There will be someone who will be able to raise the Kundalini without any difficulty

Constitution Club of India, New Delhi (India)

1982-02-20 There will be someone who will be able to raise the Kundalini without any difficulty, 71' Chapters: Music before the programme, Introduction by Yogis, Talk, Self-Realization
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1982-0220 Public Program Day 2, Constitution Club, New Delhi, India

Announcer (male): This program in Delhi and [unclear] and you are requested to join us in the Mataji’s Divine lectures [unclear] about 100 westerners from different countries, Australia, England, America, France, Switzerland etc. and one of them is Barbara. One very highly [unclear] Sahaja Yogini has visited [unclear] event.
Announcer (female)/Barbara: How all the people, who would be working on the house would be called the golden builders and how they would be chiselling away at the house and this chiselling away at the house would be a symbolic chiselling away at building a new nation. Now all the people who were working on this house were Sahaja Yogis who were living in London who was working on mother’s house who were using lots and lots of gold paint for decorations inside the house and there they were, the golden builders. He spoke about the ashram that was first opened in London about two years ago, he said that the new Jerusalem the foundations for the new Jerusalem would be laid in the ruins of Lambeth vale. The ashram is in Lambeth vale and it is ruin because it was bombed during the last war and has never been quite repaired. So to find all this and to find that it all tally was extremely exciting for us and to find that where the tallying with the Bible comes in, it is absolutely true. We found that the teachings of the bible and the teachings of the Hinduism and of the east were exactly the same, they talk about the Trinity. Our trinity is the one in which we describe the counsellor, the comforter and the redeemer who would come and would give us intrigue into this kingdom of heaven. Over here you have different names for the same things; the comforter is Mahakali, she is always there to help you people you have been praying to her for many many centuries it is absolutely ancient to pray to Mahakali in distress, she is the comforter she is the one who helps us. What we have found through her graciousness through our experiences was that her holiness Mataji was our comforter who we have been waiting for a long time. Mahakali on Earth, who was able to soothe us to take away all the hurts that have occurred during our stinking where we had got so many wounds and so many scars where we had become suspicious, very very suspicious of everything around ourselves where we had become very bitter, very cynical and within a very very short time she seemed to just smooth it away with her presence, with her smile, with her love. The other thing of course which Mataji does for us in the west is she satisfies our curiosity which is very great and most of us have got overactive brains so we, particularly in the beginning, ask so many questions of her and with patience and so much wisdom and infinite knowledge she has answered them all and she has given us answers that we can’t even comprehend just yet. All we know is that they are true, that they are satisfying and she is the one who is the counsellor, who counsels us to stay on the right path not to stray too often and to let go all our misidentifications. She is Mahasaraswati and then, of course, there is the Redeemer. The Redeemer is the one who is one that we know as the second Christ who will help us to actually enter the kingdom of heaven. Well during our meditation when the silence descends on us when the cool wind is all around our face our shoulders our hip all around our hand and whilst in the absolute peacefulness, we know that we are in the kingdom of heaven because we can feel the silence of God in our heart where the spirit sits and then we know that Mataji is the Redeemer. She is the one and the only one who can take us into the kingdom of heaven, she is the one who with one hand with one finger can uplift the whole world. All billions of people and uplift them into the kingdom of heaven because her powers are infinite and so is her compassion, she is Mahalakshmi. With that trinity in one personality here on earth we are indeed very very blessed and we are very grateful to your country to teach us so many things that you all know and we don’t, how to live with [UNCLEAR] , how to be virtuous, how to understand vibrations much better, how to understand our inside systems much better. All that you teach us when we come and visit your country. What I do hope is that what you can perhaps gain from us is to see just how much we know through vibrations, through experience that the Adishakti has come on earth to uplift all of us and to redeem us so that we may enter the kingdom of heaven. Thank you very much.
H.H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi: Today we are here to seek the truth, as Barbara just told you that they were all seekers of truth and they had made a certain pattern out of the logical conclusions they had reached as to the findings of reality. There have been many seers in this great country of yoga also as I told you yesterday that I was amazed that 2000 years back a gentleman called Kaka Bhujang had written in detail that Sahaja Yoga will be started, that manvantara will take place, that human beings will go into the transformation from the 1970s. That the Kundalini which is in sleeping state in human beings will arise without any difficulty, people will not have to take to bhakti and gyana and Patanjali yoga i.e devotion and to Gyan yoga and to this Patanjali yoga which you know that Patanjali has written but there will be someone who will be able to raise the Kundalini without any difficulty.
It is so remarkable the whole thing the description is that I was amazed how he could see these things so clearly as also William Blake* has surprised me completely and absolutely I am aghast to the details, the way he has described everything, every detail of my movement in England.
These definitely help you to understand that the time has come to change, also we have to see the signs of some new transformation on this earth. The Nal Damayanti Purana has described that in the Kali Yuga, those people who are seeking God in the hills and danes will settle down as householders and they will be blessed with them, their Self Realization. This is the Yuga of great confusion, people are so confused they do not know what is right, what is wrong. The situation was not so bad when people were much more innocent and simple, they were not so complicated, we really got so much complicated by our learnings, by our ego movement I should say, by our so-called material development and all other enterprises in which we took so much interest. We got into complications and thus into confusion and we do not know what is right and what is wrong. Especially in the west, I would say to add to all that misery are the wars which have given them such a shattering sudden shock that they are wondering about the values of virtues. The virtues that were so fundamental, essential as part and parcel for the sustenance of human beings also were challenged and there were so many books which described that these are of no use and on value to anybody.
Now the whole world is in a turmoil, politically, economically and also I would say materially. People do not know what they are up to, where they are going to land and there is a big shock they are expecting from everywhere and somebody is waiting for a Big Bang again to come so that there will be some sort of destruction once for all. I was surprised when I went to France in Paris, I was walking on the roads of Paris and people were sitting outside and they were saying we are very miserable people no doubt but this is all going to end up in our destruction, thank God. So, they were waiting for that destruction which will solve all the problem for everyone. But one has to also understand logically that this Universe was created with such great care, with such delicacy, with such love and understanding. Is it going to be all finished without creating any substantial thing out of it, without finding out the meaning why it was created, do you think the whole thing will be collapsed. Logically if god has any logic also, he must have thought of creating this universe with a purpose and especially the human beings with a greater purpose. But we scientist never even think once why a human being was created, why he had to pass through all these different yonis or species to become a human being, why he has achieved this stage of freedom which the animals don’t have by which he can take whatever action he likes. A human being can be a lion, he can be a serpent, he can be a scorpion, he can be anything.
So how is it that we the human beings have been given so much freedom that we can even become devils and demons and we can even go to hell very fast as soon as we want. Why such freedom was granted to human beings and why we were made such powerful people that we can do whatever we like. Nobody has even thought of it and they are just going ahead with closed eyes saying that in science there is no answer to this one. But if there is no answer in science, there must be some other place which has the answer. If you see a tree which is overdeveloped, which has got all its branches and leaves and it is a very well laden tree and it has a great height and propensity, naturally you conclude that this must be sustained by roots which deep, which are widespread and which are supplying the essential sap for that tree.
In the same way, when the world has grown so much outwardly, it has expanded so much that it is logical there has to be something very substantial that we must have reached sometime. Otherwise, how are we going to sustain, of course you cannot see the roots, that’s true but we conclude, we know for definite that every tree has its roots? In the same way if today we think that we have got jets and we have got all these things expanded into the air and that we have developed ourselves so high and that now we are very scientifically alert and aware people, in the same way we must logically reach a conclusion that our awareness has also gone deep down into something very subtle that we cannot see, into something that is unknown and that is another sign we see today that there are so many seekers all over the world, not only in India but all over the world there are seekers.
I can tell you that when i was born the British were ruling here, if they saw a fakeer or anybody they used to mock at him, If they heard about somebody is a saint they used to laugh at him. They could not understand how could there be a saint really living and according to them saint cannot exist and today there are so many Britishers or we can say so many western people who think that they can become saints, that they have a right to become saints, it is remarkable how the same type of people have evolved into a new awareness, into a new understanding of themselves that they feel that this is not the end of everything, all the material wealth they have got, all the affluence they have got, they feel it is not the answer, is not the answer for which they have come on this earth, for which they are existing, they call it a junk, they say it is of no use for us, this junk why are we carrying within ourselves, let us forget it, let us find out something else which is everlasting, which is eternal, which is really joy-giving. But one has to reach that point to see this, this is the sad part of it. By the time you reach that point, what happens to you that you become absolutely [unclear], you get completely so much tired and so much affected that you have no energy left either to go further or to [unclear]. This is the situation you can see for yourself clearly today we are facing that people are seekers, if they are not seekers they are not evolved people, those who are really evolved are seekers and are seeking the truth and they are genuinely doing it, i am sure a day will come that most of them will get their realization and they will achieve what they are here for, of course that you may find many people who are absolutely wastage, i would say God has wasted his energy in creating these useless people but forget about them, just forget about them, Christ himself has said that if you want gold, I’ll give you gold bars, you can have the gold bars to yourselves and enjoy yourself and get destroyed. But those who want to enter into the kingdom of God, who are dear to me will sit at the same table and eat food with me. These people are the people who are [unclear] of God, they are in our country, they are in another country, they are everywhere, i find the whole world is filled with them, it is such a beautiful time, it is the blossom time that so many seekers have come on this earth. Only about 2000 years back Christ came, even in those days people had no sense at all, they crucified him, they just killed him. Mohammad Sahab came, they gave him poison. Nanak Sahab came, nobody recognised him. Kabira, nobody recognised him. I mean it is not very far away, what about Milton, what about even Blake, Blake was never recognised when he lived and even today i do not know how many recognise him. A person like Hume who was a realized soul, who transformed his life, who talked of transformation, people didn’t want to do it because the multitudes are not for [unclear], there have never been multitudes for [unclear] because in the evolutionary process you see only few fishes come, they try, they venture out, they seek and once they seek in then shoals of fishes crawl out. In the same was in human life also we will find that there will not be many Sahaja Yogis. In this book where it was describing Nadi Granth, where it is described that Sahaja Yoga will start in 1970 and all that, it is clearly said that in the beginning that among 1 crore only 1 person will get Realization. To begin with, i think we are 400 crores or whatever it is that means we will be only 400, 400 people should get realization but in the bible it is said that there will be 1 lac 4 thousand and 44 people who will get realization.
Now I don’t know if that’s true but if so many get realization I am sure we can trigger the realization of thousands and thousands because they act as the channel of realization. Now the signs that the time has come to change is imminent. The world is full of chaos and fear, everyone is frightened as to what we have, at this time what should happen to human beings, what should they expect to happen to them and what they expect is that they should get their self-realization. But many people don’t know what self-realization is, what to expect out of self-realization, it’s alright as she said that we have to expect cool breeze of the holy ghost and all that but what about it. Even after doing all that what do you get, what is self-realization, what is your self and where it lies. Self is a reflection of God within us, our heart, it resides in our heart but is seated here on top of your head on the fontanel bone area, the reflection is in your heart of god is just the witnessing power of god. He is witnessing you, he is the one who is the kshetrAgnya, he is watching the field, he is looking at you what you are doing. He is looking at you till you are alright or he is happy or he wants to stay there, you live, once he disappears, one dies.
Today the question came in, mother what happens after our death and why are we afraid of death, is a very question out of place but I would say one should not worry about death so much once you come to Sahaja Yoga, thank god we do not remember about our previous deaths otherwise people would be hanging, worrying about that particular moment when they died, last life and before that and before many times we have died , why should we worry about death now, even now if you have to die, it’s alright , it’s a part of changing your clothes that you have to change, whatever is born has to die there is nothing special about it. But when we are afraid of death as he is asking why, because you have not found out something that is eternal, that is Amar, which does not die, that is your spirit, that Satchidananda spirit, Atma within you which has not yet died and it has not died, never it will die, it is eternal and that’s why you are afraid because you have not known that state where you become the spirit. Once you become the spirit, when you are the spirit then you are not worried about death because you are Amar and you know that I am not going to die, say for example that a thing that is going to die is this flower because it has been taken away from the tree, but supposing there is a flower already on the tree,it is not bothered about death because it is on the tree all the time receiving the power, the shakti from that tree, because we have not found that eternal thing within us we are worried about death. So after realization we just forget about the past and you forget about the future, you are in the centre, you become concentrated on the dynamism of every present moment and you don’t worry about the future or the past but if i tell you don’t worry, you cannot do that, it is just a lecture to you that you don’t worry about the future or you don’t worry about the past but with this happening it will happen , something has to happen within yourself, something has to be actualised, it is the happening, what transformation takes place within you is the point and not just a lecture saying that don’t worry about the past or don’t worry about the future but today as the state is i find most of you are engaged in the building up of the future. I can feel that most of you are very futuristic people and you are trying to build up a future which doesn’t exist, past is finished because it is dead and future doesn’t exist but we start building up our future, planning this, that. In our Sahaja Yoga, we haven’t got here the map but I would say in Sahaja Yoga we regard such people as right-handed people because the power of action for the future comes on the left side and passes through this Agnya chakra and goes down and becomes the right side power of the sympathetic nervous system. This power we use when we think for the future or we act for the future, it actually manifests our future, all the futuristic ideas. The left-sided power is the power of desire which comes from the right, goes to the left and resides on the left side and manifests in the left sympathetic nervous system. This system the left sided one is the power of desire, right one is the power of action. When a country is developing it is using it’s right-sided power, while doing that it can go to the extreme because some people who start thinking ,thinking, thinking, they get so mad with thinking that I have known a doctor who came to see me in Switzerland and she told me, mother, you cut my throat or do what you like but stop my thinking but he did not know though he was a doctor that he was a man who himself has put this momentum into himself and he is running like mad person in that rat race and all the time thinking, thinking of the future, for example, you sitting here listening to me, you are now worried how will I get a bath or how will i get a car or how will i go home. When you are coming you are worrying the same but when you are here at the present moment you are not here, now for this we must first of all have a balance
Now this is the effect of the rajo guna, right side, to have the effect of this we try first of all and once we try too much and go to the extreme it becomes our second nature and then our first nature. We become people who are worried about the future all the time, to go back from there, to neutralize it we go to the left side, is the left side is the power by which we sort of desire. So we say alright forget it, let us go to the desired side and to get to this we take to drugs and take to alcohol so that we escape this right side too much thinking, too much of going outward, working out something, action and all that. So we go into inaction, there’s a difference between inaction and non action, but we go into inaction, we become lethargic, we take drugs, we take alcohol. If you see now England, you won’t believe that the same English who ruled us are now a hippie, they are antique people there, now if you go to England you will find most of them get up about 12oclock in the morning and they don’t work and first when I went to England I was surprised that they told me most of the people who came to me that “Mother, we are successfully unemployed”. They actually get some payment which is called as “dole” means laziness, so they are paid for their laziness. The people who made us so active and made us run up and down are now their children are lethargic and lying in the bed all the time, they get tired very fast, they walk, cannot walk much, this is the condition. We used to wonder that what this big adventurist country which is, of course, small in size will one day do is to ruin the whole world with their aggressive nature, with their possessiveness, they may, they went up to China but I don’t know what happened suddenly, once they receded from India the whole thing called back, there was no ambition left and now what you find is lethargy. Same thing is happening in most of these countries which are overdeveloped, they are getting lethargic and they don’t want to work, they have no energy left, they are fed up. So now when we are developing ourselves we have to know where those, who have developed have reached, what have they achieved that we are going to achieve, are they happy people, have they got something special, are they the people who we think as virtuous and good, what we think as ideal or for us who are the real lamp or the deepakas, are they? Let us see among them, do you find even a one good leader in the whole western world, anybody who we can call something like Abraham Lincoln. It’s impossible to find one good leader of that quality in the whole of the western country and now the same is going to happen to us also. The reason is we have no balance, they have no balance at all, they have gone on to the right side, absolutely gone like this and now if you also go on moving like that we’ll go to the same ditch and our children will be taking to hippies, to drugs and to all other things that they have been doing. As it is I find when the English were here, we were not drinking much at all, I didn’t know many people who drank in our family relations and all that but today I find everybody is drinking, I mean it has become a social thing, it is so common that for us drinking has become a social thing, it’s something surprising after 8 years of my stay in England when I come back I find same England coming down here, it’s most wonderful, how it has happened because we are now developing so to counterbalance that kind of an imbalance, we are taking to [unclear], it goes hand in hand. If you think too much, if you are all the time planning too much, you become materialistic. So today I am going to tell you something about the rajo guna, the defects of rajo guna of which I must warn you because we are going to have lectures after lectures in series I will be telling you about all these words. Now what are the problems of rajoguna as far as the physical side is concerned. People must have told you that Mother cures many people and this and that, I have to say that I don’t cure the way you think it happens, it just is a part and parcel of me, if you are part and parcel of me, I just help my fingers and if you feel better it’s alright and I feel nice about you but i do not sort of cure you or do something about your curing, it just happens spontaneously only thing what i do normally is to give you a balance [unclear], you have lost your balance and i give you a balance and many diseases can be cured with that balance. Now, this right side movement of rajo guna causes so many problems that you will be amazed that in modern India you will hardly find 1 person who is not sick. When I knew my father’s friends, they were all like healthy wrestlers I should say, very healthy people, extremely nice teeth they had, nice eyes, very nice smooth skin, shining and they fought for the country, they sacrificed everything that they had and they were happy people, very proud of their country, very patriotic, extremely honest, I mean they are very legendary people I have seen. The children of those people may not be the same, that’s a different point but they were like these, why, because they were not so much right sided. Now the right-sided person is the one who takes action too much and doesn’t do it with love but just for action for action’s sake, he thinks, he thinks for the future all the time. Now when we think too much, there is an imbalance within us, imbalance comes because we have a chakra called Swadishthana Chakra which is the second chakra or we can call it the third because it originates from the Nabhi chakra which goes round and round and supplies to our liver, pancreas, spleen, our kidneys and the uterus. Now this Swadishthana Chakra has to do another important work, is to convert the fat cells for the use of the brain, now when you think and think and think like mad, these poor I should say deities have to work very hard to transform the cells, the fat cells for your brain and they have no time at all to look after the troubles that exist in the [unclear] or the, or the organs that are there like the liver as I told you, pancreas and the spleen and uterus and also kidneys. So such people start suffering from these troubles, the first of all is the liver, the people who think too much have liver problems, they have liver problem, they go on thinning down, they get nausea, they get heated up, they are very irritated people, they are always throwing tantrums at the people who are younger than them for example a boss, Mr. A boss will throw tantrums at Mr. B subordinate, now when Mr. B is the boss, he throws tantrums at the C subordinate and it goes on like that trickling down. All the time they are in a temper, they are irritable, they cannot enjoy anything, there’s a barrier between them and enjoyment, they can’t see trees, they can’t see leaves, at the most they can see black and white or a newspaper or maybe on the files. So what is left of them is nothing but thinking of something which has no essence in it, no “ras”. So these people become extremely dry, they might even become so dry that they may have a divorce, the wives may be angry with them, the children must be upset because they are supposed to be very busy people, burning up themselves up, working for this, working for that like mad. Now they think they are martyr, i don’t know what they think about themselves, but in the eyes of God, there is no martyrdom, God doesn’t want you to kill yourself or to starve yourself or to torture yourself, he wants you to enjoy, enjoy the gifts of God. He doesn’t want you to become a horrid, dry personality. He wants you to be a beautiful “Prasanna Chitta”, cheerful personality, a very cheerful personality but on the contrary such a person is so horrid that if you see one in the morning, you will not get food for the whole day, such inauspicious people, horrible I tell you, better not to go their way, run away from them and what have they achieved, atom bomb, hydrogen bomb and another some sort of bomb because their heads have become bombs. With all these i would have been satisfied if he had only got this is the only result of that but the result is much more, it is physical and the physical is your liver goes out so you drink more, you have worse liver then your spleen goes out, you get blood cancer, all kinds of cancers and then also your spleen, what you call, pancreas goes out and you get diabetes, you get kidney trouble and you get all kinds of uterus trouble. When all this happens to you, when you get so much tortured by these things, you do not know what to do, you end up in a hospital like people say, in Hindi there’s a saying “Rahe hotelo me, mare haspatalo me”(Live in hotels, Die in hospitals), that kind of a personality you develop. Now such a person is a very difficult personality, he does not know his difficulty, he is an impossible person, you can’t talk to him, even a fly cannot sit on the nose of the person, they are so terribly irritable but they think no end of themselves because ego doesn’t trouble them, ego troubles others, the person who develops ego because of this kind of right-handed action becomes a nuisance to the whole world but to themselves they are wonderful people, they think no end of themselves, they are garlanded, they are given a nice chair like this and they sit enamoured, or great, what I am such a great person and if you give a stick in their hand, they will start hitting everyone. Such a barrier to reality comes into such a person that he even goes on clinging to this future so much that the past is lost completely, he loses his memory to begin with. I have had a very good experience of somebody whom I met recently, he had forgotten the name of his wife, name of his children, name of his father and he is a very big man, he had high blood pressure and he did not know what he was doing, he was just living I think 2000 year or something like that, somewhere there because he didn’t know what he was doing. All this high blood pressure or tension comes from that, now if you proceed further with it, if you go ahead with it then what happens, that your attention goes more to material things, to your development, to your so-called worldly things, you lose contact with your spirit and you may get a heart attack. This is one of the things that happens to such people, they get a heart attack but this is to be understood that big warning has come now, change yourself, the nature gives you a warning. Now see the balance, a person who works with his brain gets a heart attack, can you imagine a person who works with the brain gets a heart attack while a person who works with the heart, means mad people do not get a heart attack but they get a brain which has lost its connection, it’s most surprising. A mad man never gets a heart attack but a man who is supposed to be over sane gets a heart attack. I have seen people, there mind is so alert in the end that we think oh great he is, I have known people who are going to America just to die or dealing with business with an alert mind even with a paralysis like this, you see, can’t lift their hand, one hand like this and talking about business with such alertness that it shocked me, this man is not even thinking, what have I achieved [unclear]. So this kind of a possession of his ego comes in and he goes on like a mad man. Paralysis is the effect of the same thing, is also the effect of the same thing that you get paralyzed. Now, this rajo guna physically is so dangerous. I do not mean that you should become lethargic again, not to go into inaction but we have to come to a balance, we have to establish ourselves into a balance through our dharma, through our sustenance, we have to be in the centre. For such people i have prescribed, they should go and see a nice picture, go out with their wives, forget their files for a while and enjoy themselves. But don’t go to alcoholic places, i am not saying that but what you have to do is relax for a while, go on relaxing a little bit, take life easy. That’s just for the general thing but the only solution for this is to give them realization, if you find your spirit, you will immediately know that you are in an imbalance because as soon as the Kundalini rises and pierces through your fontanel bone area when you get a real baptism, you start feeling the cool breeze in your hand, the Brahma shakti in your hand and the person who works very hard like this will find his left hand as frozen completely and the right hand is also shaking and there’s a big heat coming out of that, the whole heat of the liver is coming out of the head and coming out of the hands. The liver becomes so bad of these people that no heat from the liver can be liberated in to the water of the blood because the OH ion itself goes [unclear], i mean such people are extremely abnormal, for any practical purposes they are absolutely abnormal, of which they are not aware, that’s the main part of ego is that we are not aware of our ego. If you start seeing it then you will be frightened of it, i have seen that in the west especially when the Sahaja Yogis you see, get their ego onto them and start seeing they get such a fright, more than a bhoot possessing them. Then you start feeling guilty about you because the ego is so overdeveloped you can’t just bear it, so you put it into a pouch another one called as guilt, you start feeling guilty, i am very guilty, for what, i am insecure, for what. These people who have all the money and everything, what are you guilty about, for example i am talking to some people, they will say what are you doing, say about Vietnam, now are you in charge of Vietnam, am I in charge of Vietnam but such irrelevant question they will ask as if they are the benefactors of the whole world. All such irrelevant things start coming up into the brain when you become ego oriented you see, you think that you can solve this problem, you can solve that problem, on the road if they are driving they will be blaming all the police commissioners, they will be blaming all the health commissioners, everyone on the road, this is wrong, that is wrong, why did you put like this, they could have done this, they will work for everyone on the road but for themselves they have no capacity. This is what happens with the people who are ego oriented but they do not know they are ego oriented, anybody who works and thinks develops an ego, ego is specially given to human beings, God has given them an ego that they should feel they are freed, you have to be free to enter the kingdom of God but if you become malignant, if you think you are the one who is doing everything, you are the one controlling everything, you are the one who does not need any cooperation from anyone, that you are a part and parcel of yourself only and you have no connection with others then you are like a malignant cancer cell in the society and that’s what exactly happens to the egotistical person because his ego covers him up self completely, he bloats in the air and he thinks no end of himself like he goes round and round seeing how many are saluting him, how many are looking at him, he goes on [unclear] condescendingly looking at others. This kind of a personality goes on even getting worse and worse and out of such personalities only people like Hitler and other autocrats have come. Whether you harm yourself or others, in the eyes of God you are doing wrong. You are not here to harm anyone, you are here to know everyone, to feel everyone, to be awakened in your collective consciousness, to become one with the Virata, with the primordial being and to act according to the dictates of the divine and not the dictates of your own self which is nothing but your ego but if it comes to self, it comes to spirit, then spirit is the one that resides within you which is the collective being within you. You have to just become the spirit, now how to become the spirit is the problem again comes up before people. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the other side called as the Mahakali power, the power that comforts, the power that desires, power that gives us existence and when this power disappears, we also disappears means it is also the power of destruction but today I have told you about this rajo guna which is in this capital of Delhi is too much and everybody’s Swadishthana Chakra is out of gear but it can be put right through balancing and by saying that “I am the spirit”. We can work it out so that your spirit is established in your Chitta, in your attention and you become the spirit by which you are cured of the curses of this one-sided behaviour, due to circumstances I should say, due to the atmosphere I should say or due to the blindness that we have not known the spirit so far. I never put the blame on my children, I take all the blame on myself and I think I am duty bound to help all my children who want to find out the truth. How to do it is the thing, very simple, of course to a rational mind it would look too simple, right.
You have to just put your hands towards me like this, take out your shoes. These are the five centres and six and seven. Even those who are sick people should do that, put your both the hands towards me. Those who are physically sick should put their left hand up, those who are mentally sick should put their right hand up, like this, this is for people who are mentally sick, this is for people who are physically sick because this is the physical side, also who think too much should put this hand towards me and take out your shoes, be comfortable, loosen your belts little bit, sit comfortably, your ties little bit, be comfortable, you have to be a comfortable person. Comfort is the first thing a Mother wants her children to have, be comfortable if you are tying any taieet or anything like that please remove it. All these things are not needed at all because once you are the spirit, you have no fear of anyone. The hand should be like this, not facing me but like this. Those who have problems and now you have to just lose them [unclear]. Beg your pardon, those who are thinking, right hand. I would say that you keep your eyes shut, don’t open them, when the Kundalini is rising, the Agnya Chakra doesn’t allow the Kundalini to pass through if your eyes are not shut, so please shut your eyes.
Sahaja Yogis should not give Bandhan or anything, sit quietly.
Now put your right hand, don’t open your eyes, first of all, put your right hand on your heart, please don’t open your eyes and just ask in your heart a simple question “Mother, Am I the Spirit?, Ma kya mai Aatma hu”. Ask thrice. Very simple way. Now look out because the all-pervading power, the divine love of God is very subtle, the Brahma shakti, the cool breeze of the holy ghost as it is called is very very subtle and to feel that a very subtle thing happens within you, when it happens you start feeling it on your fingertips, a cool breeze on your fingertips. You can also see if it is happening on the top of your head. Just put your another hand, left hand towards me and right hand on top of your head, on top, see if there is heat coming or cool is coming out. Now try with another hand, now try with another hand also, in both the hands you should feel it, no no, like this, one hand towards me, not with both. Now see for yourself with both the hands please. Now to raise your Kundalini, you have to put your hand just like this in front of you, start raising, your left hand is to be fixed and the right hand is the action which you move it upward on your head slowly, go ahead as much as you can and now give it a knot. Please again, thus do it this way, don’t do it the other way around. Again, now this time 3 knots are to be given, one, two and three. Now see if you are feeling the cool breeze. You have to ask for your realization, I cannot force you. So ask humbly in your heart thrice, “Mother, Please give us our Self Realization”. Close your eyes. Now keep quiet, if you see within yourself there is no thought now and the cool breeze is still oozing up but as soon as you start talking and thinking, it will go down. So you have to silence yourself, shouldn’t talk. Now, this program will be there for about 7 days altogether. One by one I will be telling you how to overpower every side and how to give a balance. Now today for the people who are Rajoguni, right-handed, what should we do. We have a photograph which also has got the vibration, you can put a candle before the photograph, in the night before sleeping and put little salt in the water and put a little container of water under your feet, just before sleeping and to give a balance to yourself, to your right side, you put your left hand towards the photograph and start raising it like this and bring it up and bring it down. Now what you are doing is to that you are awakening your left side which is frozen and from the grace, on top of your head you are bringing it down on your much-used energy of MahaSaraswati. So if you do like this about 7 times, it’s the best way and after doing 7 times you can raise the Kundalini the way I have told you and then try to feel the vibrations in both the hands. Still, if you find any difference then you can put the hand before the photograph which has got less vibrations, you feel the cool breeze, try to feel it, I am sure which will also take away most of your illnesses and sickness. You don’t have to do anything more than that. Those who are mentally disturbed, of course, I’ll have to tell them something else but otherwise, for all physical problems, this will be the best solution and the easiest way to cure. I don’t know where they have got photograph to sell and [unclear], they cost nothing, it’s just the cost of the printing that they are charging and these are the photographs which you can get it from here, from these people and try this from tonight and please try to attend my lectures till I am here, wherever I go for about 6-7 days and after that you will see that you yourself become your own guru, that you know everything about yourself. So go home and do this today then you can read the book tomorrow if you want to and please continue. Sahaja Yoga is the thing, is the becoming, it is not just a membership you cannot be a member of Sahaja Yoga, I don’t know how many people are Sahaja Yogis, I don’t know and you have to achieve a certain state where we call you a Sahaja Yogi, where you can give realization to others, when you can raise the Kundalini of others, you can cure others and when you become, in the Nirvikalpa starts, your Nirvikalpa starts. That state when it starts then only we say that he is a Sahaja Yogi but if you are just on the Nirvichara state as you are today, you are not a Sahaja Yogi. So there is a big gap and this gap one has to be careful and very carefully one has to look after this new sapling which has now started. In Sahaja Yoga there is no fees, no money, no membership, it is like any tree which is being planted or you can say any seed that is sprouted. In the beginning, you have to look after it, gradually it grows and you become really the master of Kundalini. May God Bless You. If you have any questions you can write to them and send it over to me and I’ll answer them tomorrow. If anybody has any personal problem, they can come here.

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