House Warming Puja

Brompton Square House, London (England)


House Warming Puja. Brompton Sq, London (UK), 7 December 1981.

So today is the day of celebrating a very different type of thingm is the House of your Mother that is called the Mooladhara itself, Moodha. And it is the Gauri [..] til you get your realisation.
To come to England itself was really very [righteous?] and exciting, because this is the heart, here I had to come and work it out. And at this day, when We see so many of you, who are the cells, cells of this heart, who are awakened, who are so united, you all know each other, you understand each other, work together, pump the blood of love, it is really the most happiness-giving, you can say joy-giving thing, or the greatest fulfillment of My desire.

I see you here working like small children, playing about, joyous, happy, giggling. Helping each other. Learning how to be one with each other. I really feel the blessings of God has come down on this earth. You know that heart is the most important organ in the personality of the universe. And the human beings have to become aware of that point, who live here. That we have to live together, work together. If in the heart, even if there is one muscle tries to stand out it can feel immediately instant death. Instant death. So all of you who are awakened have a very very special responsibility.

Now, I have noticed there are two types of people, as we know that. Left-sided and right-sided. And the third type which are the combination of both. And the fourth type who are in the center. We have to belong to the fourth type. And here, one sees how on the physical level we combine both the thing. One side is too much organizing and too much of thinking. Another side is lethargic, laziness, all these things are there. The net result of both is that you cannot produce any results. If you plan too much, if you think too much, you end up with it you are so fagged out to do anything. And the left-sided never get up to do it. So ultimate result is that you achieve nothing. Even on the physical, the material, the mundane type day-to-day life.

So, when you are in the center you witness, you start witnessing. When you steady yourself in the center. Because some people are such that they start on the left, go to the right, they become so ego-oriented that it’s impossible to deal with. But if you stay in the center, that’s the fourth side, is staying in the center. Turya is the fourth dimension. If you could stay on that then you become a witness. And that’s the point where you start sucking the joy of every moment. Every moment, of everything, of every work, of every friendship, of every relationship, of every understanding.

You’ll see some people who’ll be here who’ll develop tremendous respect and friendship with others. Because they’ll discover lot of qualities, lot of talents, lot of beauties in other people. There’s no other way we can find out, I mean this is the greatest way one could provide, is to work together and to understand each other, appreciate each other’s worth. And this will help us again to work out Sahaja Yoga. It was like a festival throughout I felt about the whole thing. And so blessed with so many children, helping Me here. The work doing is not so important as your self, steadying in the center. That’s the main point. It’s not what work you do, what work you furnish, that’s not so important. It’s the steadiness within you, with which you do the job of whatever you do. It’s the enjoyment of sharing with each other is the main point, is a training here.

I hope we’ll have another chance again some time, maybe in India when we build our ashrams. Or maybe in England when we build our ashram here, I hope so. Then we’ll have again the same opportunity to work together for joy sake. Not for anything, just for joy, for your steadiness. To be steady in the center. To put the attention in the center. Without steadying it you cannot ascend. Everybody seems to have gained, I felt when I saw them, they are much better now.

So we have to give up our misidentifications with our previous styles of life, previous type of living, previous type of executing any work and we have to understand that we are not to plan. This house is built for Me. I’m the power behind the whole universe, so you don’t have to plan, you just start off. But once you start planning then you depend on yourselves, which is a very limited thing. You just start planning and you are left behind. Just get to it. When you start thinking of any problems and all that, then you are lagging behind. Just start off and everything will come forward, you’ll find everything it will all be there just before you, before your eyes.

Like the other day they said we don’t find a wood we need very much of a particular thickness. And they were trying to sort of reduce the thickness by rubbing it with some very, very harsh type of noisy stuff, which nobody could bear. So, I just said, “What, what kind of a thing you want? See ahead of you.” And just in front of them was lying that same type of wood that they wanted. Just ahead of them. It was just there. You see how it’s happening? What’s working out? It’s the Hanumana who works out many things for you. It is the Gauri who is to be adored. And it’s the duty of Hanumana to help you out. He plays tricks with you. Always, you see he is the one who makes you think, he makes you plan, he makes you everything and then topples you down. You see, that is his style, always. And he has made mischief with so many people like that. You see, he made them think, plan, plan, plan, plan and ultimately they find all plans fail.

So, if you are too organized, you’ll never enjoy. You have to enjoy each other’s company, you have to enjoy all little little things there are. If there is everything perfect, or absolutely sort of a machine-like, when you go on tick-tick-tick-tick-finished, there’s no enjoyment. You have to lose your way somewhere. You have to find something out. You have to go about, you have to ask someone. Like making mistakes also is important. Sometimes if you make mistakes, like somebody makes mistake by putting the thing in an angular way, a decoration in an angular way, and it turned out to be a very beautiful thing, you see. So making mistakes is also good. This is what I’m trying to show to all of you. By mistake also, if you are driven to someplace you might find something very great.

So, our time is never wasted. Wherever we are, we are. We are never lost. We are never lost for anything. Time stops for us. So once you understand that we are not to worry about these things, which the people worry. We are not to worry about things for which people just give their lives. We are here for joy. And joy will come to us, whatever it is. So we should seek joy, happiness, friendship and this is a very, very good opportunity. Luckily the builder ran away, I was very happy. I wanted to have this opportunity, some opportunity where all of us could get together and work together and have some nice time together. It’s really very enjoyable. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I hope we’ll have more chances to do that.

The more you are in collectivity and in the blessing state, the better it would be. Always in your other lives, in your other things also. Because you are realized souls. You are saints, you are different people from others. You have the help of the Gods, all the angels are helping you, everybody is helping you. But when you depend too much on your understanding, on your planning, then you go out. Then you cannot, then you can never enjoy the planning of God, the help of God, the complete drama. You suddenly find, oh God, it’s there, all done for you. How beautiful it is done, how things working out. It’s very interesting.

This house is a very, very old, old, old, old house, you see. And even if such an old house can be made so beautiful, what about human beings? They can, all become very beautiful, glorified and very active in Sahaja Yoga. Very active. The whole thing that you are experiencing of the joy of recreating something that is already within. Whatever God has created, human beings as such it’s all in a mess. I feel human beings are in a mess. And they are to be recreated, they are to be improved, they are to be worked out. For that, who is going to work it? It’s you. You are the ones who have to do it. I can create [houses, houses after houses?], I can create universes, as you know that. But I have to use you. You are the channel, without you I just can’t do it. And that’s why you have to be very, very alert. Very alert and attentive as to how you go about.

Now, today is the first days for the house-warming ceremonies. And another is the birth of Christ. I won’t be here, I’ll be in India. We’ll celebrate in India the birth of Christ actually. It should be more celebrated here than in India, but somehow or other you always have snowy Christmas. Which was not there at the time of Christ, when he was gone, there was no snow, you see. But in England, it’s a special blessing that you have snowy Christmas. And this time I hope you’ll enjoy all of you a nice Christmas of great warmth and love among yourselves.

Christ came on this earth with a very, very great message for all of us. And He has done so much, you can see that without His awakening we cannot get realization. You have to pass through Him, He has made this place. To create the Agnya chakra in that beautiful way and to keep it alive and to give enlightenment is a very difficult thing. It’s a very funny plug into which you have placed Him. Because of the modern style of life people become against Christ. It develops your ego and goes against Christ. If you develop your super ego, of course it goes against Christ. So both the things, ego or super ego, both the things are to be looked after by one person. Both contrasting things are to be looked after by one person. It’s too much. And these both things, those both problems we have.

So, then, when we are born on this earth, we are born in innocence. Which is also so rare because of the way we live, the way the fashion is you can say, the way the ideas are. But you all have to be against it, absolutely against it. Collectively, if you oppose these ideas, you’ll stand for Christ. You must write to all the churches, all the people. What have you done? What have you done to our people, where is the morality behind it? There is no morality, people are so immoral. How can they become saints? This is not the way, to just have just church buildings and run the Soho land for the church. Church is owning the Soho land. Can you imagine? All these things you must oppose and you should say, “We’d like to know why, why should you, when Christ has said, ‘Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.’ What about the chastity part of it? When are you going to look after?” All the Christian nations are just the opposite of Christ principles. And so you all have to prepare yourselves, talk about it.

So there should be no more silence. There should be no more silence. Public opinion is a very, very big thing in the modern times. That’s the very, very big thing you have got and silence is to be abhorred. Absolutely. Because people who are doing wrong have a conspiracy of silence. They conspire, and then they keep saying that “all right, doesn’t matter.” Democracy, as far as Chile is concerned, all right. But as far as Argentina is concerned will be this way. It’s like that. You see, you keep a silent mouth. Whatever is not bad for us is good, that’s how. And then, “don’t say anything, don’t say anything.” Sahaja Yogis have to be extremely bold and extremely outspoken and they have to say that this is all wrong, absurd. It is not for us. Not that they are uncomfortable, but they are against life, against Christ, against our emancipation, and this has to be given up.

And today we must vow that now as your house is settled down, your backbone is strengthened, you have to take a vow that you will stand for Christ. And for His great morals, and for the great things He said, that we have to be. And we have to tell people, “What are you doing? This is wrong. You cannot do it.” They are more vocal when it comes to something degrading, like drinking. If you don’t drink they’ll say, “Why don’t you drink?” They will force you. “Why don’t you drink? You must drink, you must have this.” But when it comes to morality, nobody dares anything. We don’t discuss religion, very good. This is the silent conspiracy. We don’t discuss religion, because if you discuss we are not religious. So people have to speak about it. All of you have to speak. Then only your left Vishuddhi will be all right. Now the only guilt that will be working in the Sahaja Yogis will be that for Sahaja Yoga we are not doing anything. You must speak. You must talk about it. You must give realization. Move your hands, move your legs. You have to walk across for God’s work, so even if you have to beg you have to do that. This is God’s work. All of us have to do that, God’s work, with all dedication, with all surrendering and with all love and enjoyment. So, may God bless you all.

I’m very happy. C. P. is very much thankful to you and he also wants to say a few words to you. He might come after the puja. He said, “I would like to address to them.” He’s so surprised and he said, “These are really transformed people, I can see they are transformed. They are not normal human beings.” You see, we can [??]. So it’s nice to get a certificate from a person who has not said. He said, “I see now, I have seen them before.” Specially he saw Marcus long time back and today Marcus he says is so different he says, “Everybody seems to be so much changed and so much different that I’m amazed how human beings can be transformed.” He says it’s visible from their faces how they are happy with each other, how they are satisfied, how they are kind to each other and all that. He was very much surprised how they are so friendly and how they are so generous and all that. He was really surprised. And how they laugh and enjoy he was really surprised. He told Me that. At least ten times he has told Me, “that really surprises me how you could transform these people into such beautiful thing.”

So it’s really a big certificate I think from him because he normally doesn’t give certificates like that. So I was really very much enamored and just to make your Mother very happy, he’s bought two saris for me. They, which you will see later on, he has bought two gold things for Me, just to glorify the Mother of so many children. The wise men bought presents for Christ’s Mother. You see in the same way I felt today, the way he brought saris for Me and gold for Me and all that. Not for anything off his personal but in the way he saw that Sahaja Yoga has worked out. He was very surprised. So may God bless you.

This one is made by some Indians and it’s very good. It is made by hand, you see, that’s what is wrong, I found out. It’s all made by hand. Because if it is not made by hand you’ll find those joins somewhere, you see, there are no joins in that. So, they have made of course, two different things, but then they have tried to molds, these are molds and then they have put it together. Ceramic.

All right, so should we have the puja now?

Sir C.P.: Brothers and sisters, we are Sahaja Yogis, Sahaja Yoginis, we are friends. It’s very difficult to speak before a gathering like this. But all I can say is I am, I regard myself as very greatly privileged to be a part of this boundless family that I see here. You know I am serving, myself, the United Nations system, and the United Nations system is based on idealism. On the belief that all human beings are of one family. But that is the basis, that is the philosophy, that is the foundation, and we have to make that work. But we, those who are so privileged to serve that system, have to work in such a way that this philosophy is realized. That is one thing, the way of the United Nations. It’s a very, very hard, long way.

But what I have found myself is that, in the world of today, the problems that we face are not problems of material well-being, science, technology, evolution, they have all brought within our reach the resources which Mother Earth makes available and all of us can be happy. All of us can be reasonably well-off. And yet we are not. Is it because technology has not advanced, is it because our knowledge of science is inadequate? No, there is only one major element. That major element is the human element.

It is the human being, human being at his best that can make this world a happy place for all of us. In other words, if mankind has to live and has to survive, you know we are living in a dangerous world, in a nuclear age. If mankind has to survive, he can survive only on the principle of love. On the basis that there is a great human evolution, spiritual evolution. Spiritual evolution does not mean that you get away from materialism. It means that the perspectives are right. That the prime importance is given to the spirit. It is spiritual evolution which alone can make people feel that they are one, that they are part of the family. Now the message that you are giving to the world, that is a message which the world needs.

It needs a new Messiah, some one who will tell the world that we are all one. But if we are all one in reality, we must be not from just our lips but from our hearts. We must sincerely believe that we are one, and if that message can get across then all human beings will survive and mankind will be at peace with itself and will be happy.

And when I see this family, my idealism gets greatly strengthened. Because in you I see a wonderful gathering of people. From all parts of the world, speaking different languages, professing different religions. And yet being together as if for ever and ever you have been together. As if you belong to one family. The way I have seen you all, for example, here in this house or anywhere else, working together as if it is a festivity, it’s not work. No matter what the problems, facilities none, implements very few. But with marvelous spirit.

It is that spirit which is within you, which fills me with emotion, with sentiment, with feelings of admiration. And I feel there is still hope for mankind. What you are doing is a practical demonstration of human nature, when it is developed, when it is at its best.

You know there have been philosophers, all kinds in this world. Philosophers often have said, human nature is essentially nasty and brutish and short. So said [Jack Hobbes?] I don’t agree with that at all. You may look at something and propound a philosophy, but your understanding of it is totally wrong. There are others who have held that human nature must be seen at its best if you want to know what human nature is. And I’m not trying to please you, but honestly when I see you and your faces, enlightened, kind, noble, I feel really elated. And it is this which fills me with strength. Gives me strength, because in my own work, which is at a much lower level, you are at a very high level, I get strengthened by it. But there are ever so many frustrations in workaday life. When I come to you, I’m near you, I feel that there is hope for mankind and we can all look forward to a better future.

Now, this Lady has been with me for many, many years. We got married decades ago. And She has been a source of great strength to me as a wife, but I know in what affection and respect you hold Her. And this relationship again is a fantastic relationship. I can assure you that She always helps for everyone. Everyone, not just now. We have had, for example, relations in our family. My own daughters and the children of others living with us. She always taught, in reality, all of them to be the precisely of the same. And today, She probably belongs to me 0.1%, She belongs 99.9% to all of you. So I am happy about this because I want to see this kind of relationship develop, become a reality. Where all of us can say mine and thine and ours together. And this is the way you are.

What can I say to you on this occasion? I want to express only my genuine joy, admiration and a prayer. That the Almighty may strengthen this spark of Divinity within you. That you may be the forbears of a new message for mankind. Your messages for mankind, they don’t begin with millions. They always begin with a few, but a growing number. And your strength of will, your determination, will prevent a new ?? You do not know what perilous days we are passing through. That’s on one side, but there is on the other side another movement which, to my way of thinking, is the movement that the world needs today.

So may I end my words, by expressing my very sincere gratitude. Not only for what you are doing, but much more for the new [message?] that you are [delivering/building?]. As a citizen of the world, I pray that your efforts may succeed and you may have glorious success. Please remain strengthened, firm in your belief. The work you are doing is what the world needs. And in the spirit of humility which I see around you, idealism, joy, mutual love. Please carry on, and regard me as a part of that. Small part of that endeavour. And thank you again for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be with you all this evening. I am delighted that in this humble abode we are all together and we are making a beginning. With joy, with this wonderful togetherness. And I’m too full now of emotion to be able to say more.
May God bless you all.
A Merry Christmas, A Happy New Year to all of you.
Thank you very much.