Conversation, 1982, India

…Coming down here to convert people. It’s a question of democracy, you see? Because in a democratic country, if there are more majority of the Muslims or Christians, then will become the, sort of the rulers, you see? So this move is you have to purchase people, convert them, and they are worried about it. I told them Sahaja Yoga is the only way by which people will settle down into themselves.
You see, to have such a large majority in this country — (better I have some more, please) — such a large majority, or, I, I should say such a large democracy. And democracy, one has to pay a lot, because such, such influences might infiltrate, see? The Saudi Arabians can come down here and sort of clamp the whole country with their own government, possibility is there.
I mean, they can’t do this in Russia or Poland or any place where they sow democracy. Which, without democracy people cannot develop. They cannot develop. Like, if a, say a Russian comes here, he’s not bothered about yoga or anything, never. He’s in, in say, if he’s in Bombay he’ll ask if there’s a discotheque or something. If he comes to the villages he will see how dirty your villages are. He is so inconvenient. He has so many problems, kind of basic. He can never feel the peace. He can never feel the peace because they are not developed, you see. All such undemocratic countries have human beings who are not yet developed for Sahaja Yoga.They are more bothered, bothered about things which are of very little importance in actual spiritual life. So, it’s a very funny situation. If you don’t have the democracy, then you do not develop. Anyone I have seen, coming now by My husband’s job, I’ve met all kinds of people all over the world. Whatever you may say about Americans, they are seeking God, no doubt. A Russian and American, you see from a Sahaja Yoga point of view — a Russian is absolutely a mediocre, from Sahaja Yoga point of view. Because he’s only worried about his personal convenience, I mean, is absolutely a hopeless case. That is wrong, this is wrong. They can never appreciate the bliss of India. They cannot.
This is very materialistical thing. The whole thing is based on materialism.
Lady, Czechoslovakian in America, she’s so different. And she told Me she lives on a tree, you will be amazed. She made her house on a tree. And she was telling Me that, “Mother, when will people be awakened to something better?” That’s very — they are not awakened yet.
Machines, they cannot express themselves for us.
They are very mundane type, very mundane type. Even if they come to Sahaja Yog, they won’t be able to stand it, because what they ask for is not the essence, it’s so superficial. In their, in their country if they get one law which is just like what we give to our cow here, then they will come here and they will pass it. That’s sort of a ego style behavior, they show off.
Tell Me, in democracy countries…