Shri Lalita Puja, Understand your own importance Brighton (England)

Shri Lalita Puja. Hove, Brighton (UK), 15 May 1982.

I am really a proud Mother to see so many sahaja yogis. And one must understand that even if you get few people as newcomers, they may be few, but one has to realize that each one of you is now a realized soul. Each one of you have grown so much that you can create a nucleus yourself. And after growing in a collective way together, […]

Public Program Day 3, The Creative Power, Central Channel Brighton Pavilion, Brighton (England)

Public Program. Brighton (UK), 15 May 1982.
I am sure Phil must have explained to you the mechanism of our evolution. As you see before youself that therea re different centres at the different level of the body and all these centres denote or different stages of our evolution. These centres cannot be seen. There are subtle centres placed in the medulla oblongata, means in the spinal cord, and also in the brain.
As I told you yesterday that God has created us that purpose and the whole thing has been done very beautifully, […]