Devi Puja

Pune (India)


1982-01-19 Puja in Pune (Marathi and English)

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

They are wearing the frocks of the cloth we brought in Australia. You would be happy to know, I had brought the cloth you remember which I sent to all these children here. And they are wearing that.

It is a symbolic mother from Shri Ganesha 

No, they …Actually, the whole thing is about me only describing. The whole thing is very beautiful. You should get the translation of the poem they have recited…  I am sorry I have to speak in this language because they don’t understand but you must understand the language of the heart.  

[Marathi to English translation]

Maharashtra’s love is fathomless. My heart overflows with it. You have showered so much love on me that if the entire world gets immersed in it , then I cannot imagine how strongly the waves of happiness will flow. Its only for that love that these people, who do not even know your language, still come to Maharashtra from so far off, taking so much trouble. It is true that such love does not exist anywhere in the world. Marathi language is a little terse, a little rowdy, reverberates more. But the heart is full of love. The language does not have false hypocrisy. 

But overall, the definition of love can be done only in Marathi Language. Even if I search, I do not find equivalents for so many words outside as are available in Marathi Language.  Because the stream of love that flows in the heart, the ripples of the same, by dashing and colliding, creates new words. And the mist of those words – you can feel the music from it.  Such uninterrupted love should always be there in Maharashtra. People who have been in contact with outsiders, such people have changed a bit. That’s why people do not understand what love is. In love, one does sacrifice without feeling it. A mother feels affection towards her child. Especially if the child is sick, the mother becomes restless. How is this? So now the kid is such a treasure for her, she wholeheartedly looks after the child day and night. From where does this come? This life with so much sacrifice, but does it feel  like a sacrifice? By whatever means, my child should get well. Similarly the women of this country have this love for their spouses , their kids. Several others feel the same way.  Let not the outside wind affect the flame of love. Preserve this. So the outsiders will emulate you. Don’t lose it. Nowadays a new wave has emerged. There is no love or affection, there is no meaning to love. Love is foolishness. Behave curtly with all. It does not behoove Sahaja Yoga. There are different type of people. Many are not even Sahaja Yogis and  speak ill about Sahaja Yoga. That’s true. Wonder, what is this? But they should be shown mercy. Tomorrow they will go to hell. They are our kith and kin only. They will go to hell. So in a way one should keep an inner feeling for them, should not ostracize them, should treat them with love. 

I got married in Northern region of India (Uttar Pradesh). I have observed there too, there is abundant love there. But people find it very difficult to express love. But they started expressing after I went there.  Love needs to be shown, needs to be expressed and needs to be cherished. Main thing is that family system in Maharashtra is very good. The women have preserved it. But if the women discard their proper behavior, discard their tradition; start changing by imitating others then it will be a great loss for this country. The women should not think that their old traditions are very bad. One has to tolerate but who is the one who is tolerating? That too needs resilience. How can a person without resilience bear it? Don’t women actually personify the power of the deity (Devi)? And if the woman does not use this power what will she become?   It is different for men and different for women. Just like there are two wheels of a chariot, on the right and on the left. The wheel on the left should not try to come on the right side. That is foolishness. The rest of the women are from advanced countries, advanced. Don’t know where they advanced. Grew horns(Became supercilious).

Look at them, what they have become. You will be surprised. I heard that in London, England every week two kids are killed, the mother kills. Have you heard this? You have not heard it in your life. But I heard that this is so in London and it is bound to happen in England.

One has to tolerate in love and there is happiness in the fact that I love. The happiness in love is love. What is beyond it. The real happiness lies in loving others. Nothing else gives happiness. Whichever way you see. It does not matter if you get one or two things less.

This used to happen between couples before a fight. The husband used to say why don’t you take care of yourself? You are involved in work right from the morning. You don’t manage yourself well. Do something about yourself. All this in a hush hush manner. Not in front of elders of the home. What to say. In the morning it was the husband who fetched the water. I know this much in my family that if there was too much work, the male would wear a sari and fetch water so that nobody should recognize him because the wife is due and she would suffer. These were the expressions of love in early days. 

All very proper from outside but from inside it was love, and it was nourished and expressed. This is absolutely incorrect on the part of men that after doing so much they do not appreciate the women. Then they become insolent, become unhappy, become sad and stressed. Once it starts, then there is no end to it. Then they don’t listen to husbands. This is a very bad thing. And basically the thing that seems so small actually has a very big impact.  As if a hole gets created in the Almighty’s cloth, it’s like that.  So it should be all right if the husband reproaches a bit because when he comes home after a day’s toil, then it is bound to happen. But the husband should also maintain the decorum. 

I am saying this only for the reason that I observed this difference after coming from abroad. And felt if the women of my country are also getting waylaid like these foolish women. Because the essence of the Power is in them only. Our family seems very small but it is not like that. It is a very great component. And each of the families in Sahaja Yoga are such great components that very great  individuals are going to take birth in them. We cannot imagine, such great creatures are going to take birth. For that we need to create such a family where one should feel that it is a special beautiful nest. Where you feel peaceful. The place to establish such tranquility is a home, is the family system. 

We talk a lot about peace. I have seen so many women – they say we are members, we will give you peace. And at home – divorce! So without have peace at home, there is no meaning of peace outside. Even if you earn a lot of money, do anything – is there any meaning to that? What is the use? The men should accommodate, the women should adjust. You are the two wheels of a chariot. And that chariot is so big and you are the wheels. You are bearing the chariot. If you go to other countries, you realize how great this thing is.   Everything is scattered. This scattering is felt so much, it feels so sad. And now you cannot mend it. They have not invented a glue(adhesive) that will bind them  together. They have all sorts of bolts (to join) but there is nothing to join the hearts of husband and wife. 

The peculiarity of Marathi language is that there needs to be sweetness when spoken. One should be able to infuse sweetness while speaking.  And if this cannot be achieved especially by the men, paying attention only to find mistakes in her, then she will never improve. Because anyways – even otherwise they find mistakes then why to improve? Even this seems like a petty thing, then why is Mataji telling all this? To talk about the nation is easy. Nations have become advanced, but those nations with broken family system are near obliteration. Almost near destruction. They will never do well. So let the rope be held this side, the peg is more important. Once the peg is discarded, then the whole world will go berserk. So today I specially want to tell you that take care of the family system. 

Now I see every day after returning from America that I am quite surprised to note that those people are very short tempered. They are so short tempered; the day I reached there, there was news that during a trivial quarrel between two persons   this guy shoots the other with pistol. On the road itself.  They did not even know each other. For a trivial thing if they quarrel they take out pistol and kill?   Such short tempered and demonic people live there. If you inquire about their parents you will come to know that they married several times and destroyed these children’s life. If you wish to create demons you create quarrels at home. There is a big responsibility on the women. There is peace in the home and the women should wear the ornament of peace. The men should give and the women should wear it. One should do things that will purify the peace in the home. Sahaja Yogis should determine in their minds that they should speak sweetly. They should forgive a couple of mistakes.  The mother used to forgive our mistakes. And the women should likewise forgive their men. This is such a necessary and important thing. 

All the threads of this country will break and once the threads start breaking then it will strip off the clothes. That is why it is said about our country that 

(“Yatra narya pujyante, tatra ramante devata”)

“ Where they worship women, there the deities stay’’.

Here the deities are worshipped. Here the home Goddess (Gruha Lakshmi) resides. The place where the Gruhalakshmi resides, Gruhalaksmi means she must deserve to be a Lakshmi.    

  It is not the characteristics of the Gruha Lakshmi if she continuously makes demands for things like a beggar. It means you are a beggar, how can you be a queen? If you are a queen then you have a position. Then even if the husband forces, still “No need, we have all these things already, let it be, what is the need”. Means there is no limit to how much you have to mutually balance this side. And what is the essence behind this? That’s Love.  Sahaja Yoga cannot happen without love. The entire world will not change without love. I cannot see any solution without love. Until there is mutual love,  nothing will happen by just having an organization or doing something or the other. Love is the main thing.  

Again you should bear it in mind that honour or what you say as reputation is also applicable to men, not only women. The men should take care of their dignity. They should guard it. It’s not like this that I am a man, why should I worry about reputation. If I go on a rampage like a horse –   I am a man, even if I behave like a donkey still I am a man. Whatever I do, I am a man. And even if I jump like a monkey, still I am a man. Then you will become a monkey, become a donkey but not become a human being. The man should have his honour. Just like a woman cherishes her dignity , men should also have that. Look at the man like Lakshman( Rama’s brother). How he used to walk with lowered eyes. He did not see anything above his sister-in- law’s feet. So discard these beastly instincts and maintain you honour. This is another beggar quality, to roam about continuously gazing at women. To pursue them like a lustful person. This is yet another beggar attribute. For anything,  saying that I definitely need this, I definitely want it – this is another sign of a beggar. The king who is an emperor, you make him sit on the floor or anywhere. In Sahaja Yoga one must be able to sit anywhere , and adjust anywhere. You are above all this. After taking a form of a soul, what else do you need? You need nothing. 

Now these people have come from abroad, they are well off there. Means they have cars, have wall to wall carpets. The sleeping arrangement is so good, absolutely can’t ask for more. Once you get up from the bed, the bathroom is close by. You can get up anytime. They don’t get up before eleven. And even if they bathe once or twice a year it is more than enough!  They behave as they wish. That is why, for the discipline they imbibe by coming here – they especially incur the cost for it as they get disciplined here. Also they can live in hardship; they can get used to bear the suffering.  They have come here to endure suffering by paying money so why are you running away from the discomfort? The body must be toned by facing hardships. That is why a family life is called Gruhastha( a man) and Shram(toil). Gruhasthshram.  It is a place of toiling not for relaxing. Rest is a very useless thing. I don’t understand what is the need for rest. One should be active and on the move. Once you start resting, whatever worldly things are there, will sit on our heads. Once you sit on a chair you will not be able to sit on the floor. One should not get used to comfort, else one will have a difficult old age. There are such people who need one person to make them get up and one to sit upright. If you wish to have such a life then stay in comfort. 

A Sahaj Yogi should always be ready (tatpar).  

Tat-par, always attentive. Hence in our culture, in Maharashtra, having bathed and getting ready early in the morning – I spent my childhood like this. Get up at 4:30 am. My father would come back from his morning walk at 5:00. By 5:00, you will find the complete house clean and tidy with everybody up and ready, all kids. Total eleven.  Now days it is not like that with the new people. We all used to be much disciplined. Even if a piece of paper lying here and there, my father used to reprimand. I still follow that habit. If I move around, with a piece of paper to discard in search of a dust bin, I don’t find any.  

We follow personal hygiene quite strictly. Mental hygiene was also followed in early days. We should keep our minds absolutely clean. We should not pile filth in our minds. If we store filth then we accuse people of bad things. Speak ill of them. Some unconstructive thing happens, something wicked happens.  Don’t say under the pretense of ignorance. Don’t do that. How to achieve this. Once you experience the principle you understand why it happens. Because if we harbor poison in our mind, then like a snake – when we touch others, we bite. That person bit. I have not heard of the surname “Chavare” (one who bites) in Maharashtra. But there are quite a few people who bite. And we should term them as “Chavare” (one who bites) by changing their surname. If someone goes to speak to them, they bite.

‘What, did you meet someone like that’

‘Yes, Found one.’ 

It is not heard till date that a lotus flower has bitten anyone.   It can give comfort even to person like a beetle and make it rest peacefully. It is in the hands of Lakshmi. Hence remove the sting, from your speech and body. No hypocrisy. No falsehood.   Are you stinging someone?  ‘We always speak the truth, we are very outspoken’. We have a lot of outspoken people in Maharashtra. People like Tilak were real outspoken people. Same with Agarkar. Such people were there in our country, in Maharashtra. I have not seen that outspokenness again. Today to be outspoken means  abusing people, to speak ill of others.

‘ We are not hypocrites. Whatever we do, we do in the open.’ Is that so ?  Aren’t you wise?  One should have some understanding about this. Hypocrisy is better, I say. Those people who do filthy things in the open, they expose the filth completely. Nobody will have any limits. At least a hypocrite would ill behave to a limited extent as he is apprehensive. It does not spread. But the things that go on in the open, they don’t cease at all. And for a person who has no dignity or honour, he is a dishonorable person, it does not affect him. Where is his self respect?  And you cannot get peace without dignity. The person who has self respect, he walks like an elephant. He does not lose his calm. We should see whether we have reputation or not. To behave childishly, to speak irresponsibly, to make fun, to think ill of others – these are very low level things. And you can observe this after you adopt Sahaja Yoga. And if you don’t find this change in yourself then you should infer that you have not become a Sahaja Yogi. As I told you yesterday itself, in Sahaja Yoga you cannot have a membership. You have to immerse in it and there is so much beauty and so much softness.

Early I used to observe that Sahaja Yogis used to sit in the first row. Whatever may be the program; they will come and sit in the front. “You have to see the arrangements, and how can you sit in the front instead. Who will take care of the arrangements? It’s like the lady of the house has her meals before everyone else. Even today, the women do not do this. It’s like this. 

‘You are already there in the front?’

‘Yes Mataji”

‘Have reserved 3-4 rows”

‘Is that so? Ok. Now sit so that I can worship you.’

Now they have changed over time and have gone to the last row. Now I see that poor chaps sit outside only. You must put forward those who are in need. When you can do this it means you have imbibed the tenets of Sahaja Yoga. Wherever they are, they should feel that this is Mataji’s work, we are her followers, Sahaja Yoga belongs to Mataji and we will prove it. If you think like this, even if you are far away or wherever you are, I will come there. ‘Mataji, position us  where  it is appropriate’ – a person who behaves with such content attitude will benefit from Sahaja Yoga.

Third thing is a person must feel content. Without being content, Peace cannot be established. Today we went to someone’s place and saw something, it was very beautiful. Then went stumbling to the market in a hurry to get exactly the same thing only. People who have already acquired Sahaja Yoga, they have no value for it. Why to gather so many things , are you going to make pickle out of it? If you bring things that you see at someone’s place then what specialty do we have?  Bring something new. That person will not get any pleasure.  Such a person does not have satisfaction. Things happen automatically, Sahaja Yogis get everything. They get the pleasure, beauty – everything. But first a person must have satisfaction.  What is the pleasure in being content?  Satisfaction! You met your Atma in Sahaja Yoga, what more you need to be content, satisfied. That which itself is a form of satisfaction, if that is awakened in you, what more satisfaction one needs, Mataji? But it does not mean – stand in front of me in saffron robes.

There is one more thing. Now that we have become Sahaja Yogis we will wear soiled Saffron clothes. But beauty takes birth in satisfaction. When a person is content, he is in a happy state of mind. It is the same for the deity. When She is satisfied, She is happy. If not, it is very evident, “ did not have the satisfaction, Mataji.” If you are satisfied then your life becomes beautiful, very gentle. I had seen before, people used to shout at each other in Sahaja Yoga. Only yelling used to go on. I used to wonder what will happen of these people.

If any person came, then strike him with a sword.

 If anybody came at the door, ‘Oh, you are already here? Come.’ So he used to run away. God forbid Sahaja Yoga. All these people are very fierce.

That fierceness has subsided now. Now it is a cool atmosphere. Now it is really pleasant. 

One must feel as if he has entered a lotus. This is its fragrance. One must feel as if one is taking bath in fragrance.  A new person must not feel apprehensive. He must feel that he has arrived at a comfortable destination. This is heaven and all these people are angels from heaven. Attire, behaviour, everything should be heavenly. Because you are in heaven.  This is heaven. The heaven within us has awakened so its aroma must waft around. This way our Sahaja Yoga is spreading slowly in Maharashtra.  

[Shri Mataji speaks in English]

Talk to them   Even if English is little wrong doesn’t matter(27:57) grammatically if the English is wrong in pronunciation Otherwise they will think they do not respect us. So I am just giving them confidence that you go and talk to them…There is no need to have first-class English for you, after all, it’s alright. Is it? You all understood. They are all graduates here All are very educated people. No otherwise also. You see 

The education in Pune is so great that …Most of the ladies would be graduates, M.A’s. All very well educated women and Men too. Most of the men are graduates, doctors, this …that. But you see they are so humble that you can make it out. Education is too much but as far as the English language is concerned, naturally, you can understand it’s a foreign language, despite that they know quite a lot of English. Not so good as you people after all. I am saying be friendly with them. Be friends you see … Here the friendship is the men are friendly with men and women’s are friendly with women’s. It’s a 

Very pure country. And the other things that exist in the western countries we should never discuss with them and tell them. They don’t know.   They are not aware of this. They are too simple.  

So let them be friendly and they will explain to you… 

This is a very good excuse If there is any barrier it will break Isn’t it? They must talk to you.