Talk to Sahaja Yogis, What Have You To Surrender (or Being Connected to God), Seminar, 3rd Session

Lonavala (India)

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Talk to Sahaja Yogis, What Have You to Surrender (Or Being Connected to God), Seminar, 3rd Session, 1982-0124 Lonavala (India)

Shri Mataji: Before realization what ever you do as I told you before this, is artificial towards God, because you are not awakened.
Any kind of worshiping you do anything you do is not really reaching the principle of that, of example of play, for the principle of play is light and unless until you are awaken, you can not awaken the principle, you can not touch the principle of it.

So once you are awakened, then as you are on your principle can go on the principle of the primal as well…??
After realization when you start use the flam, you must have seeing that it gives soothing, black thing come out sometimes,

I know some body who told me that, the whole wall comes out, he was amazed how the wall come out, then you have seeing also that the flam reacts, if my photograf is there, then you definitely, awaken that flam, because so many has been cured through my photograf, how it has happened.

What happens is that when my photograph is placed, you people put flam there, the flam gets awakened and the light that pass through that flam carrying the vibrations over, material things carry like sound, sound waves you have seen that, I get can clear you out, in such by different Chakra, like today, I try to clear out your Hamsa, by touching this mic and on the right side there is a problem then I touch with the right side the vibrations were so much neglect out, on the left side is not…then the problem of the fear of left side is just other way around.

So even sound carry the vibration, for example was is Mantra, is nothing but a proper…unclear… it catch the vibration, but unless until you are realized soul, you can not awaken the Mantras, so to say Mantras before the realization like mad is wrong, now doing sadaka with the photograph, in all that is nothing wrong, but pay so much attention in one sentence is not necessary.
Supposing there is a photograf, you are try to look at flam in front of the photograf, then you are paying more attention to the flam and not to the photograf, in the contrary if you pay attention to the photograf, the flam put the light to the photograf, then you get complete…??

Especially for people who suffer, say from right side, for them heat is not good, because they already heated up, to such people you can give treatment from heat side, they wont help, they have to take vibrations from something that is could, like water and salt, water and salt can penetrate, but some people might not help also, possible. Those who has temperament very very sort of, we can say cold as they say, left side, it might not help also, if they use warm water.

So it depends on what sort of personality you are, for people who are very heated up, one may not take too hot also, should take cooler.
The mean this is that once you are realized, then you can catch the principle of it, Tattwa.

like if you have to treat the tree, you can not treat individual, you can not give it petals or leaves or even branches, what you have to do is sand… the sand is the principle. Not to get in to the sand you have to use the water. Whatever medicine you have to give, do the… what we do when we sit up, in the water, pouring that water inside, so the water inside the sand, suck it, and trenches it. In the same way, when you are realized you become the principle.

In the same way those people who are supra conscious see colours, those who are subconscious they see other things, like dead body, Bhoots, this that…

Now if you are supra-conscious you see something you think that is truth…but you are in that area, so you see. If you are in the subconscious you see something that…
But if you are in centre, in the present you see nothing, you just feel, its effecting, because centre you are on your principle. But you start think Kundalini is outside, some people can even see in the sun’s rays you might even see vibrations, many people can see vibrations, because you have now jumping in to your subtler being, you can see subtlety.

When you use all this things…for example what lemon and chilli also, to see, people might say, people who do not understand, especially the west, the mind is so much conditioned, like sophisticated things that we can not understand what is sense of put lemon and chilli?

Now lemon has equipped, now you know that we have cured many people with lemon and chilli, with their mental problems, we have seen, isn’t it?
So we have vibrated lemon and chillies, and you have got and put them in the water,
What happen with the lemon and chillies have a capacity, have a capacity to suck other things, or suck the vibrate with water into them selves, as vibrated, they become vibrated them selves, what is…unclear…Is them become awakened, so in the night you open that, the vibrations travel out, and create an atmosphere in which you start become one with your centre, and you loose your left and right side that and you become the same one, you can say, because it take away from the left and right, you become the same.

The question is whether this thins has got vibrations or not, what are the vibration, it’s the Brahma, is the Brahma, is divine power of God, its divine power all over, and its divine power is in everything, but is not under your concern, you have not touch it, once you are awaken you touch it, you are awake in that in everything, once you awake that, then you start feel the vibrations, say I have stayed this house, in this place, even on the seat, anybody who is sensitive sahaja Yogi will know when mother has been seat, certain things has greater capacity to absorb vibrations, this being discover.
In the ancient time, by many seer, all this technical that we are use or not necessarily all blind, they have already seen by many ancient seers who have seen.
So, you see to understand Sahaja Yoga, one has to know that there is the power, divine power which acts, which work out and now you have become a medial of that power, that’s how you have become the master, means strong, powerful, individual, but some means equal to your name, so doing anything before realization is mad. After realization also pay attention to things where the vibration comes from, is better. More over if your Agnya is frozen, is better to avoid, is already finished by doing over concentration at a point which is not needed, for example, supposing there is no door here and I’m breaking it all the time, keep with my attention, the

whole thing will collapse, the door is here, if you have pay attention in an place that is not exists, you have not done justice to your self, it have to…???…and that is what, it said at this point, its very simple, in everyday live you see that, a blind man he doesn’t know the door way out, can bang at any place, they break the wall, behave like him of course.

So after realization and before realization there is tremendous… one has to understand that now you are realized soul, this consumption it will work out, surrender to me, what do you surrender, what do I want out of you? Nothing! I just don’t understand, surrender you own Ego your own barrier, what you surrender is your own barrier, so what is there to surrender, if you have your Ego intact, you won’t work in Sahaja Yoga, you will insult.

Supposing this thing is double, with some sort of cloth, you can not see, you will remove the cloth, you may say it has been surrender, surrender this word itself is ??… that immediately I sit on your Ego, actually surrender means surrender your Ego, but when somebody say you nee to surrender to Mataji, that you think you have to surrender your money, what is there doing money, I don’t want your money. What is there to surrender to me, I mean just imagine, what you gone give to me, I have nothing to get from you, is that there anything that I can get from you?
Luckily this time, in this life time, I’m born in such way, in such family I don’t need anything, I have even got a position in that, so even that I don’t want, what you gone to surrender to me, you have to surrender your own ego that’s all, you will feel free, because you are bond by your own Ego, supposing you are in the shuttles of chain, now if you want remove the chain, are you surrender to this chain, what are you surrender is your own ambition and your problems, your own we can say the shuttles, which is not to be free up, your chains, your conditioning, your disease, your trouble, that’s what you surrender, what is there to surrender, I just don’t understand?

just to remove the clouds which are over your spirit, you have to remove this ice with great force, so that they are all through away. I don’t know how people have this misconception, that you must to surrender to Mataji, What? Your negativity, your negative thinking, all have to surrender, but I mean, imagine I have all your negativity, all your burning, really some people touch my feet its really burning my feet, really I tell you, horrible, its not easy to take everybody on my feet, even people who are leprosy, who are this…they all are touch my feet, even I’m in meditation, all kind of things. And they were thinking we are surrender our leprosy to mother… which is like that. Or an ego orientated person is very easy to jump on to such conclusion, so you are surrendering nothing. Whichever is available, you can not surrender. So Indians when they surrender, they know what, but western mind is very difficult understand surrender, so far they have know Guru, they have surrender their money, their wife, their children everything, so they don’t understand surrendering in Sahja Yoga, that means you have to become your principle and give up all that is gross, but don’t give to Guru, your gross through away, the Guru doesn’t want any gross, nothing. it’s said, I think Buddha has said, Bhuteeshwar, I don’t know if Buddha has said that, you must give all your Mana, Tana, Dhanati…he has said that time, but not in Sahaja Yoga, unclear…you sacrifice nothing what’s over, I mean contrary even on the material basis, say traveling in India, is the cheapest by Sahaja Yoga, cheaper than the railway

station, it can not cheaper than this. This is what one has to understand, that you have to become the Spirit. And the Spirit is the essence of that principle, you become the principle, you touch every principle that’s why everything has a principle. Now in the book, many people might have…unclear…so they will not, if I tell them they will not, you see its very funny reaction human beings, if you do something wrong, you tell them don’t do it, then they will say that, why mother say so, I mean have to tell you, after all you have come to me to ask the truth, I mean I have to tell you the truth, its for your good only.
Like yesterday I meet somebody who wear three four things in neck, I said this is how you have pressure, all right, for you a particular thing is all right, but the other things are not good, you take out. He said yes yes, I take out everything whatever you say, because I want get well. This is what is, so simple, that whatever is not good for you, I tell you, I’m not here seeking election, that I should…unclear…, I’m here to comfort you, to help you, and to give consult and to redeem you, how I’m to do it?

And you come to tell me that this is wrong with certain rules, we have done this that, that’s how comes trouble Guru also, but somebody still stick on to that Guru, when he come to me and tell that person, and see that, other people are saying something about this, you better be care for. She feels very hurt, and then when he heard himself later on with that guru, He comes back to him.
My job is to warn you about all this all this people what they are doing. If there is a real Guru, I would say there is a real Guru, but as I said, in Sahaja Yoga you don’t have to have any Guru, because you your self becomes Guru, you were very quiet, then we have to maintain Dharma, we have to maintain our balance immediately, tell us this is good, that is good. In those days’ guru are useless, absolutly useless, as it is Guru never treated as real Guru, never treated as Guru, nobody recognizes them, they didn’t come to give realization, they come to establish your Dharma, they didn’t have to give you realization at all, like Guru Nanaka, whatever he says is truth, just establish you in Dharma, so that you can get your realization later, but people make fun out of that, everything just like that, that’s not the thing.

Guru within just to establish your Dharma, but after realization you become your own guru, that’s not mean you through disrespect in anyway. Gurus like Guru Nanaka and all, they are Sat Gurus, their task is very much needed. If they were not there, there would have no being principle of Dharma, they were needed. Today you are realized, you have become Gurus, so you talk of them also, but if you talk them to anyone, that person can go this, if he is Adharmic he is not like, you tell him don’t do like this, don’t do like that, its very funny word, for Sahaja Yogis, you have to understand that task is very great, you have to work out, you want spread Sahaja Yoga, you have to be very very care for, because negativity is, and its required that you should know, how negativity goes and after all.

if there is any problem, you should let me know what is the problem you have got, but be courage and be simple about it, if you try to be funny, you will be the looser, do you? So be direct tell me this is problem, and try, act what I say, its free consultation given. So one has to assume, one has to believe that you are realized soul. This also when I say, people think that Mother is just forcing these ideals of no use. I don’t know what to do sometimes, when they get

realization, they don’t want to believe that they are realized souls, still they go on behave in a way, as were they are not realized, then I have to condemn that you are realized soul, I know you are realized soul, assume your power as a realized soul, see if it acts and work out or not.

Once you have assumed that you are realized soul, immediately you will become the…unclear…, I know that, but the assumption is very important, that you are the essential of all the essences, if this is assume within you, I don’t have to tell you anything, I tell, because once you know you are the Guru, you become this one, you will see your own goal, you will have to correct it, well if you come ask me, I have to tell you, that this is the reason, that is the reason, because of that, I mean in Sahaja Yoga everything…unclear…, as you know, we allow very few people come in to in a subtle, very few I mean, as its, we don’t allow everybody come for Puja, because those who don’t understand, don’t understand, they jump back.

Puja is more interested by me understand by innocence people also, but that its when they feel effects of puja, they wont, because it has on effect on it, it’s act on it, 99% people do feel, but one person could be through out, then they will act on their Ego not accept anything, they react. In England we have very particular, still some people do.

Now questions and answers will be good, I like the way they asked, the answer has given, The best way to learn Sahaja yoga is practical, just like science, You must practice, practice on your self, practice on others, and be witness, these are the three things, you may spread Sahaja yoga better, know better and will understand better. There so many things that happen, that can not be explain. For example, one gentle man come and told me, that lady who you have cured on cancer, has now got disease, the moment he told, the lady got better, she got cured, she was not there, when he told. Now it’s has workout, how I’m explain to you? is impossible, I can not explain.

because human beings think everything is under their own understanding, is wrong thing you can not understand God who gives, Can you? Only one thing one can do, is to become One, because you have intellect, you can’t understand everything in Sahaja Yoga, you can’t understand how under your hands the Kundalini flows, how nothing can be, that’s why I say through away how in the sea, because you can not explain, can you explain, why is when you raised the Kundalini, Kundalini rise, you can feel the Chakra, can you say of that all of you? How all of you feel the same thing?

In Gods realm, it has so many dimension, it has such tremendous field, its so effective, the attention is so effective, you bring something in to that attention, immediately act.

I went to her house, and I don’t now what to do, because very imbalanced, that I told, she said why did I get this mother? I said even I didn’t understand to me, if you send letter said truth or not? After all thank God, you think God has cured me so what? that’s not so. You have to be humble about it, at least a letter of thanks should send me, that’s how she got out of my attention completely, when I’m not doing any harm as well, but her self has jumping in to such

thing, when she got out of my attention, she got this struggle. You see she is arguing no no I don’t want to buy, because I was think that I was cured by Doctors things like that.

All right I said, go ahead, she would not even write a letter of thanks, can you imagine, then she got back of cancer. So let her send back, saying that, Mother now she is writing a letter of thanks to you. what I’m say, isn’t it stupid, but she can be very serious, its stupid but you shouldn’t play, its divine power, is very dangerous. Like one channel, who wrote something against me, people are very furious, very very furious, everybody was angary, I said forget it. Now he is got blood cancer, he sold his house, because again he published same thing. I don’t know what to say, he sold his house, they told me that he sold his house and everything and now he is going to America, and his wife now come to Sahaja Yoga.

Why doing that wrong? If you forget God, God doesn’t forget you, but if you forget it, you get out of his attention, that you go to something that is dangerous, you can see all this in Sahaja Yoga, those who have down like this gone out of the attention of suffer, not God want to do suffer. you see if there is light, you can see clearly, but if you go out of the light you fall into a ditch, you say why don’t the light follow me, its very stupid, the whole thing is very stupid.

When you surrender your Ego, you realize that you are just part and parcel of the whole, and you only are important because you have become awaken, otherwise you are not in target.
All this thing ends up to a kind of negativity which give you barrier to take realization, take your assumption that you are a realized soul. In a very simple way, now you have jump in to the sea, that’s all, you have become the sea, what is there to give to mother or to surrender, first one you should to ask is the key word, is the Ego, and my self is the problem to ask, if she is solving my problem, she is taking up my problem to her self, what I’m going to surrender to her, I mean you are so… some time in the great, I don’t even pass my tricks to test you, because you are so immature, you are so sensitive, still I mean I don’t know what to do, you have to be tested, but even that I don’t know, no testing direct, some testing is needed, after all if you have to enter to the Kingdom of God, you have to be test, no doubt.

You also know that you got realize, that many centre got catches, you jumping of your Ego, Super Ego all the time, problems, still doesn’t matter, even if you have five hands pass, Sahaja Yoga accept you, actually it Sahaja Yoga which is accepting all of you, which is plundering all the help necessarily, we have to be thankful to Sahaja Yoga, as it has brought such relief for all of you, such relief.
So one has to first assume that you are realized soul, that is the assumption you should have, when you have that assumption that you think you are realized soul, you should shout at people, and get angry and show off, or you think you should accept money from Sahaja Yogi, you should try to take away some…unclear…of some of them, or you try to save money at the cost of Sahaja Yoga, I mean these things are absurd, all these things are absurd.

Unclear…, that you have come to gain something, you have come to the river Ganges to fill your pitches, all right, filled up, but when you filled up the water, you are going to use for some purpose, now know that there is Ganges within you, assume it, again and again assume it, that

you are assuming, the assumption give you whatever quality you need for the spirit, you don’t need much technical as I told you before, not much of technical, what is need is love, looking at things, if you are kind to someone, is it out of love or out of sympathy, or is it out some sort of power attitude or is it out some sort of gain that is there, if your behaver outside, its artificial is of no use, so try to train your self, that now I have come to Sahaja Yoga I have to train my self, its very big training there.

In you spiritual live, in your social live, in your physical live, in your mental live, you have to cleanse your mind it self, where the wrong thing is coming from? You can clear, because your attention now is enlightened, just start looking in to your self, what kind of thoughts just coming in the mind. And then once you have cleansed your self, you will feel your purity, you will feel very happy.

Sahaja Yogis are my own children, they have got their own powers, they have got it, because they got it, not body need to jealousy of them, everybody can get it. God wants to be happen, its has happen, its prophesized, that is going to happen. But if you don’t understand the subtlety of Sahaja Yoga, because if you judge from the gross angle you can not understand Sahaja Yoga, you have to know you have become a subtler being, everything is in a subtle level, as I said in the morning, that you have become Sukshma, you have become now, you are different person, you are not the same person, and the egg has become the bird, this is different thing also.

Take out all that was before, that you called surrender, call that. And assume your own powers to become very powerful your self.

Now if there any other questions, now there is someone say Marathi…Unclear…

Yogis: Mother, can I ask you, today I was asked a question I did not know how to answer that, the person which usually feels very well…Unclear, didn’t have ego finger of burning, yet couldn’t surrender, so what is the position of not being capable to surrender, fighting to surrender yet the finger is not burning

Shri Mataji: it’s stupid, its absolutely stupidity, I mean how can you explain, you see, if you feel the cool breeze in the hand, you are feeling all right, still you think I’m not going to surrender, must be some sort of Bull, I mean you just see, explain how you feel of such a person, that person is not all right, its all right, is very simple word, you see if you feel the cool breeze in the hand, you are feeling better, you are feeling the vibrations as by Swami Adi Shankrachaya everything you see and also you read William Black see all that, you don’t want to believe that, you are stupid, you are just like a bull, you see a bull, its all right healthy, unclear…you just sit on the street, and you asking why Sir I’m siting on the street, you say I don’t want to surrender. Baba you are all right? what is matter with you? why you sitting here? you say I didn’t know, I don’t want to surrender my self to all other cabbage, I want sit here. but why? Then there is a method, for such stupid people there is method sort of, then they run. This is absolute stupid they are, nothing more than that you can say about a person like that, to surrender is what, what is he not want to do, I mean surrender what do you do just think about it, and then you tell them, you surrender, you surrender.