Easter Puja and Havan, The Creation of Lord Jesus

Nirmala Palace - Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (England)

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Easter Puja, “The Creation of Lord Jesus”. Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (UK), 11 April 1982.

Happy Easter to all of you. Today we are celebrating the day which is a very, very important, absolutely, the most important, we can say, day, when such a great happening took place. And it had to take place that way because, it was all in a way destined.

In my last lectures, I’ve told you how Christ was created first in the heavens. In the Devi Mahatmyam– if you read that – He was created as Mahavishnu; and is mentioned very clearly that first He was created as an egg. It is written in this book, which perhaps was written about 14,000 years back.

It’s a book that predicts about Christ and that is why people, in the West especially, offer an egg to each other as a friend. So, first the existence came on this earth as an egg that was Christ and part of it was kept in that state and the rest of it was used by the Holy Ghost, by Mahalakshmi, to create Christ out of it. 

In that ancient book He was called as Mahavishnu, means the greater form of Vishnu. But actually Vishnu is the Father and He is the Son created by the Holy Ghost. After my lecture, I would like, if you have the book, to read it out to them – the whole texts of how Christ was created and when He was created, He cried for His father; as He cried also on the cross once.

And He cried for years and then Christ, in Mahavishnu state, was blessed by His father who said that your position will be placed higher than mine and you will be the “adhara” – means the support of the universe.

See how from Mooladhara He becomes the adhara. This was all done at the heavenly stage, ‘vaikuntha’ stage you can say. Then, He was given birth by the Holy Ghost who was the Mother of Christ on this earth, who was nobody else but was the incarnation of Mahalakshmi – means She was Radha. Ra-dha. Ra means energy, dha means the one who sustains energy.

There are many aspects of Easter, one has to understand, but the most of all is “why did He die and why was He resurrected?” This point I have not yet touched perhaps so clearly – that’s the point I want to tell you today. It’s only you people can understand the importance of the life of Christ. And when it is said that you have to get your realization through Christ, it means that He had to pierce through the Agnya chakra. He had to be there. If He had not created this gap in the gate, we could never have got realization. 

That is why it is said that you are to pass through the gates of heaven only with the grace of Christ. Of course, that doesn’t mean churches, it doesn’t mean at all churches, that you understand as Sahaja Yogis, that you have to pass through the Agnya chakra ultimately that’s the most difficult point where human beings had to pass. Because at the Agnya Chakra your ego and superego are fully grown. At the human stage only this ego is developed. Now, how to overcome the ego was a point, and to overcome the ego Christ had to do this.

When He was created in the beginning as Shri Ganesha – you know the story how He was created; that the “mala”, it’s from the body of Parvati, the Holy Ghost, was taken out because before Her Marriage She was, she had to cover Herself for Her bath with many scented things, and it was taken out – all these things – and Her vibrations came out. And She created this Child just to protect Her chastity. Outside Her bathroom She put Him and you know the whole story about it. Now, there was a part of the element of the earth in that child – “prithvi-tattwa” was there.

All other centers, all other centers, have got some elements in them, some elements like prithvi tattwa is there, earth element. Then you have got water element, then you have got air element, and when you come to this: it is the light element, it’s the light. And, at this point, at Agnya chakra, He had to cross the last element, that was the light element, that means He had to come out into the true form of only the Divine Power, the Aumkara, the vibrations you can call it or the absolute – you call it logos or something like that, the first sound – Brahma.

So He had to become the principle of Brahma. To become the principle of Brahma, He had to get rid of all other elements within Him. So, the last was also the light element which He had to cross through. So he had earth element in Him as He was of the mala, and all other elements within Him. But when it comes to the Agnya He had to give up all the elements, that He had to die the death of all these elements that were within Him – to become complete, absolutely, pure Spirit. What He did on subtle form works out on the gross form, and to do that He had to die, and whatever died in Him was that little element, of earth element and other elements and what came out of Him was “Pure Spirit”, (yes, move forward.)

That was resurrected, the Pure Spirit, the pure Brahma tattwa which had formed the body of Christ which was the body of Christ and this happening came. Christ has done what was predicted about Him. That He’s a Savior because He passed through that gate to take people from this bodily existence – means the one that depends on the elements – to that existence which is Spirit.

So the Resurrection is where you Become, from your attention you jump into the attention of the Spirit, when you feel your attention, when you become the Spirit. That is the happening which has happened to you also.

But He became pure Spirit, pure Brahma tattwa, when He was resurrected and the Resurrection is a happening of the Divine Power which came from Mooladhara chakra as just earth element, started growing. It took its birth from there, came up to Agnya chakra, there Christ was created to pass through all the elements, ultimately to enter into the Sahasrara to become a complete Brahma tattwa. And this was a very difficult thing, was very experimental; and the experiment was a quite a dangerous one. It could have failed because He had in Him that human element, the body element, which suffered. And He suffered, because this body element suffers – not the Spirit, the Spirit does not suffer, the body element suffers.

So, He had to suffer that body element and to get over it, to get out of it. And to get out of it, He had to have tremendous courage. It was such a difficult operation. without Him nobody could have achieved. He knew it was predestined, but it was one of the most difficult things to happen.

I wonder how many Christians know the significance of an egg. Now egg signifies a stage where you are, before realization. When you are in your egg shell – that you are Mr X, you are Mrs Y, all that. But, when you mature fully inside, the bird is ready and that is the time you are hatched. This is the time you get twice-born.

So, actually the Resurrection of Christ signifies that, and that’s why we give that egg to people, saying you are an egg, a reminder of that. And this egg can become the Spirit. And also it is written that it was an egg when He came, first He was created as an egg – half of it remained as Shri Ganesha, and half of it became Mahavishnu. Then He came on this earth and He departed with all His elements and the pure vibrations formed His body.

And He remained there within all of you to be awakened and when the Kundalini takes your attention through that point there you also become the Spirit. That’s why He said that: “I’m the gate, I’m the door”. He Didn’t say I’m the destination, He said I’m the door. Because you cannot become Christ.

That’s why He didn’t say “I’m the destination,” that you have to achieve Him. But, He has created this space for you. You can become spiritually awakened, you can become your Spirit. But, Christ is an incarnation. He was the Son of God, and so He’s an incarnation. And that incarnation came on this earth just to pull you out of your elements to make you become the Spirit.

Now, how it is that it was the most difficult thing – because human beings have created in their heads all kinds of artificial barriers. You see whatever we think and whatever we do with our mind is all dead, is manmade, is artificial – because reality is beyond your mind, it is not in your mind, you cannot conceive it, you cannot hold it. Whatever is in your mind is not the reality. It is beyond.

So, for a human being to accept something that is beyond mind had become so difficult, at the time of Christ because of Romans and all these people coming up. And We are repeating the history again. They were so ego-oriented, they were so full of ego that to destroy their ego somebody had to do this – to create a passage. By His death so many things are proved.

That all those who crucified Him were stupid people, they were ego-oriented, they were blind, they could not see what He was. They could not see what a genuine personality He was. They crucified Him. I mean is the greatest stupidity, and they crucified Him. It was all known because these people were so stupid that they would have only crucified Him. What else could they do?

Because they couldn’t bear with their little egos somebody Who is so simple, Who is so genuine, Who is so true. So, they crucified Him, and that Crucifixion came as a breakthrough for us. But message for us is the Resurrection part. Message for us is the Resurrection and not Crucifixion. Crucifixion is not the message because He has done for us – this is the point where the Jews must understand.

The other day I was reading – today only – some discussion with the Archbishop of Canterbury took place and the fellow was asking him was asking him questions as if he was asking questions to God. In a way, he said so also that “I would ask this question to God. That why is it so many Jews were killed?” They asked for it! They wanted that they must suffer because they wouldn’t give the credit of suffering to Christ. They thought we all had to suffer.

Ego. It’s ego. “How did anybody suffer for us, we must suffer separately.” They couldn’t give that credit to Christ. And all the later thinking was that we must suffer. So, whatever you think comes into action on this gross level. So Mr. Hitler was born and he made them suffer; and the stupidity of human beings is responsible for all the problems that are created on this earth. The other question was “how the children get leukemia, he would ask God.” How children get?

If the parents are so frantic and speedy, children have to get it. If you are not relaxed person when you are married and when you are going to have a baby, you are thinking of divorces and all sorts of nonsense, that franticness will work on the child. Psychologically it is a left-side problem, and the child has to be a patient of leukemia as soon as he’s born. That is what it is! So, the problems are created by human beings because of their stupidity. There is no problem that God has created for you. He solved all your problems. All our problems He solves. You Have seen in Sahaja Yoga how He solves your little-little problems even.

But, we create problems for ourselves, by our stupidity, by our addiction to elements, to material things, to material habits. Matter sits on our head – that is, we can say on the level of earth element. Then, we have other problems, like emotional attachments: this is my daughter, this is my child, this is my…, this is mine, I’m so attached to my child. Then this is my country, this is your country. We create problem. 

This Falkland Camp, This Falkland this thing is an artificial problem, you can see that. I mean, when these people went there, these Spaniards, They all should been given back to Spain. And all from Brazil should be given back to Portugal. What are they doing there? If this is the situation. But they are all human beings. What is this territory business? So let the human beings live happily wherever they are. What are they going to get out of this territory?

God never created Argentina, Chile, England and all that. She created one homogeneous structure and it is to look after each other – like a heart is created, a liver is created, a brain is created, a nose is created. If they start fighting, say this eye starts fighting this eye… we laugh. But we human beings do the same thing. We are all the time doing that. This is the stupidity of human beings, which is creating problems. And when you become very stupid, somebody horrible takes advantage of that and comes on this earth, just like Hitler, and he tries to put you right. You don’t need all that.

You need only wisdom and your realization. And that is what is done today – that you have got realization. So Easter for Sahaja Yogis all over the world is the most important happening: because if it had not happened it would not have been possible to give realization to people. I think Gavin will read it out to you later on about what is written about Christ in Devi Mahatmyam. This book was written about 14,000 years back by Markandeya.

So, imagine 14,000 years back! He knew, being a seer, just like Blake, what was going to happen when Christ was to come. But He was called as Mahavishnu. He was not Vishnu. He was the Son of Vishnu, and how many Christians understand this about Easter?

They don’t. Christianity today is nothing but a mental activity, that’s all which is dead, just nonsense, just like any other nonsensical religion. It has become another foolish, stupid religion, which has no meaning. Unless and until you get your realization, unless and until you feel the vibrations, unless and until you feel this Divine surrounding Power, how will you understand?

Because that’s the only thing that is truth, that’s the only thing that’s reality. And unless and until you achieve it how will you know about Christ? And fighting about Him? How can you fight? I can’t understand, really. To me it’s stupidity, gone to another extreme. By this thing what you do actually, is to use all these great incarnations to kill each other. Can you imagine?

The things that came to elevate you, to make you into higher living are now used, the same things, the names are used to kill each other, to bring down each other. At the most, if you reach a point where you don’t understand, then they start saying “it’s a mystery.” What is the mystery?

In Sahaja Yoga there’s no mystery. It’s all just there. To me human beings are a mystery. I don’t understand them. I can’t understand. The Resurrection of Christ has to now be collective resurrection. This is what is Mahayoga. Has to be the collective resurrection, and for this collective resurrection first of all, Sahaja Yogis must decide to be collective. Because through Kundalini awakening you cross, no doubt – you cross through. But you enter an area of collectivity and if you do not allow that collectivity to permeate into you, then you come down.

Supposing you become a state beyond the element, the state where you are a collective being. You’re aware of, of the collective being, you are aware that you’re a part and parcel of the Whole. You are aware that you have to help your nose and your eyes because you are part and parcel of the Whole. You reach that stage where you understand that I’m as important as other cells are and other cells all have to be helped by me and they have to sustain me. We are one. There should be complete concord.

This awareness comes after realization and if you do not understand that this awareness, that this collective awareness is the only way you can stay in that area, otherwise you get out. You start having your smaller wells and you just go down into them.

The more you start to expand yourself you rise higher and then you are again with your baddhas and whatever it is. But, if you think that I have to live for the whole, I’m responsible for the whole, I’m responsible for creating a nucleus of a cell which is going to look after the Whole and if I fall down the rest also suffers;

I have no business to fall down because I have been resurrected to this point; I’ve entered into the state of collectivity where my being, which is the Spirit, is the collective being and I have to stay there, I have to be there, I cannot fall, is not the way I can live.

But, I’ve seen after realization also, people cannot get out of their shells. They still remain in the shell. They cannot spread their wings and sing and get out of their shell and just fly. They cannot do it. They still stick on to their small ways of life in a smaller way, in every way. In a holiday you go, you want to have a separate holiday. Why?

This is the holiday time – holy day, as they say, HOLY DAY. This the holy day. When you are with other Sahaja Yogis you are really enjoying a holiday. Where do you enjoy a holiday otherwise? Which is the other way?

To be with them is the real holiday. and That is why one should understand that you should expand your collectivity. If you do not expand your collectivity you are just a waste. You are a wasteful creation of Sahaja Yogis, which, I’m sorry to say, will go down.

Such people show also – in the beginning, gradually they start getting better and better and better and once you are there in full state you really enjoy each other’s company without having any fears about them, without having any possessiveness about them without having any kind of expectations, but just enjoying each other. That has to happen. Like all our cells in our body are like that. If they can do it, why not we?

Because we have so much of sense – at least we think we have more sense than the cells have. At least it is expected because we have evolved so much from unicell to this state. And then you are the epitome of God’s creation! You are the topmost people. Then why not?

When you are resurrected the first thing that should happen to you is to understand that you are no more an individual, but you are a collective being. You are no more an individual. All things which make you circumcise your individuality – throw that away. You are no more an individual. All problems which come to you as individual problems are absolutely useless, false, wasteful.

Think of the collective problems. I enjoy such people. Like the other day Fergy (Derek Ferguson) was anxious to know about Bristol which points are there which are giving vibrations from the Mother Earth. He’s worried about the whole of Bristol, all the Jamaicans. Then about the whole British people, and then of the whole world. You should be. That’s not one should…

One should not think how will my daughter get married, how can I get a ticket to go there? All these nonsensical ideas should be given up. Because you are now entered into the kingdom of God and He’s going to look after you. Because that state you establish within yourself – that you are a collective being. All other things will drop out.

Gradually everybody will be remolded. Even the most difficult type, I’ve seen, have improved. But what about you, the one who is improving everybody else, what about you? How far you are there? How far in your faith that you know that I have entered into the Kingdom of God and that every action of mine is looked after and guided by His power, and I’m aware of it.

I am aware that I’ve entered into the Kingdom of God, which is expressed through my collectivity. So collectivity is the nature of a Sahaja Yogi and that’s what one has to realize. May God bless you.

Is it alright now?

Just time. How I manage? Without looking at the watch.