New Delhi (India)

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1982-0221, Marraiges, Delhi, India.

We are happy and the whole universe is to be bubbling with joy.(audience clapping sound)Last time we had only six marriages and this time we have doubled, we have twelve marriages.(audience clapping sound,,someone from the audience said,next year 24 ) I hope you will go on with this progression.(audience laugh sound)

Marriage is a very important institution for Sahaj Yogis, we don’t accept  people who do not marry or who do not believe in marriages. Also, we do not accept people who are Sanyasis.So for us marriage is a very very important institution for various reasons because with the happy married life, the peace of the world will start presiding on this earth.Then by collective being within us , by your spirit.

The marriages should be blessed by all the people who are around and the marriages should be such that it should make people happy.Now the responsibility of the husband and wife is to make their marriages (34:48)very successful.What is a very simple keynote is there, that you have married for Love. You just love a person. If you start loving a person, you will know all about that person and you will enjoy that love.You cannot enjoy married life without love. Love is the only way you can enjoy married life.

In this country specially, marriages are very much supported by the society and everyone wants that marriages should be successful. The reason is they know that without a good married life, the children will be ruined.They will be getting upset, the whole world will be very upset.

So if you have to quarrel or fight sometimes as if you always do. It is not to be done in the presence of children, in the presence of servants or in the presence of other people but try to resolve all your problems everyday and then sleep off.SahajYogis believe neither in the future nor in the past, in the present. So everyday make your slate completely clean and once you have cleaned it out then you sleep off with love and everyday if you clear it out the stagnation will not take place.

Now the blessings of the marriage are so many that it is not possible to tell all of them in this short period but the greatest of all is that for evolution it is necessary to have good marriages. Because if there are marriages of SahajYogis, then there are many great souls who want to be born on this earth and they would like to be born to people who are loving to each other, who love each other.They do not want your money, they do not want anything else but they just want loving husband and wife. So all the Sahaj Yogis who are here should know that even if you are Sahaj Yogis and if you are not loving to each other, then there will be a problem.

Mostly, love is curved curbed by your ego orientation, so keep a watch on your ego. You hurt each other because your ego is satisfied. (37:40 ) no one is satisfying your ego because this ego doesn’t give you anything. As far as possible, try to look after the comfort and protection of the other and not your own. Then you will start understanding each other very well and there will be a lot of love flowing with this understanding that here we are satisfying ourselves, our spirit and not our ego.

You know that bad family relation (between) is a husband and wife ,so many diseases are caused. So there has to be proper understanding between SahajYogi couples because they know for definite that there is a position of a wife and a husband and everything within our chakra.

If you have to keep your chakras alright, you have to be very (brave) and loving and spontaneously loving in your relationship.

You may earn the complete Kingdom of the whole world but you cannot enjoy life unless and until you have a really happy married life.

Now sometimes, we start judging others and not judging ourselves. In marriage you don’t have to judge. A woman is a woman and a man is a man. A woman cannot become a man .A man should not become woman. So, you don’t judge other person or dont’ judge yourself. Just love.

Just love is the way you can manage because the judgement is too rationality, it can be very absurd. So do not judge each other, just love each other as they are.
In rationality, some human beings have try to even conceive God according to their own  perception.

You cant do that .In the same way you cannot conceive a man or a woman according to your knowledge  .

Now you are married with the responsibility to appreciate the new personality that has come.

You have to know that we have a tremendous task. The whole world is to be transformed. It ( seems) very ambitious on my part I should say.

Suppose if good Sahaj Yogis taking to right thinking, right conduct, right behaviour and right married life, I am sure we can do it.

We can manage but the responsibility is absolutely upon yourselves.

So do not copy the other people how they manage their married life.

We have to lead a very different life of a very very responsible married life.

We have to show the world that married life is one of the way that you establish evolutionary process in a very short way.

Thank you very much.

May God bless you all.All the couples, I wish you a very happy, prosperous and spiritual married life.

Thank you.

H.H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.