The Day of resurrection has come

Maison de la Mutualité, Paris (France)

1982-05-03 Public Program Paris NITL HD, 79'
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Public Program Day 1. Paris (France), 3 May 1982.

French introduction by Grégoire. [It starts with questions and answers]

…Seekers of truth. At the very outset, I would like to apologize, because I could not attend the session the other day. And also to apologize for this small hall which we could arrange. Please, forgive the organizers for this little hall which has put you to inconveniences.

I was very happy to hear your questions, which gives Me a little idea as to what you are seeking. Today, we are standing at a position in the history of time, where the Day of Resurrection has come. This time was to come, was prophesized. And that prophecy has to be fulfilled by someone. At the very outset, one has to understand what are we to seek, and what is our resurrection.

This is the enlightenment, this is the self-realization, but…what is it? [Inaudible] People may talk: “This is that, this is that, this is that…” Thank God in the modern times, people have logic. Now, if you see to the history of evolution, you will realize that evolution has taken in the awareness of person, or the seeker. And the higher was the evolution, the lesser was the modulation in the body and the outward side.

So, now, if there has to be the evolution, what it is going to be? In the awareness has to be seen. Because whatever has happened to us, in our own evolution, we have achieved it in our awareness. For example, for us, it is a truth that it’s a small hall. Because we can see with these eyes. In the same way, this is…the color of this curtain is a fact for all of you, it’s a truth. Because you all have eyes. Say, for a dog, to go trough a dirty lane is not difficult, but to a human being it’s very difficult because he’s aware of the filth.

Because in his evolution he has developed a nose which can smell filth. So, to understand it fully, logically, is that something has to happen to your awareness. Now, on this point, there have been lots of confusions, on this point itself. The confusion comes, because we can think what we like. Rationality is that moves the way we want. Evolution is not a thing that we can achieve through our rationality.

We did not think of our evolution to be a human being, or a donkey, or a, say, a monkey did not think that he has to become a human being. He just became. Neither he…it had any concept of what he is going to be. Neither it had any capacity to concept…conceptualized. But human beings have that capacity. But that capacity could be imaginary, because human beings can go on imagining things.

So, the concept of anything that we have built up may not be true. So, if we are honest seekers of truth, we have to face the truth as it is. One has to adore it, and accept it, and allow it to permeate. It may not be according to your concept. It may challenge your ego also. For example, a gentleman came and sat before Me, and he started jumping like a frog. So, he told Me, that he has read in a book, which is quiet authentic…even in modern times, that, when you get your Kundalini awakening…you hop like a frog.

And I saw that book Myself, and I was surprised that it’s written in there. But, logically, are we going to become frogs now? What are we going to become logically? That is some new dimension has to come into our awareness. Many psychologists like Jung who were realized souls have indicated that one will become, become, again the becoming is the point, collectively conscious.

Means something should happen to our consciousness. In which we become collectively conscious. So, when this Kundalini rises and pierces through the Sahasrara, and is established there, you start feeling a cool breeze in your hand. With this cool breeze, some people might think it’s a psychological case…it’s a psychology…something… some people can say…

Because human mind has a special capacity to escape the truth and accept the falsehood. That we have done before, but now you cannot miss it. Now, with this, as you have asked Me a very right question, that in the hand you see the same colors repeated that are on these centers. Now, these are showing that, on your hand…In the Bible it is said: “Your hands will speak.” So, on your fingers…fingertips are these seven sympathetic nervous…sympathetic Chakras …one-two-three-four-five, six and seven…six and seven.

On the left and on the right. These are accepted by medical science that sympathetic nervous system reaches your left and right extremes…is accepted by medical science up to that point. These fingers, these hands then can tell you what centers are in trouble in you, as well as in others. For example, just now, in the whole audience that they are sitting here, they are mostly catching on this center. Call a child and call…the child will also put this finger in the mouth.

Right…right…left, left…sorry left heart [inaudible-small missing part] this is very common with the western people. They sap their energy sitting down and cursing themselves for nothing at all. But Sahaja Yoga is the system or technique of Divine Love. And love that is the ocean…is the ocean of compassion…that washes off all these so-called specks of things that you think to be great sins.

So, while listening to Me, you should know that you should not feel guilty about anything whatsoever. And be relaxed. Now, when you become collectively conscious, means your fingers, means your central nervous system, is showing the result of your self-realization. Means your conscious mind is aware of what has happened to you. Not only that you feel your own Chakras, and the Chakras of others, but you get your own power to correct them, you own and others.

The powers starts flowing through your fingers to begin with or maybe begin with in some people from the head. And you can use that power for curing people of their centers. Centers… All the problems coming from the imbalances and the mal-adjustments of the elements that have made these centers. And to adjust them, to…and to put them right is a very easy thing for a person who has got this power just flowing through him.

Now, when you are a realized soul, actually you are connected with your spirit. The spirit has its seat on top of your head. But it resides in human heart. In the heart organ itself. And when the Kundalini rises, (she’s) touches that subtle point, then the information goes to the spirit, and it starts manifesting through this connection its own existence in your central nervous system. So, you start feeling this cool breeze. But cool breeze is not from the spirit. You get connected through the spirit and that is what is important. Because through the connection of the spirit…just like this is connected to the plug…in the same way, you get connected through your Kundalini to the “plug”. And the plug is the spirit in a very gross way I would say.

Now look at that…he has written a big book on Sahaja Yoga… So, the connection is established through Kundalini, trough the… “Being” within us, which is collectively conscious, all the time. That is present all the time within us. It is conscious all the time aware, about our everything that we are doing.

…[missing words]…Connection when it is established with the Divine, then that electricity, or that power we can call it, the power that is all-pervading, starts pulsating in the conscious mind. Now, we can say that, I…if I take the name of God if you are not disturbed, that God Almighty is the One whose power is separated from Him. And His power is the Shakti or the Adi Shakti, or the Primordial Mother.

And the light of this power, the…covers all the universes, covers the minutest of atoms and molecules. While God Almighty is like a witness, and is watching the play of His power. As man is made in God’s image, God Almighty is represented by the spirit in human heart. And its power, which is the representation of the Adi Shakti or the Holy Ghost, is represented by the Kundalini.

So, when the Kundalini gets connected with the spirit, we start feeling the collective consciousness, because we get connected through the Kundalini, to the collective being within us. And that’s how we become collectively conscious. For example, say… this is the image of God…we can say, then Sadashiva, the God Almighty resides in the heart. And his power creates the whole universe.

Now, how does it create? First of all, He has to desire. So, we have within us, the power of desire within us. Now, this power of desire is active without any effect. Visual effect. For example, if I desire to be the president of France…I won’t…I do not become. So, whatever we desire, does create an activity of a type, which is not apparent. But the activity that takes place, through our brain, and through our physical efforts, is apparent. If we think that we want to, say…go to Mother’s lecture, if we want, in the desire, you may, you may not.

But, if you come to the second type of activity, then you will have to think how you are going to do it. So, you go to the future side, and plan it out how to do it, and you use your physical body for that as well. That’s why we call it an activity that is as a…not inactivity, but you can say non-activity. I don’t know in French. …And that is activity…

That is the past, for example, somebody is sitting and thinking about the past. Then what is the activity? The activity is of emotions and all that, but there is no production out of it. So, the foremost thing is to desire. If God Almighty does not desire, nothing will be created. So, out of that power of desire, the another power of creativity comes in. In our Sahaja Yoga language, we call the first power as Mahakali power, and the second as Mahasaraswati.

And the central one, we call it as the Mahalaxshmi power. It is the power that manifests the parasympathetic nervous system within us. This is the power that gives us our evolution. By this power we sustain. By this power, God has created…you can say, the chemical periodical laws to give them different quality of valence.

We can say at the lowest Chakra, below the Kundalini, is the carbon atom, which started combining with others to form life. As it has got four valences, this one also has got four… This is the power that we have got from the Mother Earth, which is innocence. And the magnet within us is placed in this one.

Look at the animals, how they have got their magnetic fields properly adjusted and so well understood. The birds, from long distances, cross…across to southern hemisphere, and then back again with proper direction, because their magnets are intact and pure. Till’ the animal stage, this magnet is quiet intact. But, at the human stage, you are given freedom to do what you like with this center.

Because at the stage when you are a human being, when you [have-are?] raised your head at this center [Shri Mataji must be showing Vishuddhi Chakra], you have to become independent and free people to decide. As soon as you raise your head like that, a new system starts growing into you from your right side, like this, and covers up the whole area up to this.

Because when human beings indulge into any activity, they develop a feeling that “I am doing it”, that is mister ego. Before that, there is only a growth of one side, a left side, and that too very rudimentary in the human…uh…in the…in the animal stage. So the ego goes on pressing on the superego too much, and superego also develops then, and that’s how you get cut off from the mains.

That is how you become a shell, and a separated personality, a free personality, to do what you like. We can say like an egg. When the calcification takes place you become completely an egg of your own. It has to be an egg if you have to become a bird in a free world of God. Because evolution cannot go any further than this, unless and until the people who have to enter into the Kingdom of God, have to realize the value of freedom.

But the word freedom itself is again confused. If you are very ego-oriented, you think whatever you do is your right. Any kind of nonsensical things people do, they’ll say: “What’s wrong?” I had a disciple, who was twenty-six year old, and he came one day, he’s very good and intelligent boy, and he was very sad. And he told Me that: “My mother who is forty-nine or so, or fifty years of age, has eloped with my friend who is twenty-two.

So she came to Me, the mother, and she said: “What’s wrong?” The laws are so absurd, that she sold her house, and the husband had to live in another house, she had to live in another house, and she had three children who just became like prostitutes. Her own daughters. And they also came and told Me: “What’s wrong?” With ego a person becomes absolutely unaware of the collectivity.

That means he becomes malignant, he becomes a cancer-cell in the body of God Almighty….Malignant…The left-sided person is a person who start getting all kinds of conditions upon himself. They are another type of dead people. Because there is no wisdom in choosing your conditionings. Such people can be fanatics, could be mad people, could be hystericals.

The other day, I saw, some people in the bus; I was traveling with “Mary”, who were just talking to themselves, and they are all of the same style, like mad…I mean lunatic. Now, the nature has its own way of controlling, and giving you balance. For example, if you are too much ego-oriented, and only working out the right-side, then what happens, that to replace the fat cells from your brain, the liver has to work very hard. The… the Swadishthana…is the Chakra…is the Swadishthana…

When you go on planning everything, all plans go waste, no doubt. But apart from that, your brain also goes waste. Because you do not know what Divine plan is. You have to know the Divine plan, to fit into your planning. So, whatever planning you do, can create problems not only for your liver, but also for all the organs which are important in the…in the abdominal area, because that has to be looked after by the same centers.

So, you develop diabetes, because your pancreas is out of care. You may develop blood cancer, because your spleen is out of care, you may develop kidney troubles and also high-blood pressure and you may also loose completely your memory at a young age, without knowing what’s your name is.

So, this can happen to you, if you’re right sided. But still nature goes on giving you warnings by many ways. But, if you do not listen to the nature, then you get an attack on your heart. Because your attention is away from the spirit. And your spirit is in the heart, which gets angry and recedes. Now, see the balance, the heart is for emotions. Not for mental activities. But when you do mental activity, your heart goes out. But if you do your emotional activities like weeping, crying, and becoming very sulking type and receding type, then your brain goes out.

[Missing words and sentences…] …which we can call as our break and our accelerator. Now, we have to use both of them, keeping ourselves in balance. Another great capacity of human beings is to go on the extremes. We cannot be one-sided in ordinary life…We cannot be one-sided in ordinary life. Supposing we have one leg, we can’t stand for long time. A car cannot go on one wheel like this in an angle, does it?

Even on the bicycle, you have to balance. This balance comes from wisdom that you have. And this wisdom tells you how much to listen to others, and how much to yourself. Like today, I had somebody who gave Me a very good …a…good report of what happened to her. She was telling Me about the psychoanalysis, the madness of it. Which suggested that she has bad relations with her father or her mother, or some sort of a nonsense like that.

In her wisdom, she could understand that she has pure relationship with her parents, and this is nonsensical, this [is?] some sort of pathological case they are describing. Like Freud was himself a psychopath. Himself died of cancer. Not only but he had relationship with his mother, such a perverse man he was. He did not know what chastity is, what purity is, what holiness is, what sublimity is.

If the psychologists are dealing with pathology, all the time, with pathological cases, they become pathological cases themselves. They have no way of protecting themselves. And these pathological cases, which are one in a billion, they make it a general rule for all of you and you accept them. You are created in your dignity and in your glory to become the spirit.

And while they want to reduce you to your a sex point, and how on earth any man with self-respect can accept such a nonsense as that. So, what is it that [our?] we go to the extremes in everything? Either we go to the right side, or to the left side. If you go to the right-side, you can also become like an ascetic, a very dry personality, devoid of any feeling. Like husbands who are hard working, women who are hard working, can be very funny human beings.

Very strange things they can do. Because they have lost that balancing factor. In England, no I should say England then itself, statistically it is proved that two children are killed by parents. Children! And there the parents want to become vegetarians, and save the animals, and save the mosquitoes, and save the bugs. They are sending money to Afghanistan, and all those things, but they cannot look at their own children who are suffering.

So, these extreme behaviors on the left-side can also create terrible problems. One of them is cult formation. Cult formation. This weakness comes to us from our heritage as animals. There is a kind of a phenomena called…there is a kind of a phenomena called mimickery that takes place among animals, so that they copy others, and go along together. Now, if there is a very strong personality, like Hitler, then he can impress on people, by pampering their ego to begin with, that they are something “chosen” people.

[For-but?] Hitler also used the same methods that these false gurus are using. He got help from these Lamas in Tibet, the parasites, who told them…who told him the secrets how to control human beings. Now, beyond this area of your subconscious, there lies the collective subconscious where all that is dead lies. Even the cancer, which I’ve seen has been there, because people have been driven into collective subconscious.

A person who gets cancer is always a left-sided person. The doctors have reached a certain conclusion about it. I saw a film the other day, where they showed some doctors experts on cancer, telling that the cancer is triggered by proteins which they named as “52-58”, anything you can name, but they can’t explain, which enter into the area of human consciousness.

And these proteins, according to them, are coming from the area which is built within us, since our creation, means collective subconscious, that… they don’t know. So, that’s the sects are formed, because, say, you call some people and tell them you pay five pounds each. And become the member of this…not sect…but a very “enlightened” group. How can you pay for your enlightenment, it’s a sensible thing to think of! But as soon as they pay five pounds, they become a club.

Then they have to go through all the rigorous imprisonment, because they have paid for it. They don’t understand that this is a mass action that is going on. A…somebody will say: “Oh, I’m feeling very nice”, another says: “I’m feeling very nice”, ” I am feeling very nice”, and here the cancer is developing inside. But, what has happened to your awareness? What powers have you got? What have they given you? I may say anything about Myself, what does it take? For Indians specially, they tell lies morning till evening.

I’ve known Indians, if they don’t tell thousand lies everyday, they won’t eat their food. And they want to amass money, and are trying to befool. But there is a subtler thing which is happening there: the white race tries to overpower the others by their right-side. And tried to press them. So, now the left-side is attacking you. There are befooling you.
I went to China with My husband, and I told them that there are so many people who are become; now, drug addicts, and they are just cured by Sahaja Yoga. They said: “Why do you do that? Why do you cure them? Because they gave us opium, for days together, we were under opium, and they just killed all our essence, and they ruled here, and now, that’s what they have to pay for their sins…let them have it.”

But for the Divine, whether it is East and West, it does not understand directions or skins. It’s all stupidity going on among children. The only interest now Divine has, to give you emancipation, and to take you into the Kingdom of God, and nothing else. And for that, I have to counsel you, I have to give you comfort from your diseases, and you are to be redeemed. That has to be done. Specially for you, those who are seekers, who are the epitome of creation.

They are the one’s who are going to enter into the Kingdom of God, not these kings and all these [inaudible-philosophs?] They have no place the so-called rich and the so-called poor, and the so-called quarrelsome people. So, it is you who have to get enlightenment in the body of the Primordial Being. So, that is how the sects are formed, and in general I have told you I don’t want to criticize…