The aspect of the deities on the chakras Rome (Italy)

2nd Public Program April 28th 1982 Rome, Italy

bow to all the seekers of truth.

I gave you an introduction to the spontaneous happening of
Self-realisation through Sahaja yoga. There is no other method than
the spontaneous and the living process. As all the seeds sprout the
same way, in the same manner, your awakening also takes the same way.

especially as asked by someone, I would like to tell you about the
aspect of the deities on these centres. […]

Liver, Mantras Rome (Italy)

Public Program Day 1. Rome (Italy), 28 April 1982.

YOGINI: ( says some words in Italian, she translates the whole speech )

Shri Mataji: Now to cure this liver we have to take lots of carbon-hydrates. And best is white sugar, if it is vibrated. Now Doctors always say that ‘don’t take sugar’. You cannot have a general treatment like that for everyone, because everybody is different and different problems. Those people who have liver-trouble must take sugar – which is vibrated. […]