Puja: Be Thankful To God

Solapur (India)

1982-01-27 Puja, Be Thankful To God, Sholapur, Maharashtra India, (English, Marathi), 37' Download subtitles: ENView subtitles:
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Be Thankful to God; Count Your Blessings
27th Jan. 1982, Solapur, Maharasthra India

In this Maharashtra, people walked miles together, singing the praise of Shri Krishna. They walked day in and day out. Some people walked for two months to come to this temple of Shri Krishna at Pandharpur. And you, too, had to do a little bit of that. So you can imagine those who must have walked day in and day out, sleeping in the open in between, where there could be a snake or anything, and then taking some food on the way whenever they get it, or maybe fasting. With great penance they come to this temple, singing the praise of God.

(Speaks aside in Marathi)

So, this penance you also had to go through. All the saints had to go through penances much more, much much much more than you ever have done or you could ever do. That was just to improve the quality of your life, quality of your life. If you live very comfortably, then the quality of your life is not alright. First of all, you do not understand the miseries and the troubles of other people. That doesn’t mean you break your head with some stones or some things like that, doesn’t mean like that way; I have to tell you the other side of it. But one should know what people go through. Through poverty. Also for achieving God’s grace.

And one of the things, I was sure that you’ll be reaching very late here; and I told people that no use making food for them, but I just kept quiet because, this was the thing was, there. But in any case, being Sahaja Yogis, you must have enjoyed it. And we have organised a program by which you can go and see a temple — which was really my great desire to build a temple like that, which will take about three hours, they were saying. The [temple] of 108 saints who were born on this great land of Maharashtra. And they have made their statues. Maybe one or two may be wrong, I don’t know, but most of them are there. All historical ones are there. So, they have arranged your visit to that place, which you should see.

Quality of life has to be improved. By not showing off; it’s not a showing-off. You see, the cunning of the ego also can be only improved if you go through some hardships. Ego can be very much corrected through hardship. Because we are so much used to comfort and self-indulgence, our ego is always supported. And, “I don’t like it, I like it” we decide on two points, which is a very wrong thing. So to improve the quality of life one has to go through troubles. People very easily in the West say “I’m fed up, I’m tired.” I mean, they don’t even think that saying this will hurt another person. Very common; I mean, I was myself amazed. Or, even to say “I hate you” is very easy, that the tongue is not educated properly, the tongue is not educated.

So Sahaja Yoga is the new religion, in which your eyes, your nose, your ears, your tongue everything, all these organs  are educated, taught  to say things, to hear things, to see things that are genuine, sincere, beautiful, and divine. If we could develop such organs, we will be the best Sahaja Yogis.

Also, one should not complain. Anybody who complains is not a Sahaja Yogi. Your mother never complains. When I’m tortured by people, you know that , I never complain. So you should also not complain about anything. For physical comfort to complain is the baser thing. But even for other things one should never complain.

Be thankful, count your blessings one by one. The best way to understand it is that we are the gainers in Sahaja Yoga. We are going to gain out of Sahaja Yoga. So, there should be only thankfulness. Thankfulness towards God that he has been kind to give us these things. That is the main thing. If you have that thankfulness, you can bear up all kinds of troubles because it cushions you up, gives you a cushion. And you won’t feel it. Once you are in that ecstasy of thankfulness, you will not feel anything. Even the thorns of life will not touch you. So get to that ecstasy, it’s such a great protection, it’s such a great pleasure, it’s such a great blessing! Get to that ecstasy of feeling how God has been gracious.

You are one of the first Sahaja Yogis from various countries. Maybe after ten years or so, the other Sahaja Yogis may not have all the pleasure of travelling by buses. May not have all these troubles that you have had. Maybe that they might get an air-conditioned, beautiful, what do you call, a bedroom, attached bath sort of a place, maybe, I don’t know how they change all that . And they won’t have this kind of variety or anything. But you are the foundation, so you are to be beaten up properly into proper shape and brought out to that level that you can withstand all the …………… and all the problems. Because the newcomers and poor-quality people can only be sustained by people of strong qualities, loving qualities, beautiful qualities. And the quality of life is the purpose of this trip. So, if you still have ideas of your comfort and all that, you better leave them in Switzerland, in Paris, and in England, or America. Here you have come to take up in yourself the discomfort of life. Thousands are living like this, in much less conditions. Why are you so privileged to have all these comforts of life? Why should you have all the comforts of life? Even Roosevelt has said that “Poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere.” In the body, if there is one place which is sick, you all have to suffer. So is best in collective consciousness to feel that pain, that trouble also.

They have some other blessings. They have the blessings that they are not complicated; they are very simple straightforward. They are not complicated people at all! They are very simple straightforward people. They are poor, maybe, poorer, but they are very rich because they are so generous, they’re so generous! Maybe your health is better, but they look healthier. At least they manifest as healthier people. They work much harder than you do; they can withstand much longer the effects of hardships.

So, we have to understand that, as Sahaja Yogis, it’s ever our duty to improve the quality of our life, to see to things which are subtler, achieve that subtler being within us. To be that subtler being, we should forget about the gross things. Gross things does not matter at all! If the attention is still on the gross, the quality will not come up. To become subtler, give up your complications. Too many complications! Psychologists have given you ideas, everybody has given you ideas  and it’s all settled down in the head. Most of it is falsehood, is not the truth. Because nobody has talked about Brahma, nobody has talked about reality. So give up your complications, your fears, your troubles. Just know that you are the spirit. And the spirit doesn’t suffer. Doesn’t suffer. If you feel any sufferings, then you should say that it is not the spirit.

So the quality of life has to be improved on this tour. And they are all sorry that you suffered so much; I mean, they are much more suffering because of that, they thought that you suffered so much.

So today is another day of the pujan, and now the time has started. So, second day has started of the nine days, so we can have the puja.

In India, they have restricted very much. Unless and until people have achieved the state of doubtless awareness, people don’t allow them to touch My Feet, even to wash My Feet. They are very particular. Unless and until they have reached the state of doubtless awareness. At that stage only they allow, while you people are specially blessed because I allow every Dick, Tom and Harry to come to the puja. Which is a mistake, I know, because it creates problems. So one should understand that here they are very particular as far as the puja is concerned. They don’t allow any half-baked person to come to puja; if there is slightest doubt about a person, they just tell him, “You are not allowed.” Then the person works it out for puja, that he should become capable of coming to the puja.

While in London or all that, if I say, “Don’t come to puja,” they will think it’s a very good thing; I mean, they will all disappear in the thin air. Only through puja I can capture some people, but some people react, and it can be very dangerous. So all this dangerous game that is there in the West is against Sahaja Yoga. And as it is, in the West it’s very difficult to establish Sahaja Yoga, very difficult! You know the reason. very very difficult! Here you have seen thousands and thousands of people are getting realization. The time I am spending in the West, One day spent there. I can give thousands of people realization here.

So it is more for you to develop wisdom and sense of responsibility. Because it’s a very difficult place, West is. And if you do not want to make it a waste, then you must realise the responsibility that you have.

Still, the West is in the program of Sahaja Yoga. I never thought I will be able to live here. But somehow it happened that I got to the West. People are seeking, no doubt. But the seeking is a fashion. The genuineness of the heart you cannot feel also much because the ego is covering it. Those who have felt it are really, are gems. Actually gems. They are a really lotuses born in the mud, I could say.

The quality of understanding of divine life is very poor, and dharma is also very poor, we’ve seen it. I mean, it is so. So the responsibility of a western Sahaja Yogi is much more than that of Indian Sahaja Yogis, to keep the life very pure, simple, and dedicated. Is very important!

While the whole of India I can manage single-handed; I really don’t need Sahaja Yogis there, I can tell you. But if you ask Me about the West, and all sorts of things they do; I mean, all sorts of tricks they will play, everything they will do to trouble themselves. There’s no end to it. So, one has to understand what sort of lot you are facing; I mean, it’s like nark, it’s like hell, the way things are there.

Just open your eyes and see for yourself. Now you’ve seen these simple villagers, seen these simple people. Today I saw some boys coming on my Feet, about 14 year, 18 year. See, their Kundalini is just like a big river, just like a plain big river, nothing, no obstruction, nothing! No complication at all! Even old women I have seen! Giving bandhas to themselves so sweetly, you see them.

So the responsibility is much more, much much more than this villagers. So, be subtler. Do not complain. Develop your subtlety. Develop your love, your heart. Open it.

I mean, West may be rich, agreed, they are rich, everything is there, you’ve got helicopters, this, that, everything. Aeroplanes. Everything outside. Inside there’s no riches. They are poor! Doesn’t matter. So the more you care for riches the worse it will be. So forget that part and become dedicated to your inner quality of your spirit — which you are! You are gems, as I told you, you are gems. But we have to increase, we have to get more people to Sahaja Yoga.

It’s so difficult, that, imagine, in a temple we had a program, can you think of one church where I can hold a program! In this, at least ten years to come. Can you think of any church like that? (Laughs) Such dumbfounded people! They have no idea of divinity. Even Christ comes before them, they will keep him out of the church. They’ve no sensitivity, they are insensitive people. So your lifestyle, your quality has to improve much. And you have to take really yourself to task for it. Be kind to yourself, be nice to yourself. But do not indulge.

I’m sure great people will be born in all the Western countries; definitely, I’m sure. very much. And they will really substantiate Sahaja Yoga. But you should prepare yourself to give them a complete support. All right?

May God bless you!

(Continues speaking in Marathi)