Reality is what it is

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1982-03-22 Reality Is What It Is London NITL HD, 61'
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Reality is what it is, Public Programme. Caxton Hall, London (UK), 22 March 1982.

It’s not very easy to explain Sahaja Yoga to anyone, rationally, as you must have also faced the same difficulty. Not only that we are facing this difficulty but has been faced, faced by all the saints and all the incarnations including Christ, Blake, all of them. I’ve been reading Blake these days and Don wrote to me that he’s writing some sort of a thesis on Blake, friends, friends of sinners, written in his poems of such friends who are friends of sinners. But they could not communicate through human beings in that way as we could communicate because we can give Realization, we can make them feel the vibrations first of all. Like you can sprout the seed and we can show how the seed then gets developing. You see, this is an advantage we have and today the time, time has come definitely to us that what Blake has desired and asked for or pictured or visualized, we can prove it.

Now when we explain Sahaja Yoga to someone we have to talk a little at the beginning because they haven’t found their absolute. It is, it can be quite difficult and frustrating in the beginning to talk about something that is such a living process of our evolution. We cannot explain how we evolved into a human being, and to explain how we are going to a newer dimension is also a difficult thing. How it is going to happen, how we are going to sprout, what is going to happen is unbelievably fantastic, absolutely fantastic and we can’t believe that we could achieve that. People just don’t want to believe that you can achieve it in this lifetime. They live in the future. As I told you last time we are futuristic people. You always think of the future. The dangers of future also I told you what happens to people by living in the future, physically, mentally and emotionally but spiritually it happens in such a way that you think that in this lifetime you cannot get your Realization. You are quite convinced about it that you’ll get it in the future because you live in the future. So you can’t accept the present in which you can get your RealizationThis is one of the biggest problems of Sahaja Yoga that today we are facing the futuristic society, which always lives in the future. So to explain to them at this time, at this special moment, “You can get your Realization.” This time is meant for that. In the past this was the future. And this future has been predicted by so many so that future has come now and one has to face it as a present. Every future has to be present sometimes, not imaginary, but the real future that has to face you which was seen by seers and predicted has to be materialized. Once you understand this point then one can explain Sahaja Yoga that this is the time one has to expect their Realization.

Now a man who thinks too much and who lives in the future would first shun it. Say that, “How can we get our Realization in this lifetime?” One may say like that. Then the same person, the same person, may accept, “All right”, if you’re convince that, “You can get your Realization” so – [Aside: Why don’t you come here, downstairs? Who’s there? Come downstairs, will be good idea]. So the second point he may raise as you must have also faced, is that, that even if you get Realization, because he’s futuristic, you see he’s imaginary. Everything he thinks is imaginary, isn’t it? Is not reality. Reality is what it is. Supposing you want to think about this hall and you imagine this hall, it will be like this, like that and this will happen. It doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen. It is not like that. What you see, what you feel is the way that you have to understand is the reality. But the people who live in futuristic ways are never realistic because they are imagining things. So the second point that they tumble upon is their own conception about God and Realization. That’s not reality; reality is what it is. It cannot be changed; it cannot compromise. It is what it is. Now first for such a person whether they are futuristic or they are past-istic, you can say, the people who live in the past, all of them must resolve one thing very clearly, “Are you a seeker? Are you truly a seeker? Are you seeking the truth?” Then truth has to be not rational, not imaginary, but real. If so we should be prepared to face the truth as it is.

If you prepare the seeker like that, that as it is whatever is the truth you will face it, then the task is better. You prepare the person for Realization in a better way. Beside the second type of people are such, those who have lived in a materialistic world, in the gross life, we live in the gross life every day to day. For example, coming to Caxton Hall means money. Taking this hall on rent is money. We think of money. If not of futuristic things we think of money. How we can do this hall, how we can take it on hire, how we work it out, all these are problems of money. So if somebody says that you cannot get God by paying money for it, God doesn’t understand money, not at all. You have made money. God doesn’t understand. Whether you pay Him or not He will make the place rain[ed] or He can give you fertile land. He’ll give you fruits. He’ll give you all the bounties and all the beauties of life. Whether you do anything for Him or not He is a giver. He go on giving. He doesn’t know money. He will do it for the rich. He’ll do it for the poor; He’ll do it for everyone. But we think of money.

Naturally, it goes easier into your mind if there is somebody who says, “You can pay two pounds for coming in.” That sounds better, because it must be worth something at least, you see, because we live in relative world of money. Actually, money has nothing to do with God’s kingdom. There is no money in His kingdom. And you can understand rationally that how can there be? How much did Christ charge for His sermons? We have so many great people in this country, who did not charge anything for what they said or what they gave, who were real people. And the reality is always proved in the human beings when it is done free. That’s the reality. All other things that are sold out are the things which are not real. So when you come in, in the hall, you see a big hall and all that, and a money-minded person might start thinking that, “How is it without money, these people are doing? How can they do it?” Now the thing is you are not. We should be discreet about the whole truth and then understanding that you are not paying for God’s Love; you are paying for this hall. That you are paying, that’s your business, not Mine. You are not paying Me for that. It’s your business if you want to have a bigger hall. You can pay for it; all of you put together, and can take a place whatever you like, if you want. If you want we can go to Hyde Park and have a free lecture there. Whichever way you say, I’m willing to do that. You cannot pay for it but you can pay for the hall because this is material, this is gross and you have to do it.

So one should understand that you are not to pay for this. You are not to pay for what I say to you, or for My lectures, or anything, or for your Realization, not at all, not a single pie for that. You cannot pay for it. It is so invaluable. That’s the only thing that’s so invaluable, that one thing you cannot bring it to the level of this gross existence that we have. It is absolutely overflowing. It’s absolutely freely coming to you. So you cannot pay for it. It’s Love, and Love you cannot purchase.

Now, the second type of a people who come in, who are not futuristic, are the people who believe in the past. Now they have faced another type of problem. They come here. They will think, “Oh, Mother, we are such sinners. We’ve done this thing”, I mean all the past that they have. But love never sees any faults of a person. That’s the sign of love. If you love someone then you just love that person for love’s sake. You don’t do it because he’s such and such and such and such, then you love that particular thing. For example, you see a rich man comes in and there are ten people running around him. They are running around him for money. Of course, he doesn’t give you anything. But you want to be seen with him so that people also think that you are also rich or whatever it is. Human beings have all kinds of funny ideas of living in imaginary world. But such imaginary world exists.

So when such people who live in the past, they come in getting, “Oh, God, I’ve done this and how will I face Mother or how will I face reality? I’m such a sinner,” this, that. Now when you say you are the friends of sinners, the first conception only I don’t want to agree that you are sinners. I mean, once you come to this place you are no more a sinner. I think, to My eyes nobody’s a sinner. I mean if there is so-called sin, all right; it is because of your ignorance. So I would say, “They are ignorant. They’re ignorant. They are the ignorant people.” If you have no lights, and it’s raining, and it’s bombarding, and if you jump into a well is not the same, is it? Maybe deliberately you’ve jumped into a well. Some people do, you see. Some people are like this, “Come, oh bull, and hit me.” There are people like that. That’s true. That sort of people are also there but mostly it is a mistake, which is committed out of ignorance. You did not know that it was wrong.

Today I was reading some chapters of Bible and I found that the punishment for doing wrong in Levi’s this thing; chapters were just like Shariat as they have for the Islamic laws, just like that. You see, a man who takes another man’s wife should be killed. That should be done. That was the time we were like that, you see, where we had to establish our sustenance. We had to be like that; otherwise, we would never have decency in life. I mean, we could not listen to anything without fear. That’s the sign of people who are still much more ignorant and absolutely under bondage. Like I would say in Riyadh, my daughter went out and she wrote a letter to Me, that, “Of course, if you see from outside you will think that these Arab people are really very cruel because they force things and they make people so much religious by force. But to Me it’s a Heaven, because I don’t need any force for it, because I’m brought up this way. I like it. Because they don’t tell you do any wrong things. There are no gambling dens, there are not hooligans, there are no rapes, nothing. It’s such a wonderful place to live in. Nobody troubles you. You walk into any place, you take anything, no thieves. You don’t have to lock your rooms, nothing, out of fear.” This is done out of fear. But for people who are evolved and independent, fear is not going to help. We have reached a state where we have evolved.

It’s time of Moses that these things happened. It’s long, long, long, long time back when human beings were not evolved to that extent to understand that righteousness and goodness are good. We may do bad, we may do wrong things, we may try to harm ourselves. People do it, but in the hearts of hearts they know it is not good. It’s not good. They should not have done it. Is wrong even to hurt someone. Now human beings have evolved so much. Imagine the Romans, the way they behaved and the way they treated people in this very country of ours that they would go to any extent of killing people. But all that cruelty, that violence and that ruthlessness and you can call even the licentiousness and the permissiveness that which they destroyed themselves and there was a fall of Roman Empire, we can see clearly, because they have committed mistakes, we have [BEEN THROUGH]. Because Hitler came in we know what violence is. And that’s how we are correcting ourselves through our own people who are doing wrong things. Like one cell in the body becomes malignant and teaches the whole body to behave itself. In the same way any person who becomes overactive in any wrongdoing, he comes forward later on in the history as a person who should be abhorred, the person who should never be copied. He’s the person whose name is never taken. That’s how we were bent on learning, learning, and today we are at a stage where we are free to choose whether the hell or the heaven.

So when you reach that stage then one should not think of sinning. That’s over now because I’ve told you many a time that Christ, when He came on this earth, He created that special spot for us which is called as Agnya chakra, which is at the crossing of ego and superego, that if you awaken Him, He can suck our sins. So before His coming there was no such arrangement. He has been predicted in our Indian Puranas and was called as Mahavishnu. Of course, they cannot connect Him with Mahavishnu because those people who went to India and talked about Christ, horrible people. I mean, I must say that the way Blake described the priests, you see, it’s so surprising. He says, “Go off a child. The priest put His hand on my head to baptize”, you see, “and he actually cursed me”. See how clearly he says that he was not a realized soul and “he put his hand on my head and he really cursed me” because he had no right to do it. So because of this conversion business and this nonsensical idea of spreading, you see, conversion, because they think religion is also some sort of a political style, so they went into India and tried to convert people. They thought if all of them became Christians then they will have a democracy of Christians there and that will be under rule of English, maybe. But other people also now feel – like many Muslims now are going to India and converting them, thinking that it will become Muslim majority and majority and minority and all that. They’ll think on those levels, you see, but one should know that everywhere human beings are evolving and they will always ask for the religion that is real and God that is real. Whatever you may try, like the Muslims, Hindus, Christians, all of them have tried all these tricks of this gross level. That’s not the point at all. What you have to achieve is the understanding that you are a free person first of all, absolutely free. There should be no fear and there should be no compulsion. You are absolutely free because unless and until you are free you cannot go to that realm which is complete freedom, [TILL] you are absolutely free, to begin with.

If you are not a free person we’ll have to make you free. For example, some people are, say, come here with drugs or with habits which are not good, or maybe some people come – and which are detrimental to health – with the habits which are bad for the mental side, or some come from false gurus who have problems from the false gurus. So these things are to be corrected first of all. But I would not call it a sinner, because for a mother to call her children sinners is a bit too much and I just can’t think of such a situation where I could ever condemn any one of My children as sinners. So I would not say that they are sinners, but I would say they are ignorant, they are stupid, they have been naughty, and they have been dangerously playing with their lives, and they have been unkind to themselves. You see, I cannot feel that way that somebody is a sinner who has committed sins and that such sins are there that cannot be rectified. It would have been all right before Christ’s coming, that we would have talked of karma [UNCLEAR], that we have done bad karmas and our karmas are there, so we are sinners and we are born as sinners. But Christ coming has a very big meaning, which I don’t know how many these preachers have understood, that it means that He came on this earth to rectify our sins. So we are no more sinners. I mean, if there is someone who can rectify it, why should we call ourselves sinners? Why should we worry about it?

The basic problem with human beings is this, that they are ignorant. On one side they are proud of it; on the other side they are frightened of it. Both the sides to My eyes is the same. Either you are frightened or you are proud of it. Is both one. The pride leads to stupidity and the frightening might lead to sort of a destroying capacity, in you, the way you go on destroying yourself by all the time cursing yourself and saying that, “I am bad,” and, “I’ve done this bad and that bad.” One has to get out of both these things and must know that you are a human being made out so many, what you call for unit cells, genes? The genes? Genes? Genes, so many genes through which you have passed and come to the stage where you are a human being. Is a special thing that is been created for a special thing after all. A human being is a special thing created for [unclear], is a special thing. But you are not the human being at the time of Moses. You are not the human being at the time when people were not evolved enough. You are people who are free to understand the value of freedom. If you understand the value of freedom you are the right people for Sahaja Yoga. When you have freedom then you must have discretion also how to use the freedom and respect that freedom and not to indulge into abandonment, which is stupidity. So going to extremes either on one side or the other is perhaps a sin, is perhaps a sin, and the sin so-called gives you a fear and aggression which is also a sin, gives you a pride, or a kind – not pride, I would say vanity, which spoils your vision completely.

So to talking to anyone who is a new comer, one has to be careful that either they are coming from this side or that side, and dealing with them we have to be extremely patient and loving. For I’ve told you that love does not know faults, does not know faults, and when we start finding faults with others we should know our love is not matured so much. I would like any Sahaja Yogi to tell Me about other Sahaja Yogi as a kind of a recommendation. Supposing I get angry with a person, I say, “Oh, he’s, he’s – he should try this. He should not have done this,” or something. Then if a Sahaja Yogi tells me, “No, Mother, maybe, you see,” then I like it, I like it. Maybe I’m testing you. But if you tell Me to worse even worse than that then I feel, “Oh, these people are not loving. I’ll test your love also, whether you really love each other or not, because love is something that’s a release. Actually, it’s a release. Love is within you and say, for example, for Me when I love you it’s a release of My boundless love within My heart. You see, it gives me such a release and such a relief and such a joy that I’m loving. I mean, it’s flowing to you. If it doesn’t flow then I don’t know how to work it out. If somebody is unkind, is not willing to receive it, then I don’t know how to work it out, you see, how to go round the person and I’m not so good at conniving things and being artificial, you see. Then I try some other tricks, you see, of working it out. But if they can receive your love I’m sure they will realize that you are the people who are out here for love.

The other day we had a case in Rahuri. Actually, I’d gone to a village where about three to four cars coming suddenly in a village. I was surprised how these people are coming, from where? And they came down with their diseases; actually car people always have diseases, I think. So they came with their diseases: somebody is diseased; somebody, another one is diseased; and there was one boy, he was down with blood cancer in New York. I said, “Now that’s too much. In New York, you have sent him there in a hospital and the doctors won’t be good enough.” He said, “Doesn’t matter, Mother. As long as You give him vibrations from here we don’t mind.” So I took the photograph. I gave vibrations to the child and I told them that, “You telephone to Christine,” I gave them the number – “and tell her that these things to be done and Mother has given your address.” Now Christine looked after this boy, Christine and Herman, and all these people who are there who are mostly new Sahaja Yogis, except for Christine, all of them are absolutely new. And they went and looked after this boy and this boy was cured. And the doctors were surprised, you see, that this boy was going to, supposed to be, I mean, futuristically they said that he’s going to die within eight days’ time. And he didn’t die, not at all. He survived and then there’s found all negative reading there and he came down to see Me. I, of course, worked on him and saw to it that it is removed completely from its roots. I worked on him but when I saw him I was amazed that his left Nabhi which is the cause of this trouble was completely working all right. There was some problem still left but they did that. And the mother, you see, who has met with a very sad experience, her husband was killed on a highway by robbers in her presence with these two small little children sitting in her lap, when, about ten years back when this boy was hardly six years of age and another brother of his about four years of age. And this woman was so shocked and after that to get this kind of a disease for the son, you see. And what she told Me that was so heartening. She said, you see, “These are all angels, I felt. They didn’t ask for anything. Day and night they came and work for this boy. They were so kind and they came all the time and worked and did so much. Mother, what have you given them?” I said, “I’ve done nothing. I’ve just done nothing. They have got their own Realization.” And they said, “We can’t imagine human beings with that selfless. We are all selfish people. We are really very selfish. They are so selfless. How did they work it out? We just can’t understand how it has worked out.” But it has worked out and the boy is cured and they were so sweet. They spent their own money to come to the hospital and they looked after – the doctors were amazed because doctors, they had, they – The woman had to sell lots of her things, because she’s a rich woman, no doubt, but she had to sell one of her factories to go to America to pay for the doctors there. And she said that, “These people would come down and they would come one after another and look after the boy every day and struggle through and they consoled me and told me that, ‘Don’t worry. He’ll be all right.’ They gave me Realization.” And the heartening thing that they said was that they were so selfless. They didn’t ask for any money, nothing. And they enjoyed, you see, they enjoyed their love, what they did for this woman.

And this is what it is that when you are realized you have to give it. If you don’t give it then you stagnate, you stagnate and there is no fragrance about it, no fragrance, no fragrance. And you lose your vibrations. Your progress also retires.

I know it’s very hard in these modern times to create a group of people who can love. You can create a group of people who can hate. Supposing tomorrow you start one big procession, “We hate God. We hate love. We hate this,” you’ll get thousands of them standing with you, “Yes, oh, we hate,” you see. For hatred you’ll get thousands of them with banners, you know. They’ll pay for it and come down to show that they hate, because hatred is a very cementing force among human beings, surprisingly. Hatred is a cementing force. It looks like something, such a contrast, but it is so. I mean, when you try to collect people in the name of hatred, people join. They have never exploited the powers of love, never. I wish they had. All our wars, all our things have come out because we hate each other. Imagine, only human beings can hate that much. Animals can’t hate so much as they can. So this love, which is divine love, which thinks, which coordinates, which understands, which is dynamic, it’s so fantastic, it’s so all-pervading, it lives in every particle of the matter, of the emotions, of the mind, of the heart. Everywhere it exists that power you can have within yourself. It’s too much to believe. Too much a tall story for anyone, but this is the fact. The time has come. It could not be done earlier, I agreed, but the time has come. You have evolved to that state and that’s why it has to happen.

Now if people do not accept, I must say this, futuristic problem, in case human beings do not accept it in a big number and become that, we cannot avoid the third world war. By that war a new consciousness may rise where people will understand this hatred is the worse thing. Perhaps we need a third shock; we have had two. Perhaps we need a third shock, to give us that elevation, to get that position of higher consciousness, where we start realising that this thing’s based on materialistic and on hatred, gross living, is most dangerous to humanity. Then such people who really believe in love will rise and come up and they might be the ones who will be saved. So we should at this stage try to save as many as possible from this horrible sinking maya of hatred. Now talking about it has been done. Establishment of your sustenance has been done in the sense that if you can awaken that sustenance within you, on the void, you can achieve it. But main thing is even after Realization to identify yourself as a Realized soul, absolutely, that you are being given something very special, that you have your Spirit, which is manifesting and that you have to make good out of it, that you have to give it to others, that you have to work it out, you have to be a collective being, and not a secluded person just attached to few minds my house, my husband, my wife, my children, my chair, you can say, my hair, my nose, everything, whatsoever. To reduce yourself to that small world but to expand yourself to that great world which is Jehovah’s world, which is Krishna’s world, which is Virata’s world, where you become one with that primordial being, where you become an active cell of that primordial being, that’s the thing one has to do. And that breakthrough has to take place.

Now one may say that all the Scriptures are wrong, everything is wrong, that all these manifestations are wrong, Christ was no good, that He was not practical, anything one may say, there’s – I mean, you have freedom to say what you like. But you must have wisdom to see that if there is a way, what must be the way? If there is a way for the emancipation of human beings there is only one way; there’s no other way. I mean, whatever you may be an intellectual or, say, a emotional person or anything, whatever it is but you will reach one conclusion. There’s only one way and one way is transformation of human beings to that level where they really say what they mean. They become. They talk of world-wide brotherhood. They talk of everything. We have all kinds of organisations doing all this nonsensical work, you see. We have U.N. system, and we have World Government ideas. We talk of love, helping Vietnamese, this, that. All sorts of things are there. But actually we are not. Face to face we are not. Face to face we become ourselves and that’s why to become that, the becoming of it is important; the transformation is important. Once you are transformed to identify yourself with that transformed state is also important and that is only possible when you start allowing that transformation to take place within you, in thoughtless awareness where you do not think and impose things on you.

People get their Realization, all right. Last time so many got it. I do not know how many came back. And then they do not think that there is any further is needed, because once you get your Realization you can be very in a joyous state, blissful state. You might feel the vibrations very well, you’ll be very happy and then you’ll get lost. That’s not the point. You have not achieved your complete growth unless and until you have manifested your self. But such people may be very few, I do not know, may be very few who will really take to that maturity. Once you have matured is joy, is happiness. You become what you have to become, you find your absolute meaning and that has to happen. For that I’m sure Gavin must have told you that there’s a Kundalini and there are chakras and all this is already a new place, the machinery is there. Is not a machinery as this one is which is dead, the machinery that understands and that loves you, that loves, that’s the part of this loving machinery of God and that is what it manifest is the Divine Love of God through you, which you can maneuver. By this you may be able to manifest your voice but with that machinery when it works, when it is put to the mains, it works out that Divine Love.

So to explain things to people of different various types that they have come we normally divide them into three, as you know: the people who are ignorant; [HERE] the people who are aggressive and up in vanity, who are vain about themselves, they think no end of themselves; and the thirdly the people who are neither vain nor afraid. Those are friendly, pleasant people; good people who lead a life of moderation, who do not – are exclusively. They do not ask for separate food, separate living, separate room, separate chair but those who like to share. That type of central type of people, that type of people are best suited for Sahaja Yoga and such people should be really tackled first. Then the people who are sort of humble people, they are humble down, and those who think they have done some mistakes, they are better. But aggressive people, you be careful dealing with them because you might get a punch on your nose as soon as you talk of love, you see.

So be careful. Like there was a cartoon, a gentleman sitting on a hedge, you see, and somebody came and asked him, “Which is the way to go to Wimbledon?” So he was sitting there and he said, “No, sorry, the last one gave me a punch, I’m not going to tell you.” That’s what it is. You see, there are some people whom you cannot talk, tackle, because they are so aggressive. It’s better not to argue with them or deal with them. Best thing is to leave them alone as they are and let them grow, let them find out. Because all these people will develop bombs, all aggressive people will develop problems for themselves. First of all they cannot sleep in the night. That’s one thing happens to them when they are aggressive, right-sided people. They’ll have high blood pressures, they’ll have hot tempers, they may have divorces, they may fight with everyone. Ultimately they’ll be find they are lost, not wanted by anyone. They will be meticulous, they will develop kidney troubles and they will develop a funny trouble where they won’t remember their past, even their names they may not remember. Then they will come round. See, so allow them to have their nice time but don’t butt with them. I would advice all the Sahaja Yogis, to see if there’s an aggressive person, you just don’t go near them because I don’t want My children to be hit by anyone for no faults of theirs, you see. So such people must be avoided. Let them face life as it is. Let them get hits. They will get. They punish themselves by their stupidity that they are doing. See all their stupidness will be shown in different ways and they’ll have to face it and then they’ll come round. But these two types of people, one must tackle and must now do it in a big way.

Because this is a very big year for reality to be established according to certain predictions. I don’t know how far to believe in predictions of modern times but olden times predictions are so wonderful that I just can’t imagine that how people could see so many things about Sahaja Yoga. Two thousand years back a great seer called [BRUHU] has written something so great about Sahaja Yoga, that a new method will be devised by a Maha Yogi they call Me Maha Yogi who will be Para Brahma incarnate and will give Realization without any difficulties, raising the Kundalini and people will get it and this will happen, that will happen and they’ll be able to see the pulsation of the Kundalini. All the details of Sahaja Yoga he has given two thousand years back. He’s one of the greatest astrologers we have in India called as [BRUHU] and he’s written down all these things on the lotus paper, you see, which they used to use a lotus leaves to write. In those days they had no paper. So two thousand years back, imagine maybe more, you see, according to English standard, maybe two thousand but I think it’s much more that he has written about five, six thousands years back. He has written about this just after Krishna that this thing will happen and a Maha Yogi will be born who will give Realization to people and such a time will be coming.

So under these circumstances one has to see. Now I don’t want to say I’m a Maha Yogi or anything; just I don’t what to say because I don’t want to have a punch on My nose. But I would say that you should find out for yourself whatever it is, you see, instead of crucifying Me. Thank God you can’t crucify now, under the circumstances but you will be the loser, not Me. So I would say all those who are aggressive by temperament should know that there must be some way of getting out of it. Even aggression, you see, it’s in the present state of human mind. It’s very repulsive. You don’t like it. You don’t like those who aggress yourself. When you aggress anybody you repent after that. You don’t like it, that, “Why was I so rude? I could have been better. Why should I be disturbing someone? Why should I be like that?” you see? So it is, I think, in a way recoiling on people and they don’t like themselves, as others don’t like them. They also don’t like themselves when they are aggressive with others and very malignant by temperament. They don’t like themselves. They want to change; so even this may happen. I would suggest that we must very gently go but firmly and with a speed. We have to work it out and I’m sure it will work out and many people will get Realization and will understand Sahaja Yoga. May God bless you all.

Now for all the people who have come for the first time I have to request that after giving Realization you must give some time to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Go with it. Learn everything. Master it. It’s very simple. There is nothing much to be [learned, done]. It’s very simple. It’s a child’s play. Even children are good at Realization. Even little baby can do that. So one should learn and try to give Realizations to others. And one should not waste energy in running away from it and then coming after ten months and saying, “Mother, I’ve caught here. This has happened. That has happened.” It’s a thing which is most enjoyable. You must give one day in your lifetime to God who has created you. And you [DEVOTE] little time to your Mother also who wants that everybody must get Realization. If everyone of you wants to escape it, then who is going to work it out? I know you are, seem to be very busy people. Some of you are extremely busy, but busy for what, business for what? What is the name you are going to leave in this world? As a man who earn little money more than the others, that’s all? I mean, you cannot earn as much as Mr. Ford can earn. So why there is a competition about it? Only thing is that you’ll have no satisfaction of earning money. You will be always running mad with it. You must take out some time for your growth and your meditation by which you understand yourself and you understand others and help others.

Life is not worth living for yourself. It’s a useless life which lives for oneself. You must live for the whole. You must understand that the whole, if you accept, you become the whole. If the drop accepts the ocean you become the ocean. Why not we become the ocean instead of little drops, which are just evaporated by heat of the sun or by anything? You can be lost. So why not become the ocean, ocean of love, ocean of forgiveness and ocean of compassion? May God bless you all.

Now if you have any questions please ask Me….None…
What is it?

Question: [about eating meat]

Shri Mataji: Meat, all right. Now, I’ll tell you about meat. Very important, you see. We must have compassion for human beings. What’s the use of saving the chickens? Can I give them Realization? Simple thing. See now, chickens if you eat in compassion, you can. Because when you eat a chicken it goes into evolutionary process. It improves its evolutionary process. But you shouldn’t eat animals which are bigger than you in size, because they give you troubles and problems and they make you aggressive. A person who eats aggressive animals or animals which are bigger than them, then they go more to the animal stage because they become aggressive, because they have – you see, these bigger animals have grown more than you. That’s why they are animals. So one should not eat animals which are bigger than you. And they are the animals who have the feeling of compassion. They are the animals who have a feeling of oneness with you. For example, you see, a dolphin I would say, a sailor will never eat a dolphin or kill a dolphin because it’s very near human level, you see. It is just like us. It has emotions. It has feelings. It can come and entertain you and all that. So that’s a higher animal. But if he, if he’s like that, you see, worried about even the worms, how far can he go? Everything must have limits.

Like there is a cult in India called Jains, you see. They try to save even mosquitoes – can you believe it? – and even the bugs, and they place bugs higher than human beings. They collect bugs, put them in a hut and put a Brahmin in there and pay the Brahmin. And poor Brahmin has to feed these bugs. It’s a true thing and today also they are doing it. Can you believe it? And feed the bugs, compassion you know. So they are feeding the bugs on that poor Brahmin, give him money and when the bugs are full and fall off his body they give him money and something like that. Can you imagine this kind of a nonsensical compassion? So you have to draw a line. Everything is to be not to be taken beyond the line. You see, this is called as maryada in Sanskrit that how far to do, how far to go with your compassion.

So our compassion should be extended up to first of all human beings. Are we compassionate towards our fellow beings? We are not. First of all, let’s try there, all right? First, let’s try here human beings and you’ll be surprised we’ll never end it. We can’t even cross the limits of human beings. Then compassion to animals who live with us, all right? Like dogs, we can say, horses, cows, all these big animals, which live with us, dolphins, which are something evolving. Already they are evolving, it’s an evolving state. But if you eat a chicken, I’m sure if I eat a chicken, I’m sure of that, it will become a better thing, something better. It will evolve, no doubt.

So the compassion that we have for bugs, it’s of no use; or mosquitoes, it’s of no use. But compassion for human beings. We are not even compassionate to our own children, you know. In this country I was amazed. First I used to say in England two children are killed by their parents but now I heard it is only in London city we do this. Can you imagine the way we are compassionate? They are vegetarians who are killing their children. What do you say to that? This is not compassion. So these are ideas we have got. We must understand how far to go with things like compassion, like mercy, like peace. Peace is all right till you reach a stage where you supposing you get a devil who is destroying. Say at the time when Hitler came in, that time to be peaceful would have been absolutely cowardice, isn’t it? You had to fight him out. He was a devil. So you had to fight, and that’s how I say Churchill was a great man to fight him. That’s what it is, you see; so that is the limit where you go. You cannot have compassion for a person like Hitler, can you? What compassion? Did he have any compassion for anything? So compassion must have its understanding, its discretion, its wisdom. All right?

Now supposing if you ask Me, “Mother, give Realization to Hitler.” Why should I? I will not. He’s destroyed so many good people. He has destroyed all the values and he has destroyed the basics of human beings. Let him go to Hell and suffer for some time. That’s what I will say as a Mother, isn’t it? Won’t you say that for your own children? All right, I have compassion for My children, I have compassion for evil people who are doing wrong, but not for people who are so destructive, not for them because they go against the plans of God. They are anti-God. They are indulging into anti-God activities. In the laws of God they are to be punished. Definitely they will be punished. Even if I do not punish them God will punish them, no doubt of that. They must be punished. Otherwise, how are you going to be saved? All right? Like Krishna who killed rakshasas. The Goddess killed many rakshasas. The devils, She killed them. Now, She should not have had compassion with these horrible ones, She should have? Because they were killing all the saints and all the great people they were killing. That’s no compassion there, they’re there to be killed. And these, these Jains do not believe in Krishna because they said that because He killed those demons, they don’t want to believe in Krishna.

Now Christ they believe because He forgave those who were crucifying Him. All right, He did it because He was capable of that. His forgiveness itself, it’s a punishment to these. His forgiveness is very great. He knew that God is going to punish them so much that He had to put in a word for them, because they were ignorant people. So that’s what it is. So our compassion must be dealing, must be limited to a point where our wisdom takes it. It should go to that absurdly wit where we go up to mosquitoes and up to – even mosquitoes, they don’t kill, you know. Even when they go in the W.C., you see, they don’t allow the worms in that to be killed. Can you imagine such dirty, filthy people in the world? This is going too far, don’t you think so? So where do we draw the line? Let’s draw the line. Now in a place like, say, Iceland or one, I would say Arabia, some places where they do not get a single blade of leaf, not a single blade of leaf, how are they to live? God has given them only animals to eat. Now are they supposed to die? Or if they eat are they committing a sin? First of all, you must be compassionate so yourself to exist, isn’t it? If you don’t exist what’s the use of all the compassion of the dead? How can they be if all are deadliness, Eskimos are all dead? How can they show compassion? So they have to be living, isn’t it? So we have to understand in a complete discretion. All right? You understand My point.

Now compassion has got eyes, has got understanding. It’s very understanding. It knows each and every thing. Love is the thing that knows each and every thing. So let love work it out. All the animals which are not bigger than you, which are not evolved so much, if you eat them then they can evolve but that doesn’t mean you should start eating worms, you see again. You see, everything I have to tell the other side of because human beings always go to extremes of everything, isn’t it? Now if I say that you should eat all the smaller animals that doesn’t mean you should gulping, gulp down cockroaches down your mouth, you see. It doesn’t mean that. You see, so again it comes, you see, the discretion part of it. You see, you shouldn’t go to an extreme of everything. All right? On the contrary I would say that people who have eaten too much meat should not eat so much. They should reduce a little bit. They will be less aggressive, no doubt. But like in India, you see, we eat so much of vegetables. It’s not necessary. We can eat meat a little bit there. And you can also eat lean meat or meat of chicken and all that is all right. But don’t eat these beef and horses and elephants and tigers and snakes. See, they are not good for you.

So people eat snakes and they eat cobras and I don’t know what all they eat. I don’t know. So, lizards, I mean things like that. You shouldn’t eat all these things, and also animals like frogs. I don’t think frogs should be eaten very much. It’s a funny animal isn’t it? Frog is poor thing. Frog is one very special animal. I should say. You see, out of love for the frog I say don’t eat it. Really. Because I don’t know if you know but people have found frogs living in ancient rocks closed up completely, absolutely. Is a fact, you see. And there is water provided for the frog by God. Frog, is a special animal, very much loved by God. And for billions of years frogs have survived. So you can imagine how this must happen, must be something special about them. That’s why out of love for them we should not eat them, I think, the frogs, you see. Or, for example, monkeys. I don’t know if you eat monkeys, do you? Do one in any country do they, eat monkeys? Monkeys they eat? Where? Australia? Really? Where? Indonesia? Really? That’s one place where they should not. I don’t know. They are another wonderful people, these monkeys are, I mean, and we should eat animals which will not be completely destroyed also. You should try to save animals, all the animals as far as possible, and just not kill them and finish them off. It’s like, you see, going to extremes in everything as we do it. All right? May God bless you.

Now, any other question? It was a good question you asked because there is a misunderstanding about it, people have. Fasting also in Sahaja Yoga is not allowed, to fast. You can fast just for your health sake but not fasting for God. Please don’t do it. God doesn’t want you to fast or suffer. He wants you to be happy people. Why for Him? You can, you can fast for yourself that’s a different point but not for God. Christ has done for us forty days. We need not do anything. He has done all the sufferings for us. We should not say we have to suffer. If you say that, you’ll get another Hitler. Jews said that; so they got the Hitler. So don’t say, “We want to suffer”. If you want to suffer, then have Hitler. If you want to have Realization, then Mother can be there. But otherwise you can have Hitler if you want to suffer. Simple. Whatever you want it’s supplied on a plate.

What? What? Easter? I will be speaking on it on Easter day. Will you be there? I’ve spoken about it twice, about Easter, the significance of egg and everything and if you have got the magazine of “Nirmala Yoga” this time, there is an article. Did you get that? No. You didn’t get that? Oh, I see. Maybe you see, this time, what he was saying that is difficult to send it collectively. There’s some sort of an export problem. You see, every country has problems like that. So if you send your individual names, you see, it would be easier to send them directly. Of course, it will be little more expensive for them for the posting but they said they can manage. Directly if you send is much better than to send them collectively. And Gavin can arrange that. I’m surprised that’s a problem, there’s a problem on that, but I have got it about eight days back and nice things I’ve said about Easter. And one more, was a very good lecture I don’t know if you have got it where I talked about the egg, what’s the meaning of egg in Mahavishnu [UNCLEAR], all these things I’ve said in there. And again on Easter I’ll speak. On the second of April. That’s when is the Easter on? Eight? Ninth? Ninth. Ninth is the crucifixion, all right. On the second of April is Ramanavi. Ramanavi is the day when they celebrate Rama’s birthday. That day also in India they fast. That’s another stupidity, is to fast on a day when somebody is born in your family, to fast. It’s nonsense. Why should you fast? You must celebrate. You see, it’s nonsensical. And I don’t know why Brahmins have given these ideas to Indians to fast. You see there because they take all the money; so they must fast a day and give all the money to Brahmins, you see. That must be the reason, fasting. Because on that day somebody’s born, why should you fast? In India everybody fasts on the day Krishna is born, Rama is born, they all fast. I don’t know why. What is the need to fast on that day but to celebrate that they are born? Is absurd, you see, fasting of this kind.

Food is not so important in Sahaja Yoga, it’s not. Food is not at all….