Christmas Puja: You Have To Be Peaceful

Chelsham Road Ashram, London (England)

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Christmas puja. Chelsham Road Ashram, London (UK), 25 December 1981.


I wanted to be with you people on a Christmas day, but it never happened before. It has so chanced that I have to be here with you today and on the New Year. Something good has to happen I hope next year, some good luck has to come.

Christ’s work was very unique. The whole thing was a very unique thing, was planned in such a manner that He was to be born in a place which was very humble, very humble place. Because He came to teach us humility. The word ‘teaching’ in English language means telling about it, talking about it. But when I say ‘teach’ I mean create, to activate this humility.

Actually, He came on this earth first of all to create a space within us, at the Agnya chakra, by removing the hurdles of the ego, hurdles of the ego. He had to talk of humility that time, because Romans were ruling and they were very arrogant, very crude, uncouth, underdeveloped, we should say, not at all evolved. Like, you can say some of the animals, which came into being and were thrown out of the evolutionary process later on because they were useless, too aggressive or too big for their size or some sort of a thing like that.

In the same way, Romans were. If you see their body, even now, painted sometimes, you’ll find that it was not like a human body, it was like some animals you see, the muscles and all that was very grotesque. There was no softness, no roundishness, on their faces. So, this ego of Romans affected everyone whom they ruled because when you have somebody as an ideal before you, and always people see who dominates them, and then such a person becomes their ideal. So you start imbibing that kind of a character within yourself.

You see, somebody who is condescending, you also become suddenly condescending. You see somebody who is very egoistical and tries to show off, you also put up air. You can see this everyday happening, that a boss comes in who is a very, very airy person, everybody in the office is like that. And that’s how Romans affected the people in those days by creating their own ideals, people thought they are the ideals, they are the best, because they had produced results according to them. They were so powerful, they thought this was the power. And that’s why they followed their methods, many people who were not even Romans.

The another humbler group was affected because they were hurt, their ego was hurt. So, they became equally violent in the sense that they were so touchy that you could not say anything to them, they would just come and bark on you, frightened people. This kind of character is very dangerous also, because that gives you some sort of very bad diseases: can give you leprosy, people develop leprosy with that kind of character, if you develop a barking temperament of a nature by which you just jump at people. Nerves become absolutely sort of shattered by it, and the leprosy is the disease of the nerves.

Those people who always keep themselves under such strain and jump at every person who comes along are very dangerously placed as far as their nerves are concerned. And then a horrible type of virus you know that which creates leprosy attacks these nerves, can attack because they are very vulnerable, these kind of people who jump on the others. That’s why there was so much leprosy, in that small little place there were so many lepers, because their nerves were shattered.

In those circumstances Christ was born. But He was not only born just for Romans or for anyone, but He was born for the whole world. Because ego had started growing in human beings at that time and had developed quite a lot as far as the Romans were concerned. And that demarcated the way human beings were going on. So they had to be controlled first of all, and Christ had to come at a time where a balance between ego and superego was to be established.

So, the first thing that was said about Christ throughout in all these music and songs you have heard now is that ‘Peace on Earth.’ He came to create peace on earth. That’s only possible when you are in balance, first of all, secondly when you are Realized. Both things should be there. If only you get your Realization and there is no balance in you, there cannot be peace. But peace never means in any way, is a personality that recedes back, runs away from situations, escapist, who does not want to face the reality – never means that.

Christ is pictured very differently from what He was. He was the strongest personality you could think of, and the healthiest man you could think of. And He would not stand any nonsense, nobody could take liberties with Him. But He would not Himself take liberties with others, of course no question. Extremely compassionate, extremely kind, but very powerful. This is the balance. So, He came on this earth to create peace within our minds. On this earth there is no peace, why? What’s wrong? It’s only the human beings  are not peaceful. When this peace will be settled within yourself?

Who is violent? Human beings are violent to each other. Ego developed subtler ways and subtler ways. Then, provocative ways started coming up also from the superego, sly methods from the superego. The conflict started. And at that time, to overcome that conflict, the best thing was to create a space in Agnya, in the center, in thoughtless awareness. That’s how Christ had to come on this earth.

The birth is very, very symbolic. Because He’s nothing but Chaitanya, He’s nothing but the Word as you call it, Logos – I don’t know what all words you have got in language, the Shabda, as they call it, is the Omkara – He was to be born in this way, because He had no body, and the subtlest of subtle He had to be. Because the work was very subtle, Sukshma, that’s why He was born like that. It’s very poetic to see Him lying down in a manger, for people, that look at this: the King of Heaven should…

[Shri Mataji: It’s all right. Now she does that to understand. (Shri Mataji drinks a cup of tea. To the little girl who wants again something:) Don’t go near that.]

So, the story of His birth was very interesting tale. It was very symbolic [unclear] that He came in a humble place, because people were so proud of their money, so arrogant because of their power that they had. Even today all the Christian nations are like that. Surprisingly, Christian nations should be so arrogant and so power-drunk and think no end of themselves because they are affluent. Think of the Christian nations being very poor, do you think they would have had racial problem? They don’t have racial problems with Arabs. Not at all [laughter]. As simple as that. No problem with Arabs. They have no race, Arabs have no race, they have money, money race. Those people who hanker after money are only bowing down to money. They have no respect for anything else but for money. Those who have money and think of money are another lot which is going to go out of the circulation of evolution. They are going out already.

The second lot is the one which was like Romans. They had a fall, they were all finished because they were power-drunk. They drank away, their civilization completely finished off and they are out. You’ve seen Portugal, you’ll be amazed, it’s happening there. The ego of Portuguese was so great, you can’t believe that that country is a desolate country, there’s nothing now, big-big, huge big buildings, which you see and you know they must have been rich once upon a time. And there’s nothing left with them except for their antique shops which are never open. [Laughter]

This kind of a ego is again revived and that revival came up, imagine, in the name of Christ. Imagine! They purchased people to be converted as Christians. They gave them money, is all money, money propositions, money enterprise going on. Jews the same, then the Christians the same.

He was born in a manger. For a little child to be put in a manger by the Mahalakshmi, it’s too much. See how symbolic it is, Mahalakshmi, was not Lakshmi, but Mahalakshmi to put the child in the manger. No place. We have at least Chelsham Road [laughter], Warwick Road, Bramham Gardens, Brompton Square. But the child was born and was put in the manger, the humblest thing in this world is a manger. The humblest of all, a crib, the Highest is put in the manger.

So, what do we do? We think we should also sleep in a manger, we’ll become like Christ. There are people who believe in such nonsensical things. They think that, you see if they have all the money, they drink and do all kinds of things, you see – I met one man one day, he was all drunk lying near a church. He was saying: “I’m Christ, I’m Christ.” He must have had got this idea that he’s lying there because he’s very humble. This kind of ridiculous caricature of the whole beautiful symbol is followed everywhere.

So the arrogant and the egoistical might say that: “Why, if He was the King, why was He born in the manger? Why was He kept in the manger?”. Everybody will have their own concept. Even there are people in India, who are stupid people, not wise, who say that He must have done lots of bad karmas to be born like that. Because to them, karmas give you more money, I mean, God is not so unintelligent.

If you do good karmas you become men of God, you become seekers. You get the blessings of God by your good karmas, you’ll become religious people, not moneyed people who can go to pubs and waste their lives. This is the idea they have got that by doing good karmas you become rich, and become even worse for next life. Some people may believe like that. But He never did any karmas. He was in akarma Himself, so no question of His punishment and all that, because just a drama, but very symbolic it is.

Now see, a little child put in the manger, no comfort. Can there be any comfort in a manger? Think like that. All the Christian nations are after their comforts. Aren’t we? What we think is not comfortable, it should be comfortable. Christians should never seek comfort, that is one of the messages of Christ’s birth. If they seek comfort then they are away from Christ, because He was born in a manger. No comfort was provided for Him. But that doesn’t mean that you should assume some sort of a funny habitation, it doesn’t mean that also, I mean I have to tell the other side of it, you see. Copying Him is not the way, is not the way by copying Him that you will become Christ, but by imbibing His qualities within you.

I’ve known people who live in a pigsty, but once they get to a better life they want everything else. So imbibing the quality of humility and adjustment. Humility and adjustment. Anywhere you are put, anytime. Very particular about time. If somebody has to come at ten o’clock, and if he has to do a job, if it is [that] he’s delayed by five minutes, he starts breaking all the heavens, just can’t bear it, he can’t bear it, five minutes he has to wait. And if he has to wait ten minutes, he’s out for a pub, finished. He cannot be pacifying himself unless and until he takes a drink. This is the situation of a volcanic human mind.

So the peace has to come. How? If you seek comfort you’ll become lazy lumps. You’ll sleep off, you’ll be lotus-eaters. But if you not seek comfort, then peace will come. Because for our own comfort, for our selfish comfort of this body we torture everybody else.

The other day only I was telling that only in the Western countries it is so, not in India. If somebody’s sleeping even till twelve o’clock you cannot wake up that person, is a irreligious act. I mean in India anybody who sleeps after six o’clock he’ll feel ashamed of himself to be sleeping that time. He’ll be apologetic the whole day and he’ll say that, “Oh, God, I’m sorry I slept.” It’s regarded as sinful to sleep so late as six o’clock in the morning. I mean, any country like that.

So, comfort has no end. There’s no end to it. Comfort crawls upon you, what is comfort? Let us see, very simple. In Christ’s symbolic life, its very deep significance is this: that comfort is nothing but the matter overpowering the Spirit. Do you see that point? If you are sitting on a chair, then you can’t sit on the ground. If you are sitting on a sofa set you can’t sit on a chair. If you are sitting on a velvet, then you cannot sit you know on an ordinary thing. Is the matter always overpowering the Spirit and He was the Spirit, what does it matter to Him? Whether straw or anything?

It is insurmountable, nothing can displease the Spirit of these material things, I mean the matter otherwise will take over. That is the thing is one has to understand, that He was the Spirit and if you have to become the Spirit, first of all, try to give up your comforts, lash your bodies a little bit, I’m sorry on a Christmas day I have to say that, because He was also lashed that way. If you see on the day He was born, for a mother to put the child in a crib that was a manger is too much of a sacrifice. How much you want to do for your children, you see, dress them up properly, do this, do that. But the child was to be put in a manger, was put in a manger, just for you people to learn that comfort crawls on the Spirit.

We always seek the comfort. This one thing is the message to all of us. If you seek your room, “I must have a bathroom attached to that.” Again comfort. “What about my wife, where is she going to sleep?” She’ll sleep as others are sleeping. And you’ll sleep as others are sleeping. Nobody is going to die of that be sure, I can assure you. Sahaj Yoga is very hard thing that way you see, very few people die once they come to Sahaj Yoga [Laughter]. Some of them should. [Big laughter]. But they don’t. [Big laughter]. They continue, they go on giving Realization, they go on doing everything, still they continue. Escape all the accidents, escape all the problems and they continue.

But this is a short time which must be used. It’s a very, very concrete thing I wanted to tell you today. It’s nice to talk of Christ’s birth, be happy about it, sing songs, go into a mood like that, but really I tell you, it’s a very symbolic case for all of us to know that He slept in a manger.

And the another symbolicism is that, what did we offer Him? What did this world offer Him at that time? The another symbolicism is that they offered Him a manger. Are we going to do the same to our Mother? This is one thing one has to know. Manger is, after all, is all right, it doesn’t catches anything, it has no left Nabhi, right Nabhi, nothing [Laughter]. It doesn’t have all these problems. There are no thorns, there’s no Agnya, there’s nobody screwing up into Your stomach, suddenly feel, “Oh God, don’t want to see”.

So, you are the thistles in that manger which have to be soft to give comfort to Christ. You have to become so soft and so sweet, so clean and pure, because a new babe is going to be put in the manger. You are the kushas (grass) with the thistles. And for a yogi the kushasana (seat made of grass) is the one – he sits on the kusha only. So, He was a yogi, He came on the kusha, all right. But now, what about you? To receive Him in the manger, this is the manger. The Mother is preparing the manger to make the child feel very happy and comforted.

The thistles: adamance, obstinacy, harshness, ugliness: all must be curbed down. It’s very symbolic, it’s very symbolic I must say His birth; why, why, one should think, why was He born like that? People might give any amount of interpretations, but I know because I’ve done it. I’m trying to soften you, I’m trying to mold you, sometimes I have to be harsh with you. Sometimes I have to be angry with you, sometimes I have to tell you off. Just now there are some who are catching so much on the Void, that My stomach is screwing up. It’s all right with Me, cause I’m supposed to be that, I’m so fortunate that I have to face all that.

But what about Christ within us? You are not going to be happy with yourself, with your being, with your Spirit, unless and until you create a manger of very soft thistles. You yourself you are not going to enjoy. You think that by justifying your egos, by justifying your arrogance, by justifying all that you are doing to each other – some people are busy making money out of Sahaj Yoga, some people are busy deceiving others, some are telling lies, some are creating problems, some are beating wives and some wives are provocating husbands, what is all this going on?

We are creating a beautiful manger for Christ, to create the peace on earth. We have to be peaceful! To be peaceful one has to be humble, this is the message of Christ, humble. If you become humble, peace will come. Humble is a good word, I don’t know if it explains what it means. Humble means: “Not asking for your own comfort, but comfort of others”. When others are before you, that is humility. It’s not: “Thank you very much.” You kill somebody and then tell to the dead person: “I’m sorry I killed you” – finished. In English language is over [laughter]. Once you have said: “I’m sorry,” finished. “Yes, I know,” and the another is “I know.”

“Why did you do it?” “I know”. Finished. If he knows, then it’s all right. Then there’s no punishment. No. You don’t know, you are all the Spirit, so beautiful. You are to be chiseled out, all right, that’s My job. You are to be cleaned out, that’s My job, all right. Kundalini awakening is My job, agreed, but maintenance is yours. On the contrary sometimes I feel, because I do all this, the maintenance is poor, very, very poor.

Like in India I see some people try to help us, by giving us money, you see. We didn’t earn the money ourselves, you see, somebody donated money and they built some wells, all are dilapidated and finished, free gift, nobody wants to look after it. It’s human nature. If you don’t work hard for your maintenance, and just leave it to Mother, “Oh, She will cure us, let us continue what we want to do, She’s coming after all, She’s going to look after us”, we’ll lag behind. That’s why My presence can be sometimes in a way not so fruitful. My presence in England is good up to a point, and afterwards it should not be there for some time.

I love you very much, you know that, very much. I – England is My heart, and I have to be here, and this Christmas I wanted to celebrate with you and the New Year with you just out of My own desire. But I have to make you understand that you have to work harder and harder to keep yourself clean. Get rid of your problems, come up, do not say that, “Yes, it is like this Mother.” All the time you are reporting to Me, “Still Mother I’m catching, see now this is happening,” as if it’s a boastful thing to say. “I will get all right, I have to be all right, now Mother has gone, let Me show Her when I come back”.

When I once went to Bombay, Raulbai did not come to see Me for seven days and she was in Bombay, she had arrived to see Me. So I asked them, “What’s the matter, is she keeping all right, is she all right? Then why didn’t she come to see Me?” I was thinking what’s the matter with her. She came to see Me after seven days. She said, “Mother, I’m sorry I didn’t come to see You because I was caught up this time, I wanted to cleanse myself before showing My face to You.”

So, cleansing is to be done, maintenance is to be done, raising of the Kundalini, collectivity, collectivity: look after each other, you have to only support Sahaj Yogis and not others, outsiders, they are outsiders, they are not us, we are Sahaj Yogis, and those who try to support others are no more Sahaj Yogis, they get out of Sahaj Yoga would be better for us.

Whatever we are, we are among ourselves. Outsiders are outsiders, we have to love each other, we have to respect each other as saints. Nobody has to say anything harsh things to each other. No. Be kind, loving, affectionate. Curb down your tongues, be humble. Humility, humility is the thing one has to be. Write it down with big words, be humble, be humble, be humble. And when you become humble, such peace will reign, and you will feel so nice, being humble, there’s nothing wrong. Christ has gone to this extent to say that somebody slaps on this face you turn the other. Be humble. With Romans there was no other way out. There was no other way out.

Also, He preached humility, throughout He preached humility. You be humble to each other, that’s all. You need not be humble to others, because no one can now torture the saints, is over, that situation is over, but you be humble to each other. Humble in your demands of life.

That doesn’t mean that you should become people [Aside: Just keep it there.] Just that you become people of a strange characters, you see, that doesn’t mean that, should be decent, with decorum, as Christ was when He was born. But you should be humble. Try to mould your bodies, make them lighter in the sense that you can sit anywhere, you can move anywhere, you can lie everywhere – you are all young people, adjust yourself. If somebody has one room you should say, “All right, doesn’t matter, I can live in the corridor, don’t worry.” But they will be first jumping, I’ve seen that, to the room which has the attached bath. How many of you have rooms with attached baths, let’s see? Raise the hands, living in the ashram. Better give up. Better give up. See now? Better give up. All of you give up your rooms and stay in rooms which are shared. Now it’s all right for you not to share because you are husband and wife, but need not ask for attached bath.

Comforts are to be given up for others, not for you. You should make others comfortable, not yourself. Sometimes I’m surprised at human beings how they allow others to eat anything, the way they are self-centered is something surprising. But after Sahaj Yoga you change! You enjoy giving comfort to others, saying comforting words to others, sweet things to others, you enjoy that!

Christ was given the crib of a manger and He came to comfort you, to give you peace and He came as a Saviour, can you imagine the contrast? You are the saviours of the whole universe now, as He was Saviour. But, you cannot be selfish, you cannot be comfortable. You have to be like Christ, He used to live wherever He liked: He lived in forest, He lived anywhere. Just working hard for people, He would never even have His food sometimes. He lived under all circumstances, under all conditions; He never asked for any comfort, nothing. He was a carpenter, He never even used a glove. Here you must have gloves. You must have socks, you must have shoes, you must have a shaving this, He never shaved even, that doesn’t mean you grow your beard. [Laughter] But He was a very clean person. He lived with the minimum of minimum, that’s what one has to do, is to reduce things.

You know, I have everything that one can think of, but I can live with the minimum of minimum, I can live with two saris, and sometimes with one. You should be able to live with minimum of minimum, that’s the point is. And that is what one has to learn from His life is that we are the saviours today, and Saviour lived just like a humble person, very elite in His behavior, very dignified, He was not behaving like a beggar going, “heh, heh, heh,” like that.

Some of them, you are like that also, you see, you go about like this, when you talk, like this you go about [Shri Mataji mimes a beggar] that’s not the way! With dignity, with your magnificence, with your gravity, move about. Actually those who are really great, those who are the real emperors, do not need anything. Ah, what can dominate them, tell Me? If you are the emperor of this world, if you know you are the queen of this world, what is more important, what comfort can dominate?

What material thing can charm such a person? Because that person is above, that’s badshah, that’s the king, that’s the real sign of a king, king of heaven, not of England, or of any place, but of heaven. And that’s what you are, you are the citizens of that kingdom, to you these things should be absolutely useless.

The beauty of the matter should be seen, not the possession of it. Beauty is the comfort, not what you feel in the body, like having comfortable things. Beauty is so comforting, people do not know how comforting is the beauty. And that I’m sure while we are celebrating His birth today, we glorify Him, by accepting a kind of a martyr Spirit, a Spirit in which you are dedicated, in which you do not demand anything, but you give. You do not ask for anything, but you give.

Even today, I received letter from people saying that, “Please, I want a job, can you help Me, will You bring?”. All sort of things like that. [Shri Mataji laughs]. It can be any sort of a nonsense. Of course, I mean, one can have all that kind of thing, but ask for one and that is the Spirit. And once you ask for that, nothing higher to what you have asked for [unclear]. Then you don’t want anything else, the enjoyment is complete.

So, to celebrate His birthday and to rejoice in that, is to rejoice in our adequacies. If you are adequate you do not hanker after your inadequacies, don’t you? If you are complete, if you are full, if you are satisfied you do not hanker, do you? So enjoy your adequacies, your completeness, your fullness, and your complete satisfaction, enjoy that.

Ultimately, all these things lead to some sort of a satisfaction. Of course, I don’t know if you get any satisfaction out of that, but the real satisfaction that is within you is the Spirit, you enjoy that. This is for yourself, and for others you are a comforter to others. It’s not that anybody who talks to you will come and complain to Me: “Mother, he has bitten me. I had a meeting with another scorpion, he bit me [laughter]. I touched somebody and he hit me.”

Comfort. You are a thing of comfort to others, believe Me, you are. Comfort others. So those who comfort others do not bother about their comfort. The shepherds, simple people, in this cold, imagine they were outside, and they saw the vision of the angel. It can only be seen by people who are humble, who are leading a humble life, He appeared to them and the another was, vision, to the Wise.

So, only the humble people and the wise people – wisdom, common sense and wisdom. Those who are not wise can never understand, can never understand, those who are intelligent and intellectuals are not wise people at all, they are stupid, you know that they are stupid people. Wisdom. So the three wise men and the shepherd is another great symbolism, those who will understand Sahaja Yoga – simple people, shepherds. And another are the wise. Only the wise can understand the star. So many must have seen the star. Wise men from the East. It’s true. Eastern people are much more wiser than other people, no doubt about it. But why? Let’s see why they are wiser. Eastern are wiser, up to a point.

In your body, there is East and West if you see. East is left side and West is right side. Eastern are the left sided, nearer the heart. But not the Eastern most are Japanese, horrible people, Japanese, horrible, then the – all these people who are selling you these drugs and all that, they are worst of all. But those who know and are left-sided, the combination of knowledge and love, knowledge and compassion. If there is no love, if there is no compassion, I mean, you just can’t talk to that person. He’s like a stick! I mean, in a dried stick what vibrations can I give, you just tell Me? A dried stick, straightforward dried stick, you see. What vibrations I can give to a dried stick? There should be some sort of a greenery in it, isn’t it? Little bit at least. If it is too much of water also it is spoiled, can be rotten. But if it is a dry stick straightforward, you know what I mean, dry sticks are – then how can you give vibrations to such a person? You cannot. You cannot raise such a person.

So, first thing is love, and wisdom comes through love. Wisdom doesn’t come through intelligence, it comes through love. When you love someone, you get the light of wisdom. By thinking you can never become wise, you can become stupid, absolutely stupid, but by loving you can become very wise. Then I see Sahaj Yogis suddenly say some things extremely wise, something great, suddenly they say something that’s so sweet and so nice, I said: “That’s it, the heart has opened out”. The fragrance of wisdom comes from the heart and that is symbolic now, that three of them came, and they were who?

Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha. They came to see Christ – Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha. See the vibrations. Because They only can recognize, not ordinary people, Romans, no. So They came. So, we have to be humble and we have to be wise. Wisdom is such a, such a diamond, it has so many facets that I cannot describe to you in a short time, one day I’ll talk about wisdom. But it’s all common sense, so sweet, so beautiful, where to say what, how to change the subject, where to assert more, where to handle a situation in a strong way, is to, where to be a gentleman and where to be uncouth, where to shout at people and where to be quiet and humble and sweet. All such a judgment you see, is all that is wisdom, you see. Is a center of gravity, and to achieve that you have to give up your extreme behavior. Obstinacy is the first thing that should be given up, for all wisdom, obstinacy.

To have a son like Christ was such a great boon, I mean, so confident You know, feel, “adhara”, the complete rapport is there, no problem of any kind, to have a son like Him, completely obedient, absolutely 100% obedience and humility and understanding of Your Being. No problems. You are all My sons too, and made after Him, after the same pattern as I made Ganesha. I’m proud of you, you are My children, come up to it, and you have an example already created for you. Before you is Christ, you see Him, what a support it was! And He never had any complaints of any kind, no upset, He would never be upset, no question! He would never tell Me, “I’m upset,” never, this word doesn’t exist in the dictionary of wise. You are never – how can you be upset, when you are set once for all? This word must go from the dictionary of many Sahaj Yogis who use it, problems and upset. You solve the problem, give the solutions. No problems, only solutions.

That’s the way a son should be to a mother, that she can depend on him, absolutely, no problems there, nothing, I mean, you have a son born like Christ, what is there to worry about anything? Even the one word He said: “Behold the Mother”, is a mantra, is the greatest mantra that I use. When your attention is here and there, I just say that mantra to you, as a command it is! And so humble, so humble: “Behold”. “Behold” doesn’t mean look, no, it’s a very humble way of addressing, ‘behold,’ it’s something glorious, something great, behold it, accept it, understand. It was such a mutual understanding of support and love that should exist between us. No secretiveness, no formalities, no exclusiveness. No exclusiveness, all enjoyments must be together.

Now all your ideas of having separate enjoyments must be given up for a change. Holiday is when you are in the company of your, no more holidays, Sahaj Yogis. All these things must be given up. This is all against Christ’s behavior. He never had a holiday, never. This is holidaying. Holiday comes from the word holy day. Every day that is spent, every minute that is spent in the company of Christ is a holy day.

So, they must have brought it down, Christ to Spirit and Spirit to spirits and spirits to other things. I’m sure. I mean, that way, human beings are very great at deriving at right points, you see, and jumping into ditches directly. So they must have done it so sweetly, beautifully, that’s what it is wisdom, wisdom, all the time, wisdom. Wise man is never cunning, never sharp. Is something I cannot describe also. And who is the wisest of all is Shri Ganesha, who is the embodiment of wisdom. Ask Him for wisdom. He gives you the wisdom to do anything, ask Him for wisdom.

Today, I just think of how many Christmas I must have passed, I’ve never talked about Christ so much, with that intimacy. Such a relationship, such a relationship of, so near and so far – because He knew who I was. That awe, that respect, that humility, is hard to find in any disciple, even in a disciple, in your own son! Is so close, but complete understanding. That oneness has to be developed. Gradually we are all developing it, I know, but these are the days of speed and we have to speed up a little more in the right direction.

So now, as desired by you, we have a white Christmas outside [Shri Mataji smiles; laughter. Some yogis say: “Jai Shri Mataji”]. Then as you have desired that “Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow” is been blessed, think of all the nice things we have done together and that we are going together to do it later on: that’s how you solve your past and future problem. And Christ came on this Earth to expand your present.

So, Christ who is the present Christ, today, who is born in you, is to be looked after. He’s not the Christ of the Bible, but the Christ of your heart, which is born within you is to be looked after. Bible is so symbolic that it will take years and years for people to understand it, it’s too symbolic for them. But at least you can understand it, but other human beings cannot understand. So, one has to only understand through your own Spirit, that is the Christ born within you, which must be looked after. Put Him in a very soft heart, if you have thistles, He’s a collective being. If you affect the collectivity, then He’s affected. Look after Him.

So they say Merry Christmas is enjoyment for joy.

Out of peace comes the joy, light of joy, happiness. I wish peace for the whole world, for the whole nations, to understand to give up all the strives, all the false battles, for money and for power, all wrong ideas that they are different from each other, and come under the banner of Sahaja Yoga and enter into the Kingdom of God, where they are invited with all respect and love.

I wish peace to all of them, to all the countries, all the human beings, in their families, in their hearts, with their children. With all of them, let there be peace, let their heart emit peace, their tongues speak with peace, their eyes see nothing but peace. All this has to change, tremendous change has to take place, the whole universe has to take a different turn. All that is hatred, hateful, ugly, has to vanish, and the peace has to prevail. It is not the peace of the dead but peace of the living, that has to come, of the wise [unsure].

I bless all of you to be the channels of that peace, to be beautiful channels of that peace, to be glorious channels of that peace, to be great children of your Mother, who is so proud of you.

May God bless you.

There’s a mantra for the Goddess: “Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu, shanti rupena samsthita”. “Oh! Goddess who resides into all this creation created, all that is created, as peace”. So, you have to seek peace that is your Mother. We all say that mantra. Gavin, you say it, “Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu shanti rupena samsthita, namastasye, namastasye, namastasye, namoh namaha”. You say it once and then they should say it thrice. It’s a prayer.

Gavin with Sahaja Yogis: “Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu, shanti rupena samsthita, namastasye, namastasye, namastasye, namoh namaha.” [Three times] [Shri Mataji does ‘namaste’].

And then, another one is: “kshama rupena samsthita”. This is the mantra because the peace can come only through humility and forgiveness: “kshama”. That’s why Christ is kshama. You say that for Christ.

Sahaja Yogis: “Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu, kshama rupena samsthita, namastasye, namastasye, namastasye, namoh namaha.” [Three times].

[Shri Mataji puts Her right Agnya finger on Her bindi]

Despite that, Agnyas are catching. Now can you take out Agnya? Those who are feeling hurt, please give up your Agnyas now. You need to take your finger here, for Agnya, you see? Here. [Shri Mataji points to Her bindi].

It’s good for the Jews.

[A Yogi puts his Agnya finger on Shri Mataji’s Agnya and She holds on to the finger for a while].

Hmm. Better?

So now all this is too much for Christmas, at the most you can wash My hands and this and that, you can sing something and you can have little puja, that’s all.

For Me the puja is over, if you can get a… you could just wash My hands [and that’s it? Not clearly audible]. [Shri Mataji takes off Her watch].

Now. All these presents are to be opened near the tree or something, this is the tree, tree of life. Present. Is giver of everything, giver of all the gifts, is this tree of life, is the Kundalini, so symbolic, you see? So symbolic.

The egg of Easter, this tree of, I mean it’s so symbolic. I wish your Kundalinis were as beautiful as that tree. [Yogis laugh].

Giver of all the gifts. Is called as Kalpataru, in Sanskrit.

Alright, so, we can do that washing …

Gavin: Just getting water.

Shri Mataji: Of the hands.

Sahaja Yogi: He’s just bringing the water.

Shri Mataji: Is there a towel, or…?

[Shri Mataji puts the towel on Her lap].

[Video interruption. Puja continues with the washing of Hands].

Shri Mataji: … way, isn’t it? I mean, if you tell somebody “Don’t put your fingers there”, they won’t listen. But once it is burnt, then they know, wisdom comes in, through experience. But now [they don’t have?] innate. [Unclear]

[Aside to Gavin] Yes, just wash first of all. [Hands are washed]

Look at that. [Shri Mataji looks and puts Her hand into the water used to wash Her Hands] Hm. Ganges.

River Thames has behaved so far, so far.

I hope so, she behaves even when I go away.

Should we put it somewhere? [Yogi: Put it in that…] She was very furious, you know? Very furious she was. She is a standing danger. I must say. For the sinful, be careful.

All the polish of the house and everything like that [She laughs]. Today I was polishing symbolically. [She laughs] Ah, now. First of all we’ll wash and then we’ll do it, all right? All right. Bring it, the… no, I think I’ll have now the ghee.

Should take this quite a lot, keep it with them and take it at least seven days, as a medicine. This is very good. For all those who have Void problems, specially for [voiders?].

Linda, I’ll have time now, once this is over then you can come and see Me, and then we’ll discuss about other things, all right?

Now, what should we do?

Gavin: He’s just getting ghee now. It’s been warmed.

Shri Mataji: You don’t have anything for Aarti and all that, I’ll bring this time when I go there. If I save some money [She laughs]. Yes.

You know, the letter was not shown to Modi [She laughs, Gavin laughs]. Letter you give up [She laughs].

This is ghee?

Yogini: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: This is ghee! So much!

Out of proportion it is, I mean. [Laughter] It’s too much softening [laughter]. All right, give Me little bit now, some. Just a wee bit. As it is you all have liver, so you don’t need ghee. [Ghee is poured on Shri Mataji’s hands]

It’s all right. Now pour some water. Good for cleaning the nose of all the people who have sinus… [She laughs, inaudible words] the ghee, but not for eating, eh?

Now. Little bit now of another thing, whatever it is [Yoghurt is offered on Her Hands.] Put the whole thing.

Again some water. Now. Milk has to be more. Madhu, madhu, you get madhu first, madhu means… Milk will be more than this. [Honey is poured onto Her hands] Yes.

Gavin: Shall I put milk next?

Shri Mataji: Yes, milk, then. And more milk than…

Gavin: …sugar.

Shri Mataji: Yes.

Milk. Need for more milk, I think. More. Here. Yes, it’s all right.

[Sugar is poured] Not too much sugar.

Not to feel guilty, for Heaven’s sake. Not to feel guilty at all, left – left [She raises left index finger] Vishuddhi catching.

Don’t think! In My presence you are not supposed to think at all. Just don’t think. Don’t feel guilty. [She raises left index finger] Catching, still.

[Aside] Good, thank you.

[Video interruption. Then Shri Mataji is holding a small girl in Her lap. Yogis laugh. Shri Mataji cuddling the child]

Yogi: She’s posing!

Shri Mataji: She’s posing! [Shri Mataji laughs] Look at her. Wrapped up in the sari. Fitting in great, herself [unclear].

Gavin: Just matches her eyes.

Shri Mataji: Eh?

Gavin: The sari just matches her eyes.

Shri Mataji: You see? Just see [indistinct words]. It’s a dignified thing, you know, sari is very dignified. Now. All right. [The small child gets off Her lap].

Very nice people. Very sensible.

Gavin, in your list you must put this also. If you tell this list to Me, there, who is coming gives you. Who are coming to India out of you? Here? Now, those who are coming should get this list of a few things that you need, essential ones.

I don’t find that thing with which you used to give Me water, is it here or not? With the spoon and all that.

Gavin: I must check it with Marcus afterwards.

Shri Mataji: Marcus?

Marcus: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: You’ve got that spoon and…

Marcus: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: That you have got.

Marcus: Yes.

Shri Mataji: All right [speaks aside in a low voice. Sounds like: there’s the spoon]. This one is very good because it is not hard wood.

[After the decoration of the Devi, Shri Mataji sits with Her left hand upward and Her right hand raised in blessing]

Yogi: Christmas… [indistinct].

Shri Mataji: Now, just put some red on my hand. Red [Kumkum? Unclear]

[1:55:47 Video interruption]

Shri Mataji: I will.
Gavin: Oh, Mother, You are the Counsellor who was promised by Christ.
Shri Mataji: I am.
Gavin: You make us become our own knowledge.
Oh, Mother, You are the Redeemer, who was promised by Christ. You have given us our second birth.
Oh, Mother, You are the fulfilment of every prophecy and every prayer.
Oh, Mother, You are the wholesomeness, by which all wrongs are cleansed.
Oh, Mother, You are the right discrimination, by which we have received enlightenment.
Oh, Mother, You are the integration, by You God’s whole creation has been threaded together.
We bow to You who are auspiciousness.
We praise You who are Love.
We give thanks to You who are compassion.
We prostrate before You who are all-knowing, all-seeing and all-forgiving.
We are Your children.
Let us never be separated from You, whether by Your illusion, or by our own limitations. Give us strength of Spirit.
And to the world give peace.
Sahaja Yogis: Amen.

Shri Mataji: Let your life be fragrant by My blessings, by My love, by My concern, and the pride that I have for you all.

May God bless you.

[Video interruption. Then a yogini presents her song to Shri Mataji.]

Yogini: … and it’s called “Mother God”.

Shri Mataji: Who?

Yogini: It’s called “Mother God”.

Shri Mataji: “Mother God”.

Yogini: “Mother God”.

[Yogini sings.]

Shri Mataji: Oh. [Applause]. Sang [you?] with such a heart. Everybody was, everybody’s heart was singing with you. Thank you very much. May God bless you.

These songs should be recorded and should be sent to India. They would be very happy, you see, to have these songs. Very beautiful. Who wrote it?

Yogini: Hugo wrote it, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Eh?

Yogini: Hugo wrote it.

Shri Mataji: Hugo.

Yogini: Hugo did that.

Shri Mataji: Congratulations. Give him a hand.

[Applause of Shri Mataji and yogis]

Beautiful. Integration is so important, you see. Somebody has to write, somebody has to compose, somebody has to sing and somebody has to listen.


[End of video]