Singing With Shri Mataji

Vitthala Temple (India)


Singing With Shri Mataji

1st two bhajans meaning by Shri Mataji

Silence! It is a very beautiful song. It says that (not clear) borrowed treasure. They cannot give you the (unclear) of God. They cannot give you the sign of God. They are just borrowed treasure, about the people who make money out of God. So one has to get to God, God himself has to come to give us the sign of God. The beautiful one. Eka Jananardhani. The Janardhan as you know is Shri Krishna’s name. He is the one who gives us the sign of God. He is the one who gives us the sweetness of God. He is the one who gives the experience. The beautiful song and the first one was that we are spending our time in our worldly things, in our worldly affairs, in our worldly relationships and in our worldly family. Now I am fed up of this and now I just want to enjoy that is really the truth. Now whatever is sweet now has become absolutely bitter for me and whatever was bitter has become sweet for me. It’s all about the saints what happens. God Bless You.

3rd Bhajan meaning by Shri Mataji

This is a very sweet couplet by the village women, the milkmaids to the mother of Shri Krishna that he is such a horrible, naughty fellow ( all laugh) that you better look after him that he is stealing all our milk and our butter and our buttermilk because they used to go and sell it to Kaunsa, see they used to go to Mathura and sell it there and Kaunsa was rakshasa so they used to go, these, he and his friends used to go and they would steal all the butter and everything so nothing would reach Mathura and the whole compliant is very sweet that now you do something about him, tie him up or throw him in the Yamuna river but he is the Purnabrahma. He is the complete Brahma. So wherever he is what can we do ( all laugh and applause) see the, see the chamatkar of the every every kavya is the poetry according to the Sanskrit language, is nice to have chamatkat, nice to have this magic, and see the magic style. He is Parabrahma so what can we do about him. Ultimately they give up. (All laugh)

Bhajan meaning by Shri Mataji

A very interesting song which is called as ‘Shakun’ means auspicious ( Mother asking English word for Bhavisya) forecasting, is forecasting and the Adishakti is saying that I have seen the whole world being created. Also, I have seen Brahma Vishnu being created. I have seen Sun and the moon being created. I have seen all these worlds happening and Krishna coming and Kauravas coming and everything I have seen but in the Kaliyuga something surprising you see that something that can never happen is that there could be a bad relationship between a brother and a sister, the other side of it and this would happen and at that time the brother, the father will betray the son and son will betray son the father and all these things will happen. There will be no relationship of proper understanding and all these things will happen in Kaliyuga. Very description according to Indian understanding is horrible things will happen to human beings and then a day will come when Ekadash Rudra will be coming and then all, all the people will, I mean only saints will be saved and all the rest of them will dissolve into darkness and they will be all destroyed, is described. It’s a very serious poem I should say. ( Yogi translating) And the best thing relating to today’s incident is that people from 18 countries will eat together. (Yogi translating)