Conversation in Shri Mataji’s house

Brompton Square House, London (England)


Shri Mataji’s house in Brompton Square, London (UK), 1981

Shri Mataji: I think these people might have taken it….Ask them
Yogi: I have asked them Mother, I just asked them…..And he say No…I cant physically get hold of them searching it
Shri Mataji:….must be somewhere
Yogi: ..You said you saw it in the morning in the..Y1: Yes in the Mother’s room…Y2: Grazyna was tidying up…she could have put it in Plastic bag also
Shri Mataji: if its in My room..
Yogi: Is Grazyna there?
Shri Mataji: May be something like here
Yogi: See I can get it
Yogi: Grazyna!
Shri Mataji: Fergy!
Fergy: Yes, Mother
Shri Mataji: Chop it off now
Fergy: There is no material now
Shri Mataji: No but chopping off
Fergy: Noone needs chopping off
Shri Mataji: No material? What do you want?
Fergy: We need some light lights
Shri Mataji: Alright as soon as it comes here
Shri Mataji: where is it?
Fergy: Ah Nick ! Nick and Verana are….
Shri Mataji:..inaudible
Fergy: They are downstairs

Shri Mataji:….if you want to do something up there..
Yogi: we have to know exactly where the door is
Shri Mataji: The door is here

Yogi: Let me just push it in one inch..Hold the frame
Yogi:…We don’t have any frame
Shri Mataji: This frame is there. You have frame. Frame is there. This will hold. It will hold the… here..
Shri Mataji: We have another one. Not this one. We have another one. Very simple one. That’s just for show there.. doesn’t hold it..Just for the show because the actual one is very simple. Then it should be left a little space on top also for the beating to be
Yogi: Do you want “beating” on the top…Shri Mataji: You have? Yogi: No we have just mirror going against the ceiling on the top it has to be on the other
Shri Mataji: it has to be there if you are putting… so you have got the building… I”ll show you

Yogis singing: la-la-lalalalalalala Gloooooooooooria

Song: Mother and child

Shri Mataji: Shoes taken out..Are you all well? Better?
Yogi: satisfied Mother
Shri Mataji: what are you feeling now?
Yogi: Just nabhi… left and right nabhi
Shri Mataji: it will go away..Ha..How are you? Yogi: Well Mother Shri Mataji: How are you? Yogi: Got Pain here Mother Shri Mataji: How are you? Alright? How are you?

Yogis stand with hands open

Shri Mataji: Eating all the bhoots
Shri Mataji: Nani !… that paper…one of the ,, somewhere
Yogi: weren’t there some rolls left there? I thought there were some left downstairs?
Shri Mataji: Forget it. We get it by Monday. If you show him he can get it on Monday ….telephone to them
Yogi: we just want cutlery
Shri Mataji: they don’t have not anymore in the stock
Yogi: oh really?
Shri Mataji: put up… in the heart, in the heart
Shri Mataji: Where?
Yogi: Where does he reside?
Mother showing the stomach M : in the stomach
Shri Mataji: That is the bhur buva swaha..takes away all your.. swallows everything
Yogi: swaha?
Shri Mataji: Swa- HA
Yogi: what does it mean Mother?
Shri Mataji: Swaha Bhur buva swaha is the essence of agni swaha
Yogi: essence of agni?
Shri Mataji: swaha means swallowing power or the burning power..all that burns..swaha..
Yogi: that’s why we are doing this..swaha?
Shri Mataji: Bhur means this Mother Earth then buva . buva is all that is created all this universe that is created. Swaha is power to burn – all that is burning which burns down. It’s in the stomach. This Power for..
Yogi: So its an aspect of Lord Vishnu?
Shri Mataji: Vishnu’s aspect.. Rama’s brother Lakshmana.. Yogi: Agni? Shri Mataji: yes it’s the one and he is the one who actually is like a serpent in the stomach he stays always where Vishnu resides that’s his brother Sheesha. he was Arguna

In his next life as Vishnu he was Arguna. Sheesha is the snake representing the Agni the stomach you see. You any problems you get that kind of pain you know that’s..
Shri Mataji: Better now? Better? Little on this side
Shri Mataji: MM …put this.. virus
This one. Not them you can see all of these sitting there photographing

Shri Mataji: its all going to be a historical report whatever you say
You must come forward. Some of you are hanging there come forward. Come along..we are taking your tapes how you call them – the pictures Yogi: videos Shri Mataji: videos, come along Yogi: We have free lunch tonight Shri Mataji: just come that side
everybody is waiting for an invitation. Come along. Left behind. Yes. Quite nice
Shri Mataji: I did not understand why you people take too much soup but now coming here I know it is so cold that you want to have something hot all the time
These two come along this side. Better. Left . Here

Shri Mataji: for a while now.. How many lots you have brought?
Yogi: Er three Mother
Shri Mataji: So we have to get wall out.. I don’t know how many
Yogi: what about all those Crakes Mother
Shri Mataji: they have to be brought also but I … to do the rest of it..there must be some more.
Yogi: more furniture unpstairs Mother, more crakes suitcases there
Shri Mataji: that’s all? Boxes?
Yogi: downstairs. There is a lot of furniture
Shri Mataji: there is a lots of them downstairs
Yogi: a large table, a very large table
Shri Mataji: table for the dining…Yogi: settees Shri Mataji: sittings?
Shri Mataji: you see tomorrow when he has put the tape at work then we can get furniture move furniture from mom gardens… but at Linda’s place we have sent some furniture
Shri Mataji: Now your hearts will be badged and how chiselling will be done. We are doing the chiselling you see. When you are chiselling something I am chiselling there something else
Shri Mataji: So Don’t say that if we have to take out the paper plaster you have to take out… to take too this is nothing but conditioning not only victorian but this conditioning of ages. that’s only victorian that’s what? 100 years at the most..old conditioning there, all your forefathers they have left lots of things and all that kinds of problems you have developed because you came to this country, some of you lived in this country – all sorts of things.. and your hearts get broken very easily so I have to make a solid fiber glass heart
… arrange it should be nicely skirted so there is no harm so that nobody gets hurt it’s all building up and what is the essence of it – that you should be able to enjoy – to be able to enjoy yourself, your own building, your own house, yourself, if you do not enjoy, what is the use of building your house, isn’t it? you can not enjoy your own house. I don’t know if it will be alright upstairs.
Shri Mataji: I am going away.. on the 20th I have to leave so may be next weekend we will never each other – this is the last weekend and I will be back in Australia
Yogi: Maureen is asking when will you go to France?
Shri Mataji: futuristic…Yogi: to arrange things before leaving…Shri Mataji: Is it that won’t be that much? I’ll be going in May. I think.. May. In May I’m going all Europe. America we should keep it in September? Not earlier – may be end of May. To be on the safe side – nobody wants you in august anywhere.
So May June July, may be September, October I should go to Wisden October we should keep
In May I should work in London I should say, by that time I am sure you… going to be important year 82 … I have to see what the English sahaja yogis are going to do now. It is written down so that you will be chiselled out here so that you can go across everywhere to do sahaja yoga. That’s written by … Blake – I am not saying that…is something that will go like that I think ah? you have to chop out you see and see just like we are tidying the whole house just in the same way comes from first floor to second – go on tidying up – and everywhere in the country you can go – talk about it, say things – you have to now start talking – the silence is not going to help you at all. Till little children grow up better they already have started talking – like Olympia will go out and say – pthhhetha. The way she was behaving coming to Me that day..Every time you said something she was like that (Mother is bending her head) happened the most similar last time..all the time: alsotatatatatat and then little this girl Aniki – I feel for her very much – she stood up there: somebody came and touched my feet, she said
: “she is not at all alright, not alright”.
Till they grow up, we have to prepare the ground for them and for everybody else. Basics are to be alright, that’s important otherwise you have to again open it and again correcting it so you get so fed up and if you have to read all the things you don’t like it isn’t it? So at least wherever you are you hold on to it like a peg being put there, don’t fall back If you fall back then again I find it difficult to raise you. Now most of you have gained a lot I must say from all over… Denis should have come today I wanted to see him the only person who is left out, Wendy might come on Tuesday she seems to be better….and another is David Backster. He could come and see me before I leave – it would be a good idea – another one who has turned out to be a medium. Journalists poor things they must be already mediums already. Yesterday they were telling about some journalist who went to Omeni – a lady and she completely embarrassed him, he said that why are you wearing such a dress? Or something to her… she was wearing a long cape so she said if you don’t like it I take it out. She took it out it was said so embarrassing – he ran away you are brahmachari… it was too much for her and I am told she went to Gaddaffi. Why? he was horrible…she went there and the photograph she was even afraid to take the photograph… she made lots of fun of him she must be herself a funny woman if you do all that.
So those who are coming to India – I don’t know how many are there going from London
Yogi: about 20
Shri Mataji: 20 from London?
Yogi: from England
Shri Mataji: England. But from Switzerland?
Yogi: may be Tierry, yes, Tierry may come
Shri Mataji: Of god ! Not him! Oh…Indians get after his life, he wont like it, who else?
Yogi: somebody called Janvier, jeanaville and ari –matier might come
Shri Mataji: he is coming for a short time
Yogi: Martin
Shri Mataji: and these three teachers who came elderly ladies
Yogi: they are coming
Shri Mataji: they were great when they came to Rome and they said our lives are completely changed… they have come directly, but what time will they reach here
Yogi: see everybody should come on the same flight from paris. They are all told to come for that flight
Shri Mataji: and from Paris?
Yogi: from Paris its Marie, Anique, Alexander, Natalie, William and Dominique also
Dominique you know from Paris?
Shri Mataji: yes I know
Yogi: Benua may be coming, Robbert and somebody called Madeline
Shri Mataji: and did they give you the letter from that fellow whose child what’s the name?
Yogi: oh yes
Shri Mataji: he is very interested in Sahaja Yoga. Now this Ubal. When is she going now?
Yogi: they are going back to Australia after Christmas
Shri Mataji: oh I see
Yogi: she may get posted he is may be going to come to London
Shri Mataji: that’s good. So how many are coming from America also?
Yogi: at the present we have not got anyone left
Shri Mataji: But Michael?
Yogi: I could not get through him on the phone to trace him, I will try again tonight
Shri Mataji: really? Why not I have given him the letter
Yogi: there is no telephone line. He does not have telephone
Shri Mataji: why not send him a telegram? Did you read the letter, the second one?
Yogi: he is very keen on going to India
Shri Mataji: you should say we have reserved the seat or something, alright? Ask Inesh to reserve a seat

Shri Mataji: better? So who else?
Shri Mataji: Please stop the…
Now I am going away who is going to cleanse? Now you have to cleanse yourself.. all of you
Look you see he is sitting here. Can you see better? He’s there
Now put your right hand towards that. Its fire isn’t it? Holiness of this fire he was the Mother of Brahma… and one of the greatest yogis you can think, he had to go with Rama for 14 years. 14 years he went to jungle with him because he was said to forest exile and there he had no wife, for 14 years he was without a wife. Rama had a wife he had no wife. The wife was left behind and one of the sisters of Ravana – Rakshasa- she came to entice him. He got so angry with her for that that he cut her nose… I think you are a very beautiful woman you’d better go and wash the feet of my wife. And so powerful he was, so powerful and he could never bear a single word said to Rama against Me…He was getting to big tempers for that. See how it is lit. He is happy now is burning

One of the things you can see how things can be sure that fire which is a purifying force it’s a purifier, purifies everything, if gold has something wrong it goes burning it anything that is wrong he burns it. In Sahaja yoga we use fire also. This is Lakshmana is the Sheesha. The story about him is like this: his daughter when he was with Vishnu Sheesha’s daughter was called as Sunucha and she was taken away by a Rakshasa called as Neguna (he was a son of Ravana) and he was very unhappy about it and this Neguna married this girl…funny situation, so Lakshamana wanted to get back his daughter to save her