Shri Lalita Puja: Understand your own importance

Gillian's House, Brighton (England)

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Shri Lalita Puja. Hove, Brighton (UK), 15 May 1982.

I am really a proud Mother to see so many sahaja yogis. And one must understand that even if you get few people as newcomers, they may be few, but one has to realize that each one of you is now a realized soul. Each one of you have grown so much that you can create a nucleus yourself. And after growing in a collective way together, now individually the seedlings have become strong shoots now, and they can definitely be transferred into different places and work it out, because each one of you is a prophet. I wonder if you realize it or not.
Of course you have got the joy of realization, the bliss, everything you have got; you have grown up to that. Slow and steady you have achieved it, and as you have grown as a tree now, every one of you is so important and so powerful. I know that few people come in, in a collective way, and you find it difficult in the beginning how to deal with them; because they are still not grown enough, they are still not up to the point where they really realize their own importance. But you should all understand your own importance and your own quality that you have achieved.

In any other so-called fake organizations – for example, say, take the church – there’s only one priest. In the whole locality there is one priest, though he doesn’t know anything about it, doesn’t matter! But still there’s only one person who is authorized even by church. Everyone has to listen to one person. But here now you all are dynamic people: each one of you is capable of giving a good lecture. Of course all of you can give realization very well, no doubt about it. In all your groups you must try standing on your own legs. Try in your own groups. Think of all the dimensions into which you can shoot off. Because now you are ready – you are now the prophets. You don’t have to depend on anyone as such, or you don’t have to depend on your fellow beings also for that – individually you can do it. Though you are connected with each other, you all understand the same language, you have got the truth together and you are all together; but the dynamism must come individually into you, and every one of you in your own sphere, in your own line can work it out, because you know all about Sahaja Yog.

Now those who are half-baked may not know. They still are rationalizing maybe something, doesn’t matter, they will also be all right. But as far as you all are concerned, you are all prophets, and as prophets you must stand up. Wherever you go, you talk of Sahaja Yoga, tell them that “This has come to us, this is the light. We know everything.” I mean you don’t have any doubts about it, isn’t it? But the trouble is that you feel that the others may not understand, they are stupid people, they are foolish people, or they are ego-oriented or they’re aggressive, or they’ll do this to you or do that to you. It’s true, but you must know that there’s not only one person who’s fighting it out, there are thousands all over the world who know your language, who know your thing, and they all know the same thing. So you are not alone fighting it out.

Once you know that, then you’ll be amazed how much power will start flowing into you. The more you think about it, meditate upon your Self now, I would say, and know that you yourself, you are prophets. And then you’ll see the dimensions into which – so many are My dimensions sitting here, I can see that. So in every field, in every walk of life, wherever you move, you have to talk about it and tell people.

Now there are certain things, we have made certain rules and regulations for Sahaja Yoga, Sahaja yogis. That is just to see how many are really half-baked and how many are full-baked. That’s how we have made certain rules and regulations; because those who are really full-baked will accept them without any difficulties – they are absolutely there. Now as it is we know there are many categories of people who come to us. The people who are top-class get into Sahaja Yoga without any difficulties, they are top-class people. They achieve their powers, they assume their powers, they start asserting their powers, they just become that. Like we say we have the complete pattern of the ring with us, and only we have to put the diamond there. You find the diamond – all right. They’ll just settle down with it. But some people even after realization go a little bit this side, that side – doesn’t matter. They’ll all come round.

But those who are top-class people are still, I must say, are quite a lot. I mean, I can tell you I know so many gurus who are real gurus, not these – these unreal you forget, and the fake you forget – but the real ones also, they haven’t got a single one like that, not even a single person. Like Gagangan Maharaj, he told Me very frankly, he said – I said, “Why don’t you give realization to them?”

He said, “Who gave me realization? I had to work very hard, this, that.”

“All right,” I said, “you had a guru who gave you realization, so as a guru it’s your duty to give.”

And he said, “I’ve given it to one person. I worked on him for twenty-five years. I cleared his Agnya, I cleared everything, gave him realization.”

“And what is he doing now?”

He said, “Now you’ll meet him, Mother, some time. You must see this fellow, he is horrible, and he’s the one who is now making money, running after women.” After realization, after twenty-five years of his work! He said, “I have nothing to do with this man.” Now this fellow was called as Anaa Maharaj.

I said, “All right, I’ll have a look at him if he comes to Bombay.”

So he came to Bombay, and one of My disciples had invited him to his house. She’s quite a rich lady, and she said, “Mother, Anaa Maharaj has come, and You had told that You would like to meet this man, so he’s come here. Would You come?”

Went there; he of course touched My feet all right and that, but he was smoking in My presence, just imagine. He touched My feet and sat down. He said, he started talking ill of his guru first of all – the one who worked on him for twenty-five years, can you imagine? I mean you are very kind people, you don’t talk ill of Me! I’ve not worked for twenty-five years on you; and look at him, he was talking ill of his guru.

And he said that “You see, my guru, why should he go to, why should he go to Bombay? Now what is the need?” Because this fellow was making money in Bombay, so he didn’t want his guru to go there to tell against him. “And why should he go to Bombay? He should not leave his place. He was all right on the, on top of the mountain. What was the need for him to come down?” and all sorts of things he was talking there.

I said, “Really? That is your guru, you are not to talk ill of him.”

He said, “But this is true. He need not have left the place, you see?” And he was still smoking there.

I said, “All right, I have to go.” With so many women around him pressing his feet, this, that, taking a lot of milk and enjoying himself and smoking, and talking in a very condescending manner to his so-called disciples. Poor things, they were simple people, you know.

I said, “All right, I have to go now. So you just put some – I’ll give you some kumkum on your forehead.” So I took some kumkum and put it on his forehead. So his Agnya was just burning, oh, absolutely My finger went like this! I said, “That’s it.”

“Now,” I said, “all right, now can you – I’m going now, you put some on My forehead.” And I sucked his finger inside, he couldn’t move it. Just like that, it was all ….

And he said, “Leave me, leave me, Mother. I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

I said, “Now, you just promise you’ll not talk ill of your guru. Then only I’ll leave you.”

He said, “All right, all right, all right! Please leave me!” So I left the finger.

But see now, the Sahaja yogini lady who was there who has been saved from so many problems because she was a clairvoyant person, to her he told a lie, is complete lie. He said, “I was giving power to Mother.” See, they saw it from a distance. “So I was shaking because I was giving power” – you know, means this shaking was giving Me power!

But this lady should have understood that when you shake, it means there’s something wrong with you. And you know, she said that “Now I will give you also such powers as came to Mother.” That time it was just the beginning of Sahaja Yoga, I should say, quite the beginning. “So now you’d better have a yAgnya, hom (havan) For that all of you must bring one and a quarter tola of gold” – that’s about ten grams – “and give it to me.” That was the beginning of the end. Now all their money, all their property, everything he sucked in somehow.

And her sister met Me when I was travelling once from Delhi to Bombay, and she just fell at My feet and started crying. I said, “What’s the matter?”

She said, “Mother, this fellow has looted us.”

I said, “Who?”

“The Anaa Maharaj.”

I said, “How? But that day you saw him shaking. That’s the thing.” So how she was befooled by this fellow, who told her a complete lie. If she had seen the vibrations of this man, it would have been all right. And this is what Sahaja yogis forget. They are prophets, they have their powers; but their power is their spirit, is their vibrations, and they forget it all the time that we have got a new awareness, vibratory awareness. We have to judge everything on vibrations. And that’s the only failing point of all the prophets.

If it is untruth – I am very innocent, you know, I’m very simple-minded, I just don’t understand things at all, you see. I don’t know the crookery of man, how he goes round and tells lies and this, but on vibrations I know what it is like – absolutely. You may tell Me any stories: with all your crookery, with all your intelligence and all your special sharpness I know what you are up to, because only I know it with vibrations. But otherwise I’m very simple, I can’t rationally or anything I can understand, but by vibrations I know where you are. In the same way you develop your vibratory awareness, its sensitivity, and try to understand things through vibratory awareness. If you can do that, then you will be perfect prophets. You’ll be perfect prophets.

Now among ourselves also you’ll find there are people who are not up to the point. Such people should never be trusted, should never be trusted because they are half-baked, they might become negative, they might become positive. So they should not be trusted and they should be treated with a little reserve. Once they become all right, then you can take them into your own fold. For example, recently a girl married somebody who is a great Sahaja yogi. Now because he said he loved her and all that nonsense, so I said, “All right, baba, you marry her.” But I knew that this one is no good, but what to say? And then this lady tried, actually she travelled with Me and she tried even to clutch My heart with the bhoots she had, absolutely. Twice she did it. So cunning, the spirits are so cunning in her that when she went back to Australia, you see, she put up a show in such a way that “Oh, she is so insecured and her husband doesn’t care for her, and this and that …” And the whole of that ashram, just imagine, would have been lost. But I knew something was happening, so I trunk-called. Immediately I found out. I told them, “Now, see her vibrations!”

They said, “Mother, we don’t find anything wrong with her.” That means they never saw her vibration to begin with; because what happens once vibrations are lost, you can’t feel anything. She has engulfed all of them so much that they couldn’t feel anything about her. Can you imagine?

Then rationally I asked a question, “Can you replace Warren for his wife?” And they got a fright.

So, one has to be very, very alert about it, extremely alert as to these people who are half-baked. They will always try to pull you down. Half-baked people will always try to pull you down, unless and until you are firm enough to pull them up. Because they are not doing it, they are not aware of it, but they are under the possession of these people, and when they do something, they try to do all anti-God activities.

Another one I’ll tell you was in Geneva. In the beginning I don’t tell openly about a person. As far as possible I don’t tell openly, because it’s not proper. Give them a chance, they’ll come up, it will work out, doesn’t matter. I can manage it. But when the nuisance becomes a collective thing, then one has to talk about it openly; you see, because these people will go to one person, say something, another person something, third person something. So you have to be very alert. And they’re not aware of it – that’s the best part of it, they are not aware of what they are doing. Like this lady in Geneva would go on asking everyone, “What do you think about Mr. X or Mr. Y?” All right. So you would say something: if you are negative, she would catch hold of that.

Day before yesterday I was very happy when Ray told Me something good about Pamela. He said, “Pamela is a very artistic lady.” When you start seeing good points in others it gives Me pleasure, it gives Me happiness, it gives Me joy. But if you start seeing bad points in another, then I don’t like it. Sometimes of course, when you – I also test you on that point. Sometimes I’ll say something, you see, deliberately: I’ll say, “All right, something wrong with Ray” – I may say. I know about whether it is wrong or right; just to judge how far you can judge that person. Then if you say, supporting to the right thing that he’s doing, then I know that you are right. I like it, I appreciate you, I really adore you for that. That whatever is the truth you should tell Me, because I know the truth, but I just play around with you to see what you think of another person. So try to see the good point in another.

But on one point you should understand, if a person is quarrelsome, is trying to overpower you – Birmingham we have a problem like that, which I have not yet exposed or said so. Still I have kept a secret but I am telling people that in Birmingham there’s a problem, and that problem comes from one person who is not aware of it. I will talk to that person, tell that person that he should get rid of this problem. But if he does not then I have to tell about it openly, because I don’t want Birmingham centre to be lost. We would have lost Geneva, I tell you we would have lost it. Everybody went against each other and big problems were created, by one person. Though you are full-baked, still you are not so collectively aware and appreciative of others as you should be. You are all one. Not only appreciation, but you can’t do without each other.

So slow and steady as the English character is, which is a very good character but it can be very slow. Slow and steady you must rise about, above your own shells and see the beauty of another Sahaja yogi, and see the point that are good in that person so that you imbibe. Some people have certain capacities. And surprisingly then, I talked to Pamela about Ray and she praised him a lot, and that really made Me extremely happy; though I must say Brighton may not have been so bright yesterday in the program, there were few people, but doesn’t matter. This is very energy-giving, to see that Sahaja yogis appreciate each other.

Now somebody has a problem: say, left-sided people always have a problem in My lecture, they go off to sleep – naturally, they have to! It doesn’t matter whatsoever, I am working on them even if they are sleeping. But when I work on them, I have to sleep Myself to go into them, see? So that drag is there, it doesn’t matter, it will come up. There are ways and methods of how to work it out. But that’s not so important to Me. What is important is, are you sleeping towards your fellow men, fellow Sahaja yogis? Are you alert about them? They are just like your hands, eyes, nose, everything. You are all one. You cannot do without each other, because you are the only people who have now got the eyes to see. You are the only people who are aware. And we are not few. We think that we are very few. You see, maybe then other gurus they might get thousands of them, they are useless – as they go they come out, maybe added up tails and horns they might have! But they are not aware people. And you are aware. On one side you have to pull out the people who are not aware so much, on the other side you have to appreciate people who are more aware. And this is what one has to understand.

Now every quality of every nation is going to help Sahaja Yoga. Say for example, I would say that French, they have lots of disqualifications, maybe. But they have one quality: whatever they do, they do it seriously. I mean even nonsense – even nonsense. So this quality of theirs if they use for Sahaja Yoga, if they develop that seriousness about it, they are a great asset to Sahaja Yoga. As I told you, English have the quality to – first of all they don’t talk. I don’t know why their mouths are shut so much. They are silent, and they say less than what they should say. They are upright, slow and steady. We also need people who have to be slow and steady and upright. But the defect could be that we just allow things to happen, and we do not stand up. You may be slow, but you must walk. If you say “I’m slow” that means there is some speed somewhere, isn’t it? There has to be some movement somewhere. Even if something moves slowly it means there is a speed. A “slow” words means there is a speed, isn’t it? It doesn’t mean that you are stationary. “Slow” means a speed, and some speed you must have. And that is what is, you have to get up. You have to arise. You have to shoot off.

They have been doubly blessed by Sahaja yogis, because now I am stationed in London, we have Caxton program. “All right, we go to every Monday, like to church, listen to Mother’s lectures. Very nice lectures Mother has given. We appreciate it, come back home.” Done, for the whole week.

No, you are prophets, and you have special responsibilities as English Sahaja Yogis. That’s why I came down to this country to work it out for so many years. I told you that in India I have worked only for three years; now I have been here for eight years, and maybe four years more. But why? What was the need to come to England and work – while you know in India I can get thousands like this who can get realization, you have seen with your own eyes. I have given realization to thousands, and who are so beautifully placed in Sahaja Yoga, they are so solid. They are not the people who will come to one meeting, and next meeting they are lost. They are not like that. They are steady people; they go ahead with it.

But still why I’m working here: because this is an important position. Every cell of this heart is very important, and that is why you all should try to move. And do you know, the job of heart is to move things? It circulates, it must circulate. Try every method of circulation, talk to people. You being English, you will understand the other people who are not yet there. They are also slow; they can’t move fast. You see, it’s a quality that a bull sits down, you know, then it won’t move, whatever you may try. It’s just sitting down, settled down and very happy with that posture. So you have to say, “Where are you sitting? On top of what? Volcano!”

Tell them all about it, give them the big message that the Redeemer has come now. There’s no time to sit down. This is the one who is here. Better get up now! Don’t carry on with your old ideas and old things. Must know that this has happened. And as I told you, the predictions can be used, you can use anything that you want to use out of Sahaja Yoga. You can tell them anything out of My speeches, whatever you want. You have every right to do what you like with My speeches. There’s nothing to be afraid of, or worried about.

Like the other day somebody said that out of protocol they did not do this. What is the protocol for children? Nothing. You are My children, after all. You have every right that I can give you. So there’s nothing like that. Something was not done – what did you say, Pamela? “Because of protocol …”

[Pamela: So many things now that I don’t know which one.]

Yes, something she said, I’ve forgotten that. But what I would say that, because it is so obvious that you are special people. You have been enthroned. I’d better recede in the back, like the Queen Mother is, and let Me see you rule! That would be much better. And don’t worry about protocols and things so much – go ahead.

I mean, the interview or the thing that you have written in the newspaper is not absolutely correct, but I don’t mind. Because that will suit people, that certain things I have not done, like helping Gandhiji – what could I help him, you see? He never meditated. Yes, in a way it helps but the way it is written, it’s not that grossly – I did it in a subtle way. Doesn’t matter. But I don’t mind. Whatever you say is correct, whatever you do is correct, and it can be put right. Even supposing you say that it was exaggeration sometimes, the exaggeration can be achieved. Whatever you say will be the truth, so don’t be afraid of saying what you feel like.

Now another background of the English people is – this you should not be so much frightened of – that they will always say something with little less than what it is. I have to tell you, you should say it with little more, if you have to make the bull move, you see? Say little more than you can say, because whatever you say is not more, and this is the Infinite. [Laughter]

But it should not be also so much that they can’t bear it.

Like Warren had an experience which I told him, “Only tell the Sahaja yogis, don’t tell anybody else because they’ll never believe it.” There was no petrol in his car and he had to go for a propaganda work. And he went round and he did all his propaganda for eight days, and when they came back the petrol was not available. At the petrol pump the fellow said, “Your petrol is full, why do you want to have petrol in?”

Why not? That can be done. But don’t tell anybody else, because they’ll just say this is cock-and-bull story, you see. You see, you have heard the story of the bread and the fishes. Because in the Bible it is so, we believe it. Why not today? You have seen so many things happening like that, I mean so many things in your own lifetime. But all these things if you tell them, they won’t believe. So your wisdom is in believing that you are in the realm of God and He is Almighty, and that He is going to give you everything that you want and aspire for. People won’t believe it, I know. But it’s true, whatever is desired you can get it, but if you tell people they won’t believe. But as far as Sahaja Yoga is concerned, you have to make a statement which is not reserved but open, with confidence. The diffidence that is put into it because of this training is not good. With confidence, “Yes it is so, it is so! This is what it is.”

Like first when I went to India, Raul Bai, you know such an elderly lady, an Indian lady – they feel little shy about everything. She’s the one, with full hand up in the air she was shouting, “Bolo Mataji Nirmala Devi!” And Modi looked at her; he couldn’t raise his hand, you see. He was a little shy. But she went thrice, and then she lifted his hand and said, “What’s the matter with you, such a tall man? Why God has given you height, for what? To raise your hands only.” And poor fellow, he had to raise his hand!

So that’s what it is. Have boldness, have complete confidence in yourself, that you are Realized souls, that you are prophets. Not to be upset or worried about things, but you are prophets now. Assumption! In Sanskrit, it is said ‘raj’, that is, the energy is permeated. ‘Viraj’ means, enjoy that energy within you, ‘viraj’. ‘Ra’ is energy. ‘Viraj’ means, you enjoy that energy of that throne. Assume it! You are the kings now, behave in that manner. It is not arrogance at all. A person who is a king is never arrogant, if he’s a real king. You see, if they are borrowed kings, then it’s different. But if they are real kings, they can never be arrogant. So, with that special type of royal behaviour, you will attract people. It’s not putting up show, is – you are!

On the contrary this is the reservation you are having, for what? You need not dress up like beggars or like dandies, but your dress should be such that you are a king, not bothered. And you’ll be amazed, it will work out. You are the people who have the greatest of my time and company, and also I know your language. I have given more speeches in English than in my own mother-tongue or in Hindi – can you believe it? And so many Indians now, who did not much care for English after independence, are trying to learn English now; and they are afraid that one day, English may replace Sanskrit, the way Mother knows English.

So I have to make a very, very simple request to you that assume, assume your powers. Assume! You are no more slaves. You are realized souls now. With this personality you will really enhance the beauty of Sahaja Yoga. Unless and until there are flowers on the tree, the tree has no meaning. And the flowers have to be up! They don’t hide; have you ever seen any flower hiding itself? They cover the whole of the body of the trees, and fragrant, assuming their own powers. And the fragrance springs. Everybody knows the flowers are up, all the bees are round there. That’s how you have to be. Assume your powers – inside, outside, both. Not only inside, outside. And they’ll be amazed at your confidence, at your compassion, at your capacities; and the greatest of all, the complete vidya, the complete knowledge of Sahaja Yoga, the complete knowledge of Kundalini, the complete knowledge of Divine which you have. All right?

Now Gavin, whichever way you want, you can do the puja.

Gavin, come along … You should have names and things. And Marcus.

[Yogi: Ganesh Puja, Mother?]

Ganesha has come! So you also know Sanskrit …. Both are learning Sanskrit.

[Yogi: Should all those who haven’t done Your puja before be called up?]

All right, but not absolutely new people. Not absolutely new, but those …. Come in. If they want to do it, it’s all right. But you see, the problem is they’re absolutely new people. But in France it was ….

[Yogi: Some people have come from outside and may not have had a puja.]

Outside from where?

[Yes, there’s a gentleman from Devon, Mother.]

Is there? Good, that’s nice. And also, you see, in France it really clicked there. We had the puja next day and we called those people who got realization. And they really clicked, you see, they were very sensible because they were seekers. They understood the meaning, and not only …. They were Muslims, and how good they were – absolutely top-class. Top-class people, you know. … What’s his name, that lawyer?

Aychala. He’s a wonderful man, isn’t it? His wife … And he said, “This is the Resurrection Time; what is there to question?” … And he’s a lawyer, and his wife also?

[Yogi: Yes. And they’ve talked to so many people in Algeria.]

I tell you, he brought fourteen people by plane. Yes, he did.

All right. So if the new people do not form any barrier, it’s all right. They can come and wash My feet. It helps always. But if you have barriers, don’t do it. Just don’t do it. You see, it doesn’t help Me, it helps you. Some people think that by washing My feet, I can save one washing or whatever it is! So it’s a privilege, and if you have to do it, you should do it – is good for you, you’ll immediately settle down into your realization. So those who are new people can come. And you have to wash My feet first of all.

He understands so much, I tell you! My grandchildren, they are – they understand the protocol so much. He took off My socks and put on top of the head of – his top! They understand so much, it’s … ! Nick was telling Me that we have to learn from children so many protocols. He took it out for Me today, she said, for puja evening, and I think I’ll leave it to use.

So, those people who are new, please come. They should do the puja. They have the privilege, not the one who … Who has come from Devon? Great! Come along. Come along, come along. Good. As from Brighton who are the people who should come and wash My feet, because that’s the best way to settle you down into your realization. He is to be the first? They understand the privileges. Very good.

I think Paul, I think you should wash My feet, better wash My feet. Good. Aha, that’s good. Better take a mantra. By the way, whom did I give that thing I had brought for you that … day? To wash My feet? Whom did I donate it? Did I give it to you people? The big thing. No, no, recently. Ask Marcus. Marcus, we had that silver thing, big thing? Big thing like this? Which one? No, no, not that. It was from England only. I think the Lane. Must be there.

[Yogi: You gave me one at Your house, Mother, to give to Nightingale Lane.]

Did I? Where is it? You must bring that. You see, that’s a very good one. It’s surprising that, that I had it with Me, this was from England, and I brought it back for you. Made in England, can you imagine? In Sheffield! So I brought it back to you, that you can use it. So next time you bring that, because stainless steel is not so good as that thing is, you see? It’s all right, it doesn’t matter.

So now, you will say the mantras, no? With Shri Ganesha’s, first of all. Have you got that? … So how will you do it on My feet? On My feet you use the ghee with this. Little bit of this coconut should be saved for after this …. All right. Hundred-and-eight names. But he has got translation, necessary too – oh, that one. Let him read his translation of, because this is for the new people.

This is the Shri Ganesha who incarnated as our Lord Jesus Christ, and this was written fourteen thousand years back. It’s been translated, so you can see now how His coming was already there, and how the things that are written in here show the complete picture of Christ – which He is, which people do not know, you see. They talk of Christ, Christ, Christ – what Christ is? Let’s see. Now, Gavin, can you stand up and read it? No, no, that’s all right, forward it, just forward it. Now, who will – why don’t you ask somebody to read, because we have to come …. Jeremy? Read it, loudly.

Now, where is … Who will we get? Marcus? I think you are …. Where are all the … They’re that side. So you come this side. Marcus, you come this side, so you have to hand all the ….

Let all the children to wash My feet. Let the children do it first. That’s better. Shona! …. Let Olympia come in. Olympia, come here. Come, come. Who else is there? You’ll have to wash My feet. All right? Everybody has to wash My feet. Come along. Now sit down there. Everybody’s going to wash My feet. All right? That’s it. Now come along. Get the water. Amit, sit down. Take out your shoes. Must take out shoes …. Sit down, sit down …. Sit down, sit down. Sit down, sit down. Sit down here, just like that. Please sit down. Now will you sit down! Sit down! Sit down. Now put the water, come along. You put the water, just come along … Now see everybody’s doing it. Come along. Aha! Who will do it? Oh, oh, all right. Give him that hand. Where is that – Katie? Just call her. Right hand, right hand, you give the right hand. No, no, no, don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Where is Katie? Call Katie.

Now wash it, wash it. Come along, come along. Come along, come along. She can do it. She can do it. She’s big now. She can do it. …. It’s all right now, see, it’s cool breeze coming. Good, good, good. Come along, Katie, come along. Katie has come, see? Now Katie has come. Come along, Katie. Come along, Katie, you do it.

[Yogi: “Let our ears hear that which is true ….” ]

See, everybody’s doing it. All the children are doing it. All right.

You see, this is what is the point, that when you get realization the spirit is awakened – that is Christ – and that you listen. “His presence in you”: with that you listen. Means with the spirit, you see, the point is. That’s what He said: the Comforter will come and He will, or She will, whatever it is, will make you comfort in such a way that you will reside forever in My Fath – or would remember My Father forever. That’s the spirit you remember.

That’s the spirit, you see? See now, hear this.

Who are others? …. You never? You too? …. Can you imagine, he’s here! You have never washed it …. Grace, you rub with your hands in the water. Just rub it. Come along. Just rub it, in the water. Rub hard. You have to rub with your fingers. You see, My feet are perfectly all right. Nothing happens to them. Rub as hard as you can.

[Yogi: The names of the Goddess, as Shri Lalita.]

Now, you stand up and …. Would you do it? Good idea, because … Can you put it for him? …. All right, just stand here … Translation, otherwise these people won’t understand.

Can you sit down, would be better. We can … Mother Earth … vibrations. Very loudly now.

Can you put “sakshat”, that would be better … Not too much. …. “Mataji Nirmala Devi” would be better …. At the beginning you say …. Once you’ve said it, it’s all right.

Now you’ll be sure of it, all right? May God bless. She’s sure of it. It’s better now.

These are all the secrets of …. All right, but you don’t see that …. All the horrifying things you have chosen there to read! …. Ra, Ra-dha: is to .… means the one, “Ra” is the energy … which permeates, permeates. Radha is … Ra is energy of Radha. …. Again horrifying things now! In the beginning they’d say all horrifying things to settle you down, I think, that’s why …. All right. All right, now go ahead. …. Sugar-cane now!

She’s the causal elements. Causal elements, you see? Causal …. Like the causal of the Mother Earth is fragrance. Fragrance is the causal of the Mother Earth.

You see, the emission of vibrations through the aura engulfs all the other auras into it .… All the Mother Earth.

With the Nabhi …. That means …. She’s full moon of musk. They, you see, they have tried to put all poetic ideas to describe something.

You see, the thing is, it’s a difference: it’s beauty and auspiciousness. Auspiciousness is the face, you see, that gives you shubha – shubha means “that brings good luck.” The face you see brings you good luck. That is known as auspicious. Of course, I mean, modern people don’t believe in such a face like that, that there could be a face. But there can be a face which if you see, then it brings you good luck. Auspicious.

[Yogi: Salutations to Her, the diamonds of whose nose outshine even the stars.]

That’s why I don’t wear anything there!

…. It’s of the joy of beauty. So the Sahaja yogis enjoy the beauty of those flowers which She wears. Because of vibrations, it’s that. You see, it’s a simple thing is that anything You touch becomes vibrated, and if you see that particular flower you are more happy, because it’s had vibrations. Vibration is the one which only gives this. … Yes, there are.

Lotus of – the lotus of love. ….

Which means, which comes out of the kapol. It is the description. Kapol is this one, so this is the part they are describing. …. See, padmaraag, padmaraag is the fragrance of the lotus. Is the raag, means the energy of the lotus is coming out of Her forehead. …. No, from this, kapal and this is kapol. Kapol is – I’m sorry: this is kapal, this is kapol, cheeks. The energy that flows from the cheeks is the energy of the raag, means, raag actually means love, compassion – of a lotus.

Like the new leaves. Vidru is “new leaves,” you see. Like the new leaves. …. What is the translation? It’s a very big thing, but it’s very poetic, it’s rather embarrassing. It’s rather embarrassing! All right. …. Blue. Like the blue leaves, you see, of that color. You see the color of the new leaves – isn’t it pinkish-red, isn’t it? So Her lips are of that color, which will put shame to even those blue leaves, newly-born leaves, you see, pink ones.

Yes, but they are the controller of the Nirmala Vidya; Shuddha Vidya – pure knowledge. These are, teeth are the manifestation – they manifest pure knowledge. It’s the primules of all the Vidyas. Primules.

Camphor is to be applied. And betel is to be eaten, – which I don’t eat, you see.

Sanlap means “auspicious.” Alap is the report, report. Report. So …. You see, to be very frank, it’s very embarrassing. You’d better read it. …. No, no, that’s what is written there: like the music of veena, divine music of veena. …. Saraswati.

(Maybe just one more towel …. )

See, in a subtler form you must see all these things. You don’t see that, all the strains, you see. In a subtler form, diamonds are the things which radiate – they radiate, you see. So when they say the diamonds around the neck, it’s not question of wearing it outside; it’s a question of radiating that love. So the necklace, necklace is useful. But now, you are My diamonds in My necklace, so why should I wear any diamonds anymore? …. Cosmic, that’s it. You see, when She didn’t have Her own diamonds, and the one that She did have, She used to wear those diamonds, all right. But now you have living diamonds, so what’s the need? They were used to radiate Her power. Now you don’t need anything; you are the ones who are going to radiate the powers. Right? … That’s it … All built-in!

I think we’d better not translate it, better not. It is more about the breast of the Mother. Because the children are worried about the breast, so it’s described here, so it’s better not. No, no, no, better not. You see, this is written by, for people like Markandeya, and they described Mother in and out. I don’t know how they found the Mother like that, you see, because they are children. You see, so they were the children. So the children know everything about the Mother in and out, see, so described the whole birth.

That’s the …. There are three folds. The Mother is … three folds. That’s why it’s called as …. Very embarrassing!

Kamesh is …. He’s the God of all the desires. “Kama” is “desire.” That’s why He’s placed in the Heart.

Too much of an arch. Can’t wear modern shoes! ….

They took a photograph – you were there – no, no, but one of the photographs where they just saw the flames coming out of My feet …. Maha Shivratri.

You see, all this is being said because by saying these things you excite these powers, you see – they feel happy, they get excited. And it is nothing special for Me because if it is Mine, it’s nothing special. It’s just there. But one has to know that why you get realization so fast, because must be something special about Me. Why you got realization so quickly? I look like you, behave like you, everything is like you. But there’s something very subtle with it, which is very dynamic, and you must understand the cosmic nature of the Mother. That’s how it will explain how you all are getting realization, how you are giving realization to others. That’s why all these description are being given by the seers, who are of a very high quality people, you see. They are very subtler, but the subtler you grow, the more you understand My powers, and your own powers too. But it’s such a mutual understanding, you see; like the more you open your eyes, the more you see the sunlight. In the same way it is. But there must be something about Me, that you are getting realization, and that something is this description.

[Yogi: They say that the Goddess is so great that even Lord Ganesha looks only at Her feet. He never looks up to see Her face.]

But not Sahaja yogis, are all right. They are excused. They are meant more than any other deities, and they are treated like that. First with children, you see, the deities also are very, very good, very, very kind. They know they are on the stage and they are to be looked after, and they are therefore My favorite ones.

[Yogi says there is another description that the Goddess’s toenails do not need to be cut, because they are clipped by the jewels of the deities’ crowns as they bow at Her feet.]

It’s true, I seldom do that. But sometimes I think I have to, because when you people come on My feet – you are not Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshas – you should not get hurt. See, you don’t have any crowns! …. See, at the right time!

Brighton married ladies …. Brighton. Brighton married ladies.

[Yogi: Salutations to Her, whose Lord is within Her power.]

Hm. Just imagine!

[Yogi: The meaning of this is that one can only approach the Absolute through Mataji.]

That’s Her power. You see, even the, even the control of the Shiva, Sadashiva, is in the hands of the Mother is not true, to that extent.

[Yogi: But you are His, the manifestation of His power.]

It’s true; but you see, My love is, compassion is quite a lot, much more. I’m not wrathful. But if you people misbehave too much, then He’s wrathful. I may not be able to control. Then I have to witness the wrath of God. He’s compassion, He’s love, He’s innocence – everything is there, but He’s wrathful. So be careful what you want to do.

You see, actually in subtle form it’s this. That thing which is a, which is Kailash, part of His domain. Kailash is a very big space, you see …. Peak of …. Kailash.

You must see the pictures of Kailash. It looks like a human face, absolutely – so wonderful. And three little heads, can you see? Absolutely clearly you can see this. And the vibrations are tremendous. And what about the day we had Shiva Puja? That day it was frozen completely.

Heroine. …. Nayika is the commander, that’s correct. Shri Chakra: it’s the chakra with which the whole world is created, everything; creative chakra is Shri.

Chintamani is the jewels which is, which emits the fulfilment of your desires. Whatever you desire, your worries, your desires are fulfilled by that jewel, by Chintamani. … She is the one who fulfils all your desires. You must desire.

Brahmas, five Brahmas. Five elements.


Vaibhava, is the glory … combines … Manatma. What is translated, read it. You see, this is because of samasas; vigraha is not correct, that’s why. Now you read the ….

Atmanas. Manatmanas: the ones whose minds have become atmas. Manatmanas. …

See, they are Her dignity – that’s the point. That’s Her vaibhav. Vaibhav means, we can say, the majestic pulsation She emitted. Something – vaibhava can be, bangles can be My vaibhav, means they’re ornaments which add to Her majesty. Vaibhav, you see. …. Rishis are My vaibhavas, see; now what I’ve told you is true. You’re My vaibhavas.

This Bandhasur, this what’s-his-name is – was yesterday that lady was entangled by him … Muktananda – is Bandhasur.

[Yogi: The asura who ties you up.]

Very difficult to get rid of these people. Muktananda, see is the one who makes you absolutely bound to him – and he says, “Have muktananda.”

[Yogi: The opposite!]

This lady is down with tuberculosis, but she can’t give him up, you see. She has both the Hearts catching very badly, she’s going down, and she can’t give up because he’s tied him – he’s Bandhasura. But Bandhasura has this quality: you have to tie up people, you see, and even if they are dying they cannot leave.

Sampatkari. Sampati means “property” and is represented by elephant.

This is the main point. See, ashwakoti – crores of ashwas. Ashwa means horses; so, white horses – crores of them. … Do you know that? Ashwarudha. The ones who are on the horses, white horses, are representative of the Shakti, of the Power, and they are the ones who are part of the Kalaki. Crores of them, crores. “Crores” means ten million – one.

She’s the action; action chakra is Shri Chakra, through which one acts. It’s the right side, Shri Chakra. … Geya chakra. “Geya” means “by which you know.” Geya is the, by which you know. She is the one who is in possession of that center by which you know. Knowledge is that chakra only.

Those who are served are the mantrinis. You have – your mantras are enlightened mantras. Whatever you say is mantra.

Kiri? Kri, kri. Yes, that becomes “Sa”. Kri is Karochita, is Shri Chakra only.

So Sahaja yogis must be careful, you see, also. A little bit frightening. Madhyaga. Blazing garland – Jwalamalini. Jwalamalini is …. Horrible Bandhasur.

What is the valor of Nitya? Is crucifixion of Christ. It’s the valor of Nitya, because He’s eternal Being, so you can see Him crucified; otherwise for a Mother to see Her Child crucified is horrific. But because He’s the valor of Nitya, that’s the valor of Nitya – the valor of eternity. You see the valor of eternity, how He is killed actually, and He resurrected. But when you see that valor, it is so beautiful.

[Yogi: We must know that the same thing is in us.]

Yes, of course. …. Bala is Kartikeya. It’s Kartikeya. And He kills, because at this point the Kartikeya works out, you see – at this point. And this is one, this horrible fellow Bandhasur, creates your ….

Was terrible lady, that night! Is there not going to be … now. Now it’s done or not? It’s done now.

I gave it to Pamela. Pamela, where are those ornaments I gave you?

Where is that? … Yes, where is it? Both things are there.

From Her … fingernails. Karanguli. Anguli is “fingers.”

Pashupati’s Shiva, and She’s Mahapashupati.

Burning the cities, is just like Rajneesh’s city was burnt.

Madhyakuta. Middle part.

Kula is, you can say, it’s a dynasty, dynasty; house, house.

[Yogi: Mataji’s kula is all the Sahaja yogis.]

Of course …. See, it’s very delicate. See, what are the symbols of, say – now, Gavin has given Me a little crown as a symbol of England, you see, which I really look after very much, you see – kept it very carefully. Also Kulangana is a word used for a lady who cares for the kula, means for the house, for the dignity of the house, dignity of the family, of all the dignity. She cares for the dignity of all the members of her family. To her, the dignity of her family is the most important thing.

She enjoys that. … There’s another word is kaul. Kaul is this thing where they ask whether it is correct or not for the kula, that is; and if the flower falls on this side or that side, they say, “Yes, kaul, yes, yes. The Goddess has said yes to me.” So Kaulini: She’s the one who is the, of course the mistress of the kula; but She’s the one who gives you yes and no, the indications which way to go. …. Akula. Akula means “the one who is beyond any disturbance.” Kula also mean “banks of the river” – kula, so also can mean “the one who has no banks.”

“Samaya” means “time.” She’s the one who knows the time when to start puja, when to do what, She knows, She knows the timing because She is inside the time. This is very important. What is it? “Samayachara”. “Samayachara” means “whatever is to be done in a particular time”. For example, now in modern times, see, that particular, that whatever is to be done, auspicious thing for modern times, one should do. For example, learning English is important for us. But apart from that, “samayachara” means mannerism of a particular time, you see, certain mannerism of a particular time which is good, auspicious, must be done: like putting the belt, see, while sitting in the car you must put the belt – “samayachara”, whatever it is.

You see, for Devi it is not necessary. For example, if you give Me some money, I need not put it in the bank. I can lose all that up and say that I’ve finished – there’s no sin for Me. I can take away all your properties, everything, there’s no sin. But I must do according to the time, to prove what is good for you, how you should behave towards money, towards collectivity; and accordingly, I behave. And there is no need for Me, because I am beyond it, isn’t it? But “samayachara”, whatever is necessary for according to the time, I have to do.

And that’s what you should understand. Not to be abnormal people, you see, behaving in an abnormal way. Even I tell you that you need not put on this red thing, because it may not be “samaya kul” at this time, you see – people won’t understand, so you need not put. It is wisdom to behave in a way that you lead normal, you behave in a normal way, do something that is normal. But God need not. For God, it is not necessary because He’s beyond, but when you have disciples who have to come up, who have to deal with other people, they must know how to behave. Like to say thank you is not necessary for Me to you, at all. If you give Me a glass of water it’s a privilege to you, all right? But I say thank you ten times, because you must also say thank you. “Samaya kul”, “samaya kul”.

[Yogi: Salutations to Her as the only one who lives in the Mooladhara.]

Nobody can enter in. Brahma granthi. … See, you can’t enter inside the center unless and until your kundalini rises, and the kundalini is the representation of Holy Ghost. And She’s the only one which can enter into it. And also She resides, the Devi resides there as Mahalakshmi or as Lakshmi, in Manipura.

Now see, without coming to Sahaja Yog you would not understand all these things, isn’t it? Because it’s not known to you that there are granthis within us, there are centers within us, that these centers are to be broken, then there’s granthis are formed between the centers – all this knowledge is impossible. If you are not realized what’s the use of talking about it to you, because you cannot see that. But in a person you can see it, that at a certain point you find it is between two centers this kundalini stops, you see. There is the center, say, of Manipura and Swadishthana, in between the two the kundalini stops. Now what is that? That is the granthi of Vishnu, so that’s the Vishnugranthi vibhedini. If you say the mantra of “Vishnugranthi vibhedini”, then only the kundalini will rise. But before realization, before the movement of the kundalini, it is what? It is just talk, it has no sense at all.

Here, at the Agnya Chakra. Antaral. Antaral means the innermost core. Antaral – in the innermost core of Agnya Chakra She resides. .… Rudra …. “Sahasraram bhuja” means in the lotus of the Sahasrara, aarudh – She is bestowed upon that. Ascend – aarudh. All right. Actually when you go onto a throne or onto a horse is what you call mounted: She is mounted upon, She is mounted upon – aarudh.

[Yogi: Salutations to Her who is slender as a lotus stalk.]

That mean you should not be harsh with Me. …. Bhavani. “Bhava” means “to manifest.” Whatever is manifested. …. (Known.) …. You must have feeling. If you don’t have feelings for Me, you won’t know Me. Rationally you will not know. Those people who tried to know Me rationally can never know Me. You have to have feelings. …. (Forest of …?) You see, if you have to become, there’s a big mesh on, and She’s the one who cuts that and makes you the spirit. See, whatever is manifested is created, is nothing but a forest, isn’t it, and She takes you beyond that.

“Bhadra” means actually “gentlemanly”, see? She likes people who are gentlemanly. She doesn’t like arrogant people, people who have no sense how to behave, ill-mannered sort of people She doesn’t like, you see – except for Shiva, who is His own style, you see. He’s very kind, but He’s so innocent, He’s so sweet. Imagine, He comes on a bull – He’s not very bhadra! Not very gentlemanly to come on a bull, isn’t it! …. I mean, She’s a lady. She’s ladylike, you can say.

[Yogi: Salutations to Her who gives all good things to Her bhaktas.]

All good things, not bad things – supposing you ask for a whisky, I will not!

[Yogi: Salutations to Her who loves Her devotees.]

Definitely. You must know this in your hearts, that I love all of you very much, all right? So you won’t be diffident at all. I love you, every one of you, much more than you love Me. So that you love yourself and each other.

[Yogi: Salutations to Her who can be approached only through devotion.]

Through devotion. …. You can only control Me through bhakti.

Sharada is Saraswati.

Shatodari doesn’t mean that. Shat means hundred. She has hundred, hundred – udara means stomachs, see, udara means the wombs. She has hundreds of wombs. Otherwise how will I do the work?

(… is going to make Me red!)

Should be also unruffled type. There’s nothing to be ruffled, it’s all a joke going on. …. That means completely integrated personality.

[Yogi: Salutations to Her who is beyond desire.]

That’s why I say you must desire.

She’s purposeless, you see, purposeless. This Prapancha means “purposeless”, you see. All the elements are the ones which create the purpose. If the elements are not there, there’s no purpose. …. I mean, if you become abode of everyone, how can you have abode? If you become the support of everyone, how can you have any support? Imagine the situation!

Nirupadhi .… upadhi means there’s no upadhi. Means, see, see, additions, an addition, you see. A upadhi is, you see, like they say “Sir this and this”, “Lady this and this” – you see, these are all upadhis. This is additions; which, if you are complete, you don’t need this thing – attributes.

I mean, if you have passions, how can you destroy passions? But it’s so natural, you know. There’s nothing special. Nothing special about a person who didn’t take to these passions ….


These are called as dual names, you see: that the first they give the quality, and then what does that quality do. Say, if they say “Nirmama” it’s a person who doesn’t say “this is mine,” who doesn’t feel “this is mine, this is mine.” Such is the person only –that’s the quality. Nirmama quality itself destroys this attachment in you when you say “this is mine, this is mine, this is mine.” You see, like a soap has the quality to cleanse, all right? The soap has to cleanse, now nobody cleanses the soap. That’s how it is.

[Yogi: Salutations to Her who has no doubt.]

About anything. See, this is what it is. If I had doubt then you would be doubtful also. But you know Mother has no doubts about things, so when you come near Me your doubts also vanish, automatically.

That’s it … Very good …

“Bhava” means whatever is manifested. You see, whatever is manifested is bhava; and whatever is manifested is this flesh, this body, this everything, see. So you just get above it, that you deny it – the denial of the flesh, as Christ has said. So Bhavanashini means the one who takes you away from this world of illusions, the world of manifestation, in which you think “Now this house is mine, that is mine.” All these ideas go away, and you become one with the reality.

[Yogi: Salutations to Her who has no plans, no mental acitivities.]

Not at all. But what to do? The mental activity I don’t understand. I sometimes say “I think” because of samayacha, you see; but to be very frank, I never think. I don’t know how to think. It’s impossible. It’s a funny machine, you know. That’s why for you I have more respect and concern, because whatever I have I have, it’s nothing so special, you see? But you are achieving it, so it’s something special about you. If you have everything, what is so great? If somebody is achieving it, it’s a greater thing, much, much greater.

That’s all right. But for that I cannot take any credit, because it’s automatic people take it. I don’t know how to take the credit, you see. That capacity is also not there, you see, to take the credit. I’ve tried, but I can’t! I never feel, you see, that a very credible about it that I should take a credit, and come and “this is My doing.” I just don’t feel it that way, I don’t know how to feel – I mean, there’s something’s missing in the personality. The ignorance is missing. All right?

[Dr Rustom continues with the names.]
Now this is the integration, and non-integrated, you see. When you are integrated there’s no problem, you see, about it: you are integrated. So, whatever your body is, it will eat what is good, everything is integrated; no problem, there’s no quarrel about it. Within yourself you are at peace. Let others do what they like, whatever they think about themselves doesn’t matter. But as far as you are concerned, you have no problem because you are so integrated, you see, and supported: there’s no Left Vishuddhi feeling-guilty business. I don’t feel guilty for anything at all, you see. If I scold somebody – all right, I had to scold, I’ve scolded, finished. I don’t sit down and start feeling my Left Vishuddhi. I am completely integrated. Whether I am in peace or in turmoil, or in anger turmoil I’m never – but I deliberately take anger upon Myself. Because it is deliberate, what is there to feel bad about it? Because you get, you see, blown into it: that’s why you feel bad, “Oh, why I did it?” But this I do it deliberately. Then what is there to feel bad?
Dr Rustom: You assume the things.
Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, of course. I do.

Dr Rustom: Om Shri Nirnasha namaha [180]. Salutations to Her who cannot be destroyed.
Om Shri Mrityu mathani namaha [181]. Salutations to Her who destroys death.
Shri Mataji: The other day, I used the mantra of Mrityun jaya. Did you hear that one?
Dr Rustom: Yes.
Shri Mataji: That it should be used for people who are possessed by sort of a cemetery business, you see. Now imagine a complete cemetery possesses a man. Then what to say? It’s Mrityun jaya.
Dr Rustom: Victorious over death.
Shri Mataji: That, “You are victorious over the death.”

Dr Rustom: Om Shri Nishkriya namaha [182]. Salutations to Her who does nothing.
Shri Mataji: That’s what I say. I don’t do anything; I am lazy person.

Dr Rustom: Om Shri Nish parigraha namaha [183]. Salutations to Her who takes nothing.
Shri Mataji: Yes, who takes nothing. Really, to be very frank I cannot take, you see, that doesn’t work out. You see, whatever comes to Me goes with a double speed.

You know who is Durga? Durga is the one who is that fellow who did anand marg. …. All right, now give some rice on top. This is what it is. Now if I take this, it will blossom into thousands. …. And you see, what is this ritual? What does that mean – (that’s all) – what does that mean? Now this is the expression when you do like that, is that now we have, making this auspicious, with this rice and (what you’re calling?) turmeric. Now the turmeric is a very special thing which is very auspicious, created by Mother Earth. Is a very auspicious thing. You cannot say why – it is. So mix it up with rice – rice is also a favorite of Mother – and make it auspicious with your hands. You have put it there, by which you say that “Mother, this we give it to You.”

But actually, to put this akshatas – akshata; akshata means “this cannot be destroyed.” So while doing this what you are suggesting, that “Let us detach ourselves from these fruits, which we are giving to our Mother.” All right? The detachment. By that detachment, you develop a detachment within yourself. It’s a simple thing. That is, to give something to Mother is something not needed; but when you give it, by that you develop a detachment. That’s why you have to give: you develop a detachment from that. Of course you get it back, hundred times more back, but that detachment is developed within your heart; and even if you get thousandfold more, you are not attached to it. See? Then you become generous, you start giving to others. And when you are blessed by the same type of fruits, you don’t enjoy it alone, you only enjoyed it with others.

You see, human beings have a capacity to enjoy everything all alone. They can sit down in a room, close the door and peel out a fruit and eat, themselves. I mean, they can do it, quite capable. Even the crows cannot do it, the animals can’t do it, but human beings have a capacity: they can do it. I don’t know how – it’s an impossible situation for Me, impossible. Even to eat food sitting alone is an impossible situation. But to sit down and enjoy yourself alone is possible. But by doing this, what you are saying: that we make it auspicious, give it to Mother. By that, you develop a detachment that whenever you will eat these fruits, always shared with others, and they’ll be bountiful, bountiful: meaning when you have more, give it to others. All right? So I’ll just touch it, all right? That means I have accepted. May God bless you.

And when you eat these fruits now, you will develop that detachment in your Nabhi Chakra, that you will not hanker after fruits of the season, but you’ll be satisfied. That is auspiciousness, that you feel satisfied. And what satisfies you more is giving: that’s the sign of a realized soul, you see. When you understand the joy of giving, then you are a realized soul – otherwise you are not. May God bless you. …. Whichever you think I should eat it, I’ll touch them … Strawberries? Strawberries I like. It’s the easiest to eat. You must eat strawberries always with a little bit of salt for the throat. Thank you. Now what else? This puja is done now…

See your scholarship! Absolutely is true. Now as you have done the job of the unmarried girls, let the unmarried girls do this. Come along. Unmarried girls from Brighton. Brighton is a nice place, very few unmarried girls! Unmarried men, all right. Let unmarried men and unmarried girls! Come along. Unmarried men of Brighton. Only two? Three? Mike, you are supposed to be Brighton fellow. All right, come along. You become one.You can include Anand if you want. He’s from Shicarpur. And Sonu. Sonu, you can join us, all right? Open the sari.

Gavin, that’s too much. Who has done – this is too much! See, these are very expensive in England, you should not buy them. Bought in India? …. Open it out. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? It has got fans, I think, and what else? Real Bengali sari. That’s the blouse-piece. It’s complete with the blouse-piece. Now, the bachelors must know which side is right side. Is correct, you’re right. This side is right side. Now bring the sari round. It’s a training! Ah, how nice! So can you take the photograph of all the bachelors and the spinsters? …. All girls. In India they are called as kanya, kanya. … Are you not a bachelor? A bachelor ….

Start now? …. This is from London. All right.

It’s very beautiful. This one is from Brighton. Let Jeremy put it, the Brighton, all right? Jeremy. The sari. Get this out, it’s too much. Let’s put the sari on both the sides. Is that for the arms? Now come along, come along now. Bachelors have a special – they’re blessed today. They are called as kumaras, kumar. And the, I suppose what they call spinsters are called as – but what do you say in English? This is the word, but you use for old women! …. When it is the marriage is announced? I see. So, they are called as kumaris, and the boys are called as kumars. I think Sanskrit has more decent names, isn’t it? That’s because they respect the unmarried men and unmarried women very much – they’re very much respected. This for arm? Arm, here. And here, it’s too small – too loose, too loose. Better make it tight. Tie it up. Must tie it tight, otherwise it doesn’t stay, you see. This is for Shri Chakra, or you can say the right Nabhi and Shri. Why his hands are shaking – with vibrations! Ah, great – it’s a great task you have done. Yes, it is. Just pull it, pull it out. First tie it that way. Give him a hand.

Come along, tie it up properly. Come along, come along. Tie up … right. What’s that? …. No, when you have done it with these daisies, you have done it. All right now. It’s all right, done; it’s a great job, no? It’s not easy. It’s only because you are Sahaja yogis you can do it. No, no, it’s not easy. Ask anyone.

These flowers in front. These are all Vishnu’s powers. Done? Such fragrant! Look at this one, has such a Sahasrara open. See these daisies, see what a beautiful Sahasrara they have! See these, look at this one. Just see it, all of you. Only the daisy flower have this kind of … in them, have you noticed? And now you will know why My name is Daisy. See, one better than the other – see? …. Yes, really! Yes, that’s it! And the fragrance, you should see the fragrance of the daisies.

All right, I think the boys put the sari in such a way ….

May God bless you.

May God bless you.

I would suggest that all these should be given to the sea here. These flowers can be thrown into the sea.

[Yogi: Mother, may I read a prayer? This is a prayer for collectivity.]

All right. Read it loud. Stand up.

Very good. Vishuddhi is a very big fight, I must say, to work it out as Shri Krishna. This left Vishuddhi is a big problem, very sly. Right Vishuddhi is another problem. We have to fight it out.

May God bless you all.

So havan we’ll do, after lunch – would you do with Ganesha’s names?

Unfolding is easier than to fold it. Give it to the bachelors to do!