Advice on Right Side

Brighton Pavilion, Brighton (England)

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Public Program Day 2. Brighton (UK), 14 May 1982.

Shri Mataji: Oh, I would suggest that first let them ask questions today. So I keep myself there…If you have any questions, it’s better to ask me first. So that your mind is at rest. I’m glad to stand…better to see people better. Am I better here or on the ground?

Now, first of all it’s better to ask the questions because yesterday when we started this question session people got little deviated. It’s better to ask questions now, what you have, because you are all seekers. You are all seekers and you have been seeking so is best is to ask questions now so I’ll be able to put the answer in between My lecture.

No questions? That means Sahaja Yogis have become quite capable of explaining Sahaja Yoga and I’m very proud of them. When I went to Australia the newspaper people asked Me, “Mother, are all Your disciples scholars?”

I said, “No, they are very common people. They have to be very common and normal people.”

But they said, “The way they know things, surprisingly we feel they are all scholars.”

I said, “All scholarship is within yourself.” All the knowledge is within yourself. If you only can get light there, you can see all that knowledge is within you. You don’t have to go anywhere for your knowledge. It’s all inside, everything is built in. You are built in so beautifully to become your Spirit that I don’t have to do much about it. It just works out. Only thing is that one has to know what we should expect; to be the Spirit, what should be our expectation. And that also logically you must understand. It should be a logical conclusion. Not just because I say something, because you have become a member of some group, because you have paid money somewhere. It’s not that way. Reality is what it is. And logically it has to be reality.

The other day I told you about the left side, about the past, about the subconscious, about the collective subconscious and the problems of the subconscious and the conditionings we get from material things, from matter. Matter is always trying to overpower the Spirit. And this matter is overpowering us because we come from matter to begin with. But how does the Spirit come out of it? What happens that we become the Spirit?

People have talked about Self Realization. So many people have talked about second birth. Everyone has said that you are to be born again. There are many people who go about saying, “I’m twice born,” self certified. You can find all kinds of people in this world, who are knowing that something has to happen, some breakthrough has to take place, something we have to seek. Imagine at the time of Christ there were not so many people who were seeking, nobody could talk to the disciples also much. They were just ordinary fishermen, very simple people. But today is the time when you find so many of seekers all over the world. Seeking what? What are you seeking? The seeking is of your Spirit. Now this is also a very vague term to say you are seeking your Spirit. Now what is this Spirit supposed to be? And why should we seek this Spirit?

In our evolution we are human beings, our awareness is that of human beings and this awareness of human beings is not the ultimate. If it was we would not have been seeking. It’s not the end of it.

We have to reach at a point where something more has to happen. Now how do we approach the subject logically? In our evolution, what has happened to us? We were animals, from there we became human beings. What is so special about human beings compared to animals?

In the awareness of man there’s a new dimension. For example you can take a horse through a dirty lane he doesn’t feel anything, the dirt or filth, or beauty, colors, nothing. Makes no difference.

But if you take a human being through a dirty lane or a dirty house, immediately he understands, he doesn’t like it. So what has come into us is nothing but in our awareness a new dimension compared to animals, or we can say in very scientific way is that in our central nervous system we have developed a new awareness.

Whatever is in our central nervous system, we are master of that. Supposing I feel this is hot, everybody will feel this is hot. If I say this is the color of this particular bird, everybody will say the same thing.

So whatever is the awareness of one human being – awareness I am saying, not the myth, not the hallucination, but the reality as far as his organs are concerned, sensory organs are concerned is just the same. A person who feels hot does not say that he feels cold, nor the other one will come and say it is cold, they all will say it is hot. So one thing is there, the truth is one, it cannot be two, and that whatever has to happen now in our evolution has to be in our awareness.

Like a fish became a turtle. If a fish became a turtle, what happened to her? It is in the awareness of the turtle, it started feeling the Mother Earth. It lost something that fish had and it started feeling something new.

In the same way, in our evolution if something has to happen, we have to be something more in awareness, more dynamic. For this we can take help from the writings of so many people.

For example we can consider Jung as one of them who has talked about it. Jung has said that when the breakthrough will take place, the human beings will become, will become, collectively conscious, will become.

He didn’t say that you’ll all start doing the same thing or you will start behaving in the same manner. No, he said you will become, you will be aware of it, not unawares. So when you are seeking the Spirit, if the Spirit has to enlighten you, in your awareness you are going to know something more than you have known so far. For example, you might feel it hot and cold today but maybe with that awareness you might feel something different about it. He has said it very clearly that you have to become collectively conscious. So the becoming is the point in our evolution, nothing else, we become something.

In Sanskrit language for example they say, for a realized soul – for Indians it’s very common knowledge it’s nothing so much difficult to understand – he’s called as a dwija, the one who is born again. And also a bird is called as a dwija, because a bird is born first as an egg and then it grows, matures and then suddenly it becomes a bird. And that is the parallel of Realization. You also know that on the Easter Day we give eggs. It has the same symbol, that we are eggs and we have to become the birds. So just now, at this stage when we are human beings we are just limited like an egg to grow up to a point where you can become the bird.

All other sort of things people talk of is not the Realization. Like I may say that “All right, if I mesmerize you very well, I can give you bottles and you might start sucking the bottles just like children.” Even knowing that you are doing something funny, you are doing it. You’ll be compelled to do it because you are mesmerized. Any such activity that you fall into is not Realization because whatever has happened to you as human beings that you are, you have done no activity whatsoever.

We didn’t cut our tails as monkeys to become human beings. It has happened spontaneously like a flower becoming a fruit. It’s a living process. One does not realize that whatever has to happen to you is a living process, is not a dead process. What we can do is all dead. For example we can stand on our heads, we can jump, we can run, we can do all kinds of things but that is not the living process.

The living process is when you become something, and that becoming must be asked by all honest seekers. If you are not honest, then it’s difficult or even if you are honest and you are misidentified with certain ideas you have read because you have paid for the book or you have paid for an organization or paid for someone, that’s not going to help you.

What we have to see what we become and that’s what yesterday I told that you become the master. You become the prophet as Blake* has said that, “God of men [Shri Mataji may mean “Men of God”] will become prophets and they will have powers to make others prophets.” So to be very honest with yourself you should say, “Have I become a prophet and can I make others prophets?” This is a very simple way of looking at our Realization and this what you are capable of, that you become the prophet, because everything is within you, the whole machinery is within you, you are like a computer, you are just to be put to the mains, it will start working.

You have to just become that. And if you do not become that, then all other things – forming an organization and any such thing – is of no use, is of no value, is all, I can say, misguidance. What have you got yourself? Supposing, I mean, if Ray has to say something: “Oh, Mother saw a light, and this happened and that happened; She has these powers, and those powers,” it’s all useless. What is it to you?

I may be the king of anything, so what does it matter to you? What has become of you is the important thing and for that becoming if I say there is everything placed within you I have to prove it that’s all. This knowledge is not unknown to us, actually. Is all been described from the time of Moses. Like He says, “The tree of fire.” Now what is the tree of fire? Nobody knows, they just say there was tree of fire. But if you see the Kundalini completely enlightened, if you can see it really looks like a tree of fire.

And then it is said also in the Bible that, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.” Now what is that? No one explains, nobody knows, these tongues of flames are nothing but these centers when they are enlightened, you see them just like tongues of flames. But you need not see them because when you are outside the pavilion you can see the pavilion; when you are inside you don’t see, you just see the hall.

And that is why one should understand that it is not what we think should happen, but it is what will happen actually we should accept.

So first we should get rid of all misidentifications with our ideas that this will happen, that will happen, and this should happen. I should see a light, I should fly in the air. There are many people who are paying money to fly in the air. I mean it’s absurd. Why do you want to fly in the air? I don’t understand. Paying much more money for that than they would have to pay to go round the whole world. I really tell you by plane if you travel it won’t so expensive as you are paying for this flying business, this Flying Squad business. And what is that, we have to understand, what is that? When we go for this flying what are we getting into? And this method of mesmerism is so subtle that you cannot understand.  You just go on into it. Like the same Flying Squad business, we had a gentleman who was the director of the academy, down with epilepsy, his wife down with epilepsy, the child down with epilepsy; and they all came down to Me, they lost their houses, they lost everything, penniless. This is what has happened to the flying of the whole joke.

Now, one must realize that you cannot pay for your evolution, you cannot pay. It’s very simple to understand. As I told yesterday that if you pay to this flower will it become a fruit? It’s a living process for which we cannot pay, it doesn’t understand money. Living processes do not understand money. I’ve not known any human being – supposing he’s suffering from indigestion, he’ll put some money there saying that “Now I pay you, my stomach, now will you digest my food?” Do we do like that? In the same way it is the highest of highest living processes for which you cannot pay. It’s a very subtle thing to understand for human beings because they believe that for everything one has to pay otherwise it doesn’t work out. You see you go to a machine, you want to have a good, say, machine, you must pay. Which works, you see. If doesn’t work, you can have free. But the one that works you have to pay. Any motorcar, it’s free, means it’s all a junk, you can’t have it. We have to pay to take it to the junk shop, so it is always in the minds of human beings that one has to pay. And this is very wrong. That you cannot pay. I’m talking of the processes, which are beyond human, the human beings are not doing it.

For example we cannot transform a flower into fruit, the living process itself is beyond human reach. But when you become, when you become a superhuman you can handle them. And this should happen to you. If it has does not happen to you all the rest of the things are wrong. I’m telling you with great concern because the people who are in the market, who are selling goods, are doing it very well.

They know how to entice you, they know how to put ideas through you, how to give you misidentifications, and you just get identified with them till they completely drop out. And then you are left high and dry. You say, “Oh, God, what has happened?” One thing is there, that your Spirit is not lost. It is there. Despite whatever the mistakes, whatever may be the seeking, but the Spirit resides within you despite everything, till you live. And this Spirit is to be brought into your conscious mind, means into your central nervous system, you should feel the powers of the Spirit in your being. This is what is Sahaja Yoga is. Sahaja, as he must have told you, means born with you.

Now, yesterday I told you about the left side, which is the power of desire, and through this power we have our all conditionings and all the deception from the matter, materialistic things and also what you can say we collect all our past, the past then extend up through/to (?) the collective subconscious. I also told you yesterday that cancer is a disease caused by the left side extreme behavior of people. Those who go into the extreme behavior on the left side get the disease called cancer and it can be cured if you can bring such an extreme case in the center, it can be cured, no doubt about it.

Now, the second side is the right side which today I have told that I will tell you about. The gentleman is not here who asked so many questions, is he here? He was just busy asking questions, that’s all, yesterday. He’s not interested in seeking, I think.

All right, now the second side on the right hand side, is the power by which we act. First we desire and then we act. Now this power, right side power, is expressed within us as right sympathetic nervous system. Science has come from the same, science is in the gross, these are all subtle things that are within us.

Now this right side power which exists within us, gives us the power for our mental and physical capacity to act. Now this action takes place when we desire something, we want to implement that desire then we go into action. One has to understand what sort of a power is this. This power is called as prana shakti in Sanskrit.  Prana, and the another one, the left one as mana shakti is the power of the emotions or can say of the mind, but you see English language is not so clear-cut about it. So I would say mana shakti and the prana shakti, these are the two powers that exist within us and we start using them as left and right, we can say like a brake and an accelerator and then we become the master of driving. But while becoming that we make mistakes.

The human mind has a specialty to go to extremes. Supposing I tell somebody, “Now, you have to meditate.” They’ll meditate for five hours. There is no need to meditate for five hours or anything. But if you tell them that you have to stand on your head, they’ll do it for ten hours. So there is no need to go to extremes, we have to be just in the center, be kind to our body, be kind to ourselves. There’s nothing to be frantic about; there’s nothing to be so much exasperated about it. It’s just very simple thing that has to happen to you.

For example, think of a seed which is sown in a very loud music or, say, a place where everybody is rushing, shouting, screaming, what will happen to that seed – will never sprout. If it is in a peaceful place, is a properly placed one, or not in a tilted pot, then it will definitely develop into a beautiful tree or a beautiful shrub, whatever it has to develop into. In the same way if we are too much on the extremes, we go to the left and to the right.

Now going to the left, I told you yesterday what happens that all these things like hypnosis, and ESP’s and most of these gurus try these tricks, you see, like they just make you hypnotized and people become absolutely mad over the guru, “He’s our guru,” and they behave just like absolutely people without any brains. “Oh, I feel nice with that guru”

I see that the reason is that you feel there’s a sort of a sense of security built-in in this gentleman and, “if I’m following him, you see, he is going to Heaven and I’m going with him to Heaven.” It doesn’t happen like that.

You have to individually go into Heaven yourself and you have to become your own guru and you have to know everything about it. It’s not that anybody can put a trailer behind and put some people into it and say, “Now come along, I’m going to Heaven.” Most of these are people are really going to Hell and you will follow them very fast. So it is never so, believe Me, that anybody who says that following a certain guru you’ll go to Heaven is absolutely wrong. You must follow in the Principle and every guru who is a real guru will always tell you, will always tell you that you have to become something. He’ll never just say, “All right, you’ve given me the money, all right, you are the member, now you are my child, now you are my disciple and I give you my love. Let’s have love.” Where is the love? “And give more money, give me Rolls Royces, give me this, give me that.” And like mad we are doing it thinking that we can exchange these things.

Now, as we are seekers we have every right to find our Spirits and we are not to be deluded by any such tricks and pranks of these people or I would say very sinister methods that they are employing. Not only to initiate/it’s not only they deceit (?) you for money – I don’t mind they are smugglers, let them have money, what they want to have; but they spoil your chances of Realization which you do not realize.

And once they are spoilt, it’s very difficult to give you Realization, and if you do not really, positively work it out it’s going to be impossible situation. I’ve seen people who have suffered on account of this.

Now this action within us acts for our mental and physical capacities on the right hand side. Like we think of the future, now the planning will start, this planning, “Now we must do this tomorrow, or day after tomorrow we have to do it.” and we start sitting, “Now, I’ll go there and I’ll find this and then I’ll take a ticket and then I’ll go there.” I mean, our mind is working for the future. So much so, we, we become absolutely futuristic, to such an extent sometimes I’ve met people who are futuristic they even forget their own names. Can you believe it? I mean they don’t even remember their father’s name. That’s all right, but even their own names they forget.

I mean they are like mad people because they don’t remember their own names and they don’t know where are they, what are they doing. I have met people of that kind who are really sick people because they have become so futuristic now that they do not know anything about their past. Now this futuristic behavior starts in a society where people always think of the future. “What will I do, what am I to do tomorrow, what am I to achieve tomorrow?” And all these things, when they start doing their attention goes to the right extreme.

Now, in this place we are very dangerously placed, very dangerously placed, when we start looking for the future and the future seeing is a imaginary stuff, is absolutely imaginary, because what you think of the future doesn’t exist. What exists is the present, you have to be in the present not in the future.

But people will say you have to be in the present, but how? We cannot. Either we are in the past or in the future. Because when the thought wave rises, it comes up and goes down.  Another thought wave rises, goes up and comes down. Now, this thought wave which comes up we go with it but we don’t see it’s going down. Another thought wave that rises we see that but don’t see where it goes out. And so we are jumping on the cusp of these thoughts and we do not know perhaps we are with the past or perhaps with the future. But in the center of these two thoughts there is the present and we don’t know how to take our attention there, which is a very difficult thing and just to say that you should be in the center is not possible. All these things, “You should do this, you should do that,” is not going to work out unless and until there is light. For example, there is no light in this room and you say, “Walk straight,” you cannot walk because you can’t see where is the passage, how to walk. Even if you order, do whatever you please, you cannot just walk straight without touching any of these chairs because there is no light, you can’t see.

So one has to understand that in the futuristic life when we live and we plan too much for the future actually what we are doing, we are living in an imaginary world. We have many stories of people who lived in imaginary worlds and how they found that everything was destroyed. And there are people who work it out through their physical efforts and when they go into their physical efforts they create another problem for them because they just become physically oriented people. And if you are just physically oriented, the Spirit gets angry with you.

So the right side movement is for the people who are very meticulous, you see, which you can call the people who are very particular about the time and who are very firm about things, who are very dry people and who are very straight and they won’t tolerate any nonsense. One sort of people, you see, that you find normally and that sort of people become a headache and they are very boring, you see. You can’t just bear their company, they can be very boring people. And they give you big lectures about how to be straightforward and how to walk straight absolutely. In the nature nothing is straight, it all moves so beautifully because the nature is created out of varieties, and variety brings the beauty. They don’t think of beauty, they don’t think of love, of compassion, nothing. For them it is a very meticulous world and that’s how they live. Such people are developing a big ego within themselves, as you see there, is a yellow stuff in the head called as ego.

By the action of the left side, emotional side, we develop a superego, but by the action of the right side we develop a ego. Now this ego is not easy to be seen. Because if you have a superego you have pains in the body, you are a miserable person, you have wrinkles on the face and you look absolutely worn out. But if you have ego then you look so dynamic. We can say that Hitler was the extreme of this ego business. And he got into his head that he is some sort of a god incarnation and that he has to save the people and he was the one who knows about races and everything and he is supposed to save some race. This kind of idea comes from these people who are right sided, they are very aggressive, they may be very good to talk to, they may be very humble to look at, could be very good business men, could be anything but they do not know that they have this Mister Ego coming up on their heads just like a big balloon and they are floating in the air. The end of ego is stupidity. You’ll be surprised, the end of ego is stupidity. Such people indulge into all kinds of stupid things, and they say, “What’s wrong?”

For example I’ve known old people behaving in so stupid ways, and they say, “What’s wrong?” You know, an old man, say of ninety years, who can’t even walk without a stick, takes to these dances you do and then he falls down, you see, and he thinks, “what’s wrong?”

Like a lady I knew, she was about eighty-five, she died from a horse falling down. Naturally I mean what else you expect at eighty-five, that’s what is evident, for a lady of eighty-five she should settle down at home, look after grandchildren, maybe she might have great grandchildren, you see. Instead of that why does she want to be twenty-five year old lady to climb on a horse? So all such stupid things they do and then they will say, “What’s wrong? Is nothing wrong in stupidity, what’s wrong?” But such people are a nuisance to the society, to others.

The people who are superego are troublesome to themselves, but those are egoistical are troublesome to others. They are all the time correcting others, torturing others, putting their ideas on to other people, and such people can be very, very successful because nothing succeeds like success.

They go on hammering things into the heads of people, saying, “Now this is true, this is true,” and when you go on saying it, this suddenly you believe, “Yes must be so.”

And such people are much more dangerous I would say from the superego type.

But for people who do not know the tricks of the superego they can be very, very, very dangerous because they are very subtle, you cannot see them, they mesmerize, and they can possess you and they can be very sly and they can work out all sorts of methods which you are not aware. So it is not easy to choose which is better, which is not better. Both things are wrong to go to extremes, on the right or to the left.

Now let’s see what happens physically. As I told about the cancer on the left hand side that we do, physically what happens to people who are futuristic? We have a center specially for futuristic behavior called as Swadishthana Chakra which is in the gross manifesting the plexus called the aortic plexus within us. Now this Swadishthana Chakra is very important for human beings, specially for people who are developed people.

With this chakra actually we convert the fat of the stomach for the use of the brain. Now this is the center of the Surya, of the sun. Now when we start thinking these cells are converted in such a way that they become useful to the brain.

Now, if you are thinking all the time, all the time you are thinking, then what will happen? I mean the horns are not going to grow out of that, you are consuming all that, and then you are consuming all those cells, you have to have replacement, and for that replacement this Swadishthana Chakra has to work very hard to convert the cells for the use of your brain.

Now, when it is doing that there are other things which this Swadishthana Chakra has to look after, for example your liver, your pancreas, your spleen, your kidneys, all are to be looked after by this center, and also uterus for the ladies. Now, when there’s only one work is given to this Swadishthan Chakra and it cannot do any other work, then other things are neglected, so you develop a terrible disease called liver trouble.

Now liver trouble is another thing that you do not feel yourself, others know that you are liverish the way you are hot tempered, the way you are fussy, the way you always snarl at people and the way you are never satisfied with anything, the way you criticize others, all this is liverish and such liverish people are never happy with themselves because liver looks after your attention and those who have liver problems, their attention is horrid, that goes like this, you see, you cannot keep your attention straight. On the street you’ll walk straight into a car because you are looking at something which you are not supposed to look. But all the time you are looking at like this, you cannot walk, I mean you won’t find any animal like that who walks like this, but only human beings do it. If you see them on the street you’ll be amazed.  Where are they walking? They don’t walk straight, they don’t look straight, but their eyes are going this way, that way, because the attention is wobbly, the attention is wobbly because of a bad liver.

So this liver is a very, very important thing. Now, this liver has a special capacity to extract all the poisons from the body as heat, and the heat in the body is to be transformed or should be conveyed to the blood, or the water in the blood, and that has to be taken out of your body maybe as perspiration or in another form. But what happens that when this liver is out of gear it cannot do it, it cannot pass this heat into the blood stream and the heat remains in the body and you really become heated and that heat makes all these problems for you.

So in Sahaja Yoga what happens that when Kundalini rises, She changes the form of the blood. The hydrogen and oxygen which are placed because of this heat and all that in a very funny way, like this, get like that, [Shri Mataji indicates up, then down] and they start receiving this heat within them.

That’s why those people who have bad livers feel little heat when the Kundalini rises. But one can cure it by giving it that peace and comfort to that liver organ, and you can definitely cure your liver, no doubt about it.

Then the second thing that happens to you is the pancreas which gives you diabetes. Only a person who thinks too much gets the diabetes. For example, an Indian farmer doesn’t know what diabetes is. But then you stop your sugar, but that’s not the way to stop your diabetes. Diabetes comes to you because you think, think, think, think, think, too much. The doctors won’t understand this, that’s why they say it is incurable, because they cannot connect thinking with the disease. And this is what happens when you are all the time thinking like mad, then diabetes takes place. And this diabetes is also curable if you get your enlightenment. You can cure also the diabetes of other people, but because this vital power, which is integrated of all these three powers flows through you and you can replenish, you can give more to other people who are exhausted of it and sort of you can fill them up with this power and you can cure.

But the third one is the worst of all that happens to people is blood cancer because of spleen. Spleen is one thing very important that it is the center of peace within us.

The one who doesn’t have a proper spleen cannot be peaceful person. Now, it’s a very simple thing but doctors cannot connect it, nor all science-oriented people can connect it, to something very, very simple. And the simple thing is that when we eat our food, if we are frantic we are out to get trouble with the spleen and we can get blood cancer. Now if the mother is of that temperament or a father is of that temperament, the children might be born with blood cancer. Now, we’ll be happy to tell you that in New York we had a case of blood cancer and when I was in India, in a village, somebody came and told Me that such and such boy is sick, he’s only sixteen years with blood cancer and doctors have declared that he’s going to die within two weeks time. They always declare, they are good at declaration only.

And when this case came to Me, I told them that “I cannot do anything, I’m in a village, but you can telephone to one of the Sahaja Yoginis. She was in England, now she is in New York and she will look after this case.” You’ll be amazed that the boy was cured completely, he came out of the hospital, he came to see Me and now he’s gone back to studies.

I mean like that we have cured many cases of blood cancer but here we are not to cure people by any… or healing anyone, that’s not our job. It happens spontaneously as a by-product of the Kundalini awakening. Main thing is we have to make you doctors, we have to make you knowledgeable people, we have to make you collectively conscious human beings who have to enter into the Kingdom of God, to reside there in His peace, bliss and joy.

Now this trouble of also of kidney, of high blood pressure, all that is due to this. People worry, they are frantic, you see, and this franticness comes to us just as a matter of habit. I’ve known people, as soon as you say, “Oh, you have to go by airplane somewhere,” suddenly the airplane word, triggers that frantic, “Oh!” They get mad. They don’t know what they are up to. They will forget their passport, they will forget their luggage, they’ll forget this, they are frantic. At the airport if you go you’ll find this left Nabhi as we call this center is, the spleen goes frantic.

Now, when you eat your food or do any such work there is an emergency created and more blood needed to digest that food. So this spleen, poor thing, works very hard to create that extra amount of blood cells. But at the time you are eating, you are also, say, reading a newspaper, that’s the worst thing one should do in the morning. Horrible. You read the newspaper, you are eating the food, your spleen goes off because another emergency comes up.

Then you get on to your bicycle with a sandwich in the hand is even worse than that. And you are rushing to your work, suddenly you find a big jam on the way, then you are even very badly placed with the situation, and you get so frantic and you don’t understand and the person who is in front of you go on saying, “What’s wrong with this fellow, why can’t he drive fast?” and the same fellow is saying something exactly the same to the another fellow who is going ahead. So this madness is on, this rat race is on and if you are eating your food in such a hurry and in such franticness, you develop this trouble which is very dangerous called as blood cancer and among young people is very common.

Now, the last and not the least is the trouble of the heart. When you pay too much attention to all these outward things, to material things, to your all material advancement, to your physical advancement and to so much of a computerization of your brain, then you neglect the necessary attention to your Spirit which resides in your heart, and so the Spirit recedes and when the Spirit recedes you get a heart attack. Only a person who is right sided gets a heart attack, and never a person who is a left sided. I told this to a doctor and he told, surprisingly, that in a mental hospital you never need a cardiogram, you do not need it.  They never get a heart attack.  A mad man never gets a heart attack, surprisingly. A person who is mad is using his heart more, his left side, his emotions and his heart should go out, but no, his brain goes out. Can you imagine? And the one who uses the brain, his heart goes out.

This is a balance created by the nature in us. See how cleverly the nature is trying to guide us in the center: don’t go to the extremes, keep to the center, keep to the center, and then when you are absolutely in the center, then you get your evolution very quickly.

So this is the right side that we have, the futuristic side, and as you know we are all very futuristic by temperament. This futuristicness cannot be cured by telling, “Oh, now, don’t think,” you cannot do it, you just cannot do it. If I order you that “Now, you better stop planning,” you just can’t do it, you can’t help it. You have to do that kind of planning.

And you find all these plans fail because these plans are not related to the plans of the Divine. Divine has some other plans while you have some other plans and they never combine together and that’s how you find all your plans fail and you are just frustrated left high and dry.  You don’t understand how it has happened.

For your understanding, one has to know that there is a Divine Power.  You may like it or not. All this living work that is done – millions and millions flowers which are becoming fruits, a seed becoming a tree, a particular seed becomes a particular tree, all the choices that are made, the whole organized way the chemical acts, the way the chemistry is made of periodical laws – everything you see in this world is all so well organized, there has to be somebody doing it.

So there is a Divine Power which is surrounding us, no doubt about it. But we have not yet felt it, that’s all. If we have not felt it that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It does exist and it works out. We have seen with our own experience that so many living things are happening.  We just take it for granted, we are not bothered. See, in human life itself, a child is to be born, then a fetus is held in the body.

Normally the law of medical science is this: that anything foreign, if it enters into the body, is thrown away immediately, all the forces are built up to throw it away.  But what we find that when a fetus is built up the whole system works out to nourish it, to look after it, to really to bother about it. Very carefully the water is created around it so that it is not disturbed, and every sort of a care is taken by the body to look after the fetus, and when the fetus is ready, it is thrown out.

Who does that? Who does that? We must ask these questions to ourselves sometimes. After all why have we become human beings? What was the need? What was the need? And if we haven’t got the answer that means we are still in transition and we have to get there where we get the answer.

We are made humans beings to feel that Divine Power, to maneuver that Divine Power and thus enjoy the bliss of divinity. That Divine Power is the Collective Being, that gives us collectivity.  The Spirit in our heart is the one, which is the Collective Being within us, which manifests that Divine Power to flow through us and that’s how, once we are connected to the mains, we start becoming what we are for.

Like a machine, once it is put to the mains it gets its meaning; but this machine, though it is put to the mains, is not aware of the electricity, about My voice, anything.  But a human being, when he gets connected with the mains, then he becomes aware and this is what you must see.

When you get realized you can raise the Kundalini of others, you can give Realization to others. Ray himself has done to so many. Even in Riyadh, he did it. He did it everywhere wherever he went. He’s just like you, he’s an engineer, he’s just like you, he was just like you and now you’ll be amazed that how much he knows about himself and about others.

And a complete change has come because once you get the Spirit, when you get the highest, all these mundane things drop out and you become a master of yourself. No more enslavement of any habits or anything, it just works out beautifully. But one must give a chance to oneself and one must have patience. The worse part of intelligence, so-called, is that you can make fun of everything. That’s the easiest way, to make fun of everything and get rid of it.

In olden times when they wanted to face the reality, like when Christ came in, they didn’t make fun of Him. But they did at the time when He was crucified, but they just denied. But now it is not basically problem, that problem doesn’t exist because to deny is…it requires more effort, so is better to make fun.

Is stupidity, again as I said. Is stupidity to make fun of something because you are that, you are the Spirit.  You are the one who has to get it and if you just know how to make fun, please go and play about with it. All your life you’ll go on, all your lives you’ll go on, what’s the use?

And if you do not get your Realization, in the words of your judgment you have failed, you have failed and there is a chance given to you. You can be comforted and you can be counseled, you can be redeemed; but nobody can make you taste the beauty of your own being, that you have to do it yourself. If you do not want to do it, all right. It’s perfectly all right. You are free to do it, do what you like. But if you want to do it, then please stop your guru shopping and wobbling, stop and see for yourself what you need. It’s a serious thing, which should happen.

Unless and until human beings are evolved, none of the problems of the world are going to be solved, none of the problems, take it from Me. Whatever they have done by their thinking – say they have created democracy, they have created communism, this, that. All this nonsense has no meaning at all in reality, it has no meaning. Because, say for example you might say I’m very powerful so I’m a capitalist. But I can’t live without giving to others, so I’m a communist. I’m a complete capitalist and a complete communist. Everything exists within Me and these ideas are all artificial that you make some set of people as democratic and some people as this thing. Because as long as they are attached to selfishness, to all these things, they are not going to do any good job out of it.

Now, the detachment takes place because you become one with the Spirit, which is not attached, which gives you that light, that detachment from where you can see the whole thing just as a drama going on. And you work it out very well. You become so dynamic, so dynamic that you are amazed at your own dynamism. Apart from that, one has to realize if there is a Power, which is an all-pervading Power, that Power itself thinks, organizes and looks after you. So many things have happened to Sahaja Yogis that if I have to tell you all about it, you’ll be amazed. Amazing things have happened. But Krishna has said very clearly, “yogakshema vahamyaham,” means “When you get the yoga, you’ll get the well being.” After yoga. He said yoga first, first the union must take place, then you’ll get the well being.

Now I’ve seen people who go to so-called gurus and things, sick, you see their faces pale, absolutely finished, they are good for nothing, absolutely miserable people. And how such people could be in yoga?

Not only physically, mentally they are at peace, they are full of compassion and love.

And the compassion that doesn’t talk, but just flows, it flows, it emits, you can give your compassion even to flowers. If the flowers are dying, you can give them this and they will live for a while. If there are, say, trees which are dying, if you give them they will prosper. If you give it to animals, they’ll be different because first time, after getting this power only, you are giving back something to the nature.  So far you have been always taking from the nature. Now it is the first time you start giving something to the nature. Because the compassion just flows, it doesn’t receive anything, it just flows to others and this should happen to you.

Don’t be satisfied with cheap things, with something nonsensical, which is something sort of a mimicry or a mass ideas. I am talking of collectivity where every individual is aware.  It’s not a mass activity, it is collectivity.

May God bless you.

I hope today many will get the Realization and become one with their Spirits and will feel their collectivity. That’s only My hope is.

Brighton I place very high up in England and I always said England is the heart of the universe. It is very important that it is the heart, no doubt, and that’s why Blake has said that it has to become Jerusalem. There’s lot of truth in what He has said.

Lot of things he has said about Sahaja Yoga, is absolutely true. But the heart is sluggish. Heart is sleeping, is a sad thing. Like I say that Europe is the liver and it is drinking, can you imagine what will be the state of affairs of this, universe, if everything is going against one’s own essences?

And the essence of English is that it is the heart. That means it articulates, it circulates.

Whatever happens in England is taken up seriously. Supposing you become, all of you, stupid people – the whole world will become. The responsibility is such a lot on you, which you do not realize. It’s a very important thing that we are doing.  It looks very small in this country because there are very few people who really come to Sahaja Yoga and settle down. Very few people, there are very few of that caliber I think. Young little children are there, many will come up by about, say, ten years or so.  I’m sure there will be a very good quality of people who will be coming and the seekers who are here, are also sort of little nervous because they want to learn from Americans and from Europeans. There’s nothing to be learned from them. It is you who are going to circulate; you are going to carry the message.

I know it’s a very important country and somehow it was managed that My husband could get his election done in England and we are here now for last eight years, can you believe it? And, I’ll be here maybe again four years more, at the most. So I hope something will happen and this Brighton, which is a very good place, I’m sure here also many will get their Realization and will help in the emancipation of human beings.

Thank you very much. May God bless you.

If you have any questions you must ask Me. In all frankness I must tell you I’m your Mother; I never feel offended you ask Me a question. Is important because, actually, I have no question. You have to ask Me, I have no question at all.

Q&A – transcript

[Prashan] is crying, [isn’t Michelle]? Better take him out, I think. Better take him out because in meditation he’ll disturb. Is he not all right? No questions? How important is color in our lives? How? Yogi: How important is color in our lives? Color? It is important, if you understand the value in vibrations. See the color, any color that you use, use with other colors, gives a coefficience, you see. A painting say, for example, every painting is valued according to something artificial in normal human life. I don’t know how they value it. But in the spiritual life we value it with the vibratory point of view. For example you see a painting, maybe abstract, maybe any kind of a painting and you put your hands towards the painting. If the person who has painted it, is a realized soul… For example I would say Michelangelo. He was a realized soul. And he has done the Sistine Chapel. If you see the Christ he has made, is absolutely very near of what Christ was. But other people, you see, they make Christ in such a horrible way that bad vibrations are coming. And I mean I don’t know how people like it but some people say : “Oh, it’s very great and it’s very valuable”. I just don’t understand, who is nowhere near Christ, it is not good colors and it’s the inside, the filth inside, you see, people are trying to express. For example to show Christ, like, just like a skeleton, you know. It’s a cynicism, I think. How can a person who carried a complete cross be like that? You can imagine, you see. He was a healthy man. Not healthy, He could take five of modern people and just swirl them in the air, you see. He was such a powerful personality! And such a man can only be non violent. And His non violence has a glory, isn’t it? What is the non violence of a person who is already a weakling? So they show Christ, such a weakling, I can’t believe it. and I just don’t understand from where did they get the ideas. But I’ve seen such statues being sold for a very big price. So human beings have their own ways of value system. But the Divine has different. So the color also plays, say, you may have colors, like red color is now, people according to the psychologists who are quite stupid, I must say, is very bad, according to them the red color is. No, but it is not. Red is the color of the Mother. Because the first light in a mother’s womb is red. The child sees the red. And that’s why it has the smallest, what you call, the wavelength. Anything that you want to attract the attention, you see, a cricket ball is red. If you want to say “Danger”, it is red. And the red color has its own value. The white has its own value. But in human mind it’s very different. You see, they have their own norms, and forms and things like you see, they have got. Now you must eat with, say, fork and knives. Now the fork and knife must be kept like this. If you don’t keep like that, then you are not elite, you see, like that. So in the same way, in, even in art they have done this kind of a mischief, that this color is nice, that color is nice, you must have everything pastel. Now they are changing, because first they used to say: “All right, we can have blue”. This must be an old one. So they say: “All right, let’s have blue more, some sort of a…” Specially the Grey color, you see, Grey. Now the whole sky is Grey, everything is Grey, why do you want to have Grey on your body also [go in] Grey suits, isn’t it, used to have? But now they have realized there’s no warmth in Grey, in blue color. So must have something warm. So they want to put red. They are realizing gradually, you see. It’s all right Grey for Indians who are so full of exuberance to give them a little balance, let them wear some Grey, it’s all right. But for people who are in England I think Grey is too much. I mean it’s a headache to see anymore greys and when you see the yards and yards of greys walking in these smarties I see, I’m really shocked. And specially you have those dresses from, borrowed dresses, that you wear, you see. Some look so odd and so clumsy in those dresses and they are walking about, you see, they think there is no end of themselves. They look really clownish, you see. But these forms and these things we have created, human beings, That, “this is the form which is the best. You must wear a tail coat”. All right, tail coat looks nice, but not in Grey, by any chance, I can tell you, If you wear a Grey early in the morning, it’s not, I think its rather not being nice to God, because how are to show Grey on a nice sunny morning? You should wear something nice, red. Yogi: Thank you. All right? So it is very diverse and beautiful. But one must enter into the realm of the Spirit. Then everything forms, you see, just like magnet, when you put the magnet through, all filings go into proper direction, in the same way the whole thing becomes so systematic and understanding. Immediately you know which place is giving vibrations, which is not giving vibrations. Even the chair you can make out, everything you can make out. It’s very interesting. Even the forms. The other day only I told you about Mona Lisa, if you, I mean according to the modern ideas of beauty, where you have just mosquito-like women, you see, walking, the Mona Lisa seems to be an ugly woman. But still people are attracted towards her. Why? Because there’s this coefficience which gives vibrations. She gives vibrations, you know. So only on that vibratory awareness only one can judge, whether it is absolute or not. Because you have not reached your absolute point. To somebody it may be a good painting, to somebody it must be horrifying. Yes? Yogi: Mother [yesterday] when You were talking about that eighty years old woman who was riding a horse [unclear], it seems to me that we all do it sometimes, why do You laugh at others people’s sufferings and [unclear]. Shri Mataji: Suffering? Yogi:Sometimes I do laugh unconscious [unclear]. What is it? Why do we have sufferings, you are saying? No, I’m saying I am upset You laughed when You talked about that eighty years old woman riding a horse. And why did You laugh then, and why do You [unclear]. You come here, I can’t hear you, just come here. You are saying something nice definitely but what is it, I don’t know. Mother, I was saying You laughed when you talked about that eighty year old woman riding a horse. And it seemed to me that, I [unclear] rationalizing that it was [in her hurry] falling then to the death. Right? And being as a not at all [unclear] soul I am, I was wondering why we, I laughed, and that’s at suffering and also why You did as well? Still I didn’t follow. Come here, come here. What’s the matter? You know I can’t hear. You talked about a woman riding a horse, right? Shri Mataji: About what? Yogi: That eighty old woman riding a horse. Aha! Oh, I see, oh, I see. Yeah. But You laughed and I was wondering why and why, why we laughed as well? [unclear] Because it is nonsense for an eighty year old woman to sit on a horse. See, you’re not supposed to sit. You see, ask any wise man, say from India get a villager, he will just laugh, you know, that he wouldn’t understand why an eighty year old woman, you see, poor that horse, how far can it look after that old woman? Why do you trouble the horse like that? See, an old woman should know that it’s a liability on a horse. And she should not jump onto a horse, isn’t it? It’s simple as that. You see, an old woman should behave as she is old, she should accept her old age. It’s a very great thing to be old, you know. And it’s such a glorious time you have as an old woman. I mean , I enjoy my old age the best of all. And I think it’s a great thing to be old. But to behave like a child of, say, fifteen years, and getting on a horse when you are eighty years, it’s wrong. That means there’s no sense of proportion. One must mature with time, see, the maturity must come. Like my grandchildren would like to play with the little cars, all right? Then my husband would like to play with his own car, which is a moving car. Maybe I am maybe, sort of little bit too oldish and over mature. May not like to play with these things, I may like to play with your Kundalini. So, it’s stupid for an eighty year old woman to get on top of a horse. It’s absolutely stupid. And it’s stupid for a little child to get on top of the horse. See, everything should be done according to the age. It’s only why she got onto the horse? What? Why? What is the need? Only because her ego is there, simple thing as ego. She doesn’t want to accept her age. She doesn’t want to settle down as a mature old lady. It’s nice to be very old. She doesn’t understand how nice is to be old. In this country only, I don’t know why people ridicule, but all your leaders are very old, surprising. I mean Margaret Thatcher is slightly older than Me. All your leaders are old and why do you ridicule the old age, I don’t understand. Unless and until you are old, you are not going to be accepted as leaders even in this country. British are that way quite wise. I think only William Blake was the man who was very young. And is something so remarkable. I mean old age is very much respected in a way. And you must respect your old age, not to behave like a little boy of fifteen years, to get on top of a horse, you see. And this horse must be nervous, I’m sure, because horse understands who rides. All right? What I was trying to tell that how people become stupid and they don’t understand they have been stupid, because it’s just ego. I: But why do You laugh at ego? Shri Mataji: I beg your pardon? Excuse me, Mother. Why do you laugh at ego? Laugh at ego? On stupidity, what do you do? I mean, you can only laugh at. At people who are stupid we can only laugh, isn’t it? What else can we do? They are stupid, startlingly stupid. Because, you see, this woman could have taken to Sahaja Yoga, she could have got cured, she could have been all right, she could have helped people. Instead of that she’s spending her time in going on a horse. Now, she’s done it, that, long time back. Why she’s doing even now? Why doesn’t she think? That there are very a few years left for her, it is important, these are very important years. Let her do something sensible. There’s no sense in this. Only thing you can do is to laugh. There’s no sense. What is the sense in going about on a horse like that? It’s a possession of the ego, I think. Horse is, a horse or motorcar and all these things, are things of ego. I know of a lady in India, her husband was a governor, and I used to think she was a sensible woman. But as soon as he retired from governorship, she died. She came down from the horse. But isn’t it good to laugh, isn’t it good? If one looks after mental patients, and all these crazy little things they do, we couldn’t look after, if we didn’t laugh but crying. Yes, I understand. You see, we have to laugh at many things. It’s a joke, you know, all the time, the whole, whole thing is a drama in which you see something stupid then you laugh, you see something funny going on, you laugh. It’s better to laugh than to be angry. Better to laugh than to be angry, isn’t it? What’s the use of getting angry with a woman who’s already dead? There’s no wisdom. No wisdom in this kind of living, you see. That’s what I was trying to say that a person with his ego loses his wisdom. There is no wisdom. Human life is very precious, not to be wasted. I mean, if this woman had lived, I knew her very well, that’s why I am saying, she would have done something good. Her life would have had some meaning, but she was not bothered. So You laugh [when You see pity things]. Shri Mataji: I beg your pardon. I: You laugh [when you see pity things]. You see, I laugh because what I am to do now? I mean, what to do, I mean I felt very sorry, her husband is left all alone now in life, he doesn’t know what to do and I don’t know what to do. Because the husband is a very nice man, is a very big man in the country. He is regarded as a lord or something and he is a minister also – I don’t know he is now minister or not – I know them very well. And the poor fellow is now, doesn’t know how to manage his household, anything, he is left high and dry for nothing at all. And if you ask the gentleman he said, “I don’t know why my wife was so crazy up to the horses.” You cannot expect these things, but then you just laugh. It’s better to laugh than to be serious, isn’t it? Only if somebody dies in your family then it’s all right, but otherwise all the time we, what we find people very seriously moving about and doing what? What have we done? What have we done with all our seriousness? Created these all of the atomic bombs for our destruction? What have we achieved with all of this seriousness? We must laugh and one, one must laugh and really enjoy the play of Divine. It’s beautiful. When you’ll open out more, you’ll laugh much more. Any other question? The sages of India, here everyone always told us that when we meditate and do pranayama the spine must be straight. Why is that? Will the Kundalini not rise, if the spine is not absolutely straight? You see, these methods were employed at the time, very long time back. Patanjali shastra yoga was practiced strong long, long time back when we had a very different type of living, you see. Like four types of varnashramas we had. The first one was where a person had to be completely celibate and go to the gurus, stay in the forest, have the education with the gurus till the age of 25 years, you see. That was the age when they selected some people for Self Realization, but very few people. And then they talked to them about eight things called as ashtanga yoga, in which one of them was called as yama and nyama, which meant the correction of the body, correction of the morality, correction of the behavior, everything. Yama – nyama. Nyama means the laws. Now, in that because the children when they are small, if they bend their spine too much, they will develop in any case problems, in any case. So they said you must keep your spine straight. But this prana, that they told, was done after the establishment of Spirit, you’ll be amazed. Ishwara pranidhana it was called as. It was called as the establishment of the Spirit. Once the establishment of the Spirit is done, then the Kundalini starts moving, then you know what is the center is catching. According to the center you have to do a particular exercise. But the modern one is very different. I mean, that has nothing to do with it. It’s just they’ve taken out only that part where you have to do exercise. And it’s really maddening when I see that, that this exercise, is something like taking all the medicine together, without understanding when you have to take, which exercise, for which part and what is the need. Because unless and until the Kundalini is moving, how will you know? So the whole thing is upside down. It could be something like without starting the car, you start moving your wheels and everything. So what people are doing today is absolutely opposite what they should have done. See, in the other way, I can say in another words can be that it is all artificial, because the Kundalini has not moved. First the Kundalini has to move, first the Ishwara pranidhana had to be done. And this is the problem today of these, with the people who have done hatha yoga. Because I find their heart has a problem. Though they are seekers, they are doing it for seeking, no doubt. But the problem is, it is a very, very partial thing they are doing. So the sages did say that your spine should be straight, our spine should be straight, no doubt. At least when we are growing, our spine is growing, that time it should be straight, because if it is not straight then you develop a sort of a bend, and it’s not good. But the Kundalini will rise, whether you are bent or not, believe Me, it will. Whatever style of thing you are, or the pose you are, you’ll get the Kundalini rise. That’s all. This is something special, I should say, it’s being there! It’s already predicted like that. I wonder if these people have the article which Gavin has prepared. After going through certain old books of Brigumuni who has written about two three thousand years back about this special type of thing that will take place at such and such time and they have said in 1970 this should happen and I have started this work in 1970. Something special. What else? Indirectly Your Holiness You stressed on the Divine power and as a Christian I would like to know, this creation of God and according to Christian philosophy where it says we are, I would go for our Christ philosophy and He says, the way you should enrich your Spirit, is by denying the flesh completely, including the sex. So is it the same thing You are teaching? Of course, hundred per cent. I am teaching, doing what Christ has already predicted about Me. That means You are denying all Your five senses including the flesh? What? Denying what? Your five senses, your desires. No, no, I didn’t say that. I didn’t say that. Then how do You explain “denying the flesh”? No, No. I didn’t deny anything. No, no, nothing of denying. What Christ has said, “You are to be born again”. Now, the philosophy is “God, save us”. because what they have made out of Christ is something I can’t understand. Because they are not seeing that they are not becoming the Spirit. Are they? They are not! Are they doing it? The philosophy is a different point all together. You can make anything out of your philosophy. But what Christ has precisely said is that you have to become the Spirit. He said that your hands will speak. What about that? Your hands will speak after this, you see. What Christ has said is going to happen, not what these people are telling you. What have they achieved? Say, your forefather might be a Christian, his fore… or they may be all Christians. What have they achieved? Nothing! Today the churches are selling in this country. Why? Because they have not been able to give the answer. I am here to give the answer. I am here to prove Christ. I am here to prove all that is written in the Bible. When, also is said, “the Comforter is going to come and you are going to achieve it by which you will know My Father forever”. What is that? They, they are not going to recognize Me, these philosophy people, they are not, they will deny. He said: “You’ll be calling Me Christ, Christ and I won’t recognize you.” These are the people. These are nothing but money-making propositions. Simple as that. It was wrote that Christ has been saying this, “You, you want to follow Me, you deny yourself, then you come and follow Me”. Shri Mataji: What is it? Yogi:You’ll deny yourself. No, I never said that, what are you listening? See, impossible, Christ says. What is it, denying yourself? Yes. You want to follow Me you deny yourself and take up the cross and follow Me. Is it the same thing like, You try to [unclear]? What, what is he saying? Again, what did Christ say? Just come here, just come here. He said Christ has said you should deny your flesh. – You are what? Christ said you should deny your flesh, take up the cross and… Yes, yes, yes, yes, the flesh. Yes, yes, that’s what it is, yes. I would like to know, is it the same thing You are teaching? Of course, all that, My child, it is what He taught and what He promised. He helped me. Please let me know how, how do you just deny yourself? You do not deny, actually what happens, you become the Spirit. See, when you become the Spirit, you start seeing your body, your flesh outside. Yogi: Yes, I understand. Shri Mataji: All right? You see, you are in the water, then you are afraid of the water, you are in the water, but if you are taken in the boat, can you not see the water? But you are away from it. That’s all. It happens. It’s a happening. It’s a happening again. All right? What Christ taught that’s what I am exactly doing. But not these churches, take it from Me. I’m sorry to say this to you. In a way it’s self denying. It’s not self denying, it’s a happening. I: It’s a happening. Shri Mataji: You become a Spirit, and you start seeing yourself as a third person. All right? It’s a new thing that happens in your awareness where you become, see yourself as a third person. You just do not do it rationally, “I deny myself”. All that you do not do. It happens to your awareness by which you can start seeing yourself away from yourself. Then this body, all these things are not so important. What is important is the spiritual joy. That should happen, that’s the real baptism. Actually you feel that coming up here and breaking it through, the actual baptism takes place. You see the whole force coming up and pulsating here and breaking this part, is the actual baptism. It’s not like somebody just putting you a hand there, artificially, “Now, you are baptized.” It’s not like that. It’s an actual thing that should happen, that’s a real actual thing. All right? May God bless you! As it is said the cold breeze, cold wind of the Holy Spirit, you really feel the cold wind of the Holy Spirit coming out of your head. You really feel it. All right? All this it had to be proved. Yes. Do You believe in Redemption, as said? Of course. This is due to Redemption only. Due to Redemption. That’s all right. But for that you don’t have to confess anything to Me, nothing is to be confessed, nothing, it’s just happens, all right? He’s such a [unclear]. May God bless you! I tell you, if you really read Bible in a honest way, you’ll understand Sahaja Yoga very well. You must re-read it after Realization. You’ll be amazed how many truths have been covered by this so called philosophy. It’s really very sad what they have done to Christ! I sometimes feel it is the second crucifixion of Christ! Funny things like Pope coming here, the protestants are saying, “We are fundamentally different”. I mean how can they be Christians? I mean their Christ is their fundamental or not? How can Christ be two different things? I, to My mind, I just don’t understand these people following like this. Why it is happening? Because they don’t believe in their own Self, nor in Christ, in reality. They believe in creating dogmas, differences, hatred, all this. How can you do it in the name of God? How can you? It’s done in every of religion, no doubt. It’s not only the Christians who are experts, everyone has done it. Jews are another sect. We have Jews here, we have Christians here, we have Hindus and Muslims. See, then they after Realization, see, they see, what harm have been done in the name of God. These fundamentalists, these fanatics, all of them thinking they are the chosen ones. It’s very nice self-certificate this, that you are the chosen ones.

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