Havan after Shri Lalita Puja

Gillian's House, Brighton (England)

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1982, May 15th – Havan after Shri Lalita Puja

[UNCLEAR exchange between Shri Mataji and yogis]

So this should go to the…

Thank you very much. [UNCLEAR]. I can use for all the … Keep it. This one you should give to Bai. [UNCLEAR], I never vibrated it. That is from where? Alfa Libra, the name of this. Alfa Libra, Bombay. Can you imagine?

Give it to Bai.

[Shri Mataji comments on giving and taking prasad] Take it with the right hand, you have to give. Now you can give half of it because it is too big. You can hold it, you can, with the right hand. Somebody has to [UNCLEAR]. [UNCLEAR] combination?

Did you read the article that Sunday has put about this prediction? Or something like that. John, who has got? Have you got that, the article with you, have you got it? Alright. Where it is? Alright, Just see if you have.

[UNCLEAR] predictions, no good.[UNCLEAR]

With the right hand, with the right hand, not with the left, take it with the right hand.

[Mother speaks aside in Hindi or Marathi.]

Very nice. We have more chana in the house or is it finished?

I must give you a silver one. [pointing to Her drinking glass]

  • What is missing now In the puja? He wanted a small one for the … But the [min 5:41 UNCLEAR, referring to small bowl?] the small one that is to [UNCLEAR] actually. Do you have the [UNCLEAR]? It is mine.
  • [a Sahaja yogi] He wants to accept it. He accepted already.
  • It is alright. [UNCLEAR]. In that, you can put the chana. See, I bought it but in my generosity, I gave it away. I mean for the [UNCLEAR]. I bought, you see, some things for you. I told [UNCLEAR], I told you, no, that I have some things for you. But in my generosity in Delhi, I got rid of some of them. Then I realized it was for London.

We have changed the program in Middlesbrough.

Where is my purse? My purse. This is my own? Yes, it should be one. I left it at my home. I want to give you at least one full. But in the temples they don’t give you this much, isn’t it? They eat the whole lot themselves.

Scotland, and all the Western countries and put it on the list to burn. Scotland is first, alright. And then Switzerland, England [UNCLEAR].

That’s a maple leaf, is it? Or it’s castor oil, I think. Yes, castor oil.

Put that thing on top of this. Keep a space in between, all throughout. We must have ghee. Put some ghee there, on top of that, a little bit on the [UNCLEAR].

Now you light this up, put it in the fire. First light it. Light. Keep carefully your… Done, done. Done. Just pour there, stop. Ghee is used for that, alright. On the sides you got to put some more, [UNCLEAR] then it will all catch fire. A small amount.

Now, have you all got the samagri yet coming? Now those people who are from Brighton should come forward. Now what you have to do is just to immerse it a little, just once, that’s it, that’s all. Not too much. Not too much.

Only Brighton. [Mother gives castor oil leaves to put the samagri on.] Only Brighton. Some more.

(Havan pujari): Everybody should say the mantra of Lord Ganesha three times.

They are alright, the ones that are coming to worship [UNCLEAR] each other.

(Havan pujari): On behalf of all the Sahaja yogis we are doing this havan to worship Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on the 15th of May 1982 in Brighton.

I’ve told them [UNCLEAR] the ocean, only show up the ocean. What is the ocean?

(Sahaja yogi) – The English Channel.


We do this havan for the spread of Sahaja yoga, for the cleansing of Sahaja yogis and emancipation of [UNCLEAR].

And the moon is in that phase. It’s very good, 7th day of the moon and [UNCLEAR] it’s a whole mantra of that. What a benevolent time! We could look after the black magic and all the black things on this phase, more the left-sided problems.

Now somebody should be in charge of that and somebody should be in charge of that. [Shri Mataji refers to fire and offerings?]

Let’s start.

(havan pujari): Om Shri Ganesha namaha. Om swaha.

What about this gentleman?

– I am not from Brighton.

Doesn’t matter. But you’ve got your realization. Come. This is a place of your worth.

[Havan proceeds with names being read]

Durva [UNCLEAR], we have already put there. See how it has come. The straw of durva [UNCLEAR, Hindi or Marathi, gurva grass?]. Ganesha likes them the best.

(havan pujari): Om Shri Ganeshvara, Namaha. [Mother offers swaha to the havan]

Put it inside, move forward. [the offering]. Come forward.

Om swaha, om swaha. Like that. Rhythm. [Mother shows how to offer, min. 21:53]

Ganas are the disciples of Shri Ganesha. And you are all Ganas because you are all made in the same way.

(havan pujari): Om Shri Guru garva harayana namaha.

[min.41:30] “Garva” means “vanity”, the guru having vanity, it takes away that. Yes, pride. [UNCLEAR], it is all the same, but they kill the pride of the gurus.

Glory. Protect.

[min 51. 13] All the badhas of [UNCLEAR] people have gone inside. [UNCLEAR]. You feel better [UNCLEAR, alright/on the right].

[Min. 51:38: Negativities offering starts]

Economic badhas.

Every badha that is left out.

You should keep the fire burning.

All the left-sided badhas.

All the badhas of the left side.

China. Japan.

All of the badhas of the left you can say, that combines all. [Mother refers to badhas of churches, cults, magic, witchcraft, etc. offered beforehand.]

All the badhas of the right side.

All the badhas that affect the ascend.

Badhas of psychology. And the so-called [UNCLEAR].

All the badhas in the marriages of Sahaja yogis and in the married life of Sahaja yogis.

[min. 58:22 UNCLEAR]. [UNCLEAR] of great sins. All the religions we should say. Everybody is just the same. All these fanaticisms and all the religions.

Decadence also. And those who do not have confidence.

Now from this one you put on the eyes, the [UNCLEAR], you worship it on the eyes. [min 1:08:44: Mother invites everyone to take with both hands the blessings of the aarti fire and offer it to the face as if washing]

Now you can have too. Alright? Cleared out? Come forward. First bow down, take it.

Such a comfortable chair. [UNCLEAR] such a comfort. I hope I don’t get[UNCLEAR] of it.

[UNCLEAR]. It’s alright. Are you alright? It is giving vibrations. [the aarti]. Come here, here. Come along.