Sahaja Yoga Free Hall

New Delhi (India)

Sahaja Yoga Free Hall

Shri Mataji: A hall has been dedicated for the work of Sahaja Yoga. It was a long-awaited blessing for the Delhi Sahaja Yogis. May God bless you all for that.

Sahaja Yogi: Require Hindi main bhi bolo.

Shri Mataji: (Badme bolenge, achcha. zarur.) It’s a gift of God, I should say, that you got this without paying anything for it, while all the people have been running up and down, when even the Government had allotted us a land because they have approved of our utility. Still through this, what you call, “Red tape” and all that, it was a big problem, and because I am little a queer person because I would not allow anybody to give any bribe or any such thing or to do anything irregular, things would not work out. And if such a thing can happen, I mean, after all this is God’s work. And God has to look after His work also and He has to arrange for things.

But this reminds Me of one thing: in London same thing happened. And they were all running up and down for an ashram and they couldn’t find any place. It was impossible even to rent a place. Wherever they tried it failed somehow or other, and nobody would accept so many people living in one house. They thought that it is useless. They paid some money. They did all kinds of things. They did it in advance. Because they were so many people living together, it became impossible, and they rushed up and down, did all sorts of things. And then one day suddenly they were invited to a lady’s place who was a Sahaja Yogini. And there was another lady who had come and she said, “I will give you a house if you want, and any number of people can live in that.” And that’s how we got our first ashram. Of course, then later on we shifted from there because some people from this Mahesh Yogi came and they started jumping and screaming and making all kinds of noises. So we got the bad name. So we had to go away from there.

Now we have luckily, you won’t believe to what extent it has been blissful for London Sahaja Yogis. That first we got a house in Lambert Way, in the ruins of Lambert Way which William Blake had described, but then we got two big hotels with fifteen bedrooms and everything inside it, absolutely free. Can you imagine? Through a co-op that these people had formed. They said this never happens in the history of England that anybody could get such a big place from these co-ops which are giving for maintenance. But somehow we got it. And now the time was over for these hotels to be vacated, and I have received a letter from London. Now they have got a huge big house with twenty-three bedrooms or something like that, with two, three big halls, free. So this is what it is. I am doing all this work free, and all the help is coming free to us. So when people ask Me, “How do You manage with the finances?” I used to say, “Finances are organized somehow or other. We don’t have to bother about finances too much.”

I’m thankful to Yogi Mahajan for arranging all this and for doing such a remarkable feat. I think now Bombay people will also have some sort of a blessing because this is the year when we should really get some lands as a blessing from God. Also it is necessary that the Sahaja Yogis have to come up to a certain point of a development. Otherwise, if you give them the land, say for example, as God’s blessing, then they will start, you see, having it as their possession, using it as their own purposes. I mean, all kinds of things they do with the trust and fighting for the land and which you do not take with you and they may start creating problems, you see. Once [we/you] have the property, human beings go off their heads, you see. It’s something goes wrong. They’ll fight with their brother, father. They’ll kill all the relations because the property who creates a problem. So also the Sahaja Yogis have to come up to a certain point, rise up to certain level where they can really bear up the beauties of the blessings of God.

Even if He gives you the blessings you should be able to use it properly. Otherwise you can start using. I have seen people, as we call them in Hindi language, [mufatkhor]. They are very easily available. They are coming to Delhi; very good. In Delhi to stay somewhere in a hotel is expensive, very nice, “Mataji’s ashram, let’s go and have a nice time there,” like that. It is quite possible. Sahaja Yogis may start doing that way. But you’ll be amazed that in Sahaja Yoga people develop such self-respect that now we have people, say, from Bombay or from Pune who have come here. All of them are paying for their food and everything. Nobody is trying to [shortage?] and they want to pay for everything. If the self-respect does not develop in Sahaja Yoga it’s useless. It’s useless to be a Sahaja Yogi.

In Bombay I’ve seen, or in other small places like Sholapur and all that, all of them, they would pay for any function that they want to have, everything. Whatever little money they have to pay, say one rupee, two rupees, three rupees, whatever it is, it’s needed, whatever they need for their purposes, without any asking, without any asking. That is one of the signs of Sahaja Yoga. You’ll be surprised that we don’t have to go round and ask people, “You should pay”, “I’ll pay tomorrow.” This is the sign of a deep Sahaja yogi. He’s very responsible as to what he has to pay for this God’s work. Of course, I don’t need any money and, on the contrary, My husband pays Me quite a lot for My traveling and so many other things. I don’t need any money Myself, but for their own purposes, whatever money they need, you see, they must understand that if you don’t pay, somebody else has to pay. And it’s the charges are absolutely, there’s no profit, nothing. So the charges are just that is needed, and so everybody pays. Even if you say, “Achcha, let it be. Doesn’t matter,” they’ll say, “No. You have, we have to pay, because it’s punyakarma.” You see, this kind of self-respect when it comes into human beings, then one should know it’s a real transformation coming.

Money matters also, I’ve seen. You see, I’m very bad at it, because I really don’t understand money. I’m hopelessly bad. I don’t know how to even sign My check. So I have to ask somebody else to write and I just sign. Anybody can really deceive Me if they want to, because I’m very bad. I trust people to the last. But you’ll be amazed that Sahaja yogis never waste a single pie. I’ve never seen one Sahaja yogi paying more or less or making money out of Sahaja Yoga. I never take accounts from My Sahaja yogis, trustees or all that. On the contrary, I just ask one of the auditors to see themselves. And they said, “We have never seen such a clear-cut trust anywhere.” We have no black money, nothing of the kind. He said, “There’s no problem at all because it’s so clear-cut that the bank itself is being auditing for you. So what is there?” So you see, these people are doing so sweetly and so beautifully. It’s nice to see it. You see, once such people come up in this country, a so-called bhrastachaar will go away. See, once you have your self-respect and you are a satisfied person, you will not indulge into all these nonsensical things, but you will become so self-satisfied, and then the blessings come. As soon as you start taking to honesty and good behavior, the blessings of God comes to you.

In our country we don’t have to worry so much of morality part because that much we have. But as far as the money is concerned, we really go crazy. We just can’t understand that in money matters we have to be clean, that we have to be honest. This is the money of our country, and we should not try to make money out of something which is cheap, which is without self-respect. And this thing if I tell you, you can’t do, but once you get to Sahaja Yoga you’ll just do it. You’ll be amazed that in all My ten years time I have seen people have been so scrupulously honest, so scrupulously honest that I was amazed. Not even once I’ve seen that people have tried to steal money or do anything like that. Except that we go to some temple, for example, you see where every sort of Dick, Tom, Harry is there, you see, in the temple, open place. Then naturally they will even take away the shoes of the Sahaja yogis who have come from abroad. All sorts of nonsense they do. And these people who have come here, when they see the Sahaja yogis here they are so enamored, and they think that Indians are so high, such high people, they are so good, they are so moral, they are extremely honest, and this and that. All the certificates they give. But once they get mixed up with the public they are stunned. The shoes they’ll take away. [Jo bhi mil jaye utha ke le jaate hai] They don’t know what is the real public here is, but they think that we are extremely honest, straightforward, just like other Sahaja yogis are.

Specially in the villages, you’ll be amazed how Sahaja Yoga has transformed people. They have given up drinking. Thousands and thousands of people have given up drinking, smoking and tobacco. All that they have given up, and now they are Sahaja Yogis. They said, “This is a new method. This is a new road on which we are.” All that is forgotten now. That is finished, and the way they are, you’ll be amazed that from Pandrapur we had some Brahmins came for Sahaja Yoga. They got their realization and they told us, “Mother, now we have decided to raise these Brahmins to their real position of a Brahmin. Now we realize we are not Brahmins. We are just trying to claim that we are Brahmins. We are not at all Brahmins. And we are going to raise these people to this level. What we have seen in Pandrapur is nothing but looting and all sorts of corruption. So we pray to You that You do something about it, that in that Pandrapur temple something good should happen.” They told Me like this. Within eight days the government took over.

But the desire was so sharp and so intense and so genuine that it works. If your desire is half-way, is not with clean heart, then it doesn’t work out. But if somebody is with that desire asks, you see, it works out so fast. I was amazed that within eight days the thing was taken away. While the people were minting money out of that temple. Every temple is like that now. Every temple has become like that. It’s all a money-making proposition. Everything is a money-making proposition, and I do not think any organization is beyond corruption now. We can’t blame one and say another is good. Everywhere there is corruption going on. Now, in the name of God, at least don’t do corruption. You can do corruption otherwise, what you want to do, but in the name of God if you do corruption means you are not at all afraid of God. You are not at all afraid. You have become satanic. You have become demonic. That you are doing it in the name of God Almighty, how can you do it? And on top of that they give big speeches on morality, “We should not do this. We should do not,” and at the back they are taking all these things.

There’s a gentleman who is giving big lectures about these things and say that you should become absolutely vegetarian, this ,that, and just get detached from your [mundane/money]. “Give all that to me. Give your purse to me. I’ll look after it. Don’t worry.” It’s a very funny situation. But once you come to Sahaja Yoga you realize that your self-respect is the most important. In this country of ours a Chinese traveler has written that people never used to lock their houses. My father never used to lock his house. He said, “It’s beyond self-respect to lock your house. Why should you lock your house?” And once only we had a theft and a fellow came in and he took away a gramophone. He said, “He must be fond of music. Let him have it.” He didn’t take anything else from our house. He took our… He said, “Very good. He must be fond of music and let him have it.” He was very happy that, you see, he said, “He should have come and asked for it.” He was very happy that he took away the gramophone because My father thought Indian music was something very great. So for him it was a sort of an obligation that he took away the gramophone from the house.

So you see, in our Indian thinking, Indian culture as it is, you see, we are not the people who depend on locks and things. We depend on God. We depend on our Spirit. That’s what we are. We don’t depend on all these things, counting, banking, insurance, this, that. I mean, in England if you go, your coat is insured, your sweater is insured, your everything is insured. And I, I don’t understand. I mean, in this country, at least, I can understand, but here nobody insures anything. Nobody insures. Everything is insured: there your brain is insured; your teeth is insured. It’s such a place where you realize that in our country we are not bothered about these things. But gradually it may come up if you blindly follow all that.

You see, they have become so insecure about themselves, because of war, maybe. I don’t know why they are so insecure, so insecure. You’ll be surprised, the people who came here to rule us are now like absolutely frightened people. [bhigi billi ban ke baithe hai] They cannot face life. They are so insecure, you can’t imagine. Even a rat will not enter into their houses. They will open a little bit of chink and see who is there, and just close it. They are so frightened of the world. I don’t know what has happened to them that they are so frightened.

Now, of course, we are also picking up from them, and lots of safety problems are here. But was, I know about is, about even ten years back it was not so bad. Or we can say, twenty years back it never existed in this Delhi of yours; it was no problem. But we are now so much money-minded that we think everybody’s a chor (translation: thief). So what? You said, “Everybody’s a chor. So what does it matter even if we go and do some theft?” But one has to understand that God Almighty is there to look after us. The Indians commit one sin, that is, the sin against the Father. Sin against the Father is the sin in which we do not believe that God Almighty is going to look after us, our well-being. He is going to give us the kshema, that He is God Almighty. He’s above then all the wealths and all the comforts and all the well-beings of the world and He is the bestower of all that. We don’t believe in that. If we believe in that, we will not indulge into all these practices and we’ll be very much satisfied and we’ll be amazed by thousands and thousands of [times] He will give you. This is how it has started now. Only about three, four days back I was telling you about the land, that people think I am rather a cynical person to expect to get the land without paying any bribe or black money. But see, we have got it and we got it free. This is how one should understand that one day people will realize the value of truthfulness, the value of honesty and the value of Sahaja Yoga, and then we’ll have no problem.

Today we are going to deal with our centers that exist within ourselves. [Hindi] Chakras that we have within ourselves are the ones which are doing the subtle divine work within ourselves. Now, as far as the medicine is concerned, it is such an analytical method that for psychology we have another doctor, for medicine we have another doctor, for say, surgery we have another doctor, for one eye we have one doctor, for another eye we have one doctor.

Now this I am talking about the synthesis of all these things, the source from where all this knowledge comes through. That is the subtle part. When it comes out it gets separated, divided and we can do it through analyses. But when it is inside go in the one. Then it is synthesis. It’s the synthesis of all the knowledge, synthesis of all the sources, synthesis of all the energies that are flowing. Imagine of an energy that is all magnetism, all electricity, all the panchamaha bhootas. It’s the energy that coordinates, cooperates, activates and loves. The energy that loves it knows how far to go, how delicately to work out, how far to bring round the people, the movement and everything it knows. Can you think of such an energy that is complete Divine Love? Now we are dealing with that energy. I’m not dealing with one energy or second energy or third energy. That’s why if somebody says, “Mother, can we see the vibrations?”, “You may. You may see.” I can’t say you cannot, at a level. But I was surprised that your photographs are catching the vibrations.

The other day we had a Puja and they had put some ‘geru’ on My Feet, and there was a photograph in which you could see very clearly the light passing through My Feet. I told them the two chakras are very active and from these two chakras tremendous light was flowing. That photograph is with Me. I was giving a lecture in one of the remote villages where there was a realized soul. He was a Muslim but he was a realized soul. And suddenly six times a light came, shaft of light came from the heavens. And it was photographed. All the six times it was photographed. When I put My hands like this it stopped. It’s true. I mean, your photographs are more honest and simple than human beings. You can’t see because there is something dishonest in your eyes. Can you imagine? The photographs, now the [bigyana/vigyana] the way the science has improved it is taking it.

Now My vibrations pass through this, through My sound into this. When I talk to you it’s working. When I stop talking also I can put My vibrations by putting My hands on you. Supposing you are catching on any chakra, I can rub it here and I can correct you. Can you imagine? I am using this power to pass this synthetic power onto you. Now there is nothing you can feel it, but yesterday when I was very much full of vibrations when I was talking to you and then I stopped and I just went near it and the sound started giving “huuuuuu” like that. It was nothing. I just moved nearer it. When I went back it stopped. So even in science you can see this time [happening]. But if you say, “Just now you show me,” that will never happen, because this energy also knows who is humble. “Why should I show you? Am I your servant? Why should I show you? How much have you paid for it?” The way people demand it as if they have paid for it. You see, the way they have right on Me as if they have paid for My traveling or they have paid for My food, I don’t understand. If you have any demand on Me it is because you love Me and I love you. There’s no other relationship between us. Please remember this.

So when you demand anything that you show us this and I will never show you. On the contrary, you’ll see something else. You see why these Sahaja yogis laugh, because they have had experiences. All of them have had nice experiences and that’s why they are laughing because they know what I am talking is absolute truth. If you try to be very smart with Me, then I can be even smarter. So, one has to understand that this is an energy of love, of God’s Love. And God you cannot get by forcing it onto you, by arguing about it, by only that it should become gracious. What we say in Hindi language is prasanna bhava, “Be happy. Be pleased with us.” If you get shouting, if you start misbehaving, if you don’t know how to sit, even then do you think the deities are going to be pleased? For an Indian it is an innate knowledge to know how to please the deities. It is an innate knowledge. But they are using it now for other things. For example, they know how to please a minister, how to please somebody else. They are not using it for the gods. Gods can be pleased with very least dedication. They know everything about you. It’s very simple to please them.

Now today I am going to tell you about the different centers and the deities that adorn them, if the time permits, because I am told that today is the last day of our program. And then I have to also tell you about the after realization what is to be done, which I’ll tell you in Hindi language as desired by many people here. The first chakra is the chakra of Mooladhara. I told you about it. I’ve also talked to you about the chakra of Nabhi which is the chakra of our dharma by which we sustain as human beings, of our evolution, by which we become human beings. The third chakra I’ve described is of Swadishthan which is in a jeopardy in Delhi, which is all the time converting the fat for the use of the brain, where people think too much and the problems created by that.

Now, with all these, these three chakras, now we go to the fourth chakra, which is a very important chakra because that is the one that gives you the sense of security, that is the center of the heart, the center of the Mother of the Universe, of the Jagadamba. Now if you see around the Nabhi chakra, surrounded are the ten great gurus who came on this earth at different times to establish our balance, our dharma, our sustenance. And these ten gurus, if they are disturbed too much, then we can have a very serious problem. First of all, if you fanatically believe in them, they themselves get angry with you. I’ve known people, say for example, Muslims, they are very fanatic. They always have stomach troubles. The reason is Mohamed Sahab himself is angry with them. Anybody who is a fanatic person, always gets into trouble because of these gurus getting angry. Fanaticism is against God. It is an anti-God activity. Any kind of fanaticism is an anti-God activity.

This is one side. The another side could be that some people deny that there is any good guru. Like I will say there is some gentleman, one gentleman who is teaching people that, “You are your own guru. Don’t believe in anybody else.” This means that you deny that there is anybody who is a good guru, whom you should follow. Actually, the fact is this that you have to have somebody to enlighten, like one enlightened light can only enlighten another light. The light which is not enlightened cannot by itself get enlightened. You need an enlightened light to enlighten it, isn’t it? It is logical. But the light which is going to enlighten has to be enlightened itself. Now the light which is past, gone, cannot enlighten you. That’s finished. That is there, that is there to help you, but it cannot enlighten you, cannot give you realization. You have to have some living light which is just now burning before you, to enlighten you.

So when they came you said, “No, no, no, no, no, not this, not this, not this.” “We believe.” Say like when Rama came they said, “We believe in Parashurama.” When Krishna came, they said, “We believe in Rama.” When Buddha came they said, “We believe in Krishna.” Very good. Not to believe in the person who has come now, but to believe in something that was there. Why? Because it helps you a lot. Actually it does not. But you can use that guru as you like. About Krishna you can say what you like. About Rama what, you say what you like. About Nanaka you say what you like. About everybody you can say what you like. That He said so, He said so, they all feel they have become themselves the gurus. Because you can use them also very well.

But they cannot give you realization; that’s a fact. When I die, if somebody comes after Me even you will say that, “We are the believers of Mataji only and we don’t believe you.” It’s wrong. The one who comes, who is living, that is the time He is going to give you realization. But all of them, when they came you all only tortured them. [Give them all/Leave alone] realization, [give them all, leave alone] anything. You saw to it that they just got disgusted with you. I’ve seen some gurus, who are really very good gurus, who are very evolved people, who are living in the Himalayas and some mountains. I’ve met them. They have told Me, “Mother, don’t tell us to come down. We don’t want to have these wretched people. They will never understand You, and they will all torture You. But You are so powerful, You don’t mind. You go ahead, but we do not want to have anything to do with it.”

Somebody has broken hands. Somebody has broken legs. These people have broken our legs, broken our hands. But to false guru they’ll give money, this, that, send their wives, children, all their purses, but to a real guru they will finish him off. There’s one whom I send to America. I said, “Why don’t you go and see? Go to America.” He came back within eight days. He said, “These Americans, they are not human beings. [Where/Why] did you send me there? They’ll kill me. I’m going to be killed very soon.” I said, “Why?” He said, “You cannot, you see, if you tell somebody he gets cured you can be prosecuted in that country.” I said, “If Christ goes there He’ll be prosecuted, too.” He said that they, they don’t understand if you tell them, “You have to lead a good life”. But same thing about everyone. So these people are hiding themselves.

Another one told Me, “I’ll come after twelve years. I’ll see if you still exist.” They, they, they have no faith in [them/you]. They had no faith in [them/you]. And they are really angry; absolutely all of them are angry. Another one sits with big stones, you see. Anybody goes there, he needs to throw stones. He doesn’t want to meet anyone, have nothing to do with them. He said, “These are blind people and they’ll just hit you and kill you. They are like serpents who cannot see anything. They’ll go on biting.” This what they feel about you, to be very frank.

Only those who are in the market are there. And you like them because they are in the market. You think that you have purchased the guru. Now, you go to the guru; you say, “All right. This guru is good?”, “Oh, he is very good”. Because they put up show-off. There’s no brotherhood, nothing, but they will stand up like that, talk like that. You are so much impressed and you don’t mind paying any money. Actually, it happens that people go on like a racecourse. “How much have you been given?”, “I will give you so much.” There are religions and religions where people think that [Hindi]. They announce, they put it in the paper you see, for the [kapoora] to be applied on the forehead of some god. “How much did you pay?” “Last year I paid three thousands.” “Oh, this year, the price was more. I paid five thousands.” They talk like that. You see, such stupid people. Such stupid people.

They’ll say, “We did the seva for three thousands rupees.” Another will say that, “I did for eight thousands rupees.” And they tell you that, you see, last year, you see, if they have to give their bona fides you can find out. “I gave eight thousands for such and such Puja.” This is what it is. And then when the gurus, this is one side of the gurus is that you start believing into wrong type of gurus, because of your temperament, I should say. Somebody gives you a diamond ring. What is there to believe in a diamond ring? Can’t you buy a diamond ring yourself? If you can’t buy it, forget it. God is not going to give you diamond rings. What is this diamond for God? It’s not even the dust of His Feet. And somebody gives you something, nonsensical thing, you believe in that. Or somebody makes you take out your clothes and jump like mad. You think, “Aha, what a guru. He’s taken out our clothes.” Such stupid people live in this world that sometimes, you know, I really justify these people when they say, “Mother, you go ahead with these mad people.” All such funny things, you see. If you tell them to stand on their heads they will do it. I mean, there is no end to stupidity, no end to stupidity.

There’s another lady who is collecting blankets. She gives it to some sadhujis in some place, I don’t know. People are sending her blankets. She is just like an agent. She’s an agent; that’s what she is. She’s just collecting blankets. I mean, why should I collect blankets from you to send somebody? Send it directly. Why should I do it? Why should God be brought in?

Then another people are like missionaries, you see missionaries, so-called. Let them do this work. You have created poverty. You have created your problem. You solve it. Why bring God in it? To say that you are doing missionary work, do it. But it’s just social work. It has nothing to do with God. Don’t bring in God to this level that, you see, you collect money from these, I find this big organization and then I get this money for the poor. And do it. That’s a good thing. You do it. Because you have done the problem you solve it, all right. But it’s a social work, remember. It’s not God’s work. And do not bring in God there. God’s work is said that it moves free.

If you bring a patient to Me, supposing, then it’s a special. I mean, no question of charge nor anything, but just I put My hand on his head because he becomes part and parcel of Me. Who is the other to do any service to anyone? Who is the other? He’s a part and parcel of My being. In that moment, I know when he is having a problem. I just put attention to deep that, and if the person cures well and good. If he is worth for curing he’ll be cured. If he’s not worth of curing he’ll not be cured. I [will/am] not bothered as to the result of it. But you can’t pay for it. You cannot say that, “This is some sort of a missionary work I am doing.” Then I ask other people paying for it, so I give it to other poor people.

Actually, this is a very wrong idea to give free money to poor people also. I mean, if they are absolutely dying, then it’s all right. But otherwise you make them parasites. You see, you must face them. Bring them to self-respect. Also, these so-called rich people, you see, they are, I don’t know what happens to them. They are so blind that they think they can go on accumulating money as much as they like and then from the other [hand/end] also it disappears. It’s a mad world, I tell you, in which these gurus find themselves and they run away and only the gurus that are wrong type of gurus are on this earth. If you have false things, if you see a piece made of a plastic, say of a flower, you must know there has to be a real flower, too. How can you deny that? You cannot deny that there is no real flower. There has to be a real flower to have so many plastic there. I agree that you may not meet the real flower. It’s a different point. But there is a real flower and has to be because these plastics are created out of that.

Now the sensitivity of people as people say is not good because we are not understanding that a good guru, a guru who is a real guru must have something higher than us. If he is a parasite on us, he lives on our money, then he is a parasite. How can he be a guru? If he is a, say, Christ was a carpenter’s son. So he lived like a carpenter’s son. Because they are themselves kings, they are baadshahs. They don’t want anybody’s money. They don’t want to live on anybody’s money and prosper on that. If possible, they can only give their own money to cover up the things. But they will not live on your money. That is one thing we should know about a guru. And there are so many other things by which you can judge a good guru. But without a guru you cannot get realization.

Now in Sahaja Yoga we don’t allow any Sahaja yogi to call himself a guru. Because all of you are My children; I am your Mother. You all become your own gurus. You don’t need any guru anymore. Now this guru tattwa is also spoilt very much when you denounce God. When you also accept wrong gurus and put this forehead at the horrible feet of these horrible gurus, then you develop a terrible chakra here called as Ekadasha Rudra. That is one of the signs of starting a cancer within you. You develop that kind of a horrible thing called Ekadasha Rudra, means there are eleven rudras, the [vidhavance], the destroyers are there. And that is the beginning of the end. So one has to be careful as to whom to bow this end. Even to a minister or to these, anyone of these people. You need not go on all the time polishing their shoes. You must have your self-respect. What is the need? What do you want to have? What do you want to become? People have no respect for a man like that. After all, you do it all for respect, isn’t it? For your self-respect, isn’t it? That you should be respected. But nobody respects you. You may have cars; you may have everything but people don’t respect you. They say, “He is a man without any respect.”

An intrinsic man, a man who has got that intrinsic quality, that sterling quality, is always respected, specially in this country. He may be poor man; does not matter. Shastriji, when he died he had debts on his head, but still taking Shastriji’s name people hold their hearts. Same with My father, I would say. Those who knew him, you see, when he died he didn’t even make his will or anything. But I mean, people when they think of him, they think, “Oh, what a thing.” So this is what one must know that if it is so, why not stick on to it. But that can only happen if you get your realization. You will work it out as soon as it happens. [Hindi] Please open the windows. [Hindi] So this is what it is.

We have to keep our guru tattwa intact. That is, you have to become the guru by yourself. In Sahaja Yoga your Kundalini will rise, it will enlighten your guru tattwa and you become your own guru. Do not think of any other guru anymore now. Later on you will know who are the real gurus, what was their essence of teaching, why they taught it, everything you understand and then you will know how to respect them in the real way, and anybody comes and challenges about them, you can tell them that this is what he was. See, you won’t be in a sort of a position where you will be apologetic, but you can tell exactly about every guru what sort of a guru he was. Now regarding you can move in for [the relative of] others. [Hindi]