Liver, Mantras

Rome (Italy)

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Public Program Day 1. Rome (Italy), 28 April 1982.

YOGINI: ( says some words in Italian, she translates the whole speech )

Shri Mataji: Now to cure this liver we have to take lots of carbon-hydrates. And best is white sugar, if it is vibrated. Now doctors always say that, “Don’t take sugar”. You cannot have a general treatment like that for everyone, because everybody is different and different problems. Those people who have liver-trouble must take sugar which is vibrated. When this sugar goes into the blood-stream, then it puts the, it puts the [unclear; H2O.] of the water, of the blood into proper shape. The [H2O?], you see in the hydrogen and oxygen, it’s like this, you see, the Oxygen is in the center, say, and these hydrogen’s, two hydrogen’s on the sides, like this, you see. But when it is imbalanced then what happens, this goes up and this comes down and it cannot receive the heat. But when you get that and this goes down and these two come up, when you take the vibrated thing. So, you can receive the heat. So that when you take this vibrated sugar, when you take this vibrated sugar, your liver is cured. Normally, liver-patients are always skinny and they are very irritable, they could be very hot-tempered. And they could be very dry in temperament. They may not even have any, any emotional feelings left in them.

Ah, I had a dentist as a – who came to Me, a dentist and who had become absolutely without any feelings. He said, I have no feelings now for anything. He said, he has no feelings for his children, nor for his wife, neither for his mother. So I said, “What do you do every-day, what exercise?” He says, “I do jogging for five miles”. I said, “Why do you do it?” He says, “To keep good health”. But your, your physical health is not everything, your physical health is not everything! You are not only your body, you are not only your emotions, you are not only your intelligence, but you are the Spirit. And if you just look after your body, then you might become a wrestler or something. But even if you are a wrestler you’ll come to Me and say, “Mother I have no peace of mind”.

Such people can get heart-attacks, even those people who plan too much and think too much can get heart-attacks. They are all vulnerable or prone to heart attacks, they can easily get heart-attacks, such people. Because if you pay so much attention to your body your spirit in your heart doesn’t like it and it gives you warnings and even then if you don’t listen then it just disappears and a person dies. So this is the problem of the right-sided people. Now the left-sided people are the people who are very emotional, they weep and cry too much and – ah – they can be very boring, ah – if one is dry, another is boring. While one thinks of the past and one thinks of the future, but you have to be in the center.

Now people who are left-sided can drive down very much into hysteria and things like that or they can even get into possessions by the dead spirits. Even the right-sided people, if they are extremists, they can get possessed by very ambitious people who are dead, the example is of Hitler, he was a possessed man of very ambitious spirits and he was heart-less, he had no feelings and he, he had such a capacity to give these spirits to others, to get others possessed also. And he possessed many people like that. So anybody who thinks that ego is a good thing, then they should know, that they can end up as Hitlers. Now the left-sided people can get leucaemia also, they can get troubles of the uterus, palpitations and frightening and fear, they can live in constant fear – ultimately they become lunatics, they are not normal people.
But a person who is left-sided is, gets the trouble to himself, but the right-sided trouble others, they are never aware that they are troublesome people, while the left-sided always feel sorry and guilty.

So to overcome all this we have to be in the center – that means we should not go to extremes. You see, the western life is more ego-orientated, because they say, what’s wrong? When an eighty year old man will carry on with a girl who is eighteen years and he’ll say, what’s wrong? And an eighty year – ah – woman will carry on with an eighteen year old boy and she will say, what’s wrong? Ego makes you stupid. That’s the first thing that happens to egoistical people, they become stupid and they say, what’s wrong? They jump into all problems, saying what’s wrong? Because they lack wisdom and they get success, they think that is success, like Hitler thought. And they try to aggress and put forward their point of view.

The left-sided people may not aggress, but they can be sly. For example the breast-cancer is caused to women who are left-sided and are in-secured in life. For example if a woman thinks that her husband is a flirt and she has a sense of in-security and she develops breast-cancer. If the husband is right-sided and woman is left-sided then there is more danger, because the husband won’t have any feeling and the wife will have too much feeling and they will going more to the extremes. But when you give vibrations of realized souls to this center-heart, there you see that heart-center, than with the vibrations the security is established. That is how bloo – breast-cancer can be cured. Any kind of cancer can be cured with Sahaja Yoga and it may take hardly any time with some people.

Our president of India, he came from America, when he was operated on for cancer of lungs and he was just dying in London, in the aero-plane, and actually they had made all preparations for his funeral in India. I went with My Husband to see him, because My Husband knew him very well and the High-Commissioner of London told the president that this Lady is not only Misses Shrivastava but She is the Mataji Nirmala Devi. And his wife had heard My Name, that I have cured many people, so she said why don’t you safe my husband? And he is a nice man, a good man, I just put My Hand on his back for ten minutes. He had not slept all these days with all the injections and everything, but he felt absolutely relaxed, he wanted to sleep. And then he got up absolutely fresh and in Delhi, when they reached, he just walked down and everybody was surprised. And then when I was in Delhi he invited Me especially and showed Me that even the operation-mark has disappeared. And he wants Us to have an Ashram in Delhi also so that many people can meet Me.

But We are not interested in curing people, because if the cured people are going to do some work for Sahaja Yog, than it is of some use. [to the translator: cured people] I mean you will not have any lamps repaired which cannot give light to others. [to the translator: Say it again!] Now those who do not want to help others, who just want to use Sahaja Yoga for their own purpose are of no value to Me. It is a very selfish attitude and Sahaja Yoga is not meant for people who are selfish. Those who think for others, those who want to do good to others and give them enlightenment are My proud, I am proud of such children. If a, a Sahaja Yogi is very selfish, only looking after one-self, then after some time he loses vibrations. So one has to know, that if you are cured you must learn how to cure others and you must know how to give enlightenment to others.

Now, it’s a collective happening, Sahaja Yoga is a collective happening, it is not for an individual. Where about, ah, where more people come and sit together there I reside, there I am – but it is not a group-formation like the one We know of these mass-rallies and these mass-programs, it’s not like that. Because mass is nothing but a mimicry going on, doing all abnormal things. If one starts jumping, others start jumping, if one starts saying Mantras, others start saying Mantras – but they are not aware. But this I am talking about the collective, collectivity, which means you are aware. That means you – ah – you know what you are doing.

Now again, about the Mantras I must tell you that it’s a big science and one should know how to take Mantra, what time, where. You cannot give a general Mantra to everyone, like a general medicine. The Mantra is according to the way Kundalini is moving. Say the Kundalini has stopped here, then you have to name, take the name of Christ or you have to say the Mantra of “Lord’s Prayer”. Now if it stops in the stomach, you have to take the name of Vishnu. If it stops around the Void then you have to take the name of these primordial Masters like Mohammed or like other People like Moses, Abraham. If it … if it stops here you have to take the name of Shri Krishna or you have to say “Allah hu Akbar” with these fingers in your ears and that’s how you can cure your throat-troubles.

These are all Mantras, but not like everybody stupidly saying “Allah hu Akbar” or everybody saying some Mantra which has no relation to that person – and before realization you have no authority to take any Mantras. Like if I have to meet – supposing – the Prime-Minister then I have to go through proper channel, there is a protocol, I cannot just go and shout his Names somewhere, ah they will arrest Me. Now God is the Prime-Minister of all the Prime-Ministers, He is the highest of all, so taking His name is not such a simple thing, that anybody can take His name, just call Him as if He is your servant. And the way we pray sometimes, you see, look after my father, look after my mother, look after my children, look after everyone, that’s not the way to address God. First you have to get your realization and enter into the Kingdom of God, then He looks after you. Then He looks after you fully, in every way.

Krishna has said, “yogakshemam vahamy aham”, meaning, “I – ah – after you get your Yoga, I look after your well-being”. You must get Yoga first, He said, Yoga first and than kshema. [To the translator: Kshema is well-being.] So even materially you are helped, but you don’t become over-rich, that is going to extremes, but you get a satisfaction that a King has. You get that status within yourself. So – ah – with Sahaja Yoga you can cure many diseases and for the time being you can use My Photograph, because it has got vibrations. Now people say, that why Mothers Photograph is to be used? Because this is the first time somebody has taken a photograph.
[a short discussion amongst the Yogis, Shri Mataji asks: What’s it?]

Yes, because you see, Shri Krishna’s Photograph is not available, Shri Rama’s is not available, Jesus’s Photograph is not available, Mohammed’s Photograph is not available – now only you can take photograph. So Photography has also come at the right time, so that we can really have a collective emancipation. Many people have got realization through photograph. So why not do it? If you can get advantage of it, why not use it? Ah, another question people have, that why it is Mother who, who has to do it? But I said, that you do it, I will be very happy. If you could do these things yourself, I’d be the happiest person, because then I’ll have some leave. But I don’t know many things, I, I, I really don’t know man-, things that you people do normally, like I can’t write a Check, I can’t go to the Bank, I can’t take a photograph – I don’t feel bad! Then I don’t feel bad, so why should you feel bad, if I know one job?

So that’s how one should look at it and should get full advantage for one-self and give it to others. Now those people who have any questions can ask Me also and I would like to talk to people who have got some diseases little later. Now if you have any questions just ask Me.

Thank you.

Yogi: One of my friends, he just came back from India a few weeks ago and he said to me he was on the Himalaya, in the mountains and there he met a man and this man, ah, say his name is papaji and this man says he is a Maha-Avatar and he says is – ah, ah, ah – Maitreya and he has many disciples and my friend came back very excited to see this being has really much power and he needed, he said, he needed some [INDIST.SOUNDS LIKE: lives to reach] and he came back very much excited and he wants to do very natural [INDIST.]. Ah, do you know anything about this man?

Shri Mataji: Papaji?

Yogi: He says that his name is Papaji.

Shri Mataji: I know quite a lot. That’s all there, you see, there are real Gurus in India also, there are, but these Papaji is not. There are many real Gurus, but they are hiding themselves, mostly and – ah – even if somebody goes to them they are ver-, they don’t like it and, because they are fed up, you see and they have told Me Mother that first you establish a proper atmosphere for us, than only we’ll come down.

Yogi: [says something in Italian]

Shri Mataji: But about Maitreya, now I tell about Maitreya. Maitreya, again you are futuristic, but doesn’t matter, Maitreya is the one who is coming as Nishkalanka as called as Kalaki, is the last, when Christ is coming to sort out, that is the last Avatara but when He’ll come He will not talk to you. [to the Translator: “As you tell this, My dear.” And later: “Maitreya.”] Yeah, He is the one who is going to come. He is actually Mahavishnu at this stage and then he comes as Maitreya at that stage and that’s Kalaki-Nishkalanka, is called as Nishkalanka – means pure, and My name the same. [Shri Mataji to the Translator: Maitreya laughs]

Ha! You got it here in the Sistine Chapel, Maitreya standing there – is a … Sistine Chapel has got Christ exactly, where He is standing at the Agnya-Chakra, throwing people left and right, you see, that is what He is going to do. That’s Maitreya, Michelangelo has done that. He is not going to talk to you, council you or redeem you or anything raise your Kundalini, He is just going to sort you out, at the end. That is going to be the ultimate, that is going to be the ultimate where those who are useless people will be destroyed, only those who are realized will be settled in the Kingdom of Heaven. And those who think themselves to be very big [INDIST.SOUNDS LIKE: dowdies] like Kings, Queens and all that – they will not enter into the Kingdom of God. It’s only the Seekers who get their realization will be there. That’s why I am here, to give you realization and to teach you how to give realizations to others. All right?

First thing you must know, any Guru who meets you, anyone – don’t listen to stories. The person, if he can give you your own powers through realization is the one who is real. And those who put spirits in you, make you dance and jump and an-slave you are not real. They are devils some of them are really. I know all of them very well and you should not be [INDIST.SOUNDS LIKE: eluded] into their docks. You people are much higher than all of them, but you can be easily miss-led.

So now, is there any other question?

Yogi: Yeah! You are talking about – ah – that Christ come here [INDIST.] for this time and …

Shri Mataji: What?

Yogi: … on Sunday, on Sunday the 25th [INDIST.] and there is a big sign in the newspaper with he was saying, he was saying that Christ – you see – He will, He will release Himself to the next two months …

Shri Mataji: Hmm, that’s another, that’s a story, again a story-teller’s. This one was company of called T-A-R-A, Tara and, and they are going to se-, spend hundred and thirty thousand pounds. And they are going to make Christ appear on the television. Even if you spend all the wealth of yo-, this world you can’t do it. [Shri Mataji laughs] It’s all money-making propositions. You see, money begets money and the spirit begets spirit. So all these jokes and all these clowns, you should not pay attention to them. We have had enough of them. All right? Yes, it’s true, that’s a big amount, they are sen-, they are saying also, we are going to spend hundred and thirty thousand pounds, they are not ashamed about it. (Shri Mataji laughs) And they’ll bring some hocus-pocus there. How will you recognize Christ, tell Me? After all, realized people can, but otherwise also you can rea-, ah, recognize very easy, ask Him to walk on the water.

aside: Did you feeling pain? Oh God, void, I know he has a very bad void.
[Yogis laugh]
What’s happening?


Shri Mataji: Feeling the pain, in the void?

Yogi: In the void, yes that’s right …

Shri Mataji: Hmm. The, the way they talk about Christ as if that He is in their pockets. There are all descriptions about every incarnation and to make them out it’s not difficult.

Aside: All right now, is it, is it any …?

Yogi: [talks in Italian]

TRANSLATOR: He wants to know …

Shri Mataji: All right.

TRANSLATOR: … he wants to know [INDIST.] recognized a special [INDIST.]

Shri Mataji: [laughs] Yes, it is so. It is so. I am here to do that job. Later on you will know about it, that’s My speciality.

Ah, should We? Yes there, Rama?

Yogi: I would like to know about another friends friend and he had an accident ten years ago, and he cannot walk and he has, he is like cut here in this area, at the end of the spine, you know, but I don’t know how, the feeling you know was sometimes working, sometimes sick, the walking, You know, he ah, and he was afraid, you know, and …

Shri Mataji: Who cannot walk, what do you say?

TRANSLATOR: He has a friend that had an accident and he did also [INDIST.] because he has his spinal cut here and he would like to see him walk again.

Yogi: He had a …


Yogi: Now the thing is, that sometimes that his feeling and sometimes right, I cannot, you see it, You know, but he may walks again. I would like to know You, tell us if it is possible ….

Shri Mataji: All right, I teach you how to make right. Try, you are trying, what trying? I don’t know how far it is broken, but what trying? You may work it out. Now, but don’t pay too much attention just now to the sick. First of all you all must get well, you must become – ah – good Sahaja Yogis, you should become strong and then you should do it, because if you start doing it just now, you see, you are just now like little Babies, you see, like little seat-lings and this is very important, this month you have to be care-full about it and once you are established as Sahaja Yogis then you will know everything how to do it and how to work it out, but as a Mother I have to tell you that you should be care-full. Just now the Kundalini has come up, you are just now sprouted, be care-full. First you have to also learn how to protect yourself and how to properly understand all the Chakras and things so, it would be easier for you, because I don’t want that you get caught up into something else.


Shri Mataji: Is so?


Shri Mataji: Hmm, is she better?


Shri Mataji: It’s very good. You tell them how to do it – you see? – with the Photograph, today. Tonight you try with the Photograph and then tomorrow again We can be here – at eleven O’clock?


Shri Mataji: All right. Yes, this photograph now, you should mount it properly on some sort of a cart-board or something, so it can be kept where-ever you feel like and if you want you can frame it, even through the glass the vibrations come in. Now this Photograph has got vibrations. Now before doing anything else you have to put a light-candle before the Photograph – so if there are any negative forces around will disappear.

Now what you do, you first put your left hand towards the Photograph and the right hand on the heart and saying thrice, Mother I am the spirit. When you say that, you will start feeling the cool breeze flowing into your hands. Now supposing you don’t get any cool breeze in the left hand, than you put the right hand and put the left hand like this, outside. You will find that the flow will start coming in and there will be cool breeze. Then again put the left hand like this and see if it is coming now in the left hand. Now this means that you are taking the vibrations from there and you are letting out into the atmosphere the negativity, or the abstractions.

Now when you see that both are all right, then you can put both the hands towards the photograph. But in the night, before sleeping you should get a little bole of water with salt, this is symbolic of the Ocean – that’s the Guru – and put the light again before the Photograph. And look at the Photograph with both the hands and put the feet in the water. The water should be warm enough, the water will suck in, there also you can do, the same way is to put left hand and right hand here, to begin with, then put the right hand towards the Photograph and left hand out, like that. Then left hand towards the Photograph, right hand out – you will find the movement within your-self. Then put both the hands towards the Photograph …

This is one thing, then to raise your Kundalini yourself, stand before the Photograph and move your right – left hand like this – this is the desire and put right hand in clockwise manner and go on taking it out like this, like this. Keep this hand steady and one hand you raise. Take it on top of your head, as much as you can and take it out and [INDIST.]. Again – your left hand, left hand steady, yes, now with right hand should, it’s better to be care-full. Or you can sit on the ground if you like, one of the [INDIST.].

Now put it up on the head, on the head, like this, now proper you [INDIST.SOUNDS LIKE: can do that, proper. Fasten it]. Now again, third time. Then again do it with complete attention, you see, this is your desire and this is your action – you are acting on that. Now We raise it up again – now you have to give three knots here: one – two – and three. Now see. [INDIST.SOUNDS LIKE: This is all you have to do.] This will increase your vibrations – you see. Are you feeling vibrations now, within? Is good. Are you feeling cool breeze?

Yogi: [INDIST.SOUNDS LIKE: Now I feel sensations, it’s like …]

Shri Mataji: That’s not cool breeze.

Yogi: [INDIST.]

Shri Mataji: It will become cool breeze after some time – all right? All right? That’s all. It has improved so?


Shri Mataji: So it has. So you can give twice, thrice or however you feel like, you can do it, raising up the Kundalini or even before sitting before meditation and then, if you feel like closing your eyes, you can close your eyes and go into meditation. You will be in thoughtless awareness, there won’t be any thought. Just try to increase that space of your thoughtless awareness, that’s the presence.

Yogi: [INDIST.]

Shri Mataji: Now she is in charge here, she is in charge [INDIST.] like some others [INDIST.] …

YOGINI: Antonio!

Shri Mataji: Antonio is here?


Shri Mataji: Antonio is here? And ah, ah –

YOGINI: Giuseppe.

Shri Mataji: Where, where is he? Here? Is he here? Then …


Shri Mataji: So and, and you are here and …


Shri Mataji: [INDIST.]


Shri Mataji: Do you want to continuo? [INDIST.] All right. So all these people who are here all ready who know about Sahaja Yoga. So you have to get to it seriously and work it out for a month and they will also contact you and after My going also they are having a conference-hall where they meet you all and they will be able to guide you and tell you how to go further and gradually you will know yourself. And once you are absolutely – ah – established you feel completely free and full of joy. All right, you all are there who are here and after you have fully done established tomorrow I will see you again. Work it out in the first [INDIST.] proper. And [INDIST.SOUNS LIKE: tomorrow in the] evening I will be here and tell you all about these Chakras.

SEEKER: [talks in Italian]

YOGINI: [translates, INDIST.]

Shri Mataji: So makes no difference – …

SEEKER: [talks in Italian]

Shri Mataji: …you can keep it anywhere. Even the Photograph has got lots of vibrations, this one. And My attention is all over Italy.

What did happen?

Yogi: [INDIST.]

ANOTHER Yogi: [talks in Italian]

ANOTHER Yogi: He wants to know this – ah – …

TRANSLATOR: [explains Shri Mataji what was said]

Yogi: [talks in Italian]

Shri Mataji: Ah, …

Yogi: [talks in Italian]

Shri Mataji: …ah, it’s the Lakshmi, yeah, but don’t worship Her, because this is not made by a realized soul. Oh he is all right, it’s good, it is a representative of Lakshmi, I will talk about Her – all right? But you should not worship, because the statues are not made by realized souls.


TRANSLATOR: I am going to tell her.

Shri Mataji: You see Me, what is to be worshipped and how in the Bible was it written My Name.

Thank you very much!