselves as “chosen”. Most of the “chosen” ones are going towards the hell only.
But the really chosen ones will be born on this soil. And they will become prophets. Not only that, but they’ll have a special power to make others prophets. He saw it. At that time, He could see that you all are going to become prophets, and that you all are going to make others prophets. Like one enlightened light enlightens an another. He could see so clearly. What a clear heart He must be having! What a clear vision He must be having, what a clear brain He must be having to receive all this information about today! So you have to become, it’s the point, you may be God’s people, but you have to become a prophet. Unless and until you are a prophet, what’s the use of choosing you also, what’s the use of you being born here? You all have to become prophets. And, to become a prophet, Kundalini has to be awakened, you have to be Realized, and you get these special powers to realize others. People can’t believe it that, in Sahaja Yoga today, if you get Realization, you can give Realization to others.
When I went to Rome the people had this doubts, I felt, when I said that : ‘Next moment you can give Realization to others’. And they just could not believe it, that they can feel the Kundalini, they can give realization – it’s too much to believe in it, it’s too fantastic.
So, the last day, I said : ‘All those who have felt the cool breeze can stand behind the people who have not felt the cool breeze’. They are very nice people, I must say, these people in Rome, because I think they have reached the conclusion of complete frustration with their seeking. So they stood up behind each of one of them. And they were amazed they could raise the Kundalini; they could give Realization. They said : ‘Mother, we got Realization only yesterday’, some of them. ‘That’s all right; you could have done it yesterday, but today you are doing it with Radha [?] [Big laugh] ‘You could have done it immediately”. But this is what it is: fantastic thing.’
So there is no place for you to have any doubts; don’t waste your energy in doubts. You have done that before. Bit too much. Now the time has come for you to get your realization, to get enlightened, to understand. But there are still people who are on the fence, and they are neither this way nor that. And Christ has described them very well. He said, ‘I don’t mind hot or cold.’ I mean, the people who get the cool breeze, of course they are first class. Even those get hot, are all right, because they would like to get rid of their hot. But the half-way I don’t like. I’ll spit them out of My mouth. The ones who go three steps forward and four steps backwards; such people are really a headache to Sahaja Yoga, I tell you. If they get out, it’s much better. Half-hearted people in Sahaja Yoga are of no use, which was told by Christ, long time back, but I don’t know if people really realize what they’re like. And this is the problem I have faced in this country a bit too much. The maximum in this country, to be very frank. The ego is of a subtle nature, such a subtle nature, in this country – every country has a different type. Like we can say in Spain it is like the bullfighter. In Rome it is the artists; they think they are great artists, [you see ?]- they have a sense of beauty. [Oh,] all sorts of things.

But, in this country, you must know what sort of an ego you people have. Is thinking that, ‘Nobody could be better than us. We are the topmost people.’ You see, that upper – what do you call it – upper lip? Stiff upper lip. I mean, they themselves laugh at themselves – it’s a good idea. But it’s true; I have seen it. That stiff upper lip is the point; that doesn’t make you to smile, laugh – I mean, even if you certify that you can smile now, they would not. That sort of a thing, this makes you very insensitive. As if the ego comes down from there and settles down on the lip. [It/they ?] cannot – there’s no wobbling on the lips, nothing. What – such a terrifying face sometimes. [INAUDIBLE] You find that. It takes nothing to smile, to be congenial. We are all human beings – we are not dogs, that we should bark at each other. That we [should be frowning – I think She corrects Herself here] that we should frown at each other. First thing we have to learn, that we are the heart sense, and that we have to love. Without love, you cannot be called an Englishman, according to Mr William Blake. I don’t say anything, because I don’t want to be hanged. According to Him. So, first of all, let us know if we can really love ourselves. That’s the biggest problem. The first disease He did not know. Perhaps William Blake did not know what I will have to face. I wish He had written all that. The first disease the people have here, apart from the upper lip, is Left Vishuddhi – means guilt. They may be Catholic or not, does not matter. But they have this built-in guilt within themselves for nothing. First of all, you must give up your guilt. I think He did not know – William Blake did not know that people will develop this, because at that time they were not like that?. And this is such a big problem, which I have been facing, since I came to this country. You know, first four years, I was struggling with people who had [INAUDIBLE done different things ?]. And the problem they had that, I said, ‘Why do you take drugs? What is there to be living this way for? For what are you living? I should [call you spirits/your Spirit?].’ So they take spirits, you see. English language [INAUDIBLE]. You can say it is the Spirit in the heart, you can say the spirit you drink. Or the spirit – that is what we call a bhoot in the Indian language – means a dead one, dead soul, a dead person. So this is the advantage, and that’s how they were indulging into spirits. But the problem with them is, it was such a vicious circle that, if you tried to correct them, they would recede into themselves and get into [dilemmas/damage?]. And say that, ‘We are good-for-nothing, useless people.’ All right. Then I would encourage them, say, ‘No, no, you are wonderful people in the universe. You don’t worry’, [This, that/Praise that?], every sort of a [pamper?]. Then they would become ego oriented; it was impossible. And the story of people who are always described in a mathematics paper – you see, when they give you in the, say, seventh standard, sixth standard, you get a question like this: ‘A house was to be built, and in that village one Mr A came to work, he did only 1/16 of the work and he ran away. And another came in, who did only 1/50 of the work, and ran away. And then the third one came, who did only the 1/100 of the work and disappeared. So when will the work be finished? Never! Is the answer. If you have all run away and those who are escapists [Mother says escapisists], how can the work be finished with these people who always escape? Simple answer is never. You may calculate it, go on calculating it – your answer is never. Is the [SOUNDS LIKE point?]. If you want to escape the situation, if you want to escape yourself, if you want to escape the present, you will never reach there, where you have to reach. And you are never going to be satisfied with yourself; you are not going to be happy, either. So you have to face it; you have to face it, as it is, and stand up. That’s what He said, that, “You bring the arrow to Me, I’ll face it.” Like a brave man you have to face it, and not to become, ‘I’m afraid’. You are not escapers, you are Sufis. Inside, outside, you are [pedigree/very good ?]; you are the Spirit. And, if you are the Spirit, why should you escape yourself – I just can’t understand. Just face it, and the Spirit will shine. Just face it with that bravery – face it! And you will be amazed that you are really beautiful. No doubt about it. You have to just see, because you are the Self of the heart. But it won’t be an exaggeration if I say, in the body, everything depends on the heart. If you fail, the responsibility will be yours. You’ve a very big responsibility – and a very sweet one. Because heart doesn’t think, thinking is madness; it loves; it loves and enjoys itself. It’s such a sweet work you have to do; for that you start from yourself. First of all, love yourself – which is a very difficult thing for people to love themselves. The hatred starts from within – you hate yourself and then you start hating everyone, and it’s very common to say, ‘I hate you’, second moment, ‘I love you’. God knows what they mean. But the main thing is that they do not love themselves. If they start loving themselves, understanding the value of themselves, if they have the proper esteem, the self-esteem, within themselves – that’s the time. The time has come, which was prophesized. So, I really pay My all – homage, I should say, if you allow Me, or, I should say all My love to the great Son of this country, William Blake, today. And, as a homage to Him, you all should decide within yourself that you are not going to be soldiers, carrying the swords with the shaky hands, or you’re not going to be afraid of the horses on which you have to ride. You have to decide that you have to be brave people. But bravery never means aggression – it never means aggression. And that’s why that kind of a bravery can only come into people whose Spirits are awakened. So very happy today, to see these beautiful happenings that He described, coming to reality. I can see that coming down. So many poets have dreamt about their country – every country. But no-one has dreamt like William Blake, where He said positively that this will be [the ?] Jerusalem. Means, the holy land of Jerusalem will have to come down. If the people have that kind of a heart, that kind of a poem, the gods will have to come down. If you have that kind of a reception. All the Divine has to go down. But let us see if we have that heart or not. I hope – there are some new people today; they may not understand many things that I am saying, just like as you do not understand William Blake. But let realization work it out. Have patience – we have to have patience. And do not doubt yourselves. Actually, mostly the doubts are with yourself, not with Me. If you have no doubts, that you are born at a very great times, you will not doubt. It happened in Rome; the people in Italy didn’t doubt Me at all, didn’t doubt Me at all, not even once. And they saw Me in dreams, before I’d reached there – imagine! So sensitive. They said, ‘We knew, Mother. We saw Your photograph, we saw in the dream, we saw Your photograph.’ And they told Me how many times they had dreams. I mean, wonderful people, I should say! Some people say that Italians are horrible people. But I somehow or other get the cream, I think. Such wonderful people they were – and they all got realization. In this country, I have struggled for eight years, and the number may be the same. So this is what it is. We have to little bit accelerate – the heart is rather lethargic. But lethargy has to be overcome, and has to be done with love. I’m sure you have had some introductions before, and now all the people who are Sahaja Yogis here are so many in this Hampstead; they have to be really rejoicing today. That what William Blake has said in those days, we’ve seen happen. Those Sahaja Yogis who are still not up to the mark should also today take a vow that they will go all-out to see that they come up.

May God bless you!

Now, if people have any questions, they can ask them, because there are some new people, I think. Would be a good idea.
I [INAUDIBLE] that so many types of people are here, that I don’t know how many languages you will have to translate, but later on, you can translate. They’re all catching right now. All right. [Doesn’t matter ?]. [INAUDIBLE]. People are [from ?] Portugal are here, so what they’ll miss you will speak, isn’t it? In this lifetime only I have learnt English, and that not so well.

If there are any questions, for five minutes, and then we can have the realization.

You can all put your hands towards Me, like this. I’m sorry, you have to take out your shoes, because of the cold weather, maybe, you don’t have any proper things here? Put your hands towards Me, just like that.

Now, the first thing is, that you all are going to get your realization – not to get frustrated, in no way, and you are not to do anything, just keep quiet, close your eyes, and put your hands towards Me. That’s all. Simple as that. You are not to do anything – no effort at all. Just leave it. And it will work out, I’m sure, so don’t worry about it. Please keep your eyes shut. That’s important. Because, when the Kundalini rises above this Agnya chakra, it dilates the pupil before it pierces [through ?]. So, it’s better that you keep your eyes shut. It will help you.

You will feel a cool breeze in your hand. Now, there’s no autosuggestion, or anything – if you don’t feel it, you don’t feel it. If you feel it, OK. That is the breeze of the Holy Ghost. You can ask the question, ‘Is this the breeze of the Holy Ghost?’, and you’ll get it. Cold wind of the Holy Ghost in this cold weather. Can you feel it? Close your eyes, it’s better, because very subtle, it’s a subtle thing. And we live on a gross plane. So it’s a subtle thing; best is to keep your eyes shut, so that you can feel it better. And pay attention to your fingertips, where you’ll feel it.

Stretch the hands a little bit. Stretch them a little bit – not much. So keep comfortable. You may ask a question, in your heart, ‘Whatever Mother is saying about William Blake, is it true?’ That’s a simple question [to ask/for now]. Put the fingers towards Me; don’t push them towards yourself. Towards Me; stretch, stretch your fingers. Just ask the question, simple question. Now put your right hand on your heart, and ask the question, ‘Mother, am I the Spirit?’ Ask inside; ask three times. Please ask three times. ‘Mother, am I the Spirit?’

Now put the same hand down below, on the stomach, on the left side, and say, ‘Mother, am I my own Guru? Am I my own Master?’ Ask it.
Now put the hand much higher, towards the neck, on the left side, and say, ‘Mother, I’m not guilty,’ Say it thrice. Say it thrice, please, all of you, ‘Mother, I’m not guilty at all.’

Now, put your hand on your head. On the fontanel bone area. And now say, ‘Mother, please give me my Realization.’ Because it is your freedom to ask for it. If you don’t ask for it, I cannot force on you. I cannot force. Your freedom is to be respected. Just say ‘Mother, please give me my Realization.’ On top of your head, here, on the fontanel bone area, where the children have a very, very soft bone. Just ask, ‘Mother, please give me my Self-Realization.’ It’s your own, but you have to ask; nobody can force it on you. Say it thrice. Now, lift your hand up there, and see if there’s a cool breeze coming out. Or a hot – maybe some people who are new might get hot, little bit.

So, put both the hands towards Me, and see if the cool breeze is coming out. Even the new people. Keep your eyes shut. Don’t think about it; don’t think. By thinking you are not going to get it.

May God bless you!

All right? Vishuddhi. Don’t feel guilty, please don’t – at first I said that you are not to feel guilty. Now you better say it eight times.


Ah, better. All right, are you feeling the cool breeze? Good, enjoy yourself. Are you? Are you feeling the cool breeze in the hands?

Those who are feeling the cool breeze can open their eyes, slowly, but do not think. You can watch Me without thinking. Otherwise, better is to keep them closed. If you can slowly open them. You just watch Me without thinking.

*(about William Blake)