Welcome Address by K. Subramanyam on the occasion of a Public Address by Shri Mataji (from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 10, Pages 31–32)

New Delhi (India)

Welcome Address by K. Subramanyam on the occasion of a Public Address by Her Holiness Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi at FICCI Hall (from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 10, Pages 31–32)

Respected Mother and Jaswant Singh Saheb,

Today, spiritualism is in a big confusion. It means different things to different people. Anything that is beyond the comprehension of the ordinary man, anything that is strange to the common place of occurrence, passes off as spiritual. Even tricksters and jugglers are called spiritualists. There are no clear cut definitions or criteria for determining what is spiritual and what is not spiritual, what is genuine and what is fake, what is superior.

The situation is assuming alarming proportions these days. As a reaction of the dehumanizing effects of the modern industrial civilization, a large mass of humanity is turning to spiritual pursuits for mental piece and happiness. A craze for spiritualism is razing all over the world.

In fact, there is nothing wrong if Indian spiritualism spreads its benevolent wings all over the country and beyond. The troubled humanity of today badly needs a spiritual regeneration all over the world where the values of life are fast vanishing and life itself is becoming unbearably insignificant. But the question is whether there is really something spiritual in whatever goes in the name of spiritualism today. Some of them appear obviously unrighteous and even ludicrous and there is no dearth of cases where morality and human decency are outraged in the name of spiritualism.

The situation naturally leads one to a fundamental question what is really the spiritual phenomenon ? What is its nature and goal ? What variety of practices it can contain without becoming unspiritual ? Parapsychological happenings, extra sensory perception, clairvoyance, cases of rebirth miracles and mystical events are all in the domain of spiritualism. And all these various ramifications are crowded by followers. Some followers want the gratification of the desires. Some try to escape the consequences of their misdeeds and sins. Some wish to avert their evidence or astral calamities or curses. Some are content with the favors their Gurus bestow on them while some others strive all their life to attain the divine bliss. Some pray and worship. Some appease deities by offering precious gifts. Some spend their wealth in charity. Some see God in man, while some others run away from, society to see God. Some rely on their incomplete faith for all their earthly and spiritual well being, while some others plough a lonely furrow in search of the Brahman. And they all call it their spiritual pursuit.

This is the spiritual scene today. It is all confusion and chaos. It is, therefore, a matter of great concern for all those who are real seekers and who have a genuine urge for spiritual development.

We as Sahajayogiś evolved by Her Holiness Mataji Nirmala Devi have a responsibility in finding answers to these questions because we care for the truth and we insist on purity of means. We are perhaps better suited for this search than many others in the field, because by the grace of our respected Mother we have vibratory awareness, a touch stone.

What happens to those who come for the programme? Her Holiness Mataji’s message is very simple. She says “Do you want the truth” Come and get it.

They arrive at a programme of Sahajayoga, sit quietly eventually listen to Mataji’s exposure of Kundalini awakening and they stretch their hands towards her. After some time, the pupils start dialating. They may feel a bit sleepy. A gentle breeze like a cool wind comes in the hand. This breeze has been described in the sacred Christian scriptures as the breath of the Holy spirit, the power of God the Almighty. It is the Chaitanya Lahari of Adi Shankaracharya But, they do not know it. They just sit peacefully in front of H.H. Mataji absolutely relaxed extremely happy watching inside. A great silence has taken place inside. In this silence everybody knows that they are noble and they are free. It is like waking up after a long dream. I know it because it happened (o me. It had happened to us. And as Her Holiness says, it will happen to many more. It is called self-realisation because in this experience granted by the great Goddess the self (Atma) is experienced. Please come and get it. ‘‘How is it possible ?” they argue. They hide themselves, they escape without having the courage to come. But seeking is such a nice role identified with so many engrossing emotional and mental tunes. Get it. It would put an end to all confusions.

Our quest has not been in vain. It was beautiful. It is true that dawn brings light. But dawn never comes without the sun. Our seeking was dawn. But the great Goddess is the sun.

Let us stop our game and stand in the sunrise. Behold the smile of the Goddess, the birth of the new day. Let us recognise her, the goal, the Devi, the Maha Devi.