Ekadasha Rudra Swayambhu Shilanyas

Musalwadi (India)


Ekadasha Rudra Swayambhu Shilanyas

[English translation from Marathi]

Shri Mataji: “After Sahasrara ….   So beautiful !  It is  Trigunatmika. See one, two, three.  Can you see the Trigunatmika? 

This is Agnya here…. Beautiful. When I say that,  it is even more.” (collective laughter).   “Break the coconut etc. here.”

Sahaj Yogi : “ Yes, yes will do.’

Shri Mataji : “The things which saints and holy people express, nobody else is able to do so. Now all these  holy and saintly people are here to guide  you.

What name are you  going to call this by? The Temple? Because it is Sahasrara, all the seven deities are here” .

Sahaj Yogi : “Well, since ancient times this is called as Mhasoba” 

Shri Mataji : “What?

Sahaja Yogi : “Mhasoba.”

Shri Mataji: “Mhasoba? Why was it named Mhasoba?”

Sahaja Yogi : “Many deities hence, Mhasoba is the name”

Shri Mataji :  “Several deities hence Mhasoba – Ekadasha Rudra. Ekadasha Rudra, Mhasoba is Ekadasha Rudra. What I mean to say, is that what Mhasoba is, is not understood by all”

Sahaja Yogi: “It is difficult to understand.’

Shri Mataji : “Then you may call it as Ekadasha Rudra. Or this is Sahasrara, means all seven deities are there. But all are pleased. But Ekadasha Rudra means destructive power. Eleven. Also of the Trigunatmika. Whatever name you give,  one must understand it. What is the principle behind it. Now we have three of them, isn’t it? ”

Sahaja Yogis : ”Yes”.

Shri Mataji  : “ Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati. Of these ”. (Shri Mataji is pointing towards Swayambhu.) 

”The middle one is Mahalakshmi and this is Mahakali and this is Mahasaraswati. This is the way it is created.” (pointing towards the stone) “…and these are the Chakras in it. It is very beautiful.“

Sahaja Yogis  : “And these?”

Shri Mataji : ”These are also auspicious! What  I mean is that nothing is wrong in worshipping them because these are auspicious too. How can the stones around the Swayambhu be unholy?”

Sahaja Yogi : “Right.”

Shri Mataji : “These are also holy. But they may not be worshipped as such.” (Shri Mataji looking down at main Swayambhu ) “But these are really rising from within. There is no doubt about this, These three at the bottom.”

Sahaja Yogi : ”Did you get the plan? Did you get it?”

Sahaji : ” Yes, it has come”

Sahaja Yogi : ”Where is it?”

All Sahaja Yogis: “Shri Nirmala Devi ki Jai. Jaganmata Shri Nirmala Devi ki Jai!”

(Shri Mataji performs puja of the foundation stone. Sahaja Yogis applaud)

Shri Mataji: “This is good. It is very huge. This is Maharashtra’s pride. All deities are established here. Unbelievable! Isn’t  it?,  miracle of the miracles.”

 Sahaja Yogi replies: “ Mhasoba”. 

Shri Mataji: “Then Mhasobaa is what?” 

Sahaja Yogi: “Native deity, it is Name of Him is “Mhasoba”. 

Shri Mataji: “Native deity Mhasoba – Ekadasha Rudra. Ekadasha Rudra. Mhasoba means Ekadasha Rudra. Little bit Mhasoba is not so easy to understand. So, it is even much better to say Ekadasha Rudra, or else Sahasrara it is. 

Means all seven deties are there, but all of them are pleased (Prasanna). But, Ekadasha Rudra means destructive power of Trigunatmika’s 11 powers. 

What ever name may be given, still what is the essence of it?

What is it?  3 Powers are with in us, isn’t it? 

Sahaja Yogi: “Yes”. 

Shri Mataji: “Then Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasarswati. Within those” 

(Mother is Pointing towards Swayambhu) 

“She is the middle one, Mahalakshmi and She is Mahakali and She is Mahasaraswati. In this way, this is created.”

( Pointing towards the Stone) 

“And these are all their chakras shown here. Very beautiful it is.”

(Yogis are asking whether the surrounding area is also auspicious and whether to worship the stones which are further down there?, so Mother is answering)

Shri Mataji: “Those are also auspicious stones. What I have to mention is worshiping those (referring to stones further down) is not bad. As they are also auspicious as well. As those stones are also within this area. How come they can be inauspicious?. They are also auspicious. But, they may not be worshipped as such.”

(Shri Mataji is looking down at main Swayambhus)

“But, this is real absolute, appears here. There is no doubt at all which these three are, here! “

(Yogis adore mother by saying:

 “Jaganmata Shri Mataji Nirmala devi ki Jai!” (x2) which translates as:

 “Universal Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Victory to You!”. (x2)

Shri Mataji inaugurates the temple.

Shri Mataji: “How great it is! This is the Maharashtra’s adornment.

All deities are settled down here.

Unbelievable isn’t it. Miracle of the Miracles.”