Rotary International Speech

New Delhi (India)

1982-01-17 Rotary International Speech by Shri Mataji, Delhi, India, 70'
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Program in Rotary International Speech, Delhi, January 17, 1982

Our governor Jagdish Kapoor to present a bouquet to Mataji. I will now hand over the proceeding to our District governor Jagdishji.
Jagdeesh Ji: we were all eagerly waiting for this moment. To sit before this great spiritual lady and the happy moment has come. I will now request Mr. (name unclear), to take the proceeding and introduce to you Mataji Nirmala Devi.
Governor Jagdish, press, guests and fellow Rotarians. In a lifetime rarely one gets to meet such a great saint. Today is one of the most important days of my life where the god has given me this opportunity to introduce to you Mataji. I feel great honour. I am thankful to the governor for giving me this opportunity. We are very fortunate that today at this time Mataji is with us. The things have changed, the weather is changed. People have totally forgotten the importance of royalty. Yesterday, we had the privilege to meet doctor Colonel Singh. He also stressed the country which took pride in the values, the absolute (unclear) that we should maintain, those standards which our forefathers, which our saints, have bestowed upon us. Science and technology can give manpower but not (unclear). (unclear line). The misery in the world is not due to technology or due to a resource of nature but due to selfishness and ego of man. On this occasion, a number of saints have responded to the need of the hour and have come to join hands at this conference of harmony to resolve the issues
[Unclear speech goes on.]

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of truth. Especially to Rotarians who perhaps are not aware that the inspiration of rotary club has come from the Divine. If you go through the ideals of Rotary club, I feel the stage is being laid by them for the emancipation of the whole of this humanity about which we are so much worried. I have no doubt that one day, your great, idealistic organization, will no emancipate their own members but all over the world the word of divinity will spread and people will be enlightened through you.
Today is such a fortunate day for me to be amongst such people who are thinking of something for which I have been dreaming all my life. That you have today the conference of harmony itself is such a spontaneous happening. That it is beyond words for me to express that how it is divinely planned that how I should express to be here. The subject they have asked me to speak on is very subtle. And I hope you will understand me as I will talk to you about it. As you would listen to your own mother. Mother has to say things whatever is the truth for you. Whatever is good for you. Whatever is Hikari. The thing that is good. The thing that will bring good. The thing that will bless every one of us.
At the time when Krishna came in, people went and asked him a simple question that it is said that you speak the truth and things that are liked by others. Satyam bruvey, priyam bruvey. They said how to combine these two things. If you say the truth, it can be very repulsive, people can be very angry with you for that. They may never like it. Truth can be a very-very embittering thing. But Krishna gave a very good combination of how to combine these things. He said, “Satyam bruvey, hitam bruvey, priyam bruvey”. ‘Hita’ is a very beautiful word in the Sanskrit language. It means wellbeing of a personality. Now the personality is nothing but it is the Spirit. Whatever is for wellbeing of the Spirit, if you say, ultimately it is the dearest thing that has happened.

For example, a person in a heat of anger is trying to kill someone and at that time if you tell him that, “Please just don’t do it”, he may be angry with you. But after some time when he realizes that this was the best thing that happened to him, that he was saved from all the consequences of that happening, he will be saying, “This is what is the dearest thing to me”.
As I said before, Spirit, Spirit is the personality, is the light. Like you may make a beautiful lamp, have all kinds of shades to it, put a nice glass to it, and decorate it but it has no light. If it has no light then it has no meaning, it has no purpose. In the same way, God Almighty has created us, beautiful human beings through our evolution.
We should ask this question to us, all the scientists please ask the question to yourselves, “Why are we human beings? What is the purpose of our life? Why God has created us as human beings on this earth? What was the need to spend so much time, the energy of the divine power upon us that we should become human beings, which is the most beautiful thing God has created?” You believe it or not. It is the most beautiful thing that anyone can create. It is the epitome. It is the climax of his creation.

The human being is created in his own image for he wants his own children to enter into his kingdom, into his heavenly kingdom to share all the joys of his creation. Actually, this is the purpose of our life. That’s why we are created as human beings. Not to make you miserable. Not to make you unhappy. But to make you a joyous, cheerful personality. To enjoy all the bounties of the Almighty. Now the time has come to prove God. It has come.
I have seen when people have taken God into their hands or so-called religion into their hands. They have created fanatic pockets. And this fanaticism has grown, and rotten and have become so horrid, that people are frightened by it. They can’t understand how come religion is so fanatic. So absurd.
The great flowers that were created on the tree of life have been taken away from that living force and are rotting as dead flowers and people are claiming that this mine, this is mine. But when they lived, when they came on this earth, they were tortured, they were crucified, they were stoned, they were poisoned. But not now. Now the times are changing. This is the most beautiful time of complete confusion. And this complete confusion is going to bring forth. That they, all of us are going to know why are we here. We are here to know our spirit, to be our spirit, to know all-pervading power, that Brahma that surrounds us.
It was all cock and bull story for us. All of us though that holy ghost is some sort of an absurd thing and this all-pervading power of divine god and love that we could not understand. Where is it? Where does it exist? People talked about it. They said that there is the spirit within us. You are to be born again in every religion. Every religion, every prophet, every great saint said that you are to be born again. And that born again means you become the spirit.
In the Sanskrit scriptures as you know there is a word for a Brahmin. He is a dwijaha. ‘Dwija’ is the word means the one who is born again. And another is the bird which is born again. Means it is first an egg and then it becomes a bird. The complete transformation takes place. If you put an egg and a bird, you see it is a complete transformation. You see it is very different from the egg. And that’s what is going to happen to all of us when we know the Brahma. And this transformation is taking place. Luckily it is working out. The time has come. I will say the blossom time has come where the life was at the beginning, on the tree where it had only one or two flowers. People never understood them. All, right doesn’t matter. But now the blossom time has come where many flowers who are on this earth have to become the fruit. You have to become. Whether you like it or not. You have to.

The Spirit resides in our heart. When I say that you will be shocked how do I know? It is true. You should be. And you should question it. You should question is how do I know? But I would say as a scientist keep an open mind for the hypothesis I am talking about. It is a hypothesis. If a hypothesis is proved wrong then, of course, I am wrong but if I prove it to you that it resides in your heart then I hope in all humbleness you all have to accept it. It resides in your heart. And that is the one which is Collective Being within us. We talk of United Nations. We talk of international gatherings. We talk of the complete source being awakened. We talk of collectivity all the time in all such organizations and we combine together under that name. that collectivity is your Spirit. That resides in your heart and is un surmounted. It is insurmountable. It is not attached to what caste you come from, what creed you come from, what phase you come from, but insurmountable. And it is that Spirit that will give us the harmony in the whole world. So, we have to get to that Spirit. We have to get to that being which resides within us.
As Nanaka, Guru Nanaka has said very clearly, “kahe nanaka, bin apa chine mite na kohi.” ‘Unless and until you see him, know him within yourself, you are not going to be enlightened’. You are not going to have any knowledge. Rest of it is non-knowledge. Knowledge is that where you see All-pervading Power around. It is called as ‘Chaitanya lahari’ by Adi Shankaracharya. Christ has described it as the Holy Ghost and every religion has described it. Muhammad Sahab has described it as [inaudible]. Now, this happening is done by the Divine Power itself. Like a flower becoming a fruit.

Actually, we don’t do anything. What we do is a dead work. Supposing a tree dies, we make beautiful furniture. We think oh we have made such beautiful furniture. It’s a myth. Because from the dead to dead and dead to dead. And when we start using that dead we also become dead. For example, if you are used to a chair, then you can’t sit on the ground. The chair sits on your head. And such subtle ways they have, material things that they sit on your head. I am not saying that you give up anything, nothing has to be given up. But definitely one has to know that you have to become a Spirit.

Now if I say you have to become a Spirit, you will not become. It will be another lecture. People say you singing songs you have to become Spirit, you have to become Spirit. By singing songs you do not become. There must be something which should happen. Supposing this is a living process of evolution, that it is the final breakthrough, then it is a spontaneous thing. And that you cannot order about anything which is spontaneous and is living. Like a seed, you cannot order. Seeds sprouts by itself. It is so spontaneous. You put it in the mother earth and it sprouts.
Everything is built within you. And this is the message I want to tell you that all, whatever I am telling you is built within you. It is within you. Within you is the holy ghost and within you is the spirit. And when the holy ghost meets the spirit, you become an enlightened person. This holy ghost is called in the Sanskrit language as Kundalini and she sits in the triangular bone called as sacrum bone. Now surprisingly that they knew that there is something sacred with this bone that they called it sacrum. It is most surprising.

But in Greece, I discovered certain such subtle things that I was amazed that they knew about kundalini long time back. They have the word Athens. And Athens comes from the word Athena and Athena was a Goddess. And Athens in Sanskrit means primordial. So they are talking about the primordial mother and not only that but they have also seen those centres which they in Greece called Kendro. Can you imagine they called it kendro which is Kendra or center? It is very surprising how they know about it and when I asked them they said it was in Indo Aryan record long time back.
Of course in this country of ours which is really a great country, perhaps we are not aware of its greatness. Because we are not great outside like a tree is. The roots are great. We have to seek our roots. In this great country only people have been looking out for the spirit. The reason is the tree goes big, the roots have to go deep down. If it does not go deep down, the tree will fall off. And that’s how with this great search, with deep down into the roots will sustain the tree. Many saints have talked about this Kundalini, about which I am telling.
Now the morality part of it. How does morality help our spiritual life? It’s a very controversial subject today but it is fundamental for me. What is morality? Morality in simple words is our sustenance. Like I can say that carbon has got four valencies. Gold is untarnishable. In the same way, a human being has to have ten dharmas. We can say ten values of sustenance, which are described even in the bible as ten commandments. If you do not have those then you are not a human being. Either you are subhuman or you are supra-human, both are wrong. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to understand is that how those who propound it that dharma is important, have been completely ruined by their disciples. Now, this sustenance gives you the balance. It gives you the middle path which Buddha has described. Sustenance is a very important path of your life. I would say that on the whole as I have been working abroad and in India, I have summarized it that we commit two types of sins altogether. If we get over that we are just in the centre. We neither go to this extreme or to that extreme.
Now the first sin is against the mother. That Indians don’t do normally. They are frightened about the mother. They don’t do it. And even if they do they know it is wrong. It is the morality of sex. Indians know that it is all nonsense if you talk about it in the name of liberation and all. They know it in their hearts of hearts. It’s a great blessing in a way. But they commit another sin, which I called sin against the father. It is that to believe that your father is god almighty. He is the one who is going to look after you. He is the one who is going to give whatever we like. Whether it is material or immaterial. It is he who is the giver. Krishna has clearly said, “Yog Kshem Vahamyam.” He didn’t say kshem yoga, he said once you get yoga you will get kshem also. Kshema is well being. He means a material, physical, emotional every kind of stability we can have in this kali yuga. But first of all, you must have your yoga. You must have your yoga.
If you do not have your yoga then the money you have is not the Lakshmi. It is not the goddess Lakshmi. It is just money. And the money you know is how horrible thing. Perhaps you have seen it through how it creates disharmony amongst family and how everybody cuts each other’s throat for this horrible thing called money. These days as you know how in the name of religion how all fraud and fraudulent people have come out of jail and all hidden places and have started big tyrant saying that they are big gurus and they will do this and do that and take money out of it.
It is a simple thing to understand that you cannot get to god with this called money. Money is your headache, you have created money, it is better you have it. It has nothing to with God and his divine powers. You cannot purchase god with money. Never you can purchase god in any form. Some people say that we are doing it for social work alright. Social work is yours and it is not god’s headache. You have created rich, you have created poor, you have created problems, so it is your headache.

For a Realized soul, as you must be knowing, I have cured many people as they say, all right. I don’t care anybody else. They are mine. If they are the part and parcel of me only, I am not going to cure my own finger, am I? I am feeling the pain myself and I am curing myself then I don’t say that I am curing someone, it is I am curing myself. I am feeling unhappy. It is so built-in within me that I just feel it and I feel so relieved once the person is alright. Nights together, days together I go on working and enjoy. Absolutely enjoy, because the relief is within me and not without me. And that is what one has to know that God Almighty is going to look after us. In every way possible if he gets to cure. In every way possible. But our desires are to be very rich than the rest of the people, to be extremely well of then the rest of the people. To be something extraordinary, then we are malignant, we are cancer cells in the society.
Of course, you can be richer, somebody can be more healthy, somebody can be more this, that, it is a different point. Somebody can be more educated. It can be that. But you should not think of being someone exceptionally great. What is a malignant cell of cancer? It is nothing but a cell which thinks that I can grow more than that. So you might get a nose which is getting bigger than the face. Or one eye popping out or one ear coming out. And the solution is cut it off. That’s all.
When we have no relation with the whole, we lose that coordination and also the sense of proportion how much we have to grow. All of this you get automatically within yourself as soon as you become spirit. Now I can see a question rising in your mind that how is it, it was so difficult before. It was, that was the time. and today is the time, so you get it. Why not have it. Why ask questions? For example, if I tell my grandmother that we are on the moon now, she is not going to believe me. She will tell, oh you are telling lie. Even if we show the picture, she will say oh it is a makeup story. She is not going to believe. Because at her time she could not dream that human beings could reach the moon. But we have reached there. And once you reach so much outside, you have to go down and reach inside, outside is all collapsed. Finished. It cannot stay. So the innermost thing within us is the desire to be the Spirit.
We may think today, oh I want to have this, I want to that. But as you know as per the economic law, that wants, in general, are not satiable. On that, the whole economy is based. If the wants are not to be satisfied then there must be something that should give you supreme satisfaction. And that is your spirit. This spirit gets enlightened when you raise your power kundalini. This power kundalini is the power of desire within us to be the spirit. It is sleeping they say because it is not yet manifested. It is sleeping. But within us, in all of us it lies. It is there. It exists. It is so pure, and so holy and so living. And every individual has its own power within them.
About the Holy Ghost at the time of Christ, not much could be said because they crucified him. He lived only for three and half years and they crucified him. Can you imagine? These people crucified all the saint people, all the great people just like that. Even they said that they can forgive him if they want and they can crucify the thief, but they said no, you leave the thief but crucify Christ. Today that is not the situation. We are much more evolved. You cannot crucify Me whatever I say. But now there is a chance of you becoming that, which you have to achieve without doing anything about it. It is effortless. It is absolutely effortless. It just works out.

The second question which always comes up with our intellectual people that, why ‘me’. Why, of all the things, I should do it? This is a very common question and people often ask why I should do it. If this is so then why not do it yourself. I will be very happy to retire. If anybody can do it, I will be very happy that they can do it.
I don’t know so many things. You don’t know I am so hopelessly bad in so many things. For example, I do not know how to buy even an aeroplane ticket. I don’t know anything of the world. I don’t know even to sign a check. I am so hopeless. Then if I know something why should you be angry for that. Why should you be annoyed because I have to do it. It is just love. It is just love. It is love that projects and. There is nothing to be angry at this point because somebody has been doing this.
Now one has to remember that morality plays a very dynamic role in your spiritual ascent. In the stomach around the navel is what we called as Void, is the Bhavasagara is there. There resides the morality. Now, what are the people say it is such a relative terminology. After Realization, you would not say so. For example, I would not like to say that you should not drink because half you may go away. I would not like to displease you. But after realization, you try. You cant drink. You have a doctor here, from England, who gave up drinking. Because once you get this beautiful thing within you flowing, then you just don’t drink. You are never bored. You just not smoke because you are never bored. You enjoy yourself so much, your own beauty that you don’t want any other instrument to do it. I won’t say that you don’t do it. It just happens, you just give up. Because you get that great nectar of life, that amruta which you have been really seeking and everything you forget in it.

Now people might see that it is hypnosis. There are many people. People are very good at branding others or sort of creating an image of a person. Now say it is hypnosis, but by hypnosis supposing you get your cancer cured, all your diseases cured. You become peaceful, blissful, you become collectively conscious, you start curing others and last of all you become aware of all-pervading power around you as well as awareness you get. Then call it hypnosis. There is no other word. But it is not hypnosis. It what you are.
If I tell you that a television set is built in for manifesting a great number of plays and music and all that, you will believe me because you have seen it. But if I go to a village near a foothill of Himalaya and tell them that there is an instrument, if it is plugged to the mains, it will start manifesting, they will not believe it. But it is all built in. again I say it is built in. And as soon as it is put to the mains, it works, it is you who work, not me. It is your own power that works, it is your own being that works and that is your Spirit.

Now morality creates the path for the ascent of kundalini. I would not say that the people who are so-called immoral have not got Realization. They have got it. All kinds of people have got it. For some people they say, “Oh Mother, he is not good, he is a waster, he has got it”. I mean God has decided to give Realization. He wants to give. Because after all, he doesn’t prove his own existence what is going to happen to him? He has to give you the Realization that you feel him now and that you know all the scriptures have been correct, all the prophets have been correct. And that was the truth they were talking about. And that his own creation will have a fulfilment. He has to give you Realization. He has to make you that what he has promised. It doesn’t do it then his own purpose will not be fulfilled. All sorts of people I have seen get Realization these days. It is something so wonderful, I myself is amazed at myself.

I don’t know, but those who have come to Me, I am yet to come across someone who has stuck on and not get Realization. Once you become the Spirit, some people do feel the rising of that and some people don’t feel it. Those who are absolutely innocent and simple people like children, they never feel anything except the cool breeze. If there is a physical problem then kundalini attends to it. If there is an emotional problem then kundalini attends to it. Now when such a problem exists, doesn’t matter. She looks after, creates her own ways and comes. That’s why moral people have got a greater chance of coming up. It’s like a lamp which is broken and useless lamp and another lamp which is a good and a nice lamp. It is better that we keep our lamps alright. After all, what is money? What is affluence? Go to the affluent countries. The children have left their parents and getting out. I asked them what is the matter? He is the son of such and such lord and he is the son of such and such person and they have all become hippies. Why we don’t want to carry that junk with us.
Money is only important that we can express our love through money. Possessions have only one importance that we can give it to someone so that you can express your love. That’s all. There is no other meaning. You can try it you will be really very happy to possess something which you can give it to others. It has no other meaning. It has no other purpose. Once you stick on to possession, it possesses you. And that is how once you become a Spirit, I don’t have to tell you, you yourself will know. I have seen very great miserly people have become so much giving. And they don’t give it for a purpose like where my name will be put, my father’s name will be put. My dog’s name will be put. They don’t do like that. They just give it. Not only money. Money is not a thing that is needed.
The thing that is needed is your attention. It is the attention that is going to be enlightened. Because how can you give money to a person or anything to anyone who cannot take it, who can just give? Can you think of someone like that who can just give? Supposing there is someone like that and you become just like that. Its such a beautiful life, it is such a beautiful joyous thing which all of you should have. You get over your tension, you get over your cancer and get over all these malignancies. And all these malformations and all these discoordinated things which has crippled this world which was created with such care gentleness and love. It is you who are the flowers that God has created and it is you who are really going to glorify it.

One thing that God cannot do is to take away your freedom. If you want, you can become a god or if you want you can become a satan. You can choose between Hell and Heaven on this earth. It is for you to do it. I have been speaking every night. In London, at least five hundred tapes have been done. In Australia, I don’t know how many. I have been speaking and speaking. I have never spoken so much. I never used to speak, I should so. But without speaking you cannot communicate.

But love doesn’t need any language. Doesn’t needs. It just works. Whether you understand Me or not, it doesn’t matter. It will work out. And by God’s grace you all must get your Realization today as they have asked Me that they would like to have a vibration session.
I have told you that you don’t have to think about the things you have done in the past. Please forget it. Some people think oh I have done this wrong, or that wrong because before coming here I was trying to feel the vibrations of the Rotarians and I felt that they are all sulking. And one of the centres we have within us left vishuddhi was catching. Oh, Mataji has come but we will get realization or not. Or maybe that we have done this thing wrong, I should not have said this word, I should not have served so much, I should not have eaten so much, all kinds of ways and methods of feeling guilty. But I am talking about the ocean of love, an ocean of compassion and ocean of forgiveness. What guilt can you have? What guilt can you have? The one who can also forgive rakshas and satan, what guilt can you have? So that is one centre that is very badly catching and at the very outset, I would request you to say it firmly within yourself that mother I am not guilty.

This guilt is the worst thing and this half-baked Mr Freud has put it into our heads. Because he himself was guilty. He himself was a man who had no idea as to what he was doing. He himself was a very weak person. And he himself treated so many pathological cases and he made those pathological cases so much generalized that people thought that if you were not like that, you were not normal. He never realized that people look forward to him for guidance and for such a person it is very –very important that he should maintain a very high moral standard. People at the lower level doesn’t matter. But if the person at the top, if he does it, it becomes a normal thing, “All right if he does, then why should I not do it”.

In this country, we had had people of such great ideals that nowhere in the world you will get such ideals. So many of them, I mean one better than the other. And when you think of this, they lived on this earth. They lived. A few years back they were here. And why not we can be like them because this country has got the sustaining power within us and we are the people who have to give this sustenance. We may not be that good at organizing. Of course, we may have electrical failures. We may have other problems. Doesn’t matters, I mean we cannot be separated, if this is human being’s thing. You see, it is madness to see that world is separated. There are hills and all that but the world is not separated. The world is one and this Mother Earth of yours is the kundalini of the universe. I say London is the heart. It is the heart.

And most surprisingly, recently, we discovered that hundred years back a great drashta, a great seer called William Blake* has described the Sahaja Yoga in such details, that even the place where ashrama is, he has mentioned it. Every word of it is so clearly described somehow. The main thing that he has talked about it. And he said that, “A day will come when London will become Jerusalem”. So what about this great country? It is we, we have to stand up to it and take to our spiritual life. It is such a satisfying thing, such a glorifying and such a [unclear] thing.
I am so happy I could come to these Rotarian and this rotary club and see all the chakras here. I wish I could talk to you about chakras but there is no time now to talk about them. You can come to my centre and I will be having my program from eighteenth to twenty-eighth. And I will be giving all the idea about Sahaja yoga, and realization and establishment of it. I hope you make it convenient to come to that program which is absolutely free and everybody is welcome with love.
If you want I can give realization to people. Now one may ask a question. Thoda question puche? We have some time for you to ask questions. I would like you to ask me questions. Because in such a short time I could not elaborate on everything. It is such a deep subject. It is the deeper side of human beings.

You can ask Me questions.

Seeker: I want to ask one question, who is a moral being? How do you describe a moral man?
Shri Mataji: A moral man. To my eyes, being a mother, everybody is moral. I have not seen many immoral people in the world. Because those who have come to Me have got Realization. But the morality, as I said, is of two types, one is against the Mother, and one is against the Father. Not to believe in God Almighty and that he looks after our ‘kshema’ is an immoral man. The one who doesn’t have a sense of chastity is an immoral man. Nowadays human beings are at such a stage where they think that chastity has no play. Especially men do not believe in chastity at all. Especially in India. Women believe that they should have chastity and all. But men don’t think that they need any chastity. But chastity is the path. Kundalini represents chastity in man. And a chaste person has tremendous experience in Sahaja Yoga. Tremendous. That is why all the great prophets told us that we have to be chaste. They were not mad. What did they want? They were not contesting any elections? They told this because it is a very important thing to be chaste. Imagine Christ, a person of that level, he gave away everything to save chastity [unclear]. So, in short, I would say, chastity is to be respected, is to be imbibed. But doesn’t matter whatever you do is allright for Me. But morality is very very important. But morality has to be compulsorily imbibed in the sense that you don’t enjoy imorality, there is no temptation, there is no question of temptation, but you just don’t enjoy. You just don’t enjoy. It just happens. The morality, the dharma is enlightened within you.

I was giving you an example of a doctor just now, that he went to Germany [unclear]. He drank something. He felt he smelled like a cock. He had vomiting feeling. He had stomach pain. He gave up. Just it is spontaneous. I would suggest in this way you can understand that when you take a horse to a dirty lake he doesn’t feel it is dirty or filthy because he is not that evolved. But a human being cannot do that. Because he is evolved. He can feel the filth. But material filth. But then you feel the spiritual filth. Awakening and the dirt that has come in the Spirit. And that’s how morality becomes part and parcel of you. It just becomes part and parcel of you. I don’t have to preach. I don’t have to tell anything. It just happens. That’s what should happen because waiting, perhaps waiting for so many years for the people to be moral, to be clean, to be beautiful, it has taken too much time. because you have your own freedom. So it is better to do it.
It is like if you have a car and it is out of order, it is better to start and see where it is out of order. Better start it somehow. Even if it is a fifth hand car, one can start it. It goes halfway, stops, again you start it, again you start it. Like that. This is the method of modern Sahaja yoga. Where nothing to preached, nothing to be said, start with kundalini. Once the kundalini is awakened then we will see about it. Because if you tell them something they will do just the opposite of it. They are typical human beings. If you tell them don’t do it, why not? So better not tell them. Let them awake, let there be light. If you tell them don’t go there, there is a snake they will not listen. But when you give the light, they will see the snake and they know there is a snake so they will just don’t go. That’s what is Sahaja Yoga.

Seeker: [Unclear] How do you cure them and how many cases have you cured?
Shri Mataji: I don’t know. I don’t know how many I have cured. I don’t keep account of that. Its like see if you have an idea of a housewife who is very fond of entertaining, others, the guest who come in, and when they come in the house she cooks very gently for them, and keeps everything for them, and gives them separate food, and whatever they like and she like to nourish them, and then you ask how many morsels they have eaten, how will you know. My condition is so bad I am really bad at counting. I can’t say but cancer can be easily cured by Sahaja yoga and by nothing else. It is a fact.
How? I have to say medically now. We have within ourselves, the system of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. And the sympathetic nervous system comes into action when we go in some sort of emergency. Any emergency. A very simple emergency I tell you, how blood cancer is caused. You will be amazed.
Blood cancer is caused by the diseased or frantic spleen. The frantic spleen comes into play when a person is frantic himself. For example in modern times a person is looking at the watch all the time, what time it is, I have to go now. He gets out of his bath, sits on his chair halfway, eats his food, his wife is pushing something in his mouth. You better have something, I don’t know when will you come. An emergency is already there. He gets into his car. Reaches his newspaper, that is even worse, then he gets into his car, again he is frantic oh god there is a jam. He is banging at all the people who are jamming him. He has to reach the office at ten o clock sharp because somebody is coming there. And he is doing the same on his way, and he is doing the same. And he arrives. By the time they both arrived they both are frantic. But as a result of all this franticness what develops is blood cancer. And I am sorry to say that this is the reason for getting into blood cancer. Doctors can’t see this point. Because they are themselves doing the same thing.

In our country, before this, we had a system where the husband used to get up, wife used to look after him, he would sit, and she would fan. And this fanning used to regulate his mood. He would quietly eat his food. Get up. The pace is so great today that even machine will wear up- leave alone human beings. The pace for what? For what is the pace? I am saving the time, I am saving the time, for what? Why are you saving the time?

I asked one gentleman, “Why are you saving the time?” “Oh, I have very important things to do”. “What?” “I have to attend a ball in England”. “I said really? That’s the reason you are saving all the time now”. Now, this watch has come, all the science has come, to save time. no doubt. But for what? To become the Spirit and enjoy it. To meditate. To enjoy the beautiful flow of love of God. Not for running about like mad. For nothing at all. What you have achieved. Blood cancer is very easily cured by Sahaja Yoga. There is a mantra for it and it is the mantra of Gruha Lakshmi. You have to establish your Gruha Lakshmi in the household.

Now doctors won’t do this because I have done medicine myself. I know. They never know all this. Gruha Lakshmi in the household. Now the woman themselves are very busy. They have no time to feed their husbands. Husbands are so very frantic they don’t like the woman to pamper them. There is no harmony between the two. See even if he is eating the food, she quarrelling, fighting at that time. The whole franticness comes from this bad family system. Like two wheel pulling the chariot are fighting that left should be right and right should be left. Only cancer can come in because left and right is nothing but our left and right sympathetic nervous system. When you go to the extremes of anything, these things happen. And cancer is cured by giving that vital energy, which balances. Very simple it is. Extremely simple. And that energy is supplied to us normally by the parasympathetic nervous system. But once you are connected with the whole, you don’t have to worry. For example, you are going somewhere and petrol is finishing, and the tension mounts up now petrol is finishing what to do? But supposing you have a force which is all the time flowing into you, you have no tension, you have no worry. That’s it.
How I cure, its all built in you to be cured also. And doctors can take to Sahaja Yoga very easily. Of course, that doesn’t mean they have to give up their practice. Not at all. There are so any diseases which cannot be cured by Sahaj Yoga. So many diseases which cannot be cured were some artificial things have happened. We say we can work it out. Cancer also cannot be cured of every person. The reason is, the kundalini must rise. And if the kundalini does not rise, then cancer cannot be cured. If cancer has gone to the galloping stage or the last moment, then it becomes difficult. Then it is better to have another body, come back, take Realization and live happily in Sahaja Yoga.

Not even cancer, even diabetes is hundred per cent curable in Sahaja Yoga. That is another disease of the pancreas. Other diseases like kidney trouble, liver trouble, so-called incurable diseases, are left to Sahaja yoga. Thank god doctors do not touch it. But we are not here to cure people. That is doctors job. We are not here to cure them at all. The reason is the lamps which are going to give light are to be mended. Which are not going to give light, what is the use of curing people who are not good at light and that’s how the interest of the divine is much less on the people who are not interested in their spirit. So, the idea is not much of curing the people but as a byproduct, they get cured. As a byproduct. It has worked with some people so tremendously that in ten minutes they get cured. Yes in ten minutes. And some people are not able to get cured even when I work for three months with them.

So, it has happened. It is so spontaneous, so easy and so blissful but the person also has to be little receptive. Little receptive about it. It is not necessary you have to be a very moral man or so-called morality you see, so-called morality. But morality is very innate, it is built in within yourself. It is not what is outside. Some people are very humble to talk but they will cut each other’s throat. But it is innate, it is the substantial thing within us which works out very fast. That is why morality is important as you could be cured much faster if you are a moral person.

Seeker: [Inaudible].
Shri Mataji: I can’t hear it, sir.
Seeker: Mataji I would like to ask that blood cancer is also a disease with infants, will you contribute the same reason for infants also as for adults?
Shri Mataji: Yes infants can also have another type of emergency. In infant, if there is blood cancer then this means the mother is frantic. The mother is busy, in a pickle, papad, she is frantic, the child can get it. In the atmosphere of franticness, the child can get it. You see children have a very big impact on parents. We do not understand there are so many ways by which the child can get affected by parents. And we also if you try to make your child, some of the children I have seen they are made so timed if you have given milk at a particular time. he is weeping, his stomach is paining. He is treated like a machine. Then the child can get it. If you try to over discipline the child then the child can get it. If you allow the child to be abundant then you can get it. There are so many things in which we do not know how to cater to the need of the child.

Host: Thank you Mataji. Those who wish to take Realization have been given enough food for thought. Thank you for coming here and giving so much time. thank you Mataji.
Shri Mataji: You people asked when will we do meditation, I would like you, people, to invite you all in our program from 18th to 28th at the constitutional hall.

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