New Year’s Eve

Chelsham Road Ashram, London (England)

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New Year’s Eve. Chelsham Road Ashram, London (UK), 31 December 1981.

So the New Year is coming, ’82’, expected to be a very dynamic year for Sahaja Yoga and Sahaja Yogis. Everything new becomes stale and never becomes new again, so whatever has gone has gone – ‘let bygones, be bygones’ [forget the past]. There have been very sweet memories sometimes, sometimes rather unhappy also but, on the whole, we are growing, all of us are realizing, coming up. We’ve done a good job of building up ourselves into a new way. New Sahaja Yogis have come up, I think, now, who have got rid of their lethargy and their petty-mindedness, their jealousies, their slyness, their slumber and narrow-mindedness. All these things have to be buried in the past. They are of no use to us. It’s a load we carry for nothing at all.

Today, it happens that I read a very nice letter which was lying with Me which I didn’t read, which was sent by Gregoire to Warren. It really touched my heart. He was concerned about the jealousies that people suffer and the way he said there that this jealousy is the most sticky stuff and most ugly thing and it comes up as something as a challenge to your love, challenge to your understanding or something like that, and then he started explaining it. This explanation is all rational. In Sahaja Yoga there is nothing like jealousy. It doesn’t exist. It doesn’t exist in the Kingdom of God, something called ‘jealousy’ because all are part and parcel of one Person. So, one person becomes important, another less important – it’s only for the time being. For example, when you are smelling a flower, naturally the nose is more active than the eyes but when you are seeing the flower then the eyes are more active. So, it is not necessary that, at this moment, when somebody is more active, doesn’t mean that he is closer to God and another person who is inactive is not. Everybody is [close] but some people are active at a point, some people are active at another point. Or some people are closer, some people are a little away, but they are all part and parcel.

So this is one of the things one has to understand that there should be no jealousy.

On the contrary, if you find somebody who is spiritually higher, you must try to understand and appreciate him, especially a person who is wiser than you, somebody who speaks wise things. If you hear somebody saying something wise, try to note it, appreciate it, enjoy it; you’ll like it. Sometimes even the children say something nice, young people can say something nice.

What’s happening to the people? Are they coming? From? They have still left their hire and dry. Were you to take a thing for them? Somebody had to go back? Is it Norman? Norman has gone? Where is Norman?

Sahaja Yogi: All the people…either made their way here or to the hotel.

Shri Mataji: About 6 people are left out. So we could have brought –

Sahaja Yogi: …when you left.

Shri Mataji: Yes. And they were trying- two of them tried to, three of them tried to squeeze in our this thing (car), you see. One of them was Graham [Pottinger] and this and that. But I told Graham to get down. I said, “These others are left out so come with them.” I don’t know, they might come by…

Sahaja Yogi: …we can phone them first before they-

Shri Mataji: Phone is- they are outside the house now.

Sahaja Yogi: Oh they are outside are they??

Shri Mataji: They could all come in. I mean I don’t know.

Sahaja Yogini: It’s only about 25 minutes on the Underground Mother.

Shri Mataji: I know that! But you see the habits, English habits are there, still lingering.

Sahaja Yogi: Yeah, they might stand there. We could go out and get the…

Shri Mataji: Let’s wait for a while and see. Let us wait and see, you see. Let’s wait and see I hope you get it. I hope you get the thing, they come back. I told them to come together, all of them. They must be jumping into it, they’ll be here. Alright.

So the first thing is of jealousy, which I don’t understand. Some of you think that I like someone more than the other. To be very frank, I have no idea of liking and disliking, I don’t understand that. It’s no question [of that]. It’s a very different mechanism you are dealing with: that person who doesn’t get involved into anything, doesn’t get entangled into anything. Only thing what I am trying to do is to disentangle you. If I was an entangling type how can I disentangle? If I was the person who has to purify you and if I am the person who cannot purify you then what’s the use of my being there? So the person who tries to purify has to be pure himself. Supposing there’s a soap and the soap is the one that gets dirty, then what’s the use of such a soap? In the same way, I never get entangled with anyone. That’s my name, is Nirmama. To Me, ‘mama’  is not there – nobody is mine. Everybody is mine. So this should get out of your mind as to Nirmama.

Shri Mataji: I think we’ll wait till 10,15 minutes because poor Graham, also, I asked him to get out for those people and to bring them along. He’ll be able to do that.

Sahaja Yogi: We can go in the van Mother if they are not here…

Shri Mataji: Just wait, just wait. You can give them about 20 minutes more.

Sahaja Yogi: Did they say there were expecting the van?

Shri Mataji: No they did not. They’ll come. Alright.

So we have to bury this useless thing called jealousy. And it can be a very serious thing. It can happen very serious with people. I have seen people, they got jealous, then they got after another person, then they got after Sahaja Yoga, then after me. And this jealousy, one should not allow to crawl into you. Some people are more congenial sometimes, are more nearer Sahaja yoga, sometimes they are more helpful, sometimes they are more useful, sometimes they have to be there. Sometimes they need me the most of all. Some of them are lost people. Some of them are really possessed and badly off so sometimes that’s why I look after them more. It’s my own whim. I cannot say, I cannot justify. Maybe that some person is very good, I look after. Maybe that some person is very bad, that’s why I look after.

So one should never have any jealousies with each other. Only you must have understanding that your Mother has to work for all of you and has to improve you, cure you [and] do something about it. One thing we have to bury is the jealousy that is within us. We bury something and something comes out very well, and what is that [which] comes out of this jealousy? Is that we have to better ourselves so that the outgoing jealousy should live within us: “Oh, am I jealous of a person?” Then, “What’s good in that person? Let’s see.”

Now, this is not outward. Sahaja is not outward. If a person is outwardly like this, outwardly, that’s not it’s so inward. If I correct somebody, I correct that person because the vibrations of that person are not alright. You see, such a person can be extremely sweet also to talk to, a very sweet type, could be extremely harsh, could be anything; but the vibrations of that person has to be alright. I have to gain nothing out of you except that your vibrations should be corrected.

So, you should not have any misidentification with yourself; that some people are very dynamic, so they think they can do what they like. Some people think they are very sort of receding type so they think they can do what they like – all is wrong. First of all, you should not hit collectivity.

Are you coming from Bramham Gardens? No? He’s not come.

For a mother if some children are left behind, her heart is there, all the time she thinks they are left there, they should be [here]. That’s the main thing is, you see, not for one person. Like just thinking about your own son or thinking about your own wife, thinking about your own husband is not the point. All of you are dearer to Me, dearest to Me but I belong to no one, I’m a hopeless case! You just give Me up! I belong to no one. No one can possess Me. I cannot possess myself, how can you possess Me? I am beyond possession. Then if it is so, there should be no jealousies, there’s no question of jealousy or in any way feeling jealous of each other. Only the beauty of enjoying others should be there: somebody has some great qualities, enjoy that quality in that person – you’ll imbibe it. In Sahaja Yoga, whatever you enjoy you imbibe, do you know that?
Whatever you enjoy you’ll imbibe – just like that. You should be able to enjoy it.

Now supposing you enjoy creating rifts in people, creating problems in people, you will have that yourself! Supposing you enjoy saying harsh things to others, you’ll imbibe that, in the sense that you will have more of that [because] whatever you want, you will have it.
Christ has said, “If you want gold, you’ll have gold.” Many people who came to Sahaja Yoga went away in the search of money, promotions this, that – they got it. “You will have gold.”
“But those who are dearer to me will have food with me. They will sit next to Me on my table.” This is what you should ask for. This is what we are for, not for having more gold, for more money, for more this, for more that, but that you are part and parcel of his company.

Now, somehow, I know every one of you – somehow, I don’t know how! (laughter) I know every one of you. How far you are with things, I know, there’s no need to justify it. No need to say, “This is not so. That is not so”. I know everything. I should know otherwise how will I give you something substantial? I have to give you something very, very substantial and for that I have to know what you need and when I know, I love you. Unless until you love someone, you cannot know so much about a person. I know your beauties and I also know your ugliness, I know your tenderness, I know your harshness. I know all the extremes that you are, that you have been, that you are, and you will be. So it is many-dimensional knowledge of a person.

[With] some of you I expect a bit too much because I think you are capable, because I know your past. I work very hard on you, you know that and I’ll work, I’ll continue to work, every year, but ’82 is a very remarkable year, where you people should now work hard for Sahaja Yoga. I have already given some idea as to how to work it with Gavin, I have talked to him. Gavin knows how we are going to work it out in a systematic way; how to attack a particular village, or a particular district, or wherever you have to go there, how to go propagate, how to establish it. Wherever there is soft ground you should settle down, not in the hard ground. The hard ground will never yield any produce. So don’t go on working on a hard ground. Put your attention to this fact that, “What can I do for Sahaja Yoga?” Take out your attention from yourself. For example, supposing a person, now there are presents all being tied up. Supposing a person wanted a particular present, take it like that. Of course, Sahaja Yogis are not that low type but still, supposing take the lowest of lowest, like children. So, you don’t get that particular one. Now, to do all this with all the work I have been doing there, to select that and to arrange all that, isn’t it tremendous? So, whatever Mother could do in that hurry and scurry, with everybody’s name and all that, it is quite a lot to She has done, and if She has done that, one should appreciate the love that Mother wants to bestow upon you, and it’s all symbolic. But somebody can sit down and start saying, “Oh, I should have had this. Why didn’t She give me this? Why didn’t She do that. I should have…” You see, it is not anything that one has made or anything, just to give somebody something, that way; in a small way, I am saying. But even in this small way, you are worried about yourself. You have to worry about Sahaja Yoga: what’s going to happen to Sahaja Yoga? How is it going to come up? What have you to work it out? What we have to do? How many pujas do we have to arrange? How do we have to do it? Not about yourself. “How should I improve myself?” That point is also – forget it! What we are going to do to propagate Sahaja Yoga, we have to see. Not to go to personal life, “my husband and wife quarrelling,” with them. I mean, I’ve had enough of it! I mean, I am not here to settle your marriage disappointment. All these nonsensical things, you forget now. Of course, if you have a good marriage, it helps Sahaja Yoga, no doubt. It helps because you get children which are good. If the husband/wife are not alright, you might get very horrible children which may be possessed from the very childhood and be very difficult, they will be realised souls but will be very difficult children.

So it is important that we should dedicate ourselves to Sahaja Yoga today, to ‘ring out the old’ (a reference to a very deep poem by Alfred Tennyson) and bring out the new which is dedicated to Sahaja Yoga – not to your personal life, not to your personal likes and dislikes but [to] what will happen to Sahaja Yoga. And to be sincere about it, be sincere about it.

Many people who organise go off their heads, I’ve seen it, somehow. You give them something to organise: they are about to land up in a lunatic asylum. You give them something to organise, make them the leader, finished! It happens like that. It goes off the head. Somehow or other, you see, there’s a crack in the head. And these- where are you walking now? [To a baby] It’s all right.

So, the cracked head then starts behaving in such a funny manner, that you can’t imagine how far one can go. You have to organise, you have to become right-sided, you have to work hard, no doubt, but you need not be right-sided. If you work with right hand, you don’t become right-sided, do you? You don’t develop your ears, nose on one side, do you? (laughter) Do we? No, we don’t! I mean, really, still the nature keeps the body all right, I must say. Because some right-handed people should have a right-side development [Shri Mataji mimes a horn], or the left hand should have a left-hand development – it should be there, but it’s not so. It keeps nature all right. Nature keeps the face all right, everything all right. It keeps it you there.

So, one has to know that, when you are trying to bring in something new in yourself, in the New Year say, let’s talk of the new things, then whatever is old and outgoing should be sent away, it should be thrown away, otherwise the new will never come! It will shift from here to here, here to here, the bhoot passes on.

(Graham Pottinger arrives from Bramham Gardens, Mother’s apartment in Earls Court)

Thank God you have come! I have been all the time thinking about you! Come along, come along. You should come

So, today is the list of not feeling guilty and thinking what all old things, old rags you had upon yourself -throw it away! Change yourself! You see, obstinacy should not be there. People are very obstinate, they don’t want to change, they don’t want to forget, they don’t want to forgive. Give up that obstinacy! Obstinacy is not the nature of your Spirit. If you are the Spirit, you’ll never be obstinate. Have you ever seen me being obstinate, ever? You said, “Mother, sit here.” “All right.” You said, “Sit there.” “All right.” Did I say, “No, I am going to sit here alone?” Never, never I do that way. You say, “Mother, will you eat this?” “All right,” Even if I am very, very full I say, “All right”. Sometimes I should put down my foot but I do not, but I say, “It’s all right, whatever you say is all right.” So, you should also not be at all obstinate. There should be not obstinacy. There should be no fanaticism. It’s all a play going on. So, just play this way, that way, that way, this way – just enjoying yourself.

So, this is one thing that, if you are obstinate, you cannot become a new person. To become a new person, you have to give up your obstinacy – completely. Once you give up your obstinacy, you will be very happy to change, and you must change, you must come as a new person. Every minute, every second you are changing. So, I just –

Hello, Athena, (a baby) how are you? Her eyes were glistening as soon as she saw me!

Now, as far as Sahaja Yoga is concerned in England, I think it has taken good roots. Propagation has to be done, it has to be publicised, it has to be talked about. People are to be told you have found it. Go and see people who are seekers. In whatever level you are, supposing you are dealing with a particular type, say a lawyer is there, a lawyer should meet all the lawyers. A psychologist is there, should go and see the psychologists. You see, at your level, whomsoever you meet, you should talk about it to others that, “This is what it is, we have found out – why don’t you get hold of it?” And you will all get hold of those people who are really seekers.

You must talk now and that is what is another – get out of your shyness. That is very important to get out of your shyness, talk to people. But I have seen people, when they talk about Sahaja Yoga, instead of bringing a good name to Sahaja Yoga, they bring a bad name. Because when they talk, they talk in such a way as if they have reached heaven! That’s not good. We have to say that, “We are just the same. We are just the old legs and we are just trying to talk to you because we have found something.” So that others are not hurt.

So, for that, you have to remember the past now – that, “We were like this, and if somebody had talked to us like this, we would have been hurt”. So, we have to remember our past. Remembering the past just for your own manoeuvring, that’s all, not as a part and parcel of you, but just for your manoeuvring, how to deal with others. Unless until you remember your past, you will not know how to deal with others and you won’t have compassion. So that is what we have to see, the importance of the past.

The future at this present moment is that ’82 is a great year, that’s all, not more than that. You don’t have to think about ’83 because even if you start doing it in ’83,’82 will be silent. “We’ll do it in ’83, Mother. What do you think?” (laughter) “I think,” “I believe.” “It would be a better idea to do this in ’83. What do you think Mother?” Suggestions! “I have a suggestion to make. Supposing we do it in ’83?” Why not today? Why not now? Ask a question, “Why not?” When such a thing comes – why not now? And then, whatever you do, you do it fully, completely to the finishing point.

My experience has been very good with you when we were working in that house. You were chiselling the house and I was chiselling you. You were building the house and I was building you. It was very good, interesting, very nice. Some of you have really gained a lot, really gained a lot. You have really become very dynamic, very beautiful, very Sahaja. Quite a lot of you have done that, I know that, and it is really very appreciative, work that you have done, anybody can see that very clearly. You are being described by Blake that you will be the Golden Builders. Clearly, it’s all done with the golden painting you do.

But in that you have to learn certain things, like now they are painting, all right. The painter goes up to paint. He takes a place to sit down on top. When he comes out, painting is there, but with that [also] all the mismanagement (mess) that was done is still there. The painter has finished the painting [but] still the scaffolding is there, the seat is there, the thing on which he was sitting, the cushion, is there, all the chairs that were removed that are there, all the carpet that was disturbed is there and just the same. It takes hardly ten minutes to put it right.

So, this is the future, this is the future. The future is that, when you do something, see that the future is sealed of that person. See that the situation is sealed again. You give Realisation to somebody, see that it is fixed! [Cut in the video] So, remember the past for your manoeuvring, and remember the future for sealing it up so that it is not lost in the future. This is the importance of looking into the future. Experience of the past should give you manoeuvring, should give you idea as to what is to be done. And when you do something in the present, you must compensate for the future, in the sense that, at that moment, you must do some things by which the future is not ruined.

This is how New Year’s celebration should be, that, ’82 is important, in ’82 whatever we have learnt from the past, we’ll remember, we’ll not do the same mistakes. Not only [that], but also we will remember whatever past has taught us. We’ll have compassion for the people who have been like us. We’ll have love for them, we’ll have understanding, we’ll do whatever is possible to bring them up. We’ll have concern, we’ll not just be just Sahaja Yogis, you see, sweet-talking Sahaja Yogis, but we’ll do something about them.

So many are lost in intellectual pursuits, so many are lost in financial pursuits, so many are lost in political pursuits and so many are lost in so-called service pursuits. All of them belong to some category and you had belonged to one of these categories, so you have to think of them, try to bring them out, do something about it. Have a wider personality. When you have a small personality you think of your wife, yourself, nothing more than that, or your children at the most, but when you are a wider personality you just think, “What will happen to the people who belong to this clan?” who belong to, say, Catholicism, those who belong to Judaism, those who belong to Methodist Church and to, to Jamaicans, and to…like that! Have a wider personality. Don’t worry about yourself. I have known people who will come and ask, “Mother, where should I find my keys?” “Mother, where should I put my basket?” “Mother, where should I stick my nose?” (laughter) “What should I do about my luggage?” “What should I do about my travelling?” All nonsensical things they’ll come and ask me! I’m not here to give you all that. Every small thing they will ask.

Now if you tell them, “Why are you doing it?” “You said it.” I didn’t say that you ask me every time you have to raise a finger. “Mother, may I raise my finger. May I close my eyes? May I smile?” (laughter) It’s not that. You are people, who in my eyes are saints – you can decide for yourself, of course. You are saints. You have to assume. You don’t know you are saints. Assume you are saints. This assumption must come to you on this great auspicious day – that you are saints. And saints have to decide for themselves and they have to do wise things. They do it by themselves because they are saints! If they fight, quarrel amongst themselves, then this is stupidity, absolute stupidity, it doesn’t behove. He is here to solve the problems of others. What am I to tell you anything? You are saints, that’s all I say. If you ask me any question the answer is, “You are saints, do what you like!”

Whatever you want you will have. Whatever you say it will happen. Whatever you ask for it will happen. Whatever you will imagine will work out. But you will imagine something good, you will say something good, you will do something that is Divine. You are so great. You are made like that. You are that. Assume, assume that power that you are a saint. How can you say something nonsensical?

Nirmala Vidya is at your disposal, it’s at your complete command – complete Nirmala Vidya. Imagine the Nirmala Vidya nobody had  except for you Sahaja Yogis have. Nobody had. Even Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwar never even had it. Can you believe it? They have their own powers but you have Nirmala Vidya. And now what do you want more? And then you ask me, “Mother, should I wink?” or whether, “Should I smile?” This is too much!

First of all you belittle yourself and belittle me also. Behave in a confident manner, in a proper way, and if I say anything, do not start going into conclusions and things like that – no! Understand that “Whatever Mother is saying is not for me, for others, maybe. And if it is for me I should correct myself.” Simple thing! “If it is for others, why should I worry?” “If it is for me, then thank Her very much and I must correct myself – finished!” It’s as simple as that.

A day should come when I don’t have to talk, you have to talk. I should say so, that I should listen to all your wise talks as I listen to children when they tell me something, they are so wise; in the same way I would like to listen to you people talking all wise things, nice things about each other, loving, not frightened of anyone, very happy with each other, behaving like great gentlemen and great gentle-ladies, and being very much in love with each other, looking after each other, not to be sullen and sulking and stupid faces, but charming…’charm’ I won’t use [that] word because ‘charming’ can be horrible, I have heard that before, I would say. But, faces that are lit up with joy, happiness and of giving; such people I want to see. Such people you should be there – loving, affectionate, good people, smiling. That should be so. That is what is Sahaja Yoga. Those who do not want to join in are absolutely free to go out, actually they are thrown out. So, to stick on to Sahaja Yoga is difficult. It is better to understand that to be a Sahaja Yogi is a difficult thing, to be a non-Sahaja Yogi is the easiest.

So, this is what you have been seeking, which you have got, which you are. You should assume it. And be happy and joyous and do not upset others, do not disturb others, don’t say harsh things because Nirmala Vidya stops at the left Vishuddhi. Be kind to others and understand [that], if you need any correction, I am there to tell you. Up to a point, I’ll tell, after some time, I’ll not say. Once the children are grown up, Mother doesn’t say anything. She just sits down and watches the beauty of her children who are so grown up, so matured, so beautiful.

I hope that time will come in my lifetime and I will be able to see such beautiful people around, that they are grown up, they understand how to behave, and how to be nice and good.

So, for today’s New Year, let us vow within ourselves, that the selfishness or the self-centredness or the smallness in you is finished. Now the drop has become the Ocean. Live like an ocean and like a lion. Don’t roar at others, I mean [be] generous and don’t be afraid of anything. Everything is taken care of, but believe that everything is taken care of. Sometimes you might feel you are let down, sometimes you’ll feel, “Oh, this should have happened.” Do not desire for anything! Whatever is your desire is not correct, that’s all. If the desire is correct and is deserving, it will happen – hundred per cent [guaranteed]!

So all the best, and the greatest year, and happiness and joy.

Feel your responsibility, understand each other. And now I’m going. Tomorrow I’ll be gone, so-called. (laughter)

Don’t worry about anything else but worry about the Sahaja Yoga. That has to be established all over the world. Very great work one has done. Of course, I mean, you can’t say that one has done as much one can do, but you can do much more. You can become very dynamic and you can do it. Try to think of ways and methods of doing it.

May God bless you all.

So now with all this green and blues…should we start giving presents now.