What Have You To Surrender?

Lonavala (India)

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“What Have You to Surrender?” (aka “Being Connected to God”), Third Seminar Session, January 24, 1982, Lonavala, Maharashtra, (India)

Shri Mataji: Before Realisation whatever you do, as I told you, before this, is artificial, towards God, because you are not connected. Any kind of worship you do, anything you do, is not really reaching the principle of that. 

Now, for example the flame: the principle of flame is light. And unless until you are awakened, you cannot awaken the principle, you cannot touch the principle of flame. So, once you are awakened, then, as you are on your principle, you can go on the principle of the flame as well.

After Realisation, when you start using the flame, you must have seen that it gives soot, black soot come out of it sometimes. I know of somebody who told me that the whole wall became black when he was putting hand towards me and he was amazed how the wall became black!

Then you have seen also that the flame reacts: if my photograph is there then you definitely awaken that flame, because so many have been cured through my photograph. How it has happened? What happens is that, when my photograph is placed, and you put the flame there, the flame gets awakened, and the light that passes through that flame carries the vibrations over. 

Material things carry [my vibrations], like sound. Now sound waves, you have seen that, I get can clear you out by touching my different chakras. Like today, I tried to clear you out on your Hamsa, by touching this mic. And on the Right Side there was a problem so then I touched it to the right side. The vibrations were so much that it was making a sound! On the left side it was not. Then the problem of the fear on the Left Side was just the other way around. So even sound carries the vibrations. 

For example, what is a mantra, is nothing but a proper pocket, or you can say a pot, which carries the vibrations. But unless until you are a realised-soul, you cannot awaken the mantras. So to say mantras before the Realisation like mad is wrong. 

Now doing trataka (त्राटक – fixing eyes on something) with the photograph, is all right, there’s nothing wrong, but paying so much attention in one centre is not necessary. Supposing there’s a photograph and you are trying to look at the flame in front of the photograph, then you are paying more attention to the flame and not to the photograph. On the contrary if you pay attention to the photograph, the flame puts the light to the photograph, and you get complete vibrations.

Especially for people who suffer, say, from the Right Side, for them heat is not good so much, because they are already heated up. To such people if they try to take treatment from heat side, they won’t be helped. They have to take vibrations from something that is cold, like water and salt; water and salt helps many people. But some people it may not help also, possibly: those who have very, very cold types of temperament, Left-Sided people. It might not help those people. If they use a warm water it may help. So, [it] depends on what sort of personality you are. For people who are very heated up: one may not take too hot water; you should take cooler water.

The main thing is that, once you are Realised, then you can touch the principle of everything, the tattwa, tattwa of everything. Like if you have to treat the tree, you cannot treat individual petals or individual leaves, even branches. But what you have to go into is the sap. And the sap is the principle. Now to get to the sap you have to use the water. So whatever medicine you have to give to the tree, what you have to do is to mix it up in the water [and] pour that water inside so the water inside the sap sucks it and manifests itself. In the same way, when you are Realised you become the principle. In the same way those people who are supraconscious see colours; those who are subconscious they see other things, like dead bodies, bhoots, this that.

Now if you are supraconscious you see something [and] you think that is truth: but you are in that area, that’s why you see. If you are in the subconscious you see something that is the bhoot. But if you are in centre, in the present, you see nothing, you just feel it. It is effective because, in the centre, you are on your principle. But you start seeing the Kundalini is outside. Some people can even see in the sun’s rays, you might see even, the vibrations. Many people can see vibrations because you have now jumped into your subtle being, you can see subtle things.

And when you use all these things: say, for example, “What is lemon and chilli?” people might say, because those who do not understand; especially in the West where the mind is so much conditioned by sophisticated things that they can’t understand what is [the] sense of putting lemon and chillies.

Now lemon has a coefficience. Now you know that we have cured many people with lemon and chillies, of their mental problems. We have seen it. So we have vibrated lemon and chillies, and you have got and put them in the water. Now what happens [is] the lemon and chillies have a capacity, have a capacity, to suck my vibrations, or suck the vibrated water into themselves, as vibrated ones. They become vibrated themselves, what is called as jagrut — they become awakened. So in the night, when you open them, the vibrations travel out and create an atmosphere in which you start becoming one with your centre, and you lose your left and right side movement and you become the sane one, you can say, because you have taken away from the left and right, and you come in the centre.

The question is whether the thing has got vibrations or not, like this. What is vibrations? Is the Brahma. Is the Divine Power of God, is the Divine Power all around you. Now this Divine Power is in everything, but is not under your control, as yet; you have not touched it. Once you are awakened you touch it, you awaken that in everything. Once you awaken that, then you start feeling the vibrations. Say I have stayed this house, in this place, even on the seat, anybody who is sensitive Sahaj Yogi will know where Mother has put (been). 

Certain things have greater capacity to absorb vibrations. This has been discovered in the ancient times by many seers. All these techniques that we are using are not necessarily all mine — they have been already seen by many ancient seers who have seen it.

So, to understand Sahaj Yog, one has to know that there is a power, Divine Power, which acts, which works out. And now you have become a medium of that power. That’s how you have become samartha (समर्थ — powerful). Samartha also means strong, powerful, independent. But samartha also means ‘equal to your name’. 

So doing anything before Realisation is madness. After Realisation also, paying attention to things from where the vibration is coming, is better.

Moreover if your Agnya is broken it’s better to avoid this, because you have already finished it, by doing over concentration at a point where it was not needed. For example, supposing there is no door here and I am breaking it all the time, hitting it with my attention, the whole thing will collapse! The door is here. If you have paid attention in a place where it doesn’t exist, you have not done justice to yourself. It has to come out from here. And that is what, it said, that it is spoiled. It is very simple! In everyday life you see that way: a blind man, who doesn’t know the doorway out, can bang at any place, may break the wall, may break himself also!

So after Realisation and before Realisation there’s a tremendous difference. One has to understand that now you are a realised-soul. This assumption you do not have yet. Surrender also, what do you surrender to me? What do I want out of you? Nothing! What do you have to surrender to me? I just don’t understand. Surrender you own ego, your own barriers. What you surrender is your own barrier, so what is there to surrender? If you have your ego intact, you won’t work out Sahaj Yog, you will be insensitive.

Supposing this thing is covered with some sort of cloth and you cannot see, then you remove the cloth from it, will you say it has been surrendered? This ‘surrender’ word itself is very treacherous because that immediately acts on your ego. Actually, surrender means surrender your ego. But when somebody says, “You must surrender to Mataji!” that means you think that you have to surrender your money! What is there in money? I don’t want your money. What is there to surrender to me? I mean just imagine! What are you going to give to me? I have nothing to get from you! Is that there anything that I can get from you? Nothing!

Luckily this time, even in this lifetime, I’m born in such way, in such family, that I don’t need anything. I have even got paid and a position in that, so even that I don’t need! What is there to surrender to me? You have to surrender your own ego, that’s all, and you will feel free with that, because you are bound by your own ego. Supposing you are in the shackles of chains, you are chained: now if you want to remove the chains, are you surrendering those chains?

What you are surrendering is your own inhibitions, your own problems, your own shackles, which do not give you freedom; your chains, your conditionings, your diseases, your troubles — that’s what you have surrendered. What is there to surrender? I just don’t understand. Just to remove the clouds which are over your Spirit, you have to make Kundalini rise with a great force so that they are all thrown away. 

I don’t know how you people have a misconception that you must surrender to Mother. What? Your negativity, your negative thinking, all this must be surrendered. But I mean, imagine I having all your negativity, all your burnings and all your heat. I mean, some people who touch my feet really burn my feet, I tell you! Really! Horrible! It’s not easy to take everybody on my feet. I mean, even people who had leprosy, who had this, they all touched my feet, the other day when I was in America. All kinds of people touched my feet. And they would think that, “We are surrendering our leprosy to Mother!” It is like that! For an ego-orientated person it’s very easy to jump onto such conclusions. So you are surrendering nothing! Whichever is valuable you cannot surrender. 

So, Indians, when they surrender, they know what to do. But for a western mind it is very difficult understand surrendering. So far they have know gurus where they have surrendered their money, their wives, their children, everything! So they don’t understand surrender in Sahja Yoga, what does it mean. That means you have to become your principle and give up all that is gross. But don’t give it to Guru! Your gross should be thrown away. The Guru doesn’t want any gross from you, nothing. It is said, Buddha said it I think, they say so, I don’t know if he would have said it that, you must give all your tana, mana, dhana (तना, body, मन mind, धन wealth) to your guru. I have said it at that time. But not in Sahaj Yog. As I already told you, you sacrifice nothing whatsoever. I mean on the contrary even on a  material basis, say traveling in India, it’s the cheapest by Sahaj Yog — cheaper by the dozen! (laughter) It cannot cheaper than this. 

So, this is what one has to understand, that you want to become the Spirit. And the Spirit means, the essence is that, you, the principle that is you. You become the principle, you touch every principle and that’s why everything has a meaning. Now in the book, many people might have done that way, so they will not like it. If I tell them they will not like it. You see it’s a very funny reaction human beings have: if you are doing something wrong [and] if you tell them, “Don’t do it!” then they will say that, “Why Mother said so?” I mean have to tell you! After all you have come to me to ask the truth, so I have to tell you the truth. It is for your good only.

Like yesterday I meet somebody who was wearing three, four things in neck. He said, “I have high blood pressure.” I said, “All right. For you a particular thing is all right. But all other things are no good. You take it out!” He said, “Yes, yes. I’ll take out everything you say because I want get well.” This is what is. It’s so simple that whatever is not good for you, I tell you. I am not here seeking elections, that I should try to please you. I am here to comfort you, to help you, and to give you counsel and to redeem you. How am I to do it when you come to tell me that, “This is wrong with a certain guru, he has looted you, he has done this, that.” That’s how I have come to know about gurus also. But somebody’s still sticking onto that guru, when he comes to me, I tell that person that, “See, other people are saying about this, you better be careful.” He feels very hurt! And then when he’s hurt himself later on with that guru, he comes back to me! My job is to warn you about all these people, what they are doing.

If there is a real guru, I would say there is a real guru. But as I said, in Sahaj Yoga, you don’t have to have any guru, because you your self becomes gurus. Gurus were required when we had to maintain our dharma, when we had to maintain our balance. We needed it to tell us that, “This is true, that is true.” In those days gurus are useless, absolutely useless. As it is gurus never treated with reverence, real gurus. They were never treated with reverence. Nobody listened to them. They didn’t come to give you Realisation, they came to establish you in your dharma. They didn’t have to give you Realisation at all. Like Guru Nanaka, whatever he said was the truth: just establish you in dharma, so that you get your Realisation later. But people make a cult out of that. Everything is made just [a cult] — that’s not the thing.

Guru is needed just to establish your dharma. But after Realisation you become the guru. That doesn’t mean you through disrespect in anyway to gurus like Guru Nanaka and all this who are Sat Gurus. At their time, they were very much needed. If they were not there, there would have no talk of principles of dharma. They were needed. Today you are Realised, you have become the guru. So you [should] talk of them also. But if you talk of them to anyone, that person can go against you, if he is adharmic he’ll not like if you tell him, “Don’t do like this, don’t do like that!” It’s a very funny world. For Sahaj Yogis, you must understand that task is very heavy and you have to work it out with your discretion. If you want spread Sahaj Yoga, you have to be very, very careful with it, because negativity is too much. And it is required that you should know, how negativity works and acts on you. 

If there is any problem, you should let me know what is the problem you have got or anything. But be direct and be simple about it. If you try to be cunning, you will be the losers, isn’t it? So be direct. Tell me, “This is problem,” and then try, act [upon] what I say. It’s a free consultation given. 

So one has to assume, one has to believe that you are realised-souls. This also when I say, people think that, “Mother is just forcing this idea into us! It is auto-suggestion.”  Because I don’t know what to do sometimes. When they get Realisation, they don’t want to believe they are realised-souls. Still they go on behaving in a way as if they are not realised. Then I have to tell them, “You are realised-soul!” Now, know that you are realised-soul. Assume your powers as realised-souls. See if it acts or not or works it out or not.

Once you have assumed that you are realised-soul, immediately you will become responsible, I know that. But this assumption is very difficult: that you are the essential of all the essences. If this is assumed within you, I don’t have to tell you anything, I tell you, because once you know you are a guru, you will become responsible, you will see your own ego, you will try to correct it. But if you come ask me, I’ll have to tell you that, “This may be the reason. That is the reason. [It’s] because of that.” 

I mean in Sahaj Yoga everything has a reason. But, of course, as you know, we allow very few people come in to the inner circle, very few people. I mean, as it is we don’t allow everybody come for puja, because those who don’t understand, don’t understand. They jump back. Puja is more understood by Indians than by the Western people also. But gradually,  when they feel the effects of puja, they want it, because it has an effect on them. It acts on you. Ninety-nine percent of people do feel, but one percent could be such that they will act according to their egos. They may not accept anything, they react. So, in England we are very particular, but still some people creep in.

Now questions and answers were very good. I liked the way they were asked, answers were given. But the best way to learn Sahaj yoga is practical side of it — just like science.

You must practice Sahaj Yoga: practice on yourself and practice on others. And be a witness to it. These are the three things, if you do, you will spread Sahaj Yoga better, you will grow better and will understand Sahaj Yoga better. 

There are so many things that happen, that cannot be explained. For example, a gentleman came and told me, that, “The lady whom you have cured of cancer, has now got pain in her kidneys.” The moment he told, the lady felt better and she got cured, that person. And she was not there, when he told me. Now, how it has worked out? How am I to explain this? It’s impossible! I cannot explain to you. Because human beings think that everything is under their own understanding, is  a wrong thing. You can’t understand God and His ways. Can you? The only one thing one can do is to become one. Because you have a limited intellect. You can’t understand everything of Sahaj Yoga. You can’t understand how, under your hands, the Kundalini is moving. The how of nothing can be explained. That’s why I said, “Throw away ‘how’ in the sea!” Because you cannot explain! Can you explain, why is it, when you raise the Kundalini, it rises, and you can feel the chakras. Can you say how all of you feel the same centre?

In God’s realm it has so many dimensions. It has such tremendous speed. It is so effective. The attention is so effective. You bring something to the attention and immediately it acts.

And when she got cured, I went to her house, and I didn’t know what to do, because [it was] very embarrassing that I told. She said, “Why did I get it Mother?” I said, “You didn’t even write a letter of thanks to me. At least a letter of thanks to God!” After all you must thank God. If you think that, “God has cured me so what?” it’s not so. You have to be humble about it. At least a letter of thanks she should have sent to me. And that’s how she got out of my attention completely. I mean don’t do any harm to her, but she herself jumps into such things. And when she got out of my attention, she got this trouble. Still she argued with me, “No, no. I didn’t want to write. because I was thinking that I was cured by doctors.” this thing, that thing. I said, “All right, go ahead with it!” She wouldn’t even write a letter of thanks, can you imagine! And then she got back her cancer. So a letter comes back to me, saying that, “Mother now she is writing a letter of thanks to you.” (laughing) What am I to do? Isn’t it stupid? But it can be very serious! It’s very stupid but very serious. You shouldn’t play with the Divine Power. It’s very dangerous. 

Like one journalist, who wrote something against me and people were very furious, very, very furious with him. Everybody was angry with him, I said, “Forget it!” And now he’s got blood cancer. He sold his house. It was again published in the same newspaper [that] he’s got blood cancer! (laughing). I don’t know what to say! He’s sold his house. They told me that he sold his house and everything and he’s now going to America, and his wife is now come to Sahaj Yoga. Why go that long way? If you forget God, God doesn’t forget you. But if you forget Him, you get out of his attention, and you go to something that is dangerous. 

You can see all this in Sahaj Yog: those who have done like this, gone out of the attention, have suffered. Not God wants you to suffer, but, if there is light you can see everything clearly. But when you go out of the light, you fall in a ditch, and you say, “Why didn’t the light follow me?” It’s very stupid! The whole thing is very stupid.

When you surrender your ego, you realise that you are just a part and parcel of the whole, and you are only are important because you have become awakened; otherwise you are not important.

All these things add up to a kind of a negativity which gives you barrier to take Realisation. Take to your assumption that you are a realised-soul. In a very simple way, now you have jumped in the sea, that’s all — you have become the sea! What is there to give to Mother or to surrender — [this is the] first point you should ask your Mr. Ego. “I myself is a problem to myself.” “If She is solving my problem, She is taking up my problems to Herself, what am I going to surrender to Her?” I mean you are so, sometimes, in the grip of the ego that I don’t even try my tricks to test you, because you are so premature, you are so sensitive still. I mean I don’t know what to do. You are to be tested, but even that I don’t do. No testing, direct. Some testing is needed. After all if you have to enter to the Kingdom of God, you have to be tested, no doubt.

You also know that, those who are realised, that many centres you catch. You jump upon your ego and superego all the time, you have problems, still doesn’t matter. Even if you have fifth-had car Sahaj Yoga accepts you. Actually it Sahaj Yoga which is accepting all of you, which is rendering all the help necessary. We have to be thankful to Sahaj Yoga, that it has brought such relief to all of us. It’s such a relief.

So one has to first assume that you are realised-soul. That is the assumption you don’t have. And when you have that assumption you think that you are realised-soul so you should shout at people, and get angry and show off. Or you think you should extract money from Sahaj Yogis, you should try to take away sort of like a businessman, something out of them. Or you should try to save money at the cost of Sahaj Yoga. I mean this is absurd, all these things are absurd.

The absurdity is that you have come to gain something, you have come to the River Ganges to fill your pitchers — all right, fill it up. You fill up the water. But when you fill up the water, you are going to use it for some purpose. Now, know that there is The Ganges within you. Assume it! Again and again I say to you, that

you assume it. The assumption will give you whatever qualities are needed for the Spirit. You don’t need much of technique as I told you this morning, not much of technique. What is needed is love, looking at things with love. If you are kind to someone, is it out of love or out of sympathy, or is it out of some sort of a power lust attitude, or is it out some sort of gain that you want to get out of it. If your behaviour outside is artificial, it is also of no use. So try to train yourself up that, “Now I have come to Sahaj Yoga I have to train myself!” It’s a very big training centre: in you spiritual life, in your social life, in your physical life, in your mental life. You have to cleanse your mind itself, where the wrong things are coming from.

You can cleanse because your attention is now enlightened. Just start looking at yourself, “What kind of thought [is] there coming into my mind?” And then once you have cleansed yourself you will feel your purity. You will be very happy.

Sahaj Yogis are my own children, they have got their own powers, they have got it, because they have got it. Nobody need be jealous of them. Everybody can get it. God wants it to happen, it has happened. It is all prophesised that it is going to happen. But if you don’t understand the subtleties of Sahaj Yoga…because if you judge from the gross angle you cannot understand Sahaj Yoga. 

You have to know you have become a subtler being and everything is on a subtle level; as I said in the morning only, that you have become sukshma now. You have become now. You are different person. You are not the same person. As the egg has become the bird, it’s a different thing altogether.

Take out all that was before — that, if you call ‘surrender’, all right! — and assume your own powers, to become very powerful yourself.

Now if there are any other questions you ask me. Ask me.

(In Marathi: You should all learn English. Your Mother has learned so you should also learn. Now the God understands English! I understand, that means that God understands!)

Yogis: Mother, can I ask a question. Today I was asked the following question I didn’t know how to answer that. The person which usually feels very well in the fingers, didn’t have ego finger burning, yet couldn’t surrender. So what is the position of not being capable of surrender, fighting to surrender, yet the finger was not burning.

Shri Mataji: The reason is stupidity, is absolutely stupidity. I mean how can you explain this? You see, you are feeling the cool breeze in the hand, you are feeling all right, still you are saying, “I am not going to surrender!” Must be some sort of a bull. I mean you just see! How do you explain such a person? That person is not honest, [is] dishonest in simple words. Even if you are feeling the cool breeze in the hand, you are feeling better, you are feeling the vibrations as promised by Adi Shankrachaya, everything you see, and also you read Blake and you see all that, [and] still you don’t want to believe it, that means you are stupid, you are just like a bull. You see, [if] a bull, is all right, healthy, is perfectly in good condition and just sits on the street. And you ask him, “Why sir, why are you sitting on the street?” And he says, “I don’t want to surrender!” “Baba you are all right? What is matter with you? Why are you sitting here?” “No, I don’t want to surrender myself to all the other traffic! I want sit here.” “But why?” 

Then there is a method (laughter). For such stupid people there is method for that! And then they run! (laughter) This is absolute stupid! There’s nothing more than that [which] can be said about a person like that! He doesn’t want to surrender means what? What is he not wanting to do? I mean as surrender what do you do? Just think about it. Then you tell them, you surrender, you surrender.

(break in recording)

Such a person is possessed and the possession comes back on the person. For a while it is all right and then again there’s a possession which gives it ideas. Again it’s all right. It’s a wobbly character, that’s all we can say. It’s a very wobbly character. And one should take oneself to task for such a nonsensical thing.

I mean, just think of it. Such behaviour is possible before Realisation. After Realisation, once you have felt something, what is it? It’s stupidity, absolute stupidity. Trying to show off, you can say, at the most. Such a person is just trying to show off, like a bull sitting on the street is trying to show off, “Every traffic is waiting for me!” He’s feeling very happy about it. It has a nuisance value. Such people are nothing but they are a nuisance value! They are nothing but a nuisance value. They are a nuisance. By creating a nuisance, like in England we have now these punk rocks — what do they achieve? Just create a disharmony, a stupid feeling and a repulsion, that’s all. They just do it because, if they feel they are neglected sometimes, they do like this. Then they create a nuisance out of them[selves]. So everybody pays attention to such a person. The best way is to neglect that! That is the best way is to neglect such people who talk like this, then they will not have to surrender and take two running jumps and go to hell! Then they are all right. Don’t fuss about such people. They are fussy people. They want to fuss about themselves. They want everybody to fuss about them. We should say, “You better spare Sahaj Yoga and us!”

Yogi: Why the perfect God Mother, this is a question they asked me, many people, why the perfect God created the imperfect world and why so many people don’t have even the seeking and they are going in the opposite direction?

Shri Mataji: You ask the people.

(break in recording)

Everyone! French should learn English! If you try to learn, it’s not difficult. If Indians can learn English why can’t you. Your Mother can’t speak French. It’s a very difficult language. You have to turn your tongue so much that my Vishuddhi goes out of order. I can’t speak. I have tried to say your way, but I just can’t say. I tried, you see. So it’s better you learn English language. It’s not difficult for you. Most of the English words which are subtle are borrowed from French!  

(Mother demonstrates a few words similar between English and French) (applause)

Now ‘Vincent’ everybody says, ‘Vincent’, but you will say, ’Vanson’. You see, this is individualism. Now we have become collective, try to learn a language which everyone understands. It’s not difficult for French people to learn English words. Indians are very good at languages I tell you. They are the best in languages. If they want they can learn any language so they should have no compunction. Should try to learn three languages, as much as that you could follow me. Of course you can’t understand Hindi and Marathi so much as you can understand English. So try at least. But that doesn’t mean that those who know English should not know any other language! Like our Hindi speaking people, they never try to learn any other language, because everybody has to speak Hindi language.

So those who are not well versed in other languages should try to learn other languages. You must learn some language in Sahaj Yog. Say you may learn Sanskrit, you may learn Hindi, Marathi. If you know English, that is not sufficient in Sahaj Yoga. You have to talk to other people also. If you really want to be effective you have to know something. You will help me a lot if you know French, because in France [when] I go, I get lost. In Spain [when] I go I get lost. We went to Spain and we had taken one lady with us who was going to translate me and she got nervous and I didn’t know how to talk to people. Then suddenly somebody came up and he said, “I would like to translate you.” 

It is not difficult for Sahaj Yogis to do anything because they become so dynamic. If they get to it, they can do it. It’s very simple. So just think that you have to know about other languages also, like Australians know only English, that’s not good. They must know one more language, at least one more language. And for that they should try to get try to get somebody to teach them one more language. At least two languages you must know. I mean [if] you want to become universal and stick onto one language, how will you become? Those who join maybe have to know English. Japanese also have to know English. I know this definitely, they have to know English, because all naval terminologies are in English. Those who join airways, they have to know English because everything is translated in English. Any other thing which is doing a universal work or manifestation, they have to know English, it is important. So this will not be a waste. 

But in no way I would say that English language is that perfect to describe Sahaj Yog, in no way. But you have to know to understand anything. And we have to introduce new words also to explain. But for you people it is important to know two languages. Either know Marathi and English or Hindi or English. But if it is easy and if you want to know, you should know these three languages if possible, little bit of it. 

Marathi is the most difficult, but Hindi is not so difficult. Because we have to communicate. We have to have a rapport. Or there is another language, we can just sign — deaf and dumb language. You can try that. But it’s also complicated. You see, we had one deaf and dumb gentleman and for marriage he used to say like that, you see. So how will you know that marriage is this [sign]. Because in marriage they put akshatas on people. So what he was [doing] was describing everything according to his customs. And in England people would not understand what does that mean (laughter). They might think, ‘throwing stones’. 

Now those who have not used kumkum, say for example, if you say this one. So that means the wife according to (Indian sign language). Or mangala sutra he will say. And now those who never wear mangala sutra, how will you know? So, you see, even deaf and dumb language is very much affected by the locality or the place you live in.  All right, so let us decide to know some other language also.

What other question?