Singing With Shri Mataji Vitthala Temple (India)

Singing With Shri Mataji

1st two bhajans meaning by Shri Mataji

Silence! It is a very beautiful song. It says that (not clear) borrowed treasure. They cannot give you the (unclear) of God. They cannot give you the sign of God. They are just borrowed treasure, about the people who make money out of God. So one has to get to God, God himself has to come to give us the sign of God. The beautiful one. […]

Shri Durga Puja Rahuri (India)

Shri Durga Puja. Rahuri (India), 1 February 1982.

Today is a special day. There is a combination of two things happening.

Adi mai English maday bolte pan Marathi boliye (meaning: First I will speak in English then Marathi)

Today is first in the morning time, at 8:50 in the morning, was a very important day that started at 8:50 in the morning, called as Ratha Saptami – is the seventh day. And it is said that Sun travels with his seven forces, […]

Ekadasha Rudra Swayambhu Shilanyas Musalwadi (India)

Ekadasha Rudra Swayambhu Shilanyas

[English translation from Marathi]

Shri Mataji: “After Sahasrara ….   So beautiful !  It is  Trigunatmika. See one, two, three.  Can you see the Trigunatmika? 

This is Agnya here…. Beautiful. When I say that,  it is even more.” (collective laughter).   “Break the coconut etc. here.”

Sahaj Yogi : “ Yes, yes will do.’

Shri Mataji : “The things which saints and holy people express, nobody else is able to do so. […]

Conversation (India)

Conversation, 1982, India
…Coming down here to convert people. It’s a question of democracy, you see? Because in a democratic country, if there are more majority of the Muslims or Christians, then will become the, sort of the rulers, you see? So this move is you have to purchase people, convert them, and they are worried about it. I told them Sahaja Yoga is the only way by which people will settle down into themselves.
You see, […]

Discussion on Transcendental Meditation Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri (India)

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi speaking in Marathi at a Sahaja Yoga public meeting at Rahuri Agricultural University, with Sahaja yogis speaking in English. Rahuri, Maharashtra, India. (1982-0201)

[NOTE] This is a discussion on TM beginning with Shri Mataji speaking in Marathi, followed by Marcus and Rustom in English on the techniques of TM, and its effects.

Shri Mataji: हा, आता सांगायचं म्हणजे TM मध्ये सगळी भूतविद्या स्मशाणविद्या असते. आणि ते काय करतात, कि तुमच्यात हि भूत घालतात, […]