The Left Side Problems of Subconscious

Christchurch House, Brighton (England)

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Public Program Day 1, “The Left Side: Problems of Subconscious”. Hove, near Brighton, UK, 13 May 1982.

[First three minutes are without sound]
But as I told you there could be good conditionings. In the way, in the same way, you can have good habits and bad habits. If habits inhibit or obstruct your ascent, they also can help to stabilize you. The conditioning comes to you from the matter with which we are dealing every day. When a human being sees the matter, he aggresses it and he wants to use that matter for his own purpose. He changes the forms of the matter for his own purpose. He starts getting used to matter as comfort, or as a help or a guide in life. The more you start depending on matter, the more your spontaneity is finished, because you’re dealing with the dead. Matter, when it is dead, then only we deal with it. When it is living we are not so much bothered about it. So the deadness of that matter settles within us when we start using that matter for our purpose.

But how are we to otherwise exist, is the question people can ask. If God has given us this material things and this matter to be used, are we not supposed to use them? And are we not supposed to enjoy them? But we don’t enjoy really.. Before realization you cannot enjoy any matter. You can only form a habit and may become a slave of that matter, before realization. It’s a principle of, fundamental principle of economics that wants in general are never satiable. Means today you want to buy something like a carpet. All right, you bought it. So now that carpet becomes a headache, because it’s your possession, you have to look after it. You have to insure it, you have to worry about it that it doesn’t get spoiled, first of all. And secondly you really get into another mood of buying something else. Now you have bought the carpet, finished. Then you have to have something else, then you have to have else, then you have to have else. So it does not satiate you; it does not give you the joy. Matter can never give you joy. It’s the Spirit that gives you joy.

And when the ascent takes place, when you become the Spirit, then matter takes another value system within ourselves; the value system of matter is very different. As I’m sure Jason must have told you that when you get your realization, then you start feeling the cool breeze in the hand. In relationship to matter it’s very helpful to be a realized soul, because immediately you know what is good for you and what is bad for you. For example, you eat something that’s not good for you: Immediately you’ll lose your vibrations and will become hot. Even looking at it, it may happen. You want to sit on a chair on which somebody who is a very wrong type of a person has sat, immediately you’ll feel, “Oh, something wrong in this place.” With your vibrations, which is a definite thing, an absolute thing. And this conditioning can only be over – these habits can be overcome only if you become the Spirit, because Spirit is always dominated by the matter. And the Spirit has to overcome that domination of the matter.

Actually, Spirit cannot be dominated by anything. But what I mean is that it is covered, like the sun can be covered with clouds. In the same way all our domination, or we can say all our enslavement of the matter, makes us dominate our Spirit in the sense that we cover it up. The clouds are there, we can’t see the Spirit. We can’t feel it. The spontaneity which is the beauty of the Spirit we do not feel in a person. So, in judging a person, what do we judge? How that person looks, what dress he’s wearing, how he walks, what are his formal ways, does he know how to say “Thank you”, “Sorry” or not, you see? All these things impress us very much. What sort of a car he has, what sort of a house. Maybe we may miss, we may miss a saint. We may miss Christ again because He was a carpenter’s son. How are we to know who is Christ? Is there any way of finding out who is Christ? Many people are now talking “Christ is going to come, He’s going to come on the television.” You can put up anyone there as Christ. How are we going to make it out? By His dress or by some sort of a thing they have done? Most of the paintings of Christ and most of His statues that I’ve seen are no where near Christ, no where near Christ, you see. They are horrid things. I don’t know what are they.

So how will you make it out that this is Christ or not? Or this is some sort of a hokus pokus fellow or some sort of a person who has come just deliberately to delude us from reality. There is no way out, to find out what is the truth because we are so much used to material forms that we have. For example, our idea of art also is in the same way moulded. We like this kind of art. If you ask them, “Why?” “Because, you know, this has this kind of a thing – harmony”, or maybe, “this is more proportioned” and all that. But how do you know?” You know because you’ve read certain books or maybe that you have understood from somebody else that this is art, this is beautiful. I mean, you brand something as beautiful, but is it really? If it is beauty, it should be Spirit, because Spirit is beauty and beauty is Spirit. So is it, is it beauty? How do you make out that this art is beautiful or not?

For example, according to all normal ideas of womanhood, I don’t think Mona Lisa is a beautiful woman. I mean the way these days you see mosquito-like women are regarded as beautiful. So how they call Mona Lisa so beautiful? What’s in her? Thousands of people would be assembled to see that painting Why? What has that? Only vibrations will tell you that it emits vibrations. It appeals to your Spirit without your knowledge. You’re not aware of it. It appeals to your Spirit. That’s why universally that painting is appreciated. But when this conditioning becomes collective, any such conditioning becomes collective and you accept “This is the form that is beauty; this is the form that is reality; this is the form that is spontaneity”, then the confusion starts. The confusion starts at that point, when it becomes a collective thing.

For example I met some people of some gurus. When I asked them, “What makes you think that your guru is truthful, what has he given? He said, “Because sitting in my chair I just start jumping by myself. I don’t do it but it happens, it’s spontaneous.” And in My presence, the way his body was moving was so horrifying. Anybody would have tremendous compassion and concern for such a person, that you can’t sit for five minutes straight … Woman: Excuse me, it wasn’t spontaneous, it was nervousness. Yes, that’s what I’m saying … Woman: You’re very wrong in what You talk. What? Woman: About everything. From where do you come? Woman: Up the road. That’s it. Better go. Woman: Don’t worry. I am. Look at that. She’ll go to the pub now. Must try to understand the subtleties, you see? If you are confirmed with what – Now supposing somebody starts jumping in the thing and he say’s, – as she says it’s true, nerves, that means you’re not in control of your nerves, isn’t it? Don’t you think so? You’re not in control, you have not controlled. Spontaneity is a thing which is not the thing that makes you a slave. This is the point I’m trying to bring. It doesn’t! It makes you a master. Spontaneity must make you a master and not a slave of anything. She must have come from TM because TM people jump like that. And they end up as epileptic people. I have cured so many of them. I don’t know if someone has come from there. Even the head of their academy in Scotland, the flying squad academy, as I call it, where people pay three thousand – now this gentleman sitting here is one of them who suffered. When they suffer then they know what it is. The other day we saw somebody with epilepsy of such frequency. The poor child, he was hardly twenty-six years of age, young man, supposed to enjoy his life, was going into such trauma, you can’t imagine. And if this is happening to somebody going to a guru, you paid for it, how can it be anywhere near Spirit?

This is what I’m trying to tell you, that Spirit gives you spontaneity in which you are the master. You are the master of yourself, complete master, no enslavement of any kind, no habits formation coming. All habits drop out. You become so, so spontaneous that I don’t have to tell you. You just drop out all habits and you become a master of your self. That should happen to you. Instead of that, if you indulge into things which enslave you, you will like it for a while because you can’t help it. But if really sit down, you will know that it’s not the thing that you wanted. You wanted to be the master of yourself.

Now here in this map as we show we have two powers, left and right powers. The left power is the power that gives us conditioning – left side, the subconscious, the collective subconscious. That gives us the conditioning. Now, if you try to deny all that, then the right side is even worse. It gives us action, but with action we can become very ego oriented. So both ways it can be troublesome. Supposing you say that “All right, I have no conditioning of any kind. What’s wrong in doing this? What’s wrong in doing that?” And if you just move with that idea, with that freedom, it will be abandonment, it may not be freedom. Because freedom must have wisdom behind it. So both the sides, the movements on both the sides are wrong. So what is all right, In the center? Is not to get conditioned by anything and not to be ego oriented. But how to do it is the problem. The problem is how to do it. To be spontaneous is to be absolutely free.

Now I would consider these two powers as say, a brake and an accelerator in a car. Now you use both the powers. You use the brake first, you use the accelerator. You try to control these two powers. But, first of all it is difficult to understand how you can use these powers. Gradually, with practice you’ll do it. You know how to drive the car, you become the good driver. After becoming the good driver, still you are not the master of the driving. But then you become the master. So, today the master within us, within us is the Spirit. But before realization, we are not the master because the master has not come in our conscious mind. It is not expressing in our conscious mind. In the sense that we are not empowered by its powers.

The Spirit exists; It has Its own powers. But we haven’t felt those powers within us. Once we feel the powers of the Spirit, we are empowered by our own powers which are there. The powers are within us. These are our own powers. We don’t have to borrow from anyone, ask from anyone, they are in ourselves. The Spirit is within us – only thing that Spirit has to give light in our, in our consciousness. It has to come in our consciousness.

In simple medical terminology we can see, say, that the Spirit must manifest Itself in our central nervous system, in our central nervous system, so that we should know what we are doing. Not that we start just jumping on the, on the chair, or some people said, “Oh, we just start doing it.” It is hypnosis. It’s not correct. You are not in conscious mind. You are doing it out of hypnosis. Hypnosis may be coming from outside force. It’s not your force, your awareness, your understanding, your power. It is somebody else’s because you’re not doing it. As matter has a power to overpower us, in the same way there are some material things, I should say, which are very dangerous, which are placed. For example now cancer, take cancer, cancer overpowers you. It’s a very serious thing. Cancer overpowers you; you cannot overpower cancer. Take a very concrete example. Now how is it caused? Doctors say this way, that way. We, Sahaja Yoga can cure cancer, definitely, hundred percent it can cure, it has cured. Many Sahaja Yogis have cured cancer. How? Is very simple. That you become master of yourself and you master the disease also. You master everything. Because the master is within you, it has not come in your conscious mind is the only link is left, and when that happens Yoga takes place, union takes place. We should now completely keep ourselves limited to Self-realization, about God I’ll tell next time. Self-realization means to bring your Spirit into your conscious mind. Now how cancer is caused? Let’s see here what happens. It is caused by left-sided activity. Now left sided activities are emotional traumas, emotional problems, emotional upheavals, emotional insecurities – any kind of insecurity can take you to the left side. Little more movement can be these horrible gurus because they hypnotize you. They put you to the left. They put some spirit in you or I don’t know what they do, but they put you to the left. Any one of these activities which are not authorized by God, taken to, you go to the left side, because you cannot ascend in the center. So either you go to the left or to the right. When you overdo these things, like black magic – you have another thing here I’ve heard, some sort of a organization head – and the fellow you see, he used to – everything he saw moving in the house. He came to Sahaja Yoga and his water jug was moving there and this was moving there and he couldn’t explain what was happening in his room. He was sitting down and he found something moving from here to here. It happens. What is that? What is that doing this kind of a thing which you cannot control. Again we come to the same point – something you cannot control. So you enter into the realm, into the realm where you are controlled and you are not under your own control. And that realm, when you enter in, I have always seen all the cancer patients are the ones affected by this. Most surprising. They are not aware; they do not know how they get into it.

For a lady, supposing, say she’s suffering from an insecurity about her husband or maybe something, or maybe she thinks that her husband may leave her any time. She loves him. Whatever it is. Such a woman might get a breast cancer, because the insecurities set in, in one of the centers there which you can see here, the center of the heart – Center Heart, as we call it. Now if this center goes out of order, if a woman feels insecure for anything whatsoever, she’s capable – she’s vulnerable to be attacked and she can get into cancer.

So we have to understand life in totality, and not in one way. The total impact of life, the total effect of life, the total relationship with life must be understood. Now no doctor knows this. Will he know, when he treats the patient for, say breast cancer, will he know that this lady is insecured ? There’s another disease – anorexia – many girls suffer from it. They don’t just eat. They just give up eating. Now, you do not know why it happens. Doctors can’t cure it; nobody can cure it. What is the reason? The relationship of a girl, of a daughter with the father. Say father dies and the daughter doesn’t see the father, or she, in heart she loves the father but she doesn’t express it, or there’s some bad relationship that comes between the father and the daughter, you get this trouble anorexia. You’ll be amazed but it is impossible for doctors to get – we have some doctors sitting here – it is impossible for any medical science to go near it. Because they do not see a human being in its totality. It’s a very delicate instrument God has created. The way we are harsh with others, the way we sometimes try to trouble others, try to make others feel insecured are unfair, unjust. Without our knowledge we really give them a tremendous insecurity. And such insecurities can work out incurable diseases of which we are not aware.

So to understand the totality, what should happen to us? We should achieve that state where we can see the totality. Like if I have to see now, for example, the whole of Brighton, what should I do? I should go on a plane and see it from that height. I can see the whole. In the same way in your awareness, in your understanding, you should rise to that point from where you can see the whole. If you cannot see the whole, the partial vision, or we can say, a little that you see can create confusion, can create problems and some of them could be of a very, very serious nature. Because as human beings, we do not know what are we. This is the greatest problem of human beings, that they’ll say, “I don’t like it.” Now which one is this “I”? Is that your Spirit, or is that your ego? What is the part that is not liking it? Or is it your conditioning, because you’re brought up in a particular way so you don’t like this? Which part of you is not liking it? And you’ll be amazed that it is not your Spirit. Because if Spirit likes, how will you know? It’s only through your vibrations. When you can feel the vibrations, then only you will say, “Yes, my Spirit likes it”, because the vibrations have emitted.

So we are still in a transition state as human beings. We have not achieved that state which is called as the state of Self-realization where you become the Spirit – the becoming is the point. Where you become the Spirit you know what you like. You really know what you really like, because you are now the reality, you are not any conditioning, you are no more an ego but you are what you are really, and that is your Spirit. And surprisingly this Spirit is a collective being, is no artificial collectivity within us, that also “All right, we belong to all Brighton so we are one” or “We belong to one street so we are one.” It’s not like that, but is something that you are, absolutely you are a collective being! And you start feeling that collectivity within you with these different centers working it out. And you can feel it – others, you can feel others on your finger tips. Can you believe? In the Bible it’s written that your hands will speak. The description of these days is that your hands will speak. Why not people go and find out how does it happen? How can your hands speak? This is what happens that on your finger tips you start feeling and understanding what is reality, what is beauty, what is joy, what is love. This is the left side which we get, and ultimately with this left side problems we get physical pains.

It’s very painful to have left sided problems – it’s very, very painful. The pain cannot be explained, no one can understand, nobody can cure it, you can’t tell anyone and people think that you are fussing, they give you psychological treatment. You just don’t understand why this pain is within you. And this pain comes to you from left side, the subconscious. The beyond the subconscious is the collective subconscious, and this collective subconscious is the one where, whatever is created from the beginning up to today in the creation is within you. And once you go to the subconscious, you just get lost there. You are so overpowered by this power of subconscious that it is beyond you to understand it, beyond you to get out of it and beyond you to – not to succumb to it. And it goes on increasing.

Like I asked some people: “Why did you go on doing it when you knew that you were not doing it, somebody else was doing it? Still why did you continue to do it?” They said: “Mother, we were under the blanket, it was darkness, we didn’t know where we were moving and were just going on and on and on.”

And as I told you last time, feeling guilty is the biggest blockade. Is the biggest blockade because once you start feeling guilty that- this center on the left gets blocked and the – it’s very difficult. And you don’t know why you are feeling guilty. All the time you’re feeling guilty but you don’t know why you’re feeling guilty, why these ideas of guilt are coming to you, that this feeling of guilt keeps you away from joy, from enjoying anything, from being spontaneous. Why? And this explains why we sometimes are miserable for nothing at all. Actually, God has not created us to be miserable. He has made us so beautifully, so carefully. He has created us with such love and compassion, not to make us feel miserable, not for anything. He doesn’t give us any diseases, no problems. But we have done these things to ourselves by going to extremes on the left or the right.

As I am today talking about only on the left, I would say that to feel miserable for nothing at all is also wrong, is being unjust to yourself. The people who are left sided must know that they are the Spirit, that they are that beauty which has to come, which has to express itself. That they are not the people who have to suffer all the time and to live like miserable people. They are not. But because they take so much upon themselves, bear so much upon themselves, they become like that. And to avoid that bearing up they may take to some other habits, you see. Many people take to alcohol also for reason because they can’t bear the pangs of life, they can’t bear it. That’s why they take to it. But once the Spirit is awakened within you, you become so strong, you become so joyous, so spontaneous that all these things drop out, all those things, so-called diseases, so-called habits, just drop out and you become a new, blooming personality.

Now the basics of having this center within you – you can blame God for that, “Why did He give us these centers on the left hand side, what was the need? He should not have given these left sided ones, so we would have been just in the center to go.” But the trouble is, the human beings have to know in their own freedom, how to deal with themselves. They have to learn little hard way the wisdom. They have to know by going to extremes they have suffered. They have to realize it because if they have to become truly, absolutely free they have to rise in their wisdom. If they’re not wise people, then they cannot enter into the Kingdom of God because they’ll be abandoned people.

Say, people who are abandoned, who don’t understand any laws or regulations, if you get them in England, we’ll have to put them in jail. In the same way, human beings who have not got that wisdom within themselves – through sufferings only one learns, but we should not ask for suffering. When we ask for sufferings, we are asking actually for mistakes to begin with. How will you suffer if you do not commit mistakes? So when we ask for sufferings we are committing mistakes. So what we should ask for is nothing but our Spirit. And if you ask for your Spirit, it is your own and you have to get it, it is in your own right that you’re going to get it. Is no way that I’m obliging you or doing something special for you, it’s all there. You are like a light which is just to be enlightened because I’m an enlightened light and you become an enlightened light, you can enlighten other lights also. It’s very simple. If you become an enlightened light, you can enlighten others. You don’t have to bother about anything else then. You become an enlightened light yourself, that’s the point. It is all there, it is all your own, you have to just have it. It is as simple as that.

There is nothing very complicated as these people make it or anything that these philosophers have put before you. Nothing of the kind. It’s very simple, it is within you, it is spontaneous, it is a living process, as in living process you have become human beings, you are going to become super human beings. It’s absolutely spontaneous, you can’t pay for it. How can you pay? I mean, absurd it is! If it is a living process how can you pay? How much do you pay to the tree to grow up? I mean in anything living, do we pay anything? How much do we pay our nose to breathe? Can we pay for it? It’s absurd, it’s ridiculous. Can we pay for it? We cannot, it’s a living process, we have to become, an egg has to become a chick. Now how much do you pay an egg to become a chick? Or how much does the egg pay to the mother for becoming a chicken? It’s that ridiculous, but we never understand that living things are so spontaneous. We never see living things, we live with matter, we live with the dead, not with the living things. If you start watching a tree, you start watching a flower, how it becomes a fruit. You can’t even watch because it does it so slowly, you can’t even watch a flower becoming a fruit. Suddenly you find all coming up. Like when I came to London from India I found all the trees were bare, absolutely like dry sticks, absolutely like dry sticks. Within a week, what I find is the green coming up; and within second week it was all lush, you can’t believe it. We never even notice, we take it for granted, it’s happening. How does it happen? It’s a miraculous thing. If you see it, it’s miraculous! How these flowers, for example the particular flowers are only on a particular tree and others, another, are on another tree. How does it happen? Who chooses them? Who puts them in proper shape? Who organizes all that? And this is what one has to realize and that is the All Pervading Power of God that does all the living work. And once you become that – the Spirit – then this power starts flowing through you. You feel the power through you as Christ was touched and He said some power has gone to someone, like that.

You just become a medium of that power flowing. But you are empowered to manoeuvre it, to manage it, to understand it. You know completely about it, you know how to give it, you know to how to work it out, you know how to cure others, cure yourself. You know the complete working of your machinery. Apart from that, you get the powers to overcome all the problems of your own machinery also. It’s so fantastic, whole thing sounds very fantastic because we have never seen this before. But to us it doesn’t sound fantastic when we see all these flowers suddenly turning into fruits. It doesn’t sound. But we see human beings turning into fruits, then it sounds very fantastic, “How can that be?” It has never happened before. Only one person would get realization and it was such a difficult thing and nobody got it. How is it today? I say, it’s the blossom time, which is been promised, which is been already prophesized. Even a great poet in your country, William Blake*, has prophesized it. He said these times will come, when men of God will become prophets and these prophets will have power to make others prophets. I mean nobody could be more precise than Blake, I tell you. He was so great to say this will happen and this is what we have to expect. when we go to anybody for seeking. Have we become prophets? And what is a prophet? Prophet is a person who is a collective being and who knows all about it, who is the master.

We call prophet a master. And that’s what you have to become: The master! And that mastery is very simple because it’s all built within you just it has to be connected. Like anything like a television set is to be connected to the mains, it’s all built in, it’s there, it just starts working. In the same way you are that, you are that. Just it is to be connected. Whatever may be your caste, community, race, nationality, shapes, heights – anything whatever you may be, makes no difference because all of you have got this great thing within you, this power of a rebirth and you are to be born again, and you will be born again. Why not today?

There’s nothing to get angry, because people get angry sometimes because they don’t like anybody telling them about something which – of which they themselves are feeling bad. They don’t like it. For example if there’s a drunkard and he drinks too much, he’s an alcoholic, he doesn’t like it and he feels bad, and if somebody tells him, even in the most gentlest way that “You’d better give up drinking”, he doesn’t like it. But what I am saying is not that you should not do it, I said it will happen that it just drops out. I don’t say, “You don’t do this” or “Don’t do that”, but it just happens. And you must first understand what is the problem and how the problem is overcome. That’s why I have to talk, otherwise there’s no need to talk about it all, it just works out. It just works out because you are just ready to have it and you just get it. I don’t do anything. I’m just a catalyst, I should say that it works out.

I hope you’ll ask Me some questions about it first, before we go in for any realization. If you have any questions, please ask. You must ask.

Yes? Man: Is there any difference to what You are saying and what guru Maharaji … Who? Man: Guru Maharaji Now, I’ll tell you one thing. When you talk about any guru I don’t want to go into controversies. All right? That’s first thing I’ll tell you. But I will tell you to ask yourself or ask anyone, What has he done for anyone? Has he been able to give you any power, or anyone the power? All right? Now, I can tell you all these who are here who are realized souls who are here, they are just like you to look at. Of course from face you can make out that they’re very relaxed and very happy people. But they can cure people, they can give realization to people, they understand everything that is wrong with you and with themselves also. So what has he done to your awareness? Nothing.

Now, his disciples, what have they achieved? You ask them, “Where is the Kundalini of this person? What is the problem of this lady or what is weighing upon her mind?” They won’t be able to say. If you cannot even make out what’s wrong with another person or with yourself, how are you going to help? All such people, what do they do? Let us see. Simple thing is that they can mesmerize you. You may feel happy for a while, it’s just like drinking, you know, if you drink, you feel happy. But, by drinking, what have you achieved? Have we become masters? All of them are like that. You see, this gentleman, so obviously because he asked for Rolls Royce. What is a Rolls Royce for a prophet? I mean what does it matter? You see My point? This is so obvious, I mean this is so logically obvious. First of all, anybody who takes money from you is a parasite, simple as that. And to ask for Rolls Royce of all the things, can you see? You have got Christ. You can see from Christ’s life. Will He care for your Rolls Royces?

To such a person – He’s a king, He doesn’t bother whether He has a Rolls Royce or not, whether He sleeps on the ground or not, makes no difference. Such a person doesn’t care for anything, because He is in comfort, He’s got His own comfort. He is a man of Self-respect. Do you think will He ask for anything whatsoever? I mean it’s so obvious, for you people it is so obvious. But when I talk to some people of this guru, the particular one you are telling Me, they said: “ Mother, we gave him the metal and he gives us the Spirit.” Can there be an exchange? Can you purchase your Spirit? Use your logic, all right? God has given us brains to understand, logically we can use that. Can you, can you purchase, can you purchase the Spirit? Isn’t it so simple? We can’t pay for it, My child, we cannot.

If you want to give Me a flower, all right. It’s just an expression of your love, and that’s all. But you can’t purchase Me. You can’t. Your love can purchase Me, all right, that’s different. But you can’t purchase Me with metal and money, can you? What is a Rolls Royce? I mean I don’t know what are all these crowns and things. What are they good for? They don’t give you joy. Go and ask the people who wear the crowns. The other day I was with Mrs. Thatcher. Poor thing, she was so miserable. Yes, she was! You know I tried to sort of put her down, her vibrations. She was very miserable. We were just across the table talking to each other. And what I was doing was to balance her – poor thing, she was very, she’s very upset. So, you must understand, you are too simple people, you are seekers of ancient times. You are not seekers of today, you are seekers of ancient times. And this time has been promised to you before, also. And now you have to find it. Now you must keep your logic straight forward. I mean anybody who asks for Rolls Royce, I mean this is one of the stark examples I would say, cannot be any guru. It’s the starkest one, absolutely one of the … But there are subtler ones. He’s not so subtle. You will get out of it in no time, I know, all of you. But the subtler ones are even worse. Some of them may not even ask for money, may not. I don’t know of any, but there may be some because I heard about someone who doesn’t now take money, in India. He has made money here and now he’s gone to India and he doesn’t take money from them. But the one who has really not taken money, one person whom I know, has been using women. He’s not interested in money part, he’s using your women. You see so this is what it is, you must understand. His interest is not in your Spirit, but in your purse or in your women. Imagine. How can holiness be combined with these dirty habits of people? That means they themselves are under the control of their desires which are anti-God.

These are all anti-God activities. And you people being so simple hearted, I tell you, you’re so simple hearted! If you tell an Indian that a guru takes a Rolls Royce, he says “Eh.” Immediately they’ll cancel. They know this guy, How can they? Nobody will give to any guru in India. Gurus have to pay people sometimes first to entice them. Westernized Indians, it’s different; but those who are real Indians, they, you see they are – people live with the mothers and they know what is what, you know. Nobody can befool them, they’re very practical people. Yes, My Child? Woman: Can you be healed through faith? O, the faith is two types, with what we call in Sanskrit is ‘Shraddha’, is different from what you call as faith. In English they use it as “blind faith” and another as faith. All right? We can make it like that. Now, the blind faith is this, that “I have got faith in God and God will heal me.” This is one faith. All right? Another is a faith which is enlightened where I say you are the Spirit when you are connected. Now, if you say that “I have faith in God”, you shouldn’t feel hurt when I tell you the truth, all right? Because if it is a blind faith means that you are not yet connected with the power. Not connected.

See, now supposing I start saying, “Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ!” Christ is not in my pocket. I can’t even meet a prime minister or a queen without having a protocol or a connection or some sort of a, you see, position or, we can say, an authority. Isn’t it? Now when we talk of anyone like that, some people go on saying, “Rama, Rama, Rama, Krishna, Krishna”, You see, these are all incarnations and Christ is the Son of God. He is the Son of a King and you just can’t meet Him. You can’t just call Him. He’s not at your beck and call, He’s not your servant. All right?

Now, to having faith like that when you are not connected, if you are healed, you are healed by some other agencies, not by Christ. But if you are a realized soul and then you are healed, then it is done by Christ. I’ll tell you a difference, a very clear cut difference of healing. We have in England – we had, I don’t know now if you have that one, it’s an organization called an ‘International Curative Center of Late Dr. Lang’. Now this Dr. Lang was dead, I mean he was late but he had a curative center. You see, and this gentleman died and he possessed a man in Vietnam, a soldier, not his own son but a soldier. Now this soldier was told by this fellow – I mean, they’re very honest people, being English, they are honest and they tell the truth, you see. They don’t say that “we do it through God” or anything. So he told that there are many doctors – I hope the doctors won’t mind – who have died and who were very ambitious are still wanting to cure people. And “He should go back to my son and tell him all the story that I’ve come in you and my son will believe.” So he said, “How will he believe me?”

He said, “No, no. I will tell you some secrets which only he and me, both of us share. So he’ll definitely believe you.”

So this fellow agreed. He was a very healthy fellow, actually this Spirit entered into him when he got into a certain shock, something he saw which shocked him in the war and this Spirit entered. And he was carried by that Spirit somehow to England where he met his son and he told the whole story. And the son had to believe because he knew so many secrets. And they started this curative center.

Now how do I come to know of late Mr. Lang, is the thing. They cured a lady who was in India – long time back- it was 1970 I’m telling you. And she came to see Me, and she was all shaking, nervous, she’s like this. I said, “What’s this?”

She said, “I was sick with a certain disease and I was afraid of an operation and I came to know about this organization, I wrote to them and they wrote to me saying that ‘at this time on this date we’ll enter into your body.” Openly, I mean they don’t say that “We are God” or anything. “We’ll enter into your body and you’ll feel a little shaking, doesn’t matter, and you’ll sleep off and we’ll work it out.” And she said, “I got cured of that disease.”

But after three years or so, the whole body started shaking and she couldn’t bear it anymore and she came to see Me. That’s how I came to know about Dr. Lang, you see, that he had – this poor lady was tortured for three years, she suffered so much. And then she came to see Me. So after Mr. Lang entered into her body – Dr. Lang – it was after six years that she came to see Me because three years she was all right, and after three years it started. And that’s how I came to know all the Spirits that had entered into her, the doctors and all that. It was a horrible case. Of course she got cured later on, no doubt. Because when you become the Spirit, you are in your fort, nobody can enter into your body. You become something which doesn’t get contaminated, doesn’t get over powered, nobody can dominate. And that’s how she got cured.

So with faith, if somebody says, “Oh, you will be healed” you see and they start shouting and screaming and this and that, and suddenly you might feel, maybe there’s a Spirit. They replace also sometimes these Spirits, it’s very surprising. They can replace a Spirit from one to another. I’ve seen such cases also. All kinds of things I have seen in Spirits. The other day, only about eight days back, wasn’t that, Marie, when this charismatic fellow came in? Eight days back in France a gentleman came in. Young fellow, must be about twenty-four or so. He got into such a big agitation and started crying and a funny type of a thing that I’ve never seen, a Spirit, entered into him. Whole body was shaking. And I mean he fell down, he started crying, weeping, all sorts of things happened. And he said that “I went to charismatic movement where I got it, and many get it.” And they think Holy Ghost has entered into them. Now just imagine. How can Holy Ghost make you miserable? I don’t know from where these ideas come in. And poor child, you know, he suffered so much. Now he’s all right. But he couldn’t believe it that you could be all right, because he thought … and then they say, “These are your sins and you have to get over your sins and this is why you are, what’s happening to you, you still have done bad karmas, and this and that. But your bad karmas and all those things can be solved when the Kundalini rises. There is a center for this specially which is really being adorned by Jesus Christ here. Did you tell them, about this center? All right. So this is the center, that when the Kundalini passes through that – that’s why they say that you have to pass through it – He gets awakened, and when He gets awakened all these two pouches you see, they are of ego and superego, your conditioning and all your left sided problems and right sided problems are sucked in. That’s why they said that He died for our sins. He is described in the ancient Indian scriptures as Mahavishnu but you see when the missionaries went to India they gave a very wrong picture of Christ, absolutely wrong picture, so they were still expecting Mahavishnu to come in. And this is what it is. He’s supposed to be, according to missionaries, somebody who sort of converts people and all that nonsense. See? It’s not the real thing, that He is to be awakened within us. He said that. He said, “I have to be born within you.” And that is what it is. When Kundalini rises, She awakens that center within us and all our conditionings and egos are sucked in, a space is created here in the fontanel bone area through which the Kundalini comes in and you can feel the cool breeze from your head coming out. That’s what it is. And you feel it in your hands. It’s not just that you’re mad after someone, you see? It isn’t like that. It’s not that way, you see, nothing of that kind. You become a Self-respecting, normal, dignified personality of great Spiritual value, which you are. All right? So this is what faith is and what is blind faith is. Yes, My child. Man: It seems very difficult the concept that Self-realization doesn’t involve some
personal effort. Can it really come to anybody in effect of how materialistic they are? Am I understanding this? Yes, it appears on the face of it very difficult and how people are materialistic is also true no doubt, but Spirit is much stronger than the matter. And when It has to express, it completely crushes all that and It comes. Now, we have here, most of you are English people I should say, westernized, very materialistic people they were, I should say, I mean living in that world, they may not have been that materialistic because if they are not seekers, they would not come to Me. But a new being has been born.

If you look at an egg you feel, “Oh, what a hard stuff is this!” But if it is broken at the right moment, with the right understanding, it becomes a bird. Because a living process is all, only the last breakthrough has to take place. Apparently it looks difficult, but to Me it is not. Perhaps I know the job. All right? Yes, it looks … many people have said all kinds of things about Kundalini, also. I must say some books I have seen have horrified. You see if you don’t know the job, everything – supposing if somebody else doesn’t know how to drive a car, you see, and he gets into the car the way he’d describe it would be horrifying. You’d never get near a car, isn’t it? It’s like that. The one who is not authorized and does not know the job should not do it. But that’s what happens to you, that you become the Spirit, you become your own master and you become the master of this art – the master of this art! Yes, My child? I couldn’t hear you? You mentioned hypnosis earlier and You also said that You regarded Yourself as a catalyst… Don’t You think that the hypnotist also regards himself as a catalyst? Yes, very true. Yes, yes, no doubt! Yes, yes that’s true, but the difference is this, that the hypnotist brings you under his power. He doesn’t give you any power or no new dimension to your awareness, you see? There’s a tremendous difference between the two. You see, you have got your own power within you. Say, for example, all right, your Spirit there. Now I’m a catalyst, you see, you can use a spoon for giving a poison or could use it for giving a nectar. All right? So if you give the nectar, then it’s a great thing; and if you give the poison, it’s horrible. It’s like that. Now the hypnotist uses hypnosis – how does he hypnotize is the point. What he does is to push you into your subconscious, into your collective subconscious where he overpowers you. You are under his power. He says, “You become like a child”, you become like a child. “You suck a little bottle”, you do it. What’s all this? But here you become the Spirit in the sense that you become collectively conscious. It’s no hypnosis because you yourself can feel it.

Now, say example you take ten children who are realized souls. There are some children who are realized souls, even little children. And you take them near a person who is suffering from some trouble, all right? Now you tie up their eyes and ask them, “What’s the problem of this gentleman?” They will raise the same fingers, all of them will raise the same fingers, say “This is burning.” You see, because the sensation you feel – of burning, of numbness or of cool breeze, a new awareness of a vibratory nature is born within you. Not with hypnosis.

On the contrary, after hypnosis you feel so tired and finished as if somebody has been riding your horse. It’s just the other way round. And you start growing into you and understanding, you can cure people you understand what are the centers that are catching, you understand what are the centers of another person that are catching. In the beginning sometimes people have confusion, I’ve seen, that they don’t know whether these are my centers or your centers. But we have ways and methods by which you can discriminate. You can see which are your centers catching and which are the centers the other person catching. You also know how to get them all right, you also know how to give realization to others, and to empower them with their own powers. It’s just the opposite. But catalyst could be horrifying, and catalyst could be just heavenly.

Question: Can a person selfrealize themselves through their own effort (…)? With their own effort? O, that I don’t think is possible, you see, because like a light which is enlightened can only enlighten another light. But what I’m saying, that even supposing like Buddha, you see, He got His realization when He was absolutely tired and He had to have it. Of course the Holy Ghost did that. He could not have done it on Him, but He got the realization there because it was a different circumstance which He had to live, He didn’t have to talk about God, He didn’t have to talk about the whole thing. Because people were so much engaged in talking of big things like God and about all kind of deities, this, that, there was a big confusion. And somebody was to be realized at that time who would just localize it and say, “Only Self-realization! Don’t talk of God or anything, forget it.” That’s why He got realization like that. But you cannot get realization just like that – only possession you can get. You cannot.

Somebody who is an enlightened soul, such an enlightened soul doesn’t take money from you. Normally, you see, people don’t want to give you realization. Ninety-nine percent of those who are really realized, they will throw stones at you, they won’t have anything to do with you because their experiences of human beings are horrifying. If you go and talk to them, they’ll tell Me, they told Me that “Wait for twelve years. See, Mother, they will all finish You off, they’ll kill You, they’ll do this.” It’s very venturesome to deal with human beings because they’ll be very egoistical and they will never accept you. But if you take like this, like somebody who knows, is a help, isn’t it? And realization is not possible, is not possible to be done by yourself. It’s not possible. Because if a, say, a candle which is not enlightened wants to get itself enlightened, the light has to be brought, isn’t it? It’s so simple as that.

But one should not feel bad about it, actually. See, I don’t know how to drive, somebody drove Me down here. I didn’t feel bad that he had to drive Me down, did I? And I only know one job. I don’t know many. Many jobs I don’t know, I don’t know how to operate bank, I don’t know how to write a check, I’m hopeless in many things. I don’t know how to open a can, maybe. But I know how to open the Kundalini. All right? So if I know one job, why should you mind? After all, we depend on each other for everything, isn’t it? So why not, if I know the job, what’s the harm? And you will know, too. You will know, too. But it cannot be done by yourself. But actually in this you’re not obliged for anything. I just do it because I love it. It’s just emits, I don’t do anyway, I’m just flowing, I don’t know how it happens, just it’s flowing.

I just love for love’s sake. Just, you can’t believe such a person can exist, but I do really, I am like that. Sometimes you might even, some of the Sahaja Yogis do feel that I’m too compassionate and that I should be rather strict with people and things like that, you see, they come and tell Me some wisdom about it. You see they think I’m not so practical, but this is the most practical thing. Yes, I know they make mistakes because they don’t know they are walking in darkness. If you are walking in darkness, you will bang at something. Then only thing you can do is to have compassion for them because they can’t see, they are blind. Isn’t it? How can you have any anger or temper?

And moreover, I would request you not to have any misidentification with anyone whatsoever. You have to get to your Spirit, that’s the main thing. If you still think of somebody, you see, like the lady – I don’t know, somebody might have sent her here, maybe. I don’t know why she got angry. I didn’t say anything to hurt her. Maybe she is possessed. I don’t know why she has got angry with Me, and she just got up and just walked off saying that “You’re telling everything lies.” Why should I tell you lies? I don’t have to get anything out of you. But why it happens? Because she’s not sensitive, she’s not sensitive to Divinity. She doesn’t understand who’s Divine, who’s not. I don’t blame her. She hasn’t got the sensitivity. It’s a calibre. I have seen sahaja yogis now of different varieties have come to Me. Some of them are of such a calibre you can’t even believe. They get into realization, they know what it is, they have the pattern just like a diamond, they get it and they get into it. They’re tremendous people. There are some who slog behind. Some of them who get realization but still they go on doubting, all kinds. Doesn’t matter. I love all of them.

Yes, My child? He is a sahaja yogi? So what is he talking now? What did he say? He’s saying Mother, if before realization we were such a horrible person that we gave cancer to everybody we met or something like this, after realization does the effects of that get taken away or what happens? Yah. I know it, so many things have happened. We had somebody in Brighton, you remember – he’s here right now, I think – who was drunk when he came in. He was very angry with Me, you see, to begin with. He said, “How can I get rid of this trouble? I can’t believe You”, and all that. And he’s all right, perfectly all right. His change is so beautiful, you can’t… is he there?

Yogi: Yes , I am. May God bless you. He’s so sweet now. The other day he came to see Me. I said, “Look at that. He’s so sweet.” He was a very sweet man, wasn’t he? But something had put him up, made him upset, you see, that he became alcoholic, you see. He’s all right. And the compassion can only make you understand this that there’s a reason for this – He is a very sweet person, very sweet person no doubt. But something had gone wrong with him. It’s all right.

So this happens, it’s true. Sahaja yogis realize this. Some, of course, I must say, go little bit, doesn’t matter. They’ll come up, all of them will come up, I’m sure of it. Everyone is made for it. Actually, the Divine is anxious to give you realization – much more, much more anxious than you are. If there were thousand people today, I would have given them realization better. But very few people take to reality, you see now. That guru Maharaji, thousands are like mad after him, isn’t it? He’s given nothing to the poor people. But for reality, there are very few.

Like the other day somebody asked Me a question, “Mother, why don’t You do it to everyone?” I said, “Where are they, everyone? They are missing. Where are they? In this Brighton, how many there are? How many are here? All right? That’s the problem. It takes time for people to love reality, time. It’s such a beautiful thing. And even they get realized, then they drop out, you see. They say, “Oh, I’m all right now. I’m all right.” After one year they’ll appear. That’s not the way. You have to master this art, absolutely master it. It is all free, absolutely free, now they are all sitting down here, they can say that. Would You talk a bit more about Self-realization and and, You know, what’s necessary to enhance that? Yes, Yes, I will be in My next lecture, one by one. Now I’m talking of the left side, the right side, and then the center, and then also, of course about the Spirit, definitely, hundred times, that’s what I have to do. But gradually I have to build you up. All right? I will definitely. You won’t believe, I think I have given five hundred lectures already in London, at least. And it doesn’t end. Every time they say, last time I spoke they said, “Mother, it was absolutely a new dimension You talked about”, you see. I don’t know. Kerry told Me first time he touched his vibrations so much with My lecture, I don’t know what I touched him so much. Yes, it’s surprising. He’s from Australia. Australians do well. Very fast work. So, all the questions are over now? Should we have it? What of Karma? Eh? Karma? Karmas are when you do any work or anything with your right side action then the effects of that accumulate within you as an ego because you think you are doing it. Actually, we don’t do anything substantial. What we do is a dead work. Like as I said we make a chair out of a dead, a tree. That’s all we do. What work we do is an idea we have we are doing work. What work are you doing? Can you convert this into a fruit? We can’t even put fragrance into it. So this myth, you see, works as ego within us as shown here, which I will be speaking tomorrow about, all right? And this is what is that we think we are doing this work, that work, and this ego thinks that if you have done bad work or good work we have to suffer.

You see, a tiger doesn’t feel that way. If tiger has to eat, it must kill. It kills the animal, eats it, finished. It doesn’t sit down and sulk, “Oh, God, I should not have done it. I should become vegetarian.” It doesn’t accumulate any, any, any karmas in it, all right? But we human beings do. Why? Because we are closed. We are closed. See here, we are closed. They are open. Whatever they do, they are not bothered. But we are bothered about what we do because we think we do. And when, as I said, this center is opened out, He sucks our karmas, and the so-called karmas are nothing but sins, you see. In a biblical language we can call it as sin, you see. And they’re all sucked in by this powerful Deity of Christ awakened within us. And you get beyond it because it is the ego that does the karma. When your ego is finished, where there are the karmas? They are finished, too.

Then you don’t say, “I did it.” What you will say, “Mother, it’s not working out, it’s not going up.” Now what is this ‘it’? It becomes a third person. “It’s flowing. The vibrations are not coming.” You see, you don’t say, “I – I am doing this realization. I am raising the Kundalini”, they don’t say so. They say, “It’s not rising.” You become a third person. That third person is the Spirit. Where you do not say that “I should do it.” Even if it’s your son, you’ll say, “Mother, it’s better he gets realization.” All right. You’ll see. Try. It doesn’t work out. All right, then should I give a certificate? He said, “How can You give certificate, Mother, how? Kundalini, Kundalini has not risen.” Everyone knows, you see, whether it’s your father, mother, sister – anyone – if they’re not realized, they know they’re not realized, so what? They just know.

And this granddaughter of Mine, who was – she’s here now – she is a born realized, and she was hardly about five years of age, I think, when they went to Ladakh. And there was one lama sitting with a shaved head and all that, wearing and all that. Everybody was touching his feet. And the parents also, not realized, My daughter is not realized, so she also touched his feet. She couldn’t bear it anymore now, it was too much for her. She was sitting in a higher block. She went, put her hands back and looked at him, turning, She says, “What do you mean by asking everybody to touch your feet? You’re not even a realized soul! By wearing this dress of yours and shaving your head you think you can ask people to touch your feet?” Little child of five years, yet she understands. We had once a program in India when they invited Me as a chief guest and for this Raman worship – was a realized soul- and one gentleman from Ramkrishna ashram, the head of that, was sitting with his big orange robe, you see, sitting there. And My, another granddaughter, she was sitting in the front row. She couldn’t bear him anymore so she shouted from there, “Mother, the one whose wearing a maxi dress, Grandmother, please ask him to get out, he’s giving heat to all of us.” So you see, there were many sahaja yogis who were feeling the heat from the fellow and he thinks he’s a very Spiritual man. And she just stood up, she said, “Ask him to go, he is wearing a maxi.” She didn’t understand it was a robe or thing. Even children know who are realized souls and who are not, if they are born realized. There are many children who are born realized these days. The time of judgment, this is the time of judgment. Of course about this I’ll tell you later. Do You mind if I ask You a few questions? It’s all right, I don’t mind. But what happens, if you ask too many questions sometimes it becomes mental activity and may delay further realization sometimes. So I would advice you, if it is not so important, better keep it out because, you see, answering the question is only on mental level. I’m talking something much beyond, you see. So, it is something logically if you have understood Me – all right, let’s have it. If it will work out, work out. If it will not work out, doesn’t matter. I’m here for three-four days, and we are going to work it out. All right?

So it’s better to keep your mind at rest. Tell the mind, “You have asked many questions before, you have thought of many things, now the time for you to receive the blessings of your own being.” All right? If you tell your mind, it will rest. It’s a, it’s a wonderful thing, mind is. If the mind knows what you want, and if it is the reality, it supports you and helps you very much. The same mind which can go astray, you see, it’s like sometimes like a donkey.

Like Christ used donkey just to suggest the mind that if you allow it to go astray it will take you to all kinds of things, but if you control it, it takes you there where you have to go. You just make him keep quiet. It’s better to keep quiet at mind level. And that’s why I answered your questions because later on when the Kundalini’s rising, at that time, the mind should not stand up, isn’t it, to say that “I haven’t asked this question.” That’s why. Just to soothe it – there’s no need – but, just to soothe it down, I do it. All right? So best thing is to get your realization is the best thing, otherwise this mind is quite a disturbing stuff. It can come at the right time, when you are going to achieve your last breakthrough, it may stop. All right? So if you have any immediate question by which you are really oppressed then you must ask Me. But if it is not so important, just give up. Is it very important? Then it’s all right. He has realized it. Now, I have to just request you one thing, if you don’t mind, we have to take out our shoes, because the mother earth has such a lot, you see, so we have to take her help in every way possible.

Just to keep your feet on the ground, it helps a lot. You need not take out your socks, but it helps a lot to put your feet on the ground as they are, and just to put your hands like this because, as I told you, that this is all sympathetic centers, as he must have told you also, you feel the flow in here moving without … I mean it moves, but you don’t feel it so much till you get your Realization. Just put your hands like this and close your eyes.
You have to keep your eyes closed. This is the opposite of hypnosis. Just keep your eyes closed because when the Kundalini rises, She dilates your pupil. When She dilates your pupil, then little bit there’s a difference in the vision for second, split of second. But, if your eyes are open It won’t rise, It won’t rise at all. So keep your eyes closed, absolutely closed.
Now the first thing as it is, we have always seen it happen, is that this guilt business is coming from something unknown, so better to put your right hand on the left side of your neck and left hand towards Me, without opening your eyes. Left hand towards Me. Left hand towards Me. With the palm upwards. Left. Yes, like that, and you should say that “Mother, I’m not guilty.” That is very important because this is a very big obstruction.
Just say, “Mother, I’m not guilty.”
Seekers: Mother, I’m not guilty.
Shri Mataji: Again, please
Seekers: Mother, I’m not guilty.
Shri Mataji: Again, please.
Seekers: Mother, I’m not guilty.
Shri Mataji: Now we can put the same hand on the other side of the whole back, neck. This is very important center is, I’ll talk about it later on, the way I’m doing it, if you want you can see yourself. The way I’m doing it, left hand towards Me and right hand on the back, on the complete vertebrae at the neck, the base of the neck, you see. This is a very important center about which I’ll tell you. Yes, that’s how. Try to press it and put your head back. Little bit.
Now you put this right hand at the heart level, little higher, and press with your fingers. Left hand towards Me, all through. Now you have to say, “Mother, I am the Spirit” thrice.
Seekers: Mother, I am the Spirit. Mother, I am the Spirit. Mother, I am the Spirit.
Shri Mataji: Now, same right hand, you push it down on your stomach, on the left hand side. And now you say, “Mother, I am my own guru, I am my own master.” Just say that.
Seekers: Mother, I am my own guru. Mother I am my own master.
Shri Mataji: Again.
Seekers: Mother, I am my own guru. Mother I am my own master.
Shri Mataji: Five times. Again.
Seekers: Mother, I am my own guru. Mother I am my own master.
Shri Mataji: That will do. Now if you put your right hand on top of your head, on top. Not touching it, little on top slowly, [aside to a woman in the audience] are you feeling? [aside to a yogi] She’ll see. [aside to the woman] Are you having problem?
Woman: Yes, I’ve got …
Shri Mataji: Oh I see, just put your right hand towards Me … [aside to a yogi] you need not, she’ll work it out. Yes. I’ll put it right. All right? Just, yes, like this, it will work out.
All right. Now you might feel the Cool Breeze coming out of your head from the fontanel bone area where it is soft. Cool Breeze. First the hot might come in. But you have to ask for Realization because I can’t cross your freedom, you see? This is your freedom whether you want to be self realized or not. So you have to say, “Mother, please give me my Realization.” You have to ask for it. Just has to ask. Just ask for it.
Seekers: Mother, please give me my Realization.
Shri Mataji: Again, please.
Seekers: Mother, please give me my Realization.
Shri Mataji: Again, please.
Seekers: Mother, please give me my Realization.
Shri Mataji: Now just feel it. Are you feeling it on top of your head? Umm.

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