Futuristic Attitudes

Caxton Hall, London (England)

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Public program, ‘Futuristic Attitudes’, Caxton Hall, London (United Kingdom)

It’s so beautiful to come back to London to meet all of you, again, after such a big gap, I felt. It’s a funny feeling one gets when you leave the country and you are away, and then you find other people same way when you leave them. You feel an ocean of compassion and love.

We have been very successful in India. Indian climate is, I think, changing very fast and people are finding it easier to take to Sahaj Yog than before. Luckily, some people were cured by Sahaj Yog which made people think about it. Apart from that, they found out, as you found out about Blake, that a gentleman, a very famous seer known as Bhrugu, who wrote the prophecies about modern times two thousand years back, has talked about Sahaja Yoga very clearly and he says that, not so precise as Blake is but, in a way, about Sahaja Yoga, that the Kundalini Shakti will be awakened in a very Sahaja way. And that it’s a new system by which thousands will get realisation. According to his proportions, in one crore. Crore is how much Gavin? Hundred thousand? Ten million? Ten Million.

Among ten million people, there will be one person who will get realisation. Then these people will start giving realisation to others and so many will get their Atmasakshatkar, means Self-realisation. Also he describes about vibrations and so many things, and what happens after realisation. That you can start seeing the Kundalini and all those minute things with your naked eyes. That you can see the throbbing of the Kundalini with this new method. And so many things he has described: that they had to take to Sahaja Yoga because they knew this was it – that’s what you have to expect. And it worked out so well that thousands and thousands of people, thousands.

Now, it is very important for these seers to see those things of the future because human beings are such that, unless and until they have something already certified, you see – the ‘bonafides’ of a person – people don’t believe, and that’s why it was important that such a thing was written about Sahaja Yoga. Because what I have studied with other people who came to me from other groups is that: most of them were brainwashed people. I mean, they didn’t know what they were talking about, they didn’t know what was Kundalini, they didn’t know what was Self-realisation, they did not know any one of their own powers, they did not know how to work it out – nothing! I mean they were just zeros! Just zeros you see. And they just were wearing some dresses and things like that and wearing some sort of a necklace or maybe a bangle in the hand, to say that they belong to a particular cult, but they didn’t know what it was, actually nothing was intelligible to me, to understand why were they in that cult, what were they doing there. And everybody was hoping for the future, for the future.

I concluded on one point: I think most of the Western people are futuristic. They live in the future. Neither in the past, nor in the present, but they live in the future. And these futuristic tendencies make you hope for something better, that something will come out, something will work out. “Let me do what I’m doing, is alright.” And they don’t even want to think that, “What I am doing, is it correct or incorrect?” They just accept whatever they have accepted. Maybe it’s also another ego-trip, perhaps, that, “I have accepted this, now I don’t want to change,” sort of a thing. But I was surprised, they didn’t know anything about God, about themselves, about their Spirit, about their Kundalinis, about their chakras, about anybody’s chakras – nothing! They were just in the dark, lost people. And real seekers, absolutely real seekers!

I was amazed at the way they got realisation also. Some of the foreigners who came in Delhi were wonderful people. But they said, “We think drug is the way!” I said, “But why do you think like that?” You see they have conceptions which are futuristic also, that, “We are experimenting with this we are experimenting with that, and definitely we are going to reach somewhere.” But, supposing, if you are coming to Caxton Hall and if you are directed towards the airport, how will you come to Caxton Hall? Maybe if you go round the whole world, maybe! If you think the world is round.

But the plane of God, is not a round world. It’s an ascent. It’s an ascent. It’s not that you can go here, there, there, everywhere, and then somehow you find God. It’s not like that. Or somehow you find your Spirit. It’s a higher level. It’s a higher position one has to rise [to]. It’s not at the same level [that] you are going to find it. This they don’t understand. They don’t understand. They think that on this level only if you move, with this human awareness, what we have, with our rationality, with our thinking, by our reading, we’ll achieve that. I was amazed, I mean, I didn’t know that human beings think like that, that you can achieve anything with your rationality and with your intelligence. You cannot! What can you achieve? Because whatever is to be achieved, you have already achieved that.

But what is to be understood [is] that, these futuristic people think that the way they are progressing, or whatever the way they are moving, [that] they are moving the right direction. Until they are completely finished and fagged out how are they going to find out?

It’s a complete brainwash for these people and it’s a very dangerous thing. I was myself so much upset with all that. But I do not know what is the solution for these people if they are that futuristic.

Now we must know what happens to a person when he becomes futuristic. It’s a very dangerous situation also [in] every way. Physically, mentally, emotionally, in every way, a futuristic person has lots of problems.

The first problem that arises by living into the future is that you forget the past. You completely forget the past. You just live in the future, you forget the past. You don’t even remember, sometimes, your own name! We had one gentleman who came to see me. He was the president of a Dhulia conference or something, a big man, supposed to be. He came round. And he didn’t remember even his wife’s name! Can you imagine? And the wife was crying, poor thing. She said, “He doesn’t even remember my name Mother! It’s gone so bad as that.” So I asked him, “Do you remember your name?” So he said, “Well, I think…let me think, let me think..” Now thinking is moving right side! You see, left side is finished! “I think..” again. He couldn’t! And I found out from him that he was planning and he was doing this. “I’m going to do this to Dhulia’s city. I’m going to work out this for Dhulia city and I’m going to arrange this…” and everything was in his mind but nothing that was past. And the balance was so much upset that he was absolutely future and nothing of past. He had very high blood pressure, very high blood pressure. And imagine a person who doesn’t even remember his own name, to walk about in the streets of London! One would be lost. You know, police would have to catch hold of him and put him in a jail. It’s a very abnormal situation. But we reach that situation because we start enjoying that kind of a thinking, indulging into that kind of a rationality and then ending up with a life like that: high blood pressure, heart trouble, diabetes, paralysis.

Anything is possible with this kind of movement of futuristic attitude.

But future does not exist, does not exist. It is just in our mind. And whatever is in our mind is not reality. That we have conceived ourselves. Reality is what it is. You cannot conceive it. It exists. Only thing what we can do is to rise up to it and to see for ourself what reality is, actually what it means.

Now the trouble with this ego business is that it’s like a balloon, you know. It’s really like a balloon. The more you start thinking about it, it takes you away from reality, like as if you float in the air and you don’t know what you are doing. You have lost all contacts with the Mother Earth and you are floating in the air. This has started in us because when we became human beings from the animal stage you see, we started taking up upon ourselves the responsibility, responsibility to be ourselves, that we are something: I am something, you are something, you are Mr. X, you are Mr. Y, you are Mr. Z. But as human beings are – go to the extremes as usual – they cannot stop at a point. So they went into such a limit of extremes [that] now they have forgotten also ‘I’, who is this ‘I’. You ask the name they said, “By the way I think this, that.” So all identifications are lost with the past. And one may say that it is a very good thing because they were all misidentifications [that] are lost. But even the identifications with the future are also hallucinations. That’s not the Truth. That’s not the Truth.

One has to be in the present. And how do you do it? Not by listening to any lecture or going to any library to find out. You cannot do it, again, with this brain that is today. You have to have a brain which has that spark in it, that light in it – enlightened brain. You are to be an enlightened person. Unless and until you are enlightened, you cannot see your way through, you are walking in the dark, really you are walking in the dark. And when this light comes into you- that is the light within us, placed there all the time. It’s the light of our Spirit. It has to come in our attention. And God has arranged everything for us, everything. There’s a way of our germination which has to take place, and when it takes place you can feel that Spirit in your attention.

Now there is another misunderstanding I find [that] people have about Spirit: they think Spirit is an energy. It is not! It’s not an energy. Energy can be transformed, it can be changed, it can be evolved, it can be handled and all that. Spirit is not! Spirit is absolute! It cannot be compared with anything else that you know of. It is an absolute thing. It resides in your heart. It’s the reflection of God Almighty, within ourselves. And you cannot call it an energy. Energy can be finished off, spent away, it can disappear into thin air. Not the Spirit. It’s a permanent entity. It is absolute, by itself, and it cannot be compared with anything else. I mean, just to give an analogy, one can say something, but that’s a different point – just to give. But you cannot compare an absolute with anything that is relative. So that’s an absolute thing within you, which resides in your heart, and when this residual power of Kundalini rises it ignites the attention within you with this spark of the Spirit.

Now, supposing, this light is here, take it [as an example]. If you put on this light – of course this light is an energy so you cannot compare with anything you know, that’s the trouble, but still [if] you say this is the light – now this light enlightens this whole atmosphere and we start seeing things here clearly. But do you think that light which is there is the one that is your attention? Not at all. Your attention is enlightened by that light. The light enlightens your attention; by that attention you can feel the All-pervading Power, the Divine Power, the energy of God, the Divine Energy of God, the energy of love of God. You can feel it because it’s a connecting link. Spirit is the connecting link. But it is completely absolute. It just connects you to that All-pervading Power, that All-pervading Power.

I think we have talked about Creation when we said that, the whole Parabrahma became the energy and God Almighty, which was lost in the Parabrahma, means [in] a sleeping state, became the Witness. Now this Witness is in the heart of human beings. This Witness is all the time there. When it disappears you do not exist! So it is not an energy. One has to understand.

Actually, someone has written a book on Sahaja Yoga and when I was going through it I was shocked to read that he thinks that Spirit is an energy! So, energy, the Shakti, is not that Spirit and the Spirit is not Shakti. They have to meet. They have to meet so that the enlightenment in human beings, [of] the chitta (attention), takes place.

Our ideas, whatever they are, are ideas. Even when I say to you something, I have always told that you shouldn’t take me for granted – you should see [for] yourself. You should see for yourself how it works out. But first of all you must have that microscope – the Spirit – you must have that level of understanding. You should go to that point, you must have the breakthrough. If you have not broken through that you won’t understand anything. You are not yet connected, there’s no enlightenment. Without enlightenment what’s the use of talking? Now, supposing I go and tell you there are red coloured curtains here and there’s a black coloured beams here, anything, and if the other person is blind, they are not going to understand anything [about] what is black what is red, what is yellow. But this is the truth, that we are blind. And also this is the truth that we can see. And then we can see the real Truth. So the truth that appears before us now is not the Truth. After realisation it is the real Truth.

I know one thing that, in the West, the rationality has gone too far. People rationalise everything, which has killed all the joy of life. Everything they rationalise, which kills the joy of life. In the East people just do not rationalise, they do not think about it. That is also going too far. But there is a meeting point between the East and the West. And the greatest [thing] of all is that the West has discovered the science. Science is responsible, today, for Sahaja Yoga. Only through science we are going to spread Sahaja Yoga – if people understand what is the meaning of Sahaja Yoga is. It’s a very dynamic thing no doubt. It’s working out tremendous things. But not in the places where people are very rationally judging everything.

Like a tree has got a shoot and a root. If it has got a shoot it has to have a root, otherwise shoot cannot hang in the air! It has to have a root. Now, in the West, we are the shoots. You see, everybody can see everything. You can see what we have achieved, “This is the achievement.” We have got big, huge affluent societies. People are working out all kinds of gadgets and this and that. But from where is the energy coming? Somebody must have worked the down way also, in the root, which you cannot see.

To understand the root you have to change your style. It’s alright, to become the shoot was different, but supposing you have to understand the root, you have to go down and you have to change your attitude. And that attitude is of trying to understand that we are not yet our Spirit.

All the prophets, all the great incarnations have said that, “You are to be born again,” that you have to become the Spirit. We are not. Let us very humbly accept that. If you accept that, that we are not yet realised souls – that’s all, we have to know – then it’s easier. But if we think, now people come to Sahaja Yoga’s system, I have seen, in the West, it’s very difficult to convince them. I have to sit in a particular manner I have to talk in a particular manner and I may not be that good at English manners maybe. So they will say that, “Oh, this lady is no good, she doesn’t know any English manners!” you see. And they’ll judge you on some superficial things which may be good for the shoot, but not for the root.

Under these circumstances it is rather difficult to convince people about Sahaja Yoga. But you must know that I am now talking about the roots and not about the shoot. Shoot you have got, you have got it, but you have to find the sustenance of it. If you do not find it, the whole thing will topple down. As it is very important to have the shoot, it’s even more important sometimes to have a root, after some time, because if you are exhausted in your energy it’s better to develop your root system, enrich it so that you sustain your society much better and achieve the fruits of your creation.

I see some new faces here and I’m very happy to see that there are some new people who have come to Sahaj Yog. For all the new people, I would like to say one thing: that many people come to Sahaja Yoga out of which, of course, now we have many people who are now Realised souls here, sitting down. It’s a great thing that there are so many Realised souls in England, specially in London. But many are lost because they just judge things on their own way. So I have to request that you must give some time to yourself and to Sahaja Yoga, because you are all seekers. I don’t want you to be lost.

The other day somebody read me out from John’s Gospel that he says that only 144,444 people will be saved. I said, “This is very miserly of him to say such a thing!” “That’s all?” I said, “That’s all?” I mean how can it be? Only such a small number? I just couldn’t believe that how could he say such a thing. Perhaps his counting is wrong I think, or whatever it is, but I hope so it’s not that bad. And how many are going to join from England, we have to see. Blake had great ideas, he wanted to build Jerusalem, and he went into all kinds of details. I hope we’ll be able to do some justice to him as well.

It is a great pleasure to come back to your own children after such a long stay there. I always thought of you here. All of you were in this cold, facing the cold weather of this country. And also, was thinking that, one day, this country will become a great country of spiritual life. I know this has to work out from this country only. In India of course, it’s very easy, but this country is the heart, heart, and we have to establish here. It’s difficult I know, but we all have to work very hard. And, after this, I hope you all decide to go all over, wherever possible, to spread Sahaja Yoga. That is the greatest thing that we have to do. This year, according to astrology in India, the English are going to come up with new ideas and I would like to know their new ideas when we have this birthday celebration.

So, is it for birthday celebration today that, Gavin, you have arranged this programme? Birthdays are good when you are growing, but when you are getting old they are not so good isn’t it?

This birthday has a special significance I feel because, in that book also, it is written that, this year, something great should happen and something great should come up. And we all have to understand that, if we lose the time, maybe we’ll lose many people who are just lost because of their ignorance. And we have to save them, we have to definitely save them. There is no doubt [that] they are all seekers. They are seekers and lost. It’s our duty to save them. We have to really work very hard to find out all such people and go close to them, talk to them and help them.

Thank you very much.

From the new people I would like to have some questions if there are any, because when we go into meditation I do not want your mind to come up and suddenly say, “Oh, you did not ask this question.” or to think about it or to work it out. It’s a spontaneous thing. As you place a seed in the Mother Earth and the warmth of the Mother Earth, which you can say the love of the Mother Earth sprouts the seed. In the same way this germination takes place, this germination takes place within you, automatically, spontaneously. You don’t have to do anything about it. We have done nothing to become human beings and we have to do nothing to become super-human beings also. Afterwards, after realisation, of course you have to maintain yourself. Like you have to maintain yourself to be a human being and not to become a beast. In the same way, you have to remain an angel and not to become a fallen angel, after realisation, that’s all. And it works out, absolutely spontaneously, and you become, again [I’m saying] you become. You really become a different person. You start noticing that difference showing in you. With some people it takes more time. With some it takes very little. But I have seen people have to go, in that transition period, carefully. But it works out, it does work out. I haven’t yet seen a person who has got realisation [who] is lost. He comes back I see there are vibrations still he has not worked it out, of course, there are problems, but still, you can maintain it, you can put it right.

So this is the Kundalini and there are six centres above that and one centre below. Now these six centres are within us. All of us have got it. These are the subtle centres which give us our plexuses and these plexuses are the gross manifestation of these centres. These centres are pierced through. Only the six centres, because the seventh one is at the base of the Kundalini. That’s our innocence and that’s the one which is not pierced through. The Kundalini rises, passing through these centres, pierces through this fontanelle bone area, and gives us a real, actual baptism – actual. It’s not that “I baptise you,” put the hand there, it’s not that. You actually feel the throbbing on your head and you see the piercing, by feeling the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost pouring out of your head. You can feel it very clearly. That’s how it is.

It is surprising how people reconcile to things because they say that the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost is there. Now where is the cool breeze? Ask these people. We say that, “We bless you with the Trinity.” But where is the cool breeze? Where is the cool breeze? When you talk of blessing somebody with the Trinity there has to be the cool breeze because cool breeze of the Holy Ghost has to be there. And there is no cool breeze, so how are we to believe that what they are saying is what they are meaning? And that is what is the Truth is. You have to have the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost and where is the cool breeze? That’s one of the points one should find out.

Now this cool breeze is not only a simple cool breeze. It definitely acts, it works, it cures. There is a case, recently, interesting, that I was actually in a village in India when a father of a son came to see me, who, the son, was sent to America for treatment for blood cancer, And, of course, I gave vibrations from there but I asked one of the American girls to treat him and he’s cured, hundred percent he’s out of the hospital. Yes, it can be done! And it is so fantastic. you can do it. I need not do. You can do it. It’s that girl Christine who has done it and she has cured him, completely, hundred percent. The boy is out of the hospital and is going back to India.

So all these things can be done. This has to happen. Once it works out then one has to work out a little bit more to understand how to use the power, how to use the power. It’s very simple, it is so spontaneous. Nobody told us how to see. Did anybody tell us? We have eyes, we can see. It is so spontaneous. Because we have got eyes which can see, so we are seeing it. What is there to be told about it or taught about it that, “You see that now there is a…” It is there, we can see it with our own eyes. What is there to teach? Do we teach our own nose that there’s a fragrance coming in? It knows that it is coming in.

This is known as bodha. It is the knowledge by which you can feel it. It’s not the knowledge that you read in the books. If you read in the books “The roses smell like this,” will you get the smell? Or [if] there are some people who wear a Rolls Royce on their neck, a picture of Rolls Royce and they think, “We are going in a Rolls Royce very nicely!” Do you do that way? It’s stupid isn’t it? But it is the stupid things people do. They carry on with such artificial things believing that they are doing it. So one has to know that it is an actualisation, it has to happen, it has to work out within you. You cannot just befool yourself saying that, “I am that, I am this, I am that.” If you say, “I am the governor,” do you become the governor? It’s simple as that, absolutely very simple. And, once it happens, as it is simple to you to be a human being, it will be as simple to you to be a Sahaja Yogi. Only thing: to be a Sahaja Yogi you have to know. As you have learned your language you have to know the language of Sahaja Yoga: what does this finger means, if you get the burning on this finger what does that mean, what does this mean. Everything you have to know, just decoding, and I am here just for decoding, nothing more than that.

Now any more questions?

Seeker: Yes, is it possible for the Kundalini to be opened prematurely? Hypnotism or brainwashing or something and you can do anything good with it, constructive, is it possible to have this opened prematurely? In a non-developed state

Shri Mataji: Kundalini doesn’t need any development it is complete by itself. It doesn’t need any development as such. But, what happens, when the Kundalini passes through these centres, the centres could be sick, could be constricted, there could be a problem, somebody may be an imbalanced person, or you may be a person who doesn’t follow certain rules and regulations of sustenance, could be there. Some sort of a thing is there.

Seeker: Could it be the person might be too open?

Shri Mataji: Yes, vulnerable type who accepts everything, you see.

Seeker: Yes.

Shri Mataji: goes to the lunatic asylums also, wants to be with the rogues and wants to be with this, wants to be with that, all that. You see, such a person can be also in torture. But that is the path, the path of Kundalini could be in trouble, could be. But Kundalini is not that way. Of course, sometimes She is so hurt, I have seen her being very much hurt, passing through that path She feels so hurt. But that’s a different point. Now this Kundalini is there, just matured, sitting down there, waiting for a moment to rise. Now what happens, when people who are not authorised by Divine Power of God, who are not holy people – we should put it straight forward, who are not really holy people but just are unholy people, or you can put any strong word you want – ‘hypocrites’ or anything. If they try any tricks with the Kundalini then there’s a Deity sitting on the first centre, He hits them hard! And that hitting can cause big problems, like people can develop blisters. Not the Kundalini, she is extremely kind, she is your Mother, She is not going to do any harm. But this Deity which is the Deity embodying your innocence, it can’t bear any wrong entry to the Mother, so that Deity gets angry and you get problems of the sympathetic nervous system. And such people have so many problems. They can have blisters on the body, even cancer! Because these people have no authority, they cannot awaken it. They cannot awaken it. For example, if you put a seed under a hot blanket, will it prosper? It will die out. It has to be the Mother Earth. In the same way the one who is authorised to do the Kundalini awakening has to do it. Anybody who tries otherwise then He harms the person. And [it] can be very harmful.

So that kind of a horrible thing happens to many people when they just try to bow to wrong type of people. This head is not to be bowed to anyone who has not given you realisation. Why should you? You shouldn’t bow to me also! I have not given you realisation [yet]. When I will give you realisation, then you should bow to me. But in India if you tell people, “Don’t bow to me,” they have already accepted me, you see, so they feel very hurt if I say, “Don’t bow to me you are not realised.” But here I would say, I would prefer a person not to bow to me till he has got his realisation. That is very important. Because after all, I may be a hocus-pocus – could be, possibly – so why trust me that way? Don’t put your head at my feet. You just have your realisation first and then.

But it is quite true, people are playing havoc with it, absolutely havoc. It’s very dangerous. You see a person who doesn’t know how to put on the light can burn his fingers and say that electricity is wrong. But he doesn’t know anything, he’s naive. To put it very mildly we can say they are naive. But there are sinister people also who deliberately do it just to torture people.

That’s why people are frightened also to hear about Kundalini. I know a gentleman has written such a thick book and he says the Kundalini is in the stomach! I said, “It’s not there, it’s not there!” I mean, it’s so absurd to hear such things, but they right books without any authority. You see, anybody can talk about God! Hitler used to talk about God also! Who’s going to catch hold of him?

But you can see the throbbing of the Kundalini. In these programmes you can see, of some people, where there’s an obstruction. On the Nabhi chakra, you can see the throbbing; clearly you can see it. Many, all, of these people have seen, those who are sitting.

What else? It’s a good question. Because it’s very common. I have seen people have read about Kundalini. You are all seekers you know, you are all seekers, so you are seeking, you are reading all these books. I know that you are reading all these books and that’s how you know about all these things. But it’s not the main thing. Main thing is: Kundalini awakening must give you realisation, must give you your own power.

I may be very powerful, or whatever it is, so what? What’s the use? Unless and until you have some powers of your own, why should you believe anyone? But people are brainwashed you see; there is some purpose behind it. It’s money making propositions. All are money making propositions, take it from me.

Seeker: How do you raise the Kundalini Mother, what can you do?

Shri Mataji: Nothing! Just now we’ll do it but it’s nothing [that] has to be done. That’s the main point. It’s sahaja. It’s just spontaneous. Nothing! What can we do to make a flower a fruit? It’s as simple as that. Alright? It will work out.

That’s a good question [it] means you are anxious [to get it].

What about getting all the people who are new in front and all the people who are old, very old, a little backward (laughing).

So all those. Is there anybody sitting at the back who is new? Come forward, please, come forward.

There is nothing to be frightened about Kundalini. She is your Mother, She’s extremely kind.

Sahaja Yogi: Mother should we make room for people to come and sit down?

Shri Mataji: I mean, they can’t sit on the ground. So, those who can sit on the ground can come down. Yes, that’s alright, yah.

First two rows is alright if they are there. Just come along! Come along! It’s good.

Come here, come here, come forward, yah. Come along, come, yah.

These are all seekers.

Don’t worry. Don’t worry about anything. You see, even if you have been taking drugs, if you have been going to other gurus, you might think you are a sinner or you might think you are a very guilty person. Whatever you are thinking, now forget about it! Just forget about it. Don’t feel guilty, that’s first thing, is – don’t feel guilty. You should say, “Mother, I am not guilty,” that’s very important. That’s one thing: that you are not guilty. You are the temple of God. You have come here to become that, to know that. So you are not to feel guilty at all. That’s one of the greatest problems of the West is that they feel guilty.

So please tell yourself thrice, clearly that, “Mother I am not guilty,” For anything! Everything will be forgiven. What is it? It is nothing. Say there’s an ocean of forgiveness, an ocean of love, an ocean of compassion. What is this? Little speck here and there? Cannot be washed off? It’s very simple. Your karmas and all that Christ can suck it. He resides here, once he’s awakened he’ll suck all your problems. Just don’t worry. Trust in Him.

Good. Agnya opening out.

Now what you have to do is to put your hand towards me like this, because these are all the centres which are to be awakened so the news goes through this, or the message, you can say. And you can put the, both the hands towards me like this and close your eyes. That’s important. Don’t open your eyes because when Kundalini comes up here there’s a dilatation of the pupils so just keep your eyes shut. But sit in a very relaxed manner, very relaxed, very relaxed, very relaxed.

Just put both the hands towards me, just like this. Can you put? Just like this.

Put your hands also please. Why don’t you put your  hands?

Seeker: I only came to listen.

Shri Mataji: No there’s nothing more talking.

Just put your hands, please. There’s a right Agnya from the very beginning.

Put both the hands towards me and close your eyes. Just close your eyes.

(Mother rubs her hands and blows)

Keep your eyes closed. If they are flickering then you can open them, otherwise you keep them closed. And keep the face also still. No emotions or anything, just keep it still in a mood of witnessing. In a mood of witnessing you should sit, putting both the hands towards me.

It works out, actually should work out in a second, split of a second, but the problem is, because of certain complications it takes time sometimes. Doesn’t matter. But it should work out.