I’m your Mother. I can’t tell you lies.

Maison de la Mutualité, Paris (France)

1982-05-04 Public Program Paris NITL HD, 123'
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Public Program, second day, Maison de la Mutualité, Paris, France, 04/05/1982

So as I said, at the very outset, I again ask your forgiveness for this hall which is again for all, smaller inside.
Now, at the very beginning, you have to know that I’m your Mother. I can’t tell you lies, I can’t, sorry. But I don’t want to hurt you either or to make your ego stand up, so that you loose your chance of Realization. I have to do it very carefully because I know you are delicately placed, perhaps you do not know that your situation is precarious. In your naiveness, you have reached sometimes a place where you’ll just drop out. You have read a lot without knowing anything about what is the problem. It takes nothing to print a book in India. And these days, it is a very prosperous industry to print books. I’ve not printed any book of My own. Gregoire has written a very big book but that we don’t give it to people who are not yet Realized fully, because you have to be prepared, developed and mature to sustain the truth. If you do not accept the truth, it will come through, but it will break so many things. So I have to do everything very carefully and you cooperate with me, please.

Shri Krishna has said: “Yada yada hi dharmasya, glanirbhavati bharata.” Whenever there is a fall in the human consciousness “Paritranaya sadhunang vinashay cha dushkritam, sambhabami yuge yuge” means “To destroy the ill doers, evil people, and to save the sadhus, the ones who are seekers and who have sought, I take incarnation on this earth. [In Gita verse 7-8 chapter 4]
Now, the present problem that I face is this: that the sadhus have been attacked in a very subtler way by the evil doers, so that there is nobody as pure sadhu or pure evil doer. These evil doers have gone into your brains, they have gone into your being. And the one who tries to warn you or even tell about it may upset, because a little of them is in you. So it is a very delicate operation and is extremely difficult.

I didn’t expect the sadhus to be in this state. Normally sadhus have an innate, build in system within themselves, that they have logic, they logically and instinctively understand what is the truth. But the evil doers have been so active and so cunning and so camouflaged that they have entered through the back door. This is between you and me, now, between Me and the deities within you, they are practically exhausted within you and disgusted the way they have been tortured. I’ve seen your Kundalini sometimes, and I’ve seen it’s just putting her head on all both the sides and fourth sides sometimes with helplessness, wounded and terribly tired. So one has to understand that you are all saints, you are people of God, and you have to achieve your Self Realization.
There are many secrets and mysteries of the Divine which will be revealed to you later on. But first of all, you must have your vibrations, vibratory awareness, a new dimension to ask these absolute questions and to verify whether it is true or not. Now if I tell you that the skin which is one sixteen of an inch, at the most, has got lots of cells in it and is regularized and is very well organised, you are not going to believe it unless and until you have a microscope to see it.

And the human awareness, at this level if it could see, then it would not have been so much deluded into problems.
But first of all, I have to make you open your eyes and see trough the microscope. And just before that, if you start denying it, how am I going to push it to it. Now the question – like if somebody says that: “What about tolerance?” Christ, who was the most tolerant divine personality one could think of, has said that: “Those who are not against me, are with me.” So are we going to tolerate Hitler? We had a very good example of this tolerance that we had of mister Hitler; for eleven years he was building up and we were tolerating him and then we had it.

The destructive forces of this universe are not going to be tolerated by divine Power. All such people will go to Hell, after all, there is hell created for whom? They have no business to deal with anti God activities. He is compassionate, he is kind and he is forgiving. But he is a God of wrath; and beware of that wrath. Who are we the human beings, talking of tolerance, it is he who should decide. What we need is his protection and his guidance and love. So it’s a question of discrimination.
Say, for example, I would say that: “My Kundalini is all right and I’m all right. I’ve no problems.” But there are seekers who have problems, their Kundalini is not up, they are in a mess, they are mislead; all right, doesn’t matter, because they are seekers of God. I have to work day in and day out. I have to be the most gentle person with them but not with these evil doers who have tried to kill the children of God!

In 1970, openly, before about thousand people, I took the name of each and every of these gurus and told that they were all devils, I know them since long. And people were afraid that I’d be killed and this and that. I said: “It was not that Christ crucified himself because others did it”, it is He that had to do it, that’s why he did a drama. And that “He has eleven powers to destroy them, eleven rudras. One of them is sufficient to finish the whole universe.” But that time, He tolerated it , all right, because, that time, nobody was Realized. And none of the saints were troubled. He took up everything upon Himself to prove how stupid we were to crucify Him. So now, first of all, you must get strong with your power, the non violence of the strong has some meaning, what is of a weak person tolerating?
But I must say, after Realization, you do get a power to tolerate many more things that normally you cannot tolerate, that you will develop yourself that power within yourself.

Love teaches you to tolerate because you enjoy the love and not the comfort because love is the most comforting thing. You don’t need any comfort anymore. But if it comes to the destruction also, this love itself will destroy. And that’s going to happen very soon, before that, better get Realized. Alright, now relax.
Alright, so, now we are-
[To someone] Now please, don’t go in between, it’s a very funny stuff you see, if you are in a- sitting down- and if you going to move out, better move out first. It’s not proper. It’s not proper to behave like this, alright? French are supposed to be very cultured very well behaved people. You shouldn’t disturb others.

So now, to the questions of the gurus. Logically, as I told you that Self Realization is evolutionary breakthrough. It’s a living process, has to be spontaneous. You cannot read about it, it’s very vital. Say, our breathing is spontaneous; supposing we have to read about how to breathe, how many of us will exist? We do not do the breathing but the autonomous nervous system is doing it. So it is a spontaneous thing, beyond human control. But if you become super human you will have the control of that. At human level, what you can do is to read a book, think, think, think, that’s all. But you do not know that it cannot be done by thinking. Now you cannot pay for it. You cannot demand it. You cannot, sort of, put an effort for it. So it is absolutely spontaneous.

Now what do these gurus do? These so called, I call them a-gurus.
There are, even today in India and all over may be, lots of gurus who are Realized souls. They all know Me and they recognized Me, even I’ve not met them, because their understanding is of a different level. But they are not in the market.

I called one fellow from- what’s the place of that- Calicut, and I asked him to go to America because I could not go, and he run away the third day from there. He said: “These are mad people I don’t want to deal with them.” There is another guru who is a real one, and I went to see him, he was living on top of a hill, about seven miles we had to walk about. And Sahaja Yogis were surprised they said: “Mother you never go to any guru why should we go there?” So I said: “You feel the vibrations.” And they felt the vibrations very, very strongly and that’s how they knew that he was a Realized soul.
We went to see him, also the meeting was very dramatic- I’ll tell you later on sometimes- but his legs are broken, his hands are broken. He’s fed up of the people. He said: “These are mad people I have nothing to do with them.” Though he himself has a tiger on which he moves! But he said: “t is easier to manage a tiger than to manage these mad human beings.” He has told Me: “After twelve years, Mother, I’ll come down.” But he send some poets and told them to make poems about Me. The Aarti you sing if from one of the poets. There are so many stories I can tell you about these real gurus. They have really become intolerant of human beings now, because they think human beings are just like scorpions, and they can never be-put right. If you try to do good to them, they will bite you. Now this fellow himself is about more than hundred and five years and this is his opinion about human beings so far. And he said: “They are donkeys; give them the job of the donkeys.”

Now whatever it is, we have to see to the other side of it. Thousands of years back, it was predicted that this time was to come. In Nalazamaity Purana [unsure], it was described that this time is going to come in Kali Yuga, that is modern time, when the seekers are seeking, and they will get Realization. They will come as ordinary people, simple people, householders, and they will get their “atma sakchat kar” means, Self Realization. As I told you Blake, who was there hundred of yeas back, has predicted about these times, to such an extend that [he said] where I will live first and then where I will go next, then where will be our ashram, to the point of its place, exact place.
The predictions have been quite a lot but not so clear cut as Blake has done.

The predictions have been quite a lot but not so clear cut as Blake has done. There is another very, very good prediction done about two, three thousands years back, may be more, because Grugu was a great muni [sage], was a great seer, about this happening that a unique method would be developed by which the Kundalini would be awakened and that people will become yogis. And the description is so beautifully done, that one can see through these things. But I don’t need any certificates. Actually, people were a little hesitant, also because of security measures, they didn’t say so many things clearly. Because after Realization, you’ll recognize Me.
So about these [false] gurus you should not ask Me. Minimum of minimum, any guru can give you his- at least, he should look after your health. If the guru cannot even give you good health, why are you retaining him? Now they talk of so many things to avoid the issue. They say: “These are your karmas you must suffer.” Very good excuse, you see? But, if this is because of our karmas, why is he taking money from us? That must be also our karmas that we are giving money to this fellow.

So I will tell you about the karma also in this lecture. Now, about other Yoga systems, the Hatha Yoga is Patanjali Yoga Shastra [treatise]. Now there are in Patanjali Yoga Shastra, there are “Ashtamgas”, eight things. Out of them, one is for “Yaman Yama”[ethical principles] and out of that, one third is the physical exercises, Ya-Yama [Niyama?]. That too, first and foremost thing in Patanjali Yoga Shastra is “Ishwara Pranidhana” [devotion to the Lord], meaning that your God must be established first in your heart, means when the Kundalini moves, then only you will know what chakras are catching.

For example, when we were coming from our house, we met the jam on the way. Sitting at home, without starting the car, how can we know about the jams? Before starting the car what’s the use of moving the wheels and the steering wheel? It is very simple that it has to be an awaken state in which you can correct your charkas. Now the “asanas” are also not to be taken whole, like the whole medicine bottle. We also use asanas according to the need of the charkas, according to the personality. For a person, say, who is a left sided, he should not do any asana, whatsoever where he has to bent forward. And the one who is right sided should not do any exercise which is backwards. No one knows about it. Will you take medicines without consulting the doctor? The only trouble is that for yoga there are no doctors who can be produced out of college. You have to have a divine authority. And unless and until you have the divine authority, you cannot say that this is this or that, this is that.

Now the questions were, somehow I’ve told of Patanjali or Raja Yoga is a thing that happens within yourself and the Kundalini rises. It is not that you can do it from outside. Again the same thing like, not without starting the car, you move it. Same style is Kriya Yoga. The “Kriya”[act] means the action takes place within because when the Kundalini rises, there must be happening something, to keep it sustained there, to make it expand, to go up, there must be something happening inside.
Now, when the child is in the womb, the womb increases automatically, isn’t it? But by increasing the womb, can you get a child? It’s absolutely as simple as that. So by doing all these things which you can do easily, you cannot go to God. Even the more difficult things, whatever you do, you see, some people stand on one hand, one leg, one hand, don’t speak, take out their clothes, dance like mad, sing on the street some songs, some are really madly in love with the guru. These things, you can do, anybody can do, you don’t need a guru for that. Now you want to have even a guru to teach you sex perversions? I think Western people have really developed a sophisticated expansion into it, they don’t need a guru for that. [Shri Mataji is laughting.]
So what is the need to have a guru for that to certify?

[40:29 Cut in the audio up to 40:51]

So, one has to understand that the happening that is coming today is not just for today. It’s the growth of a tree coming up to this stage where it’s a blossom time. And this tree of life has now given those beautiful flowers. And now the cool wind ahs to blow to make them into fruit. So all the incarnations and all the happening in the universe, are part and parcel of this happening. They are the milestones of your evolution and they exist within you. They are just to be awakened.

Today the time is short, but I can tell you about one very important centre, I would say the Agnya chakra. Here, where I’ve a red mark, is actually the window of this, the window of the Agnya chakra. This chakra has got the deity whom we call as Lord Jesus Christ. Now, who is he? Here, in the first charka, you have the deity of innocence, and this deity of innocence, later on, incarnates here as Lord Jesus Christ. Now, those who are not against Christ are the people who are all within this area. There is one God, but he is not like Rock of Gibraltar. It’s a living God, and the more evolved living been is, he has got eyes, he has got ears, he’s got nose, he has different aspects in his life.

All these aspects are manifested in you and that’s how we come to this point of Christ. In the book, you can read about all others but I must tell you a very important thing about Christ. Christ is mentioned as Mahavishnu in the Devi Purana. I don’t know if it is translated or not in English. This Mahavishnu is a special creation out of this basic innocence. Now this is the “adhara”, it is roots, the support of the root, it is the root here: Kundalini. And this is the support of the root: Mooladhara. And Christ is the adhara, is the support. And if you read about his manifestation of Mahavishnu, you will see, it exactly tallies with that of Christ. Now Christ is to be born in you as they say. Many people just certify themselves, we are Christ born. There are not truthful, they are dishonest but doesn’t matter.
Now this one, when it is awakened through the awakening of the Kundalini, you will know that everybody has to have the Kundalini pass through him. So this is the door through which it has to pass. So He was created out of just the Chaitanya, the divine vibrations only. That’s why He could walk on the water. Before him, Krishna has told, six thousands years back, that these divine vibrations or atma, does not perish, cannot be killed, you cannot destroy it.
“nainam chhindanti shastrani
nainam dahati pavakah
na caiman kledayantyapo na shossayati marutah”
[Bhagavad Gita Chapter II, verse 23: Weapons cannot shred the soul, nor can fire burn it, water cannot wet it, nor can the wind dry it.]

This is clearly, He said it. To prove that, He came on this earth and He crucified himself. He died for all practical purposes and then He was really resurrected to prove what Krishna has said on the first place and to establish the door within. He’s sitting there, who will help you to cross through this very narrow place. Because the ego and the superego in a man had really jammed the way. It was a very subtle operation to pass through that. By his crucifixion, He did that and by his resurrection He made it clear.

But what was the quality of Christ’s life? When Christ is enlightened, what He does is to suck these two bunches of ego and superego into himself. So they say that He died for our sins and to make it clear, He died for your sins! So that nobody should suffer. Still people say the suffering is needed. For the Jews denied Christ and they wanted to suffer and they suffered.
Now when you go to a Guru, he also says you must suffer! With the guru, if you get into problems, if you have a pain here and a pain there, you must suffer more! And when you say: “What about Realization?” They say: “You must have karmas.” But what is the ego, it’s nothing but your karmas there. And what is the sin? It’s nothing but your conditioning.

There was one personality that was specially created to suck this. Indians knew about it, that such a personality has to come. They were waiting for Mahavishnu to come. They confused him with Buddha. But Buddha is a different entity which stays here on the ego to control it. And this is Mahavira, who stays here to control the superego. This can be proved after you get Realization.

If the Kundalini stops here you have to say Lord’s Prayer. That is the mantra of this centre. And that is what no one knows among Christians who went to preach Christianity to Indians. They never tried to find out what is the reference of Christ in other books. On the contrary they were just busy converting people so that they will have political authority on India. And the stupid way they did it, I don’t want to tell you because you will loose all the seriousness of the subject.

Now if they had told, at that time, that Mahavishnu is born and He came to suck our ego and superego, then these horrible marketing gurus would not have been there. But this is what exactly happens when you get your Realization, that Christ is awakened. He sucks your ego and superego, and then a space is created here and you have seen yesterday, one gentleman had a soft head here, just like a child.
So the Sahaja Yoga deals with the reality as it should happen to you. Why should it give you psychological treatment because I’m not taking any money from you or having any such things, I guess. Even if you have ten children who are Realized, and tie their eyes and if you ask them to place their hands to one of the seekers, they will all raise the same finger. Even the combination of the fingers they’ll show. They have no psychology with them. As it is, you people are very much complicated. And nobody tells you how.

So today I will tell you how human beings get complicated. We have a left and right side within us, the left and the right side [Shri Mataji shows them].
Now the left side is the side, as I told you, is your power of desire. Now the beyond power of the desire is the subconscious, the past. The present subconscious and all the subconscious. And beyond that it the total Subconscious, the collective Subconscious.
Now, on the right hand side, we have got the power of action, This power is the expression of the five elements within us. This is the power of the Creator, Brahmadeva. Beyond this is the supraconscious, that is the future. And beyond that is the collective Supraconscious where all the futuristic people who died are living. If you enter into that area, you might find Mister Hitler sitting somewhere if he is not already in the Hell. The Hell is down, below. Now when we try to do something, or we desire something too much or go to extremes, that means we bend on these two sides too much. We are thrown into these areas or this area. Now when you enter into these areas, you really get possessed by that area.

A futuristic man can get possessed by another futuristic person who is dead. Western people are honest, they don’t tell lies but that’s why, some, one of them was Doctor Lang. He’s now dead, so he was late Doctor Lang, who went into the body of a soldier in Vietnam and told him that: “I will make you a great doctor; you go and see my son”. He didn’t go into the body of his son, you see, very clever. He came down to London to see the son and told him something which surprised the son, because these were secrets between the father and the son. And they started an international late Doctor Lang curative centre- late. They were many such doctors to help. All of them were “late” and they worked out some sort of a centre from where people who were sick had to write letters and they would tell you exactly what time or what date you will receive the blessing of the doctors. At that time, exactly, a person used to get a big shiver in the body, shaking in the spine and absolutely behaving abnormally. And physically, the body would feel better, but mentally off. After two, three years, the person would come out with such emotional problems, that they had to be declare as mad lunatics or they were nervous people. I actually came to know about Doctor late Lang through the patients. [Shri Mataji laughs.]
Because when they stood before me they used to shake, so I would ask them: “Who is your guru?” They said: “No guru.” I said: “Really?”
Then I found out this was Doctor Lang and company was there! And they were very effective, they would not leave. But thanks God, now they are cured these people.

Now, in short, I’ve told about the right sided people. Even LSD gives you the same man. When you start seeing the light and everything actually, you are going into the future. You start seeing auras, that’s also right sided. When there is some sort of a defect in any instrument, it creates auras and things, isn’t it?
But if you are integrated, you don’t see any auras. These auras actually represent the different beings with you like your physical, mental, emotional and all that.
Like in the prism, when you see the rays of the Sun, you see seven colours. But when all of them are integrated, then you don’t even see the rays, you just see the light.

Now, most of the people who are left sided try to go more left sided because those who are right sided are thrown out of the society because they are nuisance to others, because they are very hot tempered, they have a very bad tongue, they are very aggressive on others, but the left sided people are trouble to themselves. And they catch such a miserable caricature of themselves that people always have pity for them. So they want to show that they are more miserable than you. Like women who suffer from hysteria. For hysteria, if they give them two slaps, they’ll be alright. In India, we rub the shoe and put it to the nose and they are alright.

So there are two types of people but when they start going to the left they get captured by very sly and very wrong type of people. It can be any sort of a possession. The gurus try the tricks on the right or the left, depending on what ever they know. Some of them are ancient crooks and some of them are raksahsas and pishatsas of the old times. So they already have these siddhis-so-called- that means they have already got under their control some spirits which they use. I don’t want to tell you what they do, I know all their tricks very well. And they just mesmerize you. If they want, they will make you all nude, make you dance, have a mass sex. If they want, they will say that you jump like frogs, you are going to fly in the air or any such a nonsensical thing which has no meaning to your Spirit. And your ego is so much stuck with them, that you don’t see this is stupid!

Then they give you a so-called mantras. A gentleman told Me he paid three hundred pounds to get a mantra. And the mantra was “tinga”. If you tell this to any Indian, he’ll laugh. Tinga means this [thumb], as you show to someone: tinga! And the fellow would not tell the mantra because it’s a very big secret. [Laughter]
And he was afraid to tell. He had no divinity left in himself he was an epileptic person but he was afraid to tell the mantra! Or they give any mantra like “Rama”, “Krishna”, anything. Now, Rama is not in your pocket, neither Krishna is. If you have to go and meet this President of France, you have to go through such a channel and a protocol. And here is “Krishna”, and “Jesus” and “Rama” who are the kings of kings above all these little things like presidents. And you start taking their names everywhere, without any protocol, without any connexion? For example, Rama’s chakra’s is here on the right heart. And you are again thrown back as if you are arrested by a president’s- what you call them, the people-
Sahaja Yogini: Body guards.
Shri Mataji: Body guards, and thrown away.
So, such people who take “Rama’s mantra” develop a decease called asthma or could be lung’s cancer. Those who take Shri Krishna’s name on the street of –what do they say- Oxford street, they buy this [false hair] in the market these things here, you see, and dress up in a funny dress which they cannot control; this, they cannot control, and make a cheap show of Shri Krishna. All this kind of a “bla-bla” going through this centre of Shri Krishna, you catch on this chakra and may be you may develop cancer of the throat. First, Shri Krishna is to be awakened so your conscious mind is connected with him. So a Realized soul only knows what mantra to be said, where. He is the only one who ca connect his mantra to the Deities. But normal human beings cannot. If they try these things, they are always thrown away.

Now, Shiva resides in the heart. Those people who say: “Om namah Shiva” will definitely get a heart attack. Those who say: “so ham” must know “so ham” means: “that is me”, “that is I”, “that is what I am”. “That is I”, “so ham”. “That is I”. What is “that”? “That” is the Spirit. That means you say: “I am the Spirit”, But by saying with your mouth, will you become Spirits? What is the authority? If I say: “I’m the President of France, will I become President of France?” I have to become. That’s the main thing, is the becoming, is the essence of Sahaja Yoga.

Today, I’m speaking to you at a time, when, in the other parts of the world, people are celebrating a very great day that is 5th of May, that is tomorrow. This centre, the last one, was opened on the 5th of May in 1970. This prediction, which was done by Bhrigu Samhita [Vedic period horoscope] says that a due transformation of human beings will start in 1970 exactly. So this is the destination of the Kundalini is to enter into the limbic area which is the Kingdom of God. All the seven centres have got their seats in the limbic area, so the complete integration takes place and the transformation becomes evident. This, you can see, is beyond your brain, it’s beyond thinking. But if you start thinking about it, you again come down. For some time, you should not allow the Kundalini to come down. Those who have been to guru always get this problem, the Kundalini goes back to the centres which have been in trouble. And again you must learn how to raise it and put it right.

This period of transition is very, very important and that we must do it very carefully. It’s a very narrow margin where you have to pass very carefully. For some people it is one day, for some people it is one hour and could be one minute. But some people could be one month, could be little more. But every one of you can get Realization. I do not find, even a single person here who cannot get Realization, if not in first sitting, in the second or the third sitting. But retention of it, the most important thing to know for the retention and proper growth of the personality, is to know that now it is not an individual ascent but a collective ascent. If you sit at home and do little meditation as told to you, you may be lost. Luckily, you have already got a centre here and people who are senior Sahaja Yogis, who are living in Paris, not to feel hurt about them, tomorrow you will be the same. They will try to be very gentle and kind with you but you must cooperate. Do not quarrel and fight because you’ll be the looser. We have to go gradually with you people, really, not in India so much, because people have got the pattern already with them.

We have three persons, very main persons in India, Markendeya, Adi Shankaracharya, and we can say, all the other incarnations which came on this earth, who were in India, who have clearly said what is Self Realization, very clearly.
But specially, we have to be very grateful to Adi Shankaracharya who has written books after books on this. Now one more question is on Tantrism which is the Trantrism is nothing but an anti-God activity. Like there is, say, a photograph of Christ-but we don’t have- but supposing there is a place which is holy, we have many such places. For example, your Notre Dame has got the statue which is vibrating surprisingly. The one who made must be a very high soul of a very high quality. For example, Michel Angelo who has made Sistine Chapel was a Realized soul. For example, we have got Stonehenge, in London, which is the stone that has come out from the Mother Earth which is described in the Ten Commandments. The commandment is: “whatever is created by the Mother Earth or the sky should not be reproduced and worshiped.” Because that time, at the time of Moses, there were no artist who were Realized souls, apart from Moses, there was nobody who was Realized soul, so such a law had to be passed. Still, I would say that to worship any such statues which are recreated by somebody is not alright. But there are places in India also like this which have come out of the Mother Earth, which are real, which are vibrating. So they are alright. But without Realization how will you know?
So what I was trying to tell you is this, that while telling you about Sahaja Yoga, you have to be careful that you keep your vibrations alright, see for yourself whatever is the thing that is giving you vibrations. Mainly, your vibrations are important.

So the Tantrism is like this that when you start doing wrong things I the presence of a holy thing, then the attention of the holy thing or the attention of the holy image goes away from there ….
[Break in audio]

[…And that way, we create an area which is] unprotected by God. Then you get there your- all the spirits- and God is not interested in that filth. You may say that God should look after but you see, how far can He go with the gutters? So that area is created, they bring the spirits there, and by doing all these dirty things, they put a spirit into you. Tantrism is the complete attack on your innocence. It’s this centre here they is attacked. This is the centre that is for controlling all our excretions, including sex. And they try to put the innocence into a jeopardy. When you come to the centre they will tell you more about Tantrism.

Now, somebody asked Me about Krishna Murti. You must go and see his disciples. They have become second Krishna Murti. They can give greater lectures than he can. And the way he said: “There is no guru, there should be no guru” all are false. You should be your own guru. But how? Apart from that, if there are plastic flowers you must know there has to be some real flower. You cannot deny that real flower for these horrible plastics. I think those who do not know much about it should stop talking. They can be very dangerous, such people, because they’ll deny all that is reality to you.

You have not worked out your evolution so far and on your own you cannot work it out. If you have tried such tricks, it would be problematic for Me. You don’t do your own operations, do you? But you don’t get a street man to do operations you get a real doctor to do it, and a good doctor, and a certified one. A candle which is not enlightened cannot get enlightened by itself. An enlightened light can only enlighten the other light. Only thing, what you can do is to keep your candle alright, get enlightened and enlighten other lights. Because you have everything within you, it’s all your own.

Only what you lack is light. And the possibilities are there. Somebody has the light and passes on to you, you get enlighten so what is there to feel hurt? There is no obligation. I do it for My pleasure and you will do it for your pleasure too. It’s nice to see people transforming before you, how a gardener feels when he sees the flower becoming the fruit. He does it for his joy! And so you do it for your joy too. How can you measure that in money or in any thing?

About love you asked Me: this is the power of divine love. But divine love doesn’t get settled into one flower. Like the sap has to move into all the flowers and the leaves, in the same way, this divine power moves into all of you. If it settles down into one person, then the whole tree will die and the one person-the one flower will also die.
I think we are quite late today, you didn’t feel the time at all! So I think, it’s better to have Realization. I’m sure you all will get it today. We’ll work it out. But if it doesn’t work out, you shouldn’t hurry up. There is luckily an ashram, there are luckily people here. They will do the needful, so you don’t have to worry.
May God bless you all.

Can you open the window that is we’ll feel better.

Now where are they going?
It’s very simple.
Now what is the difference between animal magnetism and world magnetism, human, and vibrations? It’s very simple. I don’t understand how Sahaja Yogis don’t know. [Shri Mataji laughs]
Animal magnetism acts without the awareness of the animals. But when human magnetism is awakened, it acts according to the awareness of the man. I don’t know driving but I know the roads. I know the right and left, that’s all, there are only two turns. Whether it is North or South, you can find out even if there is no sun. North and South you can find out whenever there is no sun.
Now, in an animal, it has the magnet which just acts – eh, what’s the- there is a medical term in zoology for that- as a reflex, as reflex.
But when it is awakened in the human beings it comes into awareness. This is what it is that the Spirit comes into your awareness. You can have a rapport through the Spirit. It comes into your central nervous system that you can feel it. The difference is the same as a human being who’s a driver, knows when to turns the wheels and the car is not aware, it just turns the wheels. Alright?
Very anxious, eh, Grégoire. Are you bad at driving?
You see magnet is a thing which puts every thing into proper form and proper program. Magnet is the innocence within you. And the innocence is the magnet that acts magnetically. It is such a powerful thing, that it organizes everything beautifully. I can’t tell you how far you can go. It’s a big horizon ahead of you. For you it is a vast sky of manifestations. So I can’t tell you about the destination. It’s futuristic. Every moment is great. You’ll feel the dynamism of every moment. It’s tremendous.

If I tell you the stories of Sahaja Yogis you won’t believe them. It is unbelievable the way you are protected, the way you are loved and helped and comforted, the way you get your knowledge, the way you are nourished, the way you become powerful, confident and creative. The whole dictionary can be finished like this.
May God bless you all.

Shri Mataji: Can I have some water? Somebody should give Me some water. Alright.
Now you have to put your hands towards Me.
Put both the feet on the ground properly.
And loosen your neckties a little bit and your belts a little bit.
Take out, if you have any talisman or anything banding your [neck] like the gentleman here.

Now you have to know that you are seekers. And you have to seek your Spirit. So far, whatever you have done has to be forgotten, specially by Me and by you also. Because you have to have your Realization. That’s a must. I’m trying my level best.
But if you try to make fun, or try to be smart, you are going to outsmart yourself. So as a mother, I want to tell you that you’d better have your Realization. And don’t worry about what you have read, what you have known, what you have done, for what you have paid money.
May God bless you.

Now please, close your eyes.
Take out if there are any necklaces given by gurus or anybody like that.
All the mantras which were given to you, either by Buddhists or other people, please forget them for the time, because they are not enlightened. They are generalized without any meaning. After Realization, you will know all the secrets and the mysteries of your being and that of the Divine, without any reservations, without paying any money whatsoever.
So please, forget all those things, be kind to yourself and don’t be obstinate and get your Realization.
Just now again you are catching on the left Vishuddhi it means that you feel guilty. Will you please put your right hand on the left side of your neck and say in your heart from your heart that: “Mother, I am not guilty.” Say it trice, four times, five times, till you feel realised in that part. There is nothing to feel guilty about anything. God Almighty is the ocean of love and He forgives everything. He is so mighty that He can forgive everything. He’s so great and mighty that He can forgive everything.
Go on saying it please, I will know when you are free from that kind of an imaginary guilt. You can move your right hand a little bit there, up to the spine, and see.
Now keep the left hand as it is, little fingers stretch and bring down the right hand up to the end of your stomach on the left hand side; lowest, lowest, at the lowest point, Swadishthana. Lowest point of the stomach, still lower, just, just in between groin –
Sahaja Yogi: A l’aine [at the groin]
Shri Mataji: ..Groin you say?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Now, you should say: “Mother, please teach us the divine methods.”
“Cleanse us with the divine methods of cleansing.” Say it trice please. Actually if you say it 6 times it would be better.
Now raise it a little higher, in the centre, on the left hand side. And say that: “Mother, give us the bliss and the peace of the Divine.” Say it ten times please. These are actually the mantras you are saying on different centres. We’ll teach you later on in Sanskrit the mantras.
Now put it a little higher, under the ribs on the left hand side. The right hand for the Void, under the ribs. And say: “Mother, am I my own guru?” Say it ten times again.
Now put it little higher on the heart, at the base of the heart. And say: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Please keep your eyes shut now, please, because Kundalini is rising. Put your hand in the centre, centre of the heart, in the centre, near the heart. Now say: “Mother, please, give me the security of the Spirit.” To be said twelve times. Again take your hand to the heart and say: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Say it three times or seven times would be better.

Now put it up again onto the left side of the neck where you have put it before and again say: “Mother, am I not guilty” trice. Now just put it on the centre of the neck where there is a depression. Now, please say: “Mother, am I the part and parcel of the whole?” Say it sixteen times.
Now put the ring finger in the centre of the forehead where the red mark is, where you move it with pressing, in a clockwise manner. Now you please say: “I forgive.” Forgive everyone. “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Say it twice from your heart, from your heart.
Now put the same hand at the back of the head. And now say that: “Please forgive me if I made any mistakes.” Go on pressing the back side.
Now put the hand on top of your head, pressing on the fontanel bone area with a clockwise movement. Press your fingers in that area and move them with pressure in a clockwise manner. Move it up and down from the margin of the forehead upward, going backwards. Now move the backside of the head with the pressure, clockwise.
Now bring back moving it at different points to the centre. If you are tired you can take out a little bit hand, little bit release it.
Now release your hands.

Now feel it on top of your head if there is a cool breeze coming out. On top here, it’s not so far away it is more on the fontanel bone area where you had a soft bone in your childhood.

[2:11:42, Shri Mataji blows in the mike.]

You can turn your hands if you are tired, see with other hand also, other hand.

[2:12:34, Shri Mataji blows in the mike.]

Some people might feel it much more higher than they think it to be.

[Shri Mataji blows in the mike.]

Now put back your hands, you see also if in your hand you are feeling the cool breeze. You may rub your hands a little bit.
Put a little breath on them. Now it will improve.
Alright? No? It will. In the beginning it is like that. Those who came yesterday, got Realization, are better off naturally.