Shri Durga Puja

Rahuri (India)

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Shri Durga Puja. Rahuri (India), 1 February 1982.

Today is a special day. There is a combination of two things happening.

Adi mai English maday bolte pan Marathi boliye (meaning: First I will speak in English then Marathi)

Today is first in the morning time, at 8:50 in the morning, was a very important day that started at 8:50 in the morning, called as Ratha Saptami – is the seventh day. And it is said that Sun travels with his seven forces, or say, seven colours in a big chariot. And today they celebrate this day as a day when Sun travels with a divine vibrations all over the world, and illumines. So it was too early for anyone of you to do this, so till…I got up very early of course and worked out that part for you.

The second important thing which is a combination, which is a very, very auspicious thing – that you get on one day, two dates. One is Ratha Saptami, on that day you cannot do havan because it is the Surya already is there. So the second thing is, [which] today we do, is a very great puja of Ashtami (eighth day): is the day when the Goddess killed nine rakshasas together with Her eight hands. So today is a very special day for which a very special attention is needed.

It’s only at the behest of the bhaktas that the Goddess took Her form and killed all these rakshashas. Also with Her eight hands, She killed Mahishasura. That’s why She’s called as Mahishasura Mardini. She’s called as Nava Chandi, one who has killed nine Chandas, means nine rakshashas She has killed. So is a very important day and very vital and very deep.

It’s very simple to say, “Mother, we have fixed Your puja on such and such day.” Nobody thinks what Mother has to work behind the whole thing, you see. You can’t fix My puja. It’s not proper. It is I who can tell you what time is the best for you to do the puja.

So it starts at two minutes past twelve. So now we can start it and that’s why I delayed my bath. But that would be too late, I started my bath little early.  Then only we can do it.

So today is the day of the Goddess, a very important day that you are here. Somehow we are having all the pujas of 9 days, and that’s why I am wearing this special type of a sari, which is to be used for Ashta Puja’s. Vahana, is a tiger as well as a lion. Imagine where I’m staying, there is a photograph of a tiger and a lion both, in that room. You can go and see for yourself. Normally you never get these [together] but that is there, beautiful photograph, enlarged, a tiger and a lion.

So in the morning the Surya was very beautiful, I don’t know if you saw the morning sun? At least tomorrow try to see. It’s not important how long you sleep here, what food you eat, whether you get it in time and all that. You should get rid of these habits, it’s very important that these regularities and all these mundane type of things, the bounding of timing and all that – you must get out of it space and time, everything. And should not go on worrying about things because you get so exhausted, without doing any work you feel exhausted. Because you are so fixed up, so fixed up that you can’t get out of these habits, you see. While the Indians are not fixed up like that, they know that Mother knows the best, She will come at the time when the puja has to be done. So, one should try to understand that if I am the One then why should you worry?

But I have one problem with the Western mind is that if they cannot conceive it, they start criticising. Instead of making yourself subtler and subtler to conceive the beauty of the Divine, if you don’t get it you will start criticising on any point, anything you can get hold of and you start criticising. So that’s not the way we can grow. That’s why I’m telling you beforehand that this puja is very important, and at this puja, you have to request that these nine Chandas, who are still there, should be killed and this Mahishasura also should be killed, they should be driven out. And that’s how it is going to work out and it’s very important. It’s very important, I have to work it out myself. You see, it’s not easy just to organise a programme like a, preside over something, you just come along, it is not that way. It’s much, much deeper, it is much deeper significance, much deeper work has to be done. So many things have to be worked out. It’s a very subtle thing. And the more you discuss it, the more you talk about it, you lose it, you should keep quiet and absorb it.

So today is not a day of such a mundane type, is very important in this small place,  where we are sitting, we are doing a tremendous job. And you people, who have suffered the most on account of these rakshashas, should be absolutely intensively be careful that these sinners must go out. Something has to be done. Instead of thinking about yourself and your inconveniences, your troubles and whatever you call them which are not so important at all. (a cock crows) You are saints and you must support all divine work with complete understanding. On the contrary if you are so much worried about your own things, I mean you are of no use, to yourself or Sahaja Yoga.

So I would say that even some people will see that this happened, that happened. Perhaps the group is bit too big to accommodate in all these places. I always had a feeling that the group is increasing bit too much. And we didn’t have any idea of so many people coming in. But doesn’t matter – they are sharing, we are settled down, there’s a place to sleep. And if you can understand this, you see, that these things are not important then you go to England and just sleep or you go to Australia and just sleep. I mean you have all the time to do all that. Just now you are here to become subtler and subtler.

Now the time has started and the brahmin also came at the right time. So we have to be one with the subtleties. Sahaja Yoga is not possible if you want to see it from a gross level: you cannot understand Sahaja Yoga that way. I have already told you that without realisation,you cannot have Sahaja Yoga. But even after realisation, if you stick on to those old things which belongs to the egg time, you will have no advantage. So try to become subtler and subtler, and don’t think about it. You will relax, you will feel better, it will act. [Don’t think] that you should have food at the right time, you must have this at the right time, this should be the food. This is, I mean, its such a stuck up thing, you know. We cannot be stuck up with food, we cannot be stuck up with all these things. You are going to a level where nobody has reached. With this understanding if we become surrendered – means not to give Me anything but to get rid of your ego and your stuck up ideas which there have been – it would be a very good thing.

When you discuss also among yourselves, nobody should discuss inconveniences. I had told you that in a village it’s a very difficult thing . You don’t have to go to Himalayas but traveling through India is not an easy thing, and I had told all of you. I live with much more conveniences and comforts than anyone of you live but I can adjust myself much more, so you should also try to forget about it. Don’t talk of your inconveniences. That will make you very gross. The one who becomes subtler and subtler can only achieve something.

(Talk continues in Marathi then again in English later)

[English translation from Marathi]

Today is Ashtami, and in the morning it is Ratha Saptami. To be present for a pooja on Ashtami is a very big thing and that too at Rahuri which is my maternal home. It is very auspicious that we are doing Pooja here. On this day of Ashatmi, we celebrate the day when the Devi (diety) appeared as Ashta Bhuja Devi (deity with eight hands) and made great conquests in the world. The prominent conquests being the slaying of wicked rakshasas (demons), destroying them. She is called as Nav Chandi, Chandika is Ashtabhuja. Durga… etc are her other names.. And She has destroyed these Chanda, Munda and others, all the nav chandas (nine demons), that is why She is called Nav Chandi (Deity who killed nine demons). Not only this, she has also splayed the demon called Mahishasura. After killing Mahishasura, the Gods worshipped her and showered praises on Her, but those devotees who invoked Her, they were all very religious (dharmic), virtuous (sattvik), and with very good qualities. Being pleased with their qualities, the Devi took this incarnation. So we should imbibe these qualities’ in ourselves. What right do we have on the Devi?

“Mataji, we have arranged Your pooja, as if we have arranged some programme, so You come there as a President.” It is something like this. Many times they say, Mataji, we have kept the pooja at ‘this’ time. It cannot be planned that way. It does not work that way. If I am pleased, I will sit for the pooja, otherwise not, it depends on Me. That is why, you have to request the Devi first, invite her. Respectful invitation (Pacharan) is there, etc. etc. She will not come just like that. 

“Now that you have planned it, so here I am right on time by the clock. Start my pooja.”

Devi is not in need of the pooja, you are in need of the pooja. She has to be in a happy state of mind (Prasannachitta), When she sees that her children have made lot of mistakes, ………Her children are still committing many mistakes. The faith they have has insincerity… in a few of them. Some have faith but still they commit mistakes. Some don’t have faith at all, only spuriousness. Exhihibit supercfiallity while some harbor poison inside but show on the outside that they are very good. After seeing all this the deity gets upset and she thinks why should these people be allowed to worship. They do not deserve it. Hence one should be virtuous (satguni).

Which is the greatest virtue of all – when Shankaracharya, Adi Shankaracharya was asked this question, he responded – Selfless devotion towards Devi, towards your mother. She is the deity, understand that your mother is the deity and worship her. And there should not be any spuriousness. The first quality, the best quality, is that the one who has faith in the Deity from the bottom of his heart , all his bad qualities will be destroyed, he will be enlightened, will attain salvation(Moksha).   That is why Shankaracharya has always praised the Devi (deity). In the beginning He has described a lot. Has written quite a few significant books like Vivekachudamani etc. Lastly He said that, “By only pleasing the Devi one can get everything, then why these things do? Why to do debates? Why to do discourses and break one’s head? Just praise the Devi (deity) and you will get whatever one wants.” Very few people have his common sense, you see. When you imbibe this commonsense then you get the authority, the access to the deity. Similarly without doing anything also I am in happy state of mind now and any number of mistakes you make I forgive them all as it will not happen without that. I have come with a very big heart and forgive all your mistakes, but you should not be insincere to Me. Another thing that all the time crying and repeatedly saying that, “I have committed mistakes,” will also not do, then that also pains the Devi. So “Forgive me if I have done anything wrong, will not do henceforth” is the vow you should take today because today’s Ashtami is called as Bhishma Ashtami.

Bhishma Ashtami, now in case of Bhishma – he had taken a vow which you all know, was never broken by him under any circumstances. Therefore today is the day to take a vow, hence, whatever vow you take this Ashtami, the entire world will benefit according to that vow. Now we are sitting in this small place, and all these arrangements have been made. You should not think how we will manage in this place? This is a very big centre at this moment. Wherever I sit, it becomes a centre for the whole world. You should understand that whatever vows you take now, with utmost faith, with full devotion – the whole world will get the benefits from that.

[Talk continues in English]

Today is another day, is called Bhishma Ashtami, is the day when Bhishma, who was a great saint who took a great vow and that vow he carried out all his life. It was a great vow he took. So today also is the day of a vow. He took on an Ashtami day. On the Ashtami day he took a vow. So today is another day for you to take a vow. So also you should try to take a vow and with that vow, you should be able to achieve something which has not been yet achieved.

This achievement is not only for this place, is not only for Maharashtra, it is not only for India, it is not only for the whole world, but for the whole Universe. So you are playing a very important, vital role and one should try to improve one’s quality of life, quality of personality. Unless and until you have that substantial quality, nothing is going to work out. This is what I am telling them: that you must work out in such a way that you become substantially dedicated to Sahaja Yoga. Not just for your sake, not just for your family or for your country but for the whole Universe. So you are the seeds who are going to create that great atmosphere that will bring forth the great change that we are expecting of Mahayoga. It is very important to understand that so many people have talked about this and I have come across a book which was written 2000 years back which describes about this Mahayoga and what is going to happen. It’s very interesting. After the puja and havan, I think Mr. Chauhan will translate it to you and you can understand what is about. So let us start now.

(Puja starts with discussion in Marathi with Mother about who to call for doing puja)

Now pay attention to Sahaja Yoga and not to other things. That’s important. You should not play about. This is important. I’m just telling, it’s very vital.

(discussion continues in Marathi)

In India, the custom is the wife has to sit next to the husband always for anything, for food, or for anything but in England is just the other way around.

Teenus couples? (meaning: only 3 couples?)

Because the, we would like to have couples today, alright?